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03-21-2011, 07:20 AM
Good morning gals. Up and at em early as I have to take Jack to work at 6 then go to Petsmart and drop of Marty at the vets, swing by there house and drop off all his pet stuff, go by the grocery and home then out again around 10 or so to pick up the kids from the airport and take them home.

I texted Thomas yesterday and asked him if they were on dry land again as I knew the ship had pulled in that morning early. He called be a bit later and said they were in the port of Miami and "We are waiting for a taxi to take us to uhhhhh, somewhere!" :lol: I heard his mom yell in the background "to the car rental place to pick up a car." He repeated it and said see you tomorrow and started to hang up but she yelled in the background she wanted to talk to me and proceeded to tell me she got accosted I guess somewhere on the pier by some guy that actually picked her up by her arms. She said she has bruises on her arms and had to make a police report. The police told her, "the person is not presses charges." My firey little redhead spouted back, "press charges for what he doesn't have the bruises on his arms." The cop said there were "differing" stories. She told him there was an officer (might have been security I don't know) standing right there when it happened. So anyway, she told me she would tell me the whole story when I picked her up.

This week is clean the house top to bottom and the weekend we shampoo all the carpets good. It is hard to clean with Marty because unlike Fortune he follows me around everywhere and gets under foot. I have almost fallen over him several times because I am not used to that. I imagine he doesn't do that with his family that he just wants to make sure I am not leaving him. When we got home from AR boy he wanted in my lap all evening. I gave up trying to sleep in the bed and went and slept in the recliner with one dog between my legs and the other on my left thigh. They stayed there the whole night so at least I slept! :lol:

Susan: Hope your hand is feeling better. I noticed my toe area tingling yesterday a bit. Wow, you seem to have timed one job ending and picking up another one just right! My sister has been a legal secretary for 20 years and I was talking to her about when her job ends as her husband has been living in AZ by himself for a good year and a half. She said this was the test as the woman she trained was to work by herself for the week they were gone. I guess the woman thinks my sister works for her now and has been bossing her around and such. My sister says she is fed up with it. Unfortunately, she is being told by employers in AZ that they don't hire legal secretaries without AZ law background. Just how are you supposed to learn it if you don't work it?

Gail: Hope you have great day today.

Maggie: Thanks for the info on the roast

Jean: Hope your computer isn't on the fritz and it was just a fluke.

Have a good one everybody. Jack will be down in just a couple minutes and likes to ready the news online with his breakfast. Faye

(PS: 10 am my brother just called and said he has broken his back. I guess it is from his truck accident a couple months ago and they never caught it! Please keep Lee in your prayers he is in a lot of pain at the moment)

03-21-2011, 02:00 PM

It is a nice day here in the Heartland. Sun shining and the birds are twitterpated. This afternoon we are taking a drive out and about. I had a "maintain" at my weigh in this morning. That is the 3rd in a row and tells me this new WW program is really working for me to maintain. I need to take a real good look at things and tweek what I have been doing a bit to suit my system. :p I am just so thankful that they are maintaines instead of gains though. But enough is enough for I am in this to lose. Maintaining comes later after I have reached goal. Then I will be so happy to be maintaining.:o

DONNA FAYE I am so sorry about your brother and do hope the docs can give him some releif. Back pain is ranked, in my mind anyway, as top of the list of pain. Sounds like you have busy day ahead of you. That is a scarey thing that happened to your gal. She may just have a good witness in that guard and get it all straightened out. She may need to have pictures taken of those bruises and the date on them documented. That man needs to be brought to justice for he isn't safe to be out with the public.

MAGNOLIAS Having a great day? Isn't it a beautiful Monday.

Type at y'all later :wave:

03-21-2011, 03:57 PM
Happy Monday! :)

Maggie, bless your heart! Somehow you read that we are getting a puppy or have a puppy...named Beanie. Nope. No puppy. Beanie what Wayne sometimes calls Robyn, our youngest granddaughter (age 7)...which she is not too happy about but allows her grandpa to call her that. Now...we did go to Amy's (youngest daughter, mom to Amanda and Robyn) house last Monday night to SEE a puppy...which turned out not to be a puppy but a 5-month old poodle-maltese dire need of a good professional grooming and a visit (or two) to a vet. We came home without a dog. Bad timing. I probably was very mixed up in my typing of my post. Not to worry as I either forget what I've just read sometimes or get the story all mixed up in some way... this morning. I could have sworn I read in the newspaper article I read about the job fair I'm attending for Discover Card, that there would be interviewing on site. I went back to re-read and nothing was said about it. However, I had to register on-line in order to attend this job fair. Which I did. Now I'm having an anxiety attack because I have to take and pass an assessment test. I haven't done well with these types of things in the past. Of course, Wayne thinks I'm incredilby smart (bless his heart) and when I try to remind him that I failed the last two assessment tests (for different companies) he just said I will do great! Poor man, he thinks so highly of me. No pressure here! Anyway, I have to pass this thing in order to attend the fair and here I was worried about what I was going to wear!

Which, by the way, I'm wearing a size 16 in the misses department! And I did buy some nice dressy pants (not casual khakis that I usually wear) at Kohl's today. On sale.

Oh! The job! It's entry-level. Fine with me. I don't need the stress. Although I'm stressed out now about taking that assessment test. It's 30-39 hours a week...with possibly working on the weekend. I refuse to work on Sunday. There may be a problem! Of course, I have to get through that assessment test....

Let's speak of other things!

Oh my goodness, Donna Faye! Your daughter was accosted/attacked and SHE is being blamed?! I'm glad to hear she is a strong-minded person and set that officer straight! People are crazy now days it seems!

Susan, in my area anyone can go into a WW Center and buy stuff. Do not have to be a member. I always wondered if peole sat in on the meetings that shouldn't have been there.

Jean, was it you that mentioned sandals? I cannot wait for warm weather. dryer just played me a little tune letting me know my clothes are dry.

Take care....

