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12-29-2002, 10:23 AM
Good Morning All:

Wow, can you believe that it is almost 2003? It hardly seems possible. I weighed myself this morning and I've lost 1 pound. That means I've only gained 2 pounds since PG. I'm hoping to keep it low as possible. Not that I'm eating totally like I should. I haven't had a vegetable since Friday night. Bad Girl!!

I am happy to say that the treadmill arrived!! Yippee. It didn't get here until 6:30 so DH was like a nervous cat pacing around. I was in a total bad mood while he was trying to put it together so I'm afraid I was a bit of a twitch. I just hate helping him build things. He wants me to read the directions then he doesn't understand what I'm saying so he has to read it himself. Why not just read it himself to begin with!!:dizzy:

We are going to brunch with friends this morning to exchange xmas gifts. I'm sure Alex will make another haul!! Last night when we went to bed DH had the wiggles and Alex was kicking at the same time. It was so funny (well, now it's funny, at 2 am *I* wanted to kick someone!!).

OK, have a super great Sunday!!

12-29-2002, 07:31 PM
Hi All,

I've been laying around nursing a sinus headache all day. :( Was sitting in bed reading the Girlfriend's Guide to the First Year and it's hysterical. I loved the Guide to PG, so I had to get this. She also had the Guide to the Toddler Years, which I'll have to get next year. :)

Hope everyone's had a great weekend! I'm excited that this is my last week at work!! :D

Legal Eagle
12-29-2002, 09:08 PM
Evening all!

I got all the Christmas decorations down & put away this weekend. Tested out the steam cleaner we bought with Christmas money, but quickly discovered that the small bottle of cleaner that came with it wasn't going to clean much! I'm going to have to go spend some money on a couple of bigger bottles to get the whole carpet cleaned eventually & some pretreater for some of the stains, but the two small patches I got done look a lot better!

I'm also gearing up mentally for REALLY getting back on track tomorrow. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning & tomorrow will be my first day back at tracking my points and getting serious about losing weight again.

Lauren - hope your sinuses feel better!

KarenK - glad the treadmill finally got there!


12-29-2002, 09:39 PM
LE- DH & I wanna get a steam cleaner sometime in the next few months I think. I haven't really researched them yet, just assumed I'd look at Bissel, since that's "the" name in steam cleaners. Let me know which one you got and if you're happy with it once you really get to use it!

12-29-2002, 10:04 PM
Hi again,

I actually walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes and took the dog for a 15 minute walk. So I got some exercise today for the first time in about 3 months!!

RR: What should we shoot for in a heart rate while pg? I know that at Curves they were making me stay below 60% but I don't know what that would be in HR. I stayed below 120 today. How is Miss Kaylee doing?

Lauren: Wow, your last week already. Awesome!! Are you ready for little Petey to get here? I had the Hoover steam vac when we had carpet and I really liked it. It did a good job with pet stains and Lord knows I had a lot of animal throw up there for awhile. I hope you are feeling better.

LE: Cool on getting all the decorations put away. I didn't decorate this year so putting things away involved giving out the presents I had arranged on the stairs!! I was lazy.

We went to see the Star Trek movie today and Alex really seemed to like the fight scenes!! He was as active as he's been yet during them!! He kicked me so hard once right beside my belly button that I bet DH would have been able to feel it if his hand had been there.

Legal Eagle
12-30-2002, 12:06 AM
Lauren - we got the Hoover SteamVac V2 with 6 rotating brushes, the heater & the rotating hand tool (I told you all that because there are several versions of the V2 and they don't all have all that! :lol: ) I did some research and also solicited opinions from another board (money/home related) that I post on & although there were a few people that had the Bissell and liked them, more people seemed to have the Hoover and everyone loved it. We went "top of the line" since we were spending money my parents gave us for Christmas specifically to buy a steam cleaner. The couple of patches I got cleaned you can really tell the difference, although it looks kind of funny where the "clean" meets the "dirty" if you know what I mean!

Karen - If I were pregnant I wouldn't worry about decorating for the holidays either! How was Star Trek? DH is dying to see it, but I'm not that much of a Star Trek fan. We did go to see Lord of the Rings (The Two Towers) last night & that was great!

12-30-2002, 09:02 AM
Hi All,

LE- Thanks for the info, I will look into it. On one hand, I don't want to spend a ton on it, but on the other hand I'm thinking, I have a baby coming, and will be spending a good part of my time on the floor and I want to know that it's a very clean floor!!

