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01-29-2001, 05:04 PM
The 5% Club is about more than hope. It is about seeing the possibility everywhere, all the time, and about perseverance and understanding that our bodies and health go through cycles in every arena. We recognise that people DO become healthier, stronger and slimmer and we are set to be in the admittedly slim percentage of those who do it. Some of us will be edging up toward a 3 year anniversary for being here posting away, so you better believe it is working!

Well the time has run out of this weekend pretty quickly. And again I have, after Friday, fairly well wallowed in lazy downtime. I can only say that I seem to need it and will not hassle myself for it. The class on Friday was just great! Tomorrow is ballet - yikes. I appreciate all your enthusiasm and support - and I am really excited about a new discipline and new training for my body. But I'm not kidding myself, and I'm not gonna kid you either - no I am not sailing into this and doing "well" in terms of what a dancer would think. That just isn't the story, this is REALLY challenging, way way hard and also emotional in the striving of what I can do. Others take on team sports and marathons and that is not for me - I guess if Lisa was still here I would say this is my marathon, something just huge and hard and will require Herculean will just to go to the class and get pounded each week. Steph, I am a bit on the curvy side as well. I do think that being face to face with those mirrors will disallow any denial of the truths about my body - positive or negative. More than once this week I edged away from the junque idea or seconds with the idea of looking at my image on Mondays.

I see hope in the light slowly returning - yahoo! I just love it when the darkness begins to recede again. Since we don't have snow I might head out some days and move a little turf - why not? I am also (I will confide) working in a book called "The Artist's Way" which is a recovery program for blocked artiste types like myself! It is going great and it covers all levels of creativity - I strongly recommend you check out this book if you even get a tiny feeling of the idea you would like to unleash more creative energy in your life.

I'm nodding off here, and will get some sleep. Wish me luck for ballet and know that I will be a club regular and will attend the fantastic Friday class. Food - I'm up for fish and veggies this week, and maybe some expirimental side rice or potato dishes. No chips all week, just a wee bit of very good chocolate. A good week, and I'm here for another one!

Check in, all!!!!


01-30-2001, 06:50 AM
Oh my is it the last Monday of January already!!??

Not much time here - work is still crazy.

I'm doing okay - Juno you sound ready to take on your ballet!! Go lady go!

I'll post more later....

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

01-31-2001, 03:01 AM
I had great ambitions to get on and post but I believe that is going to be thwarted by all the sounds coming from upstairs. Obviously there are at least two that have decided to get up from nap early. One is sounding grumpy!!

I am feeling much better. Never went in to the Dr. but was given a big more advice over the phone and for the most part I can feel a big difference. Mainly the advice was to stop weaning myself off the cold/sinus stuff but keep taking it round the clock to get the junk out and get a lot of sleep! I have been getting to bed early every night and as of this afternoon have improved quite a bit since yesterday afternoon.

Exercise here is going good and hopefully no more sickness pitfalls. I have been getting up by 5:15 (yuck) because it just seems like that is the best time for ME time even though my body doesn't like it. I have been doing it for weeks now and I am getting used to it. I only hit the snooze twice now. I just kept thinking that there was no way I was going to get good quality time in starting May because I will be watching a new baby & then comes summer. So once again I am trying the mornings.

Food is okay but I have many more years before I am old enough to remain in control!!

Now one of the kids is making loud noises - must run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steph

01-31-2001, 11:01 PM
Good morning everyone. I am so busy lately, but really needed to connect with all of you again.

My January went quite well. I planned out dinners on a weekly basis and bought only enough groceries that I needed. Quite a shift for me. I love to buy groceries. I also made a workout calendar a month in advance. I did well the first part of the month because I knew what my immediate plans were, but not so good the later part. Things kept cropping up and Iíd miss workouts. I think that for February I will have to go week by week for both.

I continue to keep my workouts diversified with cardio, ST, yoga and pilates. However, because it is so diversified, I have shortchanged cardio and I NEED to do more of that. My new plan for February is cardio 4xís, ST 2xís, and one each of yoga and Pilates. I think that this will be much better.

Mentally I am trying to get in a better place. I am struggling very much in relation to abandoning my bad habits and influences Ė both internally and externally. The mind is such a tricky thing! It really is a process of daily renewal. I am very thankful for Mondays and the fresh start they offer.

I am anxiously awaiting a week vacation in sunny FLA. I am really looking forward to sun and fun. Hubby and I plan to do little, if anything. I will be doing a lot of walking, but am not going to kill myself over a week off from workouts.

Juno Ė I want to have a workout room that is one wall of mirrors. Do you find that encouraging or discouraging while doing ballet?

Steph Ė I am glad to hear that youíre feeling better. And you have been getting up early again for workouts! Great job! In envy you so much!

Iíll be on vacation next week, but think of me and send diva dust that Iíll finally breakthrough this mental plateau and do what is good for me.

As always, thanks.

