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03-05-2011, 01:02 PM
Anybody on the Paleo Diet and if you are how is it going?

Arkansas Kel
03-06-2011, 02:28 PM
Compliant, non-compliant, compliant..... But I don't feel guilty except when I'm tackling a whole 30. Overall, effortless. Slow going for me, but I have a unique circumstance, where a plateau is a good thing. I am quite pleased, surprised at how easy it really is, and even when I'm not trying I make hugely better food choices. I give it 5/5 stars, and I've done every diet under the sun. Weight loss is fast for some and slow for others - but isn't that the norm? But the ease of this is amazing. Throw some oil, meat, and veg in a skillet - walk away or stir. Eat. Or, grab something from fruit bowl or veg drawer and EAT. That's even faster than a drive thru.

I don't follow recipes much except for ideas. I use what I have. And by asking around, I've found sources for things like "nearly" free range chickens (they get feed and foraging - but they belong to a friend and are thus not "industrial" chickens, and a source for raw milk - making my own yogurt - also EASY. Working up a cowpool (splitting a cow) to cut costs on that. Planning spring gardening - good exercise AND cheap food. Buy a little produce etc in season, on sale - organic if I can afford it. A few items that I wanted were hard to find, but Kroger really came through for me - and at a competitive price. Nuts - cheap at Aldi's. So the cost, although affordable at first if I was careful, is slowly getting cheap by just asking around, and the garden will cause a huge drop I expect.

I haven't undertaken exercise much, as I am unable to tolerate cold. Could have done more inside, but I didn't. Plan to adopt more of that soon.

I'm not an expert, but I am learning and growing through this. Good luck and ask any questions you like. Check out Rob Wolff, Mark Sisson and others for deeper details. Or join our chat - unfortunately it dropped off some recently so we've stayed on the February one.

Anyway, welcome, and hope you give it a try.

Arkansas Kel
03-06-2011, 02:36 PM
HEY ARKANSAS! I didn't notice that! LOL - want a 1/4 cow? LOL. Anyway, where in Arkansas - I'm northeast. Raw milk is from a one cow poor family farm. Thus the good price. You'll find an abundance in Arkansas for this diet - hunt, fish, friend's garden donations, farmers markets, your garden, cows are abundant here. Downfall is the "pastured grass fed beef." I can buy from a farmer if I can get a 1/4 split going, but no way can I afford it at the store. Hoping to find a chicken source for meat soon too. Heck, people even give away free deer. I think you'll do well in the Arkansas area with this. Especially with spring coming. I'm gonna hunt some poke salat today for FREE. :O)

03-07-2011, 11:05 AM
Its always good to see someone else from Arkansas on here. Right now I've been following an Ideal Protein protocol but using my own protein. It's to expensive! I've done really good on it for 3 weeks but I have been reading about the Primal/Paleo stuff on here and think I could do that bc with IP I don't eat any of the stuff that you are not suppose to. On the beef I get one from my dad, he splits it between our family. In Searcy at the Farmers market last year I met a guy selling range chicken too, so you might check that out. Good luck on your journey and thanks for responding back!!!

03-20-2011, 12:42 PM
Hello, I am a Paleo Lover. My husband and I tried the 30 day challenge this month. We did good for about 2 weeks and had a family birthday and fall off a bit. I love Robb Wolf and got his book when it came out in the Fall. Very helpful for those interested. He is the one who suggests the 30 day challenge. He even has a menu plan all spelled out in the book.
Just found the Dukan Diet while watching GMA the other day. Going to give it a whirl for a while, I'm practically doing it now anyway.
Anyone doing Paleo or low carb show check out Robb's book or the Dukan Diet.