Carb Counters - Question Regarding Low-Carb and Maintenance

03-24-2011, 09:30 AM
Hey there carb-counters!

So I've lost 11lbs counting calories, I've been more carb-consious the last few months just to kick cravings (about 100 net g). I was stuck at 127 or so for a MONTH.

In just a few days of reducing my carbs to <50g net, and actually increasing my calorie intake, I've finally broken my plateau and weighed in at 125.0 this morning.

I know this may be premature, but assuming that staying under 50g is the key to losing these last few pounds, I have a question about maintenance.

I am fine lowering my carbs to 50g for now to lose this weight, but I dont think keeping my carbs at this level can be a lifestyle change for me. I'm not big on pasta (though I'm going to Italy in May, so I'm sure I'll get a lot there) or rice... but I LOVE cereal (good stuff like Kashi) and occasional sweets. I found keeping around 100g to be pretty easy, I could do that forever.

So my question is, once I'm happy with my weight, would keeping my carbs around 100-120g make me gain it back? Or is this usually a maintenance level?

Sorry if this is an ignorant question! Thanks for any help!

Oh and just an FYI, I know my BMI is in a healthy range, I know these are vanity lbs. 118 is the goal, but if my body doesn't want to take me there I'm not going to any extreme measures to get there. I'm making sure to eat a lot of lean protein, get good fats, keep my sodium low, and eat enough that my energy is up so that I can work out everyday. I know this is a concern with some of the featherweights ... I don't have body issues, I DO want to get into better shape, but I love my body well-enough now not to be obsessive.

03-24-2011, 10:49 AM
If you gradually re-introduce the carbs back you should be fine and eventually be able to find the balance of eating enough carbs and not gaining :)

Btw you MAY see an initial gain for a few days as you slowly bring them up but that's only your body replenishing it's glycogen stores and the gain should be temporary.

03-24-2011, 12:02 PM
Well unfortunately I have never gotten to goal yet myself but I've done some reading on the subject.
Most plans recommend waiting til you are at goal or within the last few lbs to start adding carbs back in. Atkins recommends 5g at a time.. Wait a few days to a week, try another 5 etc.

Since you are within a few lbs from goal and can now maintain on 100g, you are likely to be able to maintain your lower weight on 90-100g.
The cclm is different for everyone and based on experimentation.
I'm pretty sure the eades say to add in 10g at a time and that's prob what I would do in your situation . Going straight from 50 to 100 could result in a gain, plus you would have no idea of your cclm aside from working backwards..which would suck.