Biggest Loser Challenges - Blue Team NYNY 2011 Chat Thread Week 11 (03/20-03/27)

03-21-2011, 01:20 AM
Hi I think we did great this week a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our biggest losers for week 10:carrot::carrot::carrot:

Biggest Loser:
MamaP, -9.2lbs, -4.0%

Honorable Mentions:
Cocoloco, -4lbs, -1.71%
Soon2BFitChick, -2.4lbs, -1.44%
reji, -1.8lbs, -1.32%

Team Loss of -21.2lbs, -.50%

Also on a huge note no one took a freebie we didn't lose anyone this week and all but 2 posted in the chat thread for week 10......WOOHOO that's awesome everyone. Let's make this a trend til the end:)

03-21-2011, 01:28 AM
Okay so we are at week 11 with 3 weeks left to go:
So today is the first day of Spring so I want everyone to come up with 3 challanges for themselves or others and also let us know your 3 favorite things and 3 biggest fears with Spring

1: I challange everyone to post in the nutritution thread this week
2: I challange myself to exercise a min. of 30min everyday this week
3: I challange everyone to actually respond to this

1: I love the sun and am looking forward to seeing more of it
2: I like listening to the birds first thing in the morning
3: I like that I can be out more and feel refreshed with spring (like signing up for my first running class)

1: I am terrified of the sleevless tops that spring can bring (batwings here)
2: I am scared that I will lose the desire for exercise (but excited at the same time about running again)
3: I am affraid that our spring will be over to fast and that I will never reach goal.

03-21-2011, 02:12 AM
Results are posted and BLUE TEAM won for week 10.....CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE

03-21-2011, 06:36 AM
Yeah Blue Team!!!!! and congratulations on all the losses this week especially MamaP, CocoLoco, Soon2BFitChick and reji! I wasnt one who lost last week, but I have prepared for this week.

I made Chicken, Vegetable and Tortellini Soup as well as Creamy Curried Broccoli soup last night and froze 6 servings, as the sunshine is coming your way we are heading into winter, and I love comfort food in winter, soups, casseroles, slow cooked meals. So I will be prepared. Tonight I made a delicious Ham, feta, asparagus and tomato quiche. And I will have the leftovers for tomorrow's dinner.

I have planned my whole week in dinners and snacks, so I know that I have no excuse to have convenience food aka drive thru.

So I challenge myself to:
1. exercise every night this week at least ten minutes, but aim for thirty.
2. drink my water... I have not had a glass today :(
3. play footy with my son,

and I challenge everyone to go and exercise with someone, whether it be a walk with your partner, throw around a ball with you kids, shoot some hoops, play putt putt golf, go ten pin bowling, join a team sport. It doesnt feel like a chore when you do it with someone.

My 3 favourite things are:
1. cooking - I love finding new recipes, converting my old recipes into WW propoints, encouraging my son to help with meal preparation so that he will make healthy choices.
2. stampin - I am a stampaholic, I love making handmade cards.
3. movies - I even go to the cinema by myself. I can't wait to see Just Go with it with Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler on Monday night - its a chicks flick night.

OMG - I just reread the post.... Ok these are my favourite things all time... LOL

What do I love about Spring - everything... as we are going into autumn/fall
1. the autumn leaves - going to the park and walking on them and hearing them crinkle under my feet. The colours of them. Its amazing!
2. cooking comfort food. I love the smells of slow cooked meals warming the house in the colder months.
3. snuggling under the rug of a night watching tv.

What do I hate about Autumn/ fall:
1. Its hard to get motivated to exercise in the cold. More excuses to sleep in or stay snuggled on lounge.
2. You can hide the extra kilos under the layers.
3. The comfort food is usually higher in KJ, fat, carbs, sodium etc...

