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04-01-2011, 07:09 AM
Another nice fresh month with promises to be better than long and cold March!

Good start to the month because my FBGL was 4.6, normal for me, and the ticker is very truthful. It moved down a smidge, not enough to change it. I suspect the salt in that chicken and rice recipe was the culprit. Water and careful eating is on the plan for today. I'm supposed to meet friends for pizza tonight but will opt out since I will be in the city (Kingston) all day for some tests. Tomorrow I go to Ottawa for dinner and theatre and then Sunday evening we have our "girls" dinner. Tonight is the only night where I will have complete control over the menu so chili and salad are it!

I hope your April 1 has no fools.

04-01-2011, 08:02 AM
Marking my spot for this new month.

I must get back at it, BS have been all over the place this past couple of weeks.

We have been busy de-cluttering and spring cleaning and are getting ready to sell this big old house and move into something smaller. Our DS has been after us for the last couple of years to move into something that's easier for us to look after. The painters are coming in the morning so I have to get everything off the walls and take down the blinds - that will be my exercise for today.

Have a great day to everyone that posts and to all the lurkers.:carrot:

04-01-2011, 09:06 AM
Fasting was 5.2 again today, so am happy to be within normal limits. I am gonna have to deal with this sweet tooth of mine, its keeping me from losing weight. Planning a flax muffin with cheese for breakfast in a bit. A quiet morning with a light day today, so am taking it easy this am. DD gone until tomorrow, so maybe some time with DH tonight.
Ruth, hope the tests go ok, and that you have a good time in Ottawa. With all the politicians out of town, should be less traffic at least.
Well, its April, and the weather is getting more spring-like, we are set for April showers this week. I will plan more exercise around working this weekend too.

Have a good day everyone, hope you don't get April fooled!

04-01-2011, 03:34 PM
Happy April everyone! I have been pretty stressed out lately and I am experiencing how that can impact bs. I am pretty under control but I have raised from 75-85 to 90-100. My highest fbg has been 102, so, I know that is still ok.

I have been feeling like I am fighting a cold/flu bug and that is probably also making a difference.

Anyway, happy spring. Hang in there!

04-01-2011, 08:13 PM
My FBG was 118 this morning which was pretty good considering all the high carbs I had yesterday. I did start my day with the 1 Minute Muffin this morning. I am not going to be checking BS all day like I have been for the last week or so. As I started reading some of the things I highlighted and marked in the Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program, I was amazed to find that Dr. Richard Heller felt the same way I have been feeling about diets etc. I want to be able to eat without having to counting or measuring anything. So I've taken the ideas from him and Atkin and settled into my own plan. I spend so much time thinking about all this and what you can and can't because of the diabetes that I think my emotions are effecting it because I am stressing myself out and this makes my BS go all over the place. So hopefully April will be a good month for me BS wise if I'm more relaxed and not so stressed.

My DS had her first grandson today. She had begun to think she would never be a grandmother. Her cell phone went out on her so I didn't get to talk to her long, but she was bubbly. I am so thrilled for her and her son and his wife.

Busy weekend this weekend so probably won't be here. So let me wish all of you a great weekend.

04-02-2011, 07:36 AM
Busy weekend here too, Patty. I am off to Ottawa to see a play tonight and we are having "a bite to eat" beforehand. I have no idea where we are eating but hope to be able to make good choices. If it's a Chinese Buffet, I'm doomed unless I just do salad bar stuff. ** Sigh **

BGL was 6.2 again this morning, probably from chili last night. Weight was down a bit so I could change my ticker into the 187s. I change it as soon as I see the new number on the scale and ignore the tenths of a pound.

New babies! I love them! My kids are not expecting any more but I live in hope of my first great grandchild.

04-02-2011, 10:31 AM
Ruth: sounds like you are still looking for the balance with victoza and glyburide.
I forgot my 2nd dose of metformin last night, got in at midnight, and had to eat, since I had only a snack and not proper supper. So in spite of sticking to plan fbs was 5.7 this am, and weight up a tad, I am assuming its from late eating and slightly short on sleep. Have about 1/2 day of work ahead of me today, and nothing else this weekend unless another baby decides to come. On Monday I will take a day off and drive to Niagara for a funeral, father of a dear friend. The old fellow was in his 80's and had survived a bout with cancer a couple of years ago, but it came back with a painful vengeance, but in the end he was comfortable when he passed away. It is hard to see our parents go, but we are glad they are not suffering. Tho my mother didn't die of cancer she was in pain and misery before her stroke and death, and I was glad for her release. But I sure do miss her at times.
It is beautiful and sunny here this weekend. It will warm to about 8 degrees, but was just below freezing over night, so perfect for maple syrup. It is the Elmira Maple syrup festival today, DD is a volunteer, and I will avoid the crowded town on my travels today!
No syrup for me on Atkins.

04-02-2011, 01:00 PM
Mad, I am not sure what's going on. I am really not eating much and have not adjusted my meds in any way - still on the original dosage of Met and Glyburide.

Avoiding the Syrup Festival is a grand idea. Ours is the weekend of the 16th and I plan to lead tours of the Old Stone Mill rather than subject myself to cooking pancakes and sausage.

There is lots of syrup production going on around here lately but the lads tell me they still haven't produced enough to meet their orders. I sold my maple bush a few years ago but my guys still keep in touch and bring me samples. I keep them for hostess gifts and have not had maple syrup for years.

04-02-2011, 08:30 PM
Mad & Ruthie Sometimes I think our bodies play havoc with us. I did everything right yesterday and my FBS was 129 up from 118 the day before. The only difference is I slept about 7 hrs instead of 8. DH and I halfed a tv type dinner which probably had lots of salt. I didn't think to look and I thought I drank a lot of water but probably not enough which would be why the scale was up a bit this morning. So strange to me how one small thing we do that we may know or maybe don't know we did can affect glucose levels. And I'm at the age that too much salt is a problem. DH Cardiologest says he needs salt so it makes it difficult for me some times although I don't use that much to cook with. He is going to add salt any way.

Had a brunch this morning with the ladies at the church. It worked out fine. I had my 1 minute muffin before I left to go to the beauty shop so I wasn't hungry or even tempted by any of the food when I got to the meeting. Only had a cup of coffee. Since I made up my own plan, I'm finding it easier to stick with it. I think it is because I made the rules which puts me in control. Also I knew what my Reward Meal was going to be and I was looking forward to that a homemade cheeseburger. I'm trying to learn to make homemade versions of the foods we like to eat at restaurants. For one thing I know what is in the food if I make it myself so it can be healthier and I also have more control over portions.

Ruthie Enjoy your trip to Ottawa.

Mad I had a day last week when I never knew if I took my Metformin. I've upped my dose to 1500 mg a day. Doc said I could up it to 2000 mg as long as I could handle it. I've been thinking about it, but I'm not ready to deal with the side affects yet. May do it this summer when I don't have BSF classes on Wednesdays. I would like to have from Sunday to Sunday to get used to it.

Everyone reading this :wave:

04-03-2011, 09:46 AM
yes, I guess there is havoc going on in my body. I was in ketosis last evening before bed, which if people remember, when I am on atkins induction I rarely get to, I just don't spill ketones easily. SO I was really excited to get on the scale today. Have managed to stick to induction for a couple of days and thought I would be down, but actually am up a pound!
I expect there is water weight in there, or something that will clear away etc, but its frustrating to have that happen when you are trying to lose and staying on plan. I was sabotaging myself with NSA treats all last week and was finally able to go a couple of days without sweets etc. Sure doesn't feel worthwhile to give up the treats that way!
Did go for the trail walk. Its a quiet weekend so far, just the one birth on Friday, and most of my visits on Saturday, so just one visit this morning, then yoga before the visitation at the funeral home in town. Tomorrow taking a day off for a funeral (different person) out of town.
The weather is grand.

04-03-2011, 10:17 AM
I am having trouble as well Mad and I have to go for blood work Tuesday and to the doc the following week. Oh how I don't want to do Atkins but I may have to. I sure have to re-evaluate what I'm doing. I know the plan I have will work, I'm just not working the plan 100%. You would think that at my age that I would learn.
Mad Yours may be the stress of work and funerals. Not giving you excuses, but those things do cause stress and the stress plays on the insulin. I was so good yesterday but ended up making me some nachos. Did I reward myself for being so good yesterday morning at the meeting? Maybe, who knows. I have the CALP workbook. I'm not sure how to fit it into my schedule, but I'm thinking that I need to do it. I also plan to start exercising this week. Going to do my Walk Away the Pounds 20 min at least 3 days a week starting. I just have to get me a good routine going.

