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04-11-2011, 05:05 AM
Here it is.

I have some gaine flab to lose this week. Almost back, but not quite, to the start. i doubt I'll lose 10lbs by Easter now as its only a couple of weeks to go, but I shall be happy for anything

beach bum
04-11-2011, 11:58 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Sorry I was MIA from last week thread,Had a lot to do over the weekend.Its rainy & foggy so I'm staying in today.Now I can get some of my housework done with all the running around I did last week.

Went out with my friend Mary to see the movie Hop, we had her grandson with us. The theater was packed with kids along with fathers and grandmothers. My g-kids saw it 2 weeks ago I think the movies come out to NY earlier than we do on the Cape.

JOJO-Thanks for the new pages. I wouldn't worry about losing now, once the Holiday is over you can try again that's what I'm thinking about. I wanted to lose 5 lbs this month and it isn't happening as I will be going down to my DD next Wed and she a fab cook and I will be eating everything she makes.So that going to be my down fall not the Easter Candy but the meals.

Have a great day

04-11-2011, 01:36 PM
Hello ladies. Yesterday was a traveling day for me. Took me 10 1/2 hrs to drive from Florida to Kentucky. I tried to get on the road at 6 am but when I got in my car to leave, I couldn't find my cell phone. So I went back into the house to look for it. I have majicJack phone, so then I had to hook up the computer, get the majicJack running and call my cell phone. It was in the trunk of my car, in my suitcase. How did that happen??? So, 30 minutes later, I was on my way. Then my feet started swelling about half way there. There were so swollen and burned and was hurting. I stopped to get a bite to eat, and stretch a little. That helped for awhile, but by the time I got home, they were swollen, really bad. I elevated them and this morning, back to normal. I told my daughter she is driving me back to Florida and I'll pay to fly her back to KY, lol, when I return to Florida in the fall.

jojo, with all the stress you've been dealing with, it's no surprise you have gained a few pounds. With all you've told us about your mom, I know it's heartbreaking for you to see her this way. My mother in law has alzheimer and woman, as we knew her, is gone. She used to be so caring and giving, and that lady is no longer in there. Not that she isn't caring, but it's not the Jackie I remember. Such a sad disease.

Maryann, it's good to be busy. The housework will always be there. I can't imagine it being too bad with only you in the house.

Rhonda, I'm sorry you didn't do better at the craft fair. Times are tough. If the other jewelry sellers didn't do much better, then it wasn't your jewelry. Have you tried selling on Etsy? It's been getting a lot of traffic and a lot of the eBay sellers have moved over to Etsy, as it's cheaper to list your stuff there. It cost .20 to list an item up to 4 months, and if you sell something, they charge 3%. eBay went crazy with their fees, and just not worth dealing with them anymore. The only time I use them is if I have a high end item.

My house is in need of a good cleaning, so off I go.

04-11-2011, 02:49 PM
Hi there. I'm at high school and have electricity. Last night high winds came through and most folks around here, including us, are without power. I have on a cute black biker's cap. :lol:

Rhonda, have you thought of putting your jewelry in salons on consignment? I've seen your work. It should be selling. It's beautiful!!

JoJo, just lose what you can. Don't get stressed. One of the ladies from church was talking about her Easter bonnet yesterday. I am sooo tempted to get one. I love wearing hats.

Pam, I am amazed you drove by yourself. I'm glad you made it safely. Where are you in Kentucky? We used to have another Chickie here from the Lexington area. I still hear from her via Facebook.

There was a lot of destruction in our area overnight. Our insurance agent said this is "a catastrophe." We are lucky as we only had minor problems. We live in a single wide modular home and were awakened by its shaking last night. We still haven't heard for sure if we had tornadoes or straight winds. Whatever we had, I don't want any more.

Maryann, I think HOP will be a good movie. I hope to take our grands to see it.

I only have 5 students in class now. They're watching a video and, well, you can see what I'm doing. I was going to critique a screenplay a former student sent me, but I can't get my mind on doing it. Guess I'm more shook up than I'm admitting.