02-02-2001, 03:40 AM
Anybody want any birthday cake??? I still have 1/4 of the ice cream cake (which I am sure my boys & DH will devour) but today arrives the other big cake for the other ones birthday. My guys are 5 & 3 yesterday and today and from now on they are sharing a cake!!!!!

I've been good about exercising and I am with you Catherine on the missing of cardio. I upped mine from 3 a week to 5 because it just makes me feel better. Strength training is 3 but I can do 2 and not feel guilty. Now I love yoga & pilates but I have decided that I don't have to beat myself up if I just have time for 2 short sessions per week. I am not studying to be a yoga guru and just need it to keep my body flexible. I need to get over the guilt thing when I don't meet my expectations.

Catherine - Enjoy the sunny state of FL (I'm jealous but can't get away!) I save all of my vacation time for summer because I need the break then. However DH promised me a short winter break for our 10th anniversary - got 2 more years!! I have to do my workout schedule weekly otherwise it always gets messed up.

Juno - We shall probably see you in the NYC Ballet next fall, right? It was just your first class and I imagine you will find all the right moves after a few more visits. I keep saying I am going to get out and take some kind of class but after going to my childcare classes, the kids stuff, I just don't feel like signing myself up!

Raychel - You must be swamped! I think of you all the time when I am strength training. My main thoughts are "Steph what a wimp - Raychel Muscle God!" Oh I am getting stronger but the desire to lift the heavy stuff comes and goes.

My parents are coming tomorrow so that means I must go clean. Not that they care but of course I do! Now I need to go order stamps so have a great weekend! Steph

02-02-2001, 06:54 AM
Hi all...*pant*pant* Work is still crazy...I've quadrupled my job orders the past two exaggeration!!

Catherine: Daily renewal...sometimes hourly renewal for me. I'm constantly tweeking the amount of cardio I'm doing. I find 3 good sessions (2 30m, 1 60m does the trick for me.) I don't feel like I'm ignoring it and its not so much cardio that its wasting my muscle. Old habits/influences are so hard to change. Most poor behaviors are just that - habit. But keep working at it because you will break them down little by little. I have a love/hate relationship with dance class mirrors....

Steph: Glad to hear you are feeling better finally. My DH just got put on eve work again so I'm considering switching to eve's at the gym. I don't really want to though - morning is my time. But I have to tell DH I'm considering it so his feelings don't get hurt. As our schedules are now, we won't see eachother until his days off or on the weekend mornings! Not such a bad thing when I'm frustrated at him! (ps - you are HARDLY a wimp!!)

Juno: I wish I had the energy to get into all the interesting things you do. It seems after exercise, work, chores, errands there is no time or I'm too tired to even think about doing something pleasurable. Thats a sad statement actually - and we don't even have kids!

This is my first evening alone in a long while with DH back on swing shift. I plan to cook myself a good dinner, with candles, maybe even a glass of wine. Then I'll veg out in front of Friends and record ER...I'm looking forward to a quiet evening with myself.

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

02-07-2001, 12:22 AM
Hi - this is going to be a very quick check-in. We had a very busy weekend and now of course I am in the thick of the busy week, yow! A fellow MT had a baby late last week so I have an extra doctor for extra measure!

Things are going really really well in the health and fitness dept, despite the busy schedule keeping me from the gym more than I would like. I finally tried the "Target Specifics" tape, at least the abs and arms, and it is very doable, and an option when the club isn't happening. Ballet - I have had 3 classes now. I learn something everytime and sweat a lot more in there than I do in any aerobics class! What a discipline. While I have no illusions about my abilities, I do feel taken seriously in the class and I am expected to learn it and do better. The regular teacher was gone yesterday and the director taught the class. He is European and very classical in approach, this is not ballet lite even though it is very definitely a beginner's class. I figure I probably have 20 years on all of my classmates.

Food has clicked in, in part because I was battling so much exhaustion. I realized that the sleep deprivation and lax eating was taking its toll so I got down and a little more structured about it - the results have been instant energy. Once again we learn again - Duh!

And with that update I must return to the large pile of tapes awaiting my attention. I hope all is well with everyone, and I hope to read checkins soon! How are you?


02-07-2001, 03:40 AM
I keep pulling up the boards but then something happens and I don't have time to post. Now I only have a few minutes but I figure that is better than none!

I think I have finally kicked the bug but boy that was the only time I have been sick for a whole month. Started Jan. 1 and just didn't let up. I am back on track with my exercise and feeling good about food. I am really starting to tell the difference in my shape by doing weights. I have been doing it for a few years but since Nov. and really starting to do increased weights - I am much tighter everywhere. I don't have saddlebags, my waist & hips aren't half as padded, my arms I still look at in dismay but I'm working on them. I haven't lost much weight but I am pretty sure I can buy a size or two smaller in pants when I head out to the mall and buy some new clothes soon!

Been busy too with parents, birthdays, etc...I have a bunch of schooling this month and I finally booked my ticket to Houston for my first days away with no kids/DH. I might need a big push to get on the plane but I'm not feeling guilty about leaving which I would have felt before this. Now I deserve two days away!!!!!!!!

