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04-16-2011, 10:38 PM
hi ladies,

im a little stuck and frustrated at this point. I have the excercise part down-i really like working out. But my cravings are awfully over powering. Ive tried so many time to push through them simply with will power, and even if i go a night without giving in, ill eventually give in the next day or so. and i feel like its holding me back, because i do all this work during the day and i put it all back on in a matter of minutes. So i started to do some research and came upon a few herbs that help suppress appetite. Ive read up on them, but im wondering if anyone takes them? Sounds like some of them have minor side affects, are they dangerous?? garcinia cambogia, bee pollen, or chickweed? or others?

i know there is no magic pill and these alone wont help me lose weight and all that, but i feel like i need some help, at least for the begining

joyful retiree
04-18-2011, 08:49 AM
Emma, I know what you mean. What I found that keeps my appetite under control is to eat via the Insulin Resistance Diet Linking method. I eat few processed foods, but I do make sure that I eat no more than 30 carbs within any 2 hour period & always make sure I have at least 7 gms of protein with every 15 gms of carbs. If still hungry, eat more protein. They count milk & legumes as protein & not as carbs. I have been eating like this for over 2 years, & having my appetite under control has allowed me to reach & maintain my goal. Good Luck!