Did I tell you our neighbor's porch blew into our yard? :yikes:

Guess I'd better go and look busy. BBL

04-11-2011, 05:24 PM
Oh, wow, Sandra. I didn't know you had storms. I was so tired from my trip that I relaxed and fell asleep, woke up and fell back to sleep. I hadn't listened to any news. I had gone to bed at 1:30 a.m. and was up at 5 a.m. to get ready to leave. Lack of sleep and then the long trip. My husband said I was coughing all night. I don't remember doing that. I must have been really tired, lol. I'm in Albany, south central KY. I'm about 2.5 hrs south of Lexington.

Glad you are okay. I thought we were getting storms today, but it must have missed us. You must have had more than minor damage if you called the insurance co. Hope your electricity is back on when you get home.

04-11-2011, 06:01 PM
Just stopping in...BBL. DH's DD experienced major weather problems. They have a new house and essentially ALL of the windows blew out. There was major hail, the size of golf balls, winds 60MPH, rain, thunder, lightening. They got the baby out of her crib and before they got out of the room the window blew out, sending hail and glass into her crib! They are 30 minutes east of us. We did not have the destruction here, but did have quite a spectacular show. Kyra (doggie) was terrified and crying and whining. She did finally calm down when I took her into another bedroom with fewer windows so that she didn't see so much lightening.

04-11-2011, 11:09 PM
Quiet around here today. Anyway, I had a great salad today at a new place. It really was just chicken breast and greens with some other veggies, seeds and parmesan cheese on the top....with a vinagrette...but it was sooo tasty.

I had a hard workout and just felt wonderful afterwards.

Pam, what do you sell on Etsy? I have thought about it, but haven't done it. I am going to get a booth at the local market on Saturdays and see what happens.

04-12-2011, 12:18 AM
Rhonda, I'm so thankful Erin and her family are safe.

Pam, we have damage but not the extent of others around us. We feel very lucky.

We found out that what we had last night was a tornado. Power came on around 9:30 tonight. I guess the reporter is still coming in the morning to interview me for the article. I wouldn't be surprised if he cancelled, though. There's a lot of news around the area right now.

beach bum
04-12-2011, 10:29 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Looks like another day of rain,so I guess it going to be another indoor project of getting my winter clothes moved upstairs to the spare bedroom.This way I don't have to go down to the basement except for laundry day.

PAM-WOW!!! You're amazing to travel all by yourself from one state to another and for that length of time. My sister does that from NY to Fla but her DH is right next to her. The house isn't that messy it just that I can't do the kitchen & bathroom floors when I have problems with my knees.It was so hard for me to strengthen & throw out things I don't need in the lower cabinet in the bathroom. as I can't kneel.

SANDRA-I enjoyed the movie HOP even though what my sister things about cartoon type of movies.They're not for her,but than she doesn't have any grandchildren. Sorry about your experiencing all those odd ball weather patterns. I heard on the weather channel it was to early for tornado to touch down at this time of the year.

RHONDA-I heard about the storms on the weather channel but I didn't think it was near any of us living in the south. TG Your DH's DD is safe windows can always be replace.

Have to go,and get going have a great day

04-12-2011, 04:32 PM
Maryann, the weather bureau has confirmed there were 2 tornadoes in our county and 2 others nearby. I hate to argue with what those professionals said, but these tornadoes did touch down. There's a lot of damage around here. Maybe what they were saying is it's too early in some parts of the nation. Our part of the country gets a lot of tornado activity this time of year and has as long as I can remember.

What projects did you work on today? We still need rain even after all those storms.

04-12-2011, 05:10 PM
Well, Sandra has already said it, but, tornadoes do touch down here. We're at the southern end of "tornado alley" and it can get quite active. There hasn't been a killer tornado in my area in decades, but they do come.

I found a new site with information about calorie expenditure, with more calculators than you can shake a stick at. It is

04-13-2011, 05:28 AM
Morning all. I'm more in the zone this week and able to concentrate on eating more sensibly.

We get tornadoes here too, but they rarely strike in towns and cities. It is a beautiful spring day in our part of the world. I dried all my washing out of doors yesterday.

It's just come on the news that there is a lack of interest in the UK about the forthcoming royal wedding. Tell us something we don't know!! I'm sure that the streets will be full on the big day though. Ms Middleton has lost stones in weight. I swear that horrible Diana ring is doing it. Most people's blood ran cold when we saw her wearing it... unlucky or not? As far as I know very few streets (none in our city) have applied for permission to hold street parties. I wish the 2 of them well, they can't help the hype

04-13-2011, 08:09 AM
Good Morning:

Jojo, I'm sure that there will be parties in the street. It's a wedding after all. Good luck being in the zone.

