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04-27-2011, 11:13 PM
Hi guys,

This is sort of embarrassing, but over the past several weeks my husband has complained about my breath several times (with increasing frequency). I have been on the Belly Fat Cure (< 120 g gross carb per day) for several months but in the past month or two have been going lower in my carb intake. I'm averaging around 75-80 g of carbs per day, about 30 of which are fiber.

I thought I needed to go lower to get into ketosis - it's not exactly something I'm aiming for. It's possible that my bad breath is caused by something else but if anything my dental hygiene has improved recently (I recently went from flossing 4x/week to flossing every day). Is it possible I could be in ketosis at my current carb levels? Should I just buy some ketostix to check (I've never used them before)?

I'm not a gum-chewer or mint-popper in any way so it's kind of a lifestyle change if I want to start covering up my breath. If I am in ketosis I'm less inclined to really do anything about it since I know it will only last as long as my diet does. Of course if it's another cause I'd like to figure it out and make some changes! I want my husband to enjoy kissing me!


07-06-2011, 02:51 AM
I think I have heard that your breath can be an indicator... anyhow, it'sonly about $6 for some ketostix, so I suppose it doesnt' hurt to check it out, to see where you're at.
And maybe pick up some mints, too. ;)