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05-02-2011, 08:31 PM
hi everyone.
i started posting here a couple weeks ago.
i decided to try calorie counting and found it was not for me.
i love weight watchers and had to cancel my membership a while ago.
but i missed the program - i LOVE that program.
so lastnight, i did lots of searching and found some great online calculators.
i made myself an excel tracking sheet, referred to the calculator, and so far have nearly a full day on plan.
i drank water and got out for a nice walk too.

i feel so strong.

why do i feel this way counting points but i was unable to wrap my head around calories?

but either way, i love how i feel right now.
i'm glad i found this site.
i used to post regularly on the weight watchers site but a family member started using the same board as i used, and it wasn't as comfortable.
i didn't like posting anymore but i sure did miss the support and camaraderie.

05-02-2011, 09:18 PM
Great job staying on plan and finding what works for you and what doesn't! That's the important part in my opinion. Finding what you can stick with. We aren't cookie cutter people so what works for some doesn't work for others.

05-02-2011, 09:24 PM
One of the things I liked about WW points, was the ease of counting in my head. It also helped me not obsess over the "small" calories. Was that apple 100 calories or 110?

The first organized plan I ever followed was WW (it was an exchange plan at the time, 1972 and I was 8 years old).

I tend to prefer exchange plans, and now I'm following a low-carb exchange plan. Exchange plans help me stay focused on a balanced doet. Otherwise I have a tendency to go on food jags.

I don't know why some plans "click" for people when similar plans don't. Just personal idiosyncracy? I'm not sure, but I think the actual food plan for me is secondary to the support factor.

I can do it "on my own" only so long before I start procrastinating and slacking off. Weekly weigh-ins and meetings keep me focused.

I chose TOPS (taking off pounds sensibly) because of the price (one year at TOPS is often cheaper than a month at WW, and there are ways to win money and prizes for weight loss). Also TOPS allows members to choose their own food plans.

For me, support and someone looking over my shoulder really helps. It's not that I'm doing weight loss for anyone other than myself, but when it comes to my food and expercise plan, I have ADD. I lose focus and get distracted very easily. For me in-person support and accountability helps provide that focus.

If there were weight-loss communes, I think I'd consider joining. Peer pressure, it can be a good thing.

05-02-2011, 09:26 PM
That's so great! What's cool about this is that you sought out another method instead of giving up. This excitement is the very same excitement that's going to pull you through your weight loss! Good luck girl!

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05-03-2011, 02:21 PM
Great job staying on plan and finding what works for you and what doesn't!

DITTO! Great job Ana! I never thought I'd love anything more than weight watchers - which was weird since I could NEVER stick to WW for more than one month! I found that I love counting calories more though...imagine that. I also love that I can take that $40/month and throw it into my gym membership.

So happy you've something that fits who you are and were able to find online alternatives to save some cash! Losing weight is not one size fits all so be proud that you're honest and open to find what will work for you! :hug:

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05-03-2011, 09:47 PM
Congrats on finding the plan for you! I began my journey 2/21/11 and was all about calorie counting for about 6 weeks. Then the procrastination began. trying to get back for a few weeks before vacation and hope to be ready to get back on track when we get home.