Baby #1 is up - must run! Steph

02-07-2001, 05:52 AM
Hello to all....

Our new floor is nearly done! It looks wonderful! We are just waiting for some trim pieces to finish it. Of course now the cabinets look just awful next to the new floor...soooo we have a painting project planned for the near future! LOL!

I just booked a B and B inn for vacation in March in Monterey Bay. We are meeting my gf and hubby there (they live in Penn., they were the ones we were going to go on a cruise with). I can't wait...the inn is pretty luxurious and we'll go see the the sites while we are there!

Juno: I'm glad you are liking the ballet - talk about a whole body work out. Now you know where my calves came from! he he he...I get sore from lifting weights but I'll tell you what, its nothing like the sore I used to get from dancing! Are you McDougalling again?

Steph: Well you know my story with weight training, so you will here no arguments from me on doing them!! Its really nice to see progress - this time last year (checking my log) I weighed 3lbs less but was larger in inches!! Talk about progress!

I hope everyone is doing okay...don't hesitate to do a drive by posting!

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

02-10-2001, 01:05 AM
Wow its quiet around here! I hope everyone is doing okay. It got rainy and cold here all of a sudden. We were actually getting spring weather and then *bam* its cold again. It will be like this until it truly gets to Spring!!

Everything else is going pretty good...

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

02-11-2001, 05:41 AM
Hello, all, I hope you don't mind if I do a "drive-by" (love that term!) after being gone for so long.

I passed my 2 securities exams!!! Hoorayy for me! Now i'm working on the life insurance stuff and training at work. I'll be actually working by the end of the month. I'm ready.

My life has a bit more structure in it, and as a result, I'm doing better with food. Exercise is going well, too. I'm glad to hear you are all hanging in there!

02-12-2001, 02:45 PM
Drive by here, as well. I love the trem, Raychel.

I have to admit I am not on the web as much lately, so count me in in spirit when I haven't driven by so much. I am so busy in my life that I just have to figure out places to cut time and surfing qualifies. I also have figured out that I am actually addicted to reading. It is a love of mine, but it actually stops me from getting things done and is a delay tactic for a lot of unpleasant chores I would say.

Again I have not done well exercising over the weekend. What is this? I must baby step my way into at least a nice walk each day, wouldn't that make some sense?

Have a good monday--


02-13-2001, 03:34 AM
I was just going to do a whip in and do a quick note but I think I have a few spare minutes so I will try and actually write something! I had a very nice weekend here and got out of the house & into the big city to try and break up my cabin fever. Went to the Home & Garden show which did my mind a world of good to imagine spring and all my flowers popping out of the ground. Unfortunately now they are buried under at least 1 Ĺ feet of snow!

I havenít been on the internet much either. I just come on briefly during nap mainly to e-mail, check a booksite to see what people are reading & here. I have a million other things to do and I am trying to get in my exercise & my hobbies before computer time. I have always been a book addict & there isnít day that goes by when I donít shove in a few chapters. I usually read for at least an hour before bed. This weekend besides doing all that I did I managed to read one excellent book & one ho-hum one for book club. I am a fast reader so it helps!

I dropped in on my DH at work Saturday and one of the guys working told Steve after I left that he always thought I was pretty but that I looked really good now that I look better after having kids than before. Letís see Ė now I actually sleep rather than when I was in my 20ís sleep was the last thing I needed, I rarely ever drink when I was a beer drinker on the weekend, I exercise regularly and I sure eat a heck of a lot better! Yeah Ė someone noticed!! He is someone that probably only sees me once a year when before I had my first son I saw him daily. He gave me my ego boost for the yearJ

Raychel Ė Do you ever have a problem with the fact that your hands have a hard time hanging onto the weights vs. you not being strong enough?? I am doing heavier and heavier weights but my little tiny hands are having a heck of a time holding on some of the moves. I have gloves but just must have weak little fingers!!

The weights are doing more for me than all my years of cardio & my dips into pilates & yoga. I love cardio & yoga/pilates but my back is stronger, I stand up straighter and though I think it is everything all together Ė the weights are making the big improvements. I am looking forward to muscled arms this year because I think if I keep plugging along this way I am heading in a good direction for me. Now if only I could cut some more of the fat out of my diet. Baby steps sure take a long time sometimes!!!

I really am feeling kind of pity towards my poor DH these days. I finally got him into the doctor (he has just been feeling like crap since before Christmas) and at the moment he is diagnosed with Stress headaches (which his has lasted over a month). Yes he is stressed at work but he doesnít sleep enough, doesnít eat properly (he eats good but not enough in the morning & Iím sure his body is craving food), he hasnít exercised since before Christmas but you know when you are the wife and trying to point out all these things of course he is just fine. I almost want to call the Dr. myself because I am sure DH didnít mention the 4-5 hours of sleep. I am being a pain now and sending him to bed early, wonít watch any late TV with him & leave the room so he falls asleep. I am just about to start packing his lunch/breakfast but he is 36 shouldnít that be his responsibility???

