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04-22-2011, 11:38 AM
I would like to Post Here my daily plan of eating. If anyone would like to join me, they are welcome. When I do not plan my food - my food plans me. I am a compulsive over eater with a sugar and flour addiction. There are other foods that increase my likelihood to binge, but these are the sure things. I had a sugar binge 3 days ago (after almost 3 weeks of abstinence) and now I am having a hard time staying on track not to over eat or binge on addictive foods. I am back to trolling for food...

So, this is my daily commitment to thoughtful planning of my food. I will commit to writing my plan on the evening before, or the morning of the day I will eat. My overall plan usually includes 4 oz of protein, vegetables and 1 fruit. I give myself an optional evening snack.

Occasionally, I will have a beer or glass of wine. I have a real life. I have friends and children and social commitments that I like to keep. I cannot stay home and weigh and measure everything. But, I can plan the best I can plan and try to live life also...

Today - Friday:
Breakfast: 1 egg w/ 1 oz shredded cheese
1 grapefruit

Lunch: I am going shopping with my daughter Julia (she is a teacher also and we are off for Spring Break)
Pho without noodles with tofu

Dinner: I am meeting a friend for dinner at Red Hook
Steak Salad with vinegarette dressing
(maybe a light beer)

I am not going to give myself an Optional Snack here - because I may have a light beer................

OK gals - anyone else want to post their real life weigh and measure plan with me???
Who can keep this blog going with me (daily) till September ???