South Beach Diet - SBD Chat Weekend of April 30 & May 1

04-30-2011, 07:39 AM

Good morning! We finally have sunshine :sunny: and I plan to soak it up a lot today. My daffodils and forsythia look brilliant in the first rays of the sun although things are pretty wet. April set a record for precipitation around here - and some of it was snow! :nono:

Today I am planning to do some gardening jobs. It's too wet to plant :( but I can continue to tidy my drier front flowerbed and maybe split and pot up some perennials for the Church sale mid-May. (This time last year I had about 50 pots done and labeled.)

There are still lots of power outages around here. Claire came over yesterday to bake for her grandson's birthday and she and Doug came in later for showers. Water is what we miss most when the power is out! At least the weather is not bitter cold. So many trees are down! There is the constant buzz or chain saws in the Village. I'm lucky that I just lost a big piece of my old pine tree and was without power for under 24 hours. Of course all this is nothing compared to the devastation and deaths in the southern USA. :(

Time to get into the gardening duds and crank up my day. Coe and chat a bit. :cofdate:

04-30-2011, 08:03 AM
I hope the month of May brings lots of sunshine for All of us! April has been a pretty wet month here, too, but we're very lucky considering what others have had to deal with.

I picked the first salad from my garden yesterday and it tasted like it was fit for a queen. :) I planned to get the rest of my garden planted this weekend but the weather for the next week is supposed to be coolish so I'm holding off. The Old Farmer's Almanac says it's not a good time to plant right now, anyway, so that's that. ;) We may still go to the nursery to look around, though, and see what's new. Amber and Tyler will be coming over later to spend the afternoon with us, and we'll walk down to the park while Jake gets the lawn mowed. Then I'm letting them make their own pizzas for supper.

Wasn't the wedding yesterday just lovely? And what a gorgeous bride! But the hats were just outrageous! I thoroughly enjoyed watching every minute of the festivities, and even watched the replay last night. I love weddings and wish them a happily ever after. :)

04-30-2011, 08:09 AM
Good morning everyone,
It is supposed to be a very nice weekend, although it looks a little cloudy outside right now. In any case I don't mind as long as it is not bitter cold. Today we drive to NJ (but I'm fitting in laundry and a walk before we leave) and will spend the night at my BIL's house and grill out on his new fire pit!! I'm psyched. Hope everyone has a great day - probably won't check in tomorrow am b/c I'll be away from home, but maybe I can jump in in the afternoon.

04-30-2011, 08:30 AM
Good morning all!!

Ruth - very nice to open your home to others without power! Hope you enjoy the lovely day!

Cottage - the wedding was beautiful! I really didn't watch any of it, but was just showing it to my 6 yo DD. "I didn't think there were any real princes" LOL! SO jealous of your garden!

MMCK - enjoy your weekend after your tough week!

It is supposed to be a beautiful day here, and I have to work :(. THe scale was soooo kind to me this week by giving up grains (4 lbs since Monday!?!) so now I'll be scared to add them back in!! Nothing big on tap this weekend, just a family bible study and maybe FINALLY planting my greens!

Have a great weekend!!

04-30-2011, 08:34 AM
Hey - MMCK - how's that calorie cycling thingee going? Wendie, that was it....

Kmac/Kristen - are you doing better still as well?

04-30-2011, 08:58 AM
Good morning.

Ruth - Yahoo for sunshine! And power:)

Linda - She was indeed a beautiful bride. I feel for her, with what her life will hold, but keep reminding myself she took years to make this choice. I hope they have a fairy tale marriage.

Matilda - Have fun this weekend.

Twynn - I think I have finally realized I just do best with very few grains. Not just the scale, but with cravings too. But the less I eat them the less I miss them.

My husband still has not fixed his bike so not sure when we'll get back out. I was glad to hear that our first ride was tough on him too! So elliptical this morning and then either bike or treadmill this afternoon. It has been working well for me to do two workouts a day lately. Teen has a basketball game this evening and that's about it for our weekend.

