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02-25-2001, 06:44 AM
Hi ladies! :)
Well, our other post was getting long, so I thought that I would start a new one!
I wanted to post all of our due dates.
Jeanne EDD: 3/15/2001

Dreamer aka Sam and Freckle 4/15/2001

bensmom aka Cassandra 7/12/2001

ckn 8/31/2001

Jen 9/06/2001

2bslim ?

Sara 9/8/2001

Scully 9/26/2001

Aggie98 aka Liz 11/04/2001

I had a good week this week. I am enjoying that I am into the 9th week. My next appointment is March 8th. I hope to find out when I will be able to have a next ultrasound. I will be two days shy of beginning my 11th week, so I hope that it will be soon. Not really sure what my insurance will cover though. I'm pretty sure that I wont be having the amnio because it feels too risky for me. I am going to have the AFP and the level 2 ultrasound. From what I understand, they can tell if your baby has downs or spinal deformities. I do hope to find out the sex, and I am still hoping for a lil girl, but in my heart, I will be happy either way.

Sara, I am so happy that they found a solution for the m/s! I hope that it is working. I know that I would be miserable too! I hate feeling sick, and you have been such a trooper considering how bad the m/s has been! I can't believe that you have lost 20 pounds. I hope that you can get some good nutrition back in that body now. I have heard women comment on how the good part of being sick is they lose weight. Ha! I bet you would have traded off for feeling better, huh? People don't understand long term illness. Ugh! I hate being sick! I'd rather be a little overweight and healthy that thin and sickly anyday! I really hope that the medicine was just the thing! :D

Well, tomorrow is Sunday! I hope that everyone has had a great weekend! DH and I are going to a Mardi-Gras part tonight at our neighbors home. We are going to make our announcement there! I made a really cool feather mask that I am going to wear. The hostess is going to wear her bellydancing outfit...she had a baby not too long ago and I bet she looks great! I admit, I'm a little jealous cause I would love to wear a skimpy costume. Oh well! Maybe later DH and I will wear our masks, LOL! I'm looking forward to tonight, it should be a really good party!

Okay, I'll stop!

Talk to you chicks later!

Scully and Bellybean

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02-25-2001, 08:34 AM
Scully - hope you had a great time at the party. it has been ages since I've been to a costume party. i hope the next one i can wear that belly dancer costume.

my EDD is Sept 6

Jen 229/214/125
Persist and you'll suceed at much more than the task at hand.

02-26-2001, 09:30 PM
Hello all. I'm new even though I've been reading this post for well over a month now. I remember a couple of you from another board I used to post on (ie. Michelle the WW leader). I'm a WW lifetime member of over 3 years that has managed to barely stay at goal and would like to stick to the books on gaining weigh healthyily while pregnant.

I just found out I'm pregnant on Saturday. I am in my third week and my due date is November 4th (according to all the pregnancy calendars on the web). I'm 25 and this is our first child. We're hoping for a girl. Has anyone else read the book by Dr. Shettles that supposedly helps you determine the sex of the baby? Well, we tried for a girl, and got pregnant on the first try which we think is truly a miracle. We'll see what happens. DH doesn't want to know the sex and I really do!!

I'm sure I will have lots of questions along the way so I hope this board will be a big support. I've really enjoyed reading all of your stories and have gone to the web sites mentioned.

Wow, I still can't believe I'm actually pregnant. I have to wait a whole week to tell my mom since I will be in Dallas next week and want to tell her in person. This will be soooo hard!!


02-26-2001, 11:02 PM
OK, I didn't know how you were supposed to list what week your in since I am new at this. I was using the gestation dates and that is wrong I come to find out.

I am really in the 5th week!

02-27-2001, 07:29 AM
Hello, pg friends!

Liz, Welcome and CONGRATS! Isn't it exciting? It's so awesome to be pregnant, such a miracle.

I am hanging in there. The meds are working -- I still feel sick somewhat but I am not throwing up as much and am keeping down a lot more food for baby and me, hooray. The doctor was most concerned that I try to start eating more protein since that's been something I haven't been able to stomache (milk products, meat, etc.) at all during this time. I am trying.

Scully -- tell me about it -- a few months ago I would have been thrilled beyond belief to lose 20 lbs and now it's making me miserable. I can't win! :) And in all honesty, I am STILL worried about gaining too much weight during this pregnancy! Now that I am eating more I am concerned about it again. I know it's crazy. Just goes to show how much I still need to work on my body image and thoughts about healthy living.