Okay I am done gabbing. Hope you all have a good week & see you all later ( I have a 1 yr. Old trying very hard to delete this message!! ) Steph

02-13-2001, 11:17 PM
Good Morning all! We are still getting some good rain here. I want to crawl into bed and do some good reading!!

Steph: Grip WAS a problem for me initially. Your hand/forearm strength will come up as you continue to use weights but here is two things that will help. First when you grip, think about using your middle finger and ring finger. Because our thumbs are strong, we tend to put a lot of stress on them when we grip and not utilize the WHOLE hand. Second, work your forearms once a week for about 12wks...reverse grip curls superset with wrist curls. Do you know how to do these? They will burn like crazy but after 12wks you will notice a definate improvement in strength. And on the DH scenerio...I am in the same spot as you. I SO want to "help" my DH but it all comes out as nagging.

Juno: You sound busy but happy and productive! Don't forget daily renewal as BG would say...this might help those "bye" days on exercise.

PW: CONGRATS on passing those exams. What a relief to have it done with, now you can move on to bigger and better things!

Work has calmed down some here. Its good to not feel so "wrung out" at the end of the day. Take care everyone!

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

02-14-2001, 09:15 AM
Hello, all. My, we all sound so busy! I have a bit of time before my bird club meeting, so I thought I'd stop in.

Juno--I am also a reading addict. How is the weather up north? Is it getting to be any more like spring? I've noticed that the days are getting longer, which really helps my spirits.

Steph--Husbands are difficult. My husband is absolutely married to some of his not-so-great habits, and of course, he won't admit that they have anything to do with his health. I try to keep my mouth shut and put good food on the table at night.

Raychel--Thanks! Now I'm working on insurance (for our life insurance line), and I'm almost done with that. I'm really getting excited about getting started with this new career.

I've been doing much better, mostly because I have a schedule and I'm out of the house all day. I've been packing food to bring along with me. Exercise is going well, too. Slow and steady will win this race!

02-19-2001, 08:52 PM
Good morning everyone! Nothing beats checking in with all of you first thing on a Monday morning.

My vacation to FL was exactly what I wanted. Sunny and relaxing. I came back with a great tan Ė and fresh perspective. I was a complete beach bum, BUT did walk for an hour with dh EVERY morning. Had to in order to walk off all that delicious food!

Now Iím trying to get back into the swing of things, and making progress. It is such a slow one for me. I just keep reminding myself that it is a journey and a lifetime commitment. I know that I can do this.

Juno Ė I love your ballet stories. I am so jealous. I could never be that graceful. And I certainly wouldnít look good in a tu-tu. Ha ha!

Steph, Raychel and PW Ė Ironically I was reading last night about the best way to ďchangeĒ your spouse. The authors said that no amount of talking, begging, pleading, nagging would work. You have to set the example and hope that they will follow. I find this with dh a lot. If Iím ďon-trackĒ, so is he. If Iím not, oh dear! I truly believe if youíre happy, healthy and motivated it will trickle down. Or at least be somewhat contagious!

I better get moving. I think of all of you often and am grateful to be part of such a proactive group. Thanks for everything!

02-20-2001, 01:46 AM
Boy - I guess we all have spring fever early - not much posting from my quarter anyway. In truth I am making a real effort not to be as web-connected, and yes I did the reading deprivation exercise and found it illuminating. I truly wish there were 50 hours in a day, enough time for all pursuits, but we really have to put thought into what we do and when. But I love to be connected and think of you all every day.

Especially when I am walking. Yes, we finally got first snow, and now glorious sunny weather with beautiful, Travel-Brochure snow on the mountains and trees. I have been taking walks as I can, doing things a little more simply and immediately. It is like I FORGET, again and again, that it doesn't have to be Olympian in scope, gee even a 10-minute walk has many benefits, and the mental benefits of a real (as opposed to treadmill) walk is just out of this world. So that, a little ballet, the aerobics class when it works out (DH had his car in the shop last week so I was really the shuttle service, so didn't make it).

Catherine - my last ballet class was really disheartening, don't get too impressed. The first class had me in tears. The second class there was only me and another beginner so I believe she sort of slowed down to our level - it was challenging but I felt I did okay and was hopeful. The third class she was out of town and the director, a young man from Austria, taught the class. I thought he was much easier to understand (ironic if you could hear his accent). Last week the regular teacher was back and the more experienced dancers were in place. My problem is when she asks for a sequence I am unsure of the actual order of steps, she is demanding hands here toes there suck it in, etc., etc., and I have to watch someone and can't keep up with the steps. I need to know the steps before I can concentrate and refinements. In truth I need the class to be a shade more "beginner" than it is, but I don't think there is enough interest (not enough brave non-ballet adults game to try) so I will have to struggle along. Tonight I will see how it goes. If it is awful again, my plan is to just ask about doing the barre only to get some skills, and then fall try again with the other sequences. Raychel does that make sense?

