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03-03-2011, 08:47 PM
I just thought I would start a thread for us at home users. I have always found it helpful if I have a general place to post my sucesses, vent if I need too or just plain chit chat.

So for a good news thing I found and tweeked a recipe for a strawberry smoothie that turned out so yummy! 8 strawberries 1pt, 1 ww vanilla yogurt 1pt, 1/2 ff milk 1pt, 3T splenda, 8 crushed ice cubes.....blend it up and you get this monster sized glass of smoothie

Now the vent the reason for the smoothie is I can nothave any hard food for the next week only soft and liquid which I am finding really hard to do. It seems there is a disk between your jaw bone and skull and mine has slipped forward making it painful to open my mouth so the dr has me on high doses of ibeprophen and hot compress for a week to see it will slide back into place

btw weigh in day is on Sunday I am hoping to see a loss