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mascara blue
04-18-2011, 03:10 AM
Hi all

Has anyone tried fatblaster and products? I am not sure what to expect but have heard that it causes heart palpitation and insomnia. I used Duromine sometime ago and couldnt sleep and although had no appetite and lost weight, I was edgy, had severe mood swings and was in constant bad temper. Also when stopped taking it, couldnt stop eating! Does it work in a similar way? I wasnt sure, as Duromine is only available via prescription where is fat blaster is available anywhere.

What are your thoughts?

Suzanne 3FC
04-24-2011, 01:21 PM
There are several products out there that go by that name, so I'm not sure which one you are considering.

One contains Citrus Arantium, also known as bitter orange, which is on the Consumer Reports "Dirty Dozen" list of most dangerous supplements. It also contains a mix of other stimulants. It sounds like a time bomb :eek:

The other is also a mix of stimulants as well as various other ingredients hyped as weight loss aids but don't live up to the claims.