03-21-2011, 06:56 AM
Hey everyone! I was wondering since we have 3 weeks left - are there any plans for another Biggest Loser challenge - I have been really motivated because of it. I have lost 14.2 pounds (7.2 kgs) so far and I think I will need it to help me through the winter months down under. In the past I start off the year really good and then when it get to April I unravel again. I havent been 114kg since the day I gave birth to my son 7 years ago. I have 6 kgs to go to get to that weight and long term I would love to be 100kg by the end of the year if not sooner. I don't see myself losing that 6kg in the next 3 weeks, I am off to Great Barrier Reef on an island getaway in April, and I am hoping that I will be good with the buffet. Plus it sounds silly but I wanna fit into the swimming costume I bought to wear - it is sagging in the bum, should of bought a smaller size.

So if someone was thinking of running another Biggest Loser after this one, I will be very appreciative! Thanks for all the work you do Bigmid, and Shan84! Plus thanks to everyone who makes me feel supported along this journey!

03-21-2011, 07:57 AM
mum- Red Team leader just popping over to let you know we are in the process of making plans for the next challenge. More details to come later.

03-21-2011, 10:51 AM
Hello everyone! I'm doing paperwork so cant stay but hope you all have a great week. And congrats to our biggest losers!

Hugsss, Selina :hug:

03-21-2011, 11:38 AM
Happy Monday everyone! I'm still fighting the crud but made it to the gym this morning for a short workout. I was actually planning to do about 50 minutes on the treadmill but as I was nearing one mile a heavy smoker got on the machine beside me and the cigarette smell was more than I could do along with my already hurting lungs. I finished up my mile and then did a few minutes on the elliptical before heading home. I ran a little more today. I ran at 5 mph twice - the first time for two minutes and the second time for one minute. Looking forward to being able to run for longer periods.

Congrats to all the losers this week. I'm up a few pounds today, but I knew I would be. I made corned beef and cabbage yesterday and also today started TOM (the first one in two months). Hopefully the water weight won't stick around too long. It's a shame though that 9 lbs lost last week doesn't take me below my start weight for the challenge. :(

03-21-2011, 01:28 PM
I am just popping over from the Red Team to say CONGRATS to you Biggest Losers for week 10! Well done! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

03-21-2011, 03:11 PM
Yay blue team!

1. I challenge myself to continue to workout everyday.
2. I challenge myself to stick to my plan hardcore no more free days!
3. I challenge myself to get outside more to play with my oldest son.

1. Spring is my favorite season so I absolutely love the weather (as crazy as it can be here in OK).
2. The holiday- Easter!
3. The ability to get outside most days. Ready to start C25K in April!

1. Tornadoes! In OK we get them quite often, at the watches and warnings.
2. Yardwork is coming!
3. Short season. I love my legs but in shorts I feel self conscious.

03-21-2011, 05:00 PM
Congratulations Blue Team for a fantastic week.

Biggest Loser:
MamaP, -9.2lbs, -4.0%

Honorable Mentions:
Cocoloco, -4lbs, -1.71%
Soon2BFitChick, -2.4lbs, -1.44%
reji, -1.8lbs, -1.32%

03-21-2011, 07:04 PM
Hi just sitting here being lazy but got a call for a showing so I have no choice but bundle up and go out in the snow for an hour while they are looking at the house.

03-21-2011, 08:51 PM
Just wanted to pop in and say YAY TEAM!!!! I can't believe we are nearing the end of this challenge, it's sure helped me stay accountable for sure. I had a rough week last week with cravings and wondering what I really wanted etc.. but I'm over that hump with a new plan in place so hopefully I give you all a great loss this week to help the team :) stay strong all!!!

03-21-2011, 09:47 PM
Hi Everyone, Congratulations to the losers this week! I had a plateau week, hoping to kick it up again this week!

03-21-2011, 11:28 PM
Yay Bluesers!!!

Still OP, 6 days in a row exercising 60 min a day, stars on my calendar and already some loss for the next week!!

Congrats to our BL MamaP, Coco, Selina and Reji - inspiration and motivation.

Good luck for the week - looking forward to the next challenge.