Dr. Richard Heller didn't eat breakfast when he started learning how things worked for his body to lose weight etc. He said once he ate breakfast that he wanted to eat. I remember my Daddy saying that one time and I never ate breakfast until I got with people who said "Oh you have to eat breakfast" etc. Didn't have weight problem until I started eating breakfast... 3 meals a day and then snacks. I remember times when I would have a snack of something I really wanted and thinking... it would be great if I didn't have to have a meal because I was satisfied with the meal. So I'm going to try not eating breakfast unless I'm really, really hungry and eating only when I am hungry. Maybe my problem is that (as doctor Heller said) I'm not listening to what my body is trying to tell me.

Well, I better get going. Got to leave for church in a few minutes.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

04-04-2011, 12:33 AM
Tonight at church small group meeting we started the Daniel Plan by Saddleback church to help us get healthy. We have three sisters who go to our church and attend our group whose ages range from 89 to 94 yrs of agae. As we had our discussion time, Pastor asked them how they ate. Only 2 of them talked about how they eat. The one I think is the 94 yr old and I talked after the meeting because she had mentioned Dr. Bernstein when she was telling how she eats. She told me that she eats a wiener and deviled eggs for breakfast. She eats a salad for lunch and she eats a wiener and salad for dinner. She told me that she has her A1c checked evey 3 months and if it is between 70 & 77, she doesn't count or change anything. If it is higher, she counts her carbs for a while. I was so impressed and inspired by these little women. Pastor had asked them about their diet because they have lived so long and was curious about how they eat. I am getting serious about low carbing again starting fresh on regular low carb in the morning. I'm start eating a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast. I can eat a good salad for lunch and dinner. I've decided that if a 94 yr old can do this and get around and be as alert as they are, I can do the same.

Another good thing about this 6 week study we are doing is that DH has to participate as well so he is talking about getting out and walking. I'm still going to start my exercise tomorrow and then if he decides to walk, I will go with him.

04-04-2011, 07:56 AM
Digging out from another foot of snow. This is really getting old.

Painters did an awesome job on Sat. Everything looks so much better.

Did a bit of cooking yesterday and made a crustless broccoli and turkey bacon quiche. It is quite tasty and should keep me away from the carbs in the morning.

Patty, my husband only eats one meal a day ( usually supper) and he is skinny as a rail. He will eat more at times, but doesn't feel right when he does. I have been reading the Diabetes Solution by Dr. Bernstein and have been wondering if he is the same Dr. Bernstein that advertises his diet on TV.

Have a great day everyone.

04-04-2011, 09:00 AM
Gosh, Patty. That seems like a very low carb plan and would not work for me. I do not eat wieners after reading the ingredient list but whatever works for you in keeping your BGL stable and fixing the HA1C.

Lindyloo, yes it's the same Dr. B. I believe there are mega shots of vitamins in the plan too which says something for the nutrition. There is a clinic near me in Kingston but I opted out after one visit. Victoza seems to be working for me along with drugstore vitamin supplements. By the way, you can stop sending snow East any time.

Managed a challenging weekend and have a good BGL this morning. I was very close to losing it last night at out "Girls' Dinner when Heather brought along the fixings for make your own sundaes with home-made butterscotch sauce. I resisted by thinking of the scale this morning which revealed a good solid 187.00.

Now to plan today's healthy foods so I don't have any slippage!

04-04-2011, 01:42 PM
I didn't know Dr. B advertises on tv. I don't I've ever seen an ad here.

Ruthie So glad the scale is being good to you and the Victoza is working.

I don't think I want to go as slim on food selection etc as the 3 sisters do and although I like an occasional weiner, I don't want to eat them everyday as they are a weakness of mine. A trigger thing which comes from one of the few things my Daddy and I enjoyed eating together when I was a kid. One would not be enough for me. The fact of their ages and that they still are able to have such self-discipline was inspiring to me. I think they have each learned what works for them and they stick to it. The idea of how they handle their eating did make me rethink tweaking my low carb plan. I'm thinking more in terms of eating Atkins style 95 - 98% of the time and using a CAD/CALP type RM when we go out to eat. We don't eat out that much any more and I believe that would work for me. Although a RM everyday works great when DH and I travel, I don't think it is a good idea for me at home since I have a tendency toward over carbing. However, I would love to eventually work in some low carb fruit into my food plan. I may be leaning more toward SB although I don't like cutting back on fat to the extent that SB does. I was looking at my last blood work I had done in December and it really was pretty good. I have blood work done in the morning and do hope I haven't messed it up.

I went to the website at Saddleback for our Daniel Plan we are studying at church small groups for the next 6 weeks and signed up for the 52 week plan. I took a quiz by Dr. Daniel Amen and it showed that I have problems with carbs like rice, pasta, breads :dizzy: REALLY??? Go figure... You think someone is telling me something? I'm hoping that maybe when the church finishes the 6 week lesson that maybe I would talk to the Pastor and see if I can start a support group to keep those of us who might want to continue might to meet once a week so we can encourage and support each other. One thing I've learned from our little 3fc diabetic thread is that we can all be doing different plans and still be encourage and help each other.

Lindyloo Good to see you. We should probably downsize to a smaller place ourselves, but I'm not sure we could get a good price for our house right now. Plus we have great neighbors. So we keep trying to hang on.

As usual I'm running late on a lot of things so better get busy. Two things I have to do today before my head hits the pillow tonight is finish my BSF lesson and do my Walk Away the Pounds 20 min 1 mile exercise.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

04-04-2011, 10:19 PM
Ruth: I am with you on how hard will power can be. At the reception after the funeral today, I somehow managed to eat several slices of cheese and avoided the little squares and goodies. I knew if I started I would not be able to stop. It was really hard and I was constantly thinking about those goodies. I stepped away from the tables and sat at the sidelines. I drank my tea and made polite conversation. I am obviously still addicted because they called to me the whole time. I envisioned unhealed foot sores and high numbers on my glucose monitor to help my will power.
I am not in ketosis today, (too much cheese I suspect) but didn't fall off the wagon. I won't have to restart low carbing in the morning, and the carb cravings that go with the cheats won't be haunting me all night. (I hope)
sure isn't easy though.
Trish, I hope you find the right woe that you can stick with, if you could just stick with something long enough for it to work, you will be fine. I know the atkins way is difficult, and won't work if you can't do it. So don't beat yourself up if its not for you.
Have a good day everyone.

04-05-2011, 07:40 AM
Nice to knock the ticker down a notch today but BGL was 6.2. I am not sure what's going on there. Yesterday may have been a tad "carby" and I may have to modify today's plan.

Just remembered I had four crackers with egg salad before bed - maybe that did it! Celery sticks or pepper strips would have been a better "cracker".

"Too soon old and too late smart."

04-05-2011, 08:28 AM
well, my fbs was 4.9 today, first time below 5 in a while! so that is great. I believe that is 88 to our US friends, so I am pretty happy with that. BUt still no change on the scale, making my sacrifice yesterday feel a bit hollow. Its making it hard to stick to plan. I will give it until Friday and if no change by then I will pack it in. No change on the inches noticed either. Maybe I will get a woosh. I would like that.
Off to work, will have a full day today and tomorrow, but likely no new babies. Just lots of visits. I had a great sleep last night, I am glad to say. That makes everything easier.
Ruth, with all the meds you are on, I would have thought a few crackers wouldn't have affected your sugars so much, so am surprised about that.
Hello to everyone else, have a good day.

04-06-2011, 07:39 AM
Keepin' on keepin' on. FBGL 6.2 again. :shrug: I really AM eating properly.

04-06-2011, 08:57 AM
fasting glucose of 4.3 today. I haven't seen that one before. But seriously, one can't do induction forever, and I haven't lost an ounce, and as per previous times on induction, I am seriously (sorry TMI) constipated, in spite of making sure I have lots of fibre and fat.
Otherwise am coping better on induction than previous times and no sign of atkins flu. My cravings for sweets is slightly better too. Now if only some weight and inch loss would follow. Sigh, what a drag!

04-06-2011, 11:23 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ I didn't fall off the edge of the abyss or anything; I'm still around. Have been popping in whenever I can; reading when I can; and posting when I can. I have only posted once tonight and my PC is balking already so I'll make this quick as I can.

I have been eating really well in March & April; so glad for that. Did some tweaking to my portion plan and it is really helping me a lot. I added in some more protein snacks; keeping my whole grain carbs in check; and the salty snacks out!!! That plus my Christian meditations seem to really be helping me this year. :D

GOOD NEWS ~ I ordered myself a brand new PC and it should be here and up and running with high-speed internet in a week or less. Yahoo ... it's about time, eh? :lol: I know, I'm so way behind ... ;) Not for long though; soon I'll be back here regularly.

We had some ***** the other day, but had lovely :sunny: all day today; and should get some more tomorrow too. Take good care & have a great week all ... Rosebud :flow2:

04-07-2011, 07:37 AM
OK - 7.1 this morning so I need to seriously cut carbs. I did have a very late supper last night that included a measured cup of wild rice and some ground beef so that could be it. Weight is holding at 186 - seems strange to be in the 180s as I've not seen that number since the old 80s. (Yes, I have weight records that far back!)

04-07-2011, 09:02 AM
Ruth, thats great that you are well into the eighties, not just dipping down.
Can't wait for rosebud to get her pc and post regularly again.
My fbs was 5.1 today, and weight still the same, I will have to change the ticker up if I don't lose by the end of the week, (should i count that friday or saturday, or some would say sunday?) Is induction worth it if I lose no weight and my fbs doesn't stay down below 5, what is the point? will give it a few more days. I was really hoping that 2 weeks of induction after maintaining so long would take off about 5 pounds, but gained 1 instead, argh.
Everyone, keep up the good work, I am going to yoga tonight and will (continue to) eat right today.

04-07-2011, 09:27 AM
I haven't fallen off the edge either! School work is really piling on and this morning I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at just shy of 23 years old! :(

*sigh* I've still got slightly elevated blood sugars, but my HBa1c is coming down steadily with a better diet, even if my exercise has to drastically change now! x

Hope everyone else is well! x

04-07-2011, 06:05 PM
Just a quick flyby to say :wave: and I'm still here just busy. Hope everyone is doing well. Catch you later.

04-08-2011, 10:32 AM
Hi to everyone, but especially cassandra, we haven't heard from you in ages girl? how are you? Apparently rather sore, sorry about the RA, and hope your treatments are helpful. I would assume they want to avoid steroids if possible due to the diabetes. Keeping to your weight loss regime may help too. Autoimmune diseases can be very tricky. I have a colleague with RA who has managed to avoid steroids, she find alfalfa capsules very helpful for her condition, I will ask what else she does. I have only seen her have one flare in the whole time I have known her (over 10 years) and that was brought on by an intolerance to a food she hadn't had before.

IN other news, still no weight loss, fbs 5.4 today, so the lower fbs was short lived. I had a great yoga session last night, and feel well, but no weight loss is getting a bit old for such a strict diet. I may stick it for the weekend tho.

04-08-2011, 02:46 PM
Hi All! fbs was at 95 this morning and I went in for my 3 month blood draw. Yesterday was a really bad day. I had extensive dental work, I didn't eat much, and my fbs was 137 before supper. I was really bummed out. I have been sick and my numbers have been up for about 10 days.

I am looking forward to my dr appointment next week so we can discuss some of the things that are happening. I was rolling along with bs readings from 75 - 85 and lately they have been in the 90's all the time.

I am also struggling to find a way to keep my bs from rising so much during excercise. Anyone else have this experience? Any tips?

04-08-2011, 08:50 PM
Sorry I haven't been around much. Just had to decide what I am going to do. I've tried so many things during this 10 months of learning to deal with being T2 diabetic. So many choices and so many different ideas of what you should or should not do. I know I have to get with something (as my doc said) that I can live with and also as I say that it has to fit my lifestyle. So DH and I had a talk this week after I went online and read more in regards to our first church small group meeting on learning to get healthy. They have 3 docs working with the plan... Dr. Oz (I knew from his tv show), a Dr Hyman and a Dr. Amen. I chose to opt for the Dr. Amen woe. I got one of his books yesterday.

DH and I talked about the fact that while it is important to get the BS levels down... the key is getting the weight down. I am going to go for weight loss first. I believe the blessing of being diabetic T2 is that when I get the weight off that the BS should become normal. At least that is what doctors told DH when he worked in the medical field when his first wife was diabetic. The problem she had was that she had pancreitis (sp) caused by an infection after her gall bladder was removed. She really tried to get control, but DH realizes now that she probably couldn't correct hers because of the damaged pancreas. So I feel I am blessed that I am able to change my situation.

I have been reading that even low carbers should count calories as well as carbs. So I decided that if calories count and I have to count something, I will choose to count calories. Started doing that again yesterday. I just don't want to spend my life counting calories and carbs. Besides if I want to go lower carbs and just count calories that can be done. Carbs just wouldn't be as low as Atkins etc. I plan to keep calories between 1300 to 1600 calories. After reading about the success some have zig zaging calories, I will not worry if I go over when eating out. However, I plan to handle eating out by either halfing a meal with DH or bringing half home for later. I think I actually have my mind is set for this. It seems that I am suddenly ready for it, so I believe that I can do it this time. Having done everything out there, I've lost weight with calorie counting in the past, I just got burnout on it... tired of doing it. The main thing I have to learn to remember this time is that it has to become a Lifestyle woe NOT a diet. For me a diet is something that I can get off of later when I reach goal. That is why I keep gaining weight back. But I believe that a woe that fits my lifestyle is something I know I will do for life because it's just the way I eat.

Don't know if this makes sense to anyone else, but it makes sense to me.

Y'all have a great week end.

04-08-2011, 09:59 PM
I am also struggling to find a way to keep my bs from rising so much during excercise. Anyone else have this experience? Any tips?

Don't panic about it and don't test for a while after strenuous exercise.
It is normal and not dangerous. Make sure to hydrate well. It freaked me out for a bit, and I talked about it with my diabetic educator. Has to do with the body releasing glucose to feed the muscles that are working. It settles quickly, and the benefits overall for your sugars (reduced insulin resistance etc) is well worth it.

04-09-2011, 01:02 AM
Don't panic about it and don't test for a while after strenuous exercise.
It is normal and not dangerous. Make sure to hydrate well. It freaked me out for a bit, and I talked about it with my diabetic educator. Has to do with the body releasing glucose to feed the muscles that are working. It settles quickly, and the benefits overall for your sugars (reduced insulin resistance etc) is well worth it.

Mad You are a jewel. I am so thankful that you explained this. When I was diabetic years ago and got everything under control by exercise and diet... lost tons of weight, my BS reading was always lower after I exercised. I was shocked this time because it was the opposite. It is always way higher after I exercise now. I said something to my doc one day that I thought that exercise was supposed to lower the BS and he said it does. I told him that it didn't lower mine, but either I didn't explain it right to him or something because he never explained to me why it was up after. I hadn't planned to write anything else, but just had to pop in and say thanks for the info. I will kinow now to wait a while after exercising before checking BS.

I've had a great OP day. CC is working great for me. Really enjoying it.

04-09-2011, 07:26 AM
Good morning. Weight up a tiny bit today, probably water retention so I'm not obsessing about it. I have a 1:30 meeting in Ottawa today and will pack a lunch to have during the 1 hour drive. It sure will be great to get home late this afternoon and just relax. It's been a stressful week!

Patty, I have noticed you have tried several different plans and am glad you have finally settled on one. I think we need consistency before evaluating a plan's effect on our BGL. I am on South Beach (never did Phase I) and trying to be careful of carbs. Occasionally I run my food through Fitday and take a good look at the number of carbs and their source. It seems to work for me most of the time.

Mad, I'd forgotten that about exercise. Thanks.

Have a good weekend.

04-10-2011, 09:29 AM
well the chat lines are quiet, which must mean that everyone is busy this weekend. I had a allnighter on friday night/saturday am, and was catching up on sleep, although I did read through a bit.
planning a trail walk today if it doesn't rain, in which case I will go to yoga.
My dear friend, who is a beautiful but very overweight lady, is going to start a diet and fitness regimen. She did very well previously on a program, until a family tragedy threw her off and she has not been able to get back on track since. At the time, she was my inspiration, she says now that I am hers! :D
I have been reading a lot about how difficult it can be when friends don't stay on plan, people seem to feel like they themselves have failed or that its a slap in the face if our friends don't take our advice. Imagine a dietitian getting upset because not all her clients follow her advice or lose weight!
So I must be careful to just offer, talk about it if she chooses, and leave her be if she chooses not to do things I suggest.
off for a half day of work before I get to have fun!
happy Sunday everyone, and have a lovely weekend.

04-10-2011, 11:29 AM
Yes, it's not very chatty in here.

I survived the goodies at the Victoria's Quilts AGM yesterday. I did notice that there was more emphasis on fruits and less on sweets. The big bowl of tangerines was a hit and just right for a mid-afternoon snack.