03-21-2011, 06:59 PM
BACK AT YA :wave:

GAIL Our dogs are named Ragg Mopp and Beanie. In fact little Beanie is asleep at my feet as I type. I wasn't trying to name your dog when you decide to get one.:o Guess our wires got crossed. Yep that happens. Hope you do get into that job fair doings. Yes ~ you are smart so don't think otherwise my friend. Wayne has lived with you for so long now he ought to know and you and I have been friends for a long time so I should know. I am sure glad I am not looking for a job this day and age.:p Your new pants sound very nice, so you finally went shopping for clothes. Isn't it fun to be in a smaller size and find things that fit nicely. You go girlfriend.

HELLO out there to you other Magnolias. :wave:

03-22-2011, 09:10 AM
Good morning to you all! It is warming up fairly quickly this morning. I am hoping we keep spring temps for another month as we have to tackle the ac issue inbetween time and need to make sure there is enough money to do that.

The update on what happened to my dd is that all the cruisers were in line to get off the ship I guess packed in like sardines, some guy behind her got snippy and wanted her to move quicker, they cut in front of people halfway bowling them over. He said something to Kelly like "So are you gonna move or just stand there?" She kept her cool I will say that for her. Tom was back in the pack and saw nothing as he was with his elderly parents, his dad being in a wheelchair. Well, he got in front of her I guess and his bratty preteen or teen dd, don't know which clobbered Kelly a few times with her bag and Kelly said to her, "Would you please stop hitting me with your bag?" Kelly said she acted like she was doing it on purpose. The dad then came back at Kelly and in full view of everyone including ship personnel AND dade county police put his hands around Kelly's arms and picked her straight up into the air. Cruise people rushed over and stopped him from doing anything else, and she said she didn't want anyone arrested, but she felt she needed to make a police report. She had pushed her way through the crowd when he let lose of her she said not even paying attention to Thomas and such (I imagine terror took over) Anyway, the guy got away from the cruise guy and the cop came to Kelly and ask if she could still see him and she pointed him out. That's when he gave the story she was harrassing his daughter, etc, etc, but I guess there was a big crowd of dade county police all together and lots of witnesses. She has bruised arms and he broke little capillaries in her arms.

This is a picture of what Thomas brought me back. He always brings me a magnet and the flip flop has St Thomas sand in it. She said he picked out the Christmas decoration too.

Jack went to work this morning with an awful sore throat, but my uncle was sick with stuff, my sister was getting over bronchitis so he probably picked up like my niece said some cooties at their house.

Maggie: His is in his lower back way down by the tailbone so I imagine sitting is pretty hard along with working and such. He works as an electrician for Ford and says they have 11 lines going at the moment and 3 electricians, one is out sick, one is on vacation and him. He says he will just plod along and do the best he can until they get back. I guess the new Explorer is flying out the door. He said he can't believe in this economy a $35,000 suv is being sold so quickly.

Gail: Congrats on getting new slacks. You need to go for it so to speak and try and stay as calm as possible. If the assessment involves typing, just close your mind to it being a test and think you are typing to friends and go for it. I know you will do well.

Jean: hope your computer problems are solved soon. We miss you.

Susan: Hope you are having a good day.

I guess I need to get started gals. I got nothing done yesterday as all I did was run here and there. My house is filthy and needs a good scrubbing. I wanted to clean it last week, but Marty follows me everywhere and I have tripped over him numerous times so gave up on that. :lol:

03-22-2011, 11:47 AM
Good morning, ladies! Expecting a few showers today but temps in the 60s.

I just have time for a short one - this is my work-both-jobs day. Nothing interesting happening.

Faye, I hope my AC is okay for another year. It's old but worked well last year. I don't keep my house very cool, never under 78 unless someone is coming to visit. I hope yours won't be too expensive to fix - maybe it just needs freon. I added your brother to my prayers and I'll put him on the prayer chain at church. That was really scary - what happened to Kelly. I can't believe he tried to put the blame on her. He needs anger management classes.

Gloria, I have confidence you'll have no problem with the assessment. They aren't turning out workers like us anymore! It always feels so good to get into a smaller size.

Hi, Maggie and Jean.

03-22-2011, 02:23 PM

It is a bit humid this 67 degree day so far in the Heartland and we have the cieling flans whirring. Will has taken his computer (laptop) down to have all the "stuff" transferred to a new one this day. I don't want a new one yet for mine is working fine. When he gets the new one home I will load the office program I have on it. They would have loaded it on but I didn't get up early enough to get it out for him to take to them. No biggie, I can do it easily enough. He just came in and showed me he had been by the market and bought me a nice carton of ripe "huge" strawberries. These berries aren't hallow in the center either. Grew slowly and got big. :p We are grilling steaks today with bakers and a nice tossed green salad and strawberries. Right now I am sipping my first coffee of the day. Speaking of ~ the other day when Will brought home my sf ff latte it tasted like something else entirely, which it was. He took a sip of his coffee and it wasn't what he ordered either. He took them back and the gal realized she had switched the order. She made us what we wanted then gave Will a gift card worth several more coffees. He said that they didn't have to do that and she smiled and said, "You are such a good customer we want to keep you that way." Such service. More places could adopt their attitude and keep their customers happy. Those gals down there say they love to see us coming for we always have a good time with them.:p Life is good. The workers are out laying the new fiber optic lines and when they get it all done they will hook our TV up for we signed up for the change. We will get much more for less of what we are currently paying to the folks we go through now, whose service we are not happy with. Hopefully it will be changed before Baseball season gets going good. Baseball is our game. Don't watch round ball or football. I am Dodger blue through and through. When I checked on the Eagles it was raining there. That bird looked so pitiful on that nest getting soaked. Well, the water was running off those beautiful feathers.

DONNA FAYE What a neat gift he picked out for you. Thanks for the "rest of the story." What a clod that guy is. He does need anger management classes for sure. But since whe won't press charges they can't make him go. To think I used to teach that to the criminals I counseled. Well, at least I "tried" to teach them how to manage it.:D OH poor Jack. He just can't seem to get ahead of it. That virus reached out and grabbed him. Your brother is in dire straits having to go to work with that pain, I must say. But looks like he is a very dedicated worker and that is a good thing. Poor guy he will probably have to get one of those donut things to sit on to releive the pressure on that lower back and tail bone area. I don't belive for one nanno moment that your house is "filthy." Not yours. Granted there are different degrees of filthy but your not in any of the categories. :yay: NOT filthy.:no:

OH JEAN I am so sorry you are having computer problems. But maybe they will fix it up soon back to exact. We will miss you while you are gone. Will ws having problems also and "has" to get a new one.