Karen- Thanks for the info too! I'll definitely have to look into the Hoover, since both of you have one! I think I'm almost ready for Petey to get here as far as supplies go. Just ordered a car seat cover because the one my mom got doesn't work nice, and the little nursery care set that I still didn't get! Those will hopefully be delivered by Friday. Washed more stuff yesterday...I swear, if I put all his things together, I would have 3 of the big laundry baskets full!! :eek: This child has waaay too many clothes!! Well, that would include blankets and sheets too. As far as mentally prepared, I think I am. I've waited my entire life for him, and sometimes I get a little aprehensive thinking about it, but I think I'll be OK!

Not feeling quite as bad this AM, so maybe I am dodging the sinus infection and it's just a stuffy nose/head thing. Think I will stop at CVS on the way home and get some Sudafed though. It doesn't do much for me, but if I can get things dried out in there, I'll be better. Need more Vics too!

Have a great day all!!

12-30-2002, 05:18 PM
Hi guys,

LE: Star Trek was just OK. I thought the story was sorta lame, but since there is one where they went back in time for WHALES.......... I guess compared to that it was an ok story!! We are going to go see Two Towers tomorrow night. What better way to kill time waiting for the new year than with a three hour movie!! I don't know how I will do sitting through it though.

Lauren: Yeah, sounds like he has a few clothes!! *3* laundry baskets full?? Wow, he's going to be featured in GQ. I'm glad that you are feeling better.

Our VCR ate a video tape last night and DH got so mad at it he literally ripped it apart to get the tape out. We are now minus a VCR so I guess it will be Best Buy for us tonight to get a new one. I hate going to that store. There is way too much stimulation for me.

Alex has been very quiet today. He must have worn himself out yesterday at the movies.

Have a great evening!!

12-30-2002, 08:18 PM
Well, I am back...Kaylee woke up yesterday with green draining eyes and I forgot I was a nurse and just cried to the nurse on call..Her tear ducts were blocked and I had to do warm compresses and clean them every hour...I just balled my hormonal eyes out until I could call and make an appointment with the doctor..This morning..she was well..Real tears were comming out for the first time and the green junk was gone..I was ectastic....Her umbilical cord came off today and I am gonna give her a real water bath in a little while!!! I watched the birth video and cried!!! IT was such a wonderful experience! I am now trying to balance wife/mother role but that is hard when there is a demanding husband for attention and child...Plus the hormones are hopping!!!!

WE have the same carpet cleaner machine..DH loves it...and it is easy for him to do the carpets...

Well, off to bathe while K is asleep!!!
Lauren--I am looking forward to U joining me in the land of no sleep!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

12-30-2002, 10:02 PM
Hi again,

RR: Sometimes it must be hard to remember all your training when the little one is sick. I race my pets to the vet with every little thing, I can just imagine how I will be with the baby. I'll probably have to rent a chair there just for me!! Hope the bath helps those hormones settle down!! Feel better soon.

Legal Eagle
12-30-2002, 11:19 PM
Hi all!

Well, day one of getting back on track & I made it. :lol: Stayed within my points and even exercised. Need to work on getting back into the water habit (only got 48 oz in today including the 16 I'm working on now) and getting those fruits & veggies in (had 4 today).

Lauren - that is a lot of clothes for a child that hasn't even been born yet! :lol:

Karen - I think I may just let DH go see Star Trek on his own unless he begs me to go with him!

RR - glad Kaylee's eyes are better! Hope you're getting a little bit of sleep!

Well, off to bed for me. Have a good night all!


12-31-2002, 08:21 AM
Hi All,

Well, i typed a post last night, and for some reason it timed out and didn't post it. I was too tired to re-post! :lol:

LE- Hurray for staying OP!! Has the program changed a lot since you were last on it? I started with the 123 system, and it worked for me (when I actually stuck to it!), so when they started winning points, I didn't change anything. Not sure what they're doing these days!

Karen- I imagine we'll all be a little neurotic with our kids for the first couple years at least!

So I guess the popular vote is for Hoover steam cleaners?! :D I'll have to look into that one. Thanks for the info!

RR- Glad Kaylee's eyes are better! That would've freaked me out too. :( Sorry you had to endure it. Like my mom always says, nurses are the worst patients!! (Or in this case, the nurse's kid!!)

Yeah, probably 3 baskets full, but that's blankets and sheets and everything! I have 14 size small onsies, which looks ridiculously alot to me, but they say your should have around 10-12 of them, and if you think about it, with blowouts, you could go through a couple a day, and who wants to do laundry every couple days?! Geez, I do enough of my own darn laundry!! :lol:

3 days of work left...with a day off inbetween!! WooHoo!! I can't wait!! I have soo much crap to do in that time, including a really annoying quarterly compliance report that's not due until Feb., but I'm the only one that can do it, since I'm the only office based person, so I have to get it done. That'll take me most of the day today probably.