I'm off to the gym and had to let you know :lol: I'm going to do more cardio and see if I get off this plateau. Then, to the dentist. That's quite a morning, is it not?



beach bum
04-13-2011, 01:27 PM
Hi Ladies:)

It's almost afternoon and I'm still in my PJ 's & Robe.Not feeling well this morning I think I have a inner ear infection as I'm stumbling and have to hang on to anything so I don't fall. I called the doctor & the person that answered the phone told me no new appointment today but than the receptionist told me and he won't be in until 1PM.So the nurse will call me back when her gets in.She asked me questions about my symptoms & what pharmacist I was using. Hope I get rid of what I have before I go down to NY next Wed.

We had a thunderstorm and I didn't get my garbage out for pickup. Afraid of going out in these storms,but since than I managed to get the garbage can down to the curb,got soak [another change of clothes]and wet but I did get it out.

SANDRA-I agree with you as only 1/2 the time they predict the correct weather. Leo knew more than they and he only had a home computer. They never predicted that we were going to have a thunderstorm just winds and down pours. Oh that's possibility I got it wrong sorry. I'm frightened at TS and if would go out of my mind if I had to deal with tornadoes. TG you are all safe and that what really matters.

JOJO-I'm not into the royal family either I think they make too much of a fuss about them.

Have to go, I just get a call from the doctor he wants to see me right after lunch.

04-13-2011, 04:54 PM
hey everyone one hope your all well i have been away to london and went way off track but now im back home and il be starting a fresh :D I lost 3lbs last week woohooo xxx

04-13-2011, 05:50 PM
Hello all. I've been without internet until today.

Rhonda, I don't sell anything on etsy, but I plan to list a bunch of vintage things from my website, to hopefully move them. I need to downsize. My daughter sold a painting of a peace sign for $200 on there, plus we used to make purses, etc, and she sold a few aprons she made. Now they let you sell things that are over 20 yrs old, and not just supplies and handmade things. A lot of the girls that used to sell with me on ebay are now on etsy. I'm so glad the baby is okay. How very scary.

Maryann, I have had benign positional vertigo since the early 80s. It comes and goes. Hope you don't have that.

ems, woohoo, 3 lbs is great.

jojo, I really liked Diana, but not really into the royal family. Kate seems nice enough and like William. They shove celebrities down our throats here. I don't care about them, but they keep talking about them, trying to make us care, lol.

Sandra, we've had quite a few tornadoes hit this town in KY. Luckily it has missed us. I grew up in Michigan and we got a lot of tornadoes there too. Glad you are okay and your power is back on.

Took my husband to see his dr. today. He has been feeling really weak and just terrible since on his diabetes meds. She cut him back to one in the evening and did more blood work. She said he doesn't need to count carbs yet, but if he eats healthy, like I do, he should be okay for awhile. He said to just cook and he'll eat whatever I fix. I hate that it took this to get him to eat right.

Hey to everyone else. Gotta go

04-13-2011, 07:25 PM
Rhonda, you did have a full morning. I hope all went well at the dentist's.

JoJo, I think any excuse to party is a good one. I don't doubt there are hard feelings, though, what with the economy as it is.

Maryann, are you feeling better? I hope so. We call our weathermen "weather guessers." :lol:

Pam, lucky for your dh that you are cooking healthy foods. That's good.

04-13-2011, 08:30 PM
I've noticed a slight change in my DH's eating since he saw his doctor, too. It must be in the air.

Dentist was fine, just getting a crown seated.

I had a wonderful massage this afternoon and almost fell asleep on the table :yawn:

I've kept calories around 1500-1600 the last two days, and eating well. I'm a bit hungry though so might eat more before the day is over.

04-14-2011, 04:49 AM
We shall be working in the garden when the wedding is on. Many hotels are doing a 'wedding free' 3 day break. Apparently, they are booked up solid. As a nurse, who is saddened by the state of our NHS, I can't help wonder how many hip replacements we could do for what we have spent on this wedding. Seniors have had their heating allowances cut by 50, so there will be even more hypothermia deaths in the next hard winter. I have respect for our Queen, but can't stand her parasitic family.