One of the side effects of my hyperbusy life is I am not cooking as much. And as a consequence, DH has no, absolutely NO self-meter that calls for vegetables, fruit, anything good. Last saturday in the afternoon he had chips, then he had a steak at noon the next day, and then I think it was a pocket calzone that is like 80% fat. I find that kind of eating alarming! Fine to have each and any in moderation, but. So, I agree we women have to be the leaders, and it is sometimes a crushing responsibility. I know men who care about nutrition, but I didn't get one as a partner. He gets doughnuts for the kids "just this once" several times a month. I would prefer that my children didn't know what a doughnut is. Or if they thought the bakeries only made them twice a year, on special occasions.

It is another glorious day today, and I hope to do some walking. I have one of my basket parties this afternoon. I am wondering to myself how long I will do the baskets. It is really fun, and I am in fact doing pretty well with it - I do good sales and have one recruit who has signed up and is herself doing well. But once I have all the baskets and stuff for my house that I want I will have to sit and ponder - again there is that time thing. It doesn't take up that much time, but then again I don't have much to spare.

I have had some work stress, a conflict with a client that has taken a lot of my attention and given me lots to rant about in my journal. (Yes I am keeping a daily personal journal now.) It is great to have a place to take all that hurt-feelings/injustice energy and write about it in a private manner. I have also been exploring that one of my big themes is a 'popularity' issue. I like/need to be liked and am happiest if I am, frankly, popular. Between my natural limitations in ballet (I am enjoying the class but I just don't have what it takes, so it is humbling) and dealing with some criticism in work - I have realized that getting the old skin toughened up and facing my own popularity "thing" for what it is is very helpful at this time in my life as I ponder how to make some transformations. Ultimately, however, my job represents "golden handcuffs" at the moment - gotta stay with it for now, financially. Trying to trust God that it is all bits of kindling for my own artist fire - and to believe it.

I didn't mean to delve into "more than you wanted to know" territory there.

Well, I had best get my basket papers in order, make some phone calls, bask in the tub and think about life. Enjoy your health and do something good for you every single day!


02-20-2001, 02:43 AM
I am sitting here with a pile of unblown balloons & listening to a toddler spit on the monitor. A b-day party today but I need to summon up the desire to decorate. I am just tired of birthdays! I am thinking that for the next year I will have kids bring treats from home - maybe take a little of the birthday anxiety off of me. Too many kids here to be excited about it anymore. Tsk Tsk on me.

Good news is that one of my families had a darling baby girl on Saturday. So nice to go and hold her yesterday since she feels like she weighs as much as a potato compared to the ones I have now.

Exercise is very good - still going strong. Food - well that just annoys me. I have tried cutting my food in half, making smaller portions but just can't do it. So I am trying to just cut down by a few bites at every meal and leave food on my plate and see if I can't conquer those baby steps.

Juno - You sound like you just have a merry-go-round of a life (in a happy way!). I was terribly worried about the Popularity issue until 3 years ago...I don't know where it went but it just faded away and I don't care. No actually I just don't try hard anymore with people I don't know which I must admit I am one of those people who tried to make everyone talk to her and smile. Most people do tend to like me (I think) but I don't tend to actually worry about it anymore. I think the kind of work I do from home has made me tougher than when I worked at a company. I have only had one family not like me & the feeling was mutual so it was easy to get over!

Catherine - Glad your vacation was wonderful. I will be in a warm state in about 3 weeks for a bit and then I just hope spring is back when I return. Need that warm air! I don't nag often but he has been complaining and complaining about this headache forever and then I got on the bandwagon. The funny thing is (drum roll) when we went to the grocery store he bought himself food for work (oatmeal & some better quality stuff than usual). So he won't so outloud I am right but boy have I been hearing how good that oatmeal is going down in the morning.

We actually had some old antibiotics lying around which he took and the headache was going away. He truly thinks he has a sinus but Dr. didn't think so. He is going back this week to get some drugs and maybe then my normally happy DH will be back (after he's worked his 16 hour days). I don't mind that he is a workaholic if he would learn to cut down when he is tired. He just keeps going and going...everyone at work calls him the Energizer...I call it stupid.

Raychel - Thanks for the tips. I used to work my forearms for tennis many years ago and started doing it again. I am trying to learn how to grip the weights differently too - I had read that technique in an article but I had trouble visualizing it. Now I picked up a weight while reading your post. Yeah I was using my thumbs!

I need to go blow these balloons up & hang the birthday banner. Spitting girl finally has gone to sleep. Hope you are all having a great President's Day!


02-20-2001, 09:57 AM
Oh, you're all back! I was afraid you'd all gone away for good! It was so nice to log on and see some messages.

Juno--I worked through the Artist's Way book a few years ago, and you're reminding me how beneficial it was. Maybe it's time to take a second look. I still have the "Treating myself like a special object makes me strong" saying on my bulletin board. I also struggle with balancing my activities. I feel like I live a pendulum life--I'll take on too much, cut back and regroup, and then begin to take on more again. I've been in a very private space for the last year, not doing much in the community, but now I'm appearing in public and taking on some new commitments. That makes it sound like I didn't go out in public, which is not true, but I didn't get involved in many community projects.

