WW Clubs and Groups - #251 Bale of Turtles Welcoming March!

03-03-2011, 09:06 AM
:carrot: :welcome3: We are the Turtle Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration, we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on by using the skills and techniques we have learned from experience to keep us on track. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
(for Lin and Lauren)

03-03-2011, 09:07 AM
Hi Turtles,
I started this new thread because we had gotten long. I want you to know that Terri posted a wonderful weight loss on the last thread. Yay! :goodscale:

Yesterday was a good day. I am tracking very carefully and trying not to "grab" a bite as I walk through the kitchen.

Here's to a good day for everyone.
234.6/191.4/180's and thinner :cool:

03-03-2011, 10:18 AM
Good morning all and a very happy Thursday to everyone! Another sunny day here, chilly but not too bad at all, they are calling for very wet weather to start tomorrow, ugh, but there is no stopping mother nature so we will just roll with it. Basement is dried out for the most part and only the carpet had to be thrown out so we are happy.

Yesterday I took the stairs at least three times, stopped counting after that LOL, and walked the halls and stayed within my daily points... things are looking up! I will continue to working on ME and getting to where I want to go. I have finished a few knitting projects, made a darling beenie hat for the grandbaby, and a couple of others. The knitting keeps my hands busy because you can't eat and knit at the same time... LOL.

The grandbaby is sweet and wonderful and I am loving being a grammy!

Bandit: How are you... how is your ex? I hope and pray for the very best outcome for him and your family. How is the new TOPS chapter working out so far? I may volunteer for the secretary position at ours but nothing else... I need to draw the line somewhere.

Judy: How are you feeling lately? Are the hives going down any? You sure sound happy and busy! The boardwalk will be hopping here in the next couple of months!

Loopy: You sound like you are doing really well and have a pretty clear path forward, that is half the battle!

Life: Good luck for a positive W/I and a wonderful week!

Lizzie: Back to work! Ugh, well at least you had some really productive time while you were off. Have a great visit with your family! I took the dogs to the park on Tuesday after work, they about pulled my arms off trying to sniff everything and run everywhere... ugh, but they had fun!

Terri: Any big plans for the weekend?

Cherry: How are you doing?

I sure hope I did not forget anyone... it hard when we start a new thread because I cant look back at everyones recent posts to refresh my memory... LOL.

Have a great day all!

03-03-2011, 11:44 AM
Good Morning Turtles - another beautiful morning in Colorado - supposed to get colder and maybe some snow this afternoon. :flow2:

Yesterday I played with the WW online tools and got much more comfortable with using them for tracking points. I'm still figuring out the recipe builder. Maybe I'm not putting in enough ingredients, but I can't get many recipes as yet. :hungry:

I've been cleaning out the pantry & freezer - today I plan on a big grocery trip to stock up on lots of healthy foods. Also need to stock with easy items for my hubby while I am out of town next week. :broc::carrot:

Will get the girls to the doggy park this afternoon as we all enjoy the exercise & fresh air. :running:

Have a great day!:hug:


03-03-2011, 12:52 PM
Hi turtles:

Congrats to all of you who lost weight this week!

I have my weigh in tonight & we have elections at our chapter as well.

The operation for my ex was disappointing. When they cut him open they noticed his appendix was abnormal & had to remove it which leaves hole in bowel which has to heal before they do the bypass which is about a month.
So in a month he has to go through this again. So not nice seeing his abdomen & legs are already cut. And they couldn 't do both, since if there is leakage from the bowel then is too dangerous for other surgery.

Sunny but cold up here & we are suppose to get same weather as Princess,
very wet coming up.

Have a good day, everyone.

03-03-2011, 02:15 PM
Bandit: Very sorry to hear the news about your ex... I sure hope the next time is better... Good luck tonight! I am not holding out a lot of hope for my W/I but I am getting better and on a good path right now so I will just put one foot infront of the other. Take care of you!

