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04-01-2011, 06:11 AM
Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Complete Beck Diet for Life ( the first bookThe Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person. (

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

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04-01-2011, 06:12 AM
:welcome: angelskiss :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first month here, :wel3fc:

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

04-01-2011, 06:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was home so had my much loved sandwich for lunch - peanut butter, banana, and roasted pecans on toasted whole wheat bread ends, along with my Man Salad; CREDIT moi.

Emptied another box of stuff - some saved, some in the give away pile. Notably included some ancient, but ever so fondly remembered software that DS and I had played with for years. He laughed and told me that there was no computer left on earth that could run it so it had to go. CREDIT moi anyway for tossing out that which no value since I hated so much to let it go, and have kept it so long - as if I could save my DS's childhood by keeping it.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for missing an art exhibit for paper work. I'm sympathetic since I spent a part of my day reviewing my taxes so they could be e-filed. Kudos for planning a lunch that's "veggie-centric."

Beverlyjoy - Yay for getting back into your story telling at your DGS's preschool. Kudos for continuing to leave a bite.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - You encourage me that the planting season will arrive by your rototilled garden. Great news that your friend feels well enough to give you a call.

maryann - Yay for having a Boss who handled the complaining parent. Kudos for recognizing that one kid's parents out of 120 is NOT a reflection of you. [LOL at "Is there not enough real drama...?"]

ChefJoona - Oh Yes, Kudos for checking in when there's a long list of good reasons to just go hide under the bed.

Jan (jmaf) - Yep, Kudos for getting right back on track. And Yay for good weather for your walk.

RunningFree - Kudos for getting a little exam reading done, as well as Kudos for your gym work.

tarte - Good to be reminded that an "okay" day is good enough. Kudos for accepting that.

angelskiss - I love your statement that sumarizes why I'm drawn to Beck, "I know know know how to lose weight. I just can't bring myself to actually do it." It's the strategies to use to avoid 100 calories at a time that are important to me.

Which of the Beck books are you reading? Glad that you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 1
Gather your supplies
You will need a number of inexpensive, easy-to-find supplies over and over again while on this plan. You probably already have some of them. Gather the following:. . .
Graph Paper. You will use it to chart your weight loss.
. . .Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 33.

04-01-2011, 06:48 AM
Hello everyone! I am back after a much needed "vacation". It took almost five days before I actually felt like I was relaxing but then that tells me I really needed to do it...for me.

I look forward to a new month. I do have all the "tools" Beck recommends. I treated myself this past fall to a digital scale that does everything but lose the weight (darn) for me! IMO, I thought it was prohibitably expensive. I mean, after all I use it for all of two minutes once a day so why should it be $100 but it works which my old one didn't.

I'll write more when I can respond to your posts. Right now, no one else has posted except Bright Eyes Bill. GM, Bill, and Happy April First.

04-01-2011, 08:00 AM
Rabbit, Rabbit! (Does anyone else say that on the first of the month for good luck?). When I was little my mom taught me all sorts of silly but fun superstitions and most of them stuck. I was riding in the car with her the other day and she was suprised to see I still lift my feet up when I go over train tracks! :)

Thank you all for the support following my frustration yesterday. I put a lot of effort into getting back on track yesterday. Credit for walking, and CREDIT for saying NO CHOICE to urges for a sugary after dinner snack that I didn't need. I had to talk back to a lot of panicked thoughts about not having the chance to eat until breakfast this morning. DFiance was a big help to me. I told him how I was feeling and he supported me in resisting my dessert.

Maryann Ouch for that one mother- but great that you recognize that it is only 1 out of 120!! It sounds like you are an amazing teacher who works to challenge her students to their benefit. Wonderful that you are planning some self care days!

Welcome Angelskiss!!!!!!!!

More personals tomorrow!

Feeling positive and good about a new month, and a good Becck day today.

And the Nor'easter we were supposed to get has gone farther south... thinking of you in Boston BillBE... looks like you're getting more precipitation that we are up here.

04-01-2011, 11:58 AM
Thanks everyone for the welcome.

I found the books from message boards actually. I've been reading here for a while as well as others. I've been following WW for years and was doing well on it then the weight loss slowed down. I eat much healthier than I used to but am constantly giving in to things that aren't helping.

I have a plan for today and will stick to it. I am looking for a loss this week and will get it as long as I stick to my plan.

Yesterday's task was eat sitting down. I do, I never eat standing up. At least I thought that, That was a wake up call. I was often taking things from the fridge and walking around with them. Oops.

Bill My house always feels better when I am able to get rid of things. Good luck.

pamatga I hope you can keep your relaxing state for a while.

ChefJoona good job resisting dessert.

04-01-2011, 12:37 PM
Just a quick post to celebrate meeting my March exercise goal!

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +55* 1600/1600 minutes for March, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, angelskiss!

04-01-2011, 01:26 PM

194 this morning, again, but I was 195 yesterday, so since the scale had been stuck at 196 for 2 weeks I'm taking this as a permanent loss. (We'll see tomorrow.)

I've been sticking to my eating plan, but today is the first day back to exercising. Worked out with Jillian's 30 day shred this morning... hopefully I'll do another 20 minutes tonight.

Will post personals later... just wanted to check in and say Hi to everyone.:wave:

04-01-2011, 01:35 PM
Hi Beckfolks - Happy April!!!

Yesterday was a healthy day - I am grateful. When I got on the scale it stayed the same. Of course, I insulted myself because I was sure two days back on plan would result in an amazing weight loss. LOL Of course.... that's not true. When I remembered that it's just information - I felt better.

Yesterday, I used some of my resistance techniques to keep me from overeating, I measured & logged my food, had lots of water, did some stretches, left a bite and did some journalling.

My GS is feeling better... so, I'll be leaving to visit tomorrow. I am excited.

I am reading my response card on traveling...and will allow myself a few extra exchanges so I don't feel deprived.

I will try to check in.

Thanks, as always, for being wonderful coaches and friends. I hope I'll be able to do personals soon.

Take care........

A friend sent me this amazing BBC penguin video - I thought you might like it. :) (only 90 seconds long)

04-01-2011, 02:19 PM
Happy April, Everyone!

Guess I was too quick to talk about good weather for my walks - it's currently snowing here:o !

ChefJoona: Yes, I also do the 'rabbit' thing - taught to me by my college roomates, not my mother - but I did pass the superstition down to my son :).

Welcome, angelkiss! I'm still working on the 'eat sitting down' part - it's starting to get a bit easier, though. It really does help me notice what I'm eating.

I'm also doing Jillian's 30 day shred, Gwen! I think it really gives me a good, all around workout - and I *do* appreciate that it's only 20 minutes. I can finally do a 'real' pushup!

Kudos on having a good day yesterday, Beverlyjoy. Enjoy visiting your GS! Traveling is always extra-hard for me. Liked the penguins :lol: !

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


04-01-2011, 04:03 PM
Welcome Spring. Or here it feels like summer - over 80 degrees. I really hope it is not one of those years which skips spring and heads straight to triple digits. Bleh!. Exercised twice - step class and DS jog a thon. Came home and ate a big batch of broccoli with a little cheese sauce on it. Yum! I was not OP yesterday. Still feeling blue but I did make sure I ate lots of veggies (credit) and compensated for total calories by the end of the day. Still a little wishy washy today. I get stuck in the blues - usually caused by an event like the angry mom - and I struggle getting out. My focus is to just FEEL WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO FEEL and understand that I am scared. I can't fix this. Nice long talk with DH. He has no answers but I know he would do anything for me and that is a comfort.
JMAF and Gwen: I am going to get the Jillian shred. It will be a nice tool to have in my arsenal of exercise.
Runningfree: What is this mysterious miracle milkshake?
Beverleyjoy: I really hear you about depression.I am in it again and I just do things that I KNOW will help eventually even though nothing FEELS like it will help.
Lexxiss: It sounds like a great garden. Ironic my husband farms 2000 acres but we can't seem to start a patch of something here. Seems overwhelming to me. But I will make a commitment for cherry tomatoes.
Tarte: I had to let go on car eating. It was the least of my terrible habits and the only way I could make sure I ate every three hours.
BBE: I am buying King Sardines today. I thought of you.
Chef Joona: I am going to teach that little superstition to my son. Cute.
Angelkiss: Welcome
Gardenerjoy: Congrats on making goal for MArch.
Pagmata: Welcome back.

04-01-2011, 04:39 PM
I just wanted to check back in briefly since I posted so early this morning. I just wanted to say that I understand your feelings you are struggling with both Maryann and Beverlyjoy. For me, my depression has stemmed from a lot of major life stressors spanned over three-four years. Sometimes, it feels like a tsunami of darkness that sweeps over me and I feel like I am drowning in sorrow.

Mostly, it is about lose and grieving over that. I lost a daughter in 2007 "metaphorically", lost my Mom to cancer in 2008, lost my job (one I could do from home and had been doing for 5 years--it worked with my arthritis), a major lose of income (from two full time incomes to one) and lose of my mobility, again my arthritis, and the constant chronic pain I live with, in the past two years.

I give my feelings the respect they deserve and sometimes I just plain sit with it. Of course, all of this has impacted my ability to give my weight lose the attention it deserves. All I can say is that when there is a clearing than I resume working on my weight lose. Forward and downward.

Welcome to our Beck group, angelkiss. With a name like that, I am sure that you will be a blessing to us all. :grouphug:
Lexxiss I am going to do a container garden on my porch this spring/summer. I can barely wait! I used to be an avid gardener when I was a home owner. There is nothing like fresh "from the dirt" food.
Gardener :congrat: on making goal!
Tarte Just think of how nice it will be to not smell food when you open your car door. Plus, how can you really truly enjoy your meals if you are trying to watch traffic and not spill on your lap? :congrat: on the major effort! PS We all know how hard it was for you to "out" yourself on this. Just remember, we've all been there, done that.....
Jmaf and Gwen I'm green that you are able to do this workout. It reminds me of the good o days.....sigh. How bout doing an extra one for me then passs on the calories burned this way? (I hope you smiled on that one)
Runningfree Milkshake? Details. Details!

04-01-2011, 05:42 PM
Hi there Coaches/Buddies -

My name is Erika and I'm a former poster in this group who has frequently gone MIA ... but no more. I am back and determined to stick with Beck this time around.

A big difference this time is that I have become involved with Overeaters Anonymous, which has really helped me to see my eating behaviours in a new light. I found that OA was really helpful for the underlying emotional and spiritual issues that contribute to my overeating, but for the actual physical changes in behaviour I really need the structure and discipline of the Beck program as well.

I have been rereading the original Beck Diet Solution book and spent this week going through the 4 introductory chapters. That set me up for today to be Day 1, which works nicely as it's the first day of the month! Appropriately I revised my Advantages Response Card and set up a reminder app on my iphone to bug me to read it several times a day.

I recognize some familiar names (waving to Bill BE,onebyone, Beverlyjoy and Gardenerjoy) and also I'm seeing lots of newer people that I'm looking forward to knowing better!

Thanks for reading!

04-01-2011, 06:12 PM
Happy April, buddies/coaches!

maryann, pamatga, my so called milk shake is just skimmed milk with decaf coffee powder and low calorie sweetener. I'm very happy to find milk again after Atkins and lactose free diets, so I can't get enough of it.

I had a good day start, with planed meals and run in the rain, but after lunch started binging again. I had to study, because tomorrow is exam and all that material... It's not complicated, but rather boring. Guess I used food to make it more interesting. Now I stopped binging and going back on track. Interesting thing, that chocolate assortment on my desk, which is dedicated for resistance muscle training purpose survived my binge period. Good, looks like I still have my training tool :)

04-02-2011, 05:40 AM
Hi folks - I am off to to see DS, DIL, and GS. Should be home Tuesday night.

I am planning to tell stories to the children at GS's preschool. . Performing at at GS's school is almost a dream come true. I've told stories to thousands of children over the years. It's special that I'll go to his school. I hope he enjoys it.

I have some fruit, lite bread, snacks etc to take to with me.

I am glad to get away. I'll try to check in.- pretty sure I'll get some internet access at some time.

Have a great weekend. (hope you all enjoyed the Penguins for a special April 1. - April Fools)

Treat yourself as kindly as you would a good good friend.

04-02-2011, 08:13 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating was good enough, CREDIT moi, although not stellar. Had family over for dinner and we always dawdle at the table laughing at various adventures.

Nothing special at gym, CREDIT moi. I did try, again, to do my chest press with higher weights and couldn't make it on the third set. Not a problem, it feels good to try stuff that I can't do.

Erika (eusebius) - Welcome back with your new commitment. I thought of you this summer when DW and DD returned from Western Mass with a stone Buddha for our garden (whose head was the first thing to break through the snow this Spring). Hope your playing continues to bring you joy.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Monster Kudos for meeting your March exercise goal. I do enjoy watching your monthly total ticking upward.

Beverlyjoy - LMAO at the BBC penguin video - forwarded it to some serious birding friends. Enjoy your visit to your DGS laugh therapist.

maryann - Kudos for your serenity accepting, "to just FEEL WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO FEEL." Like the idea to avoid the burden of starting a whole garden and just do one pot of cherry tomatoes - we like the Sun Gold because they taste almost candy-sweet.

ChefJoona - Kudos to your DF for helping you stay the course through the call for sugary desserts - evenings can sometimes seem loooooong. [Yep, we got your thick, wet snow, LOL. But It's mostly gone already this morning.]

pamatga - Yay for a "vacation" when that's what you need. Glad your new scale makes you happy.

Gwen - Congrats on losing two pounds from your mini-plateau. Kudos for back to exercising.

Jan (jmaf) - Yay for snow - during Winter, not during Spring! Kudos for doing that "shred" thing. What does shred mean?

RunningFree - Good luck on your exam today - neat that you got yourself to do the studying even though it was boring. Kudos for staying away from the assortment of chocolate.

angelskiss - LOL at one more person discovering that they actually do eat standing up. I just knew that I never did. Until I read the Beck suggestion that I monitor that and then discovered that I was eating from my plate as I carried it to the table - Ouch!

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 1
Gather your supplies
You will need a number of inexpensive, easy-to-find supplies over and over again while on this plan. You probably already have some of them. Gather the following:. . .
A small box. Select one about the size used to file recipe cards. You will turn this into a Memory Box (page 38) where you can store important weight loss milestones and memories.
. . .Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 33.

04-02-2011, 08:20 AM
GM everyone and GD to those who will post later. Welcome back eusebius. I am a veteran OAer and I will definitely give the 12 Steps credit for nipping my voracious binging in the bud. I still binge on occasion but it is an occasion not an every day occurence.
Runningfree Wow what a coincidence that is exactly what I have every day. I put 1 tsp of decaf instant coffee into 1 c skim milk and then add a flavoring or artificial sweetner to it. Very addicting! Although I like hot coffee I prefer iced drinks so iced capucinos are one of my favs! I limit myself to one a day but I do look forward to it when I do.
Beverlyjoy What a gift you have there. What a treat for these kids as well.

Credit moi: For 4/1/11

Back in the saddle this month after quite a horrible month last month.
Rejoined a daily weigh in accountability thread. I think it helps to identify areas I need to work on
Joined a Fruit and veggie challenge in another group. I love fruit, can never get enough, and I'm not half bad on the vegetable side either. Prize is a T-shirt at the end. I would like that although I'm not big on wearing t-shirts with sayings on them.
Water: 64 oz
Exercise: calories burned 252. (walk, grocery shopping, light housework and strength exercises)
Still practicing "Patient Trust" from last month.
Calories: 2400 cal. in 3 meals ( I had a dark chocolate bar as an evening snack :dizzy:)

04-02-2011, 09:48 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was a good day even including the travel factor. I stocked up on veggies at Whole Foods and resisted tempting samples. I got 15 minutes in on my bike, even though mom got out of her meeting early. I'm back to sporadic weekend internet, so won't attempt personals unless some techo-miracle happens later.

Erika (eusebius), welcome back! *credit* for persistence in reaching your goals!

04-02-2011, 09:51 AM
Ok day yesterday... Ate my planned food, and CREDIT for free weights. Had a little snack attack at night... I don't expect to see any movement down on the scale tomorrow for my Sunday morning weigh-in. Tonight we are celebrating my Dad's Birthday with a family meal. I will give myself permission to enjoy dessert.

I am going to look for Jillian's 30 Day Shred... I would love to be able to do a real push up!

Wishing everyone a great Saturday... will try to plan time for personals tomorrow.

04-02-2011, 10:15 AM
Pamatga, Maryann, Bevjoy... I too suffer from depressiosn, (and anxiety attacks, and anger too... such a mess.) I've finally realized that I cannot change the past, and that living in my "imagined" future is futile. So, just for today I BREATHE in the peace, joy, calm and Exhale pain, sorrow, anger. I've recently created response cards for these feelings also (thank you Dr. Beck!) They are working great! Eating right and exercising is also a great depression, stress, anxiety soother... who knew the experts were right???

OnebyOne - thinking of you! Hope you're doing great!

The sun is shining in NC and the trees are putting on their leaves... it's a beautiful day!

I'm off to shred with Jillian... Billbe - 30 day shred is an intense 20 minute workout. Jan - I can't do even 1 pushup yet - I just plank it for now, but maybe by next week! I want to start running again. (really, my running will be more like race walking - never have gotten over a 10 minute mile!)

04-02-2011, 10:31 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

It is great to be back with you folks :)
Today is Day 2: Choose 2 reasonable diets. This was pretty easy for me as I am already counting WW points (the new version with the "free" fruits and veggies). As a backup diet I am choosing good old calorie counting, which has worked for me in the past. I'm considering using the Beck Diet for Life as support for the backup, but I won't make a final decision on that until I need to.

This morning I have to go to the funeral of a lady who sang in a choir I play for. She really had a zest for life and a big heart, and it is sad to see her go. I also lost another friend in the past few months - this one was much closer to my age, had a daughter the same age as my Claire, and was battling cancer. Losing friends like this really drives home the impermanence and brevity of life. It's sad, but I need to allow myself to feel the sadness and not try to block it out.

RunningFree - great job getting back on track!!

Beverlyjoy - have a wonderful time away! Sounds like you have it well planned.

BillBE - Love how you recognize the value of eating when it's "good enough" though not "stellar". Cool that you have a stone Buddha in your garden now! That would be a nice addition to ours too, hmmm ...

pamatga - good to see an OAer here with lots of success. I think the OA and Beck combination is a winner! Love "Patient Trust" ... a great slogan.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - kudos for healthy Whole Foods behaviours :) and getting on your bike on a busy day!

ChefJoona - Great job staying (mostly) OP!

Gwen - Great advice for dealing with depression and negative emotions.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

04-02-2011, 12:14 PM
Happy April!

I had company over last night but did reasonably well. I skipped a work potluck in the evening which was great because in doing so, I was able to avoid any tempting food AND I didn't make anything myself which I would have tried. I am known at work for bring a "good dessert baker" which meant I would have baked something and inevitably tried it. I'm glad I avoided the whole mess.

I also got up extra early to do my exercise (longer yesterday) which I was initially struggling with. I did end up eating more than I should have, but it was all healthy food.

Yesterday's task was to skip lunch but since I exercised a lot I'm going to try to do that next week instead.

It's the weekend and I'm hoping I can continue doing good without a routine.

angelskiss - welcome!

Erika - welcome back!!

BillBlueEyes - your sandwich sounded heavenly. I love that combination.

ChefJoona - not my parents, but my grandparents are very superstitious. My mother was raised knowing all kinds of crazy superstitions but she once told me she didn't bother to tell me a lot of them because she didn't want me to worry about such things as a child! It's fun to learn about them now though.

maryann - credit for you that you exercised twice. I hope you are feeling better today.

pamatga - you're right about the eating in the car. I think I need to find a better solution and/or practice Beck's technique of practicing hunger tolerance. I keep convincing myself I'm "so hungry" and can't wait until I get home so I stop somewhere and eat something (usually something bad!). Thanks for the reminder. I'm glad you're back in the saddle and took the steps to help with that by joining accountability groups.

RunningFree - very impressed you were able not to touch the chocolate! I hope your exam goes well.

04-02-2011, 12:19 PM
Struggling a bit with more I want to do than time permits and a desire to "fix" it all with food. Staying pretty close to plan, but I need to be closer to plan unless I want to maintain at this weight, and I'm too close to goal to want that.

WI: +0.1kgs, Exercise: +0* 0/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome back, eusebius! Great to see you here!

04-02-2011, 01:34 PM
Good Saturday Morning, Everyone.
Recuperating from the blues. I want to feel free and peaceful but I accept it is not going to happen this moment. I know I have had tremendous peace in my life in the past. I know I will feel it again. But not this moment. The trick I have learned through the Beck program is not to overeat while I am waiting for the miracle because if I do I will have two problems instead of one. Yesterday's food was wishy washy. I am hovering 2 pounds above ticker. Credit, however, for six days of exercise and lots of veggies. I want these two days to be OP for my own sense of satisfaction. I will track all that I eat.
Pagamata: Thank you for your thoughtful response to my feelings. Reading about your struggles helps me to become less self-centered.
Eusebrius: Welcome back. I was a member of OA for a long time a long time ago - 20 years. I have nothing but respect for the program and have recently been considering going back to FA (Food Addicts) because they have a meeting close by.
RunningFree: Your chocolate experiment reminds me of the day I went to Sam's Club and bought a box of 32 Reese's peanut butter cups. I eat one cup a day for snack with a cheese sticks. Amazing that it has been the rare occasion I have eaten more than one.
Beverleyjoy: Enjoy your storytelling gig. I'm sure your GS will love it.

04-02-2011, 03:58 PM
Welcome to our Beck group, angelkiss. With a name like that, I am sure that you will be a blessing to us all. :grouphug:

lol. My other online username is crabbything.

04-02-2011, 05:37 PM
Hello Coaches

I shan't go into much detail about the 31st of March 2011 except to say it was by far one of the worst, if not THE worst day of my whole life--no I have had worse days, but I can count them on one hand. I was done tossing/sorting/packing at 5 to midnight March 31st, 2011. Right down to the wire. But I got it all done. CREDIT

DH and I were both extremely angry at each other and it started to bleed out between us yesterday but today we're adjusting. The fishy has a brand new 29gal tank. He is happily swimming. I potted up a plant left for us by the previous tenant. I added soil to the one cactus that made the move to this new place. Caesar Cat is happily finding new favorite spots and has displayed more acceptance and peace with his surroundings than his human co-habitants have.

We bow to you O Caesar.

And guess what? I have to go back to Ottawa (where I just moved from) this week as my sister is visiting and she was supposed to come here and instead I will go there. And this means I can pick up the rest (yes the rest) of my stuff which I panic-stricken had my friend take away in his car for me at the midnight hour... this after a lady and her young daughters were waiting at the curb for the rest of my boxes-that-would-not-fit-into-the-car-and-had-to-be-tossed-out-at-the-last-minute. It was the last emotional straw for me; to see them just rip my boxes open and fling stuff everywhere;packing paper, items looked at and considered then tossed aside. One thing for me to do it (and I had intended to keep that stuff) another to see a stranger and her young'uns do it in front of me. The box that said "bedside stuff" was sealed and I took it right out of her hands away from her. I was horrified and wondered if there were any diaries in any of those boxes she went through? No idea. No clue. Petrifies me even just thinking about it. But that is over over over.

And there I was thinking I wouldn't write any of this to you guys. DH doesn't want to hear it so... that's what we do here right? get it off our chest so we don't eat over it. *phew*

Where I am now there are more services and options available re: working out & swimming. It's good. I found a community garden that may have plots available as well--this is in addition to the other community garden which is more like a farming co-op. I actually have a choice! amazing... and I am 2 gardening zones warmer here.

Foodwise I am back to square 1 for the umpteenth time. I'm determined to start being more discriminating in my food choices and to start switching healthier food for what I've been consuming. It will be good to be cooking once more. I look forward to creating a new functional kitchen to support my weight-loss goals.

Anyway, all is well. I'm still in shock after moving but these things take time. I've only been here 24hrs... it'll take a bit longer I'm sure!

Thanks for being here.

update: I went on and under their TOOLS section I found printable food exchange cards. I can't find any memory sticks and I had to leave my printer behind so it'll be a day or two before I actually get these printed out--but my plan is to use this to begin again.

04-02-2011, 05:57 PM
Tonight I just can't write anything to you, because I feel too vulnerable and this would involve opening up too much. So, I'll just check in and report that my day passed well. By 'well' I mean no binge periods and I am very grateful to God for that.

Wish you all good day tomorrow.

04-03-2011, 07:50 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Tried the Arnold's 100% whole wheat Thins for my peanut butter sandwich for lunch; CREDIT moi. Figured that it would taste like bread ends since each half is like an end. It was good; will have to see if I'm really satisfied with the smaller volume of bread, or whether I'll just add more peanut butter as compensation.

Exercise was an introduction to rock climbing course; CREDIT moi. I was surprised that it's kinda easy to go straight up a beginner's vertical wall because you use your legs to lift yourself up; hands and arms are usually used just for holding yourself vertical on the beginner's climbs. So it's about the equivalent exercise of walking up stairs. Was amazed to see little kids just scooting up walls like spiders. Saw a young girl, couldn't have weighed more than 50 pounds, climbing fearlessly, swinging on her belay rope as required to get to a better footing. And saw a 5 year old boy doing well on his first climb ever.

onebyone - Ouch for the pain of the finale. I suffered just reading about people treating your stuff rudely. When you choose a new printer, be sure to see what their ink costs; my DD believes that the printers that cost less use the uber expensive cartridges.

Erika (eusebius) - Ouch for facing "the impermanence and brevity of life" - I'm seeing a bunch of that lately, also. I'm not feeling pain for the recognition that my journey is finite, but annoyance that I've lived my whole life ignoring the obvious.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - That's a thought that strikes me also, "but I need to be closer to plan unless I want to maintain at this weight." My neurons seem tolerant of inching away from plan, but my fat cells know.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - "Whole Foods and resisted tempting samples" is Kudos worthy and a good reminder to me that I've begun to slip in that area.

maryann - Joyful thought there, "I know I will feel it again."

ChefJoona - Family meals can be a challenge for staying on the path; good luck.

pamatga - A day with both a walk and strength exercises is a good day.

Gwen - Lovely thought, "I BREATHE in the peace, joy, calm and Exhale pain, sorrow, anger."

RunningFree - Sending supportive thoughts. Kudos for [I]"well" for your day.

tarte - Kudos for making the choice to avoid the potluck and your own baked dessert. Our recent thing is to bring fruit salad to potlucks; they're always completely consumed.

angelskiss - Waving back. LOL at crabbything.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 1
Gather your supplies
You will need a number of inexpensive, easy-to-find supplies over and over again while on this plan. You probably already have some of them. Gather the following:. . .
A larger box. You will use this to store distractions to help wait our cravings, negative emotions, and other precipitants to unplanned eating.
. . .Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 33.

04-03-2011, 08:47 AM
angelkiss that is just too cute--crabbything huh? Well, human nature is about duality so you are "allowed" (like you need permission, right? ;)) Think of a porcupine. When they are feeling all peaceful their quills go down and I think you can even pick them up but when they feel "threatened" the quills stand up to attention and "beware". Gee, I think I might be a closet porcupine! Hmmm???

Tarte would it be possible to carry some healthy snacks in the car (or your purse/backpack, etc) so when you feel hungry you can have those instead. I was thinking about individually wrapped string cheese, some raw carrot or celery sticks in a baggy, box of raisins or cut up apple, for starters.

Is it possible that you are allowing yourself too much time in between meals and your blood sugar is getting too low. I begin to shake visibly when my blood glucose gets too low. I am pre-diabetic (with a very strong family history of diabetes on both sides of the families) so I also carry glucose tablets. I haven't had to use them yet but they are pure glucose and they are only 5 calories per tablet. You can buy them anyway for under $3. The hunger buster that I have found to work for me is cheese (especially full fat cheese like cheddar) and lots of water.

Onebyone moving a lot of stuff is a huge endeavor. As I mentioned we moved from Minnesota to Georgia 7 years ago. I can't believe I paid to have professional movers move out of date catalogs, for example. I procrastinated until the last 2 weeks before we moved and I was still packing as the moving men were coming to pick up the boxes. Two years ago I made the decision to take everything out of a storage unit ($140 a month) and made some tough decisions about what I would keep based on the size of our very generous closets and space in our two bedroom apartment. I gave away some things that I now wished I wouldn't have but after all they are only "things". I used to say that I felt that my stuff "owned me". Now, I can truly say I "own my stuff". Anyone who is a recovering "hoarder" knows what I am talking about. Some day you will look back on this and realize that you are not your stuff. You are all you need for this journey in life.

Credit moi:

Having two really good days for my food plan and activity.

I lost 2 lbs of sodium-induced (is there any other kind?) of water weight but I want more! I am hoping to drop 1 lb per day so I wish I wouldn't have had the popcorn and Coke Zero last night. Darn!:devil:

I am part of two other groups that have different challenges going on for accountability. The harder one is on here in the 100 lbs group for weighing in every day. Blah! However, I identified some trends I needed to work on so I signed up for another month of daily tracking.

I really wanted to go to my favorite Chinese restaurant today for dinner (read:big meal around 1 pm on Sunday) but after not seeing any weight lose from last night even though I was up every hour peeing, I have decided to stay home and make something here. Don't cry for me Argentina! I can do that on my own, thank you very much!:D

The other challenge is the person who loses the biggest percentage of weight this coming month gets a t-shirt. Well, I am not big on wearing anything with someone else's logo on but it does sort of bring out the hiberating competitive side in me. ;) If I am even going to "place" in this I am really going to have to knuckle down. It all gets down to choices.

04-03-2011, 10:11 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was a good day. I planned, tracked and exercised. I got the results of my bloodwork. Although my total cholesterol came down 10 points from last year, my HDL and LDL did not have significant change. Silly thing, it made me feel like eating junk-like why am I being so good and not seeing better results. SABOTAGING THOUGHT! I stayed out of the chip bag and instead went to the library and got some books so I could learn what nutritional steps I could take to improve my outcome. *credit*

:wave: to everyone! Thanks for being here! Sorry I am not able to respond better right now...I do accept my internet connection will not improve here without an outflow of $$ so I will live with it.

04-03-2011, 10:19 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Today marks a whole week of eating on plan and I'm really happy! Last night was the final choir concert at the university, so DH, DD and I drove to the city where the university is (St. Catharines) and had dinner at a restaurant. Here's a tip I learned from this experience: If the restaurant you're going to has a "Catch of the Day", look into it! I think the rainbow trout I had was the only thing on the menu that didn't have a gooey creamy sauce on it. Just grilled and lightly seasoned.

I am not back in the exercise routine yet. My plan is to get 2 weeks of clean eating under my belt (That's a metaphor folks) ;) and then start walking again. I hope to go back to running once my weight has gone down a bit.

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes (today is day 3 and fortunately I do have this habit already)
Tarte - Good choice to skip the potluck and getting up early for exercise!

gardenerjoy - I can so relate to having more things to do than time to do them all!! I always struggle with staying just with the thing in front of me.

maryann - (((Hugs))) to you as you deal with the blues ... a place I know well! Kudos for exercise and veggies which can only help you.

angelskiss (or is it crabbything!) LOL! :)

onebyone - Way to go getting all that tossing and packing done!!! Where did you move to? Are you still in Ontario? (PM me if you're anywhere close to Hamilton ...) I think Caesar is the most appropriate name for a cat ever. Ave! ;) Cats teach us so much about being happy and accepting the present moment.

RunningFree - (((Hugs)))) and great job not binging!

BillBE - Kudos for trying rock climbing! Claire will be jealous. Kids are amazing at that stuff. I totally relate to the idea of ignoring the obvious ... my ability to do that knows no bounds it seems.

pamatga - good choice staying away from the Chinese food. Kudos for staying on plan for 2 days!!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for planning, tracking, exercising, and staying out of the chips!! and WTG on lowering your total cholesterol - that's a real achievement in my book.

Have a great OP Sunday, all!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes

04-03-2011, 10:59 AM
Good morning!

No credit for exercise yesterday- but its ok to take a day off. The sun is shining today, so I'll definitely get out for a walk and do my free weights. I ordered the 30 Day Shred from Amazon yesterday. I'm excited for it to arrive!

I spent a while reading from the Green book yesterday. I really like the idea of the "Memory Box". I spent some time thinking about positive weight loss memories from the past several months- compliments, fitting into clothes, seeing a difference when I look in the mirror. I looked at some pictures of myself from last fall before I started losing. I was pretty suprised. I've lost almost 20 pounds in the last 6 months. This was something I never thought I could do! I didn't have the confidence I could make changes that could lead to such a loss.

Eating was ok yesterday, within the parameters of enjoying my dad's birthday celebration without going overboard.

eusebius Hurray for a week on plan!!!
Lexxiss Credit for resisting the chip bag and making a healthy choice to go to the library!
pamatga Yay for "two really good days"!
BillBE How fun to try a new activity for exercise! I think one reason why I struggle with exercise is I don't mix it up with different activities.
RunningFree Credit for checking it. Hope you are doing well today.
onebyoneI hope you enjoy your visit with your sister. Great news about the options for gardening!
maryannsix days of exercise and lots of veggies is definitely credit worthy!
tarte reading about your choice to skip a pot luck shows you are putting dieting first! I need to remind myself to do that often!
Gwen I hope I find Jillian and her 30 day shred as helpful as you have! I'm going to give it a try!

Have a wonderful day everyone! :carrot:

04-03-2011, 02:20 PM
Today's challenge is a busy day, particularly a 6:30 meeting that makes fixing supper pretty difficult. We're fixing a normal supper dish at lunch and doing carry-outs for supper. It will do.

WI: +0.1kgs, Exercise: +70* 70/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: so glad that you've made it to the other side!

04-03-2011, 05:43 PM
BillBlueEyes, kudos for trying new things! The climbing wall is certainly an interesting adventure-although I still imagine it to be a bit more challenging than walking up stairs.

angelskiss, lol at thinging you never eat standing up. That exercise has provided me the most information about myself..even after months, I still's such a part of my subconscious.

Jan(jmaf), thanks for checking in!

Beverlyjoy, I paused for a moment with a smile and a sigh; I don't have Gkids….or kids, but could feel your joy at reading at GS's school. You said, "I hope he enjoys it." Me thinks, I hope you enjoy it.

Gwen, thanks for the "breathe" exercise.

tarte,great that you skipped the potluck! There will always be another one!

maryann, I always find great acceptance in your posts. Even when something feels like forever...reality is it isn't.

onebyone, glad that it is April! lol I don't know if it's any consolation, but I think the "human vultures" are really tasteless and it is certainly not personal. You are moving onward and upward, and sadly they will probably find another "easy kill" before too long. *credit* for already finding healthy options; working out, swimming and community gardens! Yay!

RunningFree, big *credit* for posting here even when you felt too vulnerable. I firmly believe that a great part of finding success in changing our behaviors is showing up and remaining accountable even when we don't feel like it.

pamatga, great spur of the moment decision, not going out for Chinese, and instead cooking at home. That is a success strategy!

Erika(eusebius), great that you have completed your first week back eating on plan. It sounded like a wise decision to deal with food stuff first then work on the exercise later. Funny you should mention that rainbow trout...I have really been wanting one. My friend called to say he had caught one for me but I'll have to wait until mid month to enjoy it.(I'm not at the location of the fish)

ChefJoona, I have to tell myself, too, that it's ok to take a day off. Enjoying your dad's birthday celebration without going overboard is a testament of the changes you have made in your life to make it possible to lose those 20 pounds. Kudos!

gardenerjoy, I felt great personal power in your statement, "I need to be closer to plan unless I want to maintain at this weight, and I'm too close to goal to want that." Kudos!

04-03-2011, 08:04 PM
I had some work to do during weekend and I did it while sitting in bed with the laptop and ate. Guilty. Tomorrow I'll accept all the punishment I deserve from my scales and then I'll move on.

04-03-2011, 11:35 PM
Hi Coaches

I woke up in my new place and made breakfast for us. Amazing. I've missed cooking from scratch very much. Then later on something happened, not sure when or where, but suddenly my ankle is killing me. I can barely put weight on it and I went out to get a cold pack compress and I've been resting, icing, compressing and elevating since this afternoon. What the heck did I do??? Sounds like a sprain; feels like a really bad sprain. I have stuff to do !!! Most importantly I need a blue bin and a green bin. The garbage is complicated here and it's piling up in the kitchen for not knowing how/when/where to deal with it.
But now with this foot well I'm out of commission. I sure hope I don't need to see a dr. I don't have one here so it'd be a walk-in clinic = long wait. We'll see if it gets better tomorrow or not. Of all the luck.

I called my sister and told her I just can't drive back to Ottawa this week. I don't have it in me. I woke up with a sore stomach from fretting over it all last night. She understood but was sad. This foot pain is in my driving foot so that pretty much caps the decision.

I was feeling forlorn today. I was still really mean and angry yesterday but that's passing. Food has started to get better, I tunred down some extra food today and I'm ready to follow a plan again.

Better go. I'm tired. Hello to everyone.

04-04-2011, 05:24 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The Arnold's 100% whole wheat Thins worked for the second day; CREDIT moi for changing my food plan, even if just a tiny bit. Gotta remember that consistency following the path doesn't mean eating the same things forever.

Good walking in the not-yet-warm sunshine; CREDIT moi. Gardens are being worked in the neighborhood. A Robin followed my DW around our yard as she was poking in the ground - apparently looking for an easy worm. I can't complain about cold when the Robin did a quicky bath. Other exercise was hauling some twelve boxes of books down one flight of stairs toward their temporary storage in our basement. Still got too many books, including a beautiful picture book of the Himalayas that's so large that it doesn't fit in any of the boxes - haven't thought of a solution for that yet, LOL.

onebyone - Congrats for being all set up in a working kitchen already. Ouch for the ankle - that's a bummer. Hope it's one of those sprains that heal themselves with just a little bit of rest.

Erika (eusebius) - Kudos for a week on plan - solid start there. And Kudos for grabbing that Rainbow Trout - I'll remember your tip to pursue "Catch of the Day."

I need your help: we attended Emperor of Atlantis or Death Quits, the Victor Ullmann opera written in 1943 from the concentration camp. I just don't get the music; it was grating. Do you have any suggestions for coming to understand modern music? I found books listed on Amazon, but I'm not drawn to reading about what I'm not hearing.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - I find it a real challenge when events are scheduled that conflict with my normal eating plan. It confuses me when we eat dinner at 5:30 instead of a more usual 7:30.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Congrats on that lower total cholesterol - since my doctor is most interested in the ratio of the total to the HDL, he'd be pleased.

ChefJoona - It's a big deal to do your dad's celebration without going overboard, Kudos. Neat that you're doing your "Memory Box."

pamatga - Kudos for making your own dinner instead of going out for Chinese. I'm still having difficulties ordering a modest calorie meal at a Chinese restaurant - perhaps too many years of General Gao's Chicken, LOL.

RunningFree - Love your attitude, "... and then I'll move on." The next challenge is not to feel guilty so you can free up some mental energy to figure out how to work on your laptop in bed without using food as a crutch.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 1
Gather your supplies
You will need a number of inexpensive, easy-to-find supplies over and over again while on this plan. You probably already have some of them. Gather the following:. . .
Multiple sets of measuring spoons and cups. You will be using these essentials several times a day. You will be less likely to measure your food if your only set is in the dishwasher, still dirty.
. . .Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 33.

04-04-2011, 06:48 AM
Hi coaches

I will just write a few lines as sitting here is killing my ankle. It is sooo sore.

:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: :mad::mad::mad:

Since I'll be immoblile for most of the day I'm going to take the down time as an opportunity to make the exchange cards on the site. I have no printer so I can't just print the pdf file. I'll need to draw, cut, paste or write them out. It's a good project for one with a sore ankle. I got up to put an ice pack on it but my ice pack wasn't returned to the freezer so I am waiting for it to be cold again. The good news is the ankle didn't swell up so from what I have read that is a good first step. Now if it's not getting better two days from now I'll have to get myself to a dr. of some kind.

