Exercise! - Lost 7 lbs in past 2 months! (compared to 5 MONTHS to lose 8 lbs last year)

03-18-2011, 11:02 AM
Went from 155 lbs 1st week of January down to 148 lbs yesterday, March 17th, 11 weeks later! Even though I lose weight slowly, really happy about this because it's much quicker than last year it when it took me almost FIVE MONTHS (from April to Sept), to lose 8 lbs!! (from 160 lbs to 152 lbs) BTW, I'm female, in my mid-50s & just 5'2".

Last year during those 5 months I was eating similar to how I'm eating now-- calorie counting, keeping track of daily calories, averaging 1500 cal/day, lots of veggies/fruits, mostly high-fiber, low-fat foods, keeping portion sizes small. Plus last year during that time, I was exercising a lot-- walking 5 miles 2 or 3 times/wk, biking, playing singles tennis 4 - 5 days/wk. Yet I lost weight VERY SLOWLY even though started at a higher weight last year.:(

The difference this year? STARTED DOING WEIGHT TRAINING! :strong::lifter:

Even though doing light weights/more reps, probably increased my muscle size? Since early January, I've been going to the gym (YMCA) for exercise classes-- weight training, spinning, yoga, zumba, etc. Trying lots of new things, lots of variety, recently started Tai Chi, went to a Turbokick class (for about 10 minutes) and even considering trying a bellydancing class. Been trying to shock my muscles, shock my body into losing weight!!:D Added tennis (my first love) about a month ago when weather improved here in NC, now playing about 3 - 4 days/wk for 90 min - 2 hrs each time. Still doing biking, still doing walking, just not as much.

So it seems that I cut back on cardio & added weight training, along with other varieties of exercise. Results-- Firmed up, lost inches, lost bulges at the side of my hips, clothes fitting better, much quicker running down balls on the tennis court and maybe my metabolism is better due to increased muscle? Maybe finally burning calories at a higher rate? Just 18 lbs more to go to be at 130 lbs, my goal weight is in sight! :):yay: