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03-27-2011, 02:07 PM
It's amazing how afraid of success we can be, isn't it? You've done a great job. did you know that 3fc has a maintainers forum? lots of good info there. One of the most important things i learned is that MAINTAINING LOOKS A LOT LIKE LOSING. I guess this is what the docs say when they tell us that this surgery is for life!

Not trying to hijack the thread, but Jiffy I kinda wanted to ask you a question in line with the theme of achieving goals.

I noticed that your goal weight to be at when you have your plastic surgery is 200 lbs and not the final goal weight of 180. Do you mind sharing what that is?

My Dad has a lot to lose and we go back and forth about when is the best time to get excess skin removed.

Are you thinking it's because at a lot of that final 20lbs will *be* what is removed in the surgery? Or do you think it's important for your body to keep losing a bit after the surgery takes place?

I am just curious and if it's none of my business, just feel free to tell me so :)

03-27-2011, 07:50 PM
Hi Katy -

Your Q is an interesting one, so i made it a separate thread.

i still haven't had surgery - i've gained some weight, and between job-hopping [the economy] and all, i just haven't had a chance to do it. HOWEVER, a few people around here have, and i'd like them to chime in on this issue as well.

but for me - my surgeon told me that i could get down to whatever weight i wanted [he's an optimist]. that 180 number is a weight that i've always found to be comfortable - it's a little heavier than the charts say i should be, but it's been a weight where i've had energy and been able to find clothes. when i drop much below that, i have NO energy whatsoever, and i have to live on plain broiled fish and salad. and that's not the way i want to live the rest of my life.

the estimates for the amount of excess skin on me were about 20 pounds. so, surgery at 200 would get me to that 180.

now, having said ALL THAT, if your dad is still in the losing stage - and has a long way to go - my STRONG suggestion is for him to focus on THAT step, and deal with the plastic surgery later. after all, he has to GET to that point first!

04-26-2011, 11:41 AM
I had a full abdominoplasty when I was 18 months post op. At that time, my surgeon's guidelines were (a) to be one year post op from the WLS and (2) to get to the goal weight we set and maintain it for a year. That would be two years post op from WLS and would give the body time to settle things down.

My case was special because I was dealing with other issues that required a pretty major ovarian surgery. My plastic surgeon agreed to perform the abdominoplasty sooner than she usually would, because removing all that skin and hanging weight would help relieve my pain and ease my recovery from the other procedures I needed. She and my gynecologist worked in tandem and did everything in one long surgery. I had an appendectomy, lysis of pelvic adhesions, cauterization of endometriosis, and 11 pounds of skin removed. Whew!

I have not had anything else done, though I BADLY need my arms and breasts done. My thighs are pretty bad too, but I've heard the cost/benefit analysis on that procedure isn't very good, so it's not on my wish list.

When I lose this weight again, and when I exceed my posted goal (I'm really aiming for 175 but that's too scary to put on my ticker yet!) my husband has agreed that I will get the upper body done. :-) Yay for no more elbow, neck, shoulder, and back pain!

04-26-2011, 12:48 PM
I had lost and maintained for about a year (at that point) 130lbs and the surgeon was willing to give me the fleur de Lis Abdominoplasy I wanted. I was about 20lbs from goal and they took off 12 lbs. It was the hardest recovery I have ever had to endure! I called it my Front-ectomy (they removed most of the skin from the front of the abs and pulled the side skin to the front)...it was a surgery not for the faint of heart!

I am glad that I didn't know that the pain was going to be that great, I like the results, but I would not do it again and I am not going to have anymore plastics.

I hope that helps. :)


05-27-2011, 05:48 PM
I don't mean to ask an intrusive question but here it goes, long story short, I have the band (approx. 6-7 yrs now); lost weight, gained weight, now losing..but I have loose skin and am considering surgery. Were your surgeries out of pocket or did insurance cover it?

05-27-2011, 08:08 PM
I had mine at the University of Utah Residency clinic by a wonderful dr., Mahon Kerr, that graduated the program 2 months after my surgery. He did a fabulous job!

My insurance didn't cover a thing, it was about $5000 out of pocket for the surgery, after care (put up in a hotel for a week and paid for a friend that went with me) and follow up trips (I live in Boise, ID and had to travel)

IT HURTS!!!!! Just had to say that again...you've been warned. :)


05-28-2011, 05:25 PM
Thanks for the info, missangelaks!! :)