Hope everyone else is well!


P.S. Two people in church yesterday (who knew I am pg) commented on my "bulge" -- guess I am beginning to show a little!

02-28-2001, 06:46 PM
Morning all. Going for my first ultrasound today. My fear is that I'm not going to be able to hold a full bladder for very long. Lately it feels like 1 glass fills me right up. Anyone ever have an accident while having the ultrasound? :eek:

02-28-2001, 09:15 PM
Oh Jen! How exciting! Your first ultrasound, and at this stage--you'll definitely be able to get a really good picture!!!
You'll be able to hold it. If you feel unsure, wear a pantiliner, just in case. I had an ultrasound when I was really far along with my last baby, and I never lost it.

Oh Happy day! :D

Scully and Bellybean

*Carpe' Diem*
"Seize The Day"

03-01-2001, 03:30 AM
Jen -- Enjoy that first ultrasound! How exciting! Don't worry, you won't pee, although I will say it is rather uncomfortable. Sometimes after the first initial pictures they will let you go to the bathroom so you can enjoy the rest of the ultrasound. It's worth an ask. Can't wait to hear all about it!

I'm feeling about the same. Still don't like the side effects of the meds, but I admit I am really enjoying eating and being able to keep food down! I'm afraid I've made a real pig of myself this week. It's felt so good to actually eat real food and not get sick! At this rate I'll have that lost weight gained back in no time!


03-01-2001, 06:53 AM
Hi all. A very disappointing day. There was a mix up and miscommunication so we didn't have the ultrasound today. I was certain that the dr said she would be doing it today but it turns out they don't do them in the office, they get done at the hospital so we won't be booked in for a few weeks yet. We did get to hear the baby's heartbeat which was kind of nice. It is reassuring to hear and to know everything is okay. Still I was really looking forward to the ultrasound but the dr feels everything is going so well I won't need one for a few more weeks. I go back in 3 weeks for a physical and PAP and more blood work and then 2-3 weeks after that they will do an ultrasound. I guess that is okay but I am anxious to make sure there is nothing wrong ie Down's Syndrome and won't know that for sure until the blood work and ultrasound. I guess I am being paranoid, millions of babies are born perfectly normal. I suppose it is because it is my first that I am having this anxiety. So I drank all that water for nothing and had a bursting bladder for about an hour! Oh well it got me to drink my water.

Sara - glad to hear that you are feeling better and keeping your food down. I'm having the major munchies myself too, is that common for the beginning of the 2nd trimester?

03-03-2001, 01:40 AM
Hi all! :D

Well, it's Friday--and the weekend has arrived...aaaaaah!

Welcome to our group Liz! At least now I have someone who is behind me, and soon there will be someone behind you too! Yes. the beginning of pregnancy is very surreal and hard to believe, but once you get to see or hear the heartbeat of your precious one, you will believe!!! :)

Sara, I am glad that the medicine is making it somewhat better for you. Congrats on making it to Second Trimester!!! I am so jealous, and right behind you! Only 3 more weeks!

Jen, bummer! Oh that had to be a crushing day. I would have pitched a fit! LOL! Well, you'll have your day soon enough! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

As for me, I have my second appointment on Tuesday of next week. I am so pumped, I can hardly stand it! I hope that I will be able to hear bellybeans heartbeat on the doppler! Hopefully, I'll also get a better idea of when I will get the next ultrasound. Unfortunately, since I switched offices, I'll have to go through all the prelimiary information again. The last appointment was thourough, but IMHO-it felt too long! Perhaps it was because it wasn't the best experience that day.

I bought 3 new videos off of yesterday. Kathy Smith Pregnancy aerobics, Buns of Steel for Pregnancy, and Yoga Mama.
I hope that they come in the mail quickly! I used tohave a copy of the Kathy Smith video, but it is long gone. It's pretty cute, and fun to exercise with a bunch of other preggos instead of non-preggo Barbies! LOL~!

How are all our other moms-to-be out there?
We need to hear from everyone!!!

Anyway, have a great weekend all!

Blessing to you all!