SUSAN Don't work too hard now. Looks like our temps are running about the same. We keep our temp set at 68 in the winter and 70 in the summer ~ that way the heater and air conditioner don't come on as much. We prefer using the ceiling fans which we have in every room except the dining room which we plan on getting one up in there this year.

GAIL How are things going with you this day?

Too hip gotta go. :bb: Later.

03-22-2011, 02:46 PM
See what I mean, Maggie?! I'm not very smart if I keep messing up in reading posts. Here I am accusing you of not reading my posts correctly when all along it's ME! I'm sorry. Strawberries...yum.

So.....I have a job interview. TODAY AT 4PM! Before I could attend the job fair tomorrow I had to apply for the job on-line as a pre-registration thingey. Which I did. Then I get an email asking me to take a simulation call center assessment test. (This job is very entry-level.) I did. This morning. Wayne and I then get dressed for the day. Yes, that's right I took the assessment in my pj's. Anyway, in the course of running errands...right inside Walmart at the cheese area, my cell phone rings. It's their HR rep wanting to interview me! Today at 4PM. 30-39 hours. I would be happy just working 30 hours a week. I don't want to work full time. Really. 30 hours would be enough. See? I'm not greedy.

Donna Faye, the assessment Imagine that. I love the magnets. I always buy magnets when I vacation/visit some place. My refrigerator was covered on the side for a long time and then I went on a cleaning rampage and their all stuck together inside a drawer.

Susan, I hope your AC will work for you! Such an expense when they don't run efficiently.

Jean, hope your computer gets better or you get a better one!

Now...I need to go put together an interview outfit.........................

03-23-2011, 08:39 AM
Good morning to you all! It is nice and cool, a bit windy at the moment and we are supposed to get more rain today. That we don't need. Coming home from AR and crossing the bridge, even at 11 pm at night you could see that the river had flooded for a good 1/4 mile over its banks. I am not sure what flood level for the old Mississippi is in our area at the mo' but I know it was creepy feeling to see it. I told Jack as we crossed the bridge anyone going in that river wouldn't come out. I guess it makes for good barge hauling, but the river has some serious riptides. You can actually see the currents on top of the water they are so strong.

Poor Jack seems to go from one thing to another that's for sure. I have been giving him my sore throat remedy and it soothes it and helps for awhile, but unless he takes it to work, he comes home with a sore throat and he is at the coughing stage where the irritation is making his sort of choke. He didn't even eat breakfast this morning. I told him not to let it get too bad to go to the Walgreen clinic if need be since it can be hard to get into our regular dr and the clinics around here take Tricare. I am making sure I don't catch it as much as I can, but I use papercups for meds and such and the handwash all the time so you can only do so much. Being a married couple you share and share alike I guess! :lol:

Jean: Hope your computer isn't in the shop too long we miss you.

Susan: I am afraid I would have kneed the guy in the privates if that had happened to me, but I am sure she was so surprised and frightened by it she was just struggling to get away. You wonder how many other people he bullies like that. I saw online for the city news that the Navy base is going to have an air show in May with the Blue Angels. I didn't know this, but they had suspended most shows for the last year or so because of budget and economic issues. I sure miss seeing them, but I don't miss the crowds they draw. They charge now too, which they didn't used to. It goes to charity, but still. You don't get anything free anymore.

Gail: See, I told you that you would do fine and get the assessment done right! Hope you get the job and things work out fine for you. How is Wayne doing job hunting? My brother works for Ford and he says that they have sure come around. He had actually at one time almost lost his house because his hours were cut back so much.

Maggie: We have a wonderful candy company that is local her called Dinstuhls and around May they have the most delicous chocolate covered strawberries you have ever had in your life. The owners are friends of Kelly's mil and years ago she gave me some. They have since sold it as they are elderly, but I am assuming they still make those lovely berries every year.

Nothing much going on here. Still working on the house, doing laundry today and such. I am reading The Lincoln Lawyer on audiobook and it is a great book. I just finished two other audio books both by Nora Roberts, one I got on sale for $5 and is called High Noon and the other is one of her J D Robb books, the current in her "in death" series and is the best one yet, Treachery In Death. I am anxious for the next Janet Evanovich book to be out. She is so absolutely hilarious I just love her books. If any of you are big readers, any of these books are great. Just make sure you start at the first in the "in death" series as even though they are separate stories, relationships and such with the characters evolve and you need to read them in order.

Have a good one today gals. Off to hunt up some breakfast and get to work. Faye

03-23-2011, 01:30 PM

It is a chilly windy day here in the Heartland. Yesterday we had the air on and now the heater is on. I am sitting here with goose bumps on my arms. Ah but my coffee tastes good this morning. The dogs aren't anxious to go outside and frolic.:p Will got a call from my doc early this morning to tell me to call the hospital and make an appointment for an x-ray. I asked him what it was that I needed x-rayed. He said he didn't know just that I need an x-ray. The only thing I can think of is that she wants me to have a mameogram. That is an x-ray and I am due for one and hate them with a passion. You know me I would rather go to the dentist.;) Well, I'll say! My closet door is open in this room and I happened to glance up to the top shelf and sitting there is a box full of quart sized freezer bags we bought when we were at Sams in the city and Will stashed them up there out of sight out of mind. Nifty, what a find. I don't usually open that side of the closet for there is storage of sewing items, tax records and computer "stuff" there and nothing to do with my glass but he needed a booklet I have in a case in there to do with a computer program and left the door open. What a nice find. I noticed he still has my christmas box of small things sitting out in his office. I have this small @ 6 inch tall glass tree that has little orniments to hang on each limb that was made to use on a dining table as a place setting beside a plate during the season. I only purchased one to use in my small village I put out. Anyway when he reached for it to bring it to me across the room Beanie tripped him and he dropped the tree and it broke in several pieces. The way it broke can be glued back together nicely ~ when he gets it glued and back in it's box the box will go in his closet. I might mention it today that I can glue it back together. I have some really good glue. If the catalogue I purchased that tree from has it offered again in next winters catalogue I think I will get another. It is really cute. I was just going to leave it out with the houses and take the ornaments off. Oh well.

