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04-08-2011, 10:10 AM
I am rather, ahem, large chested (I wear a 42DDD) and I am in DESPARATE need of an EXCELLENT sports bra.

I never realized how badly I needed one until last night. I went to a different YMCA and attempted a power aerobics class. The biggest difference between my Y and this Y (aside from the intensity of the workout...WHOA, what a difference!) was the floor to ceiling mirrors that circled the room. At first, this excited me. I thought it would be cool to watch my form. And then, I was panicked. Ugh. Maybe I don't want to see what I look like when I exercise. At least, not yet.

So, one of my biggest, pun intended, observations while watching myself work out was the total lack of control of my breasts. They were literally EVERYWHERE and I was mortified. Especially when there were two very handsome, CUT men in the room. Good lord, almighty.

I need a really good sports bra and I need one STAT!

Any recommendations for my size?

Also, I don't want to put one of these babies on and automatically become flat chested. I am a single woman going to a gym with lots of attractive men around, I don't want to look completely de-curved.

I guess I'm asking....can I have my cake and eat it too? :)

Thanks again ladies!!!! Keep on pumpin' it! :)


04-08-2011, 10:45 AM
I don't know of one that makes them look perky and supportive.

I know some use Jeunique "Beauty" bra. It looks like a regular bra opposed to a sports bra but has a wide band running along the underside of the cups. These aren't cheap though.

The other brand that I'd advise if Enell. Yes, this causes mono-boob but it's better than having saggy floppy boobies.

Neither option is very cheap. What I did when I had fewer funds was to get two high impact sports bras (some styles available around 15 bucks at Wal-mart), one a tad smaller than I needed and layer them.

Honestly, I'd say find the one that gives the absolute BEST support and get that one. If a guy expects you to look all hawt (opposed to just hot) at the gym, his expectations are a bit skewed. ;)

Edited to add: BTW, I'm a 38E :eek: so I feel your pain!

04-08-2011, 11:17 AM
I love Moving Comfort (http://www.movingcomfort.com/dyn_prodlist.php?k=344605) but they might be a little small for you -- I think they go up to 40DD.

Enell is classic. If you search through forum archives, a lot of 3FC members have posted their favorite bras. I refuse to buy a sports bra without cups, but don't mind "uniboob" -- it's the best way to keep the girls contained, and men at the gym aren't checking out your cleavage anyway, they're checking out your muscle tone. ;)

04-08-2011, 11:19 AM
I wear a ddd cup too so sports bra shopping was a little frustrating to me. I have one that is very supportive. its has hooks in the back like a regular bra. wearing the bras that are just pull over ur head like a tshirt have no support for me. i guess they work better with smaller chests, but i recommend ones that have hooks in the back like a regular bra.

04-08-2011, 11:39 AM
I have to agree with muffintop, I am not sure about perky and supportive. I would go with supportive. with 42DDD I don't think they will disapear with a sports bra. I am as 42D and I like they high impact UnderArmor sports bra. I get it at Dicks Sporting Goods and it is about 50 dollars. Layers 2 cheeper ones works well too. I wear a smaller one as the first layer to hold everything up and they second one a bit bigger to take care of "over spill" I don't like this combo for more that an hour or so cause it starts to dig in on the sides.

04-08-2011, 12:19 PM
I'm a G cup--my boobs DO NOT MOVE in an Enell. They are ugly. And expensive. But well worth it for high impact days.
I also really like the Moving Comfort brand--very comfortable and I feel secure even when running or doing jumping jacks. It also passes the burpee test--if I don't have a good enough bra on, my boobs will hit me in the face when doing burpees, lol. So embarrassing.

04-08-2011, 01:11 PM
I think the above ideas are a great start. I just wanted to add a couple things. First, you might search 3fc for bra discussions. I know there was one recently on a fitting discussion but I'm sure there's been a bunch. Second, I was super big breasted until I had a reduction surgery to avoid back issue (I'm not promoting the surgery though it worked for me and I did eventually successfully breast feed). Before surgery, I was totally at a loss for my very active lifestyle and no support. I had no real support and I hated the "over hangs". I tripled my sports bras then wore a swim suit on top to try to smooth it all out. Hated hated hated it. I never found anything (it was in the late 80's).

After surgery, I still had breast support issues (while I was heavy and also while pregnant/nursing). I found great sports bras that truly were for me the best thing that ever happened to me at http://marathonsports.com/.

I couldn't find another good fitting bra for some time and really was quite disappointed after I lost weight. I really thought all my problems were over. Wrong.

However, I did find awesome Bali bras at Sears a few weeks back. There were about $35 each (whew, a chunck of family budget) but really really worth it. I feel like a whole new woman. I wear sports bras almost all the time because I'm almost always walking or moving. I have a few regular bras but never feel as free.

Keep hope alive! I know you'll find the best one (then buy tons!).

04-08-2011, 07:21 PM
I wore Enell when I was a G cup (that's DDDD if you're counting) - total godsend, those bras. Ugly and expensive and definitely flatten you out, but when you're trying to control the bounce, they're so worth it. I currently wear a Shock Absorber Run bra (model B5044) which go up to an F cup (UK sizing) - they are also not cheap, but very supportive, bit less of a uniboob issue - just be aware they fit very snugly, or more accurately, they're tight. I usually wear a 36 but I'm a 38 in that one. For me, the cost is worth it for the comfort of being able to run and ride my horse with nary a bounce!

04-25-2011, 04:12 PM
I had luck with Champion sports bras. They look more like a regular bra, with a clasp in back. Holds me in place.

As far as the flat chested part, can you make DDDs look flat? :D The champion bra flattened me out some, but it did it by spreading my chest out upward. Not a bad thing at all. They may have looked smaller, but if they're high and cute in process, I'll take it.

I couldn't find the exact bra I have, but it's along these lines. http://www.championusa.com/Champion/Products/Women-Champion/Women_ShopByCategory-Champion/Women_SportsBras-Champion/Women_SportsBras_HighSupport-Champion/CH1602.aspx

04-25-2011, 04:44 PM
Another vote for Enell from someone who started as 42H and is now a 34G. Only brand that has ever done the job for me.

BTW, I'm wearing the Enell in my avatar picture, and I still look pretty busty!