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03-29-2011, 04:12 AM
Hey mamas! I'm going to c/p my introduction post because otherwise I'd be writing basically the same thing all over again! Long story short if you want to skip it, my name is Sarah and I'm 38.5 weeks pregnant with my second child! I'm looking to lose about 95 pounds (from delivery weight to goal) and will be breastfeeding too! Looking forward to getting to know others here. :D Thanks!!

Short story long: ;)

Hi guys! I have been lurking for awhile and thought it was finally time to make an account and start posting! My name is Sarah and I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant with my second child, she should be here any time!! (I hope!) I've had a long-time battle with my weight, body image, and health and am determined to finally put an end to it and win the war. This has always been such a hard thing for me.

Basically, very basically, my story is this:

Met my husband and fell in love right away (175)! We got married a year and a half later (185) and actually started trying to conceive while we were engaged still. I have pcos and we knew it would take awhile, but also knew we wanted children right away, so decided to chart and "try." Finally on 11/27/07 we got the best news that our baby was on the way!! (197) This, after our first cycle of clomid and 13 months of trying with charting. I had a healthy pregnancy and went on to deliver a beautiful baby boy at 40 weeks (232.) Despite horrible post partum depression and my hubby getting laid off not once (197), but twice (187), and spending the next 2 years in emotional and marital turmoil we stuck it out. During that time while he was employed and we were hopeful, we began trying for a second baby, including 2 rounds of clomid which did not work (197.)

My hubby left for Army boot camp in 10/2010 (still 197!) and my son and I moved in with my family. When he was finished and we moved back in together, it was like the honeymoon phase all over again! We ate out frequently, indulged almost non-stop and didn't pay attention to our physical selves (225)... well I didn't, he had the Army down his throat and couldn't slack off. He was in fantastic shape actually!! At this point, we resumed trying for our second baby, and 3 rounds of clomid later finally got our happy bfp!! (234!!) At this point, I realized how careless we had been, and was very determined to keep a watchful eye on my weight gain, not for vanity's sake but for the health of our little girl on her way. I lost weight at the beginning, but tried to eat healthy and walk & exercise the whole time!

So here I am, at 38 weeks pregnant and ready to have this baby and am sitting at 242, and have been the last couple of weeks! I'm hoping to stay here until I deliver, which seems to be easier and easier the bigger she grows!

We would love another child, maybe even 2 more, but not in the next few years. I've spent the last 3.5 years on an emotional rollercoaster- with the unemployment, depression, and identifying myself as "subfertile" or pregnant. So now it's my turn. It's time to thank this body for giving me two beautiful gifts despite the challenges. It's time to become the healthy person I always imagined myself to be, the one who is inside this skin looking out! I hope at the end of this journey (losing weight) and the start of the next one (maintaining it for the rest of my life!) that my husband and I can take the tropical honeymoon we never got to take after our wedding. That's my ultimate goal and reward. I plan to lose weight at a moderate to slow'ish pace, and as steadily as I can.

Sorry that's so long... but that's my journey in a nutshell! I'm sure the process will unfold itself in the coming months (and years!) and I'm excited to get started. Now if this girl would just come out so I can kiss her cute face!!

03-29-2011, 10:10 AM
Congratulations on baby 2 and good luck with your weight loss goals. I was pregnant the same time you were with your first (I delivered August 15, 2008) and am now a little over 30lbs UNDER my pre-pregnancy weight. You can do this!

03-31-2011, 12:43 PM
Welcome PacSun!

Congratulations on baby #2!

I had my first in 11/2008 and my second 9/2010. You're in for a ride, it's a good time! :)

04-01-2011, 01:53 PM
Thanks girls! I'm excited to meet this baby! I'm 39 weeks and have an appointment today, really hoping to get good news about when she'll be here!

04-05-2011, 06:48 AM
I feel excited for you, and welcome! Glad you said hello and stopped just being a floater and joined in the fun :)

Me, I've got two lil ones (2yrs and 5mos) and a ton of weight to loss so I know where you're at. You're totally in the right place.