DONNA FAYE I have had dreams about that river flooding and sweeping cars off the bridge. Actually it was replaying the news photos through my head at night. They do call that the "mighty" Mississippi. It is very strong for sure. Ooooo I would love to have a few of her strawberries, what a treat. We need to make a trip back to TN for sure.:D I do hope that Jacks sore throat is a short lived thing. If it isn't one thing it is another with him ~ :hug: You don't mind if I send him a hug do ya?

JEAN - GAIL - SUSAN Hope all y'all are having a lovely day this humpday.

It has warmed up in here finally and it is quite nice now. :wave: Type at y'all later.

Im back ~ I looked up Dinstuhl's and they even have chocolate covered grapes + the strawberries.

03-24-2011, 11:53 AM
We woke up to a change of pace this morning. It is cool in the 50's and supposed to stay that way today. It is beautiful and sunny though.

Jack felt so bad last night he never even went upstairs and changed his clothing. It was quite warm yesterday so I told him the gate is locked and no one is expected here sit in your underwear if you want, which he did. He even slept in the recliner and on the couch he felt so bad so I joined him and stayed down here so I could keep an eye on his. He took some Nyquil and has been drinking my sore throat remedy and felt much better this morning and went to work. I told him to try and take it easy today so I hope he can.

I am going to start tackling rugs this morning. Jack was going to do them this weekend, but I think with his cold it is too much for him so I am going to do the downstairs ones today and he can do our room and the hallway this weekend, which is pretty easy as we aren't going to move furniture this time just spot clean upstairs. The office and guest room don't need shampooing this time around.

Maggie: I don't mine a mammogram at all, but of course when I do mine I am don't have any discomfort like some ladies do. I need to get in and have another one done as I am behind on the last one, but you know how it is about all that kind of stuff you forget about it and it goes by the wayside for awhile until you think about it again. The thing about the chocolate covered strawberries they have is the "filling" so to speak. Chocolate strawberries are very popular down her for some reason and I had a couple different kinds when I worked for the mechanical firm, but the Dinstuhl's have sort of a clear liquid around them instead of some that have more of a creamy texture to it. Anyway, I just like theirs better and the berries are huge and sweet. It is a nice treat sometimes.

Not much else going on in my world. I just always seem to have stuff to do like everyone else. You all have a nice Thursday! Faye

03-24-2011, 02:21 PM

It is a chilly 33 degree day here in the Heartland. I have a chicken out to thaw which I will cook in my rotisserie for dinner. This is the day Will works at the museum so I will time it for when he gets home. I think we have decided to leave our dogs with the vet for boarding while we make that quick trip down to Texas the end of the month. They have a nice big area for the dogs to romp around outside so Beanie will really like that. Ragg Mopp probably won't like being left and act like he did when he got out & about last time. But he will get over it when we get back from our quick trip. He is getting to be an old man. :p I can't think of a better place to leave them for those folks down there know the dogs and the dogs know them. The college kids they hire on the weekends are great. Since that big university is here in this little burg the town employs lots of the students. We have gotten to know quite a few of them when we have been out and about hither and yon.;) I am going to up my walking time this day. Do a couple more laps. Wish I had a swimming pool or an ocean close by. AH but if wishes were horses then beggers would ride. I must be content with what I have to work with. :jig: in place and lift some :lifter: and some :exercise: using my :barbell: as I :workout:

DONNA FAYE I do feel so sorry for your Jack. A gal can only do what she can for her main squeeze and you are the best for doing what you are. I am going to make some chocolate coverd fruit when we get back from Texas. I have a recipe for Chocolate Fondue that is wonderful and with the strawberries we get here it would be marvelous. The recipe actually calls for fresh pineapple chunks, banana pieces and strawberries. I had forgotten I had that recipe until I started thinking about chocolate covered berries. I can add grapes to the mix. :p Happy cleaning ~ wish you were here to do mine.:o

JEAN ~ SUSAN ~ GAIL Happy day to all of you lovely Magnolias.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

03-25-2011, 01:10 PM
Good morning all! A bit later than I post but I have been goofing around this morning instead of getting stuff done. I finish posting and then it is on to emptying and refilling dishwasher with breakfast dishes then doing living room rug today. I have washed all the bedding including the bedskirt so that will all be put back on and I have two baskets of clothing to put away one is just towels and washclothes and such. I did laundry yesterday and never got the stuff put away.

I have a new audio book that is really interesting, by the same author as the Lincoln Lawyer and is the 2nd in the series, the Lincoln Lawyer being Mick Haller (I didn't find out til near the end of the book he is the Lincoln Lawyer not because of anything to do with Abraham Lincoln but because he drives a lincoln! :lol:) So much for my lofty thoughts. This one is turning out to be pretty good too.

We have mulled over vacation for next year and I wanted to do Vegas so I worked up Vegas stuff but then I told Jack in the car last night that I thought we should take a cruise next year so I sat here and worked that all out. Jack really has wanted to go on a cruise for several years, but he always accedes to my wishes. I think it is about time I give him a chance. Looks like we are going on the newest Royal Caribbean ship Oasis of the Seas. It has some cool stuff on board that's for sure and is the biggest cruise ship in the world at the moment. I found a 4 star hotel a block from the ports where we can park the car for the whole week, get accomodations the night before the cruise, get breakfast buffet the morning we depart, free shuttle service to the port. We are going to drive to Ft Lauderdale, but drive from here to Valdosta GA and stay the night then drive into Ft Lauderdale on Friday before ship departure on Sat. When we come back, we will just leave straight from the hotel when we pick up the SUV and drive to Valdosta then spend the night and drive back in. I am one of the nutso people who actually really enjoying the planning of the vacation. Jack and I do it together though last night I sat here and kept feeding him info while he watched the basketball tournament games that were on.

