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03-31-2011, 08:18 AM
that there is actually a place for pagans in this forum. It's a wonderful thing to see. I am a pagan elder with a partner, five cats and two chickens (pets). I did join 3 fat chicks in 2009 but left soon after. A few days ago I came back and glad I did.

I do a lot of organic gardening and have many perennial flower gardens. I also enjoy photography. Photographing wildlife is a bit of a passion with me as well. I read a lot, particularly British mysteries. I occasionally paint and do craft work.

I live on the East coast of Canada so winter is long here. In fact there is still snow on the ground. I'm so looking forward to spring to once again get out in the garden.

05-22-2011, 09:58 AM
Hi Angelica,

I joined over a year ago as well and am just thinking about coming back. Maybe it is spring that made me actually consider trying to do this for myself, winter blues are just not conducive to motivation. Here it is 2/3's of the way through May and my annuals are just getting ready to go in, I jumped the gun a bit on my veggies and they a little damaged in last week's freezes. I'm in northern lower Michigan, so I would imagine you guys are in a similar or lower(4 instead of 5) growing zone. This pagan spot is not terribly active, but it has been here for a while. I wouldn't consider myself a pagan elder, but I am an aging lifelong pagan, who lives with 3 cats and a corgi dog, in a double wide trailer on a hill overlooking Silver Lake. I hope you find what you need here on 3fc and I hope that I am able to stay focused enough on my own health to stick with 3fc long enough to see you around here again. (wow talk about run on sentences:-) )