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04-20-2011, 10:36 PM
I feel really fat today! I dont know what it is about today but I feel really bad about myself today :( I dont know why I feel so fat because I have been eating really good the past 3 days :(
Maybe TOM is coming soon. Ever since I weighed myself on monday and didnt lose anything, I have felt bad but I today I felt terrible. I felt like I had to keep my sweater on all day at school so that people wouldnt see my fat :(
Maybe it is because I knew I was going to allow myself to splurge for dinner today :(. I just feel really defeated today because I am uncomfortable in my body :(

04-20-2011, 11:06 PM
What are you wearing? I'm wearing a "doesn't quite fit right" outfit and having a horrible fat day as a result. Change into something you love and feel confident in - that could make all the difference!

04-20-2011, 11:07 PM
I wore some jeans that are too small today because it encourages me to not overeat. I only wear them on the days I have my desk job and I am sitting most of the day. I guess I shouldnt have worn them on a day like today

yoyo mama
04-20-2011, 11:16 PM
Yeah, avoid those types of clothes. Where something you love to help you feel happy and in control.

You can do it!

04-21-2011, 09:21 AM
Don't splurge at dinner! :D Diet diet!

04-21-2011, 09:35 AM
Yeah, I find if I wear clothes that are too small, it is a constant reminder to myself that I am fat. It ends up making me feel so bad about myself that by the end of the day, I just don't care anymore and I end up eating a bunch of junk. One of the first steps I took when I lost weight was to buy clothes that fit and I felt good in. Just this little step gave me the motivation to start exercising and eating right.

04-21-2011, 10:05 AM
Krampus is absolutely right. When you are feeling bad the best thing to do is put on your favorite skinny-feeling outfit. And the worst thing to do is choose that day to splurge. It's just adding insult to injury at that point.

I'm sorry you were having a bad day. I know we have all been there. It's just a matter of pushing through it the best way you know how.

I hope you are feeling better today!! You are an absolutely beautiful girl and you deserve to feel that way too! ;)

04-21-2011, 12:13 PM
I hope you feel better today... it's a new skinny day!!

04-21-2011, 04:17 PM
just popping in to tell you i think you're beautiful.

do you particularly like weekly weigh-ins? they drive me crazy because i know i tend to fluctuate 1-2 lbs throughout the week before finally dropping a # or two, and that doesn't always happen on the same day of the week for me. it's very possible that you've lost and that it just didn't show on your weigh-in day. out of curiosity, i weigh myself 1-3 times per day (occasionally i skip a day, but only if i'm busy), and it helps me retain my sanity. i'm a lot less sensitive to whatever number i see on the scale that way. maybe it would be worth it to you to purchase a scale?

also, those tight pants are definitely what's making you feel a bit fluffy! but i say if they help you keep from snacking, it's worh it! ;) i have similar things that i do, and it really helps!

hope you see results on your next weigh-in!

04-21-2011, 10:06 PM
Thanks so much for the compliments it made me feel so much better! :)

04-21-2011, 10:13 PM
Do you take measurements? I started doing measurements and it really helps me when the scale is up. It's really amazing what seeing a 1/4 inch loss can do to your mood on yucky day. :)

04-22-2011, 07:30 PM
I feel better now TOM did come today! so that explains the bloating!