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04-26-2011, 03:54 PM
I have thinking about doing the WW program at home. I am not getting that "Yeah" feeling at the meetings anymore and sit there honestly thinking, "Ok, great you passed over the donuts!" I was always right in there, cheering everyone else on. I know it sounds bad but I just don't enjoy attending the meetings anymore.

I know how to do the program and have the calculator, the books and a computer. Plus, I would be saving money. I have literally paid the $13 dollars the last three weeks only to just walk in, get weighed and leave.

Has anyone else gone thru this? My family is very supportive and I am losing weight. Would you recommend WW Online?

Side note: I lost 27 lbs last year before an accident prevented me from exercising and recently started back up and am doing great. I just didn't want anyone reading this to think I as new to the program.


04-26-2011, 03:57 PM
It works, and if you are not one for meetings, I would suggest doing online. I, myself, prefer meetings. It depends on the person.

pixie sticks
04-26-2011, 04:15 PM
Hey Tiniree! I'm also in Arizona. :D

I'm a first time WW'er and have been doing the online system for a month. I do not have an experience with meetings. I know I'm the kind of person who would roll my eyes through the entire process, so online is the best way for me.

I spoke with a couple friends who have done WW on and off before I joined. Each of them attend(ed) meetings and told me they "needed" the accountability of someone else doing their weigh in every week. My boyfriend and I are doing this together, so we have each other for accountability on our weigh days of Sunday.

Our scale measures by half pound, not by tenth as I believe WW does. A few tenths of a pound one way or the other isn't really going to make that much of a difference, anyhow.

As of when I signed up, WW had a deal with the online service to pay for 3 months and they'd waive the start up fees. I don't know if any of this would apply to you since you'd basically be transferring services.

I always have my WW open in a tab of my browser. As I grab a snack, I put it in. Every meal I've cooked over the last 4 weeks has came from WW online. It has lots of articles and suggestions, without that pesky social aspect. :rollpin::grouphug:

04-26-2011, 04:39 PM
. It has lots of articles and suggestions, without that pesky social aspect. :rollpin::grouphug:

Funny way of looking at it, but you can still get that social aspect! They have groups, challenges, and forums you can participate in. I much prefer 3fc, but there are many people who use that for support, including myself.

05-18-2011, 05:17 PM
Did you make the switch to online? How is it going?
I joined WW online in January and have lost 55 pounds so far.

05-20-2011, 11:39 AM
Did you make the switch to online? How is it going?

I am wondering the same thing.
I am in a small town and the only night they have meetings, I have school and I really want to get this degree so I can hopefully find a decent job! and I do well with online forums.. better than in person since I tend to be shy.
I am signing up tonight for WW Online.. Like someone else said, pay for 3 months pay no signup. Its something like $47 if you sign up for 1 month, but $53.80 if you sign up for three!

05-21-2011, 09:51 PM
I switched from meetings to online and I'm liking it much more. For me, I just didn't click with the people in my area...being a twenty something student in a neighborhood full of young families. But online I'm able to search our forums for people more like myself.

Also, just a personality quirk I guess, but if I'm feel better being accountable to myself rather than someone else. Like, if I weigh myself in I'll be good, but if I feel like I have to answer to a WW leader I'll get frustrated by the pressure.

Sparkly Blonde
05-21-2011, 09:58 PM
So far I really like online WW. I put the subscription in my dad's name so that he can track his points online and I use it to find points for foods, etc. I track my points on a points journal that I downloaded onto my phone. I haven't lost much yet (probably because I had a really crappy day where I overate very fatty foods) and it's only been two weeks but the entire experience has been great for me so far.

05-22-2011, 12:27 AM
of course if the program is already working for you. whatever works for you, not somebody else.

05-25-2011, 02:39 PM
I was in your shoes years ago. I used to attend meetings only to get weighed and then leave. It was such a waste of money.

If you know you can be accountable and honest with yourself with your weigh ins, and you don't feel like you are getting much out of meetings, I say go for it.

I just recently signed up for WW online after being gone from WW for a few years (multiple Atkins failures.....) and I LOVE it. It is everything I got out of WW before online less time out of my week and less money! :carrot:

05-31-2011, 09:43 AM
I love the new points plus program. I am now down 32.5 lbs since starting it on Jan 3rd. AND I AM DOING IT ONLINE ONLY!!!