Maggie: When are you and Will leaving for Texas? Are you taking the dogs with you and doing the RVing?

I do believe I am stalling! :lol: I really need to get a move one. For some reason, Fortune isn't interested in shampooing the carpets for me! :lol: Have a great weekend. It is housecleaning and finishing up shampooing for us this weekend. I did notice my tree is budding and has teeny tiny leaves on it. Faye

03-25-2011, 02:04 PM

Where is everyone this day? Very unusual for me to be first on the thread.:o It is a 30 degree chilly cloudy day here in the Heartland. My chicken didn't thaw in time to rotisserie it for dinner so we had tacos instead.:p After the chicken was cooked later I pulled off all the meat had have it for meals later. Part of it will be used for sandwiches with some of the sliced breast meat today and then later one day I will make a chicken pot pie with some of it and the remainder can go into a soup. I love having that rotisserie for it is so quiet and does such a good job. Life is good. The Schwan delivery man came this morning and I have some lovely things to cook from my order that will help me stay OP.;) I am especially glad to get the little Blueberry Breakfast Bites which are just 2p+ each. They say the serving size is 4 but I can just eat one with a boiled egg and some fruit for a good meal low in points+. It is certainly chilly in here ~ time for the heater to come on. AH ~ there it goes. It rained yesterday just a little bit. Not much at all and we could sure use some. The farmers are having to plow under their winter wheat because of the lack of rain this year. That is sad to see. I went through my "go bag" to make sure I have all the necessaries in it for our little trip. I have this neat contraption from LL Bean that all zips closed and neat and when open it has a hook at the top for hanging and lots of pockets to stash needful stuff. Little bottles of shampoo etc. All those things I need to do while away that I do here for sprucing up and smelling good. I've had it for years and it still works great. I refresh the contents before each use and inventory the contents to make sure I have everything. Like this time I need to purchase a small hair brush to put in it. Everything else is there but a little brush. That can be a purchase for this day when we go out and about.

DONNA FAYE You weren't there when I started typing my post and sneeked in right above me. :joker: So here I am again. We plan on boarding the dogs with their vet since they have such a big area for the dogs to romp around in and they will get great care. We will be leaving on the 4th of next month and be back in a couple or three days. Just a quickie to Texas to visit some friends and deliver some holsters Will made for a fellow there. Our "real" vacation will be next fall probably to Idaho and there abouts. Your vacation sounds like you will be having a blast on the bigest cruise ship ever. WOW. Bet you could get lost on that sucker.

ALL MAGNOLIAS Good day to y'all. I hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Time to see about some lunch. Type at y'all later. :wave:

03-25-2011, 04:06 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm back!!!! :cheer: Talk about withdrawal . . . holy buckets and then some! I now have a "clean" machine whatever that means. The guy called yesterday and wanted the disk I got with the computer and I tried to tell him I didn't think I got one. :o I did find it "buried" under a pile of papers I wanted to sort through "someday." Today he wanted the printer #; thank heavens that is printed right up front where I could see it!

"Gma" -- I hope Jack gets to feeling better soon. I would love to go on a cruise; maybe you could become a trip planner, for others, from home! ;)

Maggie -- We got up to snow this morning. :( It's melting now but Bob shoveled the deck for the squirrels and birds. A few days away is something to look forward to.

I need to do some back reading and catch up with the rest of your news. I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to get back in here. Have a great "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa1

03-25-2011, 04:30 PM

JEAN:wel3fc: Glad you could get back on the site. You probably got much more, which wasn't much at all, snow that we did. Those birds will surely appreciate having their area cleaned off. They don't show their appreciation but you know that they like the cleaned off place. You bet we are looking forward to our quickie trip to Texas. It surely will be a refresher. We never make just take a straight shot there and back. Either we meander our way there or on the way coming back. No use just making a straight way to there and back for that would just be a wasted trip as far as we are concerned. Not really wasted for we will see some neat folks but the traveling is more pleasant that way. Have fun reading the posts and I'll yak at ya later. :wave:

03-26-2011, 10:00 AM
Good morning ladies! It has been pouring rain since very early this morning and even had a thunderstorm overnight so we are cool and wet around here. I noticed I have to get out and kill some weeds in my dirt patch around the deck. This rain is bringing them all out.

Today is clean the downstairs now that my rugs are all nice and clean. I have been having my shoulder flair up again with this rain, but I am bound and determined to get the stuff done today so I can tackle upstairs tomorrow and get it all done.

I got a text from my sister that her mil had been rushed to the hospital yesterday having trouble breathing. She is doing ok now, but it was touch and go for a bit. She has COPD and they found bronchitis and such when they got her to the hospital. Freaky when we just saw her last Saturday and she was grand.

Jean: It is great to see you back with us again. I often tell Jack I think if he passed I would be leaning on the kids a lot to deal with any computer problems I have. Hardware and software are not my friends. Once the stuff is installed I do well with it, but fixing some hardware issue or installing software isn't my thing. I know you think I am this great trip planner, but truthfully I think it is lots of fun. For one thing, I am a bargain hunter and if I can find a sale I am happy as a pig in slop!

Maggie: I hope you enjoy your trip to Texas when you go. We haven't been to Texas in quite awhile. Jack's sister lives in Lubbock. In fact, Jack has to call her this weekend as Monday is her birthday.

Well gals, I need to get started on the cleaning so I can stretch it out. Have a good Saturday. Faye

03-26-2011, 03:25 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. Cold, rain and we might even see some snow flakes in the rain tomorrow. What weather.

I went to WW this morning and was down .6 so less than a pound to goal. Then I had to get some groceries and now don't feel like doing anything. The week and work wore me out and I think I go take a nap.

Have a great day.

