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04-25-2011, 10:24 PM
I love, love, love fresh pineapple. But unlike canned, when I eat fresh pineapple I have to stop after just a few bites. The acid is so strong it literally makes my tongue raw. Anyone else have this problem? I had some tonight and my mouth is really uncomfortable.:(

04-25-2011, 10:34 PM
Found this online:

"Pineapples contain an plant protease enzyme called bromelain. Because it readily breaks down protein, bromelain is frequently used as a natural meat tenderizer. Bromelain may also induce a prickly sensation in the mouth when consumed."

I suppose I've answered my own question. But it doesn't making eating pineapple any more comfortable.:dizzy:

04-25-2011, 10:37 PM
I just finished eating some fresh pineapple too!:D LOVE IT!!! Oh and yes, I notice that my mouth feels funny after eating it. Also, when I eat fresh pineapple, I can't taste any other I usually eat pineapple by itself.:)

Good news is that all is back to normal a couple hours after eating it...and it's soooooooooooooo worth it!;) nomnomnomnom...

04-25-2011, 10:44 PM
I love it, too. But I have to be careful. I've had some dental issues and my tongue is already sensitive. But I've noticed the burning for years. It was just worse tonight.

04-26-2011, 04:51 AM
Yep, I notice it too. The "Gold" hybrids aren't quite as strong/harsh (it takes a larger serving before my mouth, tongue and lips get raw and sore).

04-28-2011, 06:48 PM
Is it possible to grill it? Perhaps cooking for a brief period of time might help. It does give the pinapple a caramelized taste.

04-30-2011, 04:18 PM
i love pineapples too!
my parents buy whole ones and peels them ourselves. they then dunk it in light salt water... they said it gets rid of that feeling... but you have to wash it well afterwards b/c the salt taste is gross

05-01-2011, 02:46 AM
I was having a problem with the pineapple messing up my taste buds. I thought I there was something wrong with my food but realized it was the pineapple. I googled about the acidity and apparently the salt water dunk is common. I haven't tried it yet though.

Iconised Ghost
05-07-2011, 04:04 AM
bit late to this party, but I have this same problem! For me, it almost burns my tongue raw, if I look at it I can see it is either smoother or swollen, very red, and it really feels like a burn. I dont eat raw pineapple because of it :)

05-11-2011, 11:11 PM
I remember when my husband and I ate our first fresh pineapple last year. I completely dug in, eating it in wedges like watermelon....

Then I noticed the pain, and blood.

The thick, acidly strings had cut up my lips, tongue, and gums. Ouch! But it was worth it. I try to be more careful, and cut it into bite-sized pieces, instead of tearing at it with my teeth. lol.

05-12-2011, 12:01 AM
Oh, grilled pineapple is so yummy! I don't remember it affecting my mouth when I ate it, other than the most pleasurable experience of tasting it. So good over ice cream.

Oh yeah, I had to go there...

05-12-2011, 02:06 AM
It really is delicious. I couldn't believe how much better it tasted than canned, and canned pineapple was one of my favorite things as a child.

05-12-2011, 02:53 AM
I kind of appreciate the mouth burn, it's a tangible sign that it's time to stop eating, I've eaten enough - or maybe even a little too much. I kind of wish all food had such a self-limiting "this isn't fun anymore" effect.

I think it's one of the reasons I love super (almost, just barely "too" hot) spicy food. I never seem to overeat super-spicy food. I love it, but if I'm not very hungry, I don't find it as appealing.

I wish I had a similar "love it, but I've had enough, thank you" response to other foods, but without the literal "kick in the head (er mouth)" that high-acid, high spice, "funky" foods (like strong cheeses) and slightly bitter foods provide, I just don't have an "off switch" when it comes to hunger unless I'm on a super low-carb diet.

For most high-carb foods the "enough is enough" detector doesn't kick in until I've made myself literally sick.

If I could find a way to get tongue blisters whenever I exceeded my 1800 calorie budget, maybe I would have more luck staying on plan.

05-12-2011, 02:58 AM
I agree, kaplods. I don't seem to have an 'off' switch on most any food. Even with the pineapple burn, I still ate half of the whole thing. lol.

09-08-2011, 07:02 AM
Hi I have a similar problen - so I eat fresh pineapple with a soft cheddar cheese. its a really nice combo and counteracts the acid.
Anybody got any other nice combinations?

02-05-2012, 03:18 PM
I'm on the fresh pineapple juice bandwagon as well. And I do have the problem with my tongue. Someone told me to choose a pineapple that has sort of a soft outside. The harder pineapples will leave your tongue tart.