I think I am most successful because I am now so open with my journey via my blog AND the facebook group that I formed.

I love this! Can't wait to enter the 220s!

**By the way--the facebook group is TOTALLY secret. Only those in the group can see the group and see what you post. It is by invite only. If you want to join, let me know. I will have to add you. What i'd do is add you as a friend first then add you to the group then dissolve the friendship. It is a WONDERFUL support group. It started with 4 women but now its up to I believe 120 something. And we even have one or two males. You get notifications to your email each time someone posts and most of the time, if you are stuck, if you post, someone will respond almost instantly. So its like having your 'meeting folks' available all the time. Just let me know if you'd like to join.


05-31-2011, 04:44 PM
I'm thinking about switching from meetings to online as well. I LOVED my meetings back in Atlanta, but I'm just not jiving with the group here in Nashville. Not to mention, the franchise locations here are more expensive and give you less for your money than the WW Intl owned locations in metro-Atlanta. I have about 2 months left of pre-paid coupons, then I think the switch is on.

05-31-2011, 11:43 PM
I signed up last tuesday for ww online. I think the commercial that got me to officially sign up was the one with the blonde college girl, mostly because she reminded me of me.

Anyway, I've done WW before. It was a 21st birthday gift from my mother. She's horrible. Anyway I digress, I LOATHED the meetings. I would literally weight in then slink my way out after I bought their snacks, which were EXPENSIVE. It was humiliating and somehow it just felt competitive. It was definitely working, I was losing on avg 4 to 5 lbs a week and in 2 months I had lost 45 pounds.

In retrospect I wish I would have stuck with it, I would probably be close to my goal/suggested weight right now but things happen. Anyway back to what I was saying, I've been on the online WW for a week and lost 4.2 pounds already. Small but steady! This is BEFORE I've even hit the gym so I'm happy. I love all the tools they have, the recipes, the calculator, they also have a forum just like this one. The weight tracker is super easy and its all at my finger tips on my phone and super simple to use. Since joining I find myself making so much healthier choices when it comes to eating, especially snacking.

I also found out I dont eat enough! Which is hard to accept seeing as how I'm obese. I think thats funny. I also love the random diet tips I find surfing the site. I also love that I weigh myself at home without others watching and go at my own pace. BAsically I love how it makes me aware of what I'm eating and is a great boost since I'm aiming for a lifestyle change. If you have the money and the time, since its time consuming I suggest doing the online.

09-24-2011, 08:15 PM
heyy! i am looking to join online tommorow wondering if you joined yet? and how are you liking it?

i did the old system online and was wondering do you still get acess to the database with all the points value for foods and a points calculator on the site or is that another thing u have to buy

09-24-2011, 09:25 PM
I joined WW On-Line a month ago. So far I am liking it. I love playing with the tools to keep track of your weight.

It is a life style change (eating), if you don't make the change, you will gain the weight back.

I also found out that I was not eating enough fruits/vegetables and certainly not getting enough fiber. I love how you do not have to count fruits vegetables.

I have done WW in the past when I was younger, but I did not make the life style change and gain all the weight back.

If you can't find the food you are eating in the food search, you can always add the food and call it your favorites and it is always there. Lots of things you can do with the tools.

09-26-2011, 11:26 AM
I like ww on-line because it is easy and doesn't take time away from other things I want to do, like spend time with my son. I am a working mom, and my husband is a SAHD, so time with my son is important to me. I don't really need the meeting-aspect of ww to keep me on track. I know that if I fudge and fib on the on-line accounting of my weigh-ins, the only one who hurts is myself.
Plus, I like the community here for advice and discussion. Everyone is very knowledgable and friendly/supportive.

09-26-2011, 12:26 PM
So, what are you waiting for? Are you serious about losing the weight this time? Weight for me this time around is slower..I am older and I do not tend To go the exercise route, so weight loss is slower.

I did go the counting the calories years ago, started walking daily. This was all on my own, I was accountable to a forum on line and I lost 60 pounds. Felt great!