On another topic I heard thunder last night! So exciting. A thunder storm. I hope it's stormy all day.

Better go. Have a great Monday folks.

04-04-2011, 07:01 AM
After three hours of sleep I awoke feeling very hungry so I got up and made breakfast. The only problem is I have a long stretch of a day ahead of me and already I've eaten. This is what I face when I eat according to my calorie range and under 2400 mg sodium. Yes, I have lost 4.4 lbs of "sodium-induced" water weight but I ended up eating an apple for dinner last night because that was all I had left for calories. Yes, I have been drinking copious amounts of H2O so this is just the adjustment period from eating higher fat/higher calories/higher sodium foods. This is another good reason to eat moderately---when you return then you have to go through the adjustment period all over again. I have a very short memory when it comes to things like this. Awrgh!:mad:

BBE I prefer the soothing sounds of either sacred music, Baroque or mid-19th century classics. My son coaxed me into going to a modern opera many years ago and I was more fascinated by the fact the plus size alto was wearing a sheer body stocking (she was supposed to an other worldly creature, I think) than the contemporary (read: early 20th century) accompanying music. I just like harmony not discord.
Lexxiss what I believe helped me lower my cholesterol was lots of exercises for many years and a love of fibrous foods. I have heard that both lower your cholesterol and it definitely worked for me.
One well, you might have injured yourself during your sleep. I do that all the time. My left knee is both locked and swollen from doing wall squats. It took three days before it settled down.
Running I have found that chewing a flavorful sugar free gum (have you tried Desserts brand -mint chocolate chip really does taste like the real thing) and drinking lots of ice cold water helps. Sometimes, a flavorful tea (Celestial Seasonings had a Candy Cane green tea-might only be seasonal-that was addicting-it really tasted like it had sugar in it)

I agree with BBE about eating earlier. That was one of the first things I noticed about the time change from Central to Eastern: people eat later. I have acclimated so well to that I hate it when I do eat before 7 pm. I end up wanting a later night snack. Sometimes, what I do is wait until it is 12:01 am just so I can have a small bowl of cereal.

Yes, I do use measuring cups and spoons all the time. I am always sad when I see what 1/4 cup of potato salad looks like. It looks like 1 1/2 TB. It's sad with so much space between my foods. Can you tell I'm going through withdrawal?:) Good thing, I am a determined soul.

Have a good day, all!:hug:

04-04-2011, 08:26 AM
Hi friends.becksters -- love being here with family and really enjoying time with my grandson. I am trying to make good decisions. Reality hit me square in the face when I cut myself some pie - and when I was distracted the kitten started to eat it... I threw it away and considered it a 'sign'.

I am enjoying my grandson very much. Guess I am repeating myself... must be really true. LOL I will keep it real today with the food. So many temptations.

I got out my journal and will write everything down.

billbe - did your friends like the flying penguin video from the the BBC network.

lexxiss/debbie - thanks . . . yes I am so looking forward to telling stories, etc at GS's school. My storytelling is not actually reading stories.... I tell them in the oral tradition with no books. With the younger children I use some props, puppets, song etc to tell the tale.

Thanks everyone!!

Have a good day.

04-04-2011, 10:09 AM
Dreary day... some snow was coming down a little while ago. :( I am wanting Spring to come!

Eating was a little off yesterday. The timing of my meals was off because it was a busy day.

Credit for a lot of activity and exercise! It was a sunny day so some friends and I went to check out a waterfall, which involved hiking around. Then a couple of us went to an indoor ice skating rink- definitely great exercise!

Went to the movies with DFiance in the early evening. I resisted the urge to get popcorn or candy, as we planned to have dinner when we got home.

Going to have lunch at one of my grad school professor's house. I'm not sure what she is preparing, so I said I would bring a spinach salad. I'll be headed to the grocery store shortly.

Hope all have a great start to the week!

04-04-2011, 10:12 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

I weighed in this morning down 3 pounds!! Woot! I realize that some of it will have been water from previous bad eating but I'm happy to see it gone nonetheless. I'm feeling optimistic about reintroducing the Beck principles into my life and being back with this group.

Today is Day 4 - Give yourself credit. So credit moi for:
- skipping a church potluck yesterday and eating lunch at home instead
- sitting down and eating mindfully for all 3 meals
- tracking my food all week
- drinking my water each day
- being consistent with meditation practice

ChefJoona - Kudos for celebrating with your dad without overeating!
gardenerjoy - credit for planning your food in advance on a busy day!
RunningFree - Ouch for feeling guilty but kudos for moving on.
onebyone - great feeling to wake up and cook for yourself in the new place! Glad to hear your food is getting better despite your foot issues. I heard the thunderstorm this morning too! My cat got scared and came to snuggle with me in bed while the lightning flashed ...
BillBE - I completely relate to having too many books! After we moved into this house and the movers had lugged 20 boxes of books, one of them quipped, "Ever heard of a library card?"

Re modern music - very interesting question. I would suggest easing yourself into more difficult musical idioms - start with more accessible stuff like Mahler, Debussy, Strauss, Sibelius and gradually move towards the thornier stuff. Intermediate steps might be Copland, Hindemith, Zemlinsky ... Of the twelve-tone composers I find Berg the easiest to stomach. I'm a fan of Bartok, Prokofiev, Stravinsky as well. Alex Ross's "The Rest is Noise" is a fabulous, non-technical book on 20th-century music.

pamatga - kudos for staying in your calorie range and drinking all that H2O!! Wow, I wonder what that opera was with the plus-size alto in a body stocking. I think the majority of listeners prefer more harmonious music and I can totally respect that. I find it interesting that some composers these days are less drawn to atonal idioms and often try to write things that audiences will relate to more.

Beverlyjoy - Well done skipping the pie!! I am so glad you are enjoying your time with your grandson.

Time to get DD to school! Have a great Monday, all.

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes

04-04-2011, 10:42 AM
Today is my doctor's appointment. The one where I'm going to convince him to take me off my blood pressure medication. Wish me luck!

WI: -0.75kgs, Exercise: +60* 130/1500 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-04-2011, 11:25 AM
Tomorrow is weigh in day for me. I was down for part of this week and now I am up. I find weigh ins very frustrating because I was losing very well and then I just stopped. It doesn't seem to matter what I do the weight just bobbles up and down at the same 4 lbs.

Today is schedule time for weight loss. I have been doing a lot of these things so far. I guess it's just reinforcing habits I have already had.

04-04-2011, 06:07 PM
onebyone, even thought you are having a hard time now, it's great that I can still find some optimistic notes in your posts.

BillBlueEyes, yay for good walking. It must be very relaxing. I usually have no patience to walk, I even find it strange to walk, when all people are rushing around.

pamatga, I can totally relate to you. I am coming back now from major binge period during weekend and all that hardship of adjustment period is well known to me.

Beverlyjoy, credit goes to the kitten for sending you a sign. LOL

ChefJoona, credit for being active. Great decision to bring your healthy food for lunch with the professor.

eusebius, yay for giving yourself a credit. And credit for losing 3 pounds.

gardenerjoy, hope you got lucky at convincing your doctor to take you off your blood pressure medication.

angelskiss, I understand your frustration. For few weeks I was very successful with Beck program, I lost 11 pounds, but then everything just got out of control and I am again at where I started, 175 pounds. Stopping is still better than gaining it all back.

I had two major binges: on April 1 and yesterday. The quantities I can consume during those binges scare me. In calories it was supposed to be enough for whole week and I ate it in a few hours. OK, I stopped after few hours, but it was already more than enough.
I hate binges, it interrupts my running, my gym and I really really love those activities, but after binging I become very bloated and have a terrible headache.

Today I am recovering. Actually I eat healthy most of the time, usually home prepared meals. It's just binges that ruin everything and food I binge on is mostly healthy, just not in healthy quantities: like oatmeal, black bread, cottage cheese, butter, but when quantities are 21oz of oatmeal, 18oz of black bread, 18oz of cottage cheese, 4oz of butter, that makes a difference.

I was laughing out loud from myself while writing this. I am so hopeless.

04-04-2011, 07:38 PM
Good Afternoon: OP Yesterday and today until I went foraging for mini chocolates - completely feeling related. I am leaving school this moment to go home, where there are no mini chocolates and collect myself. If necessary, I will eat an early dinner and go to bed.
Blues are lifting but slowly, oh so slowly.
I'll catch up on personals this week but right now I am leaving the Wily Wonka Chocolate Factory- Western Division.

04-04-2011, 08:10 PM
Welcome (back, in some cases) to erika, runningfree, tarte, beck, and angelskiss! And welcome back, to myself. It's been too long!

I blame first getting distracted from posting on my birthday. The world did not end when I turned 33, but it was one of those intensely reflective, turning point birthdays. Then, I started to get really wound up about a conference I was preparing to attend (my first major conference with much more 'qualified' and senior scholars than myself). And then -- no internet for a week and a half!


* Amazing myself and impressing others at this conference. Confronting my high levels of fear and dread. Being addressed, in all seriousness, as "Professor", by a senior scholar at an ivy league, even though this is far from true

* Bringing healthy snacks to the conference (resulting in a rustling and crackling purse, but well worth it!)

* Having some celebration eating, but in moderation

* Resisting, for the most part, junk food

* Watching my portions; pausing between bites; weighing in; exercising at least four times/week


* posting here daily

* making a food plan (beyond the mental)

* tracking my unplanned food

* standing-eating

* reading my A&R cards

Despite these weeks of stress, the scale has stayed moderately stable. Yet again, I'm feeling the doldrums of the middle of a ten-pound drop. It feels like I've been hovering around 175 forever, dipping tantalizingly low to 171 at one point, then back up again, even when I'm eating OP and exercising. I know, I know, I KNOW this is just part of the cycle. It's not even a plateau. But it's annoying.


* pack plenty of snacks for travel to another conference this weekend

* bring DVDs for exercise while out of town

* getting back in touch with my food planning

More time for personals when my internet returns. Waving to all, hugs to all, and sending strong and supportive energy around the world.

04-04-2011, 09:42 PM
I was doing so well last week, then the weekend hit, and I binged. Not just for one meal either unfortunately. I am feeling hopeless, wanting to "start over" yet again. But I also know I can't do that. No one is perfect and I need to kick my all-or-nothing thinking to the ground. I am hoping I will remember how awful I feel right now the next time I have the urge to do this again. I am adding this to my ARC.

Today I am doing better but it's a struggle. I am fighting (sabotaging) thoughts of "why bother" with (helpful) thoughts of "just do it." I know that if I can string together a few good days again I'll feel much better having my resistance muscle in use again.

I really didn't want to type this post up (sorry for the negativity) but am doing so anyway to hold myself accountable. Thanks for reading.

04-04-2011, 11:08 PM

Your thoughts really hit home for me. I appreciate that you posted that things have not gone well. Mostly I read but don't post when I am struggling. For me, it is easy to come in here and list a bunch of credits on onplan days but very hard to come here and talk about overeating. Like you, I worry about posting negativity. I am struggling with thoughts of "I will never do this".

You are 100% correct that we need to fight the sabotaging thoughts. Wishing you well in getting back on track. I guess no matter how hard it is to keep starting again, the only thing worse is just giving up.


04-05-2011, 06:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate more than my generous allocation at my potluck last night, Ouch. I'm just not capable of sitting at a table of food for over two hours and not nibbling when that's what's happening. But CREDIT moi for bringing huge strawberries so that some of my nibbling was top shelf.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. It was my day to feel that I'll never look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. That occurs to me from time to time and then I get over it.

onebyone - Yay for an ankle that didn't swell up when that's what you feared. Hope it calmed itself down, and that you had the same rain that we had so you didn't feel bad being inside all day.

Erika (eusebius) - Congrats on the three pounds gone. Good move to skip that church potluck yesterday - I've got to think about trying that one. [Thanks for the tips about modern music. I've added Alex Ross's "The Rest is Noise" to my Amazon shopping list. It's good to be reminded that since I like Bartok and Stravinsky, I'm not completely out of it.]

CeeJay - Yep, "the only thing worse is just giving up."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Got my fingers crossed that you convinced your doctor.

Beverlyjoy - You're in good hands, with your DGS laugh therapist and the kitten Food Police, LOL. [Yep, the flying penguin video was a hit - So BBC, LOL.]

Professor MaryContrary - Congrats on being yourself in your full splendor at the conference. Love the thought of you walking about with a "rustling and crackling purse" - all the more mysterious. English Professors are expected to be a bit odd, you know.

maryann - Waving toward the "Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory- Western Division," LOL. I can handle chocolate, it's the thought of a freezer full of walnuts that would scare me. Yay for "lifting" - even if slowly.

ChefJoona - Yay for a great day with hiking to an interesting waterfall. Kudos for movies without popcorn.

pamatga - LOL at a quarter cup of potato salad; Yep, it'd sure look like a good taste to me. [When you make it to Boston, you'll love the Handel and Haydn Society - Baroque till you drop.]

RunningFree - Kudos for reporting in and moving forward. Yep, over eating happens, and the winning response is to get right back on track. You are NOT "hopeless" - that's just a feeling, and it will pass.

tarte - Yep, feeling hopeless is just another of the Sabotaging Thoughts. Big Kudos for whipping out your "just do it." And Kudos for holding yourself accountable so you can feel yourself back on track.

angelskiss - It's great when a Beck strategy is one that you're already doing. Kudos for scheduling time for your weight loss activities.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 1
Gather your supplies
You will need a number of inexpensive, easy-to-find supplies over and over again while on this plan. You probably already have some of them. Gather the following:. . .
A digital food scale. You will use this indispensable tool to accurately measure your food by weight.
. . .Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 33.

04-05-2011, 07:46 AM
Mixed bag day yesterday...

I started by going shopping for new jeans, as my current size jeans are too big, and I haven't bought new pants since my weight loss. Apparently the jeans in stores have shrunk too... I just went for one size smaller and I still had to squeeze into them. I left the store discouraged and empty handed.

A positive was lunch at my professor's. The first thing she noted was how much thinner I looked. I told her all about the Beck program and it got her reflecting on her own eating habits... then she served pepperoni pizza after my spinach salad! I stopped at one slice. Credit. I felt a bit sick to my stomach after- lots of grease that I'm not as used to eating anymore. I didn't let it get me off track for the day. I made a very healthy black bean, tomato, peppers, and corn mix for dinner.

Just a little credit for exercise- I did some core strengthening moves. My 30 Day Shred should be arriving in the mail today or tomorrow! Not sure how I'm going to fit in exercise in the next couple days as I have full work days and obligations after work. I don't want to lose my momentum.

MaryContrary Great to see you back! It sounds like the conference was a wonderful experience!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

04-05-2011, 07:48 AM
Hi Coaches!

I'm encouraged by you all today. Yesterday was pretty tough and I didn't care what I ate, even knowing that food wouldn't fix it. *credit* for logging everything, which is a positive step for me. Fortunately it was a good exercise day. It looks like the time has come to start thinking about euthanasia for our old pup. He had a rough go yesterday, which I will spare everyone the details.

Foodwise, we had an interesting experience regarding DH's junk food in the house. He has always has a giant bag of kettle chips which come from Costco and I have found a way to "usually" resist them. They are all in the trash right now and I didn't put them there. When I went to put some on his plate for lunch, there was a big gob of oil atop the refrigerator. He cleaned it up and we pondered. Put them back up and come evening there was a stream of oil running down the side of the refrig. Upon further inspection, there was a hole in the bottom of the bag....I've never seen this before, but it's like the oil all released from the chips and puddled in the bottom. I swear it looks like I made the hole, poured oil in the bag and created this...but I didn't. We poured all the chips into a bowl and observed the greasy oily mess and DH pitched them. He asked if I could help him find a salty crunchy snack that would be better for him. Interesting, huh?

Sometimes I get to feeling pretty hopeless, too, when it comes to unplanned eating. Today I will have a better day. I think I'll go put out the trash and get those soggy oily chips out of the house once and for all.

04-05-2011, 09:31 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Two very busy days ahead of me. I may end up doing the hunger experiment early and often, lol. Ironically, today's task (Day 5) is Eat slowly and mindfully. Well, I will definitely do that as often as I have the opportunity to do so, but I may have to accept that it's not going to happen for lunches today and tomorrow. OH WELL ...

This evening there is a surprise party for my husband, who is going on sabbatical at the end of the year. He has no idea and I really hope he doesn't see me typing this, lol. It's at a restaurant so I was able to scope out the menu in advance. I know there is cake, so my plan is to eat 3 bites and leave the rest.

credit: ate on plan yesterday, even with extra snacks at night. I did eat a couple of bites standing up but managed to stop myself. Drank my water. Went to OA meeting and did step work.

gardenerjoy - How was your doctor's appointment?
angelskiss - I can relate to weighins being frustrating! I remember someone saying to treat it as just information, not a judgment on how you're doing, because there's so much natural fluctuation in our weight even during a single day. I found that quite helpful.
RunningFree - I totally relate to your frustration about binges. I have been there so many times!! Your honesty deserves a lot of credit.
maryann - lol at Willy Wonka Factory, Western Division ... glad to hear your blues are lifting!
MaryContrary - Well done at your conference!! Back in my academic days I remember the intense emotions that surrounded conferences for me. Needless to say, I didn't handle them in such a healthful way as you are! What discipline are you in?
tarte - kudos for posting even though you felt horrible. Good move to add this experience to your ARC and strengthen your resistance muscle.
BillBE - ouch for potlucks ... one day I'll figure out how to handle them ... kudos for strawberries and consistency at the gym! I will be interested to hear what you think of Alex Ross's book.
ChefJoona - Shopping can be such a downer! Sizes are so different from one store to the next ... If you want an ego boost drive across the border up to a Reitman's in Montreal - I can always find pants in an encouragingly "small" size there, lol
Debbie (Lexxiss) - Definitely credit is deserved for logging everything even on a less-than-ideal eating day! Great story about those chips. It can be a real eye-opener to realize how much oil is actually in that stuff!

Time to get out in the rain and get Claire to school ... just glad it's not snow, LOL! Have a great Tuesday, all!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes (other than 2 bites ...)
Gave myself credit: yes

04-05-2011, 09:46 AM
BBEOne of the tricks that I have employed in recent years in the kind of situation you described is to sit as far away from the actual food as I can. If necessary find someone who I can talk to and engage in conversation rather than eating.

Do you want to look like "The Arnold"? I sense ambivalent feelings there. I dabbled in amateur body building thirty years ago and I got quite "cut", as they used to say. You too can look "ripped" if you adjust your food plan and learn to train the muscles the right way and in a lot less effort and time than a person would think. I have the program "6 week body makeover" developed by a former body builder and it works. The food plan is strigent so I don't follow that (laziness more than anything) but I do follow his muscle building plan and have for years. It does get results. I still have a lot of residual muscle leftover from my more active years. I know a lot of women don't like to "feel" muscular but it allows me to carry a lot more weight than I look. (I need to post a full view of my figure to show what I mean)

DH and I decided that we are going to stay a few more years here in Atlanta but we plan to visit up there soon. My son lives in Philly so it's not far.

Since April 1st, I have lost 4.6 lbs of sodium-induced (is there any other kind?) water weight. I feel in high gear. I will confess I did go to our favorite Chinese restaurant (the one I avoided on Sunday) yesterday because we were out running errands and we were hungry. I stuck with sushi and lots of cold fresh fruits and seafood like baked salmon. The heavier sodium packed foods I passed on. Again, I had to really cut my dinner short but I got busy with other things and drank lots and lots of water and even dropped .2 lbs this morning, still on 4 hours of interrupted sleep (loud thunderstorms).

A good start to what I hope will be a great month.

Love to all.:hug:

04-05-2011, 09:59 AM
BillBlueEyes - the rock climbing course sounded fun. That is always something I've wanted to try but not done.

pamatga - Thanks for the suggestion about the healthy snacks. I guess I'm trying not to stash snacks because I have a history of keeping healthy snacks in the car/at work and immediately consuming all of them within a short amount of time. I guess the alternative (buying junk food at the grocery store on the way home from work) isn't better though!

Those challenge groups you are a part of sound motivating. You are right that it does get down to choices.

eusebius - good job finishing a whole week OP!

ChefJoona - I'm interested in hearing what you think about the 30-day shred. Seems lots of people like that one. A waterfall hike? Sounds lovely.

gardenerjoy - How did your doctor's appt go?

RunningFree - credit from coming back on here and posting about your slip-up.

MaryContrary - very cool about the conference. Sounds like you have a good plan for this week.

CeeJay - thanks for your words. You are so right not to give up.

Lexxiss - what a visual on those kettle chips! I hope today is better for you also.

Feeling slightly better today. Am up early and about to go workout now..

04-05-2011, 11:20 AM
Hello everyone,
Thank you for the wonderful posts. I realize I don't find time to post as I am trying to stay away from the computer. I feel like it is an addiction for me. I also think my all of nothing attitude that is spoken of here is something I need to adjust in my life. That perfectionist bug has a hold of me and I feel so disappointed when I make a mistake. I know logically it shouldn't matter but emotionally for me it is has a very big effect on my life. I think a light bulb moment for me. Please help me with this. I just eventually stop posting. I thought life was meant to be easy/simple....etc...
Thanks for reading my post and I will try not to be so hard on myself when I have a slip up. It is from the posts I was reading that made me say,"Oh wow, I have this all or nothing attitude!"
Thanks again.

04-05-2011, 11:44 AM
The doctor took me off my blood pressure medication! He was thrilled with my weight loss. He wanted me to spend the day going from room to room in his office telling everyone how I did it. I got the impression that the vast majority of his patients are patients because they are overweight. He says he rarely gets to take people off of blood pressure medicine.

My labs came back and were terrific, too. My good cholesterol is off the chart.

When I put my menus into Spark People, the nutrition analysis always says I need more potassium and calcium. But the blood test showed that my potassium was also off the chart and my calcium was right near the top of the range. So, I guess I'm doing okay. Personally, I think it's the sprouts that I eat -- there isn't good nutrition information on sprouts, but potassium and calcium are two things that they have.

WI: +0.2kgs, Exercise: +80* 210/1500 minutes for April, Food: 95%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-05-2011, 12:35 PM
The doctor took me off my blood pressure medication! He was thrilled with my weight loss....

My labs came back and were terrific, too. My good cholesterol is off the chart.

OMG gardenerjoy!!! :carrot:I'm :cb: doing :broc: the :dancer:happy dance :dancer: for you!!!

This truly is fantastic and I wanna be JUST LIKE YOU!!

YAY!!! :congrat:

04-05-2011, 01:10 PM
Good Morning: Much better day to day. I really feel like myself again.OP today and determined to face the feelings with no chocolate begging. Plan: Post in the morning before the search begins, walk to lunchroom for Diet Coke. I am not a big soda fan but once in a while is helpful. I also read my advantages cards and copied a new pray on forgiveness. I see now the blues was a cover up for the anger I was feeling for the parent who complained to my boss. Avoiding anger (which is fear's mask) is a big reason for my blues. I would rather eat than deal.
Following is the prayer
Dear High Power, Please teach me to forgive myself and others. remove the walls that keep love out, behind which I am a prisoner. Heal my guilt and remove my anger that I might be reborn. Make gentle my heart and strong my spirit and show me how to love. Thank You, Mary Ann.
Don't mean to get all spiritual (certainly not religious) but I need all the help I can get. Overeating is a powerful disease.
MaryContrary: Welcome back. I am hovering in weight, too and want to move forward.
Tarte: Don't fool yourself. this is one of the tuffest problems you wil ever face. Coming bak after a hard weekend is a tremendous achievement.
Ceejay: I agree that a post positive or negative is extremely helpful. I believe this is a disease of isolation. Anything we can share with community helps the disease lose its power.
BBE: Two hours at dinner. How mediterranean of you. My idea of a nightmare. Credit for strawberries.
ChefJoona. As I lost my weight, I donated all my clothese and am now firmly in my new size. I find that that commitment helps me maintain the loss. Good for you.
Lexxiss: I hear you about loggging. It is an achievement.
Eusebius. Good luck on hunger experiment. very Powerful for me.
Pagmata: I agree about weight training.
Gardenerjoy: Terrific news about medication. Quite an achievement.

04-05-2011, 03:33 PM
Hi Coaches

credit for weighing in: 278lb today.
This thrills me but I am not sure I can trust it as it read 129 yesterday.:dizzy:

My foot/ankle was feeling better this morning and as a result I just wanted to simply use it more and now it's swollen up and in pain again. I stopped putting the ice pack on it too so I'll be spending the rest of the day icing it and elevating it. I did find an after hours walk in clinic near by so I think I'll get DH to bring me there when he's home from work. Guess I'd better find out what's really happening in this ankle of mine.

Foodwise, well we have no food in the house save for white bread, chunky soup, cheese slices, pickles and oranges, 1% milk for coffee. chips. pop.
Haven't done groceries as you can see. A real clean slate if you ask me!

Better go. Foot is bothering me. Bye for now.

04-05-2011, 07:08 PM
MaryContrary, you are doing a nice planning. Credit.

BillBlueEyes, yay for those huge strawberries. It's a good strategy to eat more of a healthy food.

ChefJoona, great you ate only one slice of pizza and then continued your healthy eating for the rest of the day. Credit for that.

Lexxiss, sorry about the pup.
But happy, that greasy chips were an eye opener for your DH.

eusebius, you are doing really great. Hope everything will go well at surprise party for your husband.

pamatga, nice food choices at Chinese restaurant. Credit.

tarte, happy you are feeling better. Kudos for starting your day with workout.

Newlifestyle, I guess it's healthy to accept, that you are only human, that you will make mistakes and then learn to live with them. My life keeps giving me this lesson and in each situation I have to learn it anew.

gardenerjoy, wow, I am so impressed. You not only lost weight, but you are a healthy person now and that's a huge achievement.

maryann, credit for your prayer. It's very powerful and just the right tool to fight overeating.

onebyone, wish your foot get better soon.

Today I red a post that if I am a binger, I will never stop being one, all my life I will be recovering binge eater. So, I will no more expect of myself that I will not binge, I am going to prepare for my future binges. I guess it's better than being caught unprepared. I have a huge cooked green cabbage in my fridge now. When binge comes, I'll try binging on cabbage. It should go easier on my body than other foods.

I was at the gym today. I love it, love it, love it… I don't want to skip it because of my binges ever again. Gym gives me so much energy and strength to cope with my daily life.

I was eating OP. In the evening I decided that I shouldn't deprive myself and I can have some of desirable foods, but only after I fill up on healthy dinner. So, after dinner I ate a bite size piece of cheese, half of mini wafer, 1/4 of oatmeal cookie and a little piece of chocolate. Yay for having a little of everything I wanted and still fitting in my daily calorie allowance.

04-05-2011, 10:11 PM
Greetings, all,

Thought it wise to check in before only the oldest (translation: longest- running posters) of my Beckmates remember me.

My absence/neglect of my revered Beck thread is symbolic of my neglect of my own weight issue. Time to check back into life and Beck behaviors. Spring seems like the time. Doesn't it? I won't pretend to know what has been going on with my precious friends on this thread....have been wrapped up in dumb stuff...that said, I heard a Red-Winged Blackbird today..a Killdeer yesterday...time to renew Beck behaviors and deal with the 14 #s of fat that PLAGUE me. Will jump back into gardening with my wild spring abandon and non of the warm up exercises so talked about...let's hope these old bones can handle it one more time!

I am still at 145#...amazingly, it seems, that is my new "set point" and I can eat whatever-the-****-I-want and maintain that wt..unfortunately, that is NOT the wt. I want to maintain.

Best to all.

04-06-2011, 02:38 AM
Finally had a 100% OP day and did all of my planned exercise. If I had gotten off the phone earlier and gotten to bed half an hour ago, I'd have completed all my daily goals!

I am on Day 16 which involves creating the "NO CHOICE" card. I read this several times today to make sure I didn't eat any off-plan food and also to do my exercise after work.

gardenerjoy - YAY! Great news about your doctor's visit!

Newlifestyle - I struggle with all-or-nothing thinking. I find logically countering my "sabotaging thoughts" helps me. For example, I'll think, "I just blew it... I am never going to be able to do this. I am such a failure." And then counter that with, "Is that really true? Do I really think I'm a failure? But I've succeeded in a lot of things such as X, Y, Z... " etc. It is tough for me to change my thinking since I've been doing it for so long that it is automatic, but I'm hopeful that with practice, I'll get it.

maryann - Credit for understanding your blues and writing a prayer to help you.

RunningFree - I'm glad you found that not depriving yourself worked to fend off a binge and stay within your calorie allowance.

04-06-2011, 05:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - CREDIT moi for eating on plan at an Indian restaurant last night. Both DW and I have left overs for lunches. They served an unannounced appetizer of a shot glass of spinach soup! So tasty, and just the right volume to get a nice taste. Wish that all appetizers were so small.

Exercise was walking to the restaurant; CREDIT moi. DW observed how good it feels to walk right after eating - feels like it's helping digestion or something.

maryblu - Such cheerful affirmation that Spring is truly coming, "I heard a Red-Winged Blackbird today..a Killdeer yesterday." Glad to be reminded that Spring is a good time to shed the few pounds that creep on during winter. DW mentioned last night that it's time to start our seeds indoors under the grow lights - as we walked along feeling the cold because we both had dressed for the warmer temperature of the afternoon and got caught a tad under dressed.

onebyone - Congrats on the positive scale reading. (Love the casual flipping back and forth between pounds and kilos, LOL.) Good luck with your ankle so you can get moving in your new neighborhood.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for busy days; Ouch for busy days when you're trying to practice slowly and mindfully, LOL. Hope your party last night remained a surprise.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Triple Woots for all the good news from your doctor. LOL at being paraded around his practice to show off your loses. Admiring, with a touch of jealousy, your good cholesterol numbers. So you have lots of little guys running about your arteries cleaning up the buildups before they can become plaque. Even while you sleep. Comforting thought, that.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ugh, that dripping oil from potato chips is one motivating story; that needs to be published far and wide. I've never seen that from chips before.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Yep, the old "all or nothing attitude" keeps sneaking in and needs to be routed out. Kudos for being aware and being willing to work on that.

maryann - That's a powerful spiritual prayer - thanks for sharing. And thanks for the reminder, "Overeating is a powerful disease."

ChefJoona - LOL at the sequence, "reflecting on her own eating habits... then she served pepperoni pizza." Kudos for bringing spinach salad for balance.

pamatga - Congrats on that 4.6 pounds gone - be they sodium induced or whatever. Ouch for waking to thunderstorms - the southern U.S. does have really loud ones. [You're right, I don't really want to look like "The Arnold" - I might have to become governor, LOL.]

RunningFree - Kudos for gym and for your positive attitude toward your exercising there. My take on the notion of always being a binger isn't that you'll always binge, but that you'll always have the tendency to binge, so need to stay prepared. So your cooked cabbage is a terrific strategy to stave off a harmful binge.

tarte - Kudos for 100% on plan eating and on plan exercising. Love reading that you used your "NO CHOICE" card all day.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 1
Gather your supplies
You will need a number of inexpensive, easy-to-find supplies over and over again while on this plan. You probably already have some of them. Gather the following:. . .
Smaller plates and bowls (optional). You will be more visually satisfied if your portions seem larger. If you get 1/2- and 1-cup bowls, you won't need to use measuring cups as often and you can eat directly form them, which will reduce cleanup time.
. . .Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 33.

04-06-2011, 07:52 AM
On plan day yesterday, until I had some ice cream after dinner. It wasn't way off plan, but I wasn't hungry for it... I felt that old sense of entitlement to eat it. I deserve to eat it because I had a bad day... its there... its fat free, so what's the damage going to be....I'm going to throw the rest away and take it to the dumpster on my way out the door to work. Better it go to waste there then in my body! I went to bed feeling gross.

Credit for free weights yesterday. My 30 Day Shred didn't come in the mail yesterday... hopefully today.

gardenerjoy- congrats on reaching your goal of getting off the medication!!!!!
Lexxiss- so sorry to hear about your pup! heart breaking to lose our dear friends.
BillBE- a shot glass of spinach soup sounds yummy, and an appetizer worth enjoying!

Off to work... (and the dumpster!)

04-06-2011, 09:02 AM
Recall me mentioning being up Monday or Tuesday am depending on you look at between 12-2 am? Well, we were having one heck of an electrical storm including 70 miles hr winds.

If anyone is interested in seeing the kind of ground lightning we get here in Georgia here is a link you can see:

We live 7 miles north of midtown Atlanta where this guy took those photos which are now on You Tube and elsewhere. I have lost a computer to direct lightning hits three years ago. I saw the lightning come right out of the electrical outlet and up my power surge, strongest one you can buy, and kill my computer. I was sitting at my computer when it happened too. I ended up having to have my entire apartment rewired after that too.

Back in Minnesota we were accustomed to seeing lightning "shows" up near the Milky Way high up in the skiesbut the farther south you go and the closer you are to the equator the lightning is closer to the ground and the more you see them skate right across you. It is both awesome and frightning at the same time. I have stood on my open porch and watched a lightning strike ten feet in front of me.

This is why Florida holds the records for having the most ground lightning strikes each year. Also, there is ten times the heat (from electrical energy) in one lightning bolt than on the surface of the sun.

Now, that I have shared my Bill Nye, science guy, information, just wanted to let you know that by really working hard on keeping my sodium down (yesterday it was 2000 mg), drinking lots of H2O and eating more fruits n vegetables in my food plan (still had room for my dark chocolate indulgence), I have lost exactly 5 lbs since April 1st. Needless to say, this has been a much relief after the horrible month of March I had.

04-06-2011, 09:27 AM
Good Morning all,
Thanks for the words or encouragement. Yesterday we went to a Chinese buffet and I ate on plan, as I was at the salad bar choosing what I would eat a woman came up with a small plate and mentioned to me I should use a small plate like she was using. She had a bread plate in her hand. I asked her why she said that to me. She replied, "well, you are taking so long to decide if you had a smaller plate you wouldn't have to decide, you could eat anything you wanted to." I then started to laugh because I got this vision that if I just use the serving spoon, I could stand here and eat and I wouldn't have to dirty a plate. Why I found this so funny was her reasoning to me wasn't very logical. The reason it wasn't was she did use a small plate each time she went up to the buffet, however, she looked like she was trying to fill her plate so nothing fell off. She also went up six times before I left the restaurant. I know she was just trying to be helpful to me offering her advice. I was glad I had my salad plate and only was at the buffet once. I felt good about my choices on my plate. It was all fresh vegetables, a tablespoon of white rice and a small piece of chicken. I ate my food and then I waited 20 minutes and I had a feeling of fullness so I stopped. This is the first time I have behaved like this at a Chinese buffet. I guess Beck does work...if you use it.
I have the 30 day shred, it isn't very effective if you don't use it. I should open it and try it out.
I am off to go swimming. I hope you all have a great day.

04-06-2011, 09:38 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

I'll have to be brief today as I'm very short on time, but I felt very good about getting through last night's party on plan. I ate about 1/3 of a slice of cake, ordered a healthy entree and left half the rice on the plate. I got on the scale this morning and it was up, but I'm sure that's just sodium from eating restaurant food. Will try to drink some water today.
My husband was genuinely surprised by the party and touched by how much his students care about him. A lovely event.
5 hours of clarinet lessons today ... ugh. Fortunately it's a lucrative gig ...
Today is Day 6 - Find a Diet Coach. Well, I think I can check that one off :) I have my online and face-to-face OA buddies now too, which is extremely helpful!
Not too much time for personals today but gardenerjoy - great news about coming off your blood pressure meds! WTG!
Maryann - I love your prayer - heartfelt and to the point.
maryblu - great to hear from you!!
pamatga - WTG on the weight loss!!
newlifestyle (Ann) - awesome job at the buffet!
Waving to everyone else and wishing you a great Wednesday!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes

04-06-2011, 03:15 PM
Good Afternoon Coaches

Today I am sad I am not in Ottawa with my sister and my mom. *sigh* My sister and I have been skyping but it doesn't make up for not being there, and it doesn't make up for this stupid ankle and it doesn't make up for the refuse building slowly in the kitchen as I still await the time I can take the car and go get a blue bin and a green bin and the instructions for how to recycle the garbage to the satisfaction of the City. I looked out, filled with envy, this morning at the garbage cans lining the street. I saw, with wonder, the garbage truck come by.

DH still hasn't got the phone hooked up here. STILL.:mad:He just never seems to have the time to do it. Maybe I should just get it in my name. Now there's a thought... so annoyed by it all.

And credit(?) for weighing in this morning. Today's weight: 285. +7 from yesterday.

I did have a battle yesterday afternoon with a large bag of salt and vinegar chips. It won. I lost. I ate all of them. I am thinking I need to eliminate some foods from my diet for now. The starches mostly. My portions are still huge and I eat like someone's going to take it from me at any moment; eat with a frenzy. I have often thought that I could surely win one of those professional eating challenges. (wow. Look at how organized this is... /index.php ( Talk about your horror/fascination. yikes.)

Anyway, today it's all getting to me. I'm finally here and I can't do anything except keep the foot elevated and wait until it's better. Even our trip to see the shuttle is post-poned to the end of the month; probably a good thing given the ankle issues, but another delay. I just feel like I will never get this new life of mine started.

Sorry about the griping.
Hope you-all are having a better day today.

04-06-2011, 04:26 PM
Lunchtime here in California. Today is one of those teaching days where everything makes sense and you can really FEEL like you are making a difference. Having just been thru a rough patch, it feels terrific. OP yesterday. I successfully stopped the pattern of chocolate hunting. It was tough because at the staff meeting, our principal had bought everyone a Crunch bar to symbolize the upcoming testing "crunch". I saved mine for DS and passed up all other mini treats. Credit. Weight showed favorable and exercised - credit. Planned to do it all again today.
Tarte: Three cheers for OP day.
Maryblu: i am battling my own new set point. I really want to live/thrive in the 140s.
Eusibius: It kills me when I am OP at a restaurant and get a temp. gain. "oh Well."
onebyone: giving up starches has made a big difference to me in not binging.
BBE: Yum! Spinach soup. I had sardine ceasar last nite. I must admit, it was a little fishy. But I love the nutrition so I am going to try and get use to it.
Runningfree: It is sometimes very helpful to say, "I will eat all my vegis and call the day a success not matter what else comes.." I am not sure I agree with "once a binger, always a binger." I have found tremendous relief thru this program.
ChefJoona: Congrats on food tossing. Love it.
Pagmata: congrats on fruits and veggies. I am almost entirely off grains now.
Newlifestyle: Buffets are tortuous, even without comments from innocent bystanders. Credit for moderation.

04-06-2011, 07:04 PM
maryblu, hello. Good you are here.

tarte, yay. That's wonderful you had a perfectly OP day.

BillBlueEyes, yay for nice experience in Indian restaurant.

ChefJoona, I loved your “Better it go to waste there then in my body!” What an attitude!

pamatga, you are doing great with your sodium control, water and fruits and veggies and you can burn off easily that little chocolate indulgence.

Newlifestyle, glad Beck works for you so well. Credit for swimming, it's a nice exercise.

eusebius, wow, nice that you have so much support online and f2f.

onebyone, everything will pass. When I had some bones in my foot broken I started doing situps in bed and pushups from knees (found some good training programs on the net). Actually after that incident I become quite good at doing them.

maryann, yay for having OP day yesterday. Good luck repeating your success today.

Beck day 25.
Did workout at home.
Skipped lunch to train my hunger a little bit more, but in the evening after nice and healthy meal decided that I deserve some chocolate. It just made me jittery. No more chocolate for me. I don't even like it that much.
My new mantra for hunger: “Hunger makes you active.” I red about it in some study and it is just what I need to accept hunger a little better.