Ems. Nice to see you back love.

04-14-2011, 09:32 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Sorry to be missing but I've been crazy busy. I'm still on plan though. After staying the same last week, I'm hope for a loss this one.

Hope you are all well.

beach bum
04-14-2011, 03:09 PM
Hi Ladies:)
Just came back from my walk down at the beach,Don't see any damage like they were saying after the storms we had. Some of the roads were flooded,but today the roads were fine.

I had to go to the hospital to have my mammogram done and than to my PT for my final session and than this afternoon choir practice.

The nurse squeezed me in and I had a 2:15 appointment. Well it wasn't a ear infection after all, but a lot of wax build-up and once the mess was gone I could hear again but I still having the room spinning when getting out of bed, and don't know why???

Now as for the neck surgery,my Physical Therapist told me to go back to my orthopedic doctor and see what he would advise me to do next. He told me in the beginning he would have to have a neurosurgeon operating as he doesn't do necks or backs. PT isn't working for my hand,its still feels like a burning on my finger tips. My PT John told me that going to a neurosurgeon doesn't exactly mean that you might have a operation,he has different equipment and that might work for you,than what we do that physical therapy.
SO once I get back form the Easter holiday I will make a appointment with my OTHRO and than with the NEURO.

PAM-Oh gee,You poor thing I would hate having something like that.I never that vergo before I hope I don't have that. It only happens when I get out of bed don't experiences anything like that when laying on the sofa.

SANDRA-Thanks I'm now feeling well.All this is making my head spin. Between the neck / hand,and now this,what else will happen.Just want everything to be normal again.

Have to get ready for my choir rehearsal,talk to you guys some time tomorrow.

04-14-2011, 05:25 PM
I thought it would be nice to be on line while you were. It is 9.18pm here and I'm not surprised I've got another blinking cold. At the start of the week, we had June temperatures and today we have November temperatures and have had the heating back on since lunchtime.

There is nothing on TV... just wall to wall CSI's. There's a good documentary on the Somme which we are recording. Both our grandfathers were there during WW!
Maryann[/B It will take a while for the giddiness to go. Just imagine that you have shaken a Jell-O shape. It doesn't stop wobbling immediately you stop, it takes a few seconds to settle down.

How's Nancy?

Well that was a short visit... Our dog needs emptying. Talk to you tomorrow

04-15-2011, 12:45 AM
I love your posts..How does one empty a dog LOL

I have had a good few days..Some good cries here & there but staying busy and today I went kayaking with a friend. We did all types of over log/under logs things that should have flipped us but later on a quiet part I turned over for no good reason.. It was a friends kayak that is more tippy than I am used to.. I was cold & wet but okay..Came home & got in the hottub.

Starting to look at this house & yard and realizing I am going to need help.
I hope all the offers I have had are serious about helping. Tons of people have said that they want to but I feel strange asking ..

04-15-2011, 04:17 AM
Our daughter was an absolute wizz in a kayak Nancy. Keeping up with her was the problem.

Now don't be shy of asking for help. People feel helpless at a time like this and if you asked them for a tad of practical help it would make their day.
If you feel the tears coming, even if you are in the supermarket let them fall. I did and got enormous strength from perfect strangers. Folk aren't half as cold as we think

04-15-2011, 04:21 PM
Nancy, I agree with Jojo...just ask and most people will help. And, I think you'll find that total strangers will tell you the most personal things if you find yourself crying in their presence. It helps them to help you. And, lo and behold, it will help you too.

I've been to the gym to do early morning cardio twice this week, and I like it. I went once in the evening and didn't care for that, but the morning was good. I'm losing body fat; can feel the difference.

But, I fixed that by having tamales for lunch :lol: Well, I scraped all the cheese off of them.

04-15-2011, 06:21 PM
Hi, Ladies. I'm reading catching up here. The past few days have been hectic. I was to sub today but cancelled because of exhaustion. I think the Sunday night storm took more of a toll on me than I was willing to admit, so now I'm admitting it.