04-30-2011, 08:58 AM
Good morning! I loved the wedding, too. :)

I picked up a stomach bug at school, but I'm hoping it runs it's course as quickly for me as it did the kids. The autism walk is tomorrow morning and I'm going no matter what! They must have port-a-potties, right? :rofl:

Ruth, I'm glad your weather is nice today, and that you survived the storms so well. Fergie's got the TV on now and my heart is just breaking for those affected by the tornadoes in the US. My prayers are with them.

I got a used DDR2 game and the pad on Thursday. A colleague bought it but didn't care for it so it's like new and she offered it at such a good price that I couldn't resist. We had our math carnival at school on Thursday night and I didn't feel like figuring it all out when I got home from that and last night I felt so lousy that I just dozed on the couch so the new game is still sitting in the box. I'm hoping I'll feel good enough to at least set it up and figure out how it works this afternoon or evening. I love the convenience of exercising with my wii but I needed something new to get me excited about it again.

I wonder how Natasha the pancake waitress is doing this morning? :D

Enjoy your Saturday, friends! :hug:

04-30-2011, 09:39 AM
Beautiful sunshine here too. I woke up feeling like I cheated last night, but thought about it for a while and realized I did not. I didn't have cake at the birthday party and came home and had a square of dark chocolate, that's all. Don't know why I felt guilty - maybe I dreamed about cheating?
Not sure what the weekend holds. One kid will be away at an overnight camp. Horse show tomorrow AM, otherwise no plans, but lots I should do!
Anyone have experience with chickens? Are there any problems with cats? I'm thinking about getting a few in the back yard. I adore fresh farm eggs.

04-30-2011, 10:51 AM
good morning,

Sunny here too, although tomorrow its suppose to rain all day.
Ruth - glad to hear all your trees are in tact.

Cottage - how wonderful to have salad from your garden. Have fun with the kids.

Matilda - have a good time, food on a fire pit sounds so good.

Twynn - congratulations on the loss.

Karen - you have a lot of exercise in your life right now. Good for you.

Heidi - hope that bug goes away quickly and your walk is successful tomorrow.

Schmoodle - Have a nice weekend and no experience here with chickens but DH brought some eggs once that were so fresh and I can still remember the taste.

me - firing up the new barbecue today, will make hamburgers filled with stilton cheese minus the bun for me. Also if weather holds up will clean my iris bed and want to dig up a lily patch that has gotten away too big.
take care

04-30-2011, 01:24 PM
Good Day:sunny:

Bing and I were at the health fair by 630 this morning. He did quite well and was very popular. He was laid out on the table and someone thought he was a stuffed dog. lol

We're packing up to head over the hill. Have a great day everyone!

05-01-2011, 06:42 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Amazing, I am both the last and first person here!
We had good trip over yesterday, although we had to adjust Rudi at least 4 times. I slept from 3 to 10pm then got up to take the pups out….Kirk got up and at midnight we decided to pretend we were young again and headed to Denver to Denny's. It was fun….I had a veggie burger and a small amt of fries and passed on the maple bacon sundae which was on the menu. We just got home.

Ruth, hope your weather is getting better and better!

Linda, yum, fresh salad! I have greens in a pot (which we hauled over) but no spinach.

Matilda, hope you're having fun after a rough week.

Tammy, happy day off-sorry you had to work yesterday.

Karen, interesting you are doing two workouts...I've been trying a bit of that, too.

Heidi, hope you're feeling better for the walk today.

Schmoodle, my cats never bothered my chickens, in fact, they super stayed away from the chicks because the mothers were very mean.

sophie, I wish you were closer, I'd come help you dig lilies.

Cyndi, good morning....see you peeping around...hope coffee is good!

I'll lie back down, I'm sure. We're meeting Mom at 930 for brunch. Happy Sunday, everyone!

05-01-2011, 07:25 AM
Good morning :coffee2: It's sunny but still quite cool here. I'm hoping for a bike ride day once it warms up.

Debbie - Good morning :) You're right, I've been drinking coffee, catching up on what I missed yesterday, and waking up. I don't remember the last time I went out that late at night, how fun!