Have a great New Year's Eve all!! What's everyone doing?? DH & I will be home enjoying our last as a couple! :D

Legal Eagle
12-31-2002, 12:20 PM
I've got the muchies y'all...send me good thoughts! :lol:

Lauren - I lost before on the 123. Then they did Winning Points & I was at goal, but working for WW so I learned it, but I basically still followed 123 since that worked for me. I'm just using my old books and doing 123 again, and I haven't been to a WW meeting or anything in about 2 years, so I don't know how much they've changed anything.

12-31-2002, 01:23 PM
Lauren--I go through 2-3 onsies daily with the blowouts!!!The 0-3 months just swallow her whole..It is ridiculus. I am doing better with the "sacks" cuz she cant lose her feet in them like the all in ones!!!I have her in preemie diapers cuz the newborns and the 1's were way too big that they were marking her legs up from the folds...They thing that is the biggest help is the mattress savers..They prevent entire cradle changes when the diapers do leak..Hope U have some!!! I have giggled all morning..I show her a mirror real close of herself and she just laughs!!! I am soo in love!!!!! Also, the wipe warmer is a "scream saver" now!!!!

Legal--DOes the plan cover breast feeding moms??? I may rejoin and go...DH says that I am back to almost normal but I feel just soo fat.. My belly is soo loose and that black line is soo unattractive but he doesnt think so...I am gonna weigh in 6 weeks at the MD office and think about the plan again..Congrats on getting back on track!!! Are ya'll still in the same octogan shaped house??? Those pics were really cool when ya'll bought it!!!!!Sleep???what is that??????

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RR:bravo: :cb: :hat: :bb: :dancer: :balloons:

12-31-2002, 03:00 PM
Hi All,

RR- Geez, I look at those tiny newborn diapers and I can't imagine someone fitting into something soo tiny!! :lol: Especially someone coming out of DH & I!! :lol: What are the mattress savers, are they like those blue things they put under the pts. at the hospital? I have a waterproof pad for the crib...but no crib yet! Guess I better get something for the bassinet.
I'm pretty sure WW will let BFing moms join, it's just more cals. or something.

LE- Hang in there hon...go eat some carrots or something!!

12-31-2002, 11:25 PM
Lauren=THey are little mattress pads and they are at babiesR Us..They are like those blue pads but washable and U put them under the baby on top of the sheet. Saved me some headaches~~~~~~

01-01-2003, 12:01 AM
Hi all,

Hope you are all having a wonderful New Year's Eve. We are home watching Cirque De Soleil. It's pretty cool. We were going to go to the movies but I was pooped when I got home. I took a 1 1/2 hour nap and then I didn't feel like moving. So, we are spending the evening like old folks!! :D

Blow out diapers?? Oh geeze, that sounds like just so much fun!! I can hardly wait. I will definitely have to get some of the mattress pads. Alex has been moving like crazy in there today. Unless it really is gas. Don't think so though. He must be doing somersaults or something. No kicks, just doing the back stroke I guess. It feels kinda weird.

They really changed the look of the forum. I like it.

OK, have fun girls!!

Legal Eagle
01-01-2003, 12:14 AM
Well I made it through another day OP! But I'm heading off to bed before the New Year, I'm tired!

Vicki - they do have a plan for breast-feeding mothers, but I don't know the details. And yes, we're still in the dome!

Good night all...Happy New Year!


01-01-2003, 09:03 AM
Happy New Year :balloons: - pleased to say that hubby was discharged yesterday and is now home making my life **** :lol: still think he thinks he's at Death's door and Death won't let him in. Well I can truly say this is a Christmas I will never forget.

Went to bed around 22:30 and woke up at 12:00 by the fireworks, then went back to bed. Back and forth to the hospital from Boxing Day seems to have really drained me and TOM hasn't helped either.

Back to work an on plan from tomorrow - I deserve all the cr@p and junk I'm gonna eat today :moo:

Will catch up with everyone when I've had some more sleep!

01-01-2003, 09:44 AM
Good Morning and Happy New Year All!!

I rang in the New Year in my dreams...was asleep by 10, or earlier, I think!! :rolleyes: I feel worse again this AM. My throat is soo tight. Have already gargled and having some ginger ale now. All DH could say was I told you to call the Dr. a couple days ago, you could've gotten in! I just started crying because I feel soo horrible. :cry

Hope everyone has a great New Year's!!

01-01-2003, 06:54 PM
Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone has had a lovely day. DH and I slept sinfully late this morning, I'm sure I will pay for it by not being able to sleep tonight. I hate doing stupid stuff like that. We hung around the house all day straightening up.