Catherine--I'm glad your vacation was good. Slow & steady wins the race, they say (and I often tell myself).

Steph--I loved your post; it is so full of wonderful images--the potato baby and the spitting girl. You have a way with words!

We had a lovely chicken stir fry for dinner, and I have leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. Things are cooking along pretty well on both the food and exercise fronts.

02-20-2001, 07:57 PM
Good morning everyone. Two logs in as many days. A record for sure.

DH went running with me last night. A good half hour of cardio which left me sweaty and pleasantly exhausted, despite the freezing temperatures outside. Made a delicious dinner of fresh green salad and a pasta and veggie broth soup. After that I did yoga. Missed it the last two weeks, and boy can I tell. I'm not as limber.

This morning we got up early and lifted weights. That seems to be about the only activity I can handle in the morning. So I am feeling really great. However, since I'm used to evening workouts I'm in the mindset that I still need to do a workout tonight. Do any of you feel that way?

Tonight will be a challenge as we're going to a "pre-softball" season meeting with the team at a local restaurant for dinner and drinks. I already planned ahead for my mindset that I'll share a dinner with DH and no beer. Cross your fingers.

Juno - I don't care what you say, I still am impressed. It is so powerful that you're doing it despite the fact it's out of your comfort zone. If ballet isn't benefiting your body, it certainly is your mind. You go girl.

Steph - I agree with PW, you have a way with words. How are the morning workouts going? I say nix of the birthday parties, have the kids bring a special treat. That is too much for you.

PW - I'm glad to hear that food and exercise is going well for you and that you seem to be in a good place. Keep it up!

Hope you all have a good day.

02-24-2001, 03:17 AM
Juno - Maybe I will stop fighting DH on the move to AL since you seem to get more outdoor time than me! It is cold here and we are expecting another winter storm by tonight. YUCK!!

Catherine - Hope you were "good" at your softball party. I start out with good expectations but I do blow them at restaurants. I am getting most of my cardio in a.m and yoga & ST during naps. I can not do yoga in the morning my body just feels so stiff. By lunch I am nice and bendy :)

PW - I am really working hard at making my life steady because I am one that takes on too much also and then cuts back. The last year has really been a nice pace for the most part but I'm sure I'll get in over my head again!

My parents are on their way to CO home moving van & pets. I am sad that they are moving farther away. I did get to see them 5-6 times per year but I am afraid the distance will make it like 2 times at the most. DH has talked about moving their later so who knows? My mom just called and I am bummed because I was on-line and missed it. How pathetic that I am worried about my very capable parents moving. They helped us move up here and I feel guilty but they kept switching the date so we couldn't follow their pace (they just kept moving it up).

I go to Houston in 2 weeks and am counting down the days - hopefully my kids won't cry and I can hop on the plane. I think they are going to be fine because I did hear my oldest telling his friend "we are going to Burger King two times when my mom is gone because she hates it and never will eat there". I didn't realize that it was that big a deal!!!!!!! Little thrills in life!

Hope everyone has a warmer weekend than me - adios! Steph

02-24-2001, 04:18 AM
Hey all!! I'm getting geared up and excited for vacation next month. We've had some big family drama here. My BIL's wife wants a divorce. It is (of course) a long story but essentially everyone knew it would happen eventually. She is immature and devious and my BIL doesn't know whether he's coming or going. He's actually physically afraid of her and if he says the wrong thing she will screw him good. There is evidence of abuse as well to their 3yr daughter -my neice. Anyway, its good riddance to bad rubbish if BIL can just stay focused and not get mired in "but I love her and if I do enough for her she'll stay" business. DH has suprised me during this - he's been SO supportive, intelligent and insightful during this. A far cry from where he and I were at a year ago. We are both very grateful to have walked a rocky path together, make changes and continue to grow.

Juno: Yes ballet is SUPREMELY frustrating. The language is different and goes rapid fire pace...floorwork makes you feel like a brick. I have two thoughts - it could be that this is not the class for you, true. But its also the difficult classes that push you to learn. Of course you have to weigh if feeling like a failure at the end of each class is worth it!! If its possible you might want to shop around. Sometimes the right combo of teacher/students is what it takes to make it work for you. There are two wonderful do at home ballet tapes I have. Each tape has two "classes" of stretch, barre and floor. I would recommend Ballet Workout I its the basics with some challenge to it.

Steph: you do have a way with words. My family is spread out too while DH's family is very close. So you can guess who's I see more! That would be a big move for you guys if you moved too! Are you really considering it?

Catherine: I still sigh when I here that your DH works out with you. That is wonderful!

Thats if for now I suppose. Talk with you all later!

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

02-24-2001, 10:56 PM
Happy Saturday morning. I thought I'd check in before I tackled that very long to-do list.

Catherine--I hope it went well at the dinner, or, if not, that you thoroughly enjoyed your lapse.

Steph--All of our family is on the other side of the continent, and it is difficult. Of course, I'm so stubborn, I think they should all move to Oregon, because it's such a wonderful state.