Rhonda, I doubt you have much body fat at all. You didn't look like you did when I saw you. Antique Alley's going on this weekend. The wind is blowing giving lots of vendors problems. We helped a friend from church who had tent awnings set up take them down. They were about to take off for OZ. I doubt I'll go back to do any more shopping. I have a headache and earache now from the wind. Life goes on.

Maryann, I'm glad you're getting yourself medical help. When are you leavin for your daughter's?

Vickie, you busy bee you. Congrats on being OP while so busy.

JoJo, our weather's doing the same here. Lots of folks are having allergy problems, including me.

Nancy, I ditto what's been said here. Let others help you in all areas and cry when you feel like it. That's healthy. Kudos to you for kayaking. I'm impressed.

Ems, how's your day? How long till school's out?

Pam, have you been reading BL thread? I'm enjoying it a lot. Sometimes I post but not often.

Got to go. Ya'll have a good evening. I'll catch you later.

04-16-2011, 04:25 AM
It's back to Spring here this morning! I'm glad we aren't the only country Sandra. I'm sneezing and Mark's coughing and back in the spare room at night.
WI day for me tomorrow, hoping tp lose about 3, but expect 2.

How are you Nancy? I'm one of these people who rarely cries and never in public. Just after our daughter died, I started crying at the till in the (packed with people) supermarket. Before I knew it, the lady came from behind the till and gave me a big hug. Her mum had died 3 months befre. Other people in the
queue were telling me their stories and it really helped. this huge wave of caring just wrapprd around me like a blanket

Maryann I was talking about you last eveing. My knees were really bad and I said to Mark, if this was beachbum, she wouldn't sit here moaning, she never lets it get her down

04-16-2011, 10:18 AM
Good Morning/ or afternoon to Jojo and Ems:

The winds that Sandra mentioned are really something, up to 40 MPH yesterday. I had cleaned my patio twice this week, only to have it covered again with leaves and small branches. I'm just going to wait until this passes before I sweep again!

After eating tamales for lunch I had steak for dinner! I won't be on the scales today :lol: Ah, Sandra, you're sweet but I've got the dreaded body fat! However, my trainer asked me if I had noticed that my legs have changed. I had noticed. The area that people so sweetly call "saddlebags" is noticeably reduced. I expect the belly fat will be more resistant.

I'll be spending my day at a crafts fair, trying to sell again. Wish me luck!!

Maryann, I hope you don't get those storms headed to the mid-Atlantic area.

Where is Sloan these days??

Nancy :hug:

beach bum
04-16-2011, 11:06 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Watch a beautiful day we have out here and I'm too tired from yesterday walk after we got out of the PB Club.Had a interesting video about how far technology has gone.They are working one a hand to connect to a person and someone on the other side of the world could control this hand just going on the computer,and micro chips in the brain.That was the scariest part of the movie,but than the good that they can do fixing people that are paralyzed to walk again and other field of med.That part was find but the first part really was frightening to know that this technology falling in the wrong hands could lead into world contrasty [sp]

Getting excited about my trip to NY, I have so many things to do,I have to catch my breath.Have to get the last minute wash to done before I pack,going to have my hair trimmed and blow styled this morning ,and than I want to get to the cemetery before I leave.

JOJO-Thanks my knees are feeling better and I don't have the dizziness either. Thanks for you kind words to your DH. I must omit I do from time to time get frustrated but I can't do anything about it but REST.

NANCY-Happy that your getting out and not staying in the house. Crying is a way of healing and its not a shameful experience. I do that several times also especially now that Easter is here.I schedule to get out with my friends 3 times a week and the rest of the time I have house work to do. Wow!! Your doing better than me, I never used a kayak.

SANDRA -Thanks I leave for my DD's on Wednesday and I will return on the following Tuesday.

RHONDA-So far no bad storms are in the area hope they don;'t show up especially when I'm traveling this Wednesday.

Have to got and get ready for my hair appointment

04-16-2011, 06:07 PM
Sounds like spring is in the air for all of us. Curtis and I went back to Antique Alley today and bought some goodies. We got to visit with friends, too. Life is good.

Rhonda, I hope you did well at the fair. You had a perfect day weatherwise. I don't think today could have been prettier.

JoJo, let us know how you do at wi. I'm sending you ;) ;) ;) for good luck.