Weight is still steady and BGL was a decent 4.2 this morning. :cheer: I start back to the gym tomorrow morning which may help things move along. It's also the start of gardening around here so I'll be pretty busy. I didn't get much done last year in my veggie garden but hope to be "living off the land" this summer and fall. Nothing like fresh veggies that are 20 minutes or less from earth to my plate. Today I plan to plan peas which usually never make it inside as I snack on them when out there!

04-10-2011, 11:06 PM
I've been lurking more than writing. Reading a lot. Not a whole lot to say. My new plan is working great and my weight finally matches my ticker again. My church small group was excited that changes I had made had helped me to lose 5 lbs this week. They didn't know it was recycled lbs not new lbs lost. I'm just thankful that I lost them. Now just need to keep going down which should be no problem since I'm just not hungry.

Nothing going on here tomorrow except to get back to exercise. According to what I've read in Dr. Amen's book, I need to do at least 30 minutes of aerobic 4 days a week. So I plan to do Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. Since I would love to keep a support group going at church after our 6 weeks lessons for those of us who want to continue to lose weight, I need to be successful at this... therefore I have my motivation. I started a support group in my home many years ago in the Houston area and it really helped me to stay motivated to keep going.

This will be a busy week for us as I have a dotor's appt Tuesday morning, DH has an appt Wednesday and Friday and I get a perm Thursday. I'll try to check in as often as possible.

Y'all have a great week.

04-11-2011, 02:09 AM
Hey Everyone!
Just did a read through. Glad you all are doing well for the most part! Trying new things and keeping your BS steady! Hope everyone's weekend went well....and your all ready for another week!

@ Casandra, i'm sorry to hear about the RA.
@Ruthxxx-so glad to hear things are going well and your back to the gym, its tough to get there sometimes! Good job!
good job to everyone, keep it up! :)

As for me, i'm having a really tough time keeping my sugars under control, they are everywhere. Some of my AM have been anywhere from 160-180 and after meals are not pretty at all! I think a large part of it is the lack of exercise. It's tough getting to my gym (school gym) because its far from home and my motivation is low. I can't wait for the weather to get better so i can go out and play!
Another thing i'm struggling with is what to eat for breakfast! I am not a huge breakfast person, but I want something tasty that will last me the morning and quick! Can you ladies recommend some of your favorite breakfast meals?
Thanks ladies! I'll try to pop in more and comment more!

04-11-2011, 07:26 AM
Moni, check out the South Beach Forum on breakfasts. Lots of us have things like beans, soup and leftovers from supper. Breakfast does not have to be traditional. There's a recipe for quiche cups that freezes and reheats well.

Yes, today is the day I head back to the gym. My back is sore and we are in the middle of a t-storm but I am doing it! BGL is 4.2 and weight is up a smidgen from some bacon yesterday but it's not enough to affect the ticker.

On we go!

Wow! It's really pouring out there. It's like living under Niagara Falls! Of course my umbrella is out in the car. Luckily I have my ugly yellow raincoat.

04-11-2011, 09:05 PM
I'm into the diet chapter of the book and it is much like South Beach and some other low carb diets, but not as low as Atkins. The usual... recommendations of eating whole grains & complex carbs rather than simple. In fact, he mentions in some of the material that I read where he says that SB is a really good diet to follow. He does recommend protein, veggies, fruits and nuts for breakfast and throughout the day. He also says that if he has had a really stressed day that he will eat a complex carb in the evening to relax so he can relax at night. So I am counting calories & measuring foods to get used to portions. Tomorrow I will turn my eating around and start eating SB breakfast. It is really interesting that no matter what really good woe seems to lead back to low carbing & whole foods. Only difference I can see in this woe and SB is that he recommends eating absolutely no processed foods. I'm not sure I can go that strict. But I can do more of SB way of doing it.

Ruthie Thank you for sharing with me about how you did SB. I never make the 2 weeks of Phase 1, because I really enjoy being able to eat fruit and of course there are great fruits out there this time of the year.

Thanks for being patient with me you guys.

Mad I had thought about talking to my doc about getting off the Metformin because I think it makes it difficult for me to exercise. I've never had problems with aching legs, but I have to really push myself to complete exercising. I did make it through my 30 minute Sweatin' to the Oldies, but my legs were really aching about 3/4 way through. I read that this is a side effect of Metformin. Then I read what you wrote someone else about how Metformin is supposed to keep diabetes from getting worse. Now I've also thought of raising it from 1000 mg to 1500, but I was leary thinking this might make my legs ache more. Do you think that as I exercise that the aching will go away. I need to do this exercise a minimum of 3 or 4 days a week. Just wonder what your opinion is. Thanks in advance.

04-12-2011, 12:13 PM
Just got back from doctor's appt. Doctor was very pleased with my numbers. A1c 5.9 My overal cholesterol was good and the good cholesterol has come up and bad has gone down. We discussed Metformin and he said according to the tests that it was not affecting my legs or kidneys etc. We decided for me to stay on it and stay at 1000 mg. I told him about the new plan I'm on and he wanted to look at the book. He said he was pleased with how I'm doing so we didn't change anything. I also asked him what my goal weight should be. He said that realistically that we can only expect to lose about 15% of our weight or about 35 lbs a year. So he said that I could set a goal of hoping to weigh maybe in the 180s by this time next year.

I go back in 3 mos for blood work and appt. I'm headed in the right direction so now I'll just keep on keeping on and hope that when I go back in 3 mos. that I will be rewarded with more improvements.

04-12-2011, 03:35 PM
Great news on the HA1C, Patty and the cholesterol. Progress is slow for us all but ti's great to see progress.

I was in Ottawa last night and this morning for a sleepover for my friend's birthday. Such fun! No birthday cake but I did indulge in some cherry torte sugarless) and a couple of glasses of wine. Unfortunately we did have Chinese for lunch today so I will probably avoid the scale tomorrow morning. BGL was just fine today though.

04-12-2011, 05:37 PM
Glad to see the chats are picking up again!
I was out very early the last couple of mornings, so haven't checked sugars much.
Trish, try taking a B vitamin supplement and see if that helps the sluggishness in your legs. I use jamieson's B100 and don't have leg pain unless I forget it a couple of days in a row.
Moni: what food plan are you following. I find exercise helps, but diet is the big controller for me. I am really enjoying the better weather too.
Ruth, I love the heirloom veggies a lot, we will be starting to prepare our garden soon too.
Have a good day everyone

04-12-2011, 06:28 PM
Mad Thanks for reminding about the B100. I remember you saying something about that before. I took it in pill for and then switched to a liquid sublingual, but it only helps if I remember to use and it may not have as much be as the 100 pills. I'm going to Walmart tomorrow and will got the B100 pills. I did manage to exercise 30 minutes yesterday and with trying to keep up with DH at Home Depot today and then my 1 mile Walk Away the Pounds, I managed to get a good 30 minutes or more exercise today. I am determined to do at least 3 days a week of real exercise. I think I'm at the point that I'm convinced that is the next step.

Ruthie Thanks. It is good to see progress and I get so nervous before I go to doc. He is good and never fusses at me, but I don't ever want him to think I'm not trying and working at this. Sounds like you did a good job with eating at your friends birthday celebration. When I told the doc about the book I was using, I told him that I can't afford organic foods and that I follow the plan, but there are a few things I enjoy that I don't want to give up totally. I told him that I felt if I could follow it 95 to 98 percent of the time that I felt that should be good and he agreed.

The doc had the cutest plate hanging on the wall with the Diabetic Plate Method painted on it. I told him I needed something like that. I went online and found some pics of different ones and printed them out. I'm going to make me little cardboard display of the breakfast and the lunch/dinner and put it in my kitchen. Just as a reminder for me to stay on track.

Moni I want to be sure and :welcome3: you to the thread as I can't remember if I welcomed you or not. We're glad to have you here.

I didn't want to eat before I went to the dr so I did have a cup of green tea. Had a headache most of the day because I accidently fixed the decaf instead of my caffiene. I've stopped drinking coffee because I like it with cream so switched to the green tea. Since the way of eating is so much like low carb, I cooked a couple of boiled eggs, added celery and radishes to it and took it with me to eat when I left dr. office since I knew we weren't coming straight home.

Y'all have a great evening.

04-13-2011, 07:44 AM
Well, the Chinese food did not damage me - I think. I weighed 186 again this morning. of course, I am never satisfied and said to myself that I'd be 185 if not for the water weight from the Chinese! You'd think I'd be more mature at 72 but I've been playing this scale watching game too long! BGL was 4.2 :cb: and I'm set for a day of healthy eating and another session a the gym.

I think my back is getting better. I've discovered that leaning over the cutting table does me in and will switch to using the kitchen counter for a while. I have just a bit more of cutting for the current quilt project. I need my back for gardening - if it ever stops raining! :(

04-13-2011, 12:01 PM
Thanks Mad! I appreciate the information. As always, the beauty of this site is that we are never alone!

04-13-2011, 07:15 PM
Hello All! I am so excited. I just returned from my 3 month checkup. My A1C was 5.2 (down even from the 5.9 in January) I am also down 54 pounds. I haven't weighed myself since February but I have lost more than I dared to hope for. I think this is the first time I have been under 200 pounds for about 18 years. I feel so good. I hope that everyone has a really good day!

04-14-2011, 07:06 AM
:cheer: Riemontana. That's such great news and welcome to Onederland!

Yesterday was just OK foodwise. Too many carbs and an encounter with some candied ginger did me in. :( Luckily today is a brand new day! (Candied ginger has now joined the Foods in Exile group along with Melba toast and popcorn!)

04-15-2011, 02:39 AM
Riemontana Congratulations on such a good report. I love it when I go to the doctor and things have gone so well that he is happy with my progress.

Ruthie I play the scale game to. I always plan not to and end up getting on them anyway.

I've had some sort of exercise all week. I exercised Monday and Tuesday. Walked a lot Wednesday at 2 Walmarts because one didn't have the one of medicines DH needed so had to go to another. Then today I decided we had to do the yard. DH wasn't happy with me, but he used the riding mower and I used the weed eater and pulled weeds out of the flower garden. I didn't get it all done cause a neighbor came over to talk, so will have to finish it when we get back from doc office. DH has blood work done tomorrow. FBG was 109 Thursday morning so I was happy about that. Guess I better get to bed. I've been trying to get at least 7 hrs sleep, but really need to have 8.

Have a great Friday.

04-15-2011, 07:17 AM
A bit too carby yesterday so FBGL a tad high at 6.2 this morning. The good news is that means I don't need to eat a sturdy breakfast before I go to the gym. The darn scale is up to 187 again but an abstemious weekend should fix that.

I am very pleased that I am sticking with going to the gym and just know it will be helpful when I start into the heavy gardening. Next step will be to start going for a walk in the early evening now that it's brighter out there. (Sitting down to watch Judge Judy at 7 PM is not exercise. My rule for summer is usually "No TV until it's dark". I must start enforcing it again or send Ruthie to her room! :rofl:)

Big baking day today for the sale tomorrow. I am armed with my surgical gloves so I don't taste and have my pitcher of water and SF gum ready to roll. I won't be making my ginger cookies as the candied ginger seems to have disappeared. :shrug:

04-15-2011, 10:03 AM
A bit too carby yesterday so FBGL a tad high at 6.2 this morning.
I won't be making my ginger cookies as the candied ginger seems to have disappeared. :shrug:

I overdid it last night when I took a dear friend out for her birthday, although I ate a low carb supper, I had a glass of white wine and enjoyed tiramisu for dessert. FBs this am 6.4! I guess that shows that my normal diet really helps my fbs. I did take my metformin yesterday too, so I am obviously pretty subject to fluctuations when I stray from low carb.
Weekend off, after a few rather busy and long days. Have lots of errands today and will go to yoga as well as walking the dog.
I am so impressed with montana's weight loss. You go girl!
My week of strict atkins induction did nothing for me with weight loss, but a couple days of increased carbs just left my sugars out of wack. :(
Don't know what my next plan is. Will go back to induction today and for the weekend, and maybe a fat fast in my future to really kick start the weight loss.

04-15-2011, 01:05 PM
Hang in there Mad! You are a major source of support on this thread. I keep trying to tell myself that this is a lifestyle, not a diet or program. Some days will be good and some days will be bad, but if I try to do the right things most of the time, the progress will take care of itself.

I don't think that I can face a lifestyle where I never have a desert or a glass of wine with dinner. I'm not sure that we have to make that choice, at least I hope that we don't.

For what it is worth, I have moved away from the total no carb (or very low carb) eating. It seems to me that my body reacts better to a steady, moderate (15 - 30 carb) plan. Actually, it is almost always 15 or so. It is weird to me that my bs actually goes up or is more volatile if I have no carbs. Does anyone else experience this? I know that this is against the current popular diet thinking.

Anyway, happy weekend everyone!

04-16-2011, 10:52 AM
Hang in there Mad!
DOn't worry, I will hang in there! Today was a much more normal 5.4 fbs. weight same, didn't gain for a night of fun. I think the key is that one night of fun is fine, just not too often. So I was pretty good yesterday, and plan induction type eating today.

I don't think that I can face a lifestyle where I never have a desert or a glass of wine with dinner. I'm not sure that we have to make that choice, at least I hope that we don't.
I agree, part of the point is to be able to enjoy life, free from the consequences of diabetes, but also to be able to enjoy a treat from time to time. I feel a bit more comfortable about that since I lost the first (almost) 20 pounds, but would like to get a bit lower this summer.

For what it is worth, I have moved away from the total no carb (or very low carb) eating. It seems to me that my body reacts better to a steady, moderate (15 - 30 carb) plan. Actually, it is almost always 15 or so. It is weird to me that my bs actually goes up or is more volatile if I have no carbs. Does anyone else experience this? I know that this is against the current popular diet thinking.

I assume you are talking about 15-30g of carbs per meal? I think this is fine if its working for you, but would also suggest the source of carbs may make a difference. Complex carbs for sure, whole grains for sure, but also more carbs from fruit and veggie sources than grains or sugars in general.
I also think that people have seen fat as a problem, something to be avoided, and one thing about atkins there is lots of fat and few problems. I think those who are calorie counting should make sure they get a reasonable number of calories from healthy fats (like 30-40%) as they have no effect on our blood sugars and make us feel more full and satisfied in general.

Anyway, happy weekend everyone!
I am having a good weekend, but the rain will go on all weekend. Tomorrow we take my dad to brunch for his birthday, and meet his new companion.
Today, is for housework, getting tax stuff ready (in Canada we don't have to file until April 30, and for me being self employed, I have until June 15th to file if I have already paid, so don't worry that I am behind, I am well ahead of my usual schedule!)
have a great day everyone

04-16-2011, 11:19 AM
Scale and BGL not good this morning but we all have days like that. I am just back from taking a carload of baking to a sale and checking up on the folks flipping pancakes. A nap would go well about now but it's not going to happen.

I have a salad ready for lunch to help avoid pancakes, sausages, BBQ hot dogs and other temptations. Lots of walking is happening today, rain or not, as there is very little parking left in this wee village of 300 houses! The Maple Syrup Festival is almost as busy as the Fair and Thanksgiving Festival, rain or shine!

Tomorrow should be a better scale and BGL day.

04-16-2011, 01:31 PM
Sounds like a good plan, Ruth. I still consider each of those days to be a victory when I can do "close" to the right thing in the midst of all those temptations.

Fatmad, yes, I totally have experienced it that not all carbs are created equal. For me, the more "natural and fibrous" such as plain baked potato rather than white rice work best.

Anyway - have a good weekend everyone!

04-17-2011, 06:31 AM
Weight is up again this morning. :( Bless me, sisters, for I have sinned. I was attacked by some maple syrup tarts in a weak moment. Today will be better as I hate slippage and have been down this slope before!

04-17-2011, 08:56 AM
Weight is up again this morning. :( Bless me, sisters, for I have sinned. I was attacked by some maple syrup tarts in a weak moment. Today will be better as I hate slippage and have been down this slope before!

this is the reason I have never gone to the maple syrup festival in Elmira, (10 min away from me). I also have given up making homemade maple tarte sucre. I make it too well and its too yummy not to be tempted.

fbs was 5.5 today, had some carbs with bedtime snack, but I thought that would be a good thing, whole grain crackers with pate. apparently not.

cleaned out my closet yesterday. Decided not to worry about getting into old clothes that are out of fashion and "not me" anymore. On the plus side, last fall bought a summery/springy kind of skirt that was a bit snug in the waist band. even the weight is the same, and even measurements, I must be changing shape a bit with the yoga, as it fits nicely now.
Today is the birthday brunch with my Dad and meeting the new companion.
Hope we all make the 2 hour drive ok, its snowing out.
This may be "normal" for the northern and eastern gals like Ruth and Rosebud, but I don't remember snow halfway through April like this in this part of the world. Oh well, can't be helped, the snow tires are off and I will just have to deal.
Happy Sunday, and for those who are Christian, a blessed Palm Sunday to you.

04-18-2011, 08:01 AM
Mad, It's absolutely crazy! We had torrential rain AND snow AND hail over the weekend. Last year it was 18 and sunny with my daffodils in bloom. I'm still wearing my winter jacket and gloves.

Well, the weekend did me in. :( My weight is back up to 189 and BGL this morning was 8.8. I know there was a ton of slippage over the weekend and some outright indulgences. The BGL is from nibbling dried figs last night "for medicinal purposes", of course. I know better and am going to focus on water and veggies today. The ticker is in purgatory until it is truthful.

Funny that you cleaned out clothing yesterday, Mad. I have that on my list for this week followed by a trip to Goodwill.

On we go with another week of striving for healthy eating!

04-18-2011, 01:02 PM
My scales are up a bit this morning. BS reading up a bit, but still in the range doc wants it... just not where I want it. I'm sure it is from the salt in chips I bought. I flushed them down the garbage disposal. Just cannot have them in the house.

DH has docs appt today and we'll be eating out. He is talking pizza at a new place so not sure what I'll be eating. Hope to just go as low as I can. I had planned to have more of a low carb day today. Started that way with a a 2egg/veggie omlet. Still counting calories rather than carbs, just want to eat less carbs. May have do the best I can at lunch and then eat less carbs the rest of the day.

Mad & Ruth I hope you have better weather soon. We are going to be in low 80's most of the coming week.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

04-18-2011, 10:18 PM
Eating was OP today. DH decided he wanted to get Zaxby's 5 pc Chicken fingerz that we usually half. At first, I thought "oh no, not again". It is his favorite food lately. Then I had a vision come into my mind of the chicken salad I have eaten at Wendy's and realized that I could make a huge salad and cut the chicken into it and stay OP. Ate all the chicken pieces I cut up into the salad and ate a little more than half of the salad and saved the rest for later. Had a pork chop and the rest of the salad for dinner. Later had grapes and cashews and kitchen is now closed for the night. I'm still counting calories, but have decided that the food I'm going to center in on is protein, veggies and fruit and nuts. I think I need to make starchy carbs one of those foods that I will rarely eat.

Hope everyone has had a good day.

04-18-2011, 10:33 PM
We had a delightful family brunch for my Dad's birthday and I had dessert. Three layer choc mousse. Then had some more chocolate today. Will have to weigh in the am and see what the damage is. Back to plan in the morning.
Did get to yoga 3 times in the last 4 days, and am really happy that one of the yoga teachers has opened a studio closer to my home, so I will be trying out the new place this week, I hope.
I am still having trouble with my heel, (achilles tendonitis/plantar fasciitis etc? ) I got the new orthotics and in general, they help and make it better, but still having trouble. Will have to check it out with the doctor again.

04-18-2011, 10:50 PM
Fatmad - sorry about your heel, I hope it eases. Good job with sticking to the

04-18-2011, 10:55 PM
OOOPPPS! I meant to say good job with the yoga.

It is cold here in Montana.

My bs has been great but I was under a lot of work stress this afternoon and my pre supper reading was back at 95. Oh, well, it is well within my goal limits but I prefer the mid 80's.

I think it is great that you enjoyed some chocolate mouse at your Dad's birthday brunch. Did you like the new companion?

My aunt called me last night and asked me to make the desert for Easter. I haven't told most of my family about my diabetes. I am thinking a cheesecake. I make good ones and I was thinking that I can limit the sugar and still make a desert that everyone will love

04-18-2011, 11:04 PM
Ok, all, Sorry about the multiple posts. I can't figure out how to do a new thread but I could use some advice.

How did you handle telling others that you have diabetes? My parents know and a couple of my dearest friends but I haven't really told anyone. Most people just think that I have gone on a health kick because I have lost so much weight and I am taking better care of myself.

So, how did you handle it? Who did you tell and when? Is it silly to think about people treating you differently? Any help would be appreciated

04-19-2011, 08:02 AM
Montana, no need to tell people at all if it bothers you, not that it's an embarrassment. Let them just think you've changed the way you eat and are working on "personal renovation". ;)

My personal reno project is not doing well. Funny how a few days of rotten eating can set you off on the bad track. I am purging my kitchen of leftover baking from the weekend including a half box of Girl Guide cookies. I am considering asking my dentist to remove my sweet tooth!

Weight is still up although down a smidgen and FBGL was still up there again. Looking back at yesterday's menu, I had bread or potato carbs at every meal - not good, especially when topped off with evil GG cookies. I'll give it a few more days before I change my lying ticker.

On we go!

04-19-2011, 08:22 AM
If I ever wondered how much the metformin helps, was on plan yesterday from lunchtime on, but forgot the evening dose of metformin, fasting blood sugar this am 6.3! Thats 113 to our US friends! yikes. And here I have been complaining about the mid 5 range that I usually have. Well, I certainly am not having bad side effects from the metformin so will definitely stay on it.
It has been cold, we had snow on Sunday, and it hasn't left yet.
I did like Dad's lady friend, she was a little shy, but thats ok. Dad seemed to want to be sure to tell me he wasn't looking for a wife, that they are both happy just to be companionable and not to live together or anything. (not that its my business really, I feel pretty strongly that he has the right of any adult to decide about his future and love life. ) BUt I suspect he wanted to reassure me. I have no doubts about his love for my mother, so have no insecurities there.
Ruth, would that I could remove my sweet tooth. There were days in my skinny youth where I would eat a bag of cookies for meals all day, and maybe get protein from the glass of milk I used to wash a few of them down.
Eating sugary stuff leaves me feeling crummy, but my mouth is SOOOO happy at the time.
CHicken salad lunch day. yum

04-19-2011, 08:29 AM
Ok, all, Sorry about the multiple posts. I can't figure out how to do a new thread but I could use some advice.

How did you handle telling others that you have diabetes? My parents know and a couple of my dearest friends but I haven't really told anyone. Most people just think that I have gone on a health kick because I have lost so much weight and I am taking better care of myself.

So, how did you handle it? Who did you tell and when? Is it silly to think about people treating you differently? Any help would be appreciated

Montana, I just told people. It may help if you warn people in fact. Let them know you will be eating a bit differently, that it is "doctors orders" if they argue with you. It doesn't always keep them from trying to get you to have food you shouldn't, (just a little won't hurt you, or potatoes can't be bad for you etc) but you can just repeat it like a mantra. If you don't tell them, and they assume you are just continuing your "health kick" or diet, that is fine too, but it may help to get them on your side to know there is a reason.

BTW, there are plenty of recipes in the low carb section for a variety of sugar free cheesecakes. They are not low fat, or even low cal, but are prefect for occasional treats when you don't want a sugary dessert. I also make a sugar free nut torte, that makes a great sponge cake if you want something with berries and cream, or making trifle or tiramisu sugar free.
let me know if you want the tort recipe, its a complicated one tho.

04-20-2011, 08:21 AM
Good morning everyone. Well, I can see my diabetes is under control generally, but still active. Did take my meds yesterday, good thing. A friend asked me to come for sushi, and I did. SOme yummy sushi and tempura. 2 hours later bs 11.3, and an hour later 10.2 ! then it must have dipped dramatically, I fell asleep for an hour and it was 4.1 after that. Was 5.1 this am. So I guess sushi is off the list.
Thats the disadvantage of NOT being on insulin, when you go off plan, you can't adjust for it.
So today, low carb. I feel like I have been making excuses for not staying on plan, and it is time to kick my butt (go ahead and give me a kick) and get back on low carb. My weight is fine, staying stable, but not my sugars, which is the most important thing right now.

Weather is miserable, rainy and cold, had some freezing rain last night, expect and little white flaky stuff. Who would have thought that Easter/Passover so late in April would be so cold and miserable.
HOping to try out the new more local yoga tonight!

04-20-2011, 08:59 AM
Montana, when people insist I just try a bit, I ask them if they know what to do if someone goes into a diabetic coma. That stops the nonsense.

I've decided that I really am a sugar addict and just cannot have the stuff in the house. Yesterday I found myself "snacking" on leftover white chocolate melting wafers and considering melting them in my herb tea! Duh! What's next? A sandwich of a Skor bar between leaves of romaine?

Weight is down a tiny bit again this morning but I forgot to test my blood. :nono: I've also missed taking my other bedtime meds besides the Met. and Glyburide. This morning I will set it up before I do my treadmill and get dressed.