Somehow I did not really grasp the meaning of a life style change and weight creep up. I knew I was gaining and I was afraid of seeing the number on the scale, plus I did not care.

I was enjoying eating what I wanted. I am so sick of playing these weight games. I need to get it right this time.

01-07-2012, 12:21 AM
I've been at it almost a full week online and I like it. I had a hard time at first because I am used to counting calories, not points. I do also record my calories on Sparkpeople, because I want to make sure I don't eat more than 1500 a day. I told myself, I am paying for it, and since I am so cheap, I'd better get my money's worth, meaning some poundage off!

01-07-2012, 05:22 AM
Once I got a good start on ww, I then dropped the program and went to myfitness program. I already had the knowledge for eating correctly. Losing weight is a slow process of learning new eating habits, learning to learn correct amounts, portion control.

01-14-2012, 01:37 PM
I just joined WW online and this is new to me. I hope to loose around 50 pounds. My daughter is doing WW but goes to meetings.

02-18-2012, 03:11 PM
I have been sitting here for the last week, going over should I shouldn't I. I know I don't want to do the meetings, It is no ones fault that I get bored at them, they have to go over the same things over and over again as new people start. I get that, but after hearing it for the 15th time and the same questions and answers I got to the point I was doing nothing more then paying them to weight me. I am now wondering if I join online, can I go into a meeting place and purchase the new points calculator or the products that are only sold at a meeting? If anyone knows this answer that would be great.

02-22-2012, 12:52 PM
I joined WW online Jan. 29th as a birthday gift to myself and I've lost 13 lbs so far. Gained back 2 1/2 due to water weight but that's ok it will come off eventually. Not bad for someone that has been tossing the same 2 lbs back and forth for the past 4 mths. This new program is great! I do need to order some equipment such as scale, calculator and a clicker. I've also failed in tracking 3 days so far but I'm still down 13 lbs. I started getting stricter about tracking today.
I'm not one for Rah Rah Rah type meetings. I get really turned off by that stuff and it would only hinder my progress so I chose online. What I love is that being a diabetic last year I quit WW due to not being able to track carbs. This year I can! yippee! Battling 2 medications that make you gain weight and I'm still losing weight boy that's something!

Adds this also: I try to be accountable to myself but boy it's hard when I tell me to go stand in the corner for going over my points. I just don't want to listen then lol

02-22-2012, 01:03 PM
I have stopped the idea of joining at the moment, as health things have taken over my immediate attention. I will think of it again when I get other things under control. I am however, trying to make WW meals, so hopefully I am moving in the right direction.

04-09-2012, 11:45 AM
I use this site as my suppport and I'm doign WW myself. There is so much out there that I don't feel the need to pay for the meetings. And my family is so supportive. And i work 2 jobs so it is really hard to find a meeting that works in my schedule. Good luck to all!!!!

04-10-2012, 09:20 AM
I track my points on a points journal that I downloaded onto my phone. ar.

Where did you find a journal to put on your phone? I would love that

04-16-2012, 04:05 PM
I am thinking about the WW online as well, would going to a meeting once to get the materials help or do they give you enough info on all the changes online?

04-18-2012, 12:18 AM
Where did you find a journal to put on your phone? I would love that

I use ultimate weight watcher diary ($1.99) and my fitness pal (free) my android phone.

06-01-2012, 12:35 AM
Can anyone tell me the actual practical differences between using WW Online only, and E-Tools. I understand that online-only users aren't attending meetings and that e-tool users (theoretically) are. However, specifically, what is available to a user with Online Only that is not available to them on E-Tools. I've done WW before, and I've always done the meetings. However, I seem to be more irritated than inspired by the meetings, so I am thinking seriously about going online only.

06-02-2012, 07:19 PM
Can anyone tell me the actual practical differences between using WW Online only, and E-Tools. I understand that online-only users aren't attending meetings and that e-tool users (theoretically) are.only.

I've had both, and basically the only difference I can see is that I can buy the WW's products online, instead of going to a meeting Supposedly, there is supposed to be somewhere on the site where we can get the same information (topic) that's discussed at the meeting, but so far, I've never seen it.