Maryann, it is amazing what has been invented in our lifetime, isn't it? I remember having a telephone operator when I was growing up. A gf and I used to walk to town to visit with her and watch her work the switchboard. We were quite spellbound.

Sloan, where are you?

04-17-2011, 02:27 AM
3lbs off. Not an awful lot I know, but I'm pleased. Welcome back Ems.

04-17-2011, 02:36 AM
How am I going to eat healthy for one person..??

The only thing I can think of is to cook recipes that freeze well
or to cook and eat it for 2-3 days straight.

I can eat oatmeal or eggs for breakfast
Protein Smoothie/soup/or sandwich for lunch
heathy recipe /pick up/or frozen entree for dinner

fruit /yogurt/nuts for snacks

It will be really interesting to see what my food bill for one is..
Its sad to go to the grocery store and not buy his favorites.
I wonder if we eat in heaven? Maybe we can eat all we want and not gain weight !

04-17-2011, 10:22 AM
Finally, someone has defined heaven for me! Chocolate with no negative consequences Thanks Nancy!

It is difficult to shop for one, cook for one, eat alone, do laundry for one, and on and on. I remember each of those tasks/events really rubbing it in. Hopefully, your bill is going to be less. If it's not, "you have some 'splaining to do, Lucy"!

I didn't sell a thing; I left after 3 1/2 hours. The weather was great, there were lots of people, but I noticed that jewelry wasn't selling. That surprises me since it's so close to Easter and Mother's Day. But, I don't think I'm going to go back to that market. It's 45 minutes away. Soon, the local market is opening and I'll get a table there and see what happens.

04-17-2011, 11:10 AM
good morning. Been super busy and have not had a chance to check in.

Maryann, you amaze me, with all the bumps, you keep going. You have such a great outlook on life.

jojo, only 3 lbs????? only????? that is great and you know it, so hush and enjoy the moment. I expected my allergies to start up again, now that I'm in KY, but so far, so good.

Rhonda, sorry you didn't sell anything. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but my daughter is always dressed to the nines. She loves it.

Sandra, I'll go check out BL thread when I'm done here. Your storms headed our way but no damage.

Nancy, I always cooked for one, myself. My husband chose to eat junk food. I would freeze some. I did waste a lot of fresh veggies. A person can only eat so many. Now that my husband has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he has made a complete turn around and is eating the way I do.

Vickie, what is keeping you so busy?

beach bum
04-17-2011, 02:04 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Had another rush to get to church this morning so I didn't have time to post.Was suppose to to to see Rio with my friend Mary but she decided to do something else so I'm have time to get my things ready for Wednesday trip.

I'm almost ready I have to wash my clothes and than make sure I have enough money for the tip the taxi driver and the porter at the railroad station. Going to buy my sandwich for lunch on Tuesday Morning.

SANDRA-I remember those day with the telephone operator also. Its scary of what will their next will be.

JOJO-Congrats:carrot: on your 3 lb loss. That's great and nothing to sneeze at. I maintained this week after losing 3 lbs last week and I still pleased that I didn't gain.

NANCY- Yes ,that's what I do is cook for 4 and then divide into 3 other portions and freeze, for the next couple of weeks.

PAM-Thanks I guess you have to do it,in order to survive,and I do have a lot faith that the Lord will help me when I need it.

Have a great afternoon,I have to get started and see what I going to do first clean the house of do laundry and get my clothes packed.

04-17-2011, 08:03 PM
Hi there, Chickies. Curtis and I went to lunch with the church bunch today. We had a great time. Antique Alley ends today. Next one will be in September. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves browsing Fri and Sat. I got to see some colorful birdhouses made of gourds. (I'm planting my seeds later this week.)

Rhonda, there were several vendors with jewelry. I don't know if they were selling much or not. I do know yours looks better than most I saw.

JoJo:woohoo: on losing 3 lbs. I'm proud of you.

Maryann, sounds like you're getting everything planned for your trip.

Nancy, I'm so happy to hear I can have chocolate, fried pies, and onion rings in Heaven. I'm going to be a better person while on Earth.

Pam, Curtis eats closely to what I each; however, more ice cream falls into his life than it does into mine.

A friend is having shoulder surgery tomorrow. Curtis and I are going to be with his wife. Other than that, not much going on tomorrow for us. Ya'll have a good evening.