03-26-2011, 06:27 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's cold, cloudy, and windy in my neighborhood this morning. Bob went to a farm auction this morning to look at a tractor; he chased the bid up but didn't get it. I made a grocery run, and was surprised that the store wasn't too busy. I ran into another teacher so we yakked for quite awhile catching up. I also stopped at a local hardware store because they had a big ad where you scratch a ticket and can get 50% off whatever you can fit in the sack. I needed "normal" looking light bulbs! :rolleyes: I did go back and read from my 2nd to last post -- you gals were chatty! ;)

"Gma" -- What an awful excperience for Kelly! I don't know what I would have done but think there should have been assault charges filed! What a jerk the guy was! I had to chuckle at the mental picture of you sleeping in the recliner with the 2 dogs! I hope your brother gets along ok with his back. I can't imagine that the medical personnel couldn't have found that when checking him over right after the accident. Have you seen the ad on tv where the Ford Focus will parallel park itself? That boggles my mind! Is Jack feeling better by now? Sore throats are not fun! :no: Thomas picked out cute souvenirs for you. The gal we go to Maui with likes to surf the net looking for deals so I just let her line up the car and airplane tickets. It saves me a lot of :stress: !

Maggie -- :congrat: on the maintain! You must have that figured out after staying there for 3 weeks. I know you will enjoy your free coffee coupons; it was nice of the gal to give them to Will. I'm sorry about your broken Christmas tree, and I'm sure Will is too. I don't have a fondue pot but wonder if I could melt chocolate in mini crockpot to dip fresh fruit in. I have card club in April and we will go out to eat first. I'm thinking fresh fruit, with a dip, for dessert at the house. You three mention air conditioning and I haven't turned the furnace off yet. I did open the back door one afternoon when the sun was shining and it was much warmer. Ernie took his sniff this morning and backed right back inside.

Gail -- :congrat: on a size 16! How did the job interview go? Good, I hope. When I worked at school 30 hours was full time, but I usually was closer to 31 by the time I finished for the day. I am ready for sandal weather! I hardly ever go barefoot since I broke a toe a few years ago.

Susan -- :congrat: on losing again this week! You are such a good role model for the rest of us! I can imagine you are ready to be done with tax season. Will you work through the 18th? One of my bell ringer friends does taxes and she was saying she is celebrating on the 18th. It is snowing, hit and miss, this afternoon. Nothing is sticking so that is good!

I have a load of laundry ready for the dryer so need to keep moving. Have a nice evening!

03-26-2011, 08:46 PM

Ah we are having a chilly day here in the Heartland. Little Beanie came in with muddy feet so there must be a puddle somewhere out in the back yard. He is such a curious thing like a cat. Gets his nose in everything. He has to be outside when I sweep my office/shop or I can't get it done. Will just moved my scale from the dining room to my office. It is one of those tall doctors scales and has to be set on a floor without carpeting. Since we have laminate flooring in here now I wanted it moved out of that front of the house. It sits nicely under a shelf next to my desk where a gun rack used to set. The gun rack is now on a wall inside the door ~ out of sight when my blinds are open. No one needs to be walking by and see our rifles. ;) They may want them and break in to get them. It has been known to happen even in a sleepy town in the Heartland such as this. No need to tempt folks. I need new blinds in here and that will be on my "to do list" for this summer for sure along with a ceiling fan for the dining room. We have got to decide what to do to the ceiling where the existing light fixture is there for it is large and hugs the ceiling. We don't know what is under that fixture. Maybe we can put a decorative piece on the ceiling before installing the fan to cover what may lurk under there. We will figure something out that is for sure. Got to make it more comfortable to eat in there in the hot summertime. I have a cute little crochet box I got at a yard sale years ago for a nickel. It is oval and 4.5 inches by 3. It is 1.25 deep and the lid is over the sides a half inch. Well sad to say Beanie liked it also and got it off the end table where it has been sitting. Good thing though the lid came off and he only chewed through some of the threads around the top edge of the bottom. So when the lid is on it you canít tell it is damaged goods. If I were very ambitions I would learn to crochet boxes and make myself a new one but I donít think that will happen. :( I made up a mixture of my rice using instant rice and butter buds which cut the points down considerably with cutting out the butter used when cooking it. Now it cooks quicker and you donít have to do any additions. Just boil the water, put in the rice and let it set 5 minutes. That will make it easy cooking when we go camping using much less energy to cook it and not having to add anything which certainly makes it camping friendly.:p

DONNA FAYE Hope you got your cleaning all done with out any aches and pains added. Are you going to visit her in Texas anytime soon?

JEAN I don't own a fondu pot either and don't need one to melt chocolate in anyway.:o I'll just use the microwave when I do it for I won't be taking it anywhere.

SUSAN Hope your nap rejuvinated you. :bravo: for another loss getting you so close to goal. I am so very happy for your success.

GAIL Howdy there my long time friend.

Type at y'all later.

03-27-2011, 10:51 AM
Good morning gals. It is crisply cool here again this morning. Looks like that is what the week to come is going to be. I noticed it is quite chilly in Indiana this morning so imagine you northerners are cold this morning too.

Jack had a bit of a cold relapse yesterday so I didn't get anything done. He laid around in the recliner and just felt a bit poorly so I didn't feel I wanted to make noise cleaning house and such so left it for today. It is all relative I supposed and it will get done.

Maggie: Fortune doesn't stay out in any kind of wet weather and hates to have his paws wet and such. If it is sprinkling rain and he needs to go bad, he will go out and right back in and then use his puppy pads. He has never been a "playful" dog.

I just finished another Michael Connelly book called, The Brass Verdict It was a really great book and I enjoyed it very much. I look forward to the next one he has written and then I will be caught up to his new book with this character.

Well gals, this is short and sweet, but Jack ran and errand and is back so it is breakfast time. Have a good day all. Faye

03-27-2011, 02:32 PM
Good morning, ladies. It's raining and cold - 36 degrees right now. I hope it warms up next weekend and the following week - I'll be on retreat and don't want to have to take heavy clothes.

I have my bedding in the washer and just put a pot of veggie soup on for this week. My "fun" for today will be to scrub the kitchen floor and clean the downstairs bathroom. Then I'm going to do a little sewing.