04-07-2011, 02:48 AM
Another OP day for me. I started taking an evening class (first one was today), which I had some trouble with because I couldn't eat dinner. The class runs from 6 - 9 pm and I have to leave work at 5 pm in order to get there on time. I'm not hungry for dinner at 5 pm but don't really want to wait until 9 pm (realistically, 9:30 is when I would get home) to eat dinner and then be going to bed soon afterward. I'm not sure how to handle this. Any advice, Coaches?

Today I had a soup that I drank in a thermos on the way to class (even though I wasn't hungry) but I was really hungry when class ended so I'm not sure that strategy will work.

Credits for today:
- read my ARC at the planned times
- gave myself credit
- used anti-craving techniques
- did planned exercise

I am on Day 17 in the book but didn't get to do the experiment of leaving extra food on my plate (I would have normally done this at dinner). I will try to do it tomorrow.

maryblu - hello! I think Spring is a great time to renew your Beck behaviors.

BillBlueEyes - yum, that Indian food sounded great. Credit for walking to the restaurant! I love to take walks after dinner... makes sure I didn't eat too much and helps digestion as you said.

ChefJoona - credit for throwing away the ice cream.

pamatga - very interesting storm information. I have never been in anything like that having lived in southern CA most of my life. Great job keeping your sodium down and your 5 lb loss!

Newlifestyle - credit for doing well at the buffet.

eusebius - sounds like you did well at your party. Hope the lessons went well today.

maryann - How awesome to have a day feeling like you made a difference. Credit for a great day today and passing on all of the treats.

RunningFree - Yay for doing your hunger experiment and coming to the realization about chocolate.

04-07-2011, 07:49 AM
No credit for exercise yesterday, but I planned to take the day off. 30 Day Shred arrived in the mail... I'll plan to use it tonight!

Had to adjust my eating yesterday to accomodate snacks at our weekly team meeting that I wanted to have. It of course took the place of my afternoon snack, and I ate a very light dinner. No cravings after dinner.

This week I have been trying to introduce more protein into my diet- starting with breakfast. I have noticed I have been eating just carbs for breakfast (hot cereal and a piece of fruit) and on the days I do have protein (peanut butter toast or an egg) I feel fuller much longer. On Monday I made a batch of quinoa, pumpkin, peanut butter bars (I made up the recipe) with flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. I have really noticed a difference. I haven't needed a morning snack and haven't been starved by lunch time. I read somewhere (I think in Women's Health or maybe the Green Book) that you should plan to eat about 30% of your daily calories at breakfast and include protein. I have been focusing on carbs and the portion has only been about 15-20% of my daily calories. No wonder I am noticing such a difference with this experiment.

Thursday morning weigh-in showed a loss of 1.3 lbs since Sunday. The loss is slowly picking up, after a plateau that lasted several weeks. It helps to mix things up and try new strategies!

tarte Did you notice anyone eating during class? Can you pack something to eat then? Most of my grad school classes were in the evenings during dinner time and it was fully accepted that people would bring food and eat during class. Even if its not a full meal you can bring, maybe some nuts or a PB sandwhich or high fiber/ high protein dry cereal- something to get you through that is easily packed?

04-07-2011, 08:20 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating on plan, CREDIT moi. Not much exercise - Ouch. Did fight the urge to go snarf some trail mix during the evening, but tried bringing a large glass of water with me to the second floor where there isn't any visible food. That seemed to work, since I got into reading and forgot about food.

onebyone - Ouch for the difficulties of starting life anew. Yay for the joys of a fresh start on many little things. Sending healing thoughts toward your ankle.

Erika (eusebius) - Yep, sounds like you have Diet Coaches under control. Kudos for remembering to eat sanely at your DH's celebratory dinner.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - LOL at trying to make sense out of a random comment from a stranger. Kudos for a fine performance at a Chinese buffet - those can be a challenge.

maryann - Ouch for facing a team building gift of a "Crunch bar" - when will school principals hand out apples instead? Big Yay for the days when you can "FEEL" that your teaching makes a difference. [Yep, those little sardines do taste fishy, LOL.]

ChefJoona - Ouch for those old entitlement Sabotaging Thoughts dropping by. Kudos for zapping them by tossing the ice cream.

pamatga - Congrats on those 5 pounds gone - you had me believing for a bit there that lightning was your weight loss secret, LOL.

RunningFree - Kudos for working on accepting hunger. That was such an amazing revelation to me that I could live with a little hunger every now and them. Love your mantra, “Hunger makes you active.”

tarte - That class time is a tough one. Kudos for taking it seriously to find an on-plan solution. Is there a break during the class that's long enough to eat your dinner? Is it a casual enough class that you could discretely eat your dinner during the class? When I've had to be somewhere at 6pm, I've chosen the eat before option, even though not hungry. It wasn't ideal, but sufficed.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 1
Gather your supplies
You will need a number of inexpensive, easy-to-find supplies over and over again while on this plan. You probably already have some of them. Gather the following:. . .
Smaller forks and spoons (optional). These utensils will help you take smaller bites so your food will last longer. For the same reason, some dieters enjoy using chopsticks, regardless of which type of food they are eating.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 33.

04-07-2011, 08:58 AM
April 1 276.2 lb
2 274.2 lb
3 274.2 lb
4 271.8 lb
5 271.6 lb [269.4-at 8 pm]
6 271.2 lb
7 271.0 lb [269.4 lb-2 am]

I posted the alternate weights because, like so many here, if I haven't eaten in say 6-8 hours you can see the temporary weight lose. To say the least, my awake and sleep hours have been in a major screw up for the past three weeks so I decided yesterday that in spite of only having 4 hours sleep I would stay up until 10 pm so I could try to correct this sleep issue I have had for a couple of months. I slept from 10 pm-2 am last night then got up and took 2 extra Tylenol PMs and went back to sleep, except for a couple of potty breaks, until 7:00 am. The alternate weigh ins when I am really empty also show that I am still hanging onto some sodium-induced bloat from last month. I wouldn't be surprised if I could even see another 3-5 lbs of bloat to go if I really push this hard.

So, I will keep working on keeping my sodium intake down each day and even try to get it down to a level where I can begin to see the kind of weight lose I had last summer when I was on plan every day for six weeks and lost close to 30 lbs. When I find out the right amount of daily sodium and see a weight lose I will stick with that. I am just so grateful that I decided to post my daily weigh in each day last month even if it seemed like a lost cause because it really was an eye opener for me regarding how the additional sodium was stalling my weight lose. Now, I know!

I have always heard that you need to team a protein with a carb. The hunger a lot of people experience is actually an insulin spike from going carb-alone. As a pre-diabetic and having followed the South Beach Diet from 2008-2010, I have really seen how a careful balance of "how, what and when I eat" carbs affects not only my perceived hunger or satiety levels but also cravings as well. I still credit following that food plan with correcting a lot of these inter-related food issues most people have. After taking this 4 part class on diabetes, it confirms to me that careful use of carbs in your food plan can correct so many of these issues we are all discussing and dealing with here in this group and elsewhere.

04-07-2011, 09:14 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

I stayed on plan yesterday but I probably should stay away from my daughter's goldfish crackers because of the sodium content. Today we're grocery shopping, so I can pick out some healthier snack options. I hopped on the scale and it was even further up today (Information! Not a judgment on my efforts! Right, self??) so I will drink like a fish all day today.

Today is Day 7 - Arrange Your Environment. This is not bad already but I did put away my daughter's snacks that were sitting on the counter, and I got my husband to get his giant frosted vanilla cake off the counter and into the fridge. Credit - I didn't eat any more of it last night.

onebyone - (((hugs))) Moving is near the top of the life stresses list for good reason!! Be gentle with yourself - you have a lot on your plate right now.
maryann - Yay for productive, energizing teaching days! And kudos for passing up the treats.
RunningFree - Kudos for your workout and for making it to day 25 of Beck!
tarte - Looks like you've got lots of good suggestions for your evening class ... I agree with Bill that I'd rather eat before, even if not that hungry, than wait till the end. I also find bananas help me in situations like this - portable and filling.
ChefJoona - How did it go with 30 Day Shred? Kudos for being able to adjust your eating on the fly and still stay OP. Protein helps me a lot as well!
BillBE - nice job staving off the snack cravings with water!

Wishing everyone a great OP Thursday!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes but not as mindfully as I would have liked ... will try to change that today
Gave myself credit: yes

04-07-2011, 10:26 AM
Coaches/Buddies Finished up the cold-that-would-not-stop and then immediately took off for an almost week long work trip. I'm gone again next week. I need to make a better plan for travel. Irregular eating, eating too much, eating the wrong stuff. No exercise. Some of these things are bound to happen, but I need to do better.

My plan: transfer my ARC to my iPhone (anybody know a good app for that?). Re-read the Beck travel chapters. Take some healthy snacks. Visualize walking past the beer nuts.

Big weekend spending time with the kidlets, getting myself ready to go again, and trying to catch some exercise and maybe some rest.

I've caught up with the thread. BBE Man Salad? LOL Maryblu good to see you back. We can climb back on the wagon together. I've got ahold of strap, but it is still dragging me along behind. gardnerjoy BIG congrats on the blood pressure meds! onebyone hang in there, hope your ankle feels better. eusebius I remember you! Welcome back. Greetings to all my new Beck friends. As always your being here is so helpful to me.


04-07-2011, 11:49 AM
Good morning everyone

Thanks for being here. I get so much out of your posts. I do hope one day I can offer as much as I receive. I also feel like I am barely hanging on to the wagon. That saying of "fake it til you make it" comes to mind. I hear that all or nothing voice in my head that says, "Don't post if you are not going to send personals to everyone. I will give myself credit for posting while having this thought. I need to take baby steps, with this all of nothing I want to go from A to Z in one step. Patience is needed. I am off to read my Beck book and then I will go to the pool. Have a wonderful day and thanks again for being here and being such great coaches.
Take Care

04-07-2011, 11:49 AM
I asked my doctor about my goal weight, telling him that I intended to get to about 168 so that the CDC would declare me normal weight instead of overweight. He confirmed my suspicion that there was no magic in that line, 8pounds really is not going to make a huge difference in how I feel or how healthy I am. His suggestion was to go by how I feel.

I think what I'm really going to do is follow the BillBlueEyes approach, just keep doing what I'm doing and let the maintenance weight declare itself, by leveling off when I reach it.

WI: +0.35kgs, Exercise: +60* 270/1500 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-07-2011, 03:13 PM
Hi Coaches!

I'm teetering on the edge right now, and am trying to use my Beck tools to get through this time without overeating. There isn't much going right at this moment and I'm trying to even acknowledge that feeling pretty bummed out about it is probably how I "ought to feel". Perhaps, to start, I'll make my healthy lunch and make a list of positive steps to take just for this afternoon.

Perhaps trying for personals this afternoon would keep me in better contact with all of you.

Thanks for being here!

04-07-2011, 04:01 PM
Hi Coaches

What wonders a car ride will do for me. Oh and an ankle that allows my foot to drive a car! Amen my ankle is healed enough that I walk with a tiny hobbled step only (for now) and I have enough range of motion to drive the car. Very little pain but quite a bit of stiffness. So great it's only that. So, as a result of my forays into town, I did all the things I needed to do to situate myself in my new town; got library card in an AWESOME library. (Wow!), changed the address on my driver's license and my health card, picked up the green bin and the blue bin so I can start dealing with the trash and cleaning up this kitchen of mine.

My plan for the weekend is to open the "kitchen" boxes and see what's in them. If they are anything like my other boxes there could be a lot of non kitchen items in them. I am sure I will be donating more goods to the local Sally Ann here. This is good. I am totally ok with it.

And my goodness there is every kind of shopping here. I'm not even downtown and there are tons of choices and specialty shops. But really, my greatest find today was the library. I'm in heaven.

Foodwise: no plan for today and that means I ate poor food. But then I stopped. Credit for stopping. I did shop today and got real groceries so I can begin to set out a plan once more.

I forgot to weigh in as DH had me rushing out the door in the a.m.

I made a decision to prepare and application for an artist residency program. It's due May 2nd. I have a pretty clear idea about what I'll submit and what medium so that it good. I also have a few weeks to write it up and run it by my artsy colleagues. I think this is the next step I need to take in my art career.

Bye for now.

04-07-2011, 06:39 PM
tarte, I don't know if my option will work for you, but I used to study in evenings, so instead of dinner I took protein shakes after classes and some kind of fruit. Soup in a thermos is a great idea too.

newlifestyle, credit for posting. Even if you are not writing personals, I believe we can still learn something from your experience.

Today, I had a wonderful time at the gym. Ate op until evening. In the evening ate more than planned, but still managed to stop before reaching my daily calorie limit. Anyway, I have to do something differently about those evenings. I know I am just hungry after gym, but maybe I should consider next time drinking only protein drink.
I had some sabotaging thoughts: “Just this once; I'll eat all I want for the last time; tomorrow I'll start dieting again”. Red my response cards, cleaned my teeth and soon be going to sleep, anyway there is nothing good in kitchen and with this kind of attitude I could eat even oatmeal cookies I don't really like. Strange that I want to eat them at all. Got bored of cooked cabbage, so I wouldn't go for it, thats for sure.

04-07-2011, 08:27 PM
I just had a random idea for tarte. How about a bento box? Here's a page about them:
I think you could pack it with planned foods and then eat a little whenever you have a chance, before class, during breaks, and finish it up when you get home. People turn bento box collecting into a hobby, but you can get started with containers you already own.

04-07-2011, 08:50 PM
None of my problems have gotten much better this afternoon….but at least I have not eaten over them. I did a few chores, then decided to sit down and watch a movie...without food. Now it is time to get dinner going.
My numbers from my bloodwork have been nagging me and so I emailed DH's cousin, who is a GP in Alaska. She said my numbers looked great..".HDL could be better", she said," but a lot of that is about the gene pool". "Eat more salmon and exercise"…."continue with a lifestyle approach instead of medication." *credit* for asking instead of wondering and worrying.

BillBlueEyes, great that you did not "snarf" the trail mix and instead read and forgot about food.

maryann, I'm so glad you're feeling better. You have posted very good advice and I am trying to feel the feelings right now and realize this too shall pass. Thx.

tarte, sometimes when I have an evening event I will notice that others bring a sandwich. GJ's Bento Box would be a great carrier! Do you get a break where you could have a snack?

ChefJoona, great job adjusting your eating yesterday! It sounded really sensible!

pamatga, good that you are trying to correct your sleep issue. I'm working on mine, too. Thanks for the link to the GA storm. My friends are at Shepherd Center and were telling me about the storm, too.

Erika(eusebius), it sounded like a great day to arrange your environment. Yikes a giant frosted vanilla cake on the counter!

AnneWonders, good plan, especially walking by beer nuts. lol

Ann(Newlifestyle), I often post without personals because I just get tugged so many directions...but it really helps that I do. Great that you have chosen to post, anyway. I think it really helps while you are taking those baby steps.

gardenerjoy, great news that you are off the bp meds and have talked to your DR. about maintenane weight. Just doing what you are doing and finding out where your body sounds very sensible.

onebyone, *credit* for stopping today...and for going grocery shopping so you can set out a plan once more. I think it is a good sign that you are acknowledging as you unpack that some things may still need a purge.

RunningFree, great that you were able to identify your sabotaging thoughts and not give in.

maryblu, wavin' PS love Red-Winged Blackbirds!

CeeJay, angelkiss, Gwen :wave:

MaryContrary, thanks for sharing your successes!

Beverlyjoy, hope you're still with DGS.

Hope I haven't missed anyone!

04-07-2011, 09:52 PM
OMG, Beckmates!!! What a time for me to I had admitted, had not even been keeping up with my Beckmates trials, tribulations, and successes.......only discover Annewonders and Eusebuis back...more than I could have hoped. And hi to all old friends and new, and you know who you are!

Read an interesting study today from Prevention that seems to really explain my effortless 80# loss all those years ago. For those of you long enough in the tooth to recall me from ages ago on this thread, I lost 5 #s a month for over a year, just eating less...exactly what I wanted, but less...this Prevention study found that the most effective dieting strategy was to eat 300 to 500 calories less ..or *sometimes MORE than you just keeps the body humming along not thinking you are in diet/starvation mode. I found it as good an explanation for "How I did it" as any.

Just need to share with my Beckmates how hardy we Minneosodans are...and how thick our blood is this time of year...was out in my night gown and flipflops balling the is a balmy 50 degrees even, no wind....but still alotta snow on the ground...and just feelin'g groovy...50 this time of year is the same as 75 in August, I swear..out blood is so thick by now, 50 and no wind is nekkid outdoors time!

Still predicting April 18 for ice-out..feels really late after an April 1 ice-out (recoord) last year, but keep to my own counsel that ice-out varies so little 3 days one way or the other from April 15, it has to be more about the directness of the sun rather than the temps. of the spring. Interestingly, much more variable for fall freeze up, but that is not the task at hand.

Best to all...and envying those of you with seeds in the ground already!

04-08-2011, 06:53 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A good eating day, CREDIT moi, that included DW's roasted butternut squash with onions, cranberries, and sage with dinner. I do like the notion of eating foods we really like. Saw DW having trail mix for her afternoon snack and had the thought that I could just add a fistful to what I was having. I didn't, but am chagrined that the thought keeps re-occurring.

Exercise was up and down the rock climbing walls, CREDIT moi. It is a bit more exercise than I let on if I go by how my arms and legs feel afterward. It's not a sport that I'm likely to pursue, but it's a kick to do it for the introductory two weeks that come with the beginner's course that I took.

maryblu - Yay for being hardy in the land of ice and snow. Interesting notion that slowly losing weight keeps the body from resisting it.

onebyone - I just love seeing your joy, "AWESOME library. (Wow!)" Kudos for preparing your environment by setting up your life so that applying for an artist residency program seems like a doable idea. Glad you're able to use that ankle.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Congrats for having a DH who keeps the kids for a week so that you can work a week away from home. And Kudos for "Visualize walking past the beer nuts" - those boogers can get me when I'm feeling lost after my work day on the road.

Erika (eusebius) - Don't know how they can manufacture so much salt into those little goldfish crackers, but I suppose that's why one handful isn't enough, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for having a sane doctor, and Kudos for trusting your body rather than the CDC numbers.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for Dr. Cousin for "Eat more salmon and exercise" and Kudos for posting when things aren't going right.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Yep, "fake it til you make it" works. I was first givien that advice by my college freshman English professor when I whined that I didn't know how to write. Serious Kudos for posting despite the Sabotaging Thought that you shouldn't unless you meet some perfection notion - the rest of us are quite happy with your posts as they are.

pamatga - Interesting notion that hunger can be caused by an insulin spike - I'll watch out for that.

RunningFree - Kudos for standing down the Sabotaging Thought to "start dieting tomorrow" - that's one of the sneakiest ones there is. In Maine, there's a fish and chips joint with a sign permanently painted on its wall, "Free Beer Tomorrow." Seem like every year a few tourists come back the next day asking about the free beer and have to be told the obvious - the free beer is always tomorrow.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 2
Set a Modest Weight-Loss Goal
Perhaps you already have a specific number you want to hit on the scale. Or maybe you are aiming to fit into a specific clothing size. But you don't yet know whether your particular goal is realistic, and you may get discouraged by how long term that goal is. You will be better able to motivate yourself if you set a series of short-term goals instead.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 33.

04-08-2011, 06:55 AM
:welcome2: maryblu! I lived in Minnesota (St. Paul -16 years, Austin-28 years and Mankato-4 years) so I know what you are talking about. DH and I moved here 7 years ago. It took some adjustment but I really love the climate and wouldn't return to the cold Northern clime for anything.

April 1 276.2 lb
2 274.2 lb
3 274.2 lb
4 271.8 lb
5 271.6 lb [269.4-at 8 pm]*
6 271.2 lb
7 271.0 lb [269.4 lb-2 am]*
Weekly Weight Lose: 5.2 lbs.
*Just wanted to show that I believed I still was retaining some sodium-induced bloat. I think my weigh in on the 8th now confirms that!

April 8 269.8 lb

Last night my DH and I attended a free seminar from our county extension office on how to begin organic gardening and if we wanted to can what we grew how to do that as well. I dragged him because I wanted him to be exposed to this since I think it is something we can both do together. We had fresh vegetables, ripe juicy strawberries and bottled water. We also each won one of the door prizes: I a package of organic compost and DH a begginer's canning kit with recipes. I signed up for the remaining community garden spaces. I am crossing my fingers that I will get one of the two remaining. I used to be an organic gardener back in the late 80s. I hope I will be able to again this year. I'm psyched!

I had a record amount of H2O(for me) yesterday:112 oz. The a/c was NOT working at the community room at our local(brand new!) government center so I ended up drinking 2 bottles of bottled water while I was there. If that is what helped push my weight under 270 lbs then I need to drink at least that much every day. Good thing is it is becoming easier and easier to do.

Again, slept another 4 hours with one pee break throughout the night. For me, this is real progress. I wish it were more but I'll take it.

BBE Actually that is not my opinion about insulin spikes causing hunger. There are a lot of experts, particularly those who espouse low carb food plans, like South Beach diet, that believe that. Methodology: lower your carb intake until you can obliterate hunger and/or cravings. Also, Dr. Agaston, developer of SBD, also tells you to keep a food log of how your body reacts to certain carbs. It is amazing how your body will tell you what works for it and what does.

Again, I have been on every diet under the sun, and when I stumbled onto this in 2007 I ate SBD throughout the holidays and I didn't gain an ounce. Then, I followed it for 2 years. Why did I stop? As anyone that is on the SBD thread here on 3FC will attest, it just isn't a very effective weight lose diet. It does correct blood glucose issues, etc but it is hard to lose weight on it since you don't reduce calories. I needed portion control. That is the only reason why I am not strictly following it. When I am "on plan" my food plan looks like a modified SBD. I still credit this food plan and the methodology towards food choices in correcting a lot of what was wrong in my eating.

04-08-2011, 07:56 AM
Credit for lots of walking yesterday... got out during work and after work! Friends joined me for a longer walk around the neighborhood.

Eating was good, aside from a "snack attack" at the end of the night. I nipped it in the bud before it got overboard (I had a handful of chips in my hand and threw them right out before eating them!)!

I decided to copy another favorite salad from a local restaurant- a bed of spinach and red peppers with buckwheat soba noodles and a chicken breast tender on top with a sprinkling of wasabi peas and seasame ginger vinegrette. It came out pretty close to tasting like the restaurant! I have a portion for lunch today!

Running VERY late for work today... Have a wonderful Friday all!

04-08-2011, 09:42 AM
I am struggling so... I got on the scale today and weighed 218 - this is so depressing. My big plans of getting to onederland at the first of the year are figuratively and literally down the toilet.

Performing at my GS's preschool was absolutely wonderful. He loved it (he got to pick out some of the stories and songs) and so did his classmates and teachers. It had been a long long time since I have done this. It felt so good to be performing again.

A big wave of depression hit when I got back from visiting family in Michigan. It was a let down after performing at the grandson's school.

I got the reminder call from the surgeons office about my appointment in Monday. I had an anxiety attack. My foot feels the best it has in years. Of course, it's wrapped, padded, I wear a brace and I don't work or do much. But.... do I think it's OK enough.. not really. I don't know. Probably not in the long run.

I am so mad about all this - my foot recovery should be over instead of starting again. Damn all the delays. I just can't get attached to a surgery date. Too many things have stopped it the past nine months... staff infection, injuring good foot and stomach flu. I am glad that I got to go to Disney, however. My sister is recovering well from her back surgery (5 fusions, 10 steel rods, yikes!) She does have the help she needs, so I don't need to go to California.

I am getting all these calls about summer performing which I must turn down. I can hardly bear it.

The past week - I go in waves of huge binges with a few days of food sanity thrown in.

I don't ever know if I can have a sane relationship with food. People do it... I've done it before, - food sanity..... then I relapse.

Each journey starts with a small step. I've got out my journal & Beck Book & arc/rc and I'll plan for a good day.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I appreciate your support. I hope to be supportive to all of you. I feel like I need a healthy day before I can tell anyone else how to work this program. I know it isn't really true. I know what works...

04-08-2011, 11:23 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

It was so nice yesterday to have a bit of time to myself. My meditation practice is getting to the point where I'm able to start accepting a lot of stuff that I was resisting before. This is a good thing ... as Byron Katie says, reality only wins 100% of the time :) Also starting to understand that accepting something doesn't mean that you can't want to do something about it.

Today is Day 8 - Create Time and Energy. I looked at my calendar, wrote down the times when I need to do something diet-related, and realized that I was really doing all those things already, which is a nice feeling. So credit moi for that! Also I went out to a restaurant before grocery shopping last night and skipped the wine and garlic bread, sticking to my planned chicken salad. Credit!

I am very excited - I am going to the local piano dealer today to talk to him about a couple of Steinway "B" grands he has coming in. The Steinway B is my dream piano, 6'11" and with a wonderfully responsive action. After 38 years of piano playing it looks like I will finally be able to have one in my home.

AnneWonders - I have been using Evernote on my iphone to read response cards, and Due (a reminder app) to tweak me to read them several times a day. Love love love the iphone. The Weight Watchers app finally became available in Canada this fall and I hardly ever use the plan manager on the computer any more. Even the recipes are on there - helpful for shopping.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Credit for countering your sabotaging thoughts about posting! I love to hear from you whether or not you have time for personals. Kudos for planning your Beck reading and workout as well!

gardenerjoy - your strategy for determining maintenance weight seems very sound to me. Love seeing the consistency in your stats.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for honesty about teetering on the edge and your feelings about that - I certainly have been there many, many times! And additional kudos for posting about it here and planning constructive action. This is exactly what Beck is all about!

onebyone - Yay for a healing ankle! Cool that you're getting settled in your new environment. (The Indigo store there is very cool too :) ) Credit indeed for returning to better food choices and shopping for them! The grant application sounds like a very positive step.

RunningFree - Kudos for working out and for reining in the evening eating. Also for countering your sabotaging thoughts! You're doing great!

maryblu - very interesting about the Prevention study - makes so much sense. Much admiration for your Minnesota hardiness, LOL!

BillBE - kudos for another great eating and exercise day! MMM Butternut squash ... that sounds truly delicious.

pamatga - your organic gardening project sounds fantastic - looking forward to hearing about your progress!

ChefJoona - Kudos for lots of walking and nipping your snack attack in the bud! That salad sounds terrific.

Beverlyjoy - ((((Hugs)))) - what a frustrating time. I am so glad you are coming here and posting about it. You are so right that each journey starts with a small step and I'm so pleased to see that you're starting out by revisiting Beck. Great that you had a wonderful performing experience at GS's preschool. I know how hard it is to turn down gigs! Hang in there - we are here for you!!

Have a great Friday, all!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes

04-08-2011, 11:23 AM
Good morning all,

I appreciate all the support given here. I have received so many great ideas through all of you. Thank you all.
Today I started by cleaning like a mad woman, once again, my all or nothing attitude so then I thought, why don't I go post and then return, the house work will wait, I am wondering if I will go back to it. In my mind I say of course I will. I find sitting here writing that I am very fortunate and I feel like I worry about the small stuff when I should redirect that energy to other things. I realize if I want change I have to start with myself. Once again baby steps. It is beautiful outside and I want to go running, so I think I will do that first and then housework. I will let you know how that works out.
Have a great day everyone.

Update, Erika, wow, timing is every thing...I needed these words right now- 'Also starting to understand that accepting something doesn't mean that you can't want to do something about it.'

04-08-2011, 12:18 PM
Plugging along. Credit for pushing myself to exercise when it got later than I intended.

Today I hope to do some gardening, but last night's rain may have washed that plan away.

Tomorrow, the book bloggers are doing a Read-a-Thon. Apparently, some people read for 24 hours straight. Like NaNoWriMo, there is some emphasis on snacking, but by-and-large, most of what I've seen mentioned is relatively healthy. I'm going to participate, but not at the cost of sleep, exercise, or good eating.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +60* 330/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Lexxiss: sorry that you're dealing with issues where "pretty bummed out" is the normal, natural reaction. Good job allowing that to be what it is. I'm so glad you got some feedback from a GP that helped -- sounds like excellent advice to me!

onebyone: glad you're feeling better about things. I am so happy that an awesome library is one of the things that you get to feel better about!

RunningFree: yay for a wonderful time at a gym. There's a whole science about what to eat right after a workout.

maryblu: hope you win your ice-out prediction! I don't have seeds in the ground yet (just in pots in my sunroom), but maybe tomorrow. We're going to cultivate in some of my homemade compost on the beds today if it's not too wet.

BillBlueEyes: your dinner sounds delicious! The rock climbing sounds fun even if it's a temporary diversion from the normal exercise plan.

pamatga: yay for gardening! I'm not sure that I was really destined to love gardening for it's own sake but it has propelled my interest in a way of eating that works well for me.

ChefJoona: yay for lots of walking! Your salad sounds wonderful!

Beverlyjoy: I've pretty much come to the conclusion that, in this environment of overprocessed foods and marketing that makes huge servings seem normal, I can't have a sane relationship with food. I have to accept constant strategizing and planning and reworking my environment to make it all easier. It helps me to shift much of the blame to the insane environment we live in, but it's still up to me to take the actions to make my eating sane in spite of that.

eusebius: yay for reaching Day 8 and realizing you are already doing what you need to do with your schedule! I'm so excited about your piano--that is very cool!

04-08-2011, 12:20 PM
newlifestyle: I missed your post on the new page. Let us know how running and then housework goes! It sounds like an excellent plan to me.

04-08-2011, 03:37 PM
Beverlyjoy - :hug: Hang in there! I've been depressed about not losing enough and I know it makes me feel like a failure, then I binge. Then I feel even more like a failure. I was on another thread and very encouraged by a post by Saef:

Posted by Saef on how to keep binges at bay:

"Sit with yourself. Just sit there. Try to get behind the thought of the food & ask yourself some questions. Such as:

-What am I feeling?
- Is there something bothering me?
- Am I pretending something is NOT bothering me when actually, it is?
- What am I running from?
- And okay, so if I face it, and acknowledge it is bothering me, what can I do about resolving it? Will eating something actually resolve it?
- If I do eat something, how will I feel minutes later, after having eaten it? Will I still feel good about what I've done? Or will I feel guilty, disappointed in myself, depressed, a little sick to my stomach?

This process is a whole lot tougher than just distracting yourself & trying to make the time pass till the urge passes. A lot of people don't even want to attempt doing it. But for me, it can be incredibly worthwhile & it is really what keeps me from bingeing when the going gets rough."

Remember Bev: "You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." - Margaret Thatcher

04-08-2011, 04:12 PM
Thanks for all of the suggestions on what to do about dinner during my evening class. No one was really eating during class so I don't think I could bring food and chomp away. The class is also pretty small (about 10 people) and we frequently have to answer questions/talk in class which could make eating in there a bit awkward. However, we have two 10 minute breaks during the 3 hours, which gives me enough time to eat a small snack, but probably not an entire meal. gardenerjoy, those bento boxes are really cute!

I was exhausted last night and too tired to get on the computer and even make myself a reasonable dinner. I ended up having soup and did some slight overeating, but did not eat anything off-plan and I didn't binge. I tried to wear a pair of jeans that had fit me only 5 months ago and are now way too tight and uncomfortable to wear. It really put the weight I've gained recently into perspective. I was miserable the entire day wearing them because it was not flattering or comfortable. I'm trying to be more positive though because what's the alternative? Keep drowning my sorrows in food? That certainly won't help.

I'm feeling better today having gotten in my planned workout and some nice social time at coffee with friends this morning. I'm slightly anxious about going into the weekend, considering I fell apart last weekend, but am reminding myself what happened last weekend and trying to plan what I will do/eat this weekend in an effort to make the weekend more routine like the weekdays.

ChefJoona - interesting observations about upping the protein in your breakfast. The quinoa/pumpkin/PB bars sound yummy. BTW are you really a chef?

BillBlueEyes - nice job distracting yourself and finding something else to do besides scarf down trail mix.

AnneWonders - I have my ARC on my iphone as a Google doc. I set reminders in the calendar at the designated times to read it.

Newlifestyle - I find "faking it until I make it" helps me too. Hope your run went well.

Lexxiss - Credit for watching a movie without food.

RunningFree - I have had the same "just this once..." type of attitude and then promising to start again tomorrow attitude and also the experience of wanting to eat food I don't even like just for the sake of eating. I find cleaning up the kitchen and immediately brushing my teeth seems to help.

pamatga - very cool about the organic gardening seminar. I've lived in a condo for a while and have tried to garden on my balcony but have only had limited success.

eusebius - what a good feeling to realize you are already making time and energy for this. Credit for sticking to your plan also. And very exciting news about the piano!!

Gwen - thanks for the helpful suggestions on bingeing.

Happy Friday!

04-08-2011, 08:27 PM
Hi Coaches!

Problems are still hanging out and I'm continuing to reach into the Beck tool box for successful techniques to get through. I squashed sabotaging thoughts of new restaurants in Denver, instead heading to Whole Foods for lunch, explaining to my mom, "I can get something healthy there." It's nice, many of their lunch options are already entered into my calorie counting program. I did notice the olive oil/balsamic vinegar tasting station….self serve. I had a small, legitimate taste and bought some vinegar. Exercise was 3 times around an urban lake for a total of 5 miles. My tuned up bike is working great and I'm grateful to be able to ride, a feat not so easily accomplished 4 years ago. *credit* today for vigilance.

BillBlueEyes, yay for eating foods you really like! DW's squash sounds just wonderful. You may motivate me to try a rock climbing class one of these days.

Beverlyjoy, I'm sorry you're struggling so. Please don't think your onederland plans are washed away. Probably half of that is quick release when you knuckle down and I KNOW you have it in you to do that. *credit* yourself for those moments of food sanity. I have a general rule, which is not allowing two bad days in a row. I don't know if that might help?? I know you know what works. :hug:

maryblu, I think it's always great to reconnect with Beckmates! *credit* for doin' the footwork.

pamtanga, your organic gardening seminar sounded really great! I hope you get one of the spaces so you can eat great food and tell us about it AND give us gardening tips.*credit* for revisiting a healthy activity which you previously enjoyed. BTW-as current South Beach gal, I'd remind you it's a good carb plan, not low carb, and if you check us out at 3FC you'll find quite a few gals who would attest that it's a great weight loss plan, many of us counting calories as we learn portion control. Dr. A does suggest portion control, I think similar to BDS, "As far as portion control, you should not leave a meal hungry or feel restricted, but you should not finish a plate of food just because it is there. I would suggest smaller portions and then taking seconds if you are still hungry. Also, eating slowly is important so that your brain has adequate time to get the "full" signal from your stomach." (Dr. A from Prevention Magazine). I must say, Beck Diet Solution really helps me to follow SBD, in that the suggestions in Dr. Beck's books are very task-specific.

ChefJoona, yay for lots of walking and for weather which makes it possible. You should post your soba noodle recipe on the Beck recipe thread...I'd love to try it!

Erika(eusebius), it's always encouraging to hear that a meditation practice is really helping….I tend use meditation more when I'm at my outdoor pool and could probably use it more when I'm where I am now….thx for the reminder. Exciting news about the grand!

Ann(Newlifestyle), *credit* for running before housework!

gardenerjoy,*credit* for deciding to participate in the read-a-thon, but not at the cost of sleep, exercise, or good eating!

Gwen, thanks for the post by Saef! I've put it in my journal. You're right, it is much tougher than simple distraction.

tarte, glad you got a snack in last night. *credit* for getting your planned workout in. Maybe you can get some Beck reading in and plan your weekend out in advance. BTW- I put a pair of too tight jeans on last week and decided I would put them back in the drawer until they fit comfortably. Too tight really affects my self esteem.

Enjoy your Friday night, friends.

04-08-2011, 08:40 PM
I am at my highest weight ever, I feel big, clumsy, slow.

I was binging, so those horrible oatmeal cookies didn't survive, like much of the other food I hardly like. Then I managed to find a distraction and stopped or just eventually stopped and then found a distraction. Not sure which way it was.
Cabbage didn't even came up to my mind. How come? I really enjoyed it, when I wasn't binging. I like healthy food, enjoy its simple mild tastes, nice soft texture of cooked vegetables, juicy fruits, soft cooked meat.
It would be much easier if I could binge on cooked vegetables.

04-08-2011, 09:13 PM
Hi coaches

My energy level feels low today, but the reality is I have done laundry, unpacked and put away 3 boxes of kitchen stuff. I also met my upstaris neighbour and arranged to pass my empty boxes and packing paper to my upstairs neighbour, (thereby saving me some of the garbage dilemma ;)) who is moving at the end of this month--btw, I saw NO PACKING going on there yet as we chatted at her doorway! Yikesamama to her/them...

I have to say that as I was unpacking the dishes I was encompassed by waves of sweat and anxiety. Oh boy. All I could think about was packing all of that up again in a year. Scary. makes me want to not unpack at all. But in those boxes I have already found treasures and things to give away. This process is going to go on all year long. My goal is to tackle 3 boxes every day. Just three. but really deal with the three. I am very pleased to have started.

I also cooked from scratch and made a stew for dinner. I am pleased about this. I LOVE this stove.

DH just came home and pointed out the ants! ugh. Ants! ok. I took so long to post this that we just got back from the store. Two ant traps are installed hopefully doing their job. I knew something was up cause the previous tenant left about 8 storage jars with heavy duty lids here. It's like when I moved into one of my 1st apt and someone left a can of roach spray. You just know it's not an accident. *sigh* It's always something eh Becksters?

04-08-2011, 09:20 PM
I'm posting tonight instead of tomorrow morning so that I can spend more time reading during the read-a-thon tomorrow.

We did manage to get the garden beds topped with compost and cultivated. For my part, that meant a lot of shoveling and hauling. I injured my lower back last year about this time doing that sort of work, so this year I was very careful. I shoveled using a good strong form while squatting to be sure that I lifted with my legs and choked up on the handle of the pitchfork and shovel so that I didn't have the weight of the lift so far away from my body. It worked! I feel fine.

I had four cartloads of homemade compost. That, believe it or not is related to my healthy eating. I love making compost. The more I eat nutritious plants, the more kitchen scraps I have to use to make great compost. It's a little embarrassing how motivating that is!

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +60* 390/1500 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-09-2011, 07:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, despite dinner at an upscale pizza place where my plan was to have a generous equivalent of half of a 10" pizza which I took from a pair whose toppings included roasted butternut squash, smoked goat's cheese, tiny bits of fancy bacon, and portobello mushrooms. Don't have pizza often, so I was glad to do it having unusual ones.

Exercise was gym and later walking up some 203 stairs instead of taking the elevator, CREDIT moi. It still cracks me up knowing that it takes 9 steps to burn a single calorie, despite my legs feeling the burn.

onebyone - Good use of that new stove to make a stew for dinner - I like the notion of how the whole house smells when a stew is simmering. We always had ants when I was a kid; they don't take up a lot of room.

Erika (eusebius) - WOW, a real Steinway Grand in your own home. That's always been my prejudice for the real thing. LOL at "reality only wins 100% of the time."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Not sure that I get the Read-a-Thon - do you all go to the same Starbucks and each read silently at the same time? I could do a day of reading. Sounds like a perfect summer vacation to me.

Beverlyjoy - A good omen that you're on track for your next surgical appointment, "My foot feels the best it has in years." Love reading your joy doing your thing at your DGS's school. And Yep, "I've done it before" - you'll do it again.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for using Whole Foods for some healthy lunch rather than fighting a new menu. Kudos for that bike riding.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Thanks for the reminder, "Once again baby steps." Hope you had a good run.

ChefJoona - Mega Kudos for "...and threw them right out before eating them!" That's a bold act.

pamatga - Dynamite idea to start growing and canning your own stuff in the summer. I love the notion of a basement full of jars, remembering fondly the sight of that from friends houses when I was a kid.

Gwen - Thanks for the Saef quote. I like being reminded that a lot of people don't want to put out the effort to fight the urges to over indulge.

RunningFree - Ouch for the wave of negative feelings. Kudos for continuing to post and make yourself accountable - you're making progress by the acts of working to stay your path, even when the scales aren't yet registering loses.

tarte - Kudos for planning your weekend. My take is that planning is the key to the Beck strategies; it's just easier to stay to the plan than it is to make the 100's of good choices that arise each day.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 2
Set a Modest Weight-Loss Goal

Make your initial goal to lose just 5 pounds. University of Minnesota research shows that people with smaller short-term goals are more likely to achieve those goals and to maintain their weight loss long term. Once you reach your first 5-pound milestone, you can then set another goal to lose an additional 5 pounds ... and then another ... and then another.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 33.

04-09-2011, 08:50 AM
Good Morning Coaches

They are predicting a warm 14C here today (57F). Right now it's -2C (30F) so we have a ways to go. My day today will be filled with studio visits. I am searching for where I could go to do some ceramics. Since I was accepted onto the local studio tour for ceramic work I had better have some ceramic work. This means I need to find a place to do the work. So, it's a happy day of exploring for me.I'm hoping DH feels like getting out too but he may want to just lounge around the house. We'll see.

I've started reading The Carb Cycling Diet by Roman Malkov, MD. When I was at the library this week I made myself pick something from the many and varied diets on the bookshelves. I'm working my way into getting on plan again. I think most of the current diet books are all pretty much the same but I can tell how willing I am to wade back into smaller portions, planning and exercise by how receptive I am to the words in a diet book. I'm definitely heading in that direction.

Hopefully today we resolve the no phone issue. As a bonus I will get tv back. I haven't had real tv in over two years. I did pick up some fuzzy stations but it wasn't the same. I miss not having tv.

Guess that's it. DH wanted to go for a walk yesterday but I didn't want to. His walks are long walks and I sure didn't feel like it. I need to change my attitude as a walk would be good for me and would help me to start getting some pictures of the megahouses around here. So many faux turrets! Everyone's home is their castle...

Have a great day.

04-09-2011, 09:32 AM
Good morning all!

On plan eating day until after dinner... always the problem. I had a cup of yogurt with some walnuts and chocolate chips in it- not planned.

CREDIT for starting the 30 Day Shred... boy is it hard! Even Level 1 with the modifications! I'm not as sore as I thought I would be though. I'm going to try it again this morning.

I'm taking a little road trip with a friend the next two days. I'm worried about eating, as I know we'll be buying all our food out. I'll make the healthiest choices possible. I'm happy for the chance to get away. I need a change of scenery.

onebyone credit for taking steps to get back on plan as you settle in to your new home! Can you and DH compromise on the length of a walk?
BilleBE That pizza sounds lovely... butternut makes everything delicious. Credit for being aware of your portion.
gardenerjoy Enjoy the read-a-thon... it sounds like a great event!
Runningfree I'm sending encouragement your way as you continue to work to find the most helpful skills and tools to use to combat your binges.
Lexxiss Credit for countering the sabotaging thoughts and choosing a healthy alternative!
tarte Hope the weekend goes well for you! No, I'm not really a chef, but I love to cook so combined that with my cat's name (Joona) to get my name.
Gwen Thank you for sharing that Margaret Thatcher quote- helps to keep persistence in mind!
NewLifeStyle Sounds like you had a very active day yesterday- I think housework should definitely be considered a form of exercise.
eusebius Moving from resistence to acceptance is so helpful to move beyond the suffering that keeps many of us stuck. Credit for all the work you're putting into your practice!
BeverlyJoy Credit for taking the first small steps to getting back on plan, and not giving in to defeat!

I'm off to Shred with Jillian... and then the road trip. I'll be back to posting on Monday or Tuesday when I get home.

04-09-2011, 10:54 AM
Hi Beck folks - I want to thank you all for your support, ideas, and comments. The one thing I do know is that I won’t give up. Knowing I can come here with food/life frustrations and that you understand and have no judgment is comforting.

I am happy to say that yesterday was a healthy day. I am very grateful for that. My credits include: planning/measuring/logging, lots of water, stretches, watching sodium and journaling. It seem that for me the first day ‘back’ to sane/healthy eating never has more than the ‘minimum’ of have to’s. Today I will aim for adding in more of the important Beck steps.

Eubebias - glad you are meditating. I like to do this too. I havn’t lately. Good reminder for me. Credit for your food plan time management efforts!

new lifestyle - making yourself a priority is important. Yes, the cleaning will wait. I have trouble with sometimes myself.

Gardener/joy - great job and credit for the exercise. Yikes…24 hours reading! Credit for your eating 90% this month! Your reply to me was right on point. It is an insane world of food - alas, we must wade through the muck to get to good food and making good choices. Thanks. (I love making compost too)

Gwen - thanks so much for your info from Saef about binging. I am going to write it down on a response card. Wonderful reminder of my own ticker quote about fighting many battles in this war I am trying to win.

Tarte - credit for not overeating when you were so tired! Have a good weekend. Plan, plan and plan some more. (I need to always remind myself of this too)

Lexxiss/Debbie - credit for keeping your Beck ‘toolbox’ around!!! So nice that your food choices at the restaurant are already in your food data bank. Good exercise. No more than two bad food days is a good goal to have. Thanks.

Running/free - you/we can never stop trying. I know it seems like it can never come together. But we need to keep trying because we never know when it will be the time it sticks around with healthy eating. As hard as it is…it helps me to get on the scale and face that number after some days of overeating. will help get back on my program.

Onebyone - I am glad you are getting things unpacked in your kitchen. Credit for a healthy stew. Glad you are getting to meet your neighbors.

Billbe - credit for eating and enjoying your unusual pizza and staying within your plan. Glad you had a good workout! Thanks for pointing out a good omen… when I am ‘blind’ to it. LOL

Chefjoona - good job with your food… and not letting something unplanned morph into a binge or something on that order. Have a good trip. Maybe pack some of ‘your’ type snacks.

Have a great day!

04-09-2011, 11:14 AM
April 1 276.2 lb
2 274.2 lb
3 274.2 lb
4 271.8 lb
5 271.6 lb [269.4-at 8 pm]
6 271.2 lb
7 271.0 lb [269.4 lb-2 am]
Weekly Weight Lose: 5.2 lbs.

April 8 269.8 lb
9 268.4 lb [-7.8 lbs]

I am thrilled to say that I am continuing to lose something every day since I really made some changes to my food plan. Again, for anyone who is new to this thread and may not "know me". Last month I bombed in weigh ins. I was eating out a lot mostly. I logged my food faithfully every day and I was averaging 64 oz of water a day but I couldn't budge those numbers. This is what I have done differently this month: increased my daily water consumption past 80 oz and one day this past week-112 oz, I joined a fruit n vegetable challenge with another group so I am concentrating on getting in 3-4 servings of fruit each day and 3-4 servings of vegetables, I can't exercise because of joint problems so other than walking slowly using a cane that is about it, my recommended calorie range is 1800-2100 per day but I have been averaging at the top. That is what I have done for the past nine days.

What I hope to "change" starting this coming Monday is to reduce my calories to 1700-1900 calories, try to keep my sodium under 2500 mg with an ideal of 2000-2200, and start back up with some non weight-bearing exercise like yoga or pilates. I have a library of exercise dvds so it will be "something". I slept 5 1/2 hours "straight" (except for the 90 mins pee breaks) which is a record for me. Sleep is just something very hard for me to do and I do not use anything with caffeine in it(haven't since 2006).

Lexxiss you are correct, you can lose weight on South Beach. The brand new book does have some corrections in that. However, when I was part of the group back in 2008-2009 many of us felt we also needed calorie counting. For me to eat until I am satisfied is to eat around 3000 calories a day. I have and seems that I always will have an appetite of a lumberjack. You are correct that it is good carbs, which is what I choose consistently since that food plan but again if you recall the book does have each person determine just how much that is. For example, Dr. A. warned against some of the starchy vegetables like peas and carrots because of how some people are sensitivity to the natural sugar in them.

As my blood glucose as become more of an issue, I am more sensitive to certain carbs. I could not eat anything with white refined flour any more simply because it reacts in my body like I have eaten cotton candy. It's a great food plan and I fully endorse it. I have eaten whole grains, no enriched flour products, no added white sugar, etc as the plan states since 2008 and I have been very happy with the way my body works. It is a great start.

BBE that pizza sounds really delicious. Since it is Lent I had an organic vegetable pizza for breakfast yesterday. Amy's organic is a great personal size one when you can't get to a pizzeria. Isn't it nice that the pizza folks have jumped on the bandwagon finally? This is my all time favorite food. Yes, I even eat it for breakfast.

Onebyone-are you telling me you have to move again in a year? Wow! I think that I would have seriously considered putting a lot of the small stuff in a storage unit somewhere rather than go through all of this for 12 months which is going to fly.
NewLifeStyle Just to let you know: 40 minutes of light housework,making beds, loading dishwasher, etc. is 102 calories. has a huge library of activities and the calories associated with it.
eusebius I am so sorry for what you are dealing with. I have had a lot of lose in the past several years.
BeverlyJoy I had a horrible couple of months and since April 1st I have really stepped up to the plate. I can't tell you how much different I feel as a result of having a good week thus far. You can do this! Every day is a clean slate. Keep the faith up!:hug:
Runningfree Binges are tough but Lexxiss can help you with a food plan that will cut those craving and binges down to manageable. I can not have "trigger foods" in my home. Period! I don't know if you have to go to that extent but as Beck says, "exercising your resistance muscle" will make you stronger and stronger. However, I find that eating a balanced food plan consistently, dealing with my emotions by talking and journaling, and taking it one meal at a time/one day at a time. You can do this, Running, we are with you.

04-09-2011, 01:30 PM
Afternoon Coaches/Buddies!

This piano-buying thing is a rollercoaster of emotions. It's a good test for my Beck principles (and working the 12 steps also). Yesterday I visited our local piano dealer and he offered us first right of refusal on a Steinway B (6'11") for a down payment. The catch: he doesn't have it in the shop yet, but the deposit is refundable if I don't like the piano. Then this morning I heard from the top piano technician in the area (she has trained most of the piano technicians in the province!) that she is selling her own personal piano, also a Steinway (model A - 6'4"). Imagine the care she must have taken over the years! She offered to let me come and try it. For me this is almost as nerve-wracking as the process of buying a house was 6 years ago. These pianos cost about $40K, so you can see what's at stake ...

Anyway, I am not eating over this, and in fact have stayed on plan now for 12 days straight. Today is Day 9 - Choose an Exercise Program. My plan is to begin walking daily, increasing a little at a time and also doing a bit of yoga each day. I need to be gentle with my body right now.

Today I'm just wiped out, which is a bit inconvenient as I've promised to take my daughter to a movie this afternoon and then make dinner ... sigh. Fortunately it's a gorgeous spring day, so that is lifting my spirits. We are likely going to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which I'm sure is a cinematic masterpiece, lol.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Love the baby steps approach. It works for so many things. Hope you had a great run! BTW I just noticed you are in Canada ... whereabouts?? (You probably told me this already ...)

gardenerjoy - Wow, 24 straight hours of reading? Sounds way too much like grad school for me ;) Big credit for approaching it in a healthy manner! Sounds like you also burned a zillion calories gardening, too ...

Gwen - Great wisdom from Saef about binges. Not easy, but very, very rewarding. Thanks for sharing that with us.

tarte - WTG eating on plan even when you were exhausted! I do think that making weekends as routine as weekdays is a great plan.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Nice job squashing those sabotaging thoughts and fitting in healthy eating and exercise! Biking around a lake sounds awesome.

RunningFree - (((Hugs))) - Very good that you were able to stop the binge. Hang in there!

onebyone - You are getting so much done! Way to go. 3 boxes per day sounds very doable. Do you have a gas stove in your new place? Ugh on the ants. Traps usually work, in our experience. It is, indeed, always something!! You're handling it all really well.

BillBE - Credit for eating on plan at the pizza place! Oh boy, now I'm hungry ... 203 stairs, amazing! Next you can come visit me and onebyone and walk up the CN Tower, LOL. (And try out my Steinway) :)

ChefJoona - your snack doesn't sound too terrible - at least it was healthy! Kudos for trying 30 Day Shred! Jillian is such a beast. I think she could front a punk band in her next career. Have a wonderful road trip and best of luck with the food choices!

Beverlyjoy - Major Kudos for a healthy day and for not giving up!! You are doing great.

pamatga - Fantastic work on your weight loss! You are really on a roll. Bummer about the interrupted sleep patterns - I know that is just an issue for some people - utterly unfair. I have a good friend who never sleeps more than 4 hours straight. Seems this is an area where modern medicine could really stand to learn a lot.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes

04-09-2011, 02:09 PM
Hello everyone:

It's me again. Soul searching. Asking the basic questions once again: Why is this so hard? Why do I go along OK for a bit and then completely derail? When will I ever get a handle on my stress=eat behaviour? Is it all beyond me?

I am trying today so that's better. I did weights, read some of the pink workbook, posted (finally), ate a healthy breakfast and recorded what I ate.

This is what I am doing for the rest of the day NO MATTER WHAT:

- record what I eat
- eat a sandwich and salad for lunch
- eat an apple and a string cheese for snack
- eat brown rice and veg chili for dinner
- eat yogurt and berries for snack
- ride exercise bike 30 mins
- get outside
- read advantage and response cards
- plan tomorrow
- go to bed at 10:00
- check back in to see and record what I did

Happy weekend to everyone!!


04-09-2011, 07:53 PM
Some time ago working from home seemed like a dream, but my rapidly increasing weight and social isolation tells differently. I am working on finding a job, where I could be more around people, because I feel that social isolation might be playing a part in my eating disorder.
Binged again, thou not as much as yesterday, but still, it was a binge. At first I wanted to have a binge feast when everyone went on a trip for a day and I got all home for myself, but somehow managed to stay on plan. Then they got back and brought all those treats and I couldn't control myself anymore. I don't know if i should hide so that not to see all those treats or what? Because my reasoning doesn't work, mind just shuts down.

04-09-2011, 07:57 PM
Hello everyone,
I had a great run yesterday and then even did housework. My husband thinks I am coming down with something. I don't know why I don't do a big cleaning more often. I like when my house is freshly clean. I have to find motivation to clean the garage, that is where all the stuff I don't want to part with is. I don't want to move and take most of the stuff in the garage with me. I have an emotional attachment to that stuff, why I am not sure. I do have a plan though. I met someone who can't afford bikes, scooters, balls, and stuff like that for her son and I have this stuff sitting in the garage, I believe her need for it will help me part with it.
Yesterday when I was cleaning I twisted my knee. It is so sore right now. I can walk on it but I may need to rest it.
It was beautiful here today so I felt like being out and about.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.
Thanks again for all the wonderful posts. I get so much out of being here.

04-09-2011, 08:49 PM
Hi, all, trying to reconnect again, and this time stay that way!

Have been having a sleep issue that's bigger than a breadbox, but lucky to have good health insurance and all the other support I need. That said, I miss you all.

Ceejay, one of my special sistas cuzza music....I share your angst, but the problem is..It is NOT THAT HARD..not at all, if we just *do it. I am not at all minimizing anything, because I am as flummaxed as you are for still struggling when I know what works..I know what to do..We both do..for whatever reason, we are choosing NOT to...simple as painful as that..but, 'tis true. Beck lays it all out..for those of us who know the Deming Cycle...Plan..Do..Check..Act....or..just read Beck and Do it...spring is here..time to just do it.

04-09-2011, 10:33 PM
I took a deep breath this morning and let my mom know I wouldn't be joining the group for breakfast. I really wanted my green smoothie and didn't feel like sacrificing calories on something I didn't feel like eating. Exercise was on the stationary bike then I put the edger blade on our small tiller and did my front sidewalk...and mom's. Said no choice to food that was in view at her house and instead came home for my yummy snack. Just thinking....if I counted, I wonder how many opportunities there are in my path every day to eat off seems like lots!

BillBlueEyes, how many floors is 203 stairs? Credit for enjoying a planned dinner out, with many unusual and not often eaten foods.

gardenerjoy, another compost lover here! Mine is spread and tilled into my garden. Yay! Read on!

ChefJoona, wishing you enjoyable travels and the healthiest food choices possible.

Beverlyjoy, I think your "mininum of have to's is pretty darn good!

pamatga, *credit* for the changes to your food plan that have really made a difference for you this month.

Erika (eusebius), I can see what a rollercoaster the piano purchase is…*credit* for determining you will not eat over it.

RunningFree, *credit* for coming here yesterday and today. Does your family understand what your are going through when they bring all the treats home?

onebyone, gotta say it's just great hearing that your are getting back into your comfort zone.

CeeJay, rest of the matter what... NO CHOICE!

Ann(Newlifestyle), *credit* for taking the big step of giving some stuff from your garage to someone in need.

maryblu, you're right, it is NOT THAT HARD. I do think the first significant NO CHOICE successes are the most important. It gets easier, after that.

04-09-2011, 11:35 PM
OK, I am back as I promised myself and you.

I said "This is what I am doing for the rest of the day NO MATTER WHAT"

- record what I eat done
- eat a sandwich and salad for lunch done
- eat an apple and a string cheese for snack done
- eat brown rice and veg chili for dinner done
- eat yogurt and berries for snack done
- ride exercise bike 30 mins done
- get outside done
- read advantage and response cards done
- plan tomorrow done
- go to bed at 10:00 another 50 minutes and I am down for the night
- check back in to see and record what I did done

maryblu- thank you for your post. I have done quite a bit of thinking about what you said. Your statement that we know what to do and we are choosing not to is really very powerful. Who is in control? We are. I maybe need to stop overthinking this. Like you said time for action.

Your encouragement means so much.


04-10-2011, 07:30 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - On plan eating included, again, ignoring my DW's trail mix; CREDIT moi. We had three nights in a row eating away from home. At a friends house last night, dessert was a micro-cupcake - tiny little thing about one bite size. I had red velvet. It was so, . . . , so, . . . , cupcakey. I'm working on understanding this cupcake craze.

Some walking, some box lifting for exercise, CREDIT moi. A couple more boxes resolved, with a bunch of stuff to the curb under a FREE sign. Enjoyed seeing a guy in a newish Cadillac stop and pick through the pile and take a few things. Oh, and planting our snow peas, albeit a little late, they're in the ground ready for the magic to happen.

maryblu - Ouch for sleep issues - hope you find your magic solution to those. Thanks for reminding us of the "Deming Cycle...Plan..Do..Check..Act" - good ideas have been around for a while.

onebyone - Yay for seeing that being receptive to the words in diet books signals your willingness to get back on your path of "smaller portions, planning and exercise."

Erika (eusebius) - I can feel the tension trying to choose between two attractive options - good luck figuring that out. LOL that the joys of motherhood include a "cinematic masterpiece."

CeeJay - Kudos for publishing your plan, then doing it, "NO MATTER WHAT."

Beverlyjoy - Yay for a day that includes stretches - reminds me that I just gotta stop ignoring those.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Isn't it so, "many opportunities there are in my path every day to eat off plan." When I discovered Beck's simple solution - have a plan and stick to it, NO CHOICE - I was so happy that her strategy was easy to do, at least easier than facing the hundreds of decisions each day. Kudos for choosing your green smoothie rather than the group breakfast.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - It's a real joy for me when I send something I value to someone who can use it. Hope you can make progress sending stuff in your garage to new homes. I know how hard that is to do.

ChefJoona - Kudos for doing Shred hard enough to make yourself sore; with repetition that should ease. Bon Voyage on your two day road trip.

pamatga - Veggie pizza sounds like a fine breakfast to me. Kudos for getting back into some non weight-bearing exercises.

RunningFree - Ouch for the continuing struggle with the treats. It might be time to work on short term goals - like no snacking for the next hour, or no snacking for the time it takes to read this chapter. Then take a break and a tall glass of water. You can figure out some strategies to break up the long stretches of time that have no structure.

Isolation is a challenge because it takes more effort to keep the mind focused on the plans of the day rather than the short-term hit of food. Can you plan time with friends during the day, even study-dates just to read the materials at the same time? Some folks get benefit from going to the library to study because it breaks up their time and libraries don't have their kitchen near by. You can beat this with the tools that you have. Good luck.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 2
Set a Modest Weight-Loss Goal

I also want you to celebrate every time you reach a 5-pound milestone. Buy a new article of clothing or accessory. Get a new computer game, CD, or DVD. Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, or massage. Get tickets to an entertainment or sporting event. Buy a charm bracelet and get a new charm to commemorate each milestone. You can set whatever reward you want - as long as it doesn't involve food. Take a moment now to think how you will reward yourself each 5-pound milestone. Write down a few ideas in your Diet Notebook under the heading "Rewards for Losing 5 Pounds."

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 33-34.

04-10-2011, 08:09 AM
It sounds like everyone is really hard at work in working their Beck plan. Great job everyone!:carrot:

Credit moi: for planning my meals yesterday and sticking to them.
went to annual eye appointment. Eye health, previous concern, is good.
logging everything I eat every day, no exceptions.
Weighing every day, no exceptions, no excuses.
Accepting another group challenge to continue to walk down that scale.
Reporting daily to foour different groups.
No exceptions. No excuses.
No one else can do this for me except me, so what am I waiting for?

Sidenote:[In January 2010, I was told that I was beginning to show signs of proliferative retinopathy (my blood glucose was close to 200 mg/dl-normal is in the upper 90s). Again, yesterday, the eye doctor told me to report to him immediately if I should have double vision, floating particles or headaches. He said my eye health was good yesterday. I am so glad that when I was told of this risk (my Dad also has macular degeneration- a slow form of blindness- which is hereditary and no cure) and that I did something about it. My DH went to Walgreen's and I began testing my blood glucose and brought it down to a little over 100 mg/dl. I am so glad that I did not ignore his concerns in 2010 and became proactive about making changes in my diet and losing 25 lbs last year. Who would ever think that being obese could lead to blindness but it can. I am an artist and interior designer. I did my post graduate work in architecture. Of all my senses, my sight is the most valued.
Question to ask: was any of that extra food really worth it?]

04-10-2011, 01:06 PM
I read for more than 6 hours and almost 400 pages. A lot of people did more than that! Read-a-Thon was a world-wide online event. We interacted on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. Of course, the more interaction I did, the less I read! So, I waited until this morning to go back and see what a lot of people did.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +35* 425/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-10-2011, 05:08 PM
Happy Spring! It's very Springy here. (Enjoy Fall to our southern hemisphere Becksters)

I had a healthy day yesterday.... I am very grateful. I planned/measured/logged food, watched my sodium (said 'not fair, oh well' on this subject), did my stretches, left a bite, said no choice a few times, weighed myself and journaled. I am very grateful to have these credits.

I went to the store and got more veggies and fruit.

It's spring and all the little cutie pies in the neighborhood were out playing. We had a peanut party and I did not eat one. I shared some stories and songs at their request. The girls had on some new clothes, so we all had to twirl. It was a happy day.

I hope you all are having a good day. As always, thanks to you for you support and caring ways.

Ceejay - I am doing a happy dance in honor of all your credits!

04-10-2011, 11:37 PM
Hi everyone:

Well first up: accountability- last night after I posted about my fantastic day, I ate some stuff I should not have. Must move on. Talk about self sabotage.

Today was better- I ate dinner late and know I am not eating before bed- going to bed as soon as I type this- no repeat of last night.

Credits today:

- weighed in- yikes
- rode exercise bike 30 mins
- read advantage and response cards
- read some of the pink workbook
- ate 3 healthy on plan meals and one healthy snack
- checked in with my coaches

Here's to a smashing week for everyone!!!


04-10-2011, 11:49 PM
Hi Coaches

I am having a hard time with compulsive behaviour around portion size. Today was particularly bad. At breakfast, I had three eggs. I made my 6'3" DH 2 eggs, but I had 3. I do this kind of thing all the time, eat more than him I mean. I'll go for seconds, he doesn't. I pile mine higher, I take an extra and etc. I figure if I don't talk about it I won't change it so there it is. Then this afternoon, I wanted lunch, DH was napping, and I went for his canned Chunky Soup and opted for two cans mixed together as my one serving.

Such a strong desire for lots of food. It's just not calming down. All I can say is the alternative, having the "right" portion size makes me feel scared. I am sure it's all the changes, the stress of trying to find where I fit here, the unresolved clutter issues and the stress of continuing to de-clutter and simply set up house (I'm kind of stalled but do a little each day) well it's all triggering my primary coping mechanism: eating for comfort and eating as distraction/pleasure. But with my first social week here (4 events coming up) I am once more wishing my body was in better shape. Oh well. This is me right now and I know it's not about my body but about my whole self. Still. I need some weightloss success asap. I'm beginning to lose hope I'll ever get any of it off for real.

I need to start again: new arc cards, reading arc cards, writing my food down, planning goals/meals/strategy. I just need to work Beck.

I'm not going to be dwelling in the negative. I need to keep trying because the alternative is more weight gain. No thanks. I'll come here instead until I'm back on the wagon and after that too.

Good night friends.

04-10-2011, 11:55 PM
Today was better- I ate dinner late and know I am not eating before bed- going to bed as soon as I type this- no repeat of last night.

Credits today:

- weighed in- yikes
- rode exercise bike 30 mins
- read advantage and response cards
- read some of the pink workbook
- ate 3 healthy on plan meals and one healthy snack
- checked in with my coaches

Good positive wrap up to the week Ceejay. :carrot:

04-11-2011, 05:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating wandered a bit when I found my hand, far away from the safety of my own kitchen, in a bowl of toasted almonds. Ouch. Otherwise on plan; CREDIT moi. This tree nuts thing needs some serious attention, like going back to my clear resolution during my losing phase when I simply had NOTHING that wasn't on my plan. But I do get to uptick my monthly New Journey counter today; CREDIT moi for staying the course another month.

Walking, CREDIT moi, saw people trimming bushes and making yards look spiffy - as if it were spring. Just a joy to be out wearing a light weight wind breaker rather than a winter coat. Four boxes of books packed and carried down to the basement for the duration of the painting this summer. And the great news, a large stack of stuff put out on the curb was taken - ALL of it: metal boxes of old electronics, some computer software, a stack of new 8" ceramic tiles. May you find a new home, my dear treasures.

onebyone - Kudos for keeping your head clear, "I'll come here instead until I'm back on the wagon and after that too." Ouch for those sabotaging portion sizes. Acknowledging them is the big first step. Sending you supportive thoughts so that you can also get back to a written, detailed food plan for the day to give you some ease for staying the course.

CeeJay - Yep, "Must move on." Kudos for a good day including your session on your exercise bike.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for squeezing in 35 minutes of exercise while still reading 400 pages during your Read-a-Thon.

Beverlyjoy - Amazing that you can host a peanut party and not eat a single one - Kudos. I'm gonna think of you next time I see a bowl of nuts.

pamatga - Congrats on that monster reduction of your blood glucose in just one year. Yay for good eye health.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 3
Make Time for Dieting
Dieting requires a commitment. To lose weight successfully, dieting should be your top priority for a long time, and maintaining your new habits will always be high on your list if you want to keep off the excess weight for life. Many of the tasks I suggest you complete throughout this program don't take a great deal of time to do, but don't fool yourself into thinking that you will somehow be able to just find the time. You will have to plan precisely when you are going to do each task. Otherwise, you will find yourself making excuses, such as, I don't have time or I'm too rushed. Making excuses is a slippery slope that leads to failure.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 34.

04-11-2011, 09:21 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I had church in the morning and a concert in the afternoon, and got home exhausted. I had some extra on-plan snacks that I probably didn't really need ... oh well. Didn't go over my points allowance.

I actually gained a pound this week ... drat! I had the presence of mind this morning to look ahead to Day 21 - Get Ready to Weigh In and was pleased to see Dr. Beck advising us not to panic when this happens and to chalk it up to fluctuation. It is indeed that time of the month (actually, that's about half the month for me ... grr!!) so onward. I will hope for a loss next week.

Yesterday was Day 10 - Set a Realistic Goal. So 5 pounds it is. Today, appropriately enough, is Day 11 - Distinguish Between Hunger, Desire and Cravings. I'll be doing the hunger rating chart today.

CeeJay - Big credit for enumerating your helpful behaviours! Well done.
RunningFree - Who got back and brought treats? Do you need to have a talk with them about bringing trigger foods into your house? You deserve to have your needs respected ... (((Hugs)))
Ann (NewLifestyle) - Kudos for a great run and housework! Hope your knee is feeling better today.
maryblu - Sorry about the sleep issue ... that can be a big bummer. Glad to see you posting here.
Debbie (Lexxiss) - Green smoothies rule! Great job with food choices and exercise. Amazing how many choices we have to navigate in a day!
BillBE - Yeah, I'm not into the whole cupcake thing. There's a cupcake bakery in our neighbourhood which I am studiously avoiding. Kudos for on plan eating, exercise, decluttering, gardening ... you are an inspiration! The tree nuts are no match for the likes of you :)
pamatga - you are doing great!!
gardenerjoy - wow, 400 pages. That really does sound like grad school. Did you enjoy it?
Beverlyjoy - Kudos for a healthy day and good choices!!
onebyone - (((Hugs))) - you are going through a stressful time. We are here for you! Who is that in your avatar? I sure feel like he looks some days, lol.

Grateful that I don't have a really packed day today. Wishing everyone an OP Monday.

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes - but not as mindfully as I would have liked
Gave myself credit: yes - but need to do it more consciously and often

04-11-2011, 10:21 AM
Newlifestyle, It's a nice idea to give away your stuff to someone who can't afford it. I noticed that good deeds make me feel happy and complete even without food. Wish your knee to get well soon.

maryblu, hope your sleep will get better.

Lexxiss, yay for exercising and saying no choice to food. Good question “does my family understand when they bring all those treats?” We talked about it, but their answer was that they can't stop getting treats for themselves. And I don't feel it's fair to ask of them this much.

CeeJay, I love your determination. Keep it going.

BillBlueEyes, I am not full time student, so I barely meet my study buddies and they are all very busy people, with full time jobs and businesses to run. But I have few other ideas, like:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Swimming pool (from next month)
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – Gym
And I am looking for a regular job.
And it's nice to read that your old stuff found new home. It feels somehow inspiring :)

pamatga, wow I am impressed with your “no exceptions” attitude.

Beverlyjoy, happy you managed to stay away from peanuts and had a nice time.

onebyone, I noticed that feeling better about yourself makes you feel more complete even without food. So maybe it would work for you too, to find some time only for yourself, to relax, maybe to get some spa treatment or something else that feels really, really good.

eusebius, that's my parents and grandmother. I agree with you, that I have a right for my needs to be respected, but so have they. I am the youngest one, so for me it should be easier to change my habits.

Yesterday had an op eating day and today I weight 2 lb less than last Monday.
This morning went for 1 hour run. It's a real spring outside now, no more ice covering the pond and little blue flowers (hepatica is the only English name I found for them) growing all over the forest moss.
Today I called one company to ask about job and they told that there might be a possibility to work what I have worked few years ago. I don't expect much, because entertainment business is quite down in my country for the past two years. But I am very happy about the idea of getting that job, just thinking of it makes me fell complete. I am scared that I'll have a hard fall if I don't. But for the moment I just want to contemplate the idea a little bit more, just for the sake of knowing what happiness feels like.

04-11-2011, 11:06 AM
Hi Coaches!
Yesterday was a good Beck day. I used restraint at our usual Sunday brunch and adjusted my evening calories accordingly (especially since I only got 15 min of exercise). I resisted unplanned eating, saying NO CHOICE, and logged my food. I was actually short on calories and went to bed hungry, reminded by Shepherdess and my Beck books, that the hunger would pass and it did.

We're getting ready for blast off tomorrow! We'll be at our "swim shack" for 2-1/2 weeks. Of course, we sat in the dining room outlining our plan and when we went to turn off the chandelier, the toggle switch has broken. I've been on a ladder in my jammies already. :rollpin: I'm going to watch for our retired electrician next
Solution: A list
1. forget about light and turn off breaker at the box
2. get mandatory paperwork done
3. make salad for dinner tonight in Denver with Kirks DD, Neice and Nephew
4. email the kids and politely request a piece of halibut to cook stovetop instead of deep fried.
5. get moms flower area rototilled.
6. clean and pack.
7. cover bike with plastic for snow on the passes.
8. leave early and get to water aerobics by 9am Tuesday.
9. have all food for tomorrow planned and written downsince I have previously identified that travel days and unplanned eating seem to occur regularly.

I'd hope to get back for some personals....really taking time to read what you all have to say helps me so much. I think I need to cross item #2 off my list first, since it requires internet which seems to disappear here at any time *poof*

Enjoy your day, friends....plan plan plan!

04-11-2011, 03:04 PM
April 1 276.2 lb
2 274.2 lb
3 274.2 lb
4 271.8 lb
5 271.6 lb [269.4-at 8 pm]
6 271.2 lb
7 271.0 lb [269.4 lb-2 am]
Weekly Weight Lose: 5.2 lbs.

April 8 269.8 lb
9 268.4 lb
10 271.0 lb [ate at Applebee's for supper @ 6:30 pm]
11 267.2 lb [very heavy period overnight]

I haven't visited this weight since 2003 but what a way to do it! Sorry BBE I know you are the only guy here but this is something we female folk have to deal with. It just plain sucks! I fell into bed at 8 am exhausted after an all nighter changing clothes, doing loads of laundry and cleaning up. If I had had my thinking cap on I would have put my pedometer on, I am sure that I really logged the steps overnight.

I'll write more tomorrow. I am just trying to get back to feeling "normal". I was feeling more weak when I finally got my sleep in.

04-11-2011, 03:23 PM
Well, I need to stop lurking and just post. It's just an issue of time and energy. I've just been busy, but I need to make the time to check in here. Things went from busy to crazy last week. We started lambing and we're in full swing now. DH has extra help this year, but I just can't keep myself away. I'd hate to miss my favorite time of year. Also, It's an issue of control: I don't trust that things are getting done right if I'm not there.
Yes, I have issues!

So I'm trying to figure out how to balance everything and not being successful yet. Sleep has fallen by the wayside. But I did promise DH and my doctor that I would get some sleep, even if it's broken up throughout the day. I'm now keeping a sleep log.

I was doing well with food until the weekend, when things started to fall apart. I was trying to snack to fix tired. It doesn't work. I didn't have a plan for the weekend, so now I have a plan and am committed to making a plan to stay healthy.

On a positive note, exercise has been good. My formal exercise has slowed down a bit, but my incidental exercise has picked up since we started lambing. So I'm staying active and keeping moving.

Thanks to everyone for all your support!

BillBE, thanks for telling me about your DW who continued jogging throughout her pregnancies, even with the concern of others. I can hardly pick up a hammer around here without one of the ranch hands stepping in to help me out. It's very sweet and well-meant, but I'm not an invalid!

04-11-2011, 04:30 PM
It is good to be back, everyone. I was with DS in Tahoe. We had a wonderful time together - met with old friends, went sledding, read and teased each other. I know these moments are precious because 8yo grow in the blink in the eye. I am grateful that I know to appreciate these times and that I was not obessed with food in any way. I was fully present in the moment.
OP today. Small gain (+1) I think is water from restaurant food. We'll see tomorrow.
Gardenerjoy: Interesting discussion on maintence weight. I have five pounds to go now for months. I am pleased how I currently look and feel and I am below standards for overweight so I think I am also going to follow BBE's advice and keep doing what I am doing and see what happens. I have a whole new wardrobe and don't care about going down another size. I have decided to revisit weight after 1 yr of my current program. The most important thing for me is to practice my new great eating habits and not rebound with a weight gain. I know it takes about two years of healthy eating to really get out of the danger zone of yoyoing.
BBE: I'll match your light windbreaker and raise you open- toed sandals. Yeah California.
Eusebius: You have a good attitude toward your small gain. Weight loss is a LONG RACE.
Runningfree: good luck with the job.
Lexxiss: My goal this week is to meet your "going to be one nite hungry" achievement
Pagmata: The weight pattern is good. Sorry for the the circumsatcnes.
Shepardess: Good to hear from you. You definitely are in the zone of "accept the things you cannot change (pregnancy/ physical restrictions), courage to change the things you can (snacking) and the wisdom to know the difference

04-11-2011, 04:54 PM
Sit yourself down for this. I went to my appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon today to once again schedule my foot/ankle surgery. It had been November since I had seen him. He took xrays and had me walking around, up and down on my tiptoes, and more. Asked me how it was feeling. I said some improved, because basically I have not done much for the past year. He said that this tendon had become more stable. (apparently this tendon could heal very slowly - but, not totally). He said that he didn't think he wanted to do the surgery at this time. (I nearly fainted) That there is a different kind of brace I can try on my foot/ankle that could very well work for me - and be all I need. That my foot has improved/stablized enough and he wants to try the brace before doing this big surgery with the long recovery time. Surgery is the very last resort. I was dumbfounded and speechless. (an usual thing for me) He thinks it will work. If it doesn't then he will do the surgery later. He repeated, surgery is the last resort.

So go figure. I am happy, in shock and really don't know what to think. Maybe, just maybe, all the wierd delays was 'the reason' it all happened the way it did. Time will tell.

I don't know if this is going to be the magic cure. But, I am ready to try.

I am in absolute shock.

Also...yesterday was a healthy grateful. Many credits: planned/measured/logged, lots of water, wieghed, stretches/strengthening/recupbent bike, no seconds, left a bite.........and.........ate seated only. I stopped myself from any licks, nibbles, tastes, etc. I am really proud of that.

Well - I need to digest all this news.

Have a great day.

04-11-2011, 06:59 PM
Hi everyone, thanks again for the many great posts. Congratulations and hugs all around.
My knee is tender, I went for a massage and it feels much better than it did. I also went for a walk as running seems to bother my knee. I hope this inconvenience is short lived. I have been eating very well but I do notice that when I am feeling overwhelmed I want to eat. It is comfort food I am searching for in my mind. I find with planning it is much easier through out the day. I have one snack left for the day so I am saving it for later. Wish me luck. I do hope everyone has a wonderful evening.
Take Care

04-11-2011, 08:21 PM
Hi Coaches!

I accomplished most of my list and the rest will happen tomorrow before we leave. *credit* for OP food and remembering to put my Beck tools to good use.

BillBlueEyes,a well deserved Kudos on staying the course for yet another month. It is an achievement not to be taken lightly….self will run amook can certainly change things quite substantially in a very short time. I love your line, "May you find a new home, my dear treasures." It is a way to let go with grace, I think.

Wow! Beverlyjoy! This is really unexpected news! I think we may all need time to digest this! When you said, "Sit yourself down for this." I really sat myself down before I read further. *credit* yourself for all your healthy Beck tasks, too!

maryann, good to hear from you! I have been practicing not eating over the "things I cannot change" while you have been gone, reminding myself I will have two problems if I do. BTW, I recall that Dr. Beck discusses the settling into maintenance weight in detail, too. Super deluxe that you were not "obsessed with food in any way" while in Tahoe. Comes to show practicing Beck skills over and over really does work.

Shepherdess, glad that you were able to check in. Busy to crazy is probably the good time to check I'm keeping a sleep log, too! Right on! I think it's the "incidental exercise" time of year.

pamatga, wow! 8 years since you have visited your current weight! Spectacular news! Since your post yesterday I am remembering two things you said, "No one else can do this for me except me, so what am I waiting for?" and "Was any of that extra food really worth it?" Thx for sharing.

RunningFree, I know I can't keep my husbands treats out of the house, but he now understands that it's OK not to offer it to me constantly, out of politeness. *credit* for coming up with a list of daily activities to take you through the week.

Erika(eusibus), great that you remained calm after weighing in. In addition to your cycle, as noted, stress seems to commonly cause some water retention...perhaps all the commotion regarding piano choices.

onebyone, I am hoping I can encourage you a bit by sharing my personal experience. I, too, used to make sure I gave myself a "generous" portion when serving for both DH and myself. You shared "scared" about the right portion size. Before reading your post last night I had noticed a new behavior about myself-I am not giving DH the bigger portion. It was OK. Perhaps following a plan does, in fact, help create new habits. I do think BBE hit the nail on the head...a written plan and follow it. The success of that behavior, I believe, helps create a positive feeling from inside which catches on. *credit* that you trust your coaches enough to put your feelings out on the table.

CeeJay, *credit* for going to bed after posting your "better day". You're absolutely right, "move on".

gardenerjoy, 6 hours! 400 pages! Yay!

Ann(Newlifestyle), good that you are taking care of your knee! I hope it is on the mend soon. A good idea saving your last snack for later. In addition to good luck I'll quote Dr. Beck, "hunger is not an emergency."

I'll sign off for now....thanks for being here, everyone!

04-11-2011, 10:46 PM
Hello Coaches

Ate large portions again today and again had no plan. I am working on finding the willingness to make and follow a plan.

I met with the person in charge of membership at my local potter's guild, housed in an original building of this town, populated by the weaver's guild upstairs, with the potter's down below. Nice space, cheap membership fee, plenty of freedom to make things, ample opportunity to learn things and the necessity to be part of a guild, which is in essence a cooperative which means I'll have duties to fulfill and a myriad of personalities to negotiate. On top of this, my background experience will propel me directly onto the exectutive for Pete's sake. I said I'd be willing to serve if they needed me to. And then later I freaked out that I was overcommitting myself and then I calmed down and said "wait and see before you freak out".

So, one soial committment down for the week: three to go.

Wednesday night it's the community garden folks, more accurately the co-operative farm. Thursday it's an information session for the studio tour here in the fall that I was accepted to. And on Saturday, in celebration of National Poetry Month, I am going to a Poetry Gala at the fantastic local library from 1:30-4:30 in the afternoon. Poets reading their poems. Secretly I wish that was me. perhaps I can find some time to work on that dream too.

Anyway, I do so much, try so hard, do stuff even if I am afraid to do it, but I can't get a solid handle on the food. The majority of my life it's been this way. I do take hope from the folks here in this group who have managed to deal with the same issues I am dealing with. It's not magic it's willingness. I have to want it THAT BAD. Or even to just NOT WANT THIS that bad. That would work too. Beck Beck Beck. Lots of help there if I let it in.

Thanks for reading.

04-11-2011, 11:00 PM
Hello everyone:

One of these days I will get back to personals but just can't right now.

However I did want to tell Beverlyjoy that I am so thrilled about your news about the surgery. I am really hoping that you will just continue to improve and never need to have it at all. And also to gardenerjoy for getting off the blood pressure meds. Fantastic achievement and I don't think that happens too often. The commitment both of you have made to your health is paying off!!! Without losing weight would either of these things have happened? You gals ROCK!!!!!!

For me I was on plan with my eating today, plus did weights. Going to read my cards now and a bit of the pink book.

So grateful to have 2 days of sane eating. Off to the hotels for 2 nights now and I have a plan for everything I am going to eat.

Check back in on Thursday.


04-11-2011, 11:02 PM
One more thing:

onebyone- who is the frowning dude in your avatar?

04-11-2011, 11:59 PM
Well, I'm back, again -- just returning from another conference, which was a bit more exhausting because I traveled to Houston, and both phases of the trip were delayed. I'm tired and grouchy, glad to be back, here in particular.

Actually, it's been really hard to come back. The house is a mess. The laundry is piled to the ceiling, it seems. I got into an argument with the DP. And I'm tired and grouchy, really. Have I mentioned that?

I'd love to exercise and throw myself back into my dissertation, but of course getting back to real life is more difficult than I'd wish. I think I'll just settle for making a food plan and getting back to the exercising tomorrow. Tonight I'm helping the DGS with a school project.

Credit to me for coming back here.

04-12-2011, 12:23 AM
Hi Coaches,

I did better than last weekend, but still not ideal. I again had a couple of off-plan meals. I initially did make plans, but didn't deal with them well when the plan changed. I should have been better about reading my NO CHOICE card and making sure I did what I should have been doing.

I am also going to be entering a somewhat stressful phase... I am in the process of buying a home with my significant other and will be moving into it sometime in the new few weeks. Not only is moving going to be stressful, but I anticipate some additional stress with moving in with my significant other having never lived with one before. I am nervous about this, especially that he will find out what an overeater I am.

Lexxiss - Credit for goign to WF and having a healthy lunch instead of something else. Looks like you did well over the weekend using your Beck tools. Good job!

RunningFree - WTG on your run and taking steps to find a job. I agree that being isolated can sometimes be hard. For me, sometimes being bored and alone leads me to eat.

onebyone - you have done remarkably well with your move. I hope I can not let the stress of moving get to me.

gardenerjoy - I am very impressed by your read-a-thon! It sounds like it was a fun event. I am also jealous of your homemade compost. I would love to do that too someday.

ChefJoona - hope your road trip was fun. Cute way to pick your name. :)

Beverlyjoy - glad you had a healthy day! Credit for picking up more fruit and vegetables. Excellent news about not going the surgery route for now.

pamatga - you are doing great!! I'm glad the scale is creeping down. I loved this: "No one else can do this for me except me, so what am I waiting for?" Very wise.

eusebius - good for you for reading ahead and not panicking about the 1 lb gain.

CeeJay - Those are tough questions. I ask myself similar ones a lot. I don't think it's beyond us though. We certainly weren't born like this and we can heal ourselves if we put in the time and effort. That's my belief anyway. Credit for coming here and posting.

newlifestyle - that's great about being able to part with your items and giving them to someone in need. Hope your knee is healing well.

maryblu - I love what you said about it being "not that hard" and choosing not to do what we know we should be doing. I am going to remind myself of that frequently.

BillBlueEyes - credit for getting right back on plan after the almonds. I don't understand the cupcake craze either.

maryann - great that you were able to appreciate your family time in Tahoe.

MaryContrary - glad you came back and posted. Hope you get some rest soon.

04-12-2011, 03:40 AM
Today my task is to set strategy for eating in restaurants. But I have no trouble eating out. I am very picky when ordering, always try to order smaller portions and never eat everything whats on my plate. When eating out, I eat about half portion of protein, few bites of carbs and few bites of salad (usually I just pick fork with carbs and put it down, so that it would seem that I am eating carbs). Sometimes I eat a dessert if I really want, but only few bites. I am not a big drinker, so if I drink alcohol, its no more than one glass of wine.
I can't eat much when I am being watched. I hide that I overeat.

04-12-2011, 05:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Nothing special about eating, CREDIT moi. There are three boxes of stuff ready to be picked up by a local charity. I have the feeling that so much is leaving that our house could rise up a few inches, LOL.

Gym was gym; CREDIT moi. I was startled when I was concentrating on my lunges and a friend said hello. He calls it my "funny walking." When leaving, I got to see three folks on the stationary bikes reading the National Geographic's that I had dropped off when I entered. We had put the whole box of them on the curb and had no takers, so I'm dropping off three each time I go to the gym, and savoring that they always disappear.

onebyone - Kudos for so actively inserting yourself into life in the new city. Feeling like you're in your place might help displace eating. And Kudos for focusing on how to get yourself back into "Beck Beck Beck."

Erika (eusebius) - Kudos for accepting scale fluctuation with equanimity.

CeeJay - Yay for 2 days of sane eating - a good foundation for 2 days on the road.

Shepherdess - LOL at the universal issue of a pregnant woman being treated as an invalid. Love reading that you can't let go of your midwifery with the lambs.

Beverlyjoy - Just wonderful news that your body may have healed itself without needing surgery. Will the new brace allow you to go back to your story telling gigs?

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Going to bed hungry is worthy of a Kudos - what power to know that you can do that. LOL at having to climb a ladder to turn off the dining room light.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Ouch for a tender knee. Interesting that Eating doesn't fix overwhelmed either. Good luck with your remaining snack.

MaryContrary - Ouch for the reality of travel (both ways), the reality of laundry, and the reality of relationships - all to be offset by the joy of a DGS who can concentrate of a school project with loving support.

maryann - Ah, precious indeed an 8 year old. Yay for savoring it. [LOL at "raise you open- toed sandals."]

pamatga - Congrats for continuing to see the weight moving down.

RunningFree - Love your description of blue flowers growing over the forest moss. For me, the joy of walking is the seeing the changes every day. Kudos for actively pursuing a job to add to your life. And swimming is such good exercise - you're lucky to have access to a pool. Neat strategy to pick at your carbs to avoid bringing attention to your eating.

tarte - Congrats for taking the giant leap of buying a home and moving in together. Yep, living with another human being is always a challenge, and an SO even more so. Love and humor seem to be the best weapons for survival.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 3
Make Time for Dieting

To lose weight successfully, you will need time to:
Read this book.
Practice skills, such as planning and monitoring your food intake.
Exercise regularly.
Shop for food and prepare meals.
Sit down for three meals and three snacks every day, eating all food slowly.
Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can lower you motivation and lead to overeating.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 34.

04-12-2011, 07:51 AM
Good morning!

Got home from the road trip yesterday. It was really nice to get a change of scenery! I did pretty well with food too... a lot better than other times away from home. The hotel we stayed at had a continental breakfast with lots of healthy choices. I was able to have fresh fruit and protein which kept me from snacking.

Exercise on Saturday was 30 Day Shred before I left (my calves still ache!) and Sunday was a lot of walking. Yesterday no credit for exercise. I will walk or Shred tonight.

Food is planned for today...

I caught up on reading posts, but have no time for personals. Happy Tuesday!

04-12-2011, 08:48 AM
Down another 1.6 lbs. I weighed at 7 am EST-265.6. I am still feeling very weak from early Monday a.m. and all the body fluids I lost. I ended up sleeping 12 1/2 hours yesterday. I will probably go back to bed after this.

Beverlyjoy I am so glad that it worked out this way. I have read and heard that if we allow our body it will heal itself. Homeostatis is the norm for our bodies.

I joined another "buddy challenge" for 50 days which began yesterday and ends on Memorial Day. You know, I forget how people get so hyper about being "skinny" for the summer months. Well, the points are pretty much what I am doing in another group but one that stood out and Sheperdess touched on that important point ---getting adequate sleep. Mine swings back and forth like a pendelum. Sheperdess, you are absolutely correct about trying to snack to compensate tiredness, it just doesn't work that way! Without a good night's sleep, I just can't "perform". I am just a pudge sitting here at the computer.

In this same challenge we had to set a goal of a specific amount of weight to lose. I don't like to do that because I still don't feel in control of my weight lose. I still harbor that irrational belief that it is somehow magical and there are fairies or trolls or something ethereal happening. Tomorrow I will be put into teams as well.

Right now, I feel like a gambler on a roll of good luck. I am so afraid for the day when the scales hasn't budged. Considering that I had two awful months, I sure forget easily, don't I? Anyway, I give myself credit for accepting challenges to be my best version of myself. No excuses! Drinking 80+ oz H2O, eating 7-8 servings of fruits n vegetables, still getting that chocolate in each day though, weighing daily and posting it, and either today or tomorrow I resume doing some kind of working out when I feel like I won't pass out.

P.S. I had my first prunes since I was 1 years old. Seems the added roughage (and I was getting plenty before) has made me constipated so now I am being proactive about that.

Great job on passing all your "wealth" along BBE. I love to give. It makes me smile.:hug:

04-12-2011, 09:21 AM
One more thing:

onebyone- who is the frowning dude in your avatar?

He's my representation of my grumpiness these days... and he's not a relative or anything! Looking forward to hearing of your successes at your overnight stays at the hotel. Congrats on the Op days :hug:

04-12-2011, 09:33 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Going to put the deposit on the Steinway B today ... crazy. The 1 pound did disappear this morning, so perhaps more will come off this week ...

Excited, too, that a Shambhala meditation group is finally starting here in Hamilton as of tonight. For now it's in someone's home, but the group plans to rent a space in the summer. Both locations are walkable for me! Yay - meditation AND spontaneous exercise!!

Today is Day 12 - Practice Hunger Tolerance. I've decided to do the hunger experiment tomorrow. I'll be playing clarinet lessons again from 12 to 5, so that will give me something to concentrate on while I'm experiencing different hunger levels.

RunningFree - your run sounds beautiful. Good wishes for your job prospect!
Debbie (Lexxiss) - kudos for an excellent Beck day. Great list of positive behaviours!
pamatga - Great job on the weight loss! Hope you are feeling better.
Shepherdess - Great to hear from you! Good to hear that exercise is going well and kudos for making a food plan!
maryann - Welcome back :) What a wonderful time to cherish with your son. My daughter turns 8 in May and I know how quickly the time passes.
Beverlyjoy - wow!! Crossing fingers that surgery can indeed be avoided! Kudos for your healthy day.
Ann (Newlifestyle) - Hope your knee is feeling better. Kudos for handling the pain and inconvenience in a healthy way.
onebyone - Wow - the potter's guild and coop farm sound amazing. It is always good to have social support for what you're doing. I know what you mean about willingness. That's a big catchword in the OA program as well. (((Hugs)))
CeeJay - Great job planning your meals and exercise on the road!
MaryContrary - Totally relate to coming home and being exhausted facing the daily tasks. Kudos for making a plan!
tarte - Wow - moving and buying a home with your SO - that is huge. All the best to you as you embark on this new phase! Keep us posted!
BillBE - Kudos for your amazing consistency as always! Nice to see your National Geographics out of your home and being used by someone else.
ChefJoona - Great job with food and exercise on your trip!

Wishing everyone an OP Tuesday!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes - but need to do it more consciously and often
Walking: yes 15 min
Yoga: yes

04-12-2011, 10:12 AM
Oh My God, I can't believe it. From tomorrow, company I have called regarding the job, is sending me on training and if I complete it successfully, after a month I will be working the job of my dreams. After they told me that, I was jumping up and down for like five minutes (I hope it counts as an exercise), then I started crying.
I am on plan with my eating and exercising and God I am going to stick to it this time no matter what.
Going to gym this evening. One more thing today to be happy about :)

04-12-2011, 12:11 PM
Good Morning Coaches

Today I am going to take one small step towards health. I am going to write down and count my calories, fat and carbs - basically I'm going to use my (free for those of you who don't know about the site) account which does all that for me. That's it. And report in with the count at the end of the day. I'm home for the day so that won't be hard to do. If I do some exercise, I'll count that too.

*credit: unpacked three boxes already and left four boxes at my neighbour's door for use in their upcoming move at the end of the month--boxes have already been claimed!

*credit: logged calories so far: 3785

I want to get my dining room table put together today. I'd like for DH to come home to a sit down meal at the table tonight. That means some shuffling of stuff in the dining room, possibly carrying stuff into the spare room again, but it's time to get this place together a bit more. I need to make some further decisions about what to keep and what to give away.

I'm going to take some time to set some goals for myself. What's missing is a clear vision about what I want with my health and my weight. I need targets and mini goals. I need to motivate myself like I had to do for the move here.

That's it for now. Bye.

04-12-2011, 12:22 PM
Promiscuous trees are messing with my well-being. I'm only partially successful at not using food to fix this, even though I know from long experience that it doesn't. For the moment, I'm going to focus on limiting the after dinner eating. I've noticed that I don't even like the feeling of going to bed overfull and, even less, waking up still full. I want to be hungry when I wake up or shortly after -- it's an energy that gets my day started off well.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +65* 490/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: Wow! Just Wow! I'm so excited that you may not have to do the surgery!

onebyone: I've been working lately at figuring out how to use what I've learned to lose weight to help me actually meet my creative goals (as opposed to just have them kind of floating out there with no actual plan or work attached to them). You're miles ahead of me in actually doing the work to make stuff. I wonder if you could work this backward from the way I did. What have you learned about your creative process that would apply to losing weight?

Congrats, RunningFree, on the good job news!

04-12-2011, 01:21 PM
I am going to stick with week 3 and do it again this week... this is around the time that I usually "give up" on Beck so I want to enforce these good behaviors. I also don't feel like I did the tasks as well as I could have last week so I think it will help to do them again.

I went to bed much later than I should have and really protested getting up early to make it to the group workout, but now that it is done, I am glad that I went. *I am finding I do much better when I post more, so thanks for reading Coaches.

RunningFree - Great news about the job prospect! *Very exciting!!:carrot:

04-12-2011, 01:42 PM
Hello everyone,
Today is a beautiful day out there. I went for a walk and went swimming. Now I need a nap....joking). It now seems like it is bar-b-que weather. Oh yes, I also went grocery shopping. I couldn't believe how much more expensive groceries are.
I am not sure what is up with my knee. It feels okay when I walk, I will just keep taking care of it and hope for the best. I am rethinking my eating plan, I am currently doing ww. I am not sure if I am just interested in change or what? I need to investigate this further. I don't really enjoy the new propoints plan.
Have a great day everyone.
Take Care

04-12-2011, 03:47 PM
Yesterday was not perfect, but a huge improvement. I’ll take it! Dinner was a little late and I did start snacking, but just ate less at dinner. Exercise was walking the dogs to the barn then schlepping water and food to the new moms and mucking out dirty jugs.

Maryann, yay for enjoying a weekend with your DS. It’s great that you were able to spend time with him and not be bothered by food obsession. Sounds like another advantage card.

Beverlyjoy, what wonderful news about the surgery! I guess it’s proof that everything happens for a reason. I hope this takes a huge weight off your shoulders.

Newlifestyle, glad to hear the knee is doing better. Kudos for getting out and walking. Crossing my fingers that you will be running soon. I totally understand stress eating. It’s hard to remember that food doesn’t fix stress. Yay for bbq weather that makes you want to get outdoors and get moving.

Lexiss, great job getting most of the things done on your list! I’m channeling your strength. Yay for sleep logs. Just like food, it’s helpful to see those numbers.

Onebyone, it’s great that you’re jumping right in to your new community and it sounds like you’re finding plenty to do. The potters guild sounds like a great opportunity; good job not freaking out. Ouch for big portions, but good job pinpointing the problem and making a plan.

CeeJay, great job for 2 days OP. Best of luck on two days in the hotel, but you’re getting good at that!

MaryContrary, ouch for returning from a busy conference to a messy house and more dissertation writing. I hope you get a chance to catch your breath.

Tarte, great job on this weekend being better than last. Improvement is more important than perfection. Buying a home can be hugely successful, particularly when you add moving in with your partner on top of it. Great job doing week 3 over and refusing to give up.

RunningFree, sounds like you have a good restaurant strategy. It’s great that you give yourself the flexibility to enjoy a few bites of dessert if you want them. Yay for the prospect of working the job of your dreams. I think the jumping up and down does count as exercise.

BillBE, “nothing special about eating” sounds pretty special to me. Thanks for being a good role model that eventually those Beck habits will be an old routine. Great job doing your funny walking. It reminds me of the Monty Python sketch.

ChefJoona, yay for a change of scenery and great job eating well while away! I’ve heard that 30 day shred is pretty intense. May be worth a try post-baby.

Pamatga, ouch for feeling weak, but great job getting the rest you need. LOL on fairies and trolls who control weight loss. The great thing about Beck is realizing how much you can control, but also learning to be flexible and let go of what you can’t. I’m still working on the second one.

Eusebius, great to see you again. Yay for the disappearing lb. May more go its way. Putting a deposit on a Steinway B sounds pretty exciting! Best of luck practicing hunger tolerance.

Gardenerjoy, ouch for promiscuous trees making you miserable. My DH just went to an allergy specialist and discovered that he’s allergic to just about every plant and tree we have on the ranch. Well, now we know and he’s got a program to deal with it. Great job limiting after dinner eating so you wake up hungry. It’s a good sign!

04-12-2011, 04:42 PM
Hi Beckies - yesterday found me eating a few hundred extra calories. However, I had credits, too: plan/measure/log, exercise, water, & journal.

My head is still spinning with the recent/next stage of my foot/ankle saga. I still can't beleive it. That the surgeon said he didn't want to do surgery. I had my foot casted today. If all goes well and it works as the doctor predicts, I think I can be working/performing sometime this summer. I read on the internet that this brace works for 90% of people using it. (of course, we always believe what we read on the So, the next chapter begins.

I've been running my mom around today. Have to go again. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Thanks to you all for being so happy for me and my not needing surgery and your hopes (along with mine) that the doctor is right and this will help.

04-12-2011, 08:05 PM
Hi Coaches!

I said I had a plan for this travel day and I did...then life got in the way. I was given a large rainbow trout by a friend which needed to be baked...ok exchange...then the neighbors invited us to dinner-ribs, cake and corn for a youngsters' birthday. I "went home to ask DH" which was really a moment to regroup before committing. DH DID want to go. I remember how Dr Beck calculates all the holidays, birthdays, weekends, etc, which don't really leave much time for dieting. I won't bore you with the details but I came up with a politically acceptable excuse...DH will snarf and I will have a piece of corn.I can eat ribs, corn and cupcakes or I can be thinner but I can't have both. *credit* Exercise was at the pool! Yay!

BillBlueEyes, I LOVE watching my old magazines disappear at our health club! I always write "please recycle" on the front cover with a sharpie, just not bearing the thought of them going in the trash. I wish I had a "curb" like yours.

onebyone,*credit* for coming up with a plan for the day. Do you have the Pink book? I really like the 6 week plan and the first two weeks you don't "diet".

CeeJay, safe travels, *credits* for planning and see you Thursday!

MaryContrary, *credit* for coming here when you were tired and grouchy. Hoping you get settled in today.

tarte, Kudos for "doing better than last weekend". Choosing to stay with week 3 for a second go sounds very sensible. Congrats on the house purchase and entering a new phase with your SO.

RunningFree, *credit* for healthy restaurant behaviors and congratulations on the upcoming job opportunity.

ChefJoona, yet another traveller reporting that food was "a lot better than other times away from home." It seems that Beck strategies are really working for you.

pamatga, your buddy challenge sounds, well, very challenging….I hope you find it a positive experience. I sympathize with your sleep and lack of sleep swinging like a pendelum. I have experienced that for many years, yet am sleeping more normal at this moment in time. I have yet to conclude why.

Erika(eusebius), congrats on the upcoming piano purchase and kudos for finding a meditation group within walking distance!

gardenerjoy, you said, "I've noticed that I don't even like the feeling of going to bed overfull and, even less, waking up still full. I want to be hungry when I wake up or shortly after -- it's an energy that gets my day started off well." *credit* That sounds like a thin person talking!

Ann(Newlifestyle), rethinking your eating plan even before you are ready for change will give you more information. *credit* for taking the steps.

Shepherdess, yay for a huge improvement on your previous day while "schlepping water and food to the new moms."

Beverlyjoy, *credit* for a pretty good Beck day, even with a few hundred extra calories.

04-12-2011, 10:25 PM
Am trying to get back into posting daily, as it is really a reflection of my commitment to Beck behavior and being serious about the Beck Diet Solution. The fact is: my wt. gain from 132 to 146.4#s has serious implications for just does. Now, disclaimer for those of us Beckmates who don't know me, and that would be everyone but ~ 6 to 8 "old-timers", I have maintained a 70 to 80 # loss for the last 8 plus yrs. That doesn't make this 14 or so gain any less painful. My point for the day is this:

BillBE posted on Sunday the Beck wisdom about setting small weight loss goals and just doing that, being satisfied with that....5#s at a time. That is huge! What I need to convey is that with my initial wt. loss..and I was 48 yrs. old at the time (now, please, don't do the math in your head, because I am presently 50, and ever shall be)...I just ate less and lost 5#s a month..for over a year. ..You can't imagine how easy that what you want..exactly what you want, just less..just quit before you are full..cuz..yanno what? You can eat again later!!! You can...just wait until you are hungry, and eat again!!! It works. If I wake up hungry in the morning, I know that I ate the way I should have the day before. Is it just that easy? Yes, as Gallagher would say about the Sledgomatic, "It's just that easy!"

Yay, Beverlyjoy, for self-healing, and yay to all for Beck behaviors learned.

04-12-2011, 10:29 PM
Things are not so good at home. I don't want to go in to it, but it's a bad argument between me and the DP, involving her kids, which pretty much solidifies myself at the periphery of this family. I feel terribly alone and anxious. I can't talk to my mom, because I feel like she's always disapproving. I don't really have that many close friends I can talk to (one right now is struggling with her own issues and stresses). So, after helping the DGS with his project last night, I did a bunch of research and located a new therapist. I have an appointment on Thursday evening. I need someone outside of myself to help me process these feelings. I feel like the only people who love me right now are the DGS (who knows nothing) and the cat and dogs.

That's much more than I wanted to say, but it's just a relief to express these feelings, however vaguely.

I woke up this morning and didn't have any coffee in the house, and no car to take me to coffee, so I walked 1 1/2 miles to the nearest Starbucks. Then, I came home and did a 4-mile WATP video. Credit. Credit. Credit. Now I'm cooking dinner and fighting (with about 1/2 success) the nibbles while I cook. What to do? I haven't really eaten enough today, but dinner is just around the corner . . . I'm trying to wait until dinner.

Going to spend the rest of tonight finishing up the project with DGS, watching crappy TV, and trying not to let these emotions make matters worse in the house.

Beverlyjoy, that's really wonderful news about the brace! Eusebius, thanks for your comments; I'm majoring in English Lit and Gender Studies. Gardenerjoy, that's amazing that you're seeing the results of all of your hard work! And Runningfree, I'm sending much strong energy your way as you shoot for the job of your dreams. :hug: and :wave: to the rest of you.

04-13-2011, 05:21 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The big deal: My walk (CREDIT moi) was to buy peanut butter at Whole Foods and pecans at Trader Joe's which, of course, means samples at both places. On the way there I pondered the notion that if I really, really meant not to have samples, then I'd not walk past them - a radical idea that has never entered my mind before. So, that's what I did. In both stores I walked directly to my item and then directly to the cashier. CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Clear enough diet plan, "eat what you want..exactly what you want, just less..just quit before you are full." Thanks for bringing Gallagher around to brighten my day, "It's just that easy!"

onebyone - Kudos for "one small step" - can't do better than that.

Erika (eusebius) - Kudos for the courage to move forward with the deposit on the Steinway, especially since that included making the nearly impossible choice between two excellent options. Yay for a walkable meditation group.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Neat thought, "I want to be hungry when I wake up."

Shepherdess - Hope someone is available for "schlepping water and food" to you when you're a new mom. [Gym as "Monty Python" is an appropriate image, LOL.]

Beverlyjoy - Yay for a casted foot. Yep, it's appropriate that your head is still spinning with your new path.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for a large rainbow trout - those of us who live closer to an ocean than to a large river don't get those easily. Kudos for having a plan for the rib dinner.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Maybe you're one of those folks who need to change eating plans periodically because they just tire of them - not a problem. Ouch for that knee - hope it heals itself.

MaryContrary - Sending supportive thoughts as you process all the feelings around your relationships. Kudos for seeking out a place where you can say it out loud to get your arms around it. Yay for the joy of continuing to help DGS with his project.

ChefJoona - Yay for "fresh fruit and protein" at a hotel continental breakfast bar. I once had a make-it-yourself waffle at one of those, thoroughly enjoying the process but suffering all day from a huge carb hit which included a wallop of bad syrup.

pamatga - No need to have prunes anymore - California has solved that problem by selling Dried Plums instead, LOL. Love the phrase, "fairies or trolls or something ethereal."

RunningFree - Honking Congrats on your new job, particularly since they hired you because they know you from your past work with them, with Kudos for your persistence in going after what you needed to do for yourself. Yep, jumping for joy is exercise as is crying if you're dramatic enough about it, LOL.

tarte - Kudos for not giving up this time - we'll continue to walk forward with you.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 3
Make Time for Dieting

If you life is relatively calm and you are already good at following a schedule, it may not be difficult to set aside the time you need for yourself. If your schedule is already very full, however, you will have to decide which tasks and activities you will postpone, delegate, cut back on, or do less well - at least for the time being. I tell the dieters I counsel that it's impossible to add more water to an already full glass. If your glass is full, you have to spill some out before you can pour more in. You'll have to actively work to find the time you will need.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 34.

04-13-2011, 07:54 AM
On plan eating day yesterday, but only a tiny bit of credit for exercise (some spontaneous at work, and a few reps of free weights). I was exhausted when I got home from work and napped instead of getting out in the sunshine.

Feeling low today, with not much to say.

RunningFreeCongratulations on the job news!
MaryContrary Hugs for the tough day at home. Credit for all the exercise and taking the time to post- both healthy choices!

Waving to everyone else, as I head off to work...

04-13-2011, 07:55 AM
BBE Isnt a pitted prune a dried plum? You're pulling on my blondeness, aren't you? I was just reading what Dr. Beck said about "adding more water to an already full glass". I am thinking that I might be approaching that or passed it. I am posting to four different groups. I am just trying to figure out if I am giving enough attention to the "personals". I don't want to neglect any one here since I began with you first. First is, well, first. Having said that, I do like the accountability in accepting these challenges.

Here's why: if I hadn't accepted the challenge of drinking more water back in early February, I wouldn't be drinking an average of 80 oz per day.
If I hadn't joined BLC site, I wouldn't have gotten in the habit of logging every bite I eat every day. Yes, like someone else said here, there are many other wonderful sites (free too!) where you can do this. I started doing it there and I guess, it is most familiar. When I didn't have a computer for awhile this past fall and early winter, I was doing it by long hand. It doesn't take any longer (well, a few mins.) to do that and you can get the same results.

This new challenge is well very challenging: points for everything---sleeping, preplanning meals, staying within calorie range, drinking water, exercising, no sugar consumption, fruits n vegetables; to name the main ones. I see this as a way to establish all of these as habits which when the challenge is over, they should be in place. I'm all for that. This is the missing cornerstone in my weight lose efforts: structure, day in and day out. No excuses! One problem though: I actually am finding that all the reporting is tiring me out.

There is one very obvious value in all the reporting: accountability. Had I not weighed in every day in March, I wouldn't have seen, in black an white, how eating out a lot with all the added sodium was benching me for weight lose results. It was an effective eye opener.

Something just dawned on me. I feel like a weakling saying this but, for now, I need this "crutch", just like your foot, Bev, needs that orthotic. I need to report to others until I am doing it auto pilot. Until I believe in myself and my own abilities to self-monitor myself. I feel like the "Good Witch" just told me I had the ability to go home all along. I feel as incredulous as that sounded to Dorothy. Really? So, what was this all about? A road trip in technicolor?

Here's the deal, Beckies: I made a committment and I am going to see it through until these particular challenges are over. Then, I am going to see (Memorial Day is the end of this latest one) if I can fly solo and see if I can put into practice what I am doing now without all the additional reporting. That should bring me back to you, where it all started.

Well, the Amish have a term for this: "jumping the fence". At some point, the younger ones want to see what it's like on the other side. Some stay over there, some come back. Thanks for being so kind in your hospitality. I love you all.:hug:

P.S. I'm still reporting here daily but I just am giving up my other groups and coming back here to give you my 100%. I didn't want to confuse anyone.

04-13-2011, 09:16 AM
Hello Coaches

Did several household tasks yesterday *credit* including doing all the dishes, even at 10pm so that I would not wake up to dishes in the sink. Result? It was as great as I thought it would be to wake up to a clean empty sink.

Got up at 5:30am to get the garbage out. I'm really messed up with this recycling business. Don't know why this is so tough--yes I do! PERFECTIONISM. OMG. Of course. All or nothing. Black and white thinking. Hello? I was hung up on a takeout coffee cup. Is it recyclable? In the end I took it out of the recycle bin for the trash bag. Then I carried the trash bag to the curb and left it there, came in, then realized it's not trash week. That's every 2 weeks and was last week, so I had to go back and retrieve it and the two camping chairs that are broken. Our trash can is 1/2 full with someone else's stuff too. I don't know if they are recyclables, trash, or what. And I still have a box of stuff in the middle of the kitchen floor, but when the bins get emptied today I can deal with it and out it goes to the backyard for next week's pick-up. I am floored that this has got me so bogged down.

I'm going to stick to fruits and veggies today along with a couple of boiled eggs and salad dressing. Nothing more that that today. And I'm going to record it again today. I have been feeding myself too much food and need to make a change in quantity and in quality.

Back later.

04-13-2011, 09:37 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

So the piano dealer has my big fat deposit cheque now and we just need to wait for the piano to get here from Miami. (Maybe I should just take a vacation instead, LOL.) I'm a bit uncertain about how the financing is going to work but the dealer has shown indications that he wants to be flexible ... Trying to stay in the moment and trust that it will all work out as it should.

The meditation class was great and the instructor is encouraging me to take the meditation instructor course, which is running over a weekend in June. I am seriously considering this. I know the new group will need teachers and I want to see it succeed. I had extra WW points left over today so I stopped into Starbucks for a latte and a shortbread cookie on my way home.

Nearly an hour of spontaneous walking yesterday! And the scale is starting to show an encouraging trend ...

Today is clarinet lesson day, otherwise known as Ibuprofen Wednesday, lol. Also I'll be doing the hunger experiment while I play for all those kids ... wish me luck :) Today is also Day 13 - Overcome Cravings, so I'm reviewing those techniques as well.

RunningFree - CONGRATS on your new job prospect!! Great news!
onebyone - Big kudos for tracking on and setting goals for yourself!! This is very positive stuff.
gardenerjoy - I am restraining myself from making a rude joke about promiscuous trees, lol. No doubt you've heard them all already. Good idea to focus on after dinner eating!
tarte - Good idea to reinforce the Week 3 behaviours. I'll be starting Week 3 on Friday so we'll be at the same spot!
Ann (Newlifestyle) - Isn't it great that the spring weather is finally here? I hear that many people are dissatisfied with the new point system on WW and are going back to the old plan, so you're not alone. It is working for me so far, but that's just one person's experience. Hope you are able to figure out what's going on with your knee.
Shepherdess - Yay for improved eating days! Sounds like lambing is pretty intense physically (for you and the ewes, lol).
Beverlyjoy - Kudos for giving yourself credit on a less-than-perfect day (which for me is nearly all of them!) How great that you may be back to work this summer!!
Debbie (Lexxiss) - Man, those special occasion dinners are a challenge. Credit for coming up with a new plan!
maryblu - keep posting ... we all benefit from your experience and wisdom!
MaryContrary - (((Hugs))) I am very glad to hear you have found a therapist ... sounds like a difficult situation. Big credit for keeping the Beck behaviours going regardless. Gender studies is such a fascinating field. I imagine it's changed quite a bit since I was in school.
BillBE - Great job avoiding the dreaded samples! I often wish there was a Whole Foods here in town, but then when I hear about the samples I'm just as happy it's an hour away, lol.
ChefJoona - Sorry you're feeling low - kudos for an on plan day though!
pamatga - Challenges can really help with accountability. I lost a whole bunch of weight that way a few years ago. It blew up in my face when I realized I didn't have a maintenance strategy. That was before the Beck books came out ... now I see how valuable they are! Glad to hear you will still be posting here regularly.

Wishing everyone a great (Ibuprofen) Wednesday! :)


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: yes 15 min plus an hour spontaneous
Yoga: yes

04-13-2011, 02:05 PM
I'm back again so this is an update from my first of the morning free flow "thinking out loud". I do this from time to time so just a forewarning. I am one of those who pulls off Band-Aids "like that". You know what I mean!

The fact that I was dreading all the posting was telling me what to do. I "officially" withdrew from all of my groups but this one. As my DH pointed out, "Better to be Master of one tool than Jack of all trades." I knew it was the right thing to do the second that I hit "Send" after giving my official resignation. Although I agree that accountability is a great thing to do, it was the constant reporting that was really taking its toll. Spreading myself too thin is really boomeranging on me. I have not quit the BLC site. I am simply going to go it alone. I use their online tracking tools for my food and exercise logs per their recommendations for my optimal weight lose and health. They have physiology, exercise training, nutrition et al experts that at my disposal, which I have consulted as I needed it.

I feel the bottom line with me is loving myself enough to do what is best for me.

BBE what I loved about Whole Foods is the fact my son worked there for four years while going to college. I used his discount when he was visiting and he sent me all kinds of samples when they were switching out their stock. We have a beautiful one about 2 miles from me. Even my son was impressed with its double-size compared to the one he worked at in Philly. Here they also give out free "whole" food products; as in, jars of pasta sauce, etc. from time to time, not to mention, free cooking classes. Sweet!

Eusebius my DH is a registered piano technician and has tuned pianos since 1987. I was telling him about your new purchase. He said the keys are the length of his arms. Mean anything to you? Me neither! I know you will enjoy that for years to come.

04-13-2011, 04:37 PM
Late and short today. We had an interesting back stage tour at the Missouri Botanical Garden followed by lunch at a Thai restaurant. I chose well (Vegetables Pad Thai), but could have left more on my plate. I have difficulty with that sometimes. If I choose something I know is decadent, I'm more likely to leave half. But if I choose the healthiest item on the menu, I somehow feel entitled to eat it all, whether it's an appropriately-sized portion or not. Hmmm. Awareness may help there.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +60* 550/1500 minutes for April, Food: 85%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: changes in trash/recycling throw everyone for a loop. Our whole community just made a big change with curbside recycling and it was the talk of the town for months. We had been recycling at a drop off center before, and it was still confusing because the rules changed! Don't worry, though, it all starts to feel normal after a few weeks.

04-14-2011, 03:09 AM
I can give myself credit for posting today but little else. Overate and off-plan both yesterday and today and am dealing with feelings of frustration. I re-read Beck tonight (especially the Get Back On Track chapter) and am feeling better but feel that these "slip-ups" still happen a lot more than they should be and continue to erode the little confidence I build up during the week.

I'm also dealing with some stress but that doesn't seem like a valid excuse. Skinny people have stress too! :halffull:

04-14-2011, 06:14 AM
Good morning and good day, fellow Beckies!

Well, as you know from my posts yesterday, I am now just posting here. Last night, I reread the book. As I told BBE when I first connected with this group, I had read the book when it first came out. As I was rereading it, I had so many deja vus. I know this stuff. Some of it has become second nature to me so what happened? I don't remember what disrupted my progress with this. Maybe, it will come back to me as I move through the initial day by day 6 week program.

Credit Moi:Even though there is always a let down when we let go of some support, I did not eat over it. The people who had been supporting me e-mailed me so I spent a while reassuring them I was okay and I hadn't disappeared off the diet planet. These were the same people I figured who would do this so my instincts were right.

Instead, I emailed a contact person for an upcoming women's spiritual retreat at my church this coming weekend. If they still are accepting people that is what I will be doing this weekend.

Then, I made a light but OP chicken sandwich and raw vegetables for "supper" (DH has choir practice on Wednesday nights) while reading the first four chapters of BDS. I decided to do exactly as Ms. Beck says: do one exercise per day (at least).

The Advantage/Response card -Day 1- was easy. I know why I am doing what I am doing.

#1 reason [for wanting to lose all of this extra weight]--to avoid complications from diabetes if I don't address this new (since late 2009) development with my health.
#2 reason-just be able to tick this off my "to do" list once and for all and be done with it. I absolutely hate unfinished business!
#3 reason-every time I see myself in the mirror I am reminded of why I gained the weight in the first place and since I have dealt with that main cause my outer self does not reflect my inner beautiful self.

I slept from 10 pm-4 am. I took two additional Tylenol PMs just now so I will probably return to bed for another 90 minutes so I won't be facing the rest of the day tired.

I had a light breakfast with 67 carb grams. [FYI: for diabetics, the instructor from that 4 part class I took back in March, 45-60 carb grams is the ideal range for each meal so as to avoid insulin spikes, which set our appetites for overeating and additional insulin-driven hunger. Managing diabetes is all about managing your carbs. And, guess what, the best diet for a diabetic is again healthy eating.]

Tarte I am available to listen if you need to talk about the added stress and don't want to post publicly. If not, I want you to know I "understand". I have been through a rough several years. I am just treading water right now, grateful the seas of life have calmed for the time being.

04-14-2011, 07:21 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Major shopping event here. The time came for me to admit that the sweat pants that I was wearing 81 pounds ago are too large, despite the ability of the elastic waist band to almost hold them up without the tie string. So, I went shopping and bought a new pair in my current size, CREDIT moi, in black, of course, despite the stacks and stacks of un-sweat-pantsy colors available. Did I ever mention that my idea of **** is a gigantic shopping mall where you're required to buy a wardrobe of clothes each day?

Both gym and walk, CREDIT moi. Walking in the rain, when warm enough, is just fun. And eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, with sardines for lunch with my Man Salad because I've been lazy and haven't cooked up a batch of something recently.

onebyone - Ouch for the travails of mastering a new location's recycling plan. Sounds like the beginning of a plan, "need to make a change in quantity and in quality."

Erika (eusebius) - If a professional musician travels to Miami with her family to select a Steinway, it's a legitimate business expense deductible from her income taxes. Feel free to use me as your reference should you get audited.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for the insight that we drop our guard after ordering the healthiest item on the menu.

ChefJoona - OK, here's "only a tiny bit of" Kudos for standing down your tired and doing some exercise, LOL.

pamatga - Alas it's true, California marketing has invented fashionably cool Dried Plums ( to replace those awful prunes that old people eat, LOL. Kudos for making choices in how you use your on-line time, with bonus Kudos for taking the time to let people know you were leaving, since it's more common to just disappear and leave folks wondering.

You've got a powerful motivator with "I absolutely hate unfinished business!"

tarte - Yep full Kudos for posting, and Double Kudos for posting when you don't especially feel like it. It's a challenge to separate frustration from eating to try to make it go away. You can read it here, over and over, "Eating does not cure frustration." It's a hard one to fight, so reading and re-reading Beck's chapter on getting back on track is worth while.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 3
Make Time for Dieting

I want you to know that you won't always have to spend so much time and energy on dieting, but you will need to do so in the beginning. With practice, your new skills will become second nature, but even then you will periodically need to spend extra time and energy on dieting as you face life's challenges.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 34.

04-14-2011, 07:52 AM
No credit for exercise yesterday, but I really impressed myself with my resistence skills!

I sat in a meeting for TWO hours with boxes of pizza (my favorite food) and people eating it around me, and did NOT take a piece! I had already eaten my on plan lunch and had an on plan snack for after the meeting. It wasn't easy- I had thoughts about taking a piece but I talked back to them! It defintiely built my resistence muscle.

Then... dinner with friends at a place specializing in loaded up burgers and hot dogs (neither one are on the top of my favorite food list)... everyone else ordered junk and I ordered a grilled chicken salad- why waste calories on something I don't even like! I allowed myself a couple bites of a shared appetizer, and completely resisted dessert (I had a planned sweet treat at home) even though my friends ordered things that looked REALLY good. I really felt like I was "eating like a thin person" yesterday!

Thursday morning weigh-in shows I'm holding pretty steady. I have actually reached the original goal I set for myself when I started the Beck program. I do want to continue to work towards the lowest weight on my ticker right now, but where its at currently is ok for me now- if I can continue to maintain it.

Mood is still pretty low- dealing with some very personal stress. Maybe a walk after work will help.

Looking forward to a weekend filled with visits from college friends!

04-14-2011, 09:45 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Well, I survived Ibuprofen Wednesday and the hunger experiment. Boy, the headache from combined hunger and clarinets was pretty intense ;) But the upside was that I had a whole lot of points left over for dinner, so we went out to a restaurant (planning in advance from the website, of course). Yum!

Today is Day 14 - Plan for Tomorrow. This is a good thing - we have a gift certificate for another restaurant and my daughter has a sleepover at the local Y (yay!) So I have planned a meal from their menu. I am using some weekly points for it, but that's what they're for, right?

pamatga - good choice paring down your posting commitments. We will be here for you! Cool that your DH is a piano tech - it's true that the key depth on a B is greater than some other pianos. Maybe he means the width? I thought that was standard, but he's the expert! The retreat sounds like a great thing to do.

gardenerjoy - I know what you mean about leaving stuff on the plate at a restaurant. I find if I've budgeted the points for something I feel entitled to eat it all ... even if my stomach is telling me something else!

tarte - Glad you are here posting. Hang in there - I can certainly relate to the frustration. One meal at a time!

BillBE - I can only visit malls infrequently, though I don't think I hate them as much as you do, LOL. Credit for the new pants, and OP eating and exercise. Thanks very much for your very helpful tax advice :) :) :) I will be taking it under advisement!

ChefJoona - Major Kudos for your expert methods of dealing with all that food!! I am super impressed. (((Hugs))) for your low mood & stress ... I can relate!

Today is pretty busy with rehearsals and lessons, but they're all here at home, which is nice. Food is planned and I'll hop on the treadmill for a bit later.

Wishing everyone an OP Thursday!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: no - planned rest day
Yoga: no

04-14-2011, 11:23 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was a good Beck day! I planned ahead and stuck with my plan, I exercised twice and got some spontaneous exercise, too. Today...not so good, but I know food won't fix it. I woke up with a scratchy throat AND a majorly tweaked back. *credit* I have iced and juiced and slowly moved through my morning chores. I know I have a greater tendency to eat over disorganization rather than back woes. Food is planned and I'll go to water aerobics, anyway. *credit*

I'm going to see if I can get some personals in before heading to the pool. Thank goodness it is raining today because I was really stoked ride my bike to the pool today.

BillBlueEyes, I'll look forward to your first report of exercising in your proper fitting sweats. I'm like you...hate to get rid of the old but I observe feeling much "thinner" in my new size.

maryblu, *credit* for trying to get back into everyday posting.

MaryContrary, *credit* for "Gripping these skills as tightly as I can", especially while dealing with extra stress ….and NO COFFEE!

ChefJoona, what a successful day you had exercising your resistance muscle; avoiding both pizza AND junk food at dinner. It's great that you have reached your original goal yet wish to continue, even if you just maintain your current weight for now.

pamatga, *credit* for ending some commitments in the thoughtful way. It was nice that the others checked up on you, though. Nice that you have a weekend retreat planned.

onebyone, *credit* for completing household tasks, and especially for the recognition that it would be great to wake up to a clean empty sink. It sounds like you are formulating a plan, one day at a time. *credit*

Erika(eusebius), kudos for completing your hunger experiment even though your headache was pretty intense!

gardenerjoy, "awareness" of an eating pattern is half the battle. *credit* for awareness.

tarte, "At least I'm posting" is a giant step. Great that you had the insight to dive into your Beck book, targeting "get Back On Track". I think it is one of the most successful tools exists.

Have a Beck day, everyone!

04-14-2011, 01:44 PM
Hi Becksters! - thanks for all of your thoughts and hoorays with me in regards to the latest chapter of Beverly and Her Foot & Ankle.! I talked to the doctors medical assistant for a long time at surgeons office yesterday as we discussed the cost, insurance, etc of the brace. She said that the doctor has had wonderful success with this new brace. About 85% or so. So with my foot stablized so well it can so often prevent or postone any surgery for years. It's certainly worth a try. DH and I talked a long time about it. Alas, if it doesn't work, then I will do the surgery of course. I am feeling very positive, however. I figure if the surgeon suggested not having the surgery... it must be what I need. I am in!

My food has been on plan, mostly, on plan. It's been a little 'sloppy'. Today I have written down my plan and am willing to do my Beck tasks.

The good news is I dropped four pounds from last week. I am grateful.

I will try to get back later to catch up.

Thanks for being so supportive and helpful.

04-15-2011, 02:32 AM
Much better day today. I ended up practicing 2 of the Beck exercises I never ended up doing: Day 12's hunger experiment (skipped lunch) and Day 17's task of leaving extra food on my plate at dinner. Success on both ends! I was quite surprised at not wanting to eat my arm by skipping lunch. I usually don't deal with hunger well. I think this will be a good exercise to repeat once in a while.

Also! Even after being really successful at the exercises, I was driving home from work (I had to work late and had eaten dinner there) tonight and I seriously contemplated stopping somewhere and ordering take-out so I could binge at home. I even started driving toward the eating establishment I had been thinking about. I was really battling it out in my head and about 5 minutes from the place, I decided I didn't want to wake up disappointed yet AGAIN. I turned the car around and drove home, without any food, and without also breaking down at home and eating. That was really a success for me.

pamatga - Good idea to drop out of the other commitments and relieve stress. The women's spiritual retreat sounds like a nice treat for yourself. BTW, I love dried plums / prunes!

BillBlueEyes - Out of curiosity, what's in your "Man Salad"? One of my coworkers is vegetarian and we get into interesting discussions about food often. He is always talking about how in the U.S., it's "manly" to eat meat but never salad and vegetables. Thank you for the reminder that "eating does not cure frustration." It really doesn't cure anything except hunger!

ChefJoona - I'm impressed by your pizza avoidance. Good job choosing well at the restaurant with your friends.

eusebius - Credit for doing the hunger experiment despite the tough day. I thought this was a useful exercise.

Lexxiss - glad to hear about the good Beck Day. Hope your back is feeling better soon.

Beverlyjoy - good luck with the brace... 85% is a very good success rate!

04-15-2011, 07:36 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating was on-plan with only a brief glimpse at my DW's trail mix, CREDIT moi.

Exercise, CREDIT moi, was a walk to the very small local library which had The Rest is Noise on the shelf - much to the librarian's surprise - as well as another venture to the rock climbing wall. Got a chance to climb myself into a situation where I couldn't go further and had to come back down. Also climbed a wall that was leaning backward so that holding with my hands and arms was required until I got into a situation where my arms were too tired to go further. Good exercise that rock climbing is - I was sweating.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for sleepovers for providing adult sanity.

Beverlyjoy - Congrats on those four pounds. I'm still reeling over the latest twist in your foot surgery saga.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Interesting observation, [I]"greater tendency to eat over disorganization rather than back woes" - Kudos for seeing that so that you know what to fight.

ChefJoona - Kudos for "eating like a thin person" yesterday! I needed to read that you sat for "TWO hours" in front of pizza without participating since I have a situation like that where I don't do well.

tarte - Super Kudos for fighting off those Sabotaging Thoughts to stop for fast food and to eat more at home. And those on the same day you did both day 12 - Hunger Exercise and day 17 - Leave Food on Your Plate - that was one honking fine Beck day. "it's "manly" to eat meat but never salad and vegetables." Recipe from our recipe thread:BillBlueEyes' Man-Salad (]

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 3
Make Time for Dieting
reality check
If you are thinking: I'll figure out how to squeeze in these diet and exercises activities when the time comes.
Face reality: You're setting yourself up for failure. Extra time will not magically make itself available. You have to plan you life around diet and exercise activities - not vice versa.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 35.

04-15-2011, 07:52 AM

Still no credit for exercise... its the first to go when I am feeling low. I know thats counter productive, becasue exercise= endorphines. I can't add judgment for not exercising to my plate right now, so I am accepting that I made that choice.

Another really on plan eating day though! I had to talk back to a lot of "food will fix my sadness" thoughts. I love those moments when I can really see the change. In the past I just would have started shoving food in.

DFiance and I are having friends from my undergrad days visit this weekend. I'm looking forward to the distraction and I know there will be lots of laughing!

eusebius Great job going through all the Beck tasks! Sounds like you used your meal planning well to be skillful and enjoy a dinner out.

Lexxiss Credit for lots of planned and spontaneous exercise and not letting sabotaging thoughts take you down!

Beverlyjoy Hoping the brace is your solution and will help avoid surgery. That is definitely something to be hopeful about!

tarte Major credit for making the choice not to get the take out... and you were almost to the restaurant! that is major resistence!!! That's one of those memories to reflect back to when you need to remember you can do it!!

Billbe Way to go with the Rock Climbing! Is it part of your regular gym? Sounds like you're really challenging yourself!

Cheerleading us all for a great Beck day and weekend! :cheer:

04-15-2011, 08:31 AM
Hi Coaches! Yesterday was pretty miserable but I didn't eat over it. *credit* My exercise was only slow movements in the pool so I adjusted my calories and crossed off my evening snack. Tonight is a special event I have given myself permission to "just enjoy". My elderly pup is nominated for an award at our hospital and the dinner is held at a posh country club near Aspen. I have no idea what the food choices will be. I'll have a light lunch and will read the chapters where Dr. Beck gives ideas for special events. I'll employ the use of some "extra calories".

BillBlueEyes, yay for finding the book which interested you at a small library. I'm remembering you can return it instead of storing it in the basement! *credit* for OP eating, avoiding tree nuts and exercising upside down!

Beverlyjoy, great news that you remain willing to do your Beck tasks and that the scale is cooperating!

tarte, what a successful day; practicing two of your Beck exercises then saying NO CHOICE to your sabotaging thoughts. The thought, "I decided I didn't want to wake up disappointed yet AGAIN", seemed to be a very effective reminder.

ChefJoona, great Beck job talking back to those sabotaging thoughts. Enjoy your weekend and good friends.

04-15-2011, 09:27 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Wow, I'm really tired this morning. These long days are getting to me a bit. Oh well, coffee is my friend :P

Today is Day 15 - Monitor Your Eating. I'm pretty good about that using the WW iphone app, so I think that is covered. I have my plan prepared from yesterday, so I just have to stick to it.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Great job on your good Beck day! Kudos for recognizing that "food won't fix it" - wise words for me to hear. Sorry that yesterday was miserable but I'm glad you have a special event to enjoy tonight.

Beverlyjoy - great prospects for that brace - here's hoping the surgery can be avoided entirely! And congrats on the big loss!

tarte - Kudos for practicing those Beck exercises (Becksercises?) They are indeed helpful. The hunger exercise in particular I think is very revealing. And kudos for avoiding the takeout temptation!

Bill - How cool that you are reading The Rest is Noise - I have never finished it myself so will have to one of these days. Love the part about Salome. When I listen to it now it hardly seems shocking at all. Kudos for your continued consistency with OP eating and exercise, including rock climbing, which would be frightening to me to try.

ChefJoona - Great job staying OP! The exercise will come, I'm sure. I am thinking I need to use the "NO CHOICE" saying in regard to exercise as well as unplanned eating.

Time to suck back some java ... My piano tuner is coming this morning, yay! She has been amazing in advising me on this piano purchase and I'm excited to update her on the latest developments.

Have a great OP Friday, all!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: yes 15 min
Yoga: yes

04-15-2011, 09:55 AM
Morning Check in.

Good morning. Friday. :carrot::carrot::carrot:

I managed to stay onplan 100% while on the road Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All was well until when I got home last night and I did some unplanned snacking- go figure.

Plan for the day:

Weigh in done
Do weights done
30 minutes walking or on the exercise bike nope
Read advantage and response cards done
Breakfast- Kashi and an orange done
Snack- yogurt and berries done
Lunch- salad and soup done
Snack- apple done
Dinner- chicken, salad and couscous done
Snack- diet pudding nope-ate too much again tonight
Check back in tonight and mark these off! doing now


04-15-2011, 10:26 AM
Hi Coaches

I went to the meeting for the local studio tour artists last night in a seniors center here in my new town. All the city buildings here are really impressive. They are all interesting and modernized with original facades. I saw a poster for "the winners of Senior Star 2011" - a local Amercian Idol for local seniors. Interesting. Then I saw a poster advertisting a "Course in Woodworking" located in the woodshop downstairs. A woodshop? In a seniors' centre? Pretty active seniors around here. Anyway the meeting was peopled by some, dare I say, antsy artists. Maybe they were all new to doing shows, but they seemed overly concerned about things that are not really controllable. And it felt like this town may be engaged in a little too much hand-holding and "consultation". It was amazing the amount of attention they are giving this 2 day show with an estimated attendance of 125 people per day! That's not a "big show" by any means.


I should qualify this by saying I've done lots of big art/craft shows, but not in the last 4-5 years since I went back to school. And none in this new town I just moved to. I felt like I was cut off at the knees as I had zero to offer in terms of connections or local marketing strategies or people to contact. I had oodles of that where I moved from. 20 years worth. It's hard not to be able to contribute in that way but to just sit and listen. Good practice for sitting and listening and accepting things though. *credit* for recognizing this.

The night before I was at the community garden information session. Community garden is a mis-nomer. It's really a co-op farm in the city, like 10 minutes from me. 1.5 acres, 45-65 members, all dedicated to raising a big variety of crops and sharing in the harvest according to how much time you've spent in the garden. It's a sustainable enterprise, all organic and biodynamic following the principles of Rudolph Steiner. The Head Gardener was there. He described the planting, how it's all done from seed, and seeds that were saved from last year and before, germinated, moved (if needed) from the greenhouses (2 of them) to the plots. Gardening is done according to the "lunar calendar and the astrological aspects". DH said to me "One day I'm gonna come home and find you in the kitchen with your hippy friends." I do believe, coaches, I have discovered some hippies.


Most exciting thing about the garden is that there may be a desire amongst the members to have chickens this years for fresh eggs. I would be able to be part of the "chicken team" were that to happen! The Chicken Team! So exciting. Who knew I would move to the biggest city in my country and find myself an opportunity to learn how to farm. It's incredible.

The other thing that I thought was "if I do this, I'm going to be able to completely change my way of eating." Given that we are influenced by those around us, this group of folks are health-conscious, aware of high quality food, using all kinds of foods grown by their own hands, there is no way that I could participate in this and not have my consciousness-raised about the quality of the food I am eating. Really. Probably this will have the most direct and long lasting effect on the improvement of my health. Orientation to the garden is in May, right after we are back from our Florida Shuttle Launch trip.

That's my news. I need to do some work on my artist residency proposal today so I'd better get started. I'll need a few days in a row to get that together that's for sure.

Food has been okay lately. I track in the daytime and then forget at night but catch up the next day. I think even doing it imperfectly is helping me slow down my food intake. I am grateful for that.

Enjoy your day Becksters.

04-15-2011, 10:57 AM
I've been trying to fix the bloatedness and other stresses of overeating with...wait for it... food! Guess how well that worked.

This feels very familiar to me. It's the vicious cycle I got into frequently when I weighed 240 pounds. Back then, I didn't know how to break it. Now I do.

Credit for throwing away a jar of almond butter. It was a gift from a dietician -- see how easy of a trap that was to fall into? Almond butter might be nutritious but there was nothing healthy about the way I obsessed over it.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +85* 635/1500 minutes for April, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-15-2011, 11:06 AM
Even though I applied late, I was accepted for the all womens' retreat for this weekend. Since I will be away, I will not be posting until Monday sometime. This retreat is initiation into a lay community of Catholic women (and men although kept separate) to facilitate a deeper and more personal walk with God,our Creator. My DH went to the first one held at our church back in spring 2005, gratis of my "gift" to him. He bonded so well with so many of the men that he has counted several as close and dear male friends since. Our shared faith is the cornerstone of our relationship as a couple. He has been a professed lay Carmelite since I have known. His present director of his lay Carmelite community has pressured me in the past to "join up" with their community but I have said that I would wait until I felt the Holy Spirit was prompting me. Well, I feel the nod from HS to begin reading the Office/ Liturgy of the Hours. I asked for DH's spiritual advice and he recommended starting the first week of Advent which is technically the "first of the year" liturgically. This is a twice daily committment of reading the Psalms, meditation on the Gospel that day and some of the Marian prayers. Talk about "No Choice". I have seen my DH travel 90 miles on icy roads to attend meetings, take his prayer books with him when he's working and "sneak" off to a church to pray. I have often said that if I ever get to heaven (we Catholics don't believe its a given)I will have to tell St. Peter that I give much of the credit of having my DH as a role model.

So, what has all of this got to do with losing weight and BDS, you ask (or at least thinking)? As a veteran OAer (16 years coming up), I had made food my "god". Food was what I always turned to in times of stress, to comfort myself, and to just be indulgent, as some of you attest to your struggles with here. Through 12 Steps, I arrested my compulsive overeating and binging to the point that when it happens, and I will always be "recovering" never "recovered", I know how to pull myself out of a tailspin faster than a jack rabbit on speed. However, I still have some residual "stinkin thinkin" and that is where the good Dr. Beck comes in.

I decided to go back to square one. Nothing like reviewing what I have been practicing. I did Day 1 two days ago and Day 2 yesterday. I made my ARC and I have a e-stickie on my pc right now. This time, I am not going to cut corners and jump around from this Day or that Day; until I have completed the entire program. In fact, she has already warned of doing just that. I am going through each Day as she has it laid out even if I could tell you the words on the page without even looking. I parked "pride" at the curb.

So, I picked my two diets yesterday. Well, actually I had picked them long ago and I am fine tuning as the days/weeks go by. It is a combination of both the set food plan and the counting plan that she discusses in the book.

Yesterday, I made some short stops to pick up some packable food items for this upcoming retreat. They asked me if I had any special dietary needs which I don't in the sense that they mean. However, I want to be prepared for supplementing what they may or may not have, depending on what we are served. So many people are so health-conscious now that as a general rule I don't see many functions like the ones you all have described here. PS Depending on what kind of pizza that was would predicate my response. I am picky about pizza since it is my all time favorite. No, they are not all created equal.

This is Lent so most of us have foregone the "sinful goodies" of weeks before. The retreat centers actually offer rather austere foods. Again, food is in its proper place. Feed the body. No more. No less. However, I bringing bottled spring water, nuts, dried fruits and fiber bars should I need them as "back ups".

During the alone time and reflection I plan on bringing the BDS book to do that day's "homework". I see it as an essential to me burning the last vestiges of "food is an idol". I believe, it is one pediment that stands between myself and the relationship I could have with God and with other people. Compulsive overeating is a "tunnel vision" existence. It is not living.

In the past, I used both my extra weight on my physical body as a wall I erected to put between myself and other people. I didn't want people to get close to me, either physically or emotionally. Now, I am going to take it a step further and tear down that wall.

Everyone here sounds like they doing well given each of your circumstances.

Lexxiss - congrats on a great day. Enjoy your planned outing.

Beverlyjoy - something tells me you really didn't want to go the surgery route so I am hoping that this brace is what you need. I, instead, look forward to getting the much needed joint replacement surgery because I know that is the only thing that will get me back in the game.

tarte - you're doing great! Each step is a victory towards mastering your relationship with food.

Bill - I love clothes! I gave away 13 black Hefty bags of clothes this past fall/early winter. As I go down in size, out those old big sizes go. I just don't want to "return" there again. Rock climbing sounds fun! Now, the malls have them to "babysit" the little kids while the parents shop. How 21st century is that?

ChefJoona - Great job staying OP!

PS Sorry this was so long. Consider it three days' worth. Please:^:

04-15-2011, 05:36 PM
Hi friends... I am very very sad. My DS & DIL were expecting another child.. Last night they had a miscarriage and lost the baby. My heart is broken. Cookies didn't mend it. They say time will help. Even before it's born.. all the hopes for the future are there. Not fair, oh well. (Beckism applies, I guess).

Food so so. I did my stretches today and wrote down what I ate. I am glad it's a beautiful day.

Talk to you tomorrow.

04-15-2011, 07:08 PM
I'm so sorry Beverlyjoy. That is every parent's worst nightmare. My prayers and good thoughts are going out to your family.

04-16-2011, 12:45 AM
So sorry, Beverlyjoy. It is such a loss and one for which our society doesn't have good rituals to honor and support the grieving process.

04-16-2011, 06:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did gym and walking both; CREDIT moi. Gym included a new high weight in my chest presses. The big deal is that I asked a guy I didn't know to spot for me since dropping these on my chest (or face) could cause damage; he did, and I got them in the air for a full set of six reps. At my gym, I've never asked a stranger for help, so that was a milestone of sorts.

Food was OP; CREDIT moi. It helped that we went out last evening so I didn't have to think about extra snacks. We walked home in weather cool enough to be glad we'd worn coats. Spring is iffy.

onebyone - What a terrific set of activities you're setting yourself up for in your new environment. Love that you're going to the big city to learn to farm.

Erika (eusebius) - Here's hoping you get some sleep since coffee is just a band aid. Hope your Steinway is on an air cushioned van taking a calm drive up from Miami.

CeeJay Three days on the road at 100% on plan is worthy of a Kudos for sure.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for finding another use for food that doesn't work, LOL. With Serious Kudos for tossing a jar of almond butter - those nut butters are deadly. Deadly with the special seduction that they're good for you. Now those 85 minutes of exercise might just well work on attacking bloatedness.

Beverlyjoy - Sending supportive thoughts to you, your DS and DIL. I've been through those emotions.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Congrats to you pup for the reward that included dinner at a posh country club! Does your pup get anything special out of this? Even a doggie treat? Kudos for "adjusted my calories and crossed off my evening snack" - it's good for me to see a flexible response.

ChefJoona - Kudos for talking back to "food will fix my sadness" thoughts - great Beck work. [Rock climbing was done at it's own gym. My two weeks that came with the training class is now over. I've done what I wanted by trying it out and going three times. It's a long drive, not planning to take it up as a sport in my life.]

pamatga - Waving back toward your retreat center. May you have a peaceful weekend. [13 bags of clothes gone sounds major.]

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 4
Get a Diet Buddy

Successful dieters have a trusted friend, family member, or fellow dieter to help them with the challenges of dieting. If you are like many dieters, you are probably thinking, No way am I telling anyone I'm on a diet. I understand your concern. So many of the dieters I have counseled were initially so ashamed of their weight that they thought, What if I fail again? I don't want anyone to know.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 35.

04-16-2011, 09:04 AM
Enjoyed a nice gathering with co-workers last night. Used some Beck skills, but definitely indulged as well. This weekend is going to be a weekend of pushing my calorie limit. With my friends from college in town now I know I will be having several meals out with them and we are having a dinner party here at our house tomorrow. I will make mindful healthy choices. I get anxious now when I can't control and plan out my meals... in the past I would have looked forward to the opportunity to indulge by eating out. I will remind myself that these meals do not need to derail all my hard work and I can use them as time to practice my new Beck skills. My weigh-in my will give information on how damaging such eating events are.

Beverlyjoy My heart broke for you and your family when I read your news about the miscarriage. I agree with gardenerjoy, our society doesn't have a supportive way of acknowledging such an experience that many families must endure. Sending healing thoughts and energy.

Lexxiss I love that your pup is being honored! I hope it was a wonderful celebration.

onebyone Sounds like you're taking some great steps to get integrated into your new community.

gardenerjoy Credit for throwing away the almond butter when you recognized it wasn't keeping you on track.

CeeJay Credit for staying on plan even while away from home!

Eusebius Sounds like you're really committed to practicing the Beck tasks! Keep up the good work!

BillBE Way to go- stepping out of your comfort zone and asking for assistance, which helped reach a fitness goal!

Pamatga Wishing you well during your retreat.

04-16-2011, 12:45 PM
My Advantages card isn't working well for me anymore. Some goals I've met (get off my blood pressure medicine, yay!). Others, I won't know for twenty years if I met or not (live longer than my parents). And others are hard to measure (reduce pain--how do I know if I have less now than I would have otherwise?). Those all worked for me before and I'm grateful for the willingness that they provided for me to lose 65 pounds forever. But I need some new Advantages to keep them off.

Since I'm struggling with that and some other things, I've decided to start over again with the pink book. I've never actually worked all the way through the pink book, even though that's the one I own. I've gone all the way through the green book from the library, but have always stopped somewhere in the middle of the pink book. So, here goes.

Day 1: Advantages.
I may add some more to this list, but here is what I have for the moment:

I want my healthy lifestyle to be routine so that I can move on to other projects without fear of losing my healthy habits.
I want to take great joy in my new lifestyle.
I want to feel good wearing my new clothes.
I want the CDC to say I'm normal weight.
I want to wake up each day hungry and energetic.
I want to be happy with my weight and my healthy lifestyle on May 12, 2012 (my 50th birthday).

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +45* 680/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-16-2011, 04:19 PM
Hello everyone!

Beverlyjoy, so sorry for your loss. Good you find strength in Becks teachings at this painful period.

onebyone, great that being surrounded by health-conscious community inspires you to change your lifestyle for the better.

pamatga, your words about using weight as wall between yourself ant other people might be so true for me. I might not be much on this thread for the upcoming weeks, but I will definitely put “not to push people away” on my task list for the next week. And congrats on starting BDS from square one.

BillBlueEyes, congrats on taking courage to ask stranger to spot for you when doing chest presses. And I think it’s a good way to make strangers into a friends.

gardenerjoy, I love your comment on almond butter ”there was nothing healthy about the way I obsessed over it”. And congrats on determination to work all the way through the pink book.

Beck day 34.
Today lesson is something about problems, but I don't feel like I have serious problems. Looks like old me is coming back to life and old me is very shallow and does not believe in problems.
Surfing the internet for diets and weight loss solutions was quite an addiction for me, but I don't need that in my life anymore. I just want to have a normal life, enjoy my job, spend some evenings in the gym, go for my runs and stop obsessing about dieting and that is what I am trying to do now.
Being busy with training for the job worked wonders for me, because I never slipped from my plan, did all BDS reading, logging, exercising and dieting. Now, weekend came and some boredom crept back in. Looks like I just can't stay at home, because it makes me binge. But, oh well, now I have my distraction activities chart tool, just need to practice with it a little bit more to make it work.

I am very grateful to you all, because with Beck Solution and this thread I got the courage and determination to reach for what I want.

04-16-2011, 09:13 PM
Hi Coaches!

I made good choices at the dinner last night, unfortunately during the presentation I started to get really sick. By the time we got home, I didn't have it in me to try and guess at things for tracking purposes. Today, I've stayed in bed and made some chicken/barley soup. I got up and crunched on some things and stopped. Instead, went to the HF store and stocked up on fruit. I won't be in my calorie range today (no exercise) but I've decided not to order a pizza or eat donuts, either. I have tracked what I have eaten. *credit*

Beverlyjoy, I am sorry for your loss. :hug:

I may get back later. Thanks for being here, everyone!

04-17-2011, 07:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Some walking (CREDIT moi) when out looking to see if the Spring Warblers had arrived yet; they hadn't at the place we looked, but a zillion American Robins were building nests and acting like teenagers in love.

Eating was on the upper end of on-plan, CREDIT moi - upper end because I ate more at a friends house for dinner than I would have at home. Fortunately, it takes a bunch of shrimp to be too many calories. Earlier in the day I had passed over a just-out-of-the-oven cupcake; a special CREDIT moi for that singular act.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Bon Voyage on your journey into the pink book. I love the joy in your Advantage: "I want to wake up each day hungry and energetic."

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ouch for feeling sick; I hope that chicken/barley soups works its wonders on your system. It's a good day when you choose "not to order a pizza or eat donuts."

ChefJoona - Kudos for keeping your priorities, "Used some Beck skills," when celebrating with friends - an occasion that is seductive toward just letting go.

RunningFree - Yay for busy with job training to help direct your energy away from eating. And Kudos for bringing out your "distraction activities chart" when you needed it.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 4
Get a Diet Buddy

The irony is that by not lining up support, you are making dieting even harder. Few dieters - especially chronic dieters - can achieve lasting weight-loss without the help, encouragement, and accountability that only another person can provide. A university of North Carolina study of 192 dieters determined that dieters who regularly e-mailed a weight-loss counselor lost twice as much weigh during a three-month period as dieters who had no e-mail support. In a study of 1,032 dieters participating institutions, dieters who regularly contacted a counselor were much less likely to relapse and regain lost weight during a three-year period than dieters who did not have support.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 35.

04-17-2011, 09:19 AM
Good morning,

Credit for shredding with Jillian Michaels yesterday... and I'm in less pain than I was last weekend! I'll be starting my day out the same way today! I know the program is intended to be done daily, but I'm not sure I'll be able to fit it in every day. I'll aim for 4 times a week to start with.

Left half the bun from my veggie burger and most of the fries on my plate last night when out to a burger place with my friends. Today we're having lunch at a woodfired flatbread place and dinner here at my house. I am handmaking pasta.

Weight was up one pound from Thursday this morning. Not suprising with the way I have been eating the last several days... lots of sodium. Again, it will not derail all my efforts!

BillBE Definite CREDIT for resisting the cupcake!
Lexxiss Hoping you feel better soon... credit for making healthy food choices even when you aren't feeling great.
Runningfree Keep up the hard work and committment!
gardenerjoyWhat a great new list of advantages!

It is rainy and cold up here in the Green Mountains... even saw some snow flakes last night. Not letting it get me down! :carrot:

04-17-2011, 11:13 AM
Hi Coaches

We spent the day downtown yesterday and it was good. Finally moved a few things into my downtown artists studio: a set of drawers (all empty), about 5 canvases, a folding rocking chair that belonged to DH's grandmother which we never ever used, a stool from IKEA that DH hates. Someone's got their stuff all over my tiny space so that's got to change but otherwise it was nice to just get some stuff in there. I heaved a tiny sigh of relief that maybe, just maybe, I may be joining the artistic stream again.

After this, we went to get our timed tickets to see the Tim Burton exhibition and found out our entry time was for 5:30. It was 1:00. So we headed off to the movies, using the underground pathways and the subway.

ooooo! I am in the Big City for sure :carrot:

*Credits included: no theatre snacks, walking 60+, just getting out when I was feeling very down the night before.

The Tim Burton exhibit was fantastic--many many drawings of his, lots of movie props from every movie he's done including extensive notes and storyboard about my all time favorite scene in The Nightmare Before Christmas, my favorite film and the scene is Jack's Lament as he climbs the curly hill under the full moon and is filled with angst over his lot in life. So exciting to see THE real thing and where it came from. And seeing his drawings encourages me to keep drawing and to try some more ink and wash drawings. They can be spectacular.

But then, we got way too tired, came home, ordered pizza and ate it all. ALL. hmmmm.

I was *very aware*, much much more than I have been for months and months, that I want this extra weight off of my body. Like coaches, I'm serious. Walking is so hard! So exhausting! I hate that. I hate not feeling like I can zip from here to there at will. even just sharing the bed with DH is harder as we are both bigger and fight for space on our double bed. My jeans are at their max. They were already just "good enough" jeans because they fit me and nothing more and to outgrow them is horrible. DH scored free promotional clothing at his work and brought them home by the armsful this week. The size: XXXL. 3X. 3X!
And they fit.
They fit us both.
They are comfortable and roomy.
2X? A little snug.
How can this be acceptable?
Well it isn't or I wouldn't be here.
Everyone I am meeting is a normal weight or a little bit above. I am really the exception so far. I just don't want to be "exceptional" in this way anymore. I really don't need to be this size any longer. It can go now. I can feel that I am ready to let it go and that I simply want to be smaller and fitter more than I want to have extra food. Things are changing. I'm tired of my old self and my old ways of eating and of carrying this old weight that's making me feel older than I am inside!

Today is a trip for turkey dinner at DH's mom's house, my M-I-L the foodpusher. She's already said she has frozen food for me to take home.
Food, she says, she bought for DH when he was staying over but he didn't stay as long as she thought so she overbought. She'll be sending us home with a plate too she said so be ready for it. My compost bin is ready and waiting MIL...

One serving, and no seconds will be my guide today at her house.

So that's the way things are today coaches. I'm getting very excited as we
leave for our Florida vacation Thursday night. We'll be driving! 28 hours to Key West from where we are. We'll take 3 days to get there, spend 3 nights in Key West, the next night head up toward Cape Canaveral, then see the shuttle launch on the Friday (if it stays on schedule) then Sat and Sun drive back home. Poor Caesar will be alone all that time with daily cat sitter visits.
The week after we get home I have to head to Ottawa for Thursday night to attend the opening reception at Ottawa City Hall for artwork purchased by the city in 2010. My giant bus strike handmade print will be there, FRAMED. Can't wait to see what a frame does to it. It was 7 feet long by 5 feet wide when I finished it, and I said it could be trimmed by an inch or two to take care of the ratty edges if they thought it needed it. I am very curious to see what it looks like.

I will be wearing all black to that show-I already know it... unless I get something fabulous on my Florida vacation?!

Anyway, that's the state of things here. Progress.

Enjoy your Sunday coaches.

04-17-2011, 11:47 AM
Day 2: Two Reasonable Diets
I've been thinking through this and I've decided that I want this to be more about what I eat and less about counting calories or exchanges. By this, I think I mean that I want to experiment with whether 2 thin slices of toast or half a cup of cereal seems to work better for me for breakfast. Or if they are about the same. And similar questions throughout the day. So, rather than picking two diets, I'm committing myself to 42 days of copious logging my food with lots of notes about how I feel and awareness of what works well and what could work better.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +0* 680/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: we've been seeing that robin behavior! Lots of the equivalent of punching each other in the arm.

ChefJoona: Yay for Jillian Michaels two days in a row. Great job leaving half the bun and most of the fries -- that's my favorite method of keeping a burger and fries dinner in check.

onebyone: yay for this: "I can feel that I am ready to let it go and that I simply want to be smaller and fitter more than I want to have extra food."

04-17-2011, 01:38 PM
Hi friends... I haven't run away or disappeared. It's been a roller coaster of emotions this week- between no surgery and my son and daughter-in-law losing their pregnancy/baby. Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and support. They are very helpful to me.

I am not using my Beck techniques as I should. I have been on plan part of the time I have been 'caving' in to the stres in the evening. On Friday, DH brought home ice cream and candy. He copes with stress with those things too... but, is not overweight. I caved to jelly beans & I don't even like them. Everything must go. I am not strong enough to deal with this temptation. Dr. Beck stresses to keep the environment friendly for success with food. I'll talk to DH about it. Of course, I didn't have to eat the goodies, but...

I've been on plan today and got out my journal to write it all down.

Thanks again...

04-17-2011, 01:59 PM
Lexxiss, wish you get better soon. And credit for making wise food choices.

BillBlueEyes, yay for having a nice bird watching time. And to resist that cupcake must have taken a lot of strength. Credit for that.

ChefJoona, credit for shredding with Jillian. I believe 4 time a week for a start is very good.

onebyone, credit for having your compost bin ready for MIL food. LOL. And congrats on having your print framed in City Hall.

gardenerjoy, yay for your plans to experiment with food and find what works for you best.

Beverlyjoy, we are with you. Everything passes. Hard times passes too.

04-17-2011, 03:37 PM
Hello everyone:

Time for just a few personals:

BillBlueEyes- we got our first robins this week up here. So nice to see them back. Crows and eagles are back too.

ChefJoona-big credit for exercising and leaving food on the plate.

onebyone- like the attitude throughout your post- "no theatre snacks, walking 60+, just getting out when I was feeling very down the night before."," I want this extra weight off of my body", "Things are changing", My compost bin is ready and waiting MIL", Hope you have a wonderful trip to Florida. Such exciting news about the reception at Ottawa City Hall. That is a great honour.

gardenerjoy-I like your plan to really pay attention to what your eating and what works the best. This is such a statement that our eating changes are not a temporary diet, they are for life.

Beverlyjoy- so sorry for your loss.

RunningFree- I like what you said about just wanting a normal life and to stop obsessing about dieting. I am there too.

Lexxiss- hope you are feeling better today.

For me the week has been a mixed bag of really great onplan days and some not great, but not horrible days.

Today credit so far for:

-weighing in
-eating healthy breakfast and lunch
-doing weights
-just heading out for a walk with mom


04-17-2011, 06:02 PM
Beverlyjoy I'm so sorry for your loss.

Coaches/Buddies I'm back from two back-to-back weeks of travel for work. It was successful, but tiring and I missed my kids. I did a couple better things the second week of travel including downloading the apps that were recommending here, including Alarmed, which is a free version of the reminder program and Study Flash, a flash card app that pretty much replicates the experience of reading Beck ARC and RC cards for me. Down to the index card look. Anyway, the week was better, but not good.

As I've dug out from under, reality has hit. I have sized up. #$%@. Ok, so for whatever reason, diet #1 (calorie counting) has failed, not the diet so much as my ability to follow it, and I'm resetting with diet #2. Wait for it, Slim Fast. I hate this, but find it exceptionally good at keeping me mindful, and resetting some bad habits I'm not having much luck breaking any other way. I'm giving this 2-4 weeks and then moving back to calorie counting. Post-triathlon exercise plan is still forming, but I can see it from here.

Anyway, I cleaned out my closet and dresser, fantasy clothes gone, new clothes purchased, and I'm moving on. The smaller clothes were worn and out of style anyway.

Onward. I think I have enough mental energy and time to do this now.


04-17-2011, 06:49 PM
Hi Coaches!

Another sick day...I felt overwhelmed with things I needed to get done. Instead, I made one thing mandatory; precut my big salad and prepare something healthy for dinner. done. I kept wanting to sidetrack but I recognized my #1 priority. Exercise was riding my bike on a 4 min. RT to 7-11 to return a movie. I travelled w/o money just in case the stale donuts called my name. On my return, I reflected that I used to have such a hard time on my bike and now it's a breeze...even when I'm sick. *credit* moi today for practicing Beck skills and getting even a small amount of exercise when I really don't feel like it.

BillBlueEyes, yay for passing on the cupcake and instead enjoying shrimp ad a friends house. *credit*for a nice bird walk, too. BTW- you pup got a very nice plaque from the banquet.

pamatga, I hope you enjoyed your retreat.

Erika(eusebius), I hope you've gotten some rest this weekend!

onebyone, *credit* for having a compost plan for MIL's take home….and a plan for the meal at her house.

ChefJoona, great that you are able to set a reasonable goal with Jillian instead of something that will just be too much.

Beverlyjoy, good realizing when it's time to talk with DH about the junk food.

gardenerjoy, great insights as you rework Day 2.

RunningFree, great that you are noticing right away that your new activities are distracting you away from food.

CeeJay, *credit* for both on plan and not horrible days. Even not horrible does make a difference.

AnneWonders, welcome back! Good for downloading the apps and rethinking your #1 and #2 diet.

04-17-2011, 10:53 PM
Hello Beck Folks: Good to read you all again. Just reading today's post I can see that everybody is smack in the mainstream of this life. I understand onebyone's post of desperate reality. "This is it. I want this weight off." Boy, I know how that feels. At one point in my life I was over 200 pounds barely able to ride the bike I had at college - my only form of transportation. I was practically double the weight of every other co ed on campus. I would day dream everyday of the time I would wake up and be thin and beautiful. I would make up magical chants and when that failed I would make up self flagellating chants. Anything to change. It took me walking through years of inner stuff (family alcoholism, my own alcoholism, depression, ) before any weight dropped. That was a result of finally understanding myself a little and realizing I was a person who enjoyed exercising. Surprise. So for years I just exercised - lost 25 pounds without changing my eating. Then I came to Beck. This journey of finally looking at the eating stuff is the greatest challenge of my life. I am getting better. For the first time in my life I am classified as NOT overweight. I am often scared and anxious but I keep practicing the principles of the program. Short story on everyones post: all the things you are doing have worked for me in the short run and the long run. Anne Wonders: When I donated dream clothes and bought new and bigger 5 years ago, I never knew it would eventually allow me to donate the BIGGER sizes and be in my dream size. Gardernerjoy: Logging how each meal feels is sometimes the only food practice I can do - not change what I eat, just be aware. BBE: A walk to find the spring birds and being exacted about it without rewarding myself with a double fudge sundae is a miracle. I remember the old diet days: Philosophy: If I couldn't eat, why go? Lexxiss: Cutting the vegis is a triumph. It means I am half way home. Ceejay a mixed bag of OP and not is how I maintain. Beverleyjoy: the tough part of doing all this work is that it is not isolated. It is dead in the middle of real life dramas and heartaches like a lost baby.

So three cheers to us all. I have been MIA this week because my DS was running a VERY high temp for 5 days and we were up round the clock alternating Tylenol and Advil. Thankfully he is better. Thankfully I don't have to eat anymore like I was eating during the stress. Thankfully the eating wasn't worse. Thankfully I sit only two pounds up from ticker and have 47 mins OP as I write. And when I wake up tomorrow at 6:00 am I will have 12 hours and the beginning of another OP day.

04-18-2011, 12:04 AM
I'm brand spanking new. I just bought the The Beck Diet Solution the other day. I'm "officially" starting tomorrow, but I read ahead a little and saw that I'd need a coach/support group. I've lurked here for a long time, but decided to finally register.

So, um... hi! :)

A little about me: I seem to have been gaining and losing the same 15 pounds for most of my adult life. (Although, let's be honest. The bottom number of that fifteen has risen over time!) I've tried most of the diet variations, low fat, low carb, shakes, veggie, you name it. I work hard to lose the weight, and then I relax and gain it all back... and the cycle begins again.

I've done a lot of thinking about the issue lately. I've come to the conclusion that I need to change the way I think about food and eating if I want to reach a goal weight and keep it. I've considered seeing a therapist but I think that self-administered CBT coupled with an online support group will be effective for me.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the journey and to making some new friends along the way.


04-18-2011, 02:00 AM
I had a mixed bag this weekend. Great Friday night with girlfriends at a free spa event where I managed to eat "okay" in a social setting and had a lot of fun. Then found out on Friday night that my parents were robbed and lost a tremendous amount of stuff. It is just "stuff" and I am extremely grateful that nothing more happened, but unfortunately much of what the thieves stole were heirloom jewelry my mother had from many generations. Dealing with that and the overwhelming stress of moving/packing, I didn't make as good choices today. Starting Week 4 in the Pink Book tomorrow and hope to be back on track 100%.

chinakat - welcome!

BillBlueEyes - thanks for the link to your Man-Salad. I love raw vegetables and it looks delicious. Also *credit for asking a stranger for help at the gym AND declined the cupcake!

ChefJoona - hope the weekend visit from your friends was fun.

Lexxiss - What was your pup being honored for? Glad to hear you made good choices at the awards dinner. Good job not ordering the junk food - hope you are feeling better today.

CeeJay - nice job staying OP while on your road trip!

gardenerjoy - yay for throwing away the almond butter and re-creating a set of advantages that apply to your current well-being.

pamatga - hope your retreat was productive and inspiring.

Beverlyjoy - I'm so so sorry to hear about your loss. Sending supportive thoughts and hugs your way.

04-18-2011, 05:02 AM
:welcome: chinakat :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find 3 Fat Chicks and this Beck thread?

04-18-2011, 05:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Decided to plan my course when I would face some tempting foods in the morning. So I decided to choose one item and use NO CHOICE against the rest. It worked; two cakes appeared as well as four platters of cookies (including a shortbread dipped in dark chocolate that I remember to be yummy) and ... get this ... a bowl of roasted almonds - my nemesis - all ignored. CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi. Then I had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant with DW and only had 3 chips with the salsa and ordered Mexican Cactus for my entree. Ignored the rice and only had 1/2 of one of the two tortillas served. As good as I do with Mexican.

And a good walk, CREDIT moi. More plants springing up, more birds active.

onebyone - The artist is successfully setting herself up in her new town; Kudos for always moving forward as well as for having a clear attitude about your MIL's food. Exciting that you'll get to see your bus strike print - I remember that.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Ouch for "#$%@" with Kudos for "I'm moving on." Glad your two weeks are over - your kids are at the age it's hard not to see them every day. Good luck with Slimfast - it's always a surprise to find out what tweaks our brains onto the path we want.

CeeJay - OK, "mixed bag ... but not horrible" - you can deal with that. [Jealous of your eagles - I have to drive for an hour to reliable see a Bald Eagle.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Neat to design a plan to be just what you need. [LOL at "punching each other in the arm."]

Beverlyjoy - Of course the emotions continue - you've been hit with two major emotional events right on top of each other. Keep the faith, you'll make your way through this. Ouch for the comfort foods when you seek comfort, with Kudos for being on plan today.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Now that's planning ahead - carry no money around the stale donuts so they can't go home with you. Kudos for "mandatory" that you precut your salad and healthy dinner despite the overwhelmed.

maryann - Ouch for having to watch as your DS fought off "a VERY high temp" - I remember the feeling of utter helplessness as I watched when my kids suffered like that. Glad he's better. Kudos for maintaining awareness of your path while you were struggling with reality.

ChefJoona - Yay for enjoying a burger place with your friends while still finding a way to stay your path. Gotta love, "Again, it will not derail all my efforts!"

RunningFree - Waving back; hope the job training continues to go well.

tarte - Ouch for dealing with the robbery of your parent's "stuff" - it's a real violation of the self and a loss to be grieved. (If you are more computer facile than they are, you might take on the task of monitoring eBay and Craig's list to see if you can spot their things put up for sale.) Kudos for eating "okay" at a spa event - it's great to demonstrate that you can have a healthy eating plan at the same time as having friends.

chinakat - Neat trick to jump ahead and solve the Diet Coach/Diet Buddy problem first. You're way ahead by already having figured out that "I need to change the way I think about food and eating" and that "self-administered" Cognitive Therapy is a solid approach to doing that - to breaking the old dieting cycle. Which of Dr. Judith Beck's books are you reading?

Glad that you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 4
Get a Diet Buddy

A Diet Buddy helps keep you accountable. Unsuccessful dieters are very good at fooling themselves. They forget to practice every skill, weigh themselves daily (especially if they think the number on the scale has gone up), and count every calorie. They think they can be an effective dieter and maintainer if they do a "pretty good" job using their skills and following their eating plan, instead of doing a thorough and complete job. The most important task of a Diet Buddy is to help you make sure you are doing what you need to do every day.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 35.

04-18-2011, 10:11 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

It's been an insane weekend and the rest of the month promises to be similar. My apologies for not posting. I did stay OP all weekend and was rewarded with a 2.6 loss this week. That's 4.6 since I started back with the Beck behaviours ... not bad.

I was in Toronto all day yesterday playing for singers who are competing in a music festival next week. It was pretty brutal, but I didn't react by eating. I got lucky that one of the teachers is doing the Ideal Protein diet and served me a salad with low cal dressing and smoked salmon for lunch.

Today I am utterly beat, but feel pressured to practice a lot in between rehearsals. I need to be kind to myself, though this doesn't always come easily.

I apologize for not doing personals today - I'm so behind that I would need too much time to catch up. Hugs to all.

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: planned rest day but lots of spontaneous
Yoga: yes Sat, no Sun

04-18-2011, 10:26 AM
I wrote a very long post about an hour ago and then my computer crashed! OY! So, I guess I was meant to give the Cliff Notes version today.

Beverlyjoy I offer you my condolences as well.

Beckies, I did not go to the retreat as planned. I cried about it but I realized when you're beat you surrender. My "female problems" rose again so I had that to deal with that. I called the formation leader and told her that I would be so preoccupied with dealing with that I would not really be present mentally or spiritually so I was waving the white flag.

Instead, I stayed home (once again) but I read Day 3-sit while you eat. I do not have this problem, TG, but I do have another equally detrimental problem with my eating. I eat way too many calories even though I have a clean kitchen. All of your struggles with almond butter and almonds resonates with me. I can OD on fresh fruit; dried fruit especially.

I made up a Response Card for "Eating within my recommended calorie range (to lose 2 lbs per week)". Today, I begin doing just that. Dr. Beck does mention that some of her clients do choose to have one meal per week where they do not eat OP. I'm pouncing on that idea. I told my DH that we will curtail our eating out to once a week. How I am going to handle that specifically will depend on when it happens and how the rest of my meals are going.

I firmly believe we are each given what we can handle according to our personal strengths (and weaknesses). We are never tested beyond what we can endure. For me, I don't have the temptations that most of you do because of my only exposure to food is my own kitchen. However, since I am not presently working and I have huge chunks fo time on my hands, I have to walk a fine line in not eating to fill the time. I am not immune to temptation.

Well, there comes a time where you are ready to do whatever it takes. Now is the time for me. Such faith that takes though, huh?:hug:

04-18-2011, 11:32 AM
Good morning,

I tried to log on earlier this morning but for some reason the site wouldn't load onto my browser... weird. Just time for a quick check in, as I am waiting for my friends to pick me up for our last day together! It has been a wonderful weekend. I have some great friends that I have made where I live now in the last several years, but these visitings friends are from the group of friends I have had for the last decade, and we have all been there for eachother as we have left our college years behind and found our own paths into adulthood. We only see eachother a couple times a year, but they are cherished times!

Credit for shredding with Jillian again yesterday. I'll be shredding again this evening.

Yesterday focused a lot on food- lunch out and dinner party here at our condo. I really impressed myself with the ease at which I avoided large portions without feeling deprieved. I focused on enjoying the company and had a lot of helpful thoughts- reminding myself that taking extra food would not increase my fun, but would make me feel bad after my guests left.

Today is also focusing a lot on food... a tour of a lot of Vermont specialty food stores- starting with a Cider Mill... moving on to Cabot Cheese, Lake Champlain chocolate store and ending with a tour of the Ben and Jerry's factory. I have packed water and fruit for snack so I won't go into these places hungry and have chosen one of the places to get a treat. I'll report on how it all goes tomorrow morning!

I have read all your posts, but don't have time for personals... wishing you all a great start to the week!

04-18-2011, 12:38 PM
Good Morning! Up again last nite. DS temperature is now a bad cough, poor guy. I woke up OP and have continued thus. Now 3 pounds above ticker but history tells me I often drop weekend weight by Wed. I have packed my lunch and snacks and will focus on being gentle with myself.
Chinakat: Welcome
Tarte: I am sorry to hear about the robbery. It is that kind of stuff that traditionally sends me to chocolate and then regret.
BBE: Nice job on the "Big Ignore" of Almonds.
Eusibius: Congrats on your loss. I just ran across your name in my lenten book - a third century historian. Interesting.

04-18-2011, 01:59 PM
Day 3: Eat Sitting Down
Everyone's favorite! Just when I feel I've mastered it, I catch myself licking a spoon or grabbing a nut out of the ones I've measured for a recipe. Actually doing it, always sitting down before I eat, helps. Just like the book says it makes me more aware of what I'm eating and awareness seems to be key right now for me.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +60* 740/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: good job getting back to your journal-writing and your plan at this stressful time.

CeeJay: yay for "just heading out for a walk"!

AnneWonders: good job making the assessment and moving on to Plan B.

Lexxiss: excellent to make the prep for healthy eating a priority. It's taken me awhile to accept that prep often has to go on the to do list just like everything else. Today's list includes "wash greens" because it's a significant amount of time and it's best done early since we stir-fry them, they need to be washed hours before supper so that they have time to dry.

maryann: Yes, three cheers to us all! Great synthesis of all our posts and how they help us all on this journey. Sending healing thoughts to DS!

Welcome, chinakat! This is true for me: "self-administered CBT coupled with an online support group will be effective for me." I hope it works well for you, too!

tarte: that's a very stressful time -- good job getting back on track today.

BillBlueEyes: wow! terrific strategy and outcome for both the food event and the Mexican restaurant. I'm going to remember "no rice and half a tortilla" at Mexican restaurants.

eusebius: great to be on program and see the results on the scale!

pamatga: so sorry you missed the retreat that you were looking forward to. And welcome to Day 3, along with me. I also thought through other non-awareness issues the first time I encountered that rule. For me, the real issues weren't what I ate standing, but what I ate in the car -- so my firmest rule, that I still maintain, is no eating in the car.

ChefJoona: have fun on your food tour! I've been reading a book called Zingerman's Guide to Good Eating and realizing that there are ways that truly valuing food, including by learning more about it, can contribute to weight loss. The introduction even suggests waiting ten seconds after each bite (to fully appreciate the flavors) and writing everything down (to assess what we've learned about the food) -- exactly the suggestions that any good diet book includes!

04-18-2011, 05:36 PM
chinakat, CBT will definitely bring changes into your life. So welcome and have a nice journey into a Becks world.

I weight 4 and a half pound less than last Monday. Credit.
Good thing happened today. I took a bite of candy, but then decided it's not good enough to be eaten, so I spat it out and threw the rest away. It's a good sign. It means that my mind is not completely shutting down when I reach for food. So hurrah for becoming mindful.
Other credit I take is for improving my running speed. Before I used to run my usual route in 1 hour and 10 minutes, but last couple times I finished it in 1 hour. I believe it's an outcome of following my training/dieting plan more accurately. So, yay!

04-18-2011, 10:15 PM
Hi Coaches!

I managed a healthy day, even though my body is still healing. I did my weekly produce shopping before my yoga at the pool. I spent time cleaning my veggies this afternoon while cooking black beans. Dinner was superb-a totally healthful Huevos Rancheros with 1/2 a sliced mango for dessert. I did decide that I really didn't need that egg to enjoy it and will leave the huevos off the next time.

BillBlueEyes, what a great plan for your tempting foods! I have never tried that but I think it sounds really reasonable….right down to the 3 chips! I keep reminding myself I don't have to eat it all today...there is always tomorrow.

maryann, I could swear you were telling my story today. I have peeled off layer after layer, including the alcohol, and what was left is food. Thanks for sharing your fears along with your successes. It helps me. I hope DS is doing better!

chinakat, :welcome2: to our thread. I think it's great that your thinking helped get you here. BDS is really helping me...but I have to be vigilant.

tarte, sorry to hear about your parents misfortune, but you are right, it is just stuff. Thanks for checking in and committing to being 100% on track. BTW-my pup got honored as a visiting dog at our hospital.

Erika(eusebius), kudos for an op weekend despite it being "insane". Yay for the scale movement as a visual reminder of good Beck behaviors.

pamatga, ouch! Sorry you didn't make your retreat but credit for recognizing it was just not the right time. Kudos for identifying a problem with your eating and making a response card to address it.

ChefJoona, I find many days are focused on food. Yay for impressing yourself with the ease with which you avoided the large portions without being deprived. Yes, practice really helps. Wow! busy day today and all thought out!

gardenerjoy, I guess we were doing the same thing today. I really noticed how much more I care about my food and the entire process now.

RunningFree, yay for your weightloss during the past week! Great that you are noticing your skills improving, even with your running.

04-18-2011, 11:15 PM

I had a good day, stuck to plan, got some exercise, read some RC cards. I feel committed. It feels good. Planning and preparation is key.

Head aches though. Must sleep soon.


04-19-2011, 12:39 AM
I am doing a quick check in... I took DH's candy and dumped liquid dish soap on it and it's gone gone gone. Credit.

I got out my journal and have wrote down my food and kept track of my exchanges. So - this is good. Hopefully, I am on my way.

Thanks, as always, for being supportive friends.

Also - again thanks for your kind thoughts.

04-19-2011, 01:06 AM

This has been the third week in a row that a huge (or several) events have prevented me from posting here regularly. I am ready to get back to working on myself! If I've learned anything, it's that if all else fails, focus on taking care of yourself. It's all I've got. It's all I can give.

Thanks to everyone for sending the supportive energy as my relationship hit/sits at a crossroads. I think the DP and I pushed through and processed and talked and shared a lot of what happened last week, just so that we could enjoy a getaway weekend given to us by my mother. We enjoyed it and reconnected. Most importantly, for me, is the stuff that didn't get "fixed." The silences, the issues that are lingering, the discomfort. Another, yet another lesson that some things can't be dealt with instantly. And another, yet another always-much-needed lesson that some things have nothing to do with me, even if they affect me. Relationships are MESSY, which just seems to be the lesson I'm going to learn during this five-year anniversary month.

A major plus is that I am very happy with my new therapist, who has waived my co-pay. That's not the only reason I like her. She knows the importance of getting to and learning to love the dark panes of myself.

I know all of this has to do with my Beck skills. On a really bad day (Thursday, I think) it occurred to me that I should make some response cards to help me deal with my self-esteem and self-worth issues. Which is not to say that the A&R cards are not useful for eating and losing weight. BUT -- I must be honest -- it's these other feelings of low self-worth and self-esteem that are the most out of control for me. These are the skills I need to work on right now.

And now, now, real life has returned with a vengeance. ::sigh:: Those issues that can't be fixed immediately are looming their heads. Yet another reason why I am so ready to just take care of myself. I have to let this other stuff go.

Goals for tonight:

* post here
* food plan for tomorrow

Goals for the week (putting aside the minor goals of housekeeping, etc.):

* exercise five times
* food plan every day
* eat OP
* post here every day
* back to the dissertation!

Thanks for listening, my friends. Sending my supportive energy to all your corners of the world. My thoughts are especially with beverlyjoy and family. :grouphug:

04-19-2011, 06:02 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A small triumph: while I was smarting over the $300 bill from the car repair, I saw that they had thoughtfully put out a platter of sticky cinnabuns with pecans on top and immediately realized that I deserved one in compensation. Then saw the oatmeal raisin cookies. Deserved one (at least one) of those, too. The thought of a handful of cookies and a cinnabun finally began to tickle the neurons that remembered that I hadn't planned that, when I spotted a bowl of apples. So, I grabbed an unusually small apple to stave off the deserved's and munched it happily as I drove away. Albeit, itself, an off-plan apple, CREDIT moi because a small apple doesn't open my thinking for more, more, more for the rest of the day.

At gym, I did a repeat performance including asking another stranger to spot for me. It only takes about 15 seconds to assure that I get the dumbbells up the first time then I no longer need help. CREDITs moi both for the lifting and the reaching out.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Sending supportive thoughts for those headaches. Yay for a good day where "Planning and preparation is key."

Erika (eusebius) - Congrats on that 4.6 gone forever. Love that smoked salmon for lunch helped compensate for a brutal day.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Continues to surprise me that after a few years of believing in Eating Sitting Down, I can also find myself picking out a nut while standing. Thanks for the reminder that that needs conscious attention.

Beverlyjoy - Clearly final with that candy "gone gone gone." Continuing to send supportive thoughts as you process the emotional events in your life.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Neat recipe idea your Huevosless Rancheros, LOL. Yay for veggie shopping and cleaning.

MaryContrary - So beautifully stated, "love the dark panes of myself" - a joyful image. Congrats of working the issue that "some things have nothing to do with me" - a sandpit that I find myself falling into often.

maryann - Seems sane, "will focus on being gentle with myself" - Kudos. Best wishes to DS for getting back his mojo.

ChefJoona - It wasn't just you, the site was having difficulties yesterday; they seem to be fixed now. Kudos for "avoided large portions without feeling deprived" - that getting beyond deprived seems to me to be key. Drooling over your visit to Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory; I'd have to plan a BIG extra hit if I were to go near their sampling room.

pamatga - Powerful thought, "Now is the time for me." My take on not eating OP is that Beck recommends that we plan for a meal larger than our regular, then thoroughly enjoy it. Kudos for planning to curb eating out to once per week.

RunningFree - Congrats on those 4.5 pounds gone forever. And BIG Kudos for your recovery from the bite of candy.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 4
Get a Diet Buddy

You may even be able to find a Diet Buddy online, although I recommend that you persist in finding one with whom you can have voice-to-voice contact. Online communities are wonderful at supporting dieters, helping them solve problems, and getting them to realize that they are not alone in their struggles. But dieters can too easily fail to post on any given day, and they can post messages without reporting their change in weight and the skills they did - or didn't - do, depriving themselves of the key benefit of a Diet Buddy: accountability.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 35-36.

04-19-2011, 07:43 AM
Good morning,

Big credit for working out again yesterday! That was 3 days in a row with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Some of the exercises were even beginning to feel a bit easier yesterday. I have to work late tonight, so will be taking today off.

I did really well sticking to my plan for yesterday on the "food tour". My sister noted my will power and strength. And it led to a discussion of the fact that she and I are now just about the same size. She is my identical twin, so its how it should be, but I have always carried around more weight. I am happy to be almost equal to her now!

Welcome Chinakat!!

04-19-2011, 10:11 AM
Good morning and good day, fellow Beckies!

Credit moi: going to bed before 11 pm for a week in a row now. Unfortunately, my legs hurt (and still do) so I was up and down but I am very pleased that I stayed up only long enough to take some additional pain meds, log all my meals for today and return to bed.

BBE, if it is any consolation usually when we need the car repaired it is $700-800. Wow, our neighborhood Toyota garage only offers coffee and bottled water. Maybe, your garage offers "sweets" to ease the fact they are going to nail you for the repairs.

Credit moi: eating specific calories for B/L/D and three snacks. Got my 3 servings of fruit and 4 servings of vegetables in. In fact, this has been my 18th day in a row for that!

Tax bill was $2900 this year. That is about average for us. I only exercised my brain cells not my body yesterday. I decided to wait until today to resume activity since I had become so dehydrated from all the blood lose.

My sis called me last night and told me one of the neighbor "girls" we used to play with died Monday. I was sad then angry. All of us neighbor kids, girls and boys, were molested by a retired fire chief who lived across the street. Needless to say, I have watched (those I knew about) all of us struggle with depression first and then other illnesses.[I first began dealing with depression when I was 8 years old-not too long after my first molestation] She had been diagnosed with bi-polar for quite a few years. Side note: get this, she decided to have bypass surgery 4 years ago because she was depressed about her weight. She had a blockage in her colon and it burst before they could "save her". [See Bill, why I am so adamant about prunes] I know her tortured soul is resting in peace.

I got the sweetest e-mail from one of the formation leaders from the retreat. It is hard sometimes when life throws me a curve ball to not take it personally and feel it is "my fault" somehow. I'm glad she reassured it wasn't. Making peace with my imperfect body is part of the healing I have been striving for.

:congrat: on the visting dog to hospital award. What a lovely award. I know I would cherish it.

04-19-2011, 01:31 PM
Day 4: Give Myself Credit
Reading the chapter again, I realize that I could be doing more of this. In general, I want to talk nicer to myself about all kinds of things during the day. Such a small thing that leads to so much more happiness!

So credit for: four days in a row of doing the Beck pink book, making notes in the logbook I made for myself each day, and actually taking action on the things I'm learning.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +45* 785/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-19-2011, 01:54 PM
Thank you all for the warm welcome!

I will try to post more tonight (am posting from my phone) but wanted to say that I've downloaded a flashcard app for my response cards and entered my Advantages. I'm thinking about setting an alarm to remind myself to review them. When do you guys read yours? How often?

04-19-2011, 02:52 PM
I decided to check into the Beck plan --- so I'm a total newbie. I just picked up the notebook, sticky notes and 3X5 cards and I'm going to read the first "lesson" this afternoon.


04-19-2011, 10:24 PM
Hi Coaches! It's been a good Beck day. Credits include reading from my Beck book, following my plan, staying within my calorie range, exercising and resisting unplanned food. I cooked some fava beans for the first time. I just had to see how big they got. Now I have to find some good recipes because I bought 25# of them.

BillBlueEyes, great response at the car center! Those are powerful moments when you recognize that the brain is convincing you that bad food is valid emotional compensation for certain justifiable events....and having a sane response. I had one of those moments just the other day. Major kudos for choosing an apple instead.

Kris (grayhenry), :welcome2: to the Beck forum! I've been here a year and I feel like I'm slowly learning good habits which will help me keep my weight off.

AnneWonders, glad you found your working Beck skills and that it felt good! Getting started is the hardest. *credit*

Beverlyjoy, yay for soaping DH's candy...You are quite in line if he can't be discrete. My DH has a certain spot for things that I stay out of but when it starts hanging out on the counter, it disappears.

MaryContrary, thanks for checking in with a powerful post. I was especially impressed that on your really bad day your "response" was to make response cards. I firmly believe that when we are working on self worth and self esteem that we are working on food skills in a roundabout way. ...thinking they're all connected.

ChefJoona, *credit* for 3 days in a row with 30DS! Kudos to following your Beck plan as your twin noticed!

pamatga, thanks for your kind words to my hospital dog! I am sorry you are dealing with the loss of your friend. It sounds like you've all had a rough go. *credit* for eating all your meals within your calorie range. That's a big step of progress.

gardenerjoy, when I signed off last night I read ch. 3 and 4….realized I hadn't given myself a single credit in my post. I'm working on it, too.

chinakat, *credit* for downloading an app for your cards and setting an alarm. I have my physical cards near my computer.

04-19-2011, 11:40 PM
Coaches/Buddies Three, that's three (3), count 'em, three, on plan days. I am eight pounds down. Yes, eight. I am CRANKY.

I'd rather be cranky than fat. <== Candidate for my next RC. What'da y'all think?



04-20-2011, 12:15 AM
Quick check in and notice to Beckmates that I am off on a lark. Bad timing work-wise, but, oh,well... nature calls. Will check back in on Tues. next.

Missed my ice-out bet by a mile. The bay froze over thinking now anytime before May 1 will be appreciated. Given all that, I have many, many different varieties of perennials up and at 'em..weird year.

Anne, love, love, love, "I'd rather be cranky than fat" also loving this season of Survivor..are you with us, Lexxiss??? I wish we could find that "sweet spot" ..being in the zone....doing what we did so passionately to lose the wt. in the first we need MORE pain from the GAIN???

Best to all dear know who you are!!!!!

04-20-2011, 07:02 AM
:welcome: Kris (grayhenry) :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these when you joined six years ago, :wel3fc:

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this thread of 3 Fat Chicks?

04-20-2011, 07:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was on plan eating, CREDIT moi, except for samples at both Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I lost my way when I saw that Trader Joe's was giving out samples of spiral ham, and I'm on the hook to buy our Easter ham. Ouch, for the diversion, a mental loss even if the calories were small. Lunch was the chili that I made on Sunday; CREDIT moi for, at last, cooking up a batch of something for my lunches. Just wait your turn, you little cans of sardines sitting on my book shelf at the office.

Walking (CREDIT moi) in the attempting Spring continues to be a joy. Saw a yard with oodles of small blue flowers as their front yard - just stunning.

maryblu - hmmmm . . . perennials up before ice out seems weird from here, but whatever works in a land where folks go ice fishing by choice. Can't wait to hear about your "lark."

Anne (AnneWonders) - LOL at "I'd rather be cranky than fat." Congrats on those 8 pounds down.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for "actually taking action on the things I'm learning" - when I first read Beck, I wanted to just read through it without doing any of that simplistic stuff since it was so obvious, LOL. Only recently have I begun to believe that Cognitive Therapy isn't just strategies, but it's actually making new pathways in our brains.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - 25#'s is a whole lot of dried fava beans - I like that kind of shopping. I love those guys, but my DW doesn't, so I have to get them at Italian restaurants.

ChefJoona - Sticking to your plan during a "food tour" is Kudos worthy to be sure.

pamatga - Sending supportive thoughts as you deal with the passing of your childhood friend. Kudos for 18 days in a row sticking to your plan.

chinakat - A flashcard app sounds neat - Kudos for being serious about reading your Advantages. I keep mine in an Excel spreadsheet; I used to read them daily in the morning, now it's more like once a week.

Kris (grayhenry) - Kudos for starting right in with the day 1 using 3x5 index cards. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 4
Get a Diet Buddy

At the very least, you need to communicate with your Diet Buddy daily - either through phone calls (you can leave voice-mail messages), faxes, or e-mails - to report your change in weight (you don't need to reveal your actual weight), as well as how well you completed each task in the program. Report all of this information first. If you didn't practice a Success Skill (or didn't do it completely), tell your Diet Buddy your plan for how you will do it the next day - and consistently every day after that. Or ask for help in figuring out what to do. Your buddy can help you distinguish between unavoidable problems (you unexpectedly had to take you child to the doctor and didn't have time to get to the supermarket) versus avoidable problems (you knew your day would be busy, but you didn't figure out ahead of time when you would buy food).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 36.

04-20-2011, 08:03 AM
Really quick check in... On plan eating day yesterday, with some credit for a bit of free weights. Will most likely not be doing the 30 Day Shred again until tomorrow. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are difficult evenings.

I have been eating a lot of fruits and veggies these past several months, but I am making it a point now to eat at least 5 servings of them a day. I hit 6 yesterday with ease.

Welcome GrayHenry! I have am going into my 4th month on the forum and it has been a wonderful experience- it holds me accountable, gives me ideas, and the community of acceptance, support and non-judgment is amazing!

Woke up to a thunderstorm this morning! At first I thought it was a snow plow outside our house. Wet rainy day... yuck! BillBE I will think of the blue flowers you mentioned to brighten this dreary day!

04-20-2011, 09:15 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Again I am behind and don't really have time for personals but I have been reading the posts and staying on plan. Yesterday was brutal work-wise and I was out of the house from 8 AM to 9:30 PM. Nevertheless, I made good food choices. Trying to act non-compulsively around work as well as eating ... for example, I know today I need to take it easier than normal, even though there is a lot of work I could be doing.

I've been doing Beck tasks daily and have made it to Day 20. I guess I'm nearly halfway through now.

Welcome to Kris and chinakat! You will love it here.

Thanks for reading and being there for me, everyone.

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: planned rest day but lots of spontaneous
Yoga: no (did do it on Monday)

04-20-2011, 09:29 AM
Hi Coaches

Well we are getting details sewn up for our trip to Florida. I found a cat sitter for Caesar since I don't have any local friends yet. I feel comfortable with her. DH is naturally paranoid so is more ill at ease with a complete stranger in our house for 10 days but she is so obviously a at fanatic. Caesar will be in good hands I think. She promises to leave a diary of what Caeasr did while we were away. I think the word "sleep" will be in it alot. ;)

Today it's removing the snowtires and getting my prescriptions renewed by going to the local walk in clinic, plus changing the registration of our car. Chores. Little chores. I still haven't started my proposal to the Key West Studios and I had thought I'd be done by now. It was last week I thought that so that doesn't matter as it is in front of me to do now. I want it to be close to complete as we leave for Key West this week. 3 days travel to Key West-3 days in Key West-1 day back to the mainland to see the shuttle launch-2 days home. Those two days home will be a lot of driving each day--but we like that. I already know now that the hardest part will be waving goodbye to the waving palm fronds.

Foodwise, it's been quite calm. I stuck to my no seconds rule at DH's mom's place on Sunday. She did send me home with tons of food and I took the carcass of her turkey for soup and then felt self-conscious about it. I took a lot of food home but no sweets-and everything is in the freezer or went into the composter as I planned. It was great to open up the ziplock bag and in it went. No harm, no foul as they say. I have been sticking to regular mealtimes, no seconds, and eating fruits and veggies but have fallen away from counting my calories/tracking. And my scale is wacky so I've not weighed myself in a few days, maybe even a week. I don't even know where the scale is right now truth be told I got so frustrated with it.

That's how things are here. It's rainy too today.

Wishing you all a good Wednesday.

04-20-2011, 12:25 PM
We had quite an evening with thunderstorms although most skirted around our exact location. There was less than a minute when it sounded like someone was throwing rocks on our roof--ping-pong ball sized hail, but not very much of it. We spent the evening watching the weather guy on the local news and jumping each time the weather radio blasted. The region had lots of hail and several tornadoes--lost a few homes but no lives.

Day 5: Eat Slowly and Mindfully
This is something I resist, but I can feel myself loosening up a little on it. I'm still not willing to give up the TV for the evening meal with DH because that's our habit. And, I'm not willing to give up my book (usually a diet book or a cookbook) with the rest of my meals. However, while I won't follow the letter of the law here, I am starting to feel some movement toward the spirit of it, taking moments to really appreciate food in the way one might appreciate a rose or a work of art.

Credit for feeling like I could cope with hunger in the late evening (due to an early supper). A few sips of water and the feeling disappeared. Yay for giving that a chance.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +0* 785/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

grayhenry: welcome!

chinakat: I learned the Excel thing from BillBlueEyes--I use a sheet in the same file where I record my weight. I have another handwritten copy in my Tickler file so that I run across it there -- usually once a day. The flashcard app sounds cool!

04-20-2011, 12:30 PM
BILL Last night I was reading an excerpt from Men's Health mag [which I gave my DH a subscription for his b-day last year] that there is a correlation between "Cinnabons" and men's spending habits. Researchers say that when men smell cinnamon rolls they think of sex and when they think of sex they spend more money! This is why Cinnabons is planted so deep in the malls, according to these researchers. Seems to me your car garage is on to this phenomena. You are a man of great self-control! Don't you hate these subliminal messages? Maybe, you should have gone straight home to your honey....;)

I did Day 4 yesterday. I have been onto this giving credit to myself and making my husband break his self-berating habit for years. I will not allow him to put himself down in front of me. Obviously, I am not with him 24/7 so hopefully my "Stop That!" talk he will practice on his own. I have an e-stickie on my desktop and top of the list is "Give myself credit".

I give myself credit for conscious movement yesterday [in spite of the fact that my legs and hips were not responding to all the pain meds I was dumping into me the last 48 hours but finally this morning things seemed to settle down]. I want to have our home clean for the upcoming "holiday". That's just me.

I have not had any "sweets" since Sunday when I had one donut hole and a fortune cookie for dessert eaten at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I ate on OP otherwise and I even saw the manager smile as she saw what I took. She always says such nice things to me. I sense she knows I am trying hard in an environment that is loaded with food land mines.

I have had 19 days of fruits n vegetables 7-8 servings, lots of H2O, and working on Beck's pink book. I have many diet buddies, both in groups and individually, so I've got that step in place. Still I am moving through this day by day, no jumping ahead.

:welcome2: grayhenry. You will soon love all of us. We are such a loving group here. So ready to help each other. So good for each other.

Dr. Beck recommends that you read your Advantage of Losing Weight cards 2x a day-am/pm, by the way.

I spent a lot of time yesteday speaking with another woman who is Type II diabetic and dieting. I am so grateful that I caught my blood glucose issue early. After all of the heavy flows in the past 10 days (it's over) and speaking with some other wise women here on 3FC (thanks Diana who's over in the [I]100 lbs group here on 3FC)I also have one more reason to get this weight off. Extra fat creates extra estrogen and, well we know, that can cause all kinds of health problems.

My first Response Card was written with the sole purpose of breaking up my food over several meals, staying within my calorie range and logging my food everyday (the last is the easiest for me---the middle one is the most difficult).I looked ahead a few days and I know that creating a supportive environment is absolutely critical for success in losing and maintaining weight lose. I have told you all about me having a "clean kitchen". Obviously, that is only one piece of the puzzle.

The more I read this book again, the more psyched I am. I have a set goal: our 10th wedding anniversary which will be August 17th, 2012. I want to be 140 lbs by then. You heard it here first! I want to have my wedding dress sized down to wear for a renewal of our vows. We had a beautiful wedding but the one thing I felt I let my husband down was not being the size I wanted to be. He has never said he was disappointed but I was because I wanted it to be absolutely perfect down to the last detail. I spent a lot of money and effort for everything to be that way. It was except I was obese in a $1200 dress. No amount of money spent made up for the fact that I was a fat bride. I still have the beautiful photos throughout our home--the photographer was a genius with working around my weight--no they all weren't head shots---but my perfectionism dies hard. I want to return to those same "scenes"--the Victorian mansion, the robust flower beds in full bloom and, of course, our church to renew our vows. Then, off to the honeymoon we didn't get to have because I was sick back then!

It is my gift to myself and to my sweetheart.

Now, to get down to brass tacks.

Have a good day.:hug:

04-20-2011, 01:24 PM
Hi gang. Day 3 here for me. I've got my flashcard app on my iPhone (and let's face it, I don't go ANYWHERE without my iPhone so it's the perfect place to keep my cards).

I've selected my diet plan. It's not really any one plan, it's all the wisdom I've gained from years of dabbling in all of them. Basically, I eat whole foods as much as possible. I log everything, and I limit my calories and my carbs (especially refined ones). Five small meals a day. I know this works for me, as long as I follow it I will lose weight consistently.

Eating sitting down is the focus for today. If you'd asked me, I would have said I eat sitting down 99% of the time -- I hate eating standing up. But after reading BDS, I started thinking about all the "drive by" eating I do -- snacks in the office, especially. And plate clearing, I do tend to pick at my kids' leftovers. There's room for improvement on this one. I will write a response card, too.