Lauren: I hope you are feeling better!! It sucks to be sick right now.

BPB: I'm gad your husband is home. That must be much better. Hospitals are yucky places. (I can say that, I work in one!). Hope you got caught up on your sleep.

LE: YEAH!! for making it through the day.

01-01-2003, 06:57 PM
WEll, I had a party of a NY's last night...Put Kaylee to sleep after feeding at 11pm and me and her woke up up 2am to kiss daddy!!!!Wow 2 weeks tomorrow that I have been a mom!!!!My baby is growing too fast!!!!!!DH goes to work tomorrow..has been with me for 2 weeks..I am gonna miss him!!! MIL leaves on Friday..girls are back in school on Monday!!! Yeah!!!I will be all to myself!!!! I have one more week of no driving...then I will be able to do more things around here!!!
Well, duty calls...I hear crying and snorting!!!!

01-01-2003, 08:22 PM
Hi All,

Well, I went to the store and bought throat drops, Tylenol Sinus, and regular Tylenol, and I took some Tylenol Sinus when I got to mom's today. Felt a little better, now I'm miserable, just got home, and realized I forgot everything at mom's!! I could just :cry:
I'll see if I have any honey and make some tea with honey for the throat.

RR- I bet it will be soo nice to have time with just you and Kaylee at home all day, no one else around. As much as I'm sure I'll need and want the help from DH and my mom, who's taking a week off after DH goes back to work, I think I will be looking forward to time to get to know my son. :)

Karen- Enjoy the time of sleeping in and liking it now, because when you get to the point where sleeping is no longer comfy, it's no fun. :( This AM I slept until about 8:30, and got up. It takes a few minutes to actually sit up and stretch as much as I can before actually standing up and hobbling to the bathroom because my bladder is full...nevermind that I just went at 5:30 or so!!

Hope everyone had a great New Year's Day!! :D

01-02-2003, 09:08 AM
Happy New Years everyone!! I weighed in this morning and it was only up one pound and I've been eating really badly. We had DH's brother's family stay with us for a week. They have a 4, 5, and 10 year old. It was fun by OMG!!! They left yesterday and our house is a total disaster and I am so exhausted. I was definately not cut out for having little ones.

I'm sitting here at work in a daze trying to drink a big glass of water and avoid eating my breakfast for another hour. The weather is supposed to be beautiful today so I'm hoping to get a little rollerblading in after work -- my first exercise in several weeks.

RR, I love hearing all your fun stories about what you are going thru. Even though I don't want one of my own it's very interesting to hear all the details that we don't think about.

LBH, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Sorry about leaving the medicine at your mom's.

BPB, I'm confused?!?!?! :dizzy: Hubby??? When did you get married? Did I miss something or am I confusing you with someone else???? Last time I remember reading your posts you were trying to get BF out of your house. I am really tired today so I could be all wrong.

Gotta run to a meeting....

01-02-2003, 02:37 PM
Originally posted by lizzard_h

BPB, I'm confused?!?!?! :dizzy: Hubby??? When did you get married? Did I miss something or am I confusing you with someone else???? Last time I remember reading your posts you were trying to get BF out of your house. I am really tired today so I could be all wrong.

Liz Made my day :lol: :lol: :lol: Now don't go putting ideas in my head :s:

Still tired - went into work, collected my laptop and then came home and did some work - not as much as I should have done though.

Can't remember if I posted this, but it turns out the antibiotics he was on for his tooth abscess, turned one infection into another, hence the viral gastroenteritis. This was in addition to his diabetes, which was causing acid in the blood, which was giving him the stomach cramps - hope this makes sense. Anyway he is back home, full of the joys of life and convinced (truly) that I will buy him a laptop as he has been through an ordeal. I smile and nod, but ain't no more PCs crossing this threshold. Unless of course Will Smith is the delivery guy :yes:

I have been trying to go rollerblading for ages, but we just don't seem to have the weather here. Hubby has decided that we are going to America for our holiday this year, so I must be able to go 'blading somewhere!

My sister is 7 months pregnant - wow I have been away for ages - let's just say her hormones must be raging - if she and Mike Tyson were in a fight - I wouldn't be holding out much hope for Mike. She's decided if she has a little girl she will be called Saffron (not Saffy) and Calum if a boy. Nearly feeling broody, but not quite. Hopefully she will have a little girl, I have already bought the most adorable silk embroidered dress from Monsoon for my new niece - hey it will look good on my nephew too - he won't know any different!

Anyway, gotta go and cook dinner for the poor old man.