03-03-2011, 03:51 PM
Hi all! Down another 0.4 pounds at weigh-in last night. I feel good about this, because I'd been losing an awful lot (2+ pounds per week) and I feel safer if it's slower. I haven't changed how I follow the WW program. I still eat my 32 points and no allowance/activity. I'd rather have it be slow and steady so that it will be a lasting change in my life. I think that my body is finally adjusting to getting less fuel.

Went today for my annual lupus-related blood testing. This is an illness which can attack any organ, joint, muscle, or soft tissue in the body. So the blood tests are a doozy. Anywhere from 14-17 vials, depending on which lab I go to. I've been feeling quite excellent, and decided to go at lunchtime, then get back to my desk and eat lunch.

I've never had this problem before, but I almost fainted when I stood up in the lab after the blood draw. I'm not afraid of the sight of blood (heck, when I was in EMT classes, I practiced IV insertion on my OWN arms!) so I guess that it was just too much, too fast.

Anyways, my lunch was sitting on my desk two miles away (bad planning on my part), and they weren't letting me out till I ate something. They went next door to the newsstand and got me a Zagnut bar. I'd noticed a few days ago that Zagnuts are a fairly low-point candy because they have more protein and even a gram or two of fiber. Also, they're not chocolate, which is a trigger-y food for me sometimes.

So I was sitting in the lobby of the blood lab, entering the nutrition info into my calculator (6 points for a full-size bar, by the way), and it suddenly occurred to me that all foods are exactly the same thing: a combination of protein, carbs, fat, and fiber. There's nothing to be frightened of when choosing food. Every food on earth can be reduced to two measurements: (1) its Points value, and (2) whether it fits the Power Foods and Good Health Guidelines.

This was a very liberating realization (or maybe I was still just dizzy from blood loss!). I simply wrote down the Zagnut, rejiggered the rest of my food plan for today so that all the Good Health Guidelines are still being met, put my sandwich back into the refrigerator for tomorrow, and ate my popcorn, grapes, and banana.

I still intend to carry my meals with me whenever possible, because that's the way to make the healthiest choices. But I feel more comfortable inside my identity as a Weight Watchers member today.

And holey moley, was that Zagnut ever delicious! Wrote myself a note to see if they come in snack size bars.

03-04-2011, 08:16 AM
Hey All TGIF!

Sounds like everyone is in a "Weight Watching" kind of mood this week! Staying on track with only a few bumps in the road.

Judy Thanks for mentioning me! I need all the encouragment (accountability too) I can get!!!

Princess no big plans here for the weekend, try to get some excercise, family dinner Sunday, the usual house stuff! Husband is still on his 7 day work week, this is what happens when you are self employed! Few things coming up he will take time off so thats fine.

Well happy Friday, glad the turtles are keepin on, Feeling good and I know we can do this!!!!


03-04-2011, 09:19 AM
Morning all! I'm with Terri, TGIF!

Hoping today goes fast, have lots to do both here and at home. They are calling for very bad rains to come thru here, it has started already, just hoping that the worst holds off till I can get home. It is not even Spring yet but the flooding has started so that keeps my stress high but will do what I can to avoid the damage and the stress that the rains bring.

Well, I was down .8 yesterday at W/I, I was happy with that since my scale said that I had lost nothing. Like Bandit we had our elections last night, I was voted in as the Chapter Secretary, I don't know much about the position other than you take the meeting notes, etc but will do the very best that I can. To be honest I was glad that we had the elections, the currect leader group, while very good, was tired and burned out I think so maybe it will do us all good to have some new leaders - we will just have to wait and see.

We had plans for this weekend for DH birthday but with the storms and some other things popping up they have kind of gone away now so it looks like we will have our normal weekend with a family dinner and cake with presents on Sunday for DH.

Terri: I know how you feel, while not self employed my DH is working two jobs right now - we are trying to start our remodel the kitchen fund so he is pulling the extra hours which helps but will wear him down quickly since neither one of us is in the shape that we used to be ;) Have a great weekend!