03-22-2011, 12:44 AM
Congrats to our biggest losers!! Way to go blue on winning this week :carrot:

I challenge myself to:

1) I challenge myself to make healthier choices
2) I challenge myself to log my food into livestrong on a daily basis
3) I challenge myself to train 4 days a week for my half marathon

What I like about spring:

1) the warmer weather; nature starting to bloom
2) Girls National Bowling trip
3) capris and flip flop weather

What I dislike about spring only one thing:

1) start of tornado season

03-22-2011, 09:14 AM
I am feeling so good today. Just before bed last night I spent ten minutes boxing and then spent ten minutes doing some yoga. It felt good, I slept so soundly.

And tonight I went to my PT session. We did a circuit, some boxing and at the end my trainer gave me a skipping rope...I had so much fun, I skipped for over 2 minutes continuous. I feel like a little girl. We do the PT session out in the park, and my son rides his scooter as we train. I just remember another thing I hate about autumn/fall... the end of daylight saving, it got dark not long after we started training.

I have stayed on plan with my food all day. I feel full and satisfied. I think I have finally found the right mix of foods that are filling and satisfying.

03-22-2011, 09:16 AM
PS Thanks Shan - I cant wait to continue for the next season of Biggest Loser.

03-22-2011, 12:29 PM
Congrats Everyone!!!

03-22-2011, 03:53 PM
Hey blue team.
Well the trip to AZ went well, except my daughter and I both developed an awful cold. I had no appetite which is why I lost those 2 lbs, I think. We are feeling a little better, but still not that well to work out. :(
Cant wait to feel better and start working out again!
Have a great day, everyone!

03-22-2011, 04:46 PM
I'm sorry I'm not as involved as I wanna be. I have just alot of stuff happening at once! The kids and I have had a fierce stomach virus this week. I can't remember ever really being this sick with one. Did us all the same way for about 3 days, I'm on day 2. :(

Pray for us! I am kinda glad the new baby isnt here yet because I sure don't want a newborn going thru this. I jusssst may be the biggest loser this wk. I think I've lost 6 lbs or something. Guess we will see on Sunday morning weigh in. Kinda feels like cheating that way tho, huh? No fun that way. :( But anyway, I put what the scale says and I can't keep anything down so we will see!

Hope you all are having a better week than us so far! Big hugs to each of you and Goooo BLUE!!!!! :cheer3:

Oh yeah, and do u remember how I said when I got to that other goal 162 that I would post a new pic of me? The other one was from like 2005, lol. So I changed it finally yay! And when I make it to 157.0 I will be down 120 lbs from my highest ever of 277 ...yay!!!! :yay: Even sick, I can still manage to celebrate that for sure! :dance:

Hugs, Selina :hug:

03-22-2011, 08:13 PM
Congrats this week everyone!! We won yay! Awesome job MamaP, Soon2b, and reji! :cheer3: I feel like I cheated, since I missed a weigh in, but I will take the honorable mention anyways :p

Bigmid - It sucks you had to be out in the cold, but I hope the showing went well! I'll accept your challenge for the nutrition thread, my eating is pretty boring, with mostly the same things everyday, but I'll do it hehe

mum2liam - I just got a jumprope, I can't do it 2 minutes straight without catching my foot a few times lol, it is fun though hehe.. Congrats on staying on plan!

MamaP - Congrats on running, especially while still feeling cruddy!

Dora - Awesome job on keeping up with the exercise! 60 minutes a day for 6 days in a row is amazing!

Soon2BFit - First, You look fantastic! Second, I hope you and your family get healthy again soon.. and congrats on the baby!

Kelsey - I hope you're feeling 100% soon, it's a shame you were sick on your trip, but I am glad it went well besides the illness :)

3 challenges
1) I challenge myself to drink 100oz of water the rest of the weak.. I have been exercising more, but not upping my water intake (bad)
2) I challenge myself to working out at least 30 minutes every day this week
3) I challenge everyone to stay on plan with their eating the rest of the week

3 favorite things
1) The sun staying out later
2) The smell of fresh cut grass
3) Flowers!

