100 lb. Club - Farrell's / Boot Camp - anyone ever done these, and if yes what was your experience?

03-23-2011, 03:09 PM
So I decided back in February that I was going to step out of my box. I was going to do something completely different from anything Iíd ever done. I was decided to join a 6 day a week cardio kickboxing / resistance str training group. I also convinced my fiancť to join me.

Iím in a rut right now anyway. This year Iíve lost a whopping 5 lbs. Partially due to self inflicted logic, and some just the scale doesnít seem to budge even when I rock it out for a week. Hence, Iím stuck in a rut.

My orientation is on Saturday, at which point Iím going to run a mile (timed), do pushups (that Ií m not even sure I can do), sit-ups (Ö if theyíre the full up kind Iím not sure I can do those either), and a few other things. This is a 10 week program. In which Iíll be on their nutrition plan thatís somewhat structured and will require more planning than I usually manage (from what Iíve read itís similar to body for life). I donít know a lot going in other than what Iíve seen while signing up, what my co-workers have told me, and what Iíve scouted on the intarwebz.

The program includes 3 days of cardio kickboxing, and 3 days of resistance strength training. This IMO is more or less a boot camp, but one that if I like it I can join their maintenance program and continue on 6 days a week of having my butt handed to me for 45 min a day.

All of this boils down to Iím excited, terrified, and wondering both WTF was I thinking, and this will be awesome.. I hope.

Has anyone else done a program similar? How was our experience & what types of things did you do?

03-24-2011, 12:53 AM
YES!!!! This sounds exactly like my Boot camp I have done since Jan 2009. I joined boot camp after losing 60-70 pounds on my own just calorie counting and walking my neighborhood. I had lost weight but wasn't toned or strong. I had leveled off and was no longer losing weight for several months straight. So I decided to start boot camp.

I will be honest it was extremely hard at first. I was so sore I took pain meds just to be able to function and walk up stairs. Rolling over in bed , sitting down on the potty and other simple task had never hurt so much. But I stuck it out and within a few weeks the soreness was getting less and I looked forward each class.

We do monthly fitness testing (timed mile run, timed push ups, timed sit ups, timed rows, timed squat and press,etc) , It's a total body workout with weights, running sprints, stadiums, using bands and ropes, we do jumping jacks,planks, push -ups ,sit ups and so much more. Every workout is a new experience and I love that I never get bored.

I am stronger than I have ever been. I have muscles in places I never knew I had. The weight has come off and I have toned all areas of my body. I love my boot camp. It will be hard but it will get easier in time. Now I do bootcamp along with cardio (treadmill 5k, 5 mile on bike, 1 mile on elliptical). Please update with how it goes for you. I am very excited for you!

03-24-2011, 01:16 AM
Will do! Thanks for the info. I kinda figured the first couple of weeks would hurt like the dickens, but figured that was just part & parcel.