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03-06-2011, 04:07 PM
;) Reasons why I worship porridge:

HEALTHY: Oats are packed with vitamins and nutrients (selenium, magnesium etc). They're a really healthy way of obtaining good carbs. Good source of protein, low in fat and full of fibre!

FILLING: A bowl of porridge fills me up for a good 5-6 hours and I feel full of energy all morning.

VERSATILE: Porridge is never boring! You can add any kind of fruit (dried or fresh), berries, honey, brown sugar, golden syrup, granola, cinnamon, walnuts... pretty much anything you have in your fridge/cupboard. And you can make it as healthy as you like! It can also be made with milk, water (or both) or with or without butter or salt (as in the original salted Scottish porridge ;) ).
I always make mine with half water and half milk (as a good source of calcium), and usually mix in dried cranberries, sultanas and a dried fruit mix. The sultanas and berries burst as it cooks and add an amazing sweet flavour!

QUICK: Takes about 45 seconds to put oats, milk and water in a pan, then about 10 minutes to cook through. Doesn't need excessive stirring, so perfect to throw on the stove whilst you manically rush round getting ready for the day!

CHEAP: Tesco 1kg bag of oats = 85p. Dried fruit = 1.20. Water = free!

WARM: Seriously keeps you all warm and cosy on cold mornings (it was invented in Scotland after all!)

DELICIOUS: It's absolutely gorgeousss and yummy! :D

So those are my reasons for loving porridge haha. I'm incredbly bored as you might tell. Any other porridge lovers feel free to add your recipes, and spread the porridge love!


03-07-2011, 07:34 PM
Love it too. I love mine with peaches or applesauce.