Faye, I'm glad you sister's mil is doing better. Life with lung problems is not fun.

Jean, we received a fondue pot for our wedding and it stayed in the box for 18 years until we moved down here and I contributed it to the thrift store before we moved.

Maggie, you'll be in Texas while I'm on retreat. You are always doing things in the house. I have ceiling fans in every room in the house but the bathrooms.

Have a great day!

03-27-2011, 04:10 PM

The current temp here in the Heartland is 34. It started snowing lightly when we walked to church next door and when we got out there was @ an inch on the ground. It is what they predicted but it is still snowing so maybe will get a couple of inches since it is supposed to snow to at least 11 pm this night. We do need the moisture. :) We went out to eat at an Italian restaurant and I ate Fettucini Alfredo with Italian sausage cut up in it. Ate about a third of it and brought the rest home. That meal alone will probably coste me a weight loss at the scale tomorrow but it was worth it in the scheme of things. We hardly ever go there and it was soooooo good today. I guess if I couldn't make the scale go down in 3 weeks I can at least make it go up. That is certainly one way to look at it.:p I am going to package some of that rice mixture I made up yesterday this afternoon. I will keep most of it in a large container to use here at home. Other then that there isn't anything on my "to do" list for this day.

DONNA FAYE Yep if your main squeeze is feeling poorly your other work can wait. Just baby poor Jack. I am sure he will be oh so grateful when he does get over that cold. Your work will be there waiting for you another day.

SUSAN I do so hope the weather does cooperate with your plans to go the retreat. I have never owned a fondu pot for we are not fondu folks. Ah but my older sister had lots of fondu parites. She had lots of boys and they all loved to fondu. I am thinking of putting fans in the bathrooms if we can find some that fit nicely. We put one in the bathroom of the house where we lived in Idaho. :cool: That is the bathroom we remodeled and had lattuce on the ceiling. Picture perfect was that bathroom. And actually had one in the upstairs bathroom in our house in Montana. That bathroom was fitted with all old timey fixtures like a claw footed leged bathtub and stand alone sink.

JEAN & GAIL I hope that this day is going well with you. I lift my :coffee: to you.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

03-27-2011, 06:23 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining but it is breezy and cold outside. We have spent most of the day at church. Went to early church, stayed for coffee hour thinking we would eat baked potatoes and trimmings at 11 to beat the rush, and ended up staying for the meeting at 1. The meeting would have been short and sweet if one guy would have kept his mouth shut. He kept interrupting and wanted to change wording in ammendments that had nothing to do with anything. :mad: His ideas all got voted down in the end. Changed clothes and finished reading the papers when we got home about 2:30.

Maggie -- I'm sorry Beanie chewed on your little crocheted box. Could you use fabric glue to "fix" it? I won't feel bad if you keep your snow to yourself! Do you think chocolate would stay melted if it sits out at room temperature? I don't blame you for eating something nonWW once in awhile. You may be surprised at weigh in!

"Gma" -- I hope Jack is feeling better 'n better as the day went along. I saw an ad for The Lincoln Lawyer on tv last night. Do you think that follows the book you read? Your cleaning will be waiting for you whenever you get around to it. ;)

Susan -- Scrubbing the floor and cleaning the bathroom doesn't sound nearly as much fun as sewing. :) I hope the weather shapes up for when you are gone on your retreat. You've really had a mixture of temperatures! That does sound like a fun thing to look forward to!

The month of March is almost gone -- hard to believe. I have more laundry to get going so guess that is next on my list. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening. :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-27-2011, 07:35 PM

JEAN I did glue what I could however there is a half inch piece missing off the top rim and I would crochet a piece and attach it but I don't think I want to go to the trouble right now but maybe sometime.:p It looks fne with the lid on it for none of the mends show nor does the gap. You sure spent a long time at the church building today! Did you get your baked potato and trimmings after all? Do you have a One Potato Two shop there? Wish we did for they have some WW friendly things that are yummy. I will take whatever comes at weigh in tomorrow and promise not to snivle if I show a gain.:p

03-27-2011, 10:57 PM
Maggie -- Yes, I did get my potato and trimmings for lunch at church. They fixed a big roaster of chili for those who don't care for the potato offering. The potato bar had choices of butter or sour cream, hamburger w/ some sort of sauce, diced ham, chopped bacon, broccoli, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and green peppers. A lettuce salad, homemade cookies or bars, and a choice of water, lemonade, milk, or coffee completed the meal. It's put on every year by the men's club to raise scholarship money for the seniors. I've never heard of One Potato Two but it sounds like a fun place to eat. Good luck at weigh-in tomorrow.

03-28-2011, 09:52 AM
Good morning to you all! It is nippy here again this morning, around mid 40's I think. I imagine my utility bill will be much smaller for this month though without the ac or heat going. I have turned on the furnace a couple times, but then it warms up and I turn it back off again. It is chilly in the house, but I have work to do that will keep me warm.

I think poor Jack is doomed lately. He was helping me yesterday upstairs, hanging up clothing and such, nothing really physical and pulled his lower back. That sunk him so no rug shampooing yesterday and I had to tend to him all day so from that point on I didn't get much done. Poor guy was really in pain so I got him into the recliner with a heating pad and a muscle relaxer from the last time he hurt his back. He went to work this morning with a sore back, but I am hoping he won't have anything physical much to do today just work on their computer system so his back can heal and not get worse.

I am once again going to try and tackle the downstairs. No one is home except Fortune and I should be able to make progress and get it done. I am doing up the little bit of laundry too.

Susan: It is amazing how dirty a house gets and no one but the two of us live in it. I am sure you are glad it is all sparkling clean again. Congrats on the loss. Those last couple lbs are fighting to stay on I see, but you just keep at it! :lol:

Jean: The potato bar sounds great. Wonder if you could have gotten chili on your potato if you had wanted it? :D I have seen a few potato type restaurants in our travels but have never tried any of them. We used to get the occasional blowhard at the church always wanting to make sure his opinion was known and dragging the meeting out. Our meetings were after Sunday night service so sometimes we didn't get out of there until near 11, which was ridiculous. Jack was a deacon at the time and could not just up and leave.