*Carpe' Diem*
"Seize The Day"

03-03-2001, 03:59 AM
Hi! I hope you don't mind adding another future mommy to your group. My name is Mary Ellen, I am 29 and pregnant with our first. I was on my second try at WW when I found out I was pg. I haven't been feeling well for the past few weeks so my husband has been feeding me anything I would eat. And I have not been making the best choices. I had my first doctor's appointment yesterday and I was shocked ot find out that I gained 13 lbs in the 4 weeks since my last WI. I suppose I can take off a 1 or 2 for my sneakers - LOL. My doctor told me that I only need to gain about 20 lbs and that is what I am hoping to stick with. I haven't had any "all-day-sickness" in 4 days, so I hope the worst is over. I am starting to crave fruit & veggies again so I hope that will help slow down my weight gain. We also had our 1st u/s yesterday. It was so exciting to see that little heart beating away.

Mary Ellen
EDD 10/6

03-03-2001, 04:55 AM
Welcome, Liz and Mary Ellen! It is nice to see our group growing in number.

I have had a horrible head cold for a week now. It has made me very tired so I don't sit at the computer for too long.

My monthly appointment went well yesterday. My blood pressure is great (124/72). Unfortunately I gained more than I should have. So I have decided to start journaling again. That was what kept me on program for a year so I know it will work this time. I just have to be determined enough to do it.

I brought my son to the appointment too. He laughed when the doctor had a problem counting the baby's heartbeat. She kept moving around so much that when the dr would start counting, she would move and the have to start over again. The doctor said that it is a good sign of a very active baby. I can feel her moving a lot more now too.

Have a great weekend everyone. Remember, only 19 more days until Spring! ;)

edd: 12 July 2001

03-06-2001, 07:37 PM
Hi all. Nothing much new, thought I would just pop in and see how everyone is doing.

bensmom - I have had a cold for about 2 weeks now and I am thoroughly sick of it, I hate having a stuffy nose and feeling like I can't breathe.

mary ellen - hi there. it is a pretty exciting time to be pregnant with the first, it is my first time too. I haven't had an u/s yet, hopefully in a few weeks, by then I'll be like 18 weeks and should be a good picture.

scully - how are the exercise videos going? I've been biking on and off. I can hardly wait for the weather to be nice again so I can get outside and do some walking.

take care all.

Alex's Mom
03-08-2001, 09:53 AM
Hi everyone. I posted a few months ago, just to say hello and now I can post again to tell you that I'm pregnant. I'm so very excited. Quickie refresher. This would be our 2nd child, my daughter is now 4 yrs old. I am a bit nervous still as I've had problems with my past pregancies, but I've come to the conclusion that it is so far out of my hands and I have to trust. I've done what I'm suppose to do such as eating well, exercising, etc.......
I'm just at 4 wks, so truly JUST pregnant. Of course, I can't even tell the difference. With my past pregnancies I didn't experience morning sickness or anything else, just fatigue and too much weight gain. I'm about 5-10 lbs more than I would like to be, but I'm the flip side I'm feeling really fit. I have mentally thought of some things I have to do to keep myself on track such as journaling, weighing myself a couple times a week. I'm hopeful that my energy level and health will allow me to continue my exercise program to an extent. My HCG level was a little low, just at 32. My doc did say she would retest it on Friday if I wanted to just to reassure myself. We leave for vacation on Monday, so we had a decision to make. If we retested and it was high--we'd leave happy as clams, if we retested and if it was still running low, I'd leave for vacation feeling apprehensive. So I/we decided that we had to put a little trust out there and I'm not taking the test Friday. I'll retest when I return and hopefully the numbers will be high enough that I can have an u/s for a peek. Well I just intended on stopping in real quick and I've gone on too long.


03-08-2001, 02:35 PM
Hey everyone, just a quick post to let you know I still am pregnant! We went to the dr on Tuesday; I'm 'effacing nicely' but not dilated at all. Grr. He told me to walk a lot and think labor thoughts. It was a bit disappointing, I was kind of hoping I was at least a fingertip dilated! Oh well, looks like the baby's just going to come whenever he wants to, not when I want him to! My mom is concvinced he will be born tomorrow, since there's a full moon. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I hope everyone is doing well--congrats, Ann, I'm glad to see you back 'officially' with our group!


03-10-2001, 11:42 AM
Hello friends! Nice to be back with this group again. Ann, welcome! I will be thinking good thoughts that this pregnancy will go well for you. When my hormone levels were low, my doctor put me on a prescription for progesterone. Is that something your doctor might consider?

Jeanne -- Hang in there girl! Any day now and you will be back here posting your labor and deliver story, telling all of us about your wonderful new bundle of joy!

I am happy to report that I am feeling MUCH better. I can't even begin to say how much better! I still have an occassional wave of nausea, but nothing like before! I am feeling like a human being again! I've also been able to quit taking the phenergen, which is a huge relief. That was nasty stuff.