Raychel--that's a shame about your BIL. We went through what sounds like a very similar situation with my BIL a number of years ago, and it's very consuming. It's nice to hear that you and DH are doing so much better--it's worth the pain to work on things & stay married, in my humble opinion.

Well, I finished my first week of actually-allowed-to-talk-to-the-public work. I have my first face-to-face appointment next week. I'm really jazzed. The cold-calling stuff is awful, but I love the face-to-face, and I'm making appointments & finding leads. I really think I'm going to love this job. I feel so energized, it's just wonderful. And I'm busy enough that I have to remind myself to take time to eat, which doesn't hurt either. I don't have to be in the office until 9, so I still have time to exercise in the morning.

I found out yesterday that the local athletic club is offering yoga 2 nights and 1 morning a week. I'm going to try to make it at least once a week. I seem to do better with it if I'm in a class at least once in a while.

02-26-2001, 07:50 PM
Good morning everyone and happy Monday.

I had a good rest of the week and weekend. A lot of things were accomplished around the house, which always helps. The weather is dreadful, so you must entertain yourself indoors. Very anxious for spring.

Iíve been doing well on the food and exercise. DH and I lifted weights this morning. He asked me three times whether I was going to get up and I kept saying no. But I had the mental strength to convince myself that if I want ďthisĒ bad enough Iíd better get myself out of bed. 15 minutes later I feel like a million bucks. Why does it take us so long to get this straight??

I plan on yoga this evening. Will try for cardio and pilates tomorrow. I need to keep my cardio upped. It makes the most difference to me. I continue to plan out my meals. Besides the fact that it eliminates last minute temptation, it has cut my grocery bill by 10-25%. I only buy what I need.

Moving, divorces, new jobs, busy lives. Itís an ever changing cycle with each of us isnít it? Amazing that we all stay on track. Maybe because it is us, ourselves, which ground us and keep us sane. Iím still working on nurturing my core.

02-28-2001, 07:43 AM
I tried to be a good northern girl last night and head outside for a nice long walk after work. My dog has been longingly staring at her leash so guilt made me skip the tread and head outside. I mean Juno & Catherine are braving the cold - why can't I??

Snowpants, Sorrel boots, scarf & ear cover with my nice down my darling dog and I went. I don't think my dog will ever walk with me again :) We stayed on the bike path for about 20 minutes and then I decided we needed to make it more difficult and trek through the big field of snow to make it back to the park entrance. It was only the size of a football field but my was it a workout!! The snow is up past my thighs (very thankful I had my cellphone!) and it was a big ordeal to cross the field. My dog wouldn't even look at me when we were done (she kept trying to head towards the path!) but I just kept mushing her along! I was soaked with sweat, my legs were sore and my dog has slept all day today. The treadmill was a relief today!!

I don't want to move to Alabama by the way - couldn't remember which abbreviations were for what state - after all that was in 5th grade when we learned that??? AK is Alaska I think but for all I know it is Arkansas. Maybe I should pull out a phonebook & check.

Everything is fine here but especially after my walk I am wishing for spring. I was looking through photo albums the other day and all the pictures of my yard and flowers made me cry (okay not really). We got another foot of snow on Sunday - we are buried. This has been one of the coldest MN winters - hasn't been above 40 since Nov. which is rare. The past few Feb's we have been outside with just our coats & no winter crap. The snow is over my head on the side of the driveway, it is a journey to fill my birdfeeders, I am losing daycare kids in the snow, I'll just go on and on.

Can you tell that I need spring???? I will be visiting my girlfriend in Houston next week and she asked me what I want to do - WALK OUTSIDE AND DO HER GARDENING!!!!!

Thanks for listening - I know some of you are in the cold more than me!! Steph

02-28-2001, 11:11 AM
Hello all! It is so good to hear from everyone and know that things are going well.

Things here have been a bit crazy but very fun. My sister just had baby #2 so now I have 2 very adorable nephews! They live 10 hours drive away but I really wanted to get out there so I splurged on a plane ticket. I just got back this evening so have been busy doing laundry, restocking my fridge, etc. I'm pretty tired so I'm hoping tomorrow goes well - I stayed up until 5 a.m. this morning with the baby so my S & BIL could get some sleep. He does sleep most of the night already but I wanted the cuddle time! :)

My focus is starting to come back with a vengence. My fruit bowl is very well stocked and my vegie tray is looking pretty good. Thankfully it's getting nicer here again (sorry Steph!) so I have been getting out for walks again. I've been getting into the soy milk/drink lately and while I tho't I wouldn't be really crazy about it, it's not all bad! Tofu is my next challenge - just want to find a good & easy recipe that I can try!

I'm fading fast here so I'm going to run. I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

02-28-2001, 01:31 PM
Great to see all the positive posts and to think of heading toward spring.

Steph I have a great picture of you "snow-whacking" through the field, sending your dog for help, "Get help, Lassie!" We never got snow that deep this year, and the walks I took last week were actually quite warm. This week we have been treated to storms - cozy in the house but not EVEN walking weather. Alaska is "AK."

