Exercise! - Jogging stroller recommendations??

04-25-2011, 05:22 PM
Hi! Wondering from you runners/joggers who use jogging strollers with your kids... need recommendations. My babe will probably be at least 5 months old before I will be able to run with her, seeing as she's due in the fall which will be a bit too chilly for a newborn to be out in the wind with me, so it doesn't have to be an infant stroller!

Also would like the possibility of using it this summer with my 18 month old stepdaughter when I have her for the days.

Also, does anyone use a double jogging stroller? Do they even make those? Just thinking because when my baby is born stepdaughter will only be 2. Right now stepdaughter is 2 and stepson is 3... so it could also come in handy this summer if we don't get him a bike soon.

04-26-2011, 05:39 PM
It's been a long time since I used one and I know they must've improved since 1998. Will there be more than 1 kid? I had a triple jog stroller when I had 2 kids and used the middle for the snack pack so the kids could grab their own snack. Then when #3 came along, they all fit and when #4 came along, the oldest rode her bike next to me.

Here's what I would look for:

a well balanced stroller. It was easy for that thing to tip back, banging their little heads on the concrete.

good brakes.

A strap for straight aways when you need/want to pump both arms.

sturdy grip. Mine had worn away with use.

removable sun shield. Sometimes the wind resistance was too much with it on.

Fold ability. We used that thing at the zoo, as well as out our front door. It had to fit in the truck.

Resale value. We got half what we paid and that thing was very well used for 7 years.

Have fun! My runs with the kids were an important part of being a healthy mommy.