01-02-2003, 02:41 PM
Good Evening!!!
Helllo Liz!!! Nice to see U!!! .I think that was Greek GIrl with the BF problems!!!!!! Speaking of..where is she hiding???????
Soo glad on the only 1 lb!!!!

Lauren---sorry U R soo miserable!!! Hope U R feeling better!!!

BFB--Hope U R better!!! Dont wear yourself out girl with that man!!!!!:dizzy: :dizzy: Men-babies--any differences?????:s: :s:

Take care all..duty is crying!!!!

01-02-2003, 03:49 PM
Hi All,

Well, I cried myself to sleep at 11:00 last ngiht after trying to call the pharmacy and get the pharmacist to convince me why I couldn't take Tylenol Allergy Sinus. :cry I just got up from the computer (I was on the Tylenol website!) and tried to walk past DH holding in the tears and lost it when I got to the bedroom. About 10 min. later he asked if I wanted him to go to mom's and get my drugs. I felt like saying, you couldn't offer 3 hrs. ago?! I whined, No, and cried myself to sleep. It was probably really pathetic.

I came into work this AM, but called my regular Dr. and they said she was having a light day, to come in. (This is the Dr. that I usually spend an hour or 4 waiting to see!!) I got there and was immediately po'd because the parking lot was packed and there wasn't a seat to be had in the waiting room. Some man got up and gave me his seat. Chivalry lives!! :D I ended up only waiting 20 minutes, plus another 7-8 in the exam room. So I have Pharyngitis...basically a sore throat. :rolleyes: She took a strep culture, just in case, and gave me some ZPak, and told me to take the Tylenol Sinus. She said the only reason she gave me the ZPak is because I'm 38 wks. PG and he's only gaining fat at this point, everything's developed. Stopped at mom's afterwards and got my drugs and stuff. Took everything, am feeling a little better now.

Now I'm back at work, only to have to leave in another hour for my midwife appt.! Will have to take a 1/2 sick, plus make up an hour tomorrow. I have soo much left to do here too!

01-02-2003, 04:04 PM
RR, Thank you!! Yes, it was Greekgirl. I tell ya, I can barely finish a complete sentence today. Thank goodness I only have 45 more minutes left at work. I was supposed to come in tomorrow too but it is so slow here since lots of people took today and tomorrow as vacation for an extra long weekend so I told my boss I feel a headache coming on and I think by Fri morning it will be really bad. He laughed and said don't worry about it. So instead of sitting here suffering through a boring day at work I will be at the spa getting a 3-hour pampering. I made an appointment for a Tuscany Ceremony of Wine treatment (that's a grape seed wine crush body polish, a wine surrender body wrap, and a merlot scalp treatment) and a 60 minute full body massage. Since I gave up drinking wine as my New Year's resolution I decided to just have it massaged into my body. :lol: :lol: :lol:

DH is being an angel today. He took a vacation day today and he's been doing laundry, dishes, and hopefully he'll run the vacuum. He also said he'll take care of cooking dinner tonite. I told him I just want to be in bed by seven. His family has worn me out!!

LBH, I'm glad things are going better. Take it easy for the next few days.

Is anyone interested in setting a new goal for the month? Or by Valentine's Day? Or something? Now is the time that I'm most motivated and I loved having the Weekly Goal posting.

Have a great weekend!!

01-02-2003, 05:51 PM
Hi all,

Hope everyone has had a good start to the new year. It was fun writing 01/02/03 at work today!! (Gotta find my entertainment where I can these days.)

RR: Wow, I can't believe that she's two weeks old already. Time sure is flying by. I bet it will be nice to home alone with Kaylee.

Liz: Nice to see you back here. It's easy to get people confused on here, sometimes I have to read the posts twice to get it all straight!! Hope you get some rest over the weekend.

Lauren: Sorry you are still feeling poopy. I'm looking SO forward to the day they say I can have my allergy drugs back. The OB is not very sympathetic. He just says get rid of the animals. What about everything else I'm allergic to? I react to everything they stick you with. Maybe I should move into a bubble like those people on TV!! :D

BPB: Hope you get the niece you are wishing for. I wanted a girl to dress up but I'm going to be happy with a boy. He'll carry on the name!!

Whew, I'm starving. Think I'll go get some carrot sticks. Have a nice evening.

Legal Eagle
01-02-2003, 09:25 PM
Well I went over points yesterday, but not too badly, and I stayed home again today (just because I felt like playing hookie! :D ) but I've stayed within points. Didn't get any real exercise, but got a lot of stuff done around the house.

I'll be at work tomorrow, but I've already packed leftovers from dinner for tomorrow's lunch so hopefully I'll be able to stay OP and I plan on walking tomorrow night.

