Exercise! - bowling?

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04-16-2011, 08:06 PM
How many calories do you burn bowling? Is it good exercise? I was invited to go with my family tonight...:carrot:

04-16-2011, 08:20 PM

Did you have fun?

04-17-2011, 01:28 AM
I did! I got a 61 and then a 45 :( According to that calculator, i burned 348 calories!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot:

04-17-2011, 01:12 PM
I LOVE BOWLING!! i actually just went friday night and i was breaking out a sweat. its super fun and such a good group activity! it really amazed me how many people go bowling on a friday night! im so glad someone else enjoys it as well!

04-17-2011, 05:12 PM
it always surprises me when i break a sweat bowling, it doesn't seem like it'd be much exercise but it is! one of my favorite past times for sure, i just wish i was better at it (: