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03-04-2011, 01:41 PM
so my dad gave me his bread maker because he has to be gluten free and it makes bad gluten free bread. so i am so excited cuz i love homemade bread plus i know what i am putting into it. so i have found a few different recipies but which one is better is my question.

there is one that says its 100% whole wheat which uses whole wheat flour, gluten, molasses, butter etc.


the other is 7 Grain Whole wheat. which uses everything the 100% does plus 7 grain cereal.

i'm not sure which would give me more nutritonal boost for my daily bread intake. Thanks so much...

ooh off topic but another questions is V-8 fusion bad .... i tried the tomato juice and more power to the people you can drink it, but it made me want vomit. so i was trying to find something else to drink....

Thanks so much. you all are always such great help.

03-04-2011, 02:37 PM
Both breads sound good to me. Are you going to sub something for the molasses? It is a tiny amount but if you can find something else that you like it's not a bad idea. I miss homemade bread. My DW has gone off wheat so no more bread. It's almost impossible to make good, whole grain gluten free bread.

There's no reason to drink vegetable juice unless you don't eat veggies. Drink water and eat your vegetables whole :) I only use vegetable juice for gazpacho base.

ETA - sorry, no fruit juices on South Beach. They are too high GI.