Loopy: Wow! Scary about the fainting! I have fainted once from a blood draw but was pretty sick when they did it, the being very ill and them taking so much blood did the trick and over I went. Take care of you! Hope you have a wonderful and fullfilling weekend!

Bandit: How did you do last night? Any change for your ex? I hope your daughter is doing ok thru all of this, it has to be hard for her and for you.

Lizzie: I love the online tools, they help a lot, I just don't use them like I should... LOL

All: Still working on getting my mojo back, it is coming, slow but sure. Still taking the steps and that is really helping, sounds nuts but it is improving so many things! Will keep at it and make my big grocery run this weekend so will stock up on the good stuff.

Have to run!

03-04-2011, 09:20 AM
Hi Turtles,
Is it just me, or did this week fly faster than usual? Holy Moley!!!!

Princess, it's so comforting to me to hear that you've got yourself back on track with walking the stairs (five flights????) and keeping your food inside the track range. Yay! :idea: :balloons: We can all do this and you're a champ.

good to hear you're stocking up with healthy foods. It makes life so much more manageable when you need to *grab* something and the only items to grab are healthy and low point. Yay! :chef:

Bandit, what a sorry thing to happen to your ex. It takes so much gearing up to have a big surgery-----and to have it stifled in the middle the way he did is really miserable. So sorry. Here's :goodvibes: that he heals quickly and the future surgery works out really well.

Loopy, congrats on the .4# down! :goodscale: :balloons: :bravo: YOu're dong great. I think your Zagnut bar experience is wonderful. Weight Watchers keeps on stressing that it is a lifestyle change, not a diet and you were in a situation where you proved that! Yay for increasing your comfort level and all your inspiring writing.

Congrats again on your great weight loss. :goodscale: You're well on your way to reaching goal. Heading in the right direction!!!

Things are going well with me. My hives are about the same, but I've got a mental image that they will disappear as I near the one year mark. I've had this happen before and that's the longest time my hives have ever stuck around. So, please keep sending me :goodvibes: that they'll leave sooner than later. I've been planning my meals daily and sending them to a buddy. I know I mentioned that before. My dh suggested I also do a quick calorie count along with the points plus because he thinks I may be eating too many zero points plus foods-----I think he's right and I've tried that. It has had a benefit that I really think before I eat anything and that has to pay off. Really cold here again, so boardwalk is out, but I made time for the :tread: yesterday and that was good.

Keep on keepin' on!!!!!
Take care. Be well and happy.
234.6/191.4/180's and thinner!!!!! :cool:

03-04-2011, 09:24 AM
Princess, you and I posted at the same time. Here's :goodscale: for being down .8# That's great and a step in the right direction. Congrats on being the new secretary for your TOPS group. And here's a :hug: for getting through the floods and rain. :hb: to dh. Have a good time.

Everybody----have a wonderful weekend!

03-04-2011, 02:10 PM
Hope everyone is doing well. This is just a quick run through before I leave to go to my evening clients house. Today has been pretty good so far. For some reason I am just really hungry today. Well I mostly want a lot of meat today for some strange reason. Everything is good here. We are suppose to get storms this weekend so I will see how that goes. Have a good evening.

03-04-2011, 03:57 PM
Life4evr, every time I get really hungry and stay on track, I lose that week. I hope the same happens to you because that drop on the scale is a very good feeling! :chef:

Hey, here's something a WW friend made for me----delicious. For a stuffed pepper instead of using rice to bulk up the meat, she used sauteed onions and mushrooms----I taste some tomato sauce and cinnamon in there too. Just a thought. Have a great day!

