Weight Loss Support - Reflecting on the smaller successes

04-18-2011, 02:38 AM
Yesterday was one of the most awesome days in my weight loss journey even though I have not dropped an effing pound in a week in a half. It started with a 45 minute full body conditioning class with a co-worker at the local rec center. I succesfully did 90 squats and almost did a full "girlie" push-up. I felt strong and vibrant throughout the whole class, finally feeling like my muscles are building and I am able to support my extra weight.

Then I went over to my co-workers house and I was able to share clothes with her and her daughter! It was so fun and I fit into a size 12 which I haven't fit into since I was 16.

From there I rode bikes with my sister to my ex bf's daughters 1st birthday (I know it sounds weird but we remained friends) and him and his mother kept commenting on how great I looked.

We then continued to ride our bikes for 13 miles total! We stopped at Macy's on the way and for the first time in years I felt comfortable shopping in the "regular people" section not the plus or women's sizes.

I don't post on here much but I lurk around frequently and love the positivity, support and inspiration it offers me.

Now to push for my next goals: 199 lbs by my birthday next Sunday and 180 by August.

04-18-2011, 02:45 AM
good job!!!!! :hat:

my mini goal is to break 150 by hopefully Mothers Day. Thats 27d from when i started this weight loss journey!