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04-08-2011, 11:52 PM
I almost got sucked into an infomercial yesterday!! We didn't have Internet access so I was having my coffee and zipping through the 800 channels on TV with nothing to watch...until a "Spinning" exercise infomercial came on. It was a cute little spinning cycle, (but they said it was totally stable and sturdy) with dvd's, and such inspirational people with before/after pics. OK...I MUST have known it was too good to be true...but ALL they were showing was $49.95 - free shipping - plus extra products!! with 30 day trial period! No other indication of extra price.

sounds GREAT, right?

credit card in hand, I called the 800 a very very VERY persuasive sales person...(He had me hooked to the phone for 10 minutes while i just thanked him and tried to decline, without hanging up on him!) After you pay the $49.95, and try it for 30 days, and want to keep it, it's JUST 6 easy monthly payments of $99. OK, I should have known it would be more than $49.95 but not $649.95 :devil:

It might be totally worth it, but it just isn't in my budget. And I feel soooo foolish for thinking it could have only been $49.95. :o