3 biggest fears
1) The fire ants start making an appearance, I hate those sneaky painful bugs!
2) The heat is coming, it's already 88 here today.. it's only going to get hotter
3) allergies.. not mine, but my hubby and one of my dogs are already having horrible reactions

03-23-2011, 01:40 AM
Hi everyone hope you all had a great day. Mine was okay I got my workout done and ate good today but my carboholic ways are shining through. Input everything I eat in one of my apps and it totals my WW points + gives me a breakdown of everything else. I had 234g of carbs today and that's about usual?????? The weird thing is in my supper tonight (salad with bran buds, craisins, egg, cottage cheese) I totaled up over 100 carbs there alone. That was the healthy stuff. Oh well what are you gonna do I'm just not a proteinoholic I guess:)

Congrats Selina you are only a pound from goal that's awesome the new pic is great and I hope you and the family feel better soon.

Back with more personals tomorrow.

Good night all

03-23-2011, 02:48 AM
Hi Team

Forgot earlier to respond to Jacky's challenge request so . . .

My challenges for me:
To continue my daily 60 minutes a day of exercise
To get to bed a little earlier
To complete some projects that have been begging to be completed

Favorite things about Spring:
Flowers and vegetables
Having a natural urge to do stuff

Fears about Spring?
Starting to go camping means less structured eating
Not getting my vegetable garden planted early enough

Hang in there blueser's - we can win this!!!!


03-23-2011, 02:55 AM
Oh . . . and Selina - seeing your clavicles so defined really makes your loss evident - ver-r-r-ry impressed!!!:hat:

(And not so long ago, you were saying how you got stuck whenever you got close to 200 - look at you now!!!!!!!!!!)


03-23-2011, 08:04 AM
Selina you are looking great!!!!

So how do you cope with toxic people?

Grrrr - My toxic person is my mum - I have lost 7.2kg, my clothes are loose on me, people at work are commenting how my face has slimmed down and one of my colleagues grabbed the staff photo off the wall and compared it to how I look now, I happened to be wearing the same outfit that day.

Well - tonight my mother says to me - "Have you put more weight on? You look like you have piled on the kilos again." "How much do you weigh?" Are you over a 150 kgs?

I dont answer her. I know that if I answer her I am dammed if I do and dammed if I dont. Its her comments that drive me to eat! If she thinks those comments are going to make me feel motivated to lose weight...

She hasnt said anything positive to me, my seven year old pipes up... " she lost 5.2kgs this week, so be quiet!" I smiled at him. I think he has watched too much The Biggest Loser. But her saying it in front of my 7yo is annoying me too.

I would sever all ties, but she helps me with before and after school care. So, I will continue to bite my tongue, but one day...

03-23-2011, 01:05 PM
Well, 156.6 this morning, a bit dehydrated probably and haven't eaten much for days, but I passed goal so hey, it still showed this on the scale. Trying to be glad!

Thanks for the sweet words. I feel pretty good, when Im not sick! I DO remember, so well, Dora, not ever being able to get under 200, so funny u remember that, but I whined alot about it, had like a block and would start gaining once I got there.. weird. But guess its ok now. I'm a bit saggy but I've been obese since I was 5 yrs old. Can't expect to look good naked! Glad my husband is happy either way, Im a lucky girl. :)

So now what? I think maybe I'll make my goal 150 and stop there for now.. Just don't want to go too low bc if I get sick I lose alot when I can't eat so that would have to be it! I will probably go thru the next challenges with yall just to maintain, it helps me! :hug:

Gotta check on Meadow, when she is so quiet its not a good sign!

Selina :hug:

03-23-2011, 02:29 PM
Well, 156.6 this morning, a bit dehydrated probably and haven't eaten much for days, but I passed goal so hey, it still showed this on the scale. Trying to be glad!

Thanks for the sweet words. I feel pretty good, when Im not sick! I DO remember, so well, Dora, not ever being able to get under 200, so funny u remember that, but I whined alot about it, had like a block and would start gaining once I got there.. weird. But guess its ok now. I'm a bit saggy but I've been obese since I was 5 yrs old. Can't expect to look good naked! Glad my husband is happy either way, Im a lucky girl. :)

So now what? I think maybe I'll make my goal 150 and stop there for now.. Just don't want to go too low bc if I get sick I lose alot when I can't eat so that would have to be it! I will probably go thru the next challenges with yall just to maintain, it helps me! :hug:

Gotta check on Meadow, when she is so quiet its not a good sign!