Broccoli soup is on the "Look After Ruthie" list today. I need to give my health some priority.

04-20-2011, 10:29 AM

Ruth - Good One!

Fatmad - hang in there. Today will be a better day. You have inspired me a lot with your posts while I was lurking here and once I joined. Each day is a new one, sister, with the opportunity to do it right. (or as close to right as we can).

I have had two really stressful days at work and I don't think it will get much better for a little while. I was happy with myself that I stayed on plan. I had a terrible urge to stop and get a big cheeseburger on the way home from work but I didn't do it. I had a lovely and healthy dinner instead.

Well, I am going to fight my depression and lethargy and go do the wii Walk it Out to silly music now before I head to work.

Have a great day!

04-20-2011, 11:00 PM
Got to the new yoga studio tonight, its run by one of the teachers in the city place I go to. Was very nice, will trr to get there tomorrow night too. The classes on Wed and thurs pm are the only suitable ones, but that will be a couple of times to NOT drive 30 minutes to town for yoga, so that will be a savings of time and gas, and maybe allow me to do more. DId pretty well today, had a few scalloped potatoes with supper. I made them with cheese, and some cream, not just milk. BS afterward was 6.1, acceptable by any standard. Is it because potatoes are healthier, lower glycemic than rice? or did the fat slow the glucose down? Also, didn't pig out, that is always good.
Montana, keep fighting the blues, and exercise is one of the best ways.
hope the outdoors will perk up and warm up so I can get out and in the sun more.

04-20-2011, 11:14 PM
Fatmad - the yoga sounds nice. I don't know about the potatoes. I know that a small baked potato is the carb that I don't spike from. I thought it was maybe the fiber.

Had a little piece of cake today at a meeting but fbs was 81 at supper ( 2 hours later) so I am doing ok. I had a minimal cal supper to balance the calories.

Hope everyone has a restful night.

04-21-2011, 05:18 AM
Grrrr! Insomnia is striking again. I get to sleep but am wide awake around 3. So silly! I really have very little to worry about but everything looms bigger and looks worse at 3 a.m. Of course I worry that low BGL is what wakens me but my test was 6.2 this morning so ...

Another day of careful eating ahead. I need to get this weight off and the FBGL readings back down. This has to be a "Be Good to Ruthie" Day.

04-21-2011, 11:01 AM
Ruth Insomnia sucks! Funny how your mind races and won't stop, huh? I hope it eases for you, we need our rest, right?

My fbs was 91 this morning- pretty good because I had been laying in bed for more than an hour trying to go back to sleep and I know that makes it higher. Breakfasted lightly on a slice of low carb bread and a little low sugar peanut butter. I have lots of joint pain today so just did a very light workout.

Hang in there Ruth, the weight is sliding off you and you are working on your health. Have a good day everyone!

04-22-2011, 07:11 AM
Things a bit better today after a good eating day and an early bed. I slept right through to 5:30 without even a potty break. Today should be a good food day and I'm feeling strong about dinner at my sister's tomorrow. Easter candy should be resistible if I refuse to do the "just one" thing.

The gym is closed until Tuesday a.m. but I will do treadmill and walk to Church if it warms up enough.

04-22-2011, 09:32 AM
GOt to yoga again last night, was a bit sore afterward. If I can do some at home today, will really start to build up muscles and strength.
Did well yesterday with eating, a bit stressful at work tho. We are hiring some part time help, for admin, and the two admins have different first choices, I may have to be the tie breaker, I was hoping to avoid that, and have them choose their assistant and me not worry to much, but alas, no. I am taking the weekend to decide, and maybe they will think about it and come to an agreement, I feel like I can't win this one. Bs are fine with low carb.
hope everyone has a nice long weekend and the family doesn't throw us off plan.

04-22-2011, 12:10 PM
Morning all.

FBS was 84 this am - I was happy until I had a hard time getting through my workout. I didn't sleep well because I have a major dentist appt today and I am always scared of the dentist. I made it through my normal hour of aerobics but it was tough. I think I will have a small snack or half a protein shake or something if my fbs is below 90 before a workout. Funny, I have been obsessing about it going high during a workout. I keep getting reminded by my body that this is all about BALANCE. Maybe one of these days I will figure it out.

I wish everyone luck over the holiday. I am going to try to use moderation, stick to plan and allow for small treats.

04-22-2011, 09:52 PM
Just a flyby to wish all of you a :easter2:

We have no special plans... church and back home. No evening class this week. I do go to beauty shop in the morning and then run by the store. I've been avoiding the Easter goodies so far. So if I stay away from it at the store tomorrow I'll be fine.

Y'all have a great Easter weekend.

04-23-2011, 11:57 PM
UPSET! Oh, I can't believe it. I had a really good day today with my kids and grandsons - getting ready for the holiday.

I was home this evening making a choc mousse pie for the family dinner tomorrow. Without even realizing it, I tasted the mousse on the spatula and then ate like 3 giant spoonfulls. I feel stuffed and sick. I won't test for another hour or so but I am just upset with myself.

In 7 months, I have occasionally eaten a treat here and there but I have never done this without meaning too. I hope my bs tonight is ok.

Thanks for listening.

04-24-2011, 01:12 AM
Riemontana Don't beat yourself up. We all have those times when we slip up. Just be good to yourself by letting it go and getting right back OP @ your next meal or snack. You have a great day tomorrow.

04-24-2011, 07:22 AM
oh Montana, those "tasting" calories are the bane of us all. So easy to over do it without realizing. I am sure it was delicious, and am glad you had a good day with the kids.
I was sleeping for about 12 hours, had only 4 hours the night before and was working like mad! But all the babies are healthy, and now that I have had sleep the world seems fine.
We had a lovely red fox with a Loooong tail in the yard in the morning, but it ate the Easter Bunny, just a bit of rabbit fur left behind! :(
NO candy in the house, except a couple of dark chocolate bunnies for a friends' boys I will see later today.
Even tho I had a higher carb supper before bed (the carbs really help me get to sleep) fbs was 5.1 this am, so was happy with that.
THe forecast on Thursday was for a dull cool rainy weekend, but we had a surprise warm and sunny day here yesterday, so that helped the mood a lot.
HOpe every one has a lovely day with Family and friends, and we can manage our sugars in spite of temptations.

04-24-2011, 07:39 AM
Oh dear! When I was out for dinner last night at my sister's place, some "friend" left a chocolate bunny on my kitchen table. (It may be time to call in my keys!) Yes, I succumbed to temptation and feel mad at myself this morning. There's not a darn thing to be done but carry on and get back on track today.

Today is another major foodie day, I'm afraid. There's an open house at a local farm that specializes in organic foods and good meats. I must go to represent the Mill as we may be selling our own flour through that coop this summer. I will NOT sample anything - even if it IS organic!

Another challenge tonight as I'm off to a neighbour's place for BBQ salmon. I am taking a pilaf of some sort - wild rice and quinoa with mushrooms, I think. Tomorrow I am doing prime rib for ten people - what a crazy weekend!

It;s Easter and a lovely day coming up. Enjoy!

04-24-2011, 12:46 PM
Happy Easter All!

Thanks for your support with my slip. My bs was 91 last night and 87 this morning. So, I probably was a little high with calories yesterday but reasonable with carbs.

Today my plan is to stay in moderation. I did aerobics for 75 minutes and stretched for 15 minutes this morning. I ate a light breakfast of a plain oatmeal packet and 50 cals of low carb protein shake. I plan to eat a hard boiled egg and a large green salad for lunch. Then, I am going to enjoy my family's easter ham dinner with easy portions on the carb stuff.

I hope that everyone has a blessed day filled with family and friends. I so appreciate the support that I have found here on 3FC.

04-24-2011, 07:50 PM
Prob had too much sugar free chocolate (russel stover french mints) today, but have stayed on plan otherwise, in spite of temptations and being tired. Since I am on call we did not plan a family supper, so older DD didnt come for a visit, (just saw her last weekend for Dad's birthday) and younger one is having supper with her boyfriend's family. We didn't get any invitations, so we are having a quiet supper, lamb chops for me, steak for DH, and veggies.
Easier to stay on plan that way. May try to find someone to visit this evening, I am well rested now and would like to be social if not working.
have games, will travel ( a little)
Hope we all do ok, a chocolate fest is a lot for me to deal with.

04-24-2011, 08:18 PM
I am amazed. I went to the store when I got through at the beauty shop and I never saw the Easter junk foods. I am shocked because I know I had to pass them if they were where they were putting them out when I'd been there before. I didn't even realize until I got home that I never even saw any of them. So no temptations were in the house this year. A really new accomplishment for me since I always want my favorite Easter candy, but didn't miss it this time. DH and I went to church this morning and came home nothing else going on. So that made things a lot easier as well.