Maggie: We all have to give ourselves an indulgence once in awhile. As long as we don't make a habit of it we are usually a-ok.

Well, it looks like I am finished with the basketball tournament brackets as the rest of my choices have all lost already. I came in a little below midway and as long as I wasn't dead last I was happy! It looks like the one my son does with his wife and friends every year is going the same way. My dil has won it the last two years running and she is tied for first right now! I talked to them yesterday and she was getting ready to go for a walk as she still has a bit of her cold. She has a min marathon the first week in May and she has never done anything like that. I talked to Jackson for 5 seconds. He and dad were going to go to the park and play. Jay said he was doing ok. They have been unable to rent their other house still so he said he and Alicia are picking up extra money, her taking extra shifts at work and he is moonlighting selling hot tubs at his old bosses on the weekend. I feel for them because they just put a bunch of money into that house to rent it again and they can't sell it because there is absolutely no market up there with their high unemployment. It is a lovely little house that a renter would love to live in, but I imagine he doesn't want just anyone in there.

Other than that, we are sameo sameo. I need to get a move on and get started on chores and a dirty house. You all have a great start to your week and we will talk to you all later. Faye

03-28-2011, 01:17 PM

OOOO it is chilly here in the Heartland. The temp is 30 which "feels like" 21 and it is so foggy. Fog. Will has gone to take the dogs to the groomer for a trim and bath. They will come home all nice and clean and lovely and stay that way for at least until they want to go outside. :p We found out Beanie is a digger and we need to get on him to stop that behavior. Well, we are going to put up a fence around the garden and that will keep him from digging in that fresh turned dirt.:D I will be checking in on the Eagles more closely come the end of the month for the eggs are due to hatch on the first of April. Could be sooner or later though. I was given (years ago) a pin that is of 3 cat tails and some leaves. It is 3 inches tall and I have never had a thing to wear it with. I think I will put it out with my glass village. Might as well have some cat tails growing beside a house. It is a really cute nice pin. I just located it while going through some things deciding just what to do with them. I am one of those that if I don't use it, or have a definite specialty use for it ~ it goes. That comes from living in a motorhome I guess. :p I'm just not of the "pack rat" variety. I have a dear friend that is and she cracks me up, bless her heart. I did show a bit of a weight gain :cry: from my indiscressions the past week when I weighed this morning but have gotten a grip and am going to make some headway this week. Onward and down ward. I am planning :book2: some meals :chef: for the week and making a shopping list, mostly of fruits and veggies.

DONNA FAYE OH poor Jack. What are we going to do with that man. I remember when my back was giving me fits it just took moving wrong and "wham" it would catch my breath with the sudden pain. So believe me, I do know what your dear husband is going through in that department. I feel so sorry for him :hug: Tell him :getwell: So your are cleaning today while you have the chance. You go girlfriend.

JEAN & SUSAN & GAIL Hope all of you are well and happy this day.

Type at y'all later. :wave: Be safe.

03-28-2011, 01:53 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining but it is still cold in my corner of the world. Snow is predicted for later today and into tomorrow. I went to church knowing the gal who normally helps count was in church yesterday but didn't know if she would show up or not. She did come about a half hour after we had started; when I offered her her job back she took it, so now I won't have to go in as early. The treasurer balanced and so did I on the first try!

"Gma" -- I feel so sorry for Jack! Did you try ice on Jack's back before using the heat? I've read quite a few tips regarding aches and sprains saying to use ice first. Yes, we could have put chili on the potatoes yesterday. I think some did from the looks of their plate. :lol: I'm not sure what kind of sauce was on the hamburger but it had a little liquid with it. I've never ordered a stuffed potato when we eat out thinking that is something I could fix at home. I giggle whenever you mention your dirty house. ;) We have a friend who is an EMT and in visiting he says one wouldn't believe some of the houses he has been in.

Maggie -- You will get your focus back :yes: and get rid of your gain in no time. It's always fun to find something unexpected when looking for something else. :) I've packed things away, over the years, and every once in awhile will find a treasure I had forgotten about.

Bob should be home for lunch shortly. I had planned to make a casserole but didn't have enough time for it to bake so maybe tomorrow. It is a soup kind of day anyhow.

Enjoy the rest of your day! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

03-28-2011, 04:51 PM
Hi everyone! I have been away. I mean away from home AND the computer. Hubby and I drove down to Va. Beach last Thursday to spend time with the Dads. This is also the place where there is no computer at one house and a computer at the other but no access to the internet. Hence, I have been away! We got home late last night. I'm still tired. And I have a mountain of laundry.

The interview. My interview last week went very well. However, this job is not meant to be. Something else will come along if it's meant for me to go back to work. Wayne also went on a job interview right before we left for Va. Beach. His interview went very well also. Don't know yet if he got the job. If he did...wonderful, fabulous... If not, something better will come along. I am trying not to get upset about this.

The Dads. Well, what can I say? My Dad is 80, has arthritis, and is 4 years into Parkinson's Disease. He worries about every little thing. But my brother lives next door and he's keeping wonderfully good care of our Dad. My father-in-law is 86. Has a few problems like chronic pancreatitis, a heart problem and now he's getting dizzy spells. But he is extremely independent. And no...neither man will come to Delaware to live. And they have been invited...multiple times.

I had a pretty good time down in Va. Beach. I met an old friend (since 1st grade) for lunch on Saturday. We haven't seen each other in about 35 years. Gotta love Facebook. We have vowed not to lose track of each other again. She was responsible for Wayne and I meeting! Great matchmaker, huh? :)

I know I need to do some back-reading. And I will. But I wanted y'all to know where I've been and hadn't disappeared totally on y'all again. So here I am! Home again! :)

Take care...and I will be back ASAP.

03-28-2011, 11:21 PM
Gail -- Welcome back home! You are thinking positive about the job outlook and that is good. :cp: No job is perfect, that's for sure. It's nice that you reconnected with your friend after so long; that's always a pleasant surprise.

03-29-2011, 06:41 AM