So far, so good. I'm just getting to know all of you guys -- I skimmed the month's thread. I'm inspired by all the hard work you're putting into this plan.

Thanks for reading,

04-20-2011, 04:25 PM
Good afternoon, All. Happy to report DS is back to School for first time. 8 Days under weather, 3 pounds lighter (which he could not afford to lose), but with a smile on his face because he loves school. I feel I have a tremendous amount to be grateful for yet I cannot seem to string any OP days together. My weight is creeping up again. By the end of my daily chart ( a few more days) , I will have to change my ticker two pounds up AGAIN if I don't start making this thing a priority. OP so far and a promise to myself to put sushi on my plan if I truly, truly leave the sugar behind today. Good lunch, good exercise, I have everything I need to be successful this very minute.

04-20-2011, 07:27 PM
What 3FC forums do you guys read besides the Beck Diet Solution?

Do you have other forums or blogs you like to read for weight loss related inspiration?

I use but find the forums a little disjointed. There is better "community" here IMO.

04-20-2011, 11:19 PM
Hi Coaches!
Day 5-eating while biggest step forward on this has been to prepare a sit down lunch for DH and I. At our other home, we actually sit at a small card table. I don't have the room here.
Today: Was a good Beck day...lots of credits. I decided to make my own whole wheat pizza crust tonight and had to cut the portion several times to make it fit into my calorie range. It ended up being the perfect size and was the best crust I've ever made. credit for the willingness to try for "smaller".

BillBlueEyes, yay for cooking up a little batch of something for your lunches. Ouch for sampling at WF/TJ. It's amazing how one has to remain vigilant. Some might say, who's just a little piece of ham, but I think it's important.

AnneWonders, hmm...I love OP cranky because it says, "detox". I love detox because it means I am heading in the right direction. BTW-I like the new RC!

maryblu, :wave: Yes, I'm still in on this Survivor season. Hey, you mentioned wishing you could find that "sweet spot". I have been employing gardenerjoy's technique of switching things around to avoid diet boredom (my words not hers). I'd been struggling for months, switched onto some calorie counting and the new interest has put me into full mode. If it gets boring I'm going to switch again.

ChefJoona, sending you strength with your Beck tools to get you through two difficult evenings.

Erika(eusebius), great credits and I think it's always a big credit when you don't have time for those personals and yet still check in.

onebyone, yay for a feeling of calm around food. Lots of credits as you work towards finding your plan.

gardenerjoy, I heard the news last night regarding the weather in your area. Glad you came through ok. Yay for giving water a chance when you felt hungry.

pamatga, great credits which certainly are in line with your being able to achieve your WL goal by 2012.

chinakat, I think most of us didn't realize how much we dabbled in food while standing until we got here. credit for reading, thinking and taking action. RE forums; I followed South Beach Diet since joining 3fc. It’s a pretty active group so I hang out here and there. Lots of great forums just peruse some and see where you fit in.

maryann, glad DS went to school...hope that helps you getting back OP. I find that I do much better with my usual chaotic routine….once that's altered my food situation seems to get more complicated.

04-21-2011, 06:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Grabbed takeout at a local Indian Restaurant and only ate half the entree along with about a half cup of basmati rice; CREDIT moi. Walked to a meat market with real butchers and asked about fully cooked spiral hams, since I'm confused about the price range from $0.99 to $5+ per pound. He send me off with one they had on special - will be as good as their best but without the little package of brown sugar mix. I thought I bought a smallish one at only 10 pounds; DW thought it's much bigger than we need. Oh Well.

At gym, CREDIT moi, I was more comfortable with the weights that were new and a struggle last week. My head doesn't seem to believe that my muscles are growing, but the numbers on the weights seem to believe it. I was pleased to see a beginner, a young man who wasn't overweight, struggling with very small weights with his trainer. Pleased both because I don't see beginners very often in the weight section and because he's at the stage of major advancements quickly.

onebyone - Yay for taking the carcass of the turkey for soup - the best part. I did that with a ham bone once when visiting relatives and they were just astounded that someone would go to so much trouble. Then had to fight DW over who got to cook something with it, LOL.

Erika (eusebius) - "8 AM to 9:30 PM" is one loooooog work day. Kudos for "lots of spontaneous" exercise.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for violent weather - glad you made it OK. If I'm eating alone, I'm always reading. It's good to be reminded that I can be mindful of my food at the same time.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - I like the idea of super thin and crisp pizza crust. What do you put on it?

maryann - Sushi is a fine reward for leaving sugar behind for a day.

ChefJoona - Yay for "a lot of fruits and veggies."

pamatga - LOL that "Cinnabons" make us men think of sex and spending, LOL. Kudos for mindful choices at the Chinese Restaurant that is "loaded with food land mines."

chinakat - Yay for selecting the Chinakat Diet Plan - you know what works for you. I hate, hate, hate, that I used to pick at my kids leftovers. On 3FC I hang out on the Maintainers Forum and the Men's Forum. I've looked in on several other web sites but 3FC has my heart.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 4
Get a Diet Buddy

It's easy to gloss over your mistakes when you contact your Diet Buddy. That is why you should begin the conversation by reviewing the skills on your Success Skills Sheets (pages 266-275), which you will begin filling out when you start Stage 1 and continue to fill out for a very long time. Remember, the most important part of the communication with your Diet Buddy is to report on your progress and your mistakes and to get help with any problems you are having.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 36.

04-21-2011, 07:54 AM
On plan day yesterday. I impressed myself again at how easy it has become to use my skills at a a pot luck with friends last night. I opted for the veggies and fresh fruits and took small portions of the high calorie crock pot chicken dish (which the served over quinoa- my favorite and so much better than rice!). I watched as everyone else went back for 2-3 servings of desserts, while I stuck to my one planned taste. I didn't feel 1 bit deprived! I say it was easy, but I was coaching myself in my head the entire time... but I was actually able to listen to my coaching voice and not ignore it!
We had fun like kids and decorated easter eggs! I now have a dozen hard boils in fun colors for protein for the next week!
Had at least 6 combined servings of fruits and veggies (apple, banana, strawberries, carrots, fresh fruit salad, spinach salad).

No credit for exercise, but I'll be home at a reasonable hour after work and plan to Shred with Jillian!

Wishing you all a great day!

04-21-2011, 09:40 AM
GM all!

Credit moi: new e-stickie on desktop. How quickly things change! I feel fortunate that I prefer to eat sitting down although that does include sitting in front of my computer. BUT I discovered a different twist on this that I felt I needed to write a Response Card on.

I eat slowly almost by nature. My Dad and I are the two in our family who always ate slower. You would fall asleep watching him eat. BUT, wait a minute, there is ONE TIME I "gobble": when I eat anything "sweet" and this includes one of my "favorites": ripe or dried fruit. SO, my "unsolicited" advice is if you think some of these Beck "tools" you have down pat but you're not seeing the results you think you should be seeing, it might be worth a closer look.

This is my Response Card: actual 3x5 and an e-stickie on my computer.
*Break "gobble foods" into smaller pieces. For ex: I am going to break a medium banana into 4 and if possible 8 pieces.
*Eat to a kitchen (egg) timer: set for first 10 then 15 and finally 20 minutes.

This should stretch even my snacks into 15-20 minutes time span and allow my brain and body to realize what I ate. I got an "a-ha" moment last night when I was "popping" a mini box of raisins. I swear if it wasn't for the fact they stick to the inside of the box, I would have opened them, throw back my head and swallowed all of them en masse. THAT'S what I'm talking about.

My primary plan is the ADA food plan for diabetics. It is strongly recommended to eat no more than 60 grams of carbs per "setting" but when I go to a buffet I end up eating over 100.[FYI: both fruits n veggies are carbs so that is why there isn't a whole lot left over to eat from the breads/grains group] For the past 20 days, I have eaten my 4 servings of fruits and 4 servings of vegetables. It has become just plain easy to do that. I have kept it interesting by having as much variety as I can "afford". My secondary food plan (as Dr. Beck wants us to have going into this) is South Beach Diet. As I have said before, I followed this from 2008-2010 and I credit that with bumping up how healthy I eat now.

I did more walking yesterday even though I knew I was going to pay for it when I went to bed. My legs were killing me. My left knee locked on me Monday and I have had sharp pains on the interior side of that knee since. Ice has helped along with pain meds. My DH walked 14 miles yesterday. I have such "envy". This used to be me 12 years ago. It is hard to be a benched "athlete". What I crave most is movement. I ordered 3 (more)dvds that should be coming by end of this week. I'm going to crack this and find something even I can do without pain. PS I was fitted for custom braces 10 years ago. Although they do what my former good knees used to do, they simply aren't for really active walking. My sister had the same experience when she got hers recently and needed them to do her physical job.

"Met" my garden plot yesterday. Got our seed packs. Swiss chard. Asparagus. Arugula. Snap sugar peas. Tomatoes. Strawberries. For starters. Master Gardener "warned" "No Pot!" I said (smartie pants)" Isn't that a weed?" There is a section for kids: blueberries and strawberries. Isn't that a neat way of getting kids involved in both food production but also food selection. I said to MG, I know why it's called the "Kid's Garden"--none of that food is going to end up anywhere but their mouth. Well, when I grow berries they never get into my kitchen to make jam. Never!;)

Grayhenry and Chinakat-I found that by just "sitting in" some different groups here, without posting and just reading, it wasn't long before I got a feel for each group and what I could both contribute and benefit from. I have a tendency to overcommitt so I recently scaled back and stayed with this one along with conferring with some individuals who are not in any specific group.

Chefjoona, great job at the pot luck. Sometimes, variety can make us dizzy with all the choices, assuming they aren't all hot dishes. I am finding that there are two "schools" when I attend pot lucks: the veggies tray and desserts! Why doesn't anyone bring the inbetween food anymore?:?:

Lexxiss So how did your pizza turn out? Although there are many really good organic ones on the market I too decided to make my own. I got the Bobolli whole wheat crusts. I always have plenty of fresh veggies so I will have that probably today for either breakfast or lunch. I am thinking red and green peppers, mushrooms, black and green olives, onions and thinnly sliced fresh tomatoes. I am not a big sauce person. My favorite take out one has lamb and feta cheese on it.

Onebyone I make homemade soup for DH at least once a week. I always start with a whole bird and move from there. Once you get the routine down, it really doesn't take that long. I like the fact that the pieces of the meat can be as much and as big as I like. I experiment with the vegetables. The last batch I added cut up sugar snap peas along with some finely shredded spinach. He liked it!

Maryann hmmmmmmm, sushi, poppers. I love 'em! I have found that eating the recommended 3-4 servings of both fruits and vegetables every day has killed my sugar cravings. I swear! Scout's honor! Who knew? I'm sold now.

Comment on getting a Diet Buddy: in the 12 step program there comes a time when you are ready for recovery and then you pick a sponsor. In OA this is the person you report what you are going to eat for the next day. Honesty is crucial. Here on 3FC there are several threads where people report what they eat each day. For many, this is very helpful.

I have solved this issue by eating as many of my meals in front of someone else, logging my food almost as quickly as I have eaten it, and taking ownership. If there is an unplanned piece of cake because there was yet another b-day at my DH choir practice, yes, that goes on too. No judgements but also No Choice. This is one way that I deal with pride and perfectionism. I didn't become obese by one piece of cake but I do have a choice of how soon I want to be be thin again by that choice to have a piece of cake. It is all about Choices. I am of the camp that there are no good or bad foods just good or bad food "choices". Ideally, we make good choices that lead to eventual and permanent weight lose. Ask Bill, he knows.

I subscribe to the 100 calorie "treat" each day which is a part of the Phase II on South Beach Diet. I used to wait eagerly for that but lately I have gone as long as 4-5 days without even thinking about having my 100 calorie treat. I am just as satisfied, if not more so, with a hard apple, very sweet raisins or apricots. Again, nothing beats, cravings, emotional eating and binges like healthy balanced eating. I still am of the belief that behind a lot of poor eating choices is poor eating. Nutrient dense foods feed our body which calms our minds and nerves so we can deal with the rest of the day. Good sleep helps us the second half of that equation. Yea!:carrot:

04-21-2011, 03:45 PM
Hi Coaches

Getting ready to leave tonight. Kind of excited. Kind of freaked out. Kind of can't believe we're having a vacation.

W :D W.

Stopped by the library and got 3 travel books for our trip, but I am really looking forward to the local papers and local travel info. I need to remember to bring my sketchbook.

Better go. I need to find sandals and my bathing suit still :dizzy:

I'll check in while on the road when I can.

Have a good day :D

04-21-2011, 03:50 PM
Day 6: Diet Coach
That's easy! Thanks y'all!

Credit for not using dilated pupils as an excuse to eat (I've done that in the past). And credit for not using slight concern over glaucoma as an excuse to eat. I basically got a D on the glaucoma test, but passed the next level of tests so I don't have glaucoma yet, just heading in the wrong direction so vigilance is in order.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +0 785/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

chinakat: I had the same experience at sparkpeople. My other regular thread here is the monthly exercise challenge under Support Groups --> Chicks up for a Challenge. We're not very chatty, but we set goals each month and then log our exercise. I find it very motivating.

Lexxiss: I've also cut way back on my serving size for home-made pizza. "Personal size" is about twice as much as fits easily into my plan and it also leaves me fuller than I want to be at supper. Half for supper and half for lunch the next day works much better. I think pizza serving size is so hard because I have such long experience of eating much more than that, clear back to when I was an active teenager. And, of course, I feel like my homemade pizza "ought" to be healthier and therefore I can eat more. The first part is probably true, but that doesn't mean the last part is!

pamatga: have you seen this DVD?
It's by a physical therapist and I suspect is no different than the standard exercises one would get from a PT, but I find them easier to do when I'm following a DVD. I've found it very helpful, although I haven't had problems as serious as yours.

onebyone: bon voyage! I'm so excited for you!

04-21-2011, 05:30 PM
Hi Coaches!

I'll post early today since we're headed to our church to help with the community meal which is served in our town 6X/week. We had a guest for lunch so I just eyeballed and think I did do pretty good. *credit* I did premeasure the RF cheese atop the black bean casserole so I would have a good idea what I was consuming. Apparently, I thought freestyle was so much fun that I would have an extra black bean brownie. Stopped and reminded myself the quantity was one. Exercise was extra fun at the pool since they drained and cleaned it yesterday. I think it takes a long time to fill a million gallon was quite warm, yet cooler than when the mineral water came out of the ground.

BillBlueEyes, can you ask your Indian restaurant if they'd be interested in opening a branch near me? BTW-I think 10# is a nice size? Won't there be leftovers for lunches? Yay for weights and muscles growing!

BBE/Pamtanga, pizza...WW thin crust, no sauce, chopped zucchini, onions, orange pepper, garlic(lots), black olives and veggie sausage topped with RF mozzarella (not much)...baked on one of those pans with all the tiny holes. Yum!

ChefJoona, it's very exciting to read every day how you are putting the Beck program to work in your life and are noticing such great results. BTW-I notice, too, how many times people go back for food at the potlucks. I just remind myself that there is another day happening tomorrow so I don't need to eat it all today!

pamatga, great that you have noticed that you do eat certain foods fast. Just a spot of knees started feeling worlds better as my weight came down. I know it won't cure everything...but perhaps might help.

onebyone, bon voyage!

gardenerjoy, hmm….yet another thing that food won't fix! Great that you did not eat over it.

04-21-2011, 09:44 PM
Still cranky. Still on plan.

04-21-2011, 10:16 PM
My assignment today is to give myself CREDIT. No problem -- I deserve it, lol. I am a film/media producer, and I have to deal with craft services (catering) all the time. I'm not sure how this came about, but apparently it is impossible to shoot even a :30 commercial without copious amounts of junk food on hand. Illegal, possibly. :dizzy:

I managed to say NO to every bit of crappy food that was in our office/studio space today. I ate my prepared breakfast, lunch and snacks and that was it. CREDIT, me!

Also, I came home hungry and made myself a monster egg beater omelette. I was full after 2/3, and instead of continuing to eat the rest of it anyway, I put it aside. CREDIT, me!

Lexxiss – your pizza sounds great. I constantly futz with recipes to get them to the right diet-friendly portion size, especially because I wind up cooking for myself only when I'm trying to stay OP.

Bill – I struggle with feeling self-conscious at the gym myself, so it's reassuring hearing somebody comment in a positive way about a fellow gym user. I often fret that somebody is mentally mocking the newbie (me!) instead of giving him/her credit like you were.

ChefJoona – glad to hear you mention Jillian's Shred, time for me to dust off that DVD. It kicks my butt!

Pamatga – I've been in the garden myself lately. Great way to get exercise in. LOL at the berries not getting as far as jam... my kids devour all the strawberries and blackberries, too.

Onebyone – have a great vacation!

Gardenerjoy – thanks for the lead on the exercise challenge thread. I might check it out, I need some exercise inspiration.

AnneWonders – I loved your update, short and sweet. I am a crank today, too. :)

04-22-2011, 06:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I passed muster at an event last night that usually does me in. There were platters of home baked goodies and I wanted to throw a couple of dollars into the kitty, anyway, to help with expenses which, of course, means that I deserved to eat something. AND, there were some flour-less cookies which were candidates for my rare or unusual exception. Then I remembered that Passover isn't rare, it happens every year - I am occasionally invited to a Sedar - nor is flour-less unusual so, I had a few strawberries and enjoyed the evening; CREDIT moi.

Exercise was hauling boxes to our storage unit and hauling boxes of books that we're keeping to our basement; CREDIT moi for that much.

onebyone - Yay for "sandals and my bathing suit" - don't forget sun tan lotion, sunglasses, and a bucket and shovel to play at the beach, LOL. Apparently President Obama will also attend next Friday's Space Shuttle launch. Kindly give him my regards.

Anne (AnneWonders) - If the Cranky Diet Plan works, it gets my vote, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, Kudos for standing down an excuse to eat. Ouch for the possibility of a weak glaucoma test - glad you passed the next level.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for a black bean brownie - that sounds so healthy that I can imagine the Sabotaging Thought to . . . just have another, LOL. [Yep, left over ham has great appeal to me, and I'll send my adult kids home with some, also.]

ChefJoona - What a list: Yay for quinoa, hard boiled eggs, "fun like kids," "apple, banana, strawberries, carrots, fresh fruit salad, spinach salad," and best of all, "how easy it has become to use my skills at a a pot luck" - Kudos for a textbook day.

pamatga - What a superb demo of how to look at our own eating behaviors to find our own strategies. Kudos for observing that you gobble when it's sweets. Love the thought, "behind a lot of poor eating choices is poor eating."

chinakat - LOL that it takes "copious amounts of junk food" to shoot film, with Kudos for not participating. And Kudos for giving yourself credit - you, indeed, deserve it.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 4
Get a Diet Buddy

When you know you have to give an honest report to another person, it is easier to respond to the sabotaging thought, I think I'll skip practicing this skill today, or, It won't matter if I eat this unplanned food, by telling yourself, No, I'm not going to skip it, or, I'm not going to cheat because I don't want to have to tell my Diet Buddy.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 36.

04-22-2011, 07:49 AM
On plan eating day yesterday! Did well with fruits and veggies... even found room to sneak in some frozen peas at dinner. Went a little bit farther with my night time snack, but it was within reason.

Credit for Shredding with Jillian, which met my 4x a week goal! I should be able to do it tonight for 5x this week! I am noticing some new muscles developing, which is great reinforcement!

Lexxiss What is a black bean brownie?!

Will try to get to personals tomorrow... its hard during the work week!


04-22-2011, 10:28 AM
GM Fellow Beckies!

First of all, I want to wish all of you a wonderful weekend, whatever faith you practice! I will not be posting again until Monday so I will try to make this one count.

Joy Pizza...I could talk about that of my favorite meals. I too used to think since I was eating a much healthier version, which I have been for the past couple of years, that I could have more. Yesterday, I did something that I must confess I used to scoff at! The "experts" were right and I was just plain "ignorant". I used a smaller plate both for breakfast and lunch! Whoa! Can it be? Oh, it be!

I made a healthier version of an "Egg McMuffin" for breakfast: a whole wheat multi grain muffin, one egg, one slice turkey bacon, 1 TB shredded cheddar cheese. Assemble. Enjoy. However, I put it on a regular dinner plate and it looked "teeny tiny" sitting in the middle of the plate so out of sheer impulsiveness I took one of my pretty salad plates and transfered the breakfast muffin to that. It filled it up nicely and my eyes twinkled. Instantly, I felt I was eating more. Who knew? I was made a believer on the spot. The French have a few words for that phenomena: troemp d'oeil "fool the eye".

Sooo, I did this also for lunch. I had much less of my homemade vegetable pizza on whole wheat crust as a result. Lightning striked twice in one day!
Joy one of the biggest impediments in me losing weight is that I have been mistakenly believing that since I was eating healthy I could eat more. NO! Calories still do count. Yes, I get great clean bills of health but I am still fat. Fat is not healthy.

Day 7-Arrange Your Environment. Dr. Beck and I are clearly on the same thinking pathways. One of her suggestions was putting the smaller plates where they are more easily accessible so I had DH help me switch around my dinnerware in the cupboards. In fact, since I don't want it to be too obvious even with DH and I at the dinner table, I went browsing online for new pieces to use. I don't need an excuse to buy things but if you can't eat extra at least having pretty dinnerware is a good compensation.

Also, drums roll here, I am doing something that I haven't done in a long time. I am making my Mom's homemade fudge recipe for the upcoming weekend. I asked DH to keep the covered baking dish out in the car. I have said that I keep a "clean kitchen"....well, it will bother me to know there is fudge in the kitchen and I can "sneak" a piece without even I knowing it (it can happen in nanospeed). No more! I don't want to weigh in on Monday and say "I can't believe I ate the whole thing..." (any one remember that commercial ..of course, I was a mere child;))

I set an egg timer. I was disappointed with the results but I cut my medium banana into 8 pieces and this self-confessed "slow" eater only took 5 minutes to eat that banana. What made me feel a little better was that my DH said it took him 90 seconds to eat a ripe banana. I will keep working on braking for "gobble foods". I will pretend I am driving on icy roads and want to avoid a skid.

Another "revelation". After eating my 4 servings of both fruits and vegetables for 21 days, I have noticed that I need to keep my fruits preferably no more than 3 servings or I set up "cravings" for more. Vegetables; I have even eaten 5-7 each day and nothing happens. Lexxiss, aren't you a Beacher? For the rest of you, this is one of the tasks asked of Dr. Agaston. You slowly add in one food each week after the induction phase and then be very aware of how your body reacts. This task really taught me to be sensitive to how my body reacts to specific foods. It was an invaluable lesson for me. The objective of South Beach for phase II is to avoid "cravings" and blood sugar spikes. Well, now I know not to eat more than 3 servings of fruit "moving forward". I have been totally free of any/all physical cravings since April 1st. This is not to be confused with psychological cravings but I have found that if I lick the first the second always is, again, a matter of "arranging my environment". Out of sight, out of mind.

As for work areas: I have had some horrible "herd" experiences with both pot lucks and designated candy dishes/pot lucks/too much food at work. I cringed when I wrote down my strategy. My best strategy for the past 6 years was to work from home. I am so hoping I can do that again.

FYI Black bean brownie is supposed to taste like dark chocolate. I have not had one personally but I have heard it has fooled those are not easily fooled in believing it is real chocolate.

Onebyone is this it? The space launching? Enjoy your vacation.

Well, I will be working on Week 2 over the weekend and I will report back to all of you how that is going.

Until then, my hope is for everyone to stay OP, eat only what is a "normal" portion unless you have pre-planned it and, like BBE said, remember Easter/Passover does come every year. We are eating out probably on Sunday. No leftovers. Just the way I want it.:hug:

04-22-2011, 11:56 AM
I wrenched my knee from a fall yesterday. Oddly enough, I managed the exercise (60 minutes of Walk It Out, so basically walking in place) after that. Then, I sat down to check email for a couple of minutes and when I got up my knee had stiffened up. It was swollen and painful all evening, but is somewhat better this morning, so I'm hopeful. I think I'll stick with mostly yoga for a few days, though.

Day 7: Arrange Your Environment
This has been done for awhile, although there is always room for small improvement. A small change that helped me recently was to freeze half of the loaf of bread as soon as it cools after it comes out of the bread machine. That gets rid of the "have to eat this bread before it dries out" sabotaging thought.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +60* 845/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-22-2011, 01:04 PM
:welcome: Kris (grayhenry) :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these when you joined six years ago, :wel3fc:

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this thread of 3 Fat Chicks?

Thank you thank you for the welcome! I don't remember how I found 3 Fat Chicks cause it's been a few years now.

I discovered the Beck books because I work at the library and handle many many books! I don't check into all the diet books I come across, but this one caught my eye and I decided to investigate. I'm only on Day 4 today and I like the slow and gentle ease into a diet.

My first choice for diet is rather laid back: cut back on "whites" along with food journaling. My fall-back diet is going to be Weight Watchers - haven't decided if I will do the online version or actually go to the meetings. I'm not big on social type things so not sure if the meetings are going to be a good idea or not. Any thoughts?

So, it's good to be here! Thank you!


04-22-2011, 07:46 PM
I have been reading, but, not posting. I am glad so many folks are doing well. I've been struggling. DH walked in with candy and goodies for the company coming for the weekend.

I will get out my cards and journal and book and carry on.

Have a wonderful weekend.

04-22-2011, 09:08 PM
SOS - I am drowning in sugar. These past few weeks have been too much for me and I still have to get thru hosting Easter. I have been too worried, responsible, cooped up, ect... and can't string two days together OP. Last nite I finally got to go to my regular AA meeting (having been absent for a month) and I get paged by the daycare. They won't take DS because of his coughing. I explain he is not contagious, at the end of the illness and Dr. cleared. Doesn't matter. So I leave the meeting after 20 mins and do everything I can to pull it together and not fly into a rage.
I know I have said this before but I will keep saying it until it is true: OP at 5:00 pm. First day of an OP week. I have exercised. I have dropped DS off at the ranch and I will have the nite free. I am making a deal with myself that if I don't string 4 days of OP together I will try something new - maybe go to a Weight Watchers meeting - something for additional support. It is worth it. I just need some help. There is no other time just this moment. Personals tom. Thanks for listening.

04-22-2011, 09:30 PM
Day 5 for me, and tougher than the previous 4. I had a HARD TIME staying OP today, but I did, so CREDIT. I was very conscious of my eating and really used my techniques to avoid picking at my kids' food or taking "extras" (you know, the bite or two that doesn't go in the measuring cup but you eat it anyway?).

Am nervous about the upcoming weekend, lots of challenges ahead. I did not buy my kids a lot of Easter candy, but I imagine their relatives will make up the slack.

What does everybody think... is it easier to stay OP if you declare a total ban on all holiday candy, or if you plan for a specific amount and really savor it? I always start out with the first option, then backslide into the latter. And then after that I usually wind up saying the heck with it and eat a whole bunch.

04-23-2011, 05:20 AM
Hi Coaches!

My 24 hours between the church meal on Thursday eve. and last eve. were a mixed bag, as far as food was concerned. Biggest identified problem: didn't track. My choices weren't too bad and I DID enjoy the small break. Exercise was fantastic! I hopped on my bike early...stopped at the firefighters memorial and picked up trash...water aerobics...5 minutes on rowing machine(A FIRST), cruise through town and back home with a stop to pick up trash with the Salvation Army on the Colorado River. A good Earth Day.

BillBlueEyes, that was a very impressive pass-over of the home baked goodies. I had to think about the flourless cookies...decided probably not sugarless OR butterless. Good choice!

AnneWonders, I'm looking forward to the update, "Not cranky. Still on plan."

chinakat, great that you are already using your Beck behaviors to say NO to "every bit of crappy food" at work. I, personally, find it's easier for me to stay out of the candy. Dr. Beck really emphasizes that nothing should be off limits if you include it in your plan...that said I always find that sugar invites more sugar….Perhaps you have already answered your own question when you said, " I always start out with the first option, then backslide into the latter. And then after that I usually wind up saying the heck with it and eat a whole bunch."

ChefJoona, yay for meeting your 4x/week goal.Here is a recipe: . There are recipes all over the net...I have a modified recipe, which has lower calories (and less ingredients). If you're interested let me know.

pamatga, I smiled at your success with the smaller plate...not only because it worked, but because you were willing to try. *credit* Good, too, for keeping your pledge for a clean kitchen after making the homemade fudge.

gardenerjoy, sending healing energies for your knee. Wow! just read you are freezing half your homemade bread now. Small steps make big differences in the long run. *credit*

Kris(greyhenry), great that you have picked your diets already. I think cutting back on the "whites" is very helpful.

Beverlyjoy, I am sorry you are struggling. I am glad you are still here.

maryann, I could feel your frustration in your post...I have been there and it's when I'm at my weakest, too. You're working on "back on track" and I suggest being gentle with yourself.

04-23-2011, 05:57 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Two eating challenges for the day: I brought lunch to visit a friend who is ill, chose a plausibly healthy menu and ate reasonable portions; and I created dinner from left overs in a situation that I've sometimes used to over eat when left overs were abundant, which they were, and I didn't. CREDITs moi for both.

Gym was only good enough, with the challenge that I wanted to stop when I wasn't able to lift the weights that I had two days prior, but went forward with the weights that I could lift; CREDIT moi. I have no idea why I can do something one day and not two days later. My body doesn't fit the neat pattern that my head wants from it.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for a knee acting wacky. BIG Double Ouch for a tornado at the Saint Louis airport!!! Hope you're OK. Neat idea to freeze half the bread for later.

Beverlyjoy - Sending supportive thoughts to work your way through struggling; remembering from all your time here that you never give up.

maryann - Sending supportive thoughts for a difficult time with sugar during one of our sugar holidays. Ouch for DS getting released from day care when you and he both wanted him to be there. Kudos for being on plan for the day when the seas are rough.

ChefJoona - Kudos for 4x this week (so far) Shredding with Jillian; you and Jillian are becoming quite the pair.

pamatga - Yay for using troemp d'oeil "fool the eye" with your salad plate - that's a neat way of expressing it.

chinakat - LOL at "the bite or two that doesn't go in the measuring cup but you eat it anyway" - BTDT many, many times. My take is that a total ban on any food tends to back fire. It's important when planning a treat that it's enough to satisfy; for many, this work best if the treat is the highest quality, stuff that actually satisfies. Often when over eating food like candy we're continuously trying to get a level of satisfaction that will never come from the low quality stuff.

Kris (grayhenry) - Working at a library is my dream job - except that my dream consists of spending my time reading all the books rather than making them accessible to the customers, LOL. The Laid Back Diet sounds fine to me - I'm a fan of individually designed diets. Weight Watchers has a big following on 3FC, no doubt you've already found its forum with both attending and online followers. You might ask them about the importance of attending; my off hand guess is that it's less necessary if you're religiously being accountable with your Diet Buddy (including this thread).

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 4
Get a Diet Buddy

At a minimum, use your Diet Buddy to help keep you accountable. If you wish, your buddy can help even more: If you give him/her a copy of this book to read, your buddy can increase your sense of hope and help you give yourself credit for every positive eating behavior you engage in. A buddy can reduce your shame, reminding you that it's not your fault you had difficulty losing weight or keeping it off in the past. He/she can assure you that your weight is superficial - not who you are inside - and can help you stop judging yourself harshly. When dieting feels too hard, a buddy can remind you why it's worth it. He/she can help you come up with practical solutions to problems, such as finding time to exercise or prepare meals. Your buddy can point out additional benefits of weight loss that you might take for granted, as well as help you talk back to your sabotaging thoughts, create Response Cards, and solve problems. He/she can help you pout mistakes in perspective and talk you through difficult moments when temptation is great. in addition, your Diet Buddy can help keep you motivated, reminding you (when you have momentarily forgotten) why you had wholeheartedly committed yourself to following the Beck Diet for Life Program to lose excess weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 36-37.

04-23-2011, 09:01 AM
Jillian Michaels is my new BFF:) I shredded again last night for 5x this week! I haven't had a work out (other than walking/hiking) that I've enjoyed this much since a Tae Bo with Billy Blanks tape that my sister and I used to do when we got home from high school every afternoon a dozen years ago. It also was a brief but very effective workout with a predictable set of fast moving exercises. I never got bored. 30 Day Shred is still challenging for me, but I'm moving off most of the "modified" moves (aside from the push ups) for level one. The "jump rope move" also kills me, but by the last set I'm "floating in the air".

On plan eating day. I had a "snack attack" right before bed. I poured myself a big bowl of popcorn took a few pieces and then decided I didn't need it and poured it back into the bag. I decided this is a move I should practice. Serving myself something I want, but don't need and then putting it back/ throwing it away. A tough challenge for the resistance muscle!

Chinakat In regards to the candy question... This time around I've been able to negotiate a healthy relationship with some Cadbury mini eggs I bought 2 weeks ago. I allowed myself small portions each night and with a lot of coaching myself I haven't yet over eatten them at any point. They are my favorite Easter candy, so they are the only ones I brought in the house. It took hard work. During Valentine's Day there was more of a selection, and I did not limit it just to my favorites and I ended up eating more than I wish I had, so I finally got rid of it all. So, maybe choosing one special treat and making a plan for it will be effective for you too?

Lexxiss Thanks for the recipe! It would be great to have your lower calorie version too... can you post it in the recipe thread?

Heading off to New Hampshire for the day to visit with family! I checked with my mom and it sounds like there will be healthy options for me to build an on plan (with some extra) meal.

04-23-2011, 10:38 AM
I had a long bike ride yesterday. Very bad migraine last night, and some not so great choices when it was over and I was still loopy from the meds.

Getting back on track this morning was a little rough, but read my cards and did it. Very tired today, but crank is more or less gone.


04-23-2011, 11:22 AM
I'm sure the storm damage at Lambert-St. Louis airport is making national news. On local news, we're seeing splintered homes and damaged churches, but apparently only minor injuries. We did have plenty of warning. The tornado sirens blasted several times and the local TV stations tracked each storm. We went to the basement for about half an hour, but the most serious storms went north of us.

Day 8: Create Time and Energy
Time is a huge issue for me, but somewhere along the way, the diet became the priority for me so it's getting the time. I did a Time Use Survey last fall and I was spending over 5 hours a day on diet and exercise tasks. It's probably a bit less now because that shocked me into finding some efficiencies.

Now, I'm looking for ways to put some time on other projects. Unfortunately, the method in the Beck book doesn't seem to work for me. I can spend a lot of time planning and scheduling things, but it doesn't mean I'll do it according to schedule. I sometimes spend more time planning than I ever spend on the project at hand! The method I use for exercise works better (most months)--setting a goal of minutes per month and then being flexible about how I meet that goal. I may try that for my other projects.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +30* 875/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-23-2011, 07:55 PM
Hi Becksters:

Hope you are enjoying a long weekend, doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

I just found a quote from William Wordsworth that I wanted to share:

"To begin, begin."


04-24-2011, 05:41 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating on plan is easy on a Saturday when all meals are from home; CREDIT moi. Dinner was a bit shy on veggies since it was left overs and we both tend to gobble down all veggies when they are cooked. My new thing is to make my morning oatmeal from whole oats instead of quick oats (not instant) since I heard a lecture that whole oats take longer for the body to process and thus keep one feeling full longer as well as having a smaller blood sugar spike. So far, I've not been able to detect the difference but feel that I'm doing my part to extend the life of my liver.

Walking (CREDIT moi) was to the store that sold us eight bowls years ago with a beautiful blue Chinese design, one of which I use for oatmeal and broke last week when I dropped it in the sink. I showed the owner the two halves asking for a replacement. She laughed that laugh reserved for naive people who think a design remains in stock. <sigh> ... I came home with an all white one the same size.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Yay for a long bike ride to lift ones spirits. Ouch for the migraine.

CeeJay - Gotta love your quote, "To begin, begin."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for taking your time usage seriously enough to track your time and seek strategies to meet your goals.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - That's a lot of exercise on Earth Day - Kudos.

ChefJoona - Yay for exercising with Jillian until "floating in the air" - and getting better at it also. Big Kudos for stopping with the nighttime popcorn - stopping after something is served is a hard step for me.

Readers - chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 4
Get a Diet Buddy

Even if you're also seeking the help of a diet professional, I'd like you to have your own personal Diet Buddy whom you can call or e-mail every day, even on the spur of the moment when you need help - now and into the future.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 37.

04-24-2011, 08:37 AM

We had a wintery drive from VT to NH yesterday! Hardly felt like Spring with snow, and icy rain. We saw several cars off the high way, and the driving was very slow. Today looks sunny and its already almost 50 degress out!

Did ok eating wise at the family gathering yesterday. There were lots of healthy options and I only took small portions of the calorie laden ones. I also gave DFiance most of a roll I took and didn't need to eat more than a bite. My aunt prepared 3 different desserts, plus my mom brought a platter of Easter candy, so that's where I slipped up. Not worthy of beating myself up about. Moving forward... Had a light evening meal of spinach salad to balance the day.
Today's Easter Brunch with DFiance's family is a little more up in the air. I'm not sure what is being served. I'm going to start my morning with some oatmeal (BillBE I am also thinking of switching from quick cook to whole. Interesting that you haven't noticed a difference in fullness.

Credit for Shredding with Jillian again yesterday! I'm on a roll!!!

BillBE Bummer about the beloved bowl! I have certain pieces of dishware that I eat certain things out of that I would be very disappointed if I broke them.

CeeJay Thanks for the quote!

gardenerjoy Glad you are safe after the storm!

Annewonders Credit for checking in here and reading your cards. Hope you're feeling better!

Have a wonderful Sunday all! :egg:

04-24-2011, 01:11 PM
My Earth Day contribution was volunteering at a table to sign up other volunteers to work in a community garden that is starting up in a historically black neighborhood of our suburb, designed to build community and connections over gardening--so right up my alley! Credit for bringing home farm fresh eggs and spinach and not buying the many other treats available but were not on my plan.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! I share with chefJoona some uncertainty with food today. There is less candy around than there used to be when the kids in the family were small and I'm just going to stay out of it unless somebody brings really good stuff (and then only a taste), which they probably won't. Otherwise, focus on veggies, the homemade applesauce that I'm contributing, and tiny servings of everything else.

Day 9: Select an Exercise Plan
Exercise, which used to be the one thing I got right, has been relatively lagging behind. I'm in danger of not meeting my goal this month. My knee is much improved, by the way, so I can't use that as an excuse. Allergies are not that much improved, so that's the excuse if I need one, but I'd rather not need one.

A more long time problem is that for several months, I have only been exercising when I can also watch a show on Netflix at the same time. Last fall this caused overuse injuries on the treadmill. Now, I switch between the treadmill and Walk It Out. The problem is that I do almost no stretching or strength training even though I have a huge collection of DVDs that would help me do that.

I want to change this because when I'm strengthening and stretching I feel stronger, I experience fewer aches and pains from gardening and other activities, and I expect that my maintenance calories will be a bit higher due to the increased musculature.

All of that tells me why I need to be thinking about an exercise plan, but isn't actually a plan. It's going to take a bit of time to come up with that. I'm reading a book called Change Any Thing by Kerry Patterson et. al. with the idea that I'd like to take what I've learned about myself by losing weight and apply it to other goals. As an initial goal to test their system out, I will choose "improve the variety and consistency of my exercise."

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +60* 935/1500 minutes for April, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

CeeJay: waving back! Nice quote!

BillBlueEyes: yay for an easy Saturday!

ChefJoona: glad you have 50 degrees and sunny after gloomy, wintery weather. Good luck with your Easter brunch!

04-24-2011, 07:23 PM
Having some successes and some failures today. Such is life. I only need to win one time more than I lose. Ok, calorie math is a bit more complicated but I think the gist of that is valid.

Thank you all for being here. One day I'll do personals again.