Raychel I am interested in the ballet video - can you give me the specific name so I can find it on Amazon? Yesterday's class went a bit better. I didn't stay for the floor sequence, just the barre, in part because of my work schedule and in part because I wanted to leave on an upbeat feeling. Next week Christian the director will teach again. It is true that I could shop for another class, but in fact I am able to take this one free because of my kids taking ballet - once you reach a certain amount of $$ at this studio your family can take classes for free. They are also known as the best in town, though there are others. I actually felt like a few things clicked yesterday.

Justy good work on the fruit bowl. Last week I was hooked on fruit smoothies and one is sounding good about now. This week it is ants on a log with not very much peanut butter and sliced dried apricots instead of raisins.

Catherine good for you for getting up early. That is so hard for me. Even getting up at "normal time" is difficult.

PW congratulations on your job. You will do great. I finally found a book that my W&R rep recommended to me called "The Wealthy Barber" - I had looked all over for it and finally found it at friends of the library for .25! - so now I am thinking of you when I read it.

I had my annual exam today. My doctor had left town so had a new doc - I liked her. I have to get a mammo. I had gained weight, grrr, though she assured me that my BMI is good and that I am at a very healthy weight for my height etc., and that is reassuring. I made it to the club tonight for the first time in a while, and that felt good. I plan on doing some work at my "kitchen counter barre" during some work breaks tonight.

On that note, I will move into the working portion of my evening. Have a great day!


02-28-2001, 10:35 PM
Good morning everyone. Glad to see that there were so many posts!

Steph Ė I was out there braving the cold last night too. Weíre not getting the snow right now, just the freezing temps! I donít have a treadmill, so my cardio HAS to be outside. Unless DH wants to chase me around the house =)

Juno Ė I got a Collage video magazine last night and was checking out the ballet. Thought of you. Sounds like itís getting better. Great news that youíre health is right in order. As I get older I just want to stay healthy and keep my weight and BMI in check.

PW Ė I have many nieces and nephew and I love them all. Iím glad to hear that youíre on track with stocking up the fridge with good food. I have to do that too, plus plan out my meals for the week.

Iíve been on track too. It takes a lot of hard work, planning and dedication. It feels like Iím talking to myself all day long. Convincing myself to stay on track. Nighttime is a struggle for me. However, between preparing dinner, eating, cleaning up, working out and all of the other chores, I keep myself busy.

Last night was cardio. Eight times around the track alternating running and walking. My lungs and legs were burning by the time I was done. It was only 28F out. I too am looking forward to spring. Tonight will be ST and light cardio. I need to fit in a Pilates session sometime this week as I already did yoga.

Have a recipe for a tofu-based chocolate/peanut butter mousse that is LF. Will try it out this week and let you know how it is.

03-01-2001, 07:15 AM
Juno its called "The Ballet Workout" taught by Melissa Lowe. Then theres "The Ballet Workout II". Creative names eh? The Ballet Workout has Melissa in arabesque in a blue shiny unitard. There are two 30m classes on the tape using stretch, barre and floorwork. There are "real" people in the class unlike the second tape which has highly trained (albiet young) dancers. I like it a lot. Its $19.95 on Collage Video ( ( ).

Steph: What a picture you paint of you and the dog!! LOL! So much for mans best friend! I hear you wanting spring. I'm so lucky to live in an area where winter is cold/rainy but not blistering. We save the blistering weather for our summers!!

PW: It sounds like all of your hard work is paying off in a career that you enjoy! Last night we were watching the Animal Planet channel and seeing people do what they TRULY love to made me sigh that I don't have the courage to do what would really make me happy because of money worries. My priorities are all screwed up.

JS: Congrats on being a new Auntie!! Tofu is a challenge. I tried a yogurt called silken soy or something like that. It was soooo good. I don't eat a lot of yogurts because most are filled with nothing but sugar - this one was great. I have a mac n cheese recipe using tofu instead of noodles at home. I'll post it tomorrow. OH - I have a good eggplant recipe using tofu to - it has a japanese flavor to it. I'll get that one too. Mostly my experience with tofu is to use it in place of meat in casserole/soup/lasagne type dishes and it works out well. The trick is getting in flavor with tofu - thats why it works better in dishes with lots of spices/sauces.

Catherine: You sound inline and motivated. Its a good feeling. The sense of accomplishent in setting goals and achieving them!! Nurturing your core is a never ending daily job! And one that we often put on the bottom of our "to do" lists. Keep it up!

I had a "lightbulb" moment today (as Ms O would say). I realized that I no longer see or think of myself as fat!! Sure, in bodybuilding terms, I'd like to get my bodyfat lower on my thighs (that just takes time and patience) but the overall pic in my mind (and the mirror) is not a fat one!! Its a subtle difference but its really shifted my mindset. Especially when I recall the not too long ago days of me in near tears because of what I saw in the mirror. I honestly do not care what the scale says anymore - this is the gift/lesson that I've rec'd from bodybuilding. Can you believe I've been doing it for over a year now? WOW!!

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

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