06-02-2012, 07:37 PM
Thanks Amy, I'm going to look into the cost differences then. I discovered when I stopped by a full-service meeting place today that you can't go in and buy the journals and trackers and stuff unless you're a member. So that would be a difference for some people. Because I'm a lifetime member (trying to get back to goal) I was allowed to spend my money. LOL! I hear that also about the meeting topics but I couldn't look for them yet because I'm not an online member (and I had dumped my e-tools already).

06-06-2012, 12:52 AM
The etools are very handy to convert your recipes to PP. There is little or no support from WW however other members are quite supportive and it is a good move until you get a handle on managing the program. While you are a member of WW there is a free iphone app which is a calculator/tracker. For non members I use iWatchr and also have Ultimate Value Dairy which uses pro points and has a huge data base of products.

06-07-2012, 12:09 PM
T are a member of WW there is a free iphone app which is a calculator/tracker. For non members I use iWatchr and also have Ultimate Value Dairy which uses pro points and has a huge data base of products.

Does this app work with the iphone?

06-07-2012, 05:14 PM
All of those apps work on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad 2. I have them installed on each of these. The WW one syncs however the other two do not and there is some talk of them ultimately using dropbox or icloud which would be handy but not essential. iWatchr is a good one if you know your points because you can built your own data base and it does not require the internet. UVD is excellent because it has a huge online data base and I can't remember if this was available off line or not.
I hope this helps.

Should have added the WW app will store your data until you are online. This is only available to WW members however. The UVD is the closest available app I have found. I have used to the data and PP from here to create my own data base with iWatchr. If you pay $1.29 NZ this app also includes the weigh chart which is not available on the free version. All available at iTunes.

07-04-2012, 01:17 PM
While you are a member of WW there is a free iphone app which is a calculator/tracker. For non members I use iWatchr and also have Ultimate Value Dairy which uses pro points and has a huge data base of products.

Does it need internet all the time, or is the database available offline. I have Edibles and Nutrition, but not too happy with them.

07-16-2012, 06:50 PM
I've been on WW Online since January 18, 2012. It has worked very well for me; I've lost 53 pounds in that time. I use the online tracker on my PC and I love the supportive community there.

01-24-2013, 01:35 AM
Hi everyone. I joined WW and have attended the meetings for the past two weeks. I am not sure if I will continue as I agree the meetings get pretty monotonous and pricey. I am committed to WW but will likely move to keeping things online. I would like to hear more stories about what people are going to.


01-24-2013, 12:20 PM
Hi there. I'm still doing WW online but I have to admit to being disgruntled. There are bugs in the website and when reported, the responses from WW are canned and don't address the issue. I'm going on week 3 of wrangling with them about a particular bug that still isn't fixed.

Otherwise, though, I still like the program although maybe not enough to keep paying cash when they don't respond to web page problems. I'm seriously considering leaving and just using My Fitness Pal which is free and works better. The thing that keeps me at WW now is a group of friends I've made there.

06-22-2013, 11:24 PM
I had been doing the online WW and I think I became obsessed with food because I was gaining weight and staying on the online site all the time. I finally stopped going on there even though I paid for 3 months because it was cheaper. I think for some people it would be a great tool, but not for me. I do better on my own, just watching what I eat and counting calories and exercising.

06-19-2014, 11:31 AM
Old thread but thought I'd add an updated post. I went ahead and joined online WW for the 3 month saver sale they had going. I've only been on it a few weeks, have lost a few lbs and am still discovering a lot on the site. It's working well for me and having never done ww before (always been a low carber) it's very handy to have the tools available and learn what foods and portions are good for me. I don't have as much as a lot of others to lose but as I age (57 and 17 yrs post menopausal) I found that I gain weight without eating more so, I need to do something. I live quite rural and there are no local meetings here and I don't think I would like that approach anyway. I've found no glitches so far with ww online and I have the phone app loaded which is really convenient while shopping too. Not sure yet how long I'll stay a paying member on the site and some of that will depend on if I can find apps/trackers that are as good as the ww ones.

12-06-2014, 11:10 AM
I've done WW online. I does work well for those who can be accountable for themselves. If you're not so inclined, maybe the meetings will be a better choice. In any case, it still is all up to you to make it work.