04-25-2011, 07:44 AM
I'm feeling a bit better about my chocolate indulgence. Just could not resist running the goodies through Fitday:
50 grams of milk chocolate - 266 calories and 16 grams of fat with 50 grams of carbs.
1/8 of a 9" lemon meringue pie - 362 calories and 16 grams of fat with 30 grams of carbs. (My sister cuts her pies in six so the dessert I turned down would be higher!)

I did resist all the samples at teh foodie even yesterday and ate carefully at dinner last night. Today's party is here so I will have good control over what I eat. I definitely will indulge in the prime rib though - it's been a while since I had it (maybe a year?) and I intend to enjoy.

BGL was good this morning and the scale is moving the right way although that darn ticker is still lying. That will be "fixed" this week.

04-25-2011, 08:49 AM
Ruth, Prime Rib will have no effect on your sugars, so you SHOULD enjoy it. GO for it! I am gonna have a quiet day, hubby and daughter home and I am working a bit, and going to town to see my little Lilia, she is over 2months old now, haven't seen her in 2 weeks, so a visit is in order. She is always happy to snuggle up and see her auntie Madeleine. Maybe make a butternut squash soup tonight, or celeriac soup. either way, soup is easy to eat, and DH and DD can have grilled cheese sandwiches with it, while I just eat sliced cheese. Its supposed to rain later, but right now is sunny morning, above freezing, and will get warmer as the day goes on. Finally spring.

04-25-2011, 09:30 AM
Yup, I'll indulge without worrying about BGL. It's the calories that freak me. I have pretty dress to wear to a wedding mid-June and want to look good in it. It fits now but is a bit snug in the bust - should say snug in the backfat!

04-26-2011, 11:31 AM
Good Morning!

I was able to follow my plan for Easter and I feel pretty good about it. Last night we had chinese takeout and I was able to stay on plan with portions and carbs by supplementing my plate with a large salad. I had very small portions of the stuff I love.

My DIL has been told that she is "pre-diabetic" so she has been trying a carb controlled diet and bs testing for about a month. I have been able to help her a little. I think it has given her more confidence to watch me make such a big lifestyle change these last months. There is a good result to every occurance!

Well, good luck with the day, all.

04-26-2011, 06:57 PM
Montana, how nice that your DIL can turn to you for advice, and has seen enough to look to you for that advice.
My fasting bs was 4.7 this am, but am fighting the binge urge since I'm tired from working in the night, these are my hard times. Was very happy to come home this pm and find that DH has made supper, chicken and salad. I guess he is finally listening. He has yoga intro class tonight. I am really happy he is going. I will get to go to yoga both wed and thurs night this week, and had a class during the day yesterday. Hope that the weekend will go ok, lots of parties and social things coming up.

04-27-2011, 07:58 AM
Good morning. Back on track today after a major flurry of foodie events. Now to get that pesky 1 pounds off and my FBGL down. It's been running around six lately which is high for me.

04-27-2011, 12:08 PM
Good morning!
FBS was 84 this morning and I am very happy with that result since I ate two meals out yesterday while working and shopping. I managed to stay on plan.

I found lots of wonderful new shirts and tops on my shopping trip last night. I am so grateful that my DIL took me shopping because I simply don't know how to pick clothes. I have spent most of my life holding up a shirt and trying to decide if it will cover me - no clue about what looks good. When they met me at a department store, I was looking at a rack of shirts. She said, "first question: WHY are you looking at the 2x-3x clothes? That is NOT your size anymore!" We laughed and put all the shirts back and went to the regular sized clothes. Weird!

Have a lovely day.

04-28-2011, 08:43 AM
Time to cut carbs more. FBGL is still too high at 6.? most mornings. Not sure what has changed - meds are still the same.

Montana, isn't it great to be down a size? I am still chuffed about wearing size 14 pants. The top still seems to say the same though. :(

04-28-2011, 11:56 AM
Morning All!

Fbs was 92 this morning - higher than normal but still really acceptable. I was tired and a little achy but I did the Walk It Out for 35 minutes. If I force myself to start, I generally keep going.

Yes Ruth, it is pretty cool to be down there! Yesterday the "what am I going to wear" question was about Choosing

Fatmad - hope you are just busy.

Anyway, have a great day!

04-29-2011, 07:23 AM
Yippee! Kate and Wills are now married, my weight is dead on 186.0 and BGL is 4.3. Now to keep it on track.

04-29-2011, 10:22 AM
Hi everyone, yes, have been busy, but also not eating as well as I would like. SOmeone brought the good crackers to the potluck yesterday, I can have a few, (no wheat, and lower carb than average) but I had too many. Weight is up a bit. And feeling draggy because of too much carbs no doubt. Busy weekend, got up to see the end of the wedding, (lovely dress, and with the whole world commenting about her diet and weight, I will certainly not be critical, she looked great) going out for yoga, tea with friends, visiting some other friends, tomorrow nite a couple of parties!, and Sunday dinner and a movie in Toronto with my older daughter. Lots to fit in. Gotta check the train schedule and see if I can avoid driving into Toronto.
I haven't planned eating, and just had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, so not on plan at all at this point.

04-29-2011, 01:05 PM
Morning Ruth and Fatmad!

FBS was 81 this am so I had a scant teaspoon of peanut butter before I worked out.

I am planning a trip to this bra shop where they are experts at fitting. I definitely need some help in that area!

Ruth - way to stay on track!

Fatmad, sounds like you have a busy and lovely day planned. I wish we had the smarts to have access to train/public transportation. If I want to take the train anywhere, I have to drive 4 hours on rather bad roads to get to the station. :-(

Have a good day.

04-30-2011, 07:50 AM
FBGL still good at 4.4 and weight stable. Whew! I am pretty sure I won't meet my April weightloss goal unless I drop two pounds overnight! Today I am in complete control of my food planning with no foodie events. Tomorrow? Could be tricky as I am going to a shower but am taking a veggie tray.

I'm planning a trip to the bra shop too, Montana. I think a new bra might make my dress for the wedding fit better. The "girls" have not been fitted professionally for many years.

04-30-2011, 07:55 AM
fbs this am was 7.2! well, thats ridiculous. MAking plans for eating for the rest of the weekend, getting off plan and not sleeping properly together make for a terrible reading.
Will be on induction for the week, thats for sure. I didn't step on the scale, too scared to see what is there.
Ok, now lets dish on the ridiculous hats at the royal wedding, poor Princess Beatrice is the absolute worst. Lots of not so great hats, but her silly headress has made her the laughing stock. My friends on facebook have shared all kinds of silly mock ups and photoshopped pics of her and her "bow" hat.
Yesterday, when I was going out for tea, my yoga instructor took a couple of tissues and a miniature garden tool, and stuck in on my head announcing she had "created" a fascinator for me. LOL I looked ridiculously royal!

04-30-2011, 08:06 AM
Looks like Fergie's daughters have inherited her impeccable taste in clothes and hats. How unflattering! They looked ridiculous and I was embarrassed for them. I have a wedding mid-June and hope to avoid looking one bit like them although my dress IS sort of blues and greens.

04-30-2011, 03:29 PM
fbs was 84 this morning. Pretty good considering I finally ate that reeses peanut butter egg that I have been holding since Easter Sunday. I really wanted it and decided that I would simply hold it and if the craving didn't go away.... I would eat it. Well, I worked out extra hard yesterday and counted it in my calories and ate it last night. I so wish that I could say it wasn't good but it was lovely!

I was thinking yesterday about how much I long for the days that I didn't think that much about a little candy.... those pre-diabetes days when carb counting wasn't part of my daily life. Sometimes, even for losing weight, I wish I could go back to low fat, or low calorie - instead of low carb. I have a friend with cancer so I know I should not feel sorry for myself that I have diabetes. At least I can control it. But, some days I wish for being "normal".

I spent some time talking with my son yesterday about eating plans, etc. and the struggle he is having with attempting to cook for my DIL who is pre-diabetic. It seems that they haven't been communicating very well about what to eat now. I really hope that I helped a little.

Today, I have some work to do, it is budget time for me as an administrator of a county department. I plan to do that, work out again, and rest. It is too cold to be outside here. My kids got stranded in a blizzard on the way home to North Dakota so I am praying that they can get home safely.

Sorry - maybe I will be in a space to post a happier post later. I hope everyone has a good day.

05-01-2011, 08:50 AM
Come and chat in the May thread.