I'm off to an early morning bird walk but will stop by later for more catch-up. Yesterday we headed out to the coast. It's birding season! Have a good morning.

Oh and congratulations Natasha!

05-01-2011, 07:50 AM
Wow! Two days in a row of sunshine ... and then we are back to rain. I did a bit of outside work yesterday but spent too much time visiting with my neighbours. I did finally get the right buttons for the dress I am planning to wear to Rob and John's wedding in June.

Most people have power restored and are cleaning up the wind damage. I was very lucky to lose just part of a tree - some folks lost their roof or had a tree fall on their car!

No Church this morning as Karen is away but I'll manage to keep busy. :lol: I am making dips and a big veggie tray for the shower this afternoon. It's all SBD safe so that will keep me away from the fancy little sandwiches that Claire and Heather are making and Wendy's cupcakes. (Actually, her cupcakes LOOK really good but aren't very tasty so I'm told!)

Cyndi, it's starting into nesting season around here. I wish you were here to identify some of our birds. The loons are definitely back and doing their morning commute between the Lakes. Gotta love that sound!

Enjoy your Sunday, Beach Chicks.

05-01-2011, 08:00 AM
Good morning! I woke up with a pounding sinus headache so I've been nursing it with Advil and coffee and just lurking. :coffee:

Debbie, isn't it fun sometimes to change your routine and do something different? When I stay over at my DD's, we'll often go out for a bite when Eric gets home from the theatre after midnight, as they are such night owls. But I have to confess that my body sure does protest the next day! How long are you staying on the eastern side this time?

Cyndi, enjoy your bird walk this morning. It's a beautiful, sunny morning here, and I hope your day is just as nice.

We're just having a mostly "at home" day today. The grandkids wore me out yesterday, as they were both suffering from a bad bout with allergies. Poor Amber just layed on the couch all afternoon, and Tyler nose ran like a faucet. I felt so bad for them and hope that they're allergy meds kick in and start working soon.
Well, I'd better see to making a bit of breakfast and then gather up the laundry to start the wash.

Good morning, Ruthie! I'm glad you are finally seeing the sun! Have a good time at the shower today. I just love those little tea sandwiches, BTW.

05-01-2011, 08:21 AM
:wave: Ruth

Linda, hope your day is uneventful. We have big decisions over here...two days ago, I started thinking euthanasia for Rudi, but he's picked right back up now that we're back. We are starting to consider staying here this summer...the decision comes soon, since we were going to go back over mid-May to plant the garden. I need to decide if we're planting here or there.

Ok, I'd better get a cat nap in. Fortunately, after brunch, I can rest again.

05-01-2011, 08:12 PM
Ruth, so glad you finally get to enjoy some sunshine. Sorry about the trees. Whenever we have a storm with a lot of snow or wind, we lose some of our oak trees and I just hate to see them fall. Glad you got your buttons!

Linda, I agree with you, she was a gorgeous bride, loved her dress and thoroughly enjoyed watching it all unfold.

Matilda, hope you had a great visit and grill out.

Tammy, you go girl! 4 lbs. proud of you.

Karen, I can't and don't eat hardly any grains for the same reasons, weight gain and cravings. So they are not a part of my life right now.

Heidi, hope your bug has gone by now.

Schmoodle, Sophie

Debbie, glad your trip was a safe one and way to go, Denny's at midnight! You live the wild life. My heart goes out to you with the decision about Rudi hanging over your head. It just about drove me crazy when I was in that situation with my cocker and to this day, I still wonder if I did the right thing. I wish for you that it will go smoothly when the time is right.

Cyndi, DH just checked our nest boxes and we are now getting blue eggs! I'm sure a few boxes will hold the swallows but we know we have some beautiful bluebirds.

As for me, I'm hanging in here. Do a little and rest a lot. I go in tomorrow for my blood draw and am hoping the number will be good so think positive for me.

05-01-2011, 11:01 PM
TallandThin ~ my thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow as you go in for your blood work. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

Debbie ~ it's such a sad decision to have to make about your beloved Rudi, and my heart goes out to you.