Exercise! - My first day back after months of not going

03-21-2011, 02:06 PM
and I'm not looking forward to it. I don't wanna but I know it's good for me.

I get weekly emails from my gym and about 2 months ago I got an email that said they were introducing Smart Keys to help track your progress, it's supposed to do away with paper charts and helps your trainer to communicate with you with out actually having to see you personally.

I decided I would call today to make my appointment to get my smart key. She had 3 appointments available fro TODAY! I made the 1:30 pm appt time and I'm getting ready to leave after this post. I don't want to go because Aunt Flo finally reared her ugly head today and I'm just not up for it.

I actually decided to call and cancel and changed my mind about 100 times since I called for the appt. Common Sense showed up about 20 minutes ago and told me that if I keep making excuses for why I cant go, I'll be fat and unhealthy forever. I listened to Common Sense tell me that if I want things to change in my life that I need to change some things in my life.

So I'm going to go, despite the fact that I'm in pain and bloated and want to gouge someones eyes out. Does all this mean that I actually have to be nice? I hope not. But, I'll be nice anyway even though I don't wanna.

03-21-2011, 03:02 PM
Good for you on going even when you don't feel like it. That's a success in itself.

For me, exercise actually helps me during that time of the month because it reduces my cramps and my moodiness.

Let us know how it goes!

03-21-2011, 03:10 PM
Good for you! I used to say it took me an hour to work out- half an hour to convince myself to do it and half an hour to do the workout! :)

03-21-2011, 05:44 PM
I went and had a pretty good time. Smart machines are awesome. I love being able to play games, watch what I want to watch on my own personal tv, dvd's, & listen to music while exercising. Who ever thought of these smart machines are awesome. All I need to bring with me are a set of headphones. This is what I've been missing out on for months.

03-21-2011, 06:11 PM
The newer machines definitely are a big improvement. My gym also sports some newer type machines that have cable tv and can also play music or video off your iPod/iPhone.

03-22-2011, 12:52 AM
How fun! You will have a great workout and be deliciously sore afterwards. Plus, exercise always helps with TOM problems- cramps, etc. Hope it was a wondrful workout.

03-23-2011, 10:03 AM
This is the first TOM I've had with no cravings and I think it's party due to me exercising. I wonder if there's any science behind that. hmmm...