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04-19-2011, 11:03 PM
A friend of mine wants me to try Zrii. I know it comes from a multi-level marketing company, which I don't like. Having said that.. is the product, itself, any good?

Would love to hear some opinion.


07-17-2011, 03:58 PM
I tried it because every winter I gain a little and it usually comes of pretty easy after the weather warms up. I become more active and the weight comes off. A friend told me about Zrii and that she had been having good results. I spent almost $600 for a 2 month supply. I figured two meals a day for two months at 600 was okay, especially if it helped me lose the weight I had gained over the winter and then maybe a few extra to help lean out even more.
Unfortunately I gained 6 pounds. Maybe some of if is muscle, but some is definitely fat. I tried on some shorts last night that used to fit just fine in May and now I can't even button them up. It's pretty depressing since I would have gotten the weight off by now on my own (I cycle, walk, jog, yoga etc..) I was looking for an easy fix and am now suffering the consequences *sigh*. This may work for some people, but I think that the calorie intake was too low and my body went into preservation mode. I was extremely cold all the time and didn't have a lot of energy. I think sticking with a 1200 calorie intake will work just as it always has, along with an exercise plan that includes activities at least 5 days a week. I use livestrong calorie counting app in my iphone to keep track. Last summer I lost 12-15 pounds with it. Too bad I looked for an 'easy' way because now I am out $600.