I've set some goals for myself to get rid of this 25# again (see signature line). I've allowed myself 18 weeks, which should be plenty! Based on past history I should be able to do it sooner, but I wanted to allow myself enough time so I don't start feeling like a failure! I'm trying to stay off the scale until next Monday though!

BFB - Glad DH is home and feeling a little better!

LBH - Glad you were able to get in to see the Doctor. Hope you're feeling better after getting the drugs! :D

RR - Enjoy the time alone with Kaylee, I know you'll love having that bonding time!

Well, I'm off to finish up some laundry and then get to bed early and do some reading.

Night all!


01-02-2003, 10:02 PM
Happy New Year!!!

OK I know it's a little late... But, I didn't do much of anything but lay around and watch HGTV yesterday. It was fun. Has anyone else seen "Two Week Notice"? I met my girlfreind last Saturday and we went to see it. I thought it was really funny. We rented "Minority Report" to watch NYE and it was pretty good, only it was a "widscreen" DVD and we only have a 25" TV upstairs so some of the stuff was pretty small.

Well, I've made a new year's resolution to do my best to change my habits that let me stay overweight. I'm not sure how well this is going to work. My WW leader challenged me to change one small habit over the next month and I chose to cut back on the wine. I was supposed to start the week before Christmas but I decided to wait since it's been a stressful one. After day one I can say that the benifit to this is I'll get in all my water for the first time in a couple of months. We'll see how this works, I was ready to quit but decided to give it another shot. I think I'm going to go back to not looking at the scale though. Maybe once a month/6 weeks or so.

Sorry to ramble on so.... but K's out shoveling and I don't want to help and there's nothing on TV. (I know whine, whine, whine...)

RR - Kaylee looks cute, you are such a mom... All I can say is better you than me :lol:.

LBH - Hope your sinuses are better. We borrowed my parents Bissell to do our living room and it worked great.

BFB - Welcome back. Good luck with Hubby and getting back on track. Have you picked where in America for Holiday?

Liz - Sounds like you had an enjoyable if hectic holiday, only one pound is probably good all things considered.

Karen - good luck getting ready for the baby.

LE - Welcome back! Good luck getting back on track.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'll try not to be such a hit or miss participant.

- Tech :o

01-03-2003, 07:39 AM
Hi All,

Yippee, my last day of work!! :D Woke up to about a 1/2" snow on the ground, hopefully it's not icey, but I think it probably is. DH said it was when he came home last night. I think we have a winter weather advisory on until around noon, then rain or freezing rain again. Not what I want to deal with on my last day of work.

I stopped at rag shop last night on my way home (it's just around the corner from me!) and finally bought fabric to make the quilt I want for Petey's crib. I wanted to do denim, but I wasn't sure I wanted actual denim, maybe just the color. After talking to one of the ladies there, I got a cotton/poly blend that looks like stoned washed denim. Then I got some dalmation fabric to put around the trim. I found some cute button websites once, so I'm gonna look again and see if I can get either firetruck or some other firehouse related red buttons to sew on it. In my mind, it's very cute! In reality, I can barely sew a straight line!! :lol: I also don't have a lot of patience when it comes to stuff like that. I wanted to come home and start sewing last night!! What I did do is wash the fabric, so there's a start. The lady also recommended I buy this book by Simplicity about sewing basics, it's wire bound and has lots of illustrations...hopefully it'll be some help! In the meantime, any sewing experts out there that can give me some really basic sewing tips? Guess I should start looking for my owner's manual for my sewing machine too, huh?! :rolleyes:

It's AM, so of course I feel like crap. Forgot to stop at the drug store and get my prescription filled, so I can't take my Zpak. Of course they don't open until 9:00, so I'll have to wait and go to the Rite Aid by work and pray they'll fill it instantly. I mean, come on, how hard is it to pop 4 Zithromax into a bottle?!

Tech- Good to see you back! Hopefully everyone makes it back for the New Year! I'm looking forward to some challenges for 2003, but not until maybe March, when I'm healed from giving birth! I would like to go see Two Weeks Notice, I love anything Sandra Bullock does! Maybe I can get a date night in before Petey gets here...otherwise I'll just wait til it hits PPV. There's a new WW center about 2 miles away from me, so that might be motivation to go back there when I'm ready.

LE- Good for you packing lunch! Something I really need to get into the habit of doing. You have set some very realistic goals...I know you'll reach them!