Selina :hug:

You look awesome Selena.I remember when you said you would post a new pic when you reached you goal.Congratulations on your accomplishment!:hug:

03-23-2011, 06:09 PM
Congrats to the biggest losers this week! :carrot:

1: enjoy every day
2: enjoy every training run
3: embrace yoga and meditation every day

Summer celebrations
1: warmth and sunshine of summer sun
2: my yard and garden and friends and family enjoying it with me over a mohito made with garden mint
3: the way summer feels in my body and mind; the youthfulness
and freedom it provides. Almost like time is elastic and bendable.

Summer imperfections (or what I could live without)
1: slugs that grab onto my dogs when they go in the yard
2: bugs that eat my garden basil
3: ticks that think my dogs are a free meal

03-23-2011, 07:52 PM
Hi Everyone!

Haven't been here much, as usual my hectic schedule always seems to get in the way. I can't believe this challenge is almost over, it seems like it just started yesterday. I'm definately looking forward to the next one and hopefully I'll reach goal within a couple months, if it takes longer I'm ok with that too.

I've worked my butt off at the gym both this week and last! My new obsession is running, it's such a huge accomplishment for me. I've been waiting for the day when I'd be able to run gracefully without having the excess fat get in the way. I never thought I could run more than a mile but today I did almost 6 and felt fantastic after. Never in my life did I ever think I'd be running a 5K next month, I envied people who were able to do it and to me 3 miles seemed like a heart attack waiting to happen.

This challenge is one of the reasons I've been able to push on, I've almost given up more than a few times. Every week I look forward to posting my weight and see which team won. Looks like we've done an awesome job so far and I want to say congratulations to everyone who has stuck to it and not given up!

03-23-2011, 09:05 PM are as cute as you can be!! you are like a beautiful little look like the actress michelle williams!! you have come such a long way and are such an inspiration to so many people including me!! thanks for sharing YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!!

03-24-2011, 02:00 AM
Selina, Congratulations on making goal that's fantastic you have done so well.

Well I did alot of walking today and a couple workouts added to that too. So I hope I can sleep tonight and not to sore tomorrow.

Kind of busy at work today so didn't get on here then walked home from work, Nancy came over and we worked out, and now it's bed time. So I will talk to you all tomorrow.

03-24-2011, 10:14 AM
Thanks, that is so weird. An old school friend said that same thing the other day about Michelle Williams, lol. I never thought I looked like her but thanks. :)

Still under the weather. Feel yuk, bout to go get dressed and will weigh. Will be so busy this weekend with our opening day for baseball and an event at the kids' school tmrw nite that Imma post wgt now. Don't wanna forget. And even if I lose more, this is enough to post this week, since Ive been sick and couldn't eat. LOL. :(

I hope yall have a great day, hugs, Selina :df:

03-25-2011, 12:34 AM
Hi there - anyone home?:dunno:

Just wanted to report that in my 9th day in a row of exercising with WATP 60minutes a day - I finally have proof, it's worth it's salt - Jacky said so already. My maximum heart rate (MRH) for my age is 166 and to be in fat-burning for exercise I should be at 60-70% or 100-120bpm. I used my pulse oximeter last night during the workout and I was at 135!!! My resting heart rate is 75 so that's 60bpm more. Wow!:whoo:

Also took my measurements and will check them monthly, the next measure will be April 7, so I'll get to report once before THIS challenge is over. I'm confident there are inches gone - I can feel it.:yay:

For the next challenge, I hope to be doing weight training:strong: which I have read helps to shed the pounds twice as fast as aerobics only. Looking forward to more losses.

Where is everyone?

When's the next challenge?

Echo . . . . .


03-25-2011, 01:12 AM
Hi just a quick check in before bed. Sorry been busy at work today and had another showing at the house this morning and I woke up with a headache that still hasn't left me yet. Neck went out while sleeping last night I think. Guess I will have to give on and finally take something for it as it worse now when laying down.