Bad news to that is, I have been eating like CRAZY! I think a little is okay since I'm making up for all the weight I lost, but I know I need to get under control, or my weight gain is going to be way too much. I have two goals for this weekend: one plan a whole week of meals and shop accordingly, and two start journaling again.

I've started my prenatal water aerobics class and I just LOVE it! It's twice a week for an hour, but I wish it were every day!

EDD 9/08

P.S. I took the plunge and got out the maternity clothes this weekend. It feels really weird to be wearing them again -- like I really AM pregnant!

03-10-2001, 01:15 PM
Hello to all the moms-to-be! Isn't the new format great?

Ann - What wonderful news! I'm glad you're back with us. Looking forward to reading your posts.

Jen - Hope you are feeling better by this time.

Jeanne - Hang in there! You will be holding that baby before you know it. :)

Sara - I am glad you are feeling better.

The snow here in the northeast has put a damper on things. I am hoping the warmer temps will make all of this white stuff disappear. I am really looking forward to Spring!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Alex's Mom
03-11-2001, 01:42 PM
I just wanted to drop a quick note to update everyone. This HCG level thing was really bothering me and as much as I tried to just relax and 'put trust out there' as I said before, I couldn't ignore that fact that modern technology (blood test) would confirm if things were progressing ok. So I had the test done on Friday. Thankfully, my level went from 32 to 67. I was so please. We're taking off on vacation tomorrow so I won't be posting for a week or so.

Take care all,

03-12-2001, 10:45 AM
Hi everyone- and WELCOME new moms!
I have been trying to log in for-ever and was unsuccessful until today!
My exercise videos are wonderful! I did Buns of Steel (for pregnancy) and I was so sore yesterday. OMG! But it was fun. I only recommend this video if you are coodinated and can eventually figure out the moves. Although it is a good video, I have to say that the filming of it wasn't the best-as they tend to look at the women instead of showing you the moves. So you have to listen to what the instructor is saying and try to follow. Fortunately for me, I am pretty coodinated. If you are not, it would be very frustrating.
I tried "The Crunch's Yoga Mama" but by kids were home, and in all honesty to do yoga, you need a quiet atmosphere so you can concentrate. SO I stopped after the first 10 minutes. It looks really good, and I'll probably fit it in today.
The other video I bought is Kathy Smith's Pregnancy aerobics which I always have loved. I did it with my 2 other children. She makes it very easy to follow. sells them for really good prices.

I went to the doc last week, and everything looks good. We tried to hear the baby on the doppler, but no luck! She said my scar form the c-section makes it harder to hear. Next time!

I'm not feeling so great yesterday and today. My stomach is really yucky, and I think I picked up a virus. I am so paranoid about foodborne illness. The other night we went out to dinner and I ordered a Greek salad. They had tons of feta chees all over! As soon as I saw it, I realized that I made a mistake in ordering it. I ate a small amount of the cheese anyway, but ended up feeling guilty about it. I also like to get deli meat. Vienna corned beef is on sale cause of St. Paddy's Day, and I ate some of that too. Then I feel yucky, and I start to feel really paranoid about it. My son felt sick too yesterday, so it has to be a bug. Funny, I feel so much more vulnerable this time. I am in good health, but I still have this vulnerability about myself.

Well, I guess I should stop. I feel a little tired. Maybe I need a morning nap.

Hope everyone is great!

blessings and bellyrubs,
Scully and Bellybean

03-13-2001, 12:26 PM
Hello, pg friends! I hope everyone is feeling well, that colds and yuckie tummies are starting to get better.

I am still feeling somewhat sick...ugh...although it's WAY better than it was. Last night I was so sick and had to break down and take a pill again. *Sigh* I am hoping that in another week or two this m/s will be gone for good! At least it is better than it was.

I am getting SO anxious to feel this baby move! It should be any day now. It was right around this time that I felt my second.

Have any or all of you read the book, THE GIRLFRIEND'S GUIDE TO PREGNANCY by Vickie Iovine?! I am in the middle of re-reading it and it is the BEST advice/support book out there. I'm telling you, it's hilarious! Just picking it up and reading a few pages really lifts my spirits.


P.S. Jeanne, hang in there girl! How are you feeling?

01-10-2005, 06:40 PM
:( I am 6 wks pg and I have a terrible cold. Is there anything I can take this early? I had a miscarriage back in April so I'm real nervous about taking anything OTC. Maybe some home remedies?