Karen- What do you normally take for allergies? My midwife was saying yesterday that some women are allowed to continue using Claritan while PG. My Dr. had given me an RX for Allegra once, as a preventative for sinus', but it didn't really do anything. I'd rather just deal with the headaches on an as needed basis with Tylenol Allergy Sinus, and get my ZPak when I have my yearly infection! Good for you eating carrot sticks!! :D

Liz- Nice to see you! I think the goals will definitely be back with the new year. Have fun on your day of pampering!!

BPB- Good luck getting a niece! I was convinced Peter was a girl, until the U/S!! :lol: Good thing I didn't buy any little frilly things!! Glad DH is doing better...now if you could just get him to stop whining like a man, right?! Tell him to play with one of his existing PCs!!

DH came home with a new digital camera last night!! :D We've been wanting one for awhile, but were going to talk to his friend, who's a professional photographer and in the camera business about one first, to find out which is best for us. Well, DH did some research and bought one online at Circuit City yesterday, then picked it up at the store last night after work! It's an Olympus with 3 pixels and 8x something else. He spent more than I would've liked to, but it's done, so I'll just get over it! I can't wait to use it!!

Have a great day all!!

01-03-2003, 01:56 PM
Hello all!!!!

Lauren--Sorry U R soo miserable....Oh..they dont even put the Z-Pac in a bottle..doesnt it come on a card???? Sometimes, it takes forever to do a RX!!Hope U are better quick..Sorry, Susie Homemaker I am not!!! No sewing tips from me...Now, if U havent gotten a monitor..I suggest the Sony Baby Call Rechargable..I can hear every little grunt, poot, poop, and hiccup anywhere in my house and it is rechargable...The vibrater seat eats enough batteries for everything!! I also have this little fish aquarium light thingee with fish that go round and round and attaches to the cradle..It is soo funny, I turn it on, DH and I have 15 minutes of "make out time" and when the fish go off, she screams!!!Glad we are still in that 6 week "rest" period!!!!:devil: :devil: :devil:

LE--I am gonna weigh at my next appointment...Then I will make some goals..things have shifted down to the bootie and hips..of course, I have boobies for days also...I havent put on clothes yet--just mens pj bottoms since my incision line is soo sore still..I really thought the C-Sect would be easier, but I dont know now!!!

Tech--Great to see U!!! MIL just left this morning for Birmingham..We told her she was gonna sure miss our 50-60 degree weather!!!!It was nice to have her around..She was here 2 weeks before the baby, then 2 weeks after which allowed DH and I such quality time together that we needed, since everything is sooooooooo different now!!!

BFB---How is the home hospital comming???? Take it easy!!!!

Have a great one!! My parents are comming to drive me and Kaylee for her 2 week check up...hmmm..wonder what she will weigh??? Dec 24 it was 7lbs 3oz...we shall see!!!!

01-03-2003, 02:48 PM
RR- I have a 2 monitors actually! Mom got one free for purchasing a certain amount at BRU and we also got the one we registered for. I can't remember the name of it, but it's not rechargable...what a great concept though! Are you already going through batteries?! Oh dear...guess we'll be living at Costco, buying batteries. Or maybe investing in some rechargables? I don't know why they don't just give me the card of ZPak. The Dr. gave me the card with the first 2 on it, but they give me a bottle with the other 4 on it. :rolleyes: Just took one, possible she gave me a lower dose?? The pill is like half the size of the regular one! It's 250mg...never noticed what the others are. Bought some Robitussin too, because I'm coughing soo much more today.

01-03-2003, 06:17 PM
Hi all,

I've been running around like mad to get ready for company tonight. I'm not at all sure I want to have company but they're coming so I better get in the mood!! I've been so tired this week all I want to do is shut my eyes. I'll probably fall asleep during the movie we're supposed to watch!! :D

Lauren: I used to take Claritan but the OB won't let me take it now. All they say I can take is Sudafed or Tylenol Sinus. Yipee. They help so much. NOT!! I hope you are feeling better soon. Not having to go to work must help!! At least you won't have to drag out of bed not feeling good. I can't believe it's almost time for Petey to get here!!

LE: Yeah for packing lunch. That always helps me to do better. You may have gone over on points but at least you didn't keep on going wild.

Tech: Good to see you back. I'd probably have done a lot of rambling to avoid shoveling snow too!! Yuck. I'm glad we have a snowblower, not that it totally gets you out of shoveling. :D

Have a great evening.

01-04-2003, 12:28 PM
Good Morning!!!!
Well, Kaylee was started on eye drops for those runny eyes!! Also have to keep massaging the corners to keep those little tear ducts open and draining well...I bought some preemie diapers today...much better for that skinny little butt!!! She is now 7lbs 12 oz..not back at her birth weight but the MD said she is doing well but wanted her back at her birthweight at the 2 week mark..I have to go back and get her weighed again in 2 weeks to make sure I am feeding enough and things are ok in the BF dept...There were 7--2week old babies in the office...WOW...one baby was born the day after weighing the same amount and she was 9lbs 8 oz....She was soo fat and cute!!!!!The difference is formula fed babies..They gain much faster......