Dora - WTG on the exercising thats great. WATP is a really good workout and fun least I think so:). Not sure of the dates on the next challange. This seasons show goes longer than our current challange so Shan and I are still figuring out what we will do about that. We will keep everyone posted of course.

Well off to sleep for me talk to you all later

03-25-2011, 12:50 PM
Sorry, I've been MIA this week. Life and work have been a little crazy/chaotic this week and I'm still fighing the crud. I am hoping I can head back to the gym the first of the week. Hope everyone has a good Friday!

Congrats Dora on the exercise! Way to go.

Selina - Love the new picture.

03-26-2011, 02:19 PM
This week was tough! i was upset my weight wasnt budging for a week that i went on a cheating spree, yes spree! I'm hoping to see the scale moving again.. no more cheating for me :(

03-27-2011, 01:17 AM
Hi everyone we had another showing today and one for tomorrow as well so hopefully something comes out of that. I walked home from work yesterday and did my WATP 3 mile today so hopefully tomorrow will be good. I did WI today as I went for Chinese for lunch but for some reason I still need to WI officially tomorrow:) I bought some new workout clothes today and they don't look to bad so that's good.
Shannon and I are just in the final stages of organizing the end of this challange and the start of the summer one so you will all know once we know.
Well just finishing up some laundry so I'll talk to you tomorrow.

03-27-2011, 04:27 AM
I'm not sure WI will be great as I always weigh more when I'm tired.....well it's 1:30am and still sleep eludes me:(. On top of that it's spring and we've had nothing but snow and they are forecasting another 5-10cm between tonight and tomorrow night:(
Spring and sunshine where are you??????
Well just thought I would type but still not sleepy so I'll talk to you later.

03-27-2011, 07:43 AM
My weigh in is what I expected but not what I had hoped for. Losing is so slow for me right now, I'm down to the last vanity pounds and they are stubborn! Anyhow, down 1 so at least there is movement.

Good luck on everyone's WI today! :)

03-27-2011, 10:11 AM
Hi everyone, Where is Spring! It was 25 here this am! High of 41, another chilly New England day. Well, I started exercising this week on the treadmill, did 4 days, which is huge since I hadn't been exercising for months! I weighed in today and it ok, but not quite as much as I had been hoping for. I hit the 20# mark now though, here's looking to the next 20!!!

03-27-2011, 10:53 AM
Didn't lose much this week, but after the upswing at the first of the week from TOM and corned beef and cabbage (two days), I'm happy to see any kind of loss. I hope everyone has a good Sunday. It's cold here, but we've got garage cleaning to do anyway.

03-27-2011, 11:18 AM
Enjoying my trip to sunny Florida, but I'm sure I'll have some work to do when I get home. I might even have to shovel snow, which feels crazy since it's going to be near 90 today here!

03-27-2011, 04:56 PM
Hi well out of the house early for a showing so hopefully something will happen soon.
WI was not to bad...not sure if I should put it down or not though as I went out for breakfast and may have gained a pound back by tomorrow. That and no water's too cold and snowy to drink all my water. I really want sunshine and some dry pavement.

03-27-2011, 05:31 PM
Well since my husband came home last week I lost some of my focus with my eating. We ate out a lot this week. I wasn't horrible but not great either. At least I just maintained my weight. I have a new focus for this week and plan on getting back into working out. I had a horrible cold and an awful ear infection (I still have it, but it's a lot better with the anti-biotics) So tomorrow I plan on working out again.

03-27-2011, 06:22 PM
Hey Blue Team. Had a pretty good week, but then I went out with some work friends last night and screwed up my WI this AM. So hopefully next week will be a good loss - maybe I'll hit a new low, I'm only 1lb away. But today I'm going to a family bday party with cake and chinese food, so the week will be off to a crappy start. But I'll be back on track tomorrow!

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

03-27-2011, 09:12 PM
Hi everyone just over an hour til you need to WI still missing a couple, me included not sure if I should put down what I saw on the scale today 179.8:) or play it safe for my WI next week and add a pound for all my weekend eating. I have to make up my mind pretty soon.