100 lb. Club - I don't like sweets...BUT..........

03-25-2011, 08:19 PM
My folks are in Paris right now and they asked me if I would be willing to be emergency contact for their renters and go over on Thursdays and take one of the renters trash bin out to the street. Of course I'm willing to do that for them. So I did that yesterday for the one renter. She is the sweetest woman in the world. She is 74 and can only get around in one of those scooters. Anyway, she called me today and said she had a box of food and would I like to have it. I told her thank you and that I had plenty of food. She then said she really wanted me to have it and it would just waste at her house. She even said if i didn't need it I could donate it. I think she was lonely because she does this with my folks as well. So I go over and pick it up from her and visit:) As I start leaving with the box I just glance down in it and there were a bunch of mini kit kat bars staring me in the face. I don't even like candy or sweets but I truly struggled to not eat just one. What the ****? It's like all the sudden my brain is trying to sabotage me! I actually had to pull over and put that box clear in the back where I couldn't see or reach it. I stopped by one of the other renters and gave it to them. They thought I was SO nice when in reality I was trying to just save myself from myself!

Does it ever get better?

btw...I feel so much better after just typing this, lol.

03-25-2011, 09:37 PM
Good job resisting!!

And getting easier? Well patterns of resisting make it easier to resist, but temptation will always exist ;)

03-25-2011, 10:47 PM
awesome job!! Like xty said, it gets a bit easier with repetition but the temptation will always be there in some degree. That's why I'm such a firm believer in creating strategies (put the crap in the back seat for example! good one!) and reasoning to overcome those temptations because let's face it, CRAP in all forms will always exist no matter how much we wish it didn't and try to ignore it.

great job!

03-25-2011, 11:07 PM
Good for you! That is a tough one but it's totally mind over matter. I sometimes catch a whiff of a donut or something at work and have to really focus on my goal for a minute. But then you feel so good when you "win" haha

03-25-2011, 11:32 PM
There are times when I've taken things out to the trash.. I impulsively bought a bag of pb m&m's the other day while I was at the dollar store. Im talking the huge family size bag, not the single serving kind thats usually at the registers. After 3 handfuls...I realized I was going to keep eating until the bag was entirely gone. Which probablly is around 2000 calories or something(im not sure though I didnt check) sooo I took it out to the trash outside. LOL how embarrassing is it that I didnt trust myself to put the bag in the cabinet for later, like a "normal" person. But I knew that I couldnt keep it in the house. And I had no one to give it to. SOOO I totally know where your coming from!!

Nola Celeste
03-25-2011, 11:59 PM
It does get easier, but I don't know that it ever gets easy. ;)

I should amend that. For me, most of the time it is pretty easy. I've done a good job of making sure that temptation isn't too close--clearing out the pantry, buying tasty stuff that's more diet-friendly so I don't stray to the stuff that isn't, that kind of thing. But there are times that driving by Krispy Kreme or walking past a display of Cheez-Its in the grocery store sets off a major longing for the junky stuff.

The good news is that these episodes of "I WANT" are both shorter and less sharp as time goes on. They happen maybe a few times a week, not a few times a day and certainly not multiple times a day. I quit smoking, yet I experience cravings for cigarettes sometimes, too. The food cravings are the same thing--I can experience the short, sharp desire for X, but I know how quickly it'll pass now and I no longer sweat it.

There was a time that cravings were miserable to me and lasted for a few hours, so a few minutes of them a week is really no sweat at all.

You did great to put the candy in the back seat and to give them to a neighbor as soon as you could. Brava! :)

03-26-2011, 03:26 PM
Great job!