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04-02-2011, 12:37 PM
Hey guys. So I have kind of an unusual question. Does anyone know of adult gummy vitamins that don't really contain sugar? I'm trying to keep my carbs around 20-30g net a day, and it would be nice to avoid the 3 carbs (all sugar) in my gummy vitamins! I can't take a regular pill-form vitamin, for some reason they always make me gag... even if I take them with breakfast I have a hard time keeping them down! I'm also willing to look into other non-pill vitamin supplements with less/no carbs (like, is there a liquid form of vitamin or something?).

Arkansas Kel
04-02-2011, 01:19 PM
There are liquid vitamins available, but I've always heard they aren't very tasty - and some with iron will stain your teeth. Also, there are vitamin added beverages - maybe find something enriched with what you worry most about - sugar free of course.

Overall, if you eat a high veg/fruit (I know you're probly mostly veg at your carb level) for your carb counts, and eat a variety, you should get most of your vits anyway. Maybe save the gummys for that poor eating habit day. Try one of the nutrition tracker programs to see what your vitamin intake really is, and you might just be able to tweak your diet instead of the gummy vitamin. Also, those low carb shakes and bars (depending on what you allow) - expensive usually - but are vitamin rich!

04-03-2011, 05:59 PM
I don't know about where you live, but close to me is a health food store that sells liquid vitamins. I'm sure there was an iron free formula, but I believe it said you can take it straight or mix it in something. I would probably put a dose in a small glass and then add some sort of strongish diet drink and take it like a shot. If that doesn't work, at the nursing home where my grandmother is, they take their pills, crush them and then mix them in with a very small portion of their meal -- either potatoes or applesauce. Of course, you could mix it in sugar free pudding at the end of the day for dessert or in cauli mash or maybe even some PB (if you are allowed, yet) instead of the potatoes or applesauce! Then someone told me about vitamin shots. I can't think of their name, but they are similar to that 5hr. energy. It's the liquid form of the vitamin, but pre-flavored. My suggestion really, is to look on You can look up liquid multi-vitamins and there are TON of different ones. And last but not least, what about chewables? Or do those contain sugars as well? Good luck and update once you make your decision. I've thought about going to liquid just because I would think your body would absorb the liquid better.