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12-17-2002, 05:41 PM
Hey guys,

What in your opinion is a good home gym? Like a weight/toning kind. You see all the ads on TV, but who knows what to believe. So, advice wanted. What gyms do you all use, what do you like or dislike about them?


12-17-2002, 06:11 PM
Hi Forgiven!

Did you see my post on Diet Plans under your thread? :)

I don't have a home gym myself (our place is itty bitty and my husband is a musician so his studio equipment takes up a lot of space). But if I was going to invest in something...I'd get an adjustable bench and some PowerBlocks - which are adjustable dumbbells and are WAY cool (my boss has them and loves hers). They have an excellent website at www.powerblocks.com - I HIGHLY recommend that you give 'em a looksee...

The Home Gym question gets asked a lot at www.leanandstrong.com as well...just recently Erik asked "If you were to build your home gym, what would it have in it?"


Some of the responses included:

"My minimum gym would have an incline/decline bench and a set of power-block type dumbells. A door-jamb chin-up bar as well!"

"a power rack, oly bar, olympic plates and a treadmill that doesn't suck. "

"Incline/decline bench, squat rack, plenty of plates and dumbbells (although I'll take attached powerblocks), varying height chin bars and a pulldown thingy that can be used for a multitude of assorted things. Oh and heck, gimme a leg press in there, too. "

"I never use it. It has a universal gym, incline bench, lots of DB and barbell with enough plates for me, a nordic Track skier and a bike. They are all useful for hanging ironing on. What keeps me motivated is the $$$ I spent to join my gym...I better be there using the facility."

"First and foremost I couldn't live without my pro-bells they are 6 weights in one, they go up in incrimens of five punds without having to change plates I just turn a dial and it drops the plates for me.

I have a bowflex with the leg extention and lat pull down, a barbell, resistance bands, swiss ball, stationary bike, tony little freestyle glider (which I do not like, its not for me although some people love it) I think I am going to put it our local paper for sale. And last but not least Taebo for cardio!"

I can pretty much say that whatever you decide - DON'T just buy products from an infomercial - go to a store that sells them and try them out - REALLY try them out (actually from my experience, most exercise stuff sold via infomercial is basically crap). If you have a knowledgeable friend, bring him/her along to offer advice and assistance. As far as good deals - check your Yellow Pages to see if there's a "Play it Again Sports" store in your area. They sell secondhand sports equipment and you can get some awesome deals...or check your local Penny Saver or classified ads for people who are looking to sell home gym equipment - you can get a whopper of a deal that way :) (My husband would recommend www.craigslist.com as a place to find great deals as well - but it depends on where you live, if they cover your area).

Hope that helps a bit!