Weight Loss Support - Can I lose 100 pounds in 60 weeks?

04-07-2011, 05:20 PM
I'm a 20 year old woman, 5'4, and about 270 pounds. I want to lose weight so I get down to 170 pounds. I plan on doing this by exercising 4 times a week. 2 days a week on the treadmill, and 2 days a week lifting dumbbells. Every 2 weeks I will make both workouts a little more strenuous until I'm at the pace that I want to be at. I also plan on losing weight by eating right. When I say "right" I mean in portions. I'm not going to deprive myself of certain foods, because I know that I will end up crashing and end up binge eating if I do. I'm going to be careful of what I eat, but treat myself every now and then, as long as it is in portions. If I do this, could I reach my goal in 60 weeks? Is losing 100 pounds in 60 weeks realistic? Safe? Healthy?

04-07-2011, 05:25 PM
Yes I would say it is doable and healthy for most people. Just remember however, that losing weight is approxiately 80% diet and 20% exercise. When you say portions, do you mean you are planning on measuring and weighing and counting everything you consume? I count calories and hav ea kitchen scale I use to weigh pretty much everything. I also indulge in a few planned treats, but they are within my calorie range, and doing so I've lost about 95 pounds in a little less than 10 months. Good luck and keep posting!!

Lori Bell
04-07-2011, 05:37 PM
One week ago you asked the exact same question except for you said 40 weeks instead of 60. Most everyone said yes you could, with a lot of work and perseverance....so I guess I don't understand??

The only way to find out is to do it. Actually follow your plan instead of hashing and rehashing and second guessing yourself. You can do it, but you got to do it...KWIM? Good luck.

Dilli Doo
04-07-2011, 05:40 PM
I would say that in theory 100 pounds in 60 weeks is doable. Breaking it down, it's about 1.5 to 2 pounds a week.
Good luck!

04-07-2011, 05:41 PM
I don't know, but I hope you reach your goals and wish you much luck and support. :)

04-07-2011, 06:38 PM
I have been at this for many years. At first I thought it was an exact since, I don't so much anymore. I think you could do it. But don't beat your self up if it doesn't happen as fast as you want it to. One day at a time. Just focus on today, not tomorrow, not yesterday, not next week. Just today.

04-08-2011, 07:35 AM
I've lost *ALMOST* 100 lbs in about 48 weeks (2 to go!). I have to say that my diet had to do a major overhaul. I have indulged in treats at times but have kept them a rare and carefully plotted occurance. I am not going to say that you must count calories, but in my experience, you do absolutely have to be REAL about what you are eating and how much. Exercise and just cutting back a little on the food is not going to do it. Again, this is only my experience. However, I do find that regular exercise is good for stress, and also with keeping the eating on track a bit.

I wish you well on your journey!

04-08-2011, 12:33 PM
Depends upon your motivation level and your inner desire..
If you really want to lose weight and their is no other option for you then you will it..