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03-24-2011, 09:29 AM
Hi All! I think maybe this type of thread might keep us more accountable?

NER:(non-exercise related): Today I have work at the farm. Our season opens soon, so we've been planting everything from seed. I love working in the greenhouse... working in the farmer's market is just okay. Ijust hate crating my dogs all day! I feel so bad! ~ Have to go grocery shopping after work!

ER(Exercise related): Today is a rest day. The husband and I went to the gym yesterday after work. I spent 30 mins on the upright bike, and a got a good 30 min lift in. I have plantar facitis (sp?), so I'm limited to what cardio I can do right now. I love running, but I need to heal my foot before I can start again!

FR(food related): Nothing too yummy in store today. The husband won't be home for dinner and I always hate cooking an elaborate meal for myself. I did make some egg salad for lunch that I'm excited to eat.

WR(weight related): Feeling heavy today, but probably due to the fact that it's TTOM... My weigh-in isn't until Wednesday, but I may weigh myself tomorrow because I usually tend to weigh-in every day (bad, I know!)

Breakfast: 3/4 cup egg beaters (2); peppers and onions (0); WW bread (1); 8 oz. Trop 50 Orange Juice (1) = 4

Lunch: 2 eggs (4); 1 tablespoon light mayo (1); grapes (1); 90 calorie fiber one bar (1) = 7

Snack: This rice cake type thing (only 15 calories!) (0); 1 tablespoon peanut butter (2) = 2

Dinner: Mini Boboli pizza crust (8); 1/2 cup sauce (1); 1/4 shredded mozz cheese (2); spices; mushrooms (0) = 11

Snack: one Vitamuffin = 1

Total = 25 points

I will do shout-outs later! I have to leave for work!

03-24-2011, 09:23 PM
NER-Today I decided to relax after returning home from the gym. Usually after I shower, I start cleaning and doing laundry, instead I took a much needed nap.

ER-This morning I did a 60 minute Zumba Class, ran a 5K on the treadmill, and walked an extra mile to cool down. I burned 1604 calories and earned a ton of Activity Points.

FR-Having a late dinner (It's 8:00pm) and decided to make a grilled chicken salad with lots of veggies and a couple ounces of fat free feta. I'm trying to eat more throughout the day because of the enormous amount of calories I burn everyday so I'm having 2 chicken breasts instead of 1.

WR-I step on my home scale daily and this morning it was down again but I can't count that unfortunately. I know I'm going to dread going to my weigh in next Wednesday because it's almost TTOM and I'm guessing it will arrive either tomorrow or Saturday. I ended up buying an OTC Diuretic to prevent retaining a ton of water, hope it works! On the package it says to start taking it 7 days BEFORE menstruation.