Karen--Hope the company situation was ok!!!Rest and take it easy today!!

Lauren--Hope U R better!!! It is miserable when U cant take anything....
Have a great day all!!!!

01-04-2003, 04:05 PM
Good afternoon chicksters,

I went shopping for our anniversary today. The traditional gift is flowers for the fourth....hmm, DH is not terribly fond of flowers....his cappacino machine broke last night so that is what I ended up getting him. Maybe I will draw flowers on the bag. :D

I also went to Motherhood and picked up three more tops. MIL is taking us out for dinner tonight and I wanted something nice to wear. I need pants but I hate everything I've found. They had a set of pants/top that was OK, but I'm one size on top and another on the bottom. Guess I will have to keep shopping.

I also shopped for Alex. I have a Macy's GC left over from my birthday that I wanted to use, but I just can't do it!! I found a couple cute things, but I keep thinking it's too soon. Also, since he's not coming until the Spring I keep thinking everything is too heavy. Do I sound indecisive? :D I'm feeling so torn about buying stuff for him. I want to get stuff then when I get to the store I just can't do it. Did either of you have this or am I just the strangest one here?

RR: Sorry Miss K's eyes are still yucky. Hope things are OK with the BF.

OK, sorry about the book on my shopping trials and tribulations!! Hope it wasn't awfully boring!!

01-04-2003, 06:45 PM
Happy Saturday All,

Met my parents to go mall walking this morning. Really didn't want to get up and go but had already made the "date". I am so out of shape!!!! Need to make this a more regular thing. The beasts really need a walk too, maybe tomorrow (wow two day's in a row :eek: ) provided it doesn't snow too bad. Did pretty well on the cutting back on wine goal... Hope I can keep it up.

We picked up a new trip planner program while we were out this morning and I've been playing with it planning out our vacation for May. My cousin is getting married in NC so we're going to take a week to get down there and play.

LBH - Hope you feel better. On the quilt front: all I can say is make sure that the seems are even, quilters mostly use 1/4 inch but if you're not hand quilting bigger is probably better for one getting lots of use. You also might want to think about the buttons as a later addition, babies tend to grab and chew on them, I'd just tie it with embroidery floss in a bright red or something and add the bottons later. But I'm not sure where you're putting it. Anyway e-mail me if you have questions I quilt all the time, in fact I need to finish my nephew's quilt.....

RR - it took me a while to figure out what you ment by BF usually that means boyfreind and I didn't think you'd dumped Refman. WW does have guidlines for BF there's at least one in the meeting I go to.

Liz - Feel free to start up the goal thread, although my goals are going to be behavior modifcations instead of pounds for a while anyway.

Karen - You crack me up, spending money on clothes has never been a problem for me! I wouldn't worry about buying for the baby unless you see somthing you love, I know my sister got lot's for baby shower and welcome home gifts, plus she bought some at a "mommy and me" sale they had at the local church, some of the stuff had never been worn!!! Plus he's so long at 5 mos he's in year stuff so you never know what to buy.

Anyway enough rambling for me...

Talk to you all later.

- Tech :spin:

01-04-2003, 07:03 PM
Hi All,

I'm here, and feeling really miserable. :cry I found a bottle of Guaifenex that my Dr. gave me last time I had a sinus infection. I called the pharmacy and all it is is a stronger version of robitussin and sudafed. So I called my Dr. and they won't page her unless it's an emergency. So then I called Tina, my midwife, and she called me back pretty much right away. She said I could take it, and to get Benedryl for night time. I really need an antihisitamine to dry up the post nasal drip, but that's usually what they tell you you can't take during PG. I'm guessing because I'm 38 wks., it's OK. I don't have an Benedryl, but I may venture out in a bit to get some, I need tissues anyway. I'm just soo sick of coughing, and it's all because of the drip! :(

Karen- Yeah, I was like that, it took me forever to finally buy those little botties, but once I knew Petey was a Petey, I gave in!! It helped that it was summer and I wanted to take the Cape May Ferry to DE anyway!! :D I still try to hold back, because there's soo many cute things out there, but he's got waay too many clothes already!! I'm waiting til he's here & I see how quickly he grows!

RR- I hope Kaylee's eyes are doing better, and she's on target soon!

Going to have some pasta with Emeril's kicked up sauce...hopefully that'll help things!! :D