03-04-2011, 04:06 PM
Afternoon Turtles -

well the weatherman was right! It is cold & rainy - trying to turn to snow. I'm getting some exercise & getting my to-do list done at the same time by doing some major cleaning & re-organizing in my house. As I leave Monday - I'm trying to finish the list by then come home to a clean organized house!:cp:

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Hoping our weather clears up and I can get outside & move! :running:


03-06-2011, 10:59 AM
Morning everyone. I woke up with a sinus headache, backache, and feeling bloated. I think all the temperature swings have finally gotten to me. So today was weigh-in I am up 0.7# which I thought it was going to be worse than that. Hope everyone has a good day.

03-07-2011, 08:23 AM
Happy Monday Turtles!

Last work week before March Break! (Will probably do paperwork Mon & Tues) officially the office is closed! My sons' and I are going away for a night 2 days, somewhere, we will wait to see the weather, and book a room a few days before. We are fairly close to many places so there are lots of options, if the weather is bad we can even check in to the local Holiday Inn, swim, and stuff!

So not a bad weekend went by too quick, did go swimming Sat, so a bit of exercise,Rain Sat and then Sunday we woke to lots of snow! Had a lazy day Sunday.

Aquafit tonight must stay on plan!!!! Goal for the week track everthing that goes near my mouth!!!!

Have a great day

03-07-2011, 10:13 AM
Morning all and happy Monday. Super busy this morning but I wanted to pop by and say hello to you all. I will get back online later on to catch up. Have a great day all!

03-07-2011, 10:14 AM
Hi Turtles,
Yep, I'm still here and tracking and :tread: almost every day!
Here's :goodvibes: to all of us. We can do this!

03-07-2011, 10:50 AM
Hi turtles:

Freezing cold up here today after the big rains on Sat we got some more snow but now very sunny.

My ex is coming home today & will be there when I get home from work.
So I got a room as patient friendly as possible for him. They gave him a patch yesterday for the no smoking thing & that is taking the edge off abit.
He was pretty grouchy when I seen him between not smoking & the pain.
So I will have company this week at the house.

I was up at my weigh in Thurs by 1.75# and I knew I would be up but was hoping for not that much. But as we know, some of us stress eat & I had too
many extras last week.

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone & congrats to all of you who dropped at the scales. Princess, you did great! Hope you have another fabulous week.

Have a good week, everyone!

03-07-2011, 01:32 PM
Morning Turtles - The weather is changing just as predicted:( I am hoping the snow holds off till after I leave this afternoon to visit my Mom.

I went to my WI today as I won't be here tomorrow and was down 2.2 pounds to 190.8! :carrot:

So - I've learned that when I work the program it really does work! Picked up some extra trackers - I want to be over my 5% and 10 pounds at my WI when I return from the trip.

So - need to finish packing and putting together some healthy snacks for the plane! I'll touch base tomorrow!

Have a great day everyone!


03-07-2011, 02:45 PM
Dear Lizzie, :goodscale: :bravo: :balloons: :dancer: :dance: :strong:
Weigh to go! You're doing great.

Princess, hi!

Bandit, :goodvibes: to you with your ex in the house this week. Stress eating is a bummer, but with me I can often knock it off the next week. Sometimes it's the salt that plays havoc with the scale especially if I'd had to have several meals out that week. :love: to you.

Life4evr, congrats on your small gain. It's weird sometimes that we do much better than we ever thought we'd do. Accountability at the scale is a very good thing.

Gotta run. Just got back from a walk on the boardwalk. It's usually only 1 1/2miles, but today we had to take a detour because of the high winds and it ended up being 2 miles in freezing cold, windy weather. I think I must have burned extra calories doing that walk today. At least it's sunny out.
Got good groceries in and will have to bulk up my meals with protein and salads because I have been starving lately!

Good luck and :goodvibes: to us all. We are doing this? Aunt Loopy, I hope you're ready to chime in and let us know how your busy weekend went.

Cherry, how are you and your family doing?
Have fun,
234.6/191.4/180's and thinner :cool:

03-07-2011, 06:23 PM
Hi all! Sorry for the longer-than-usual absence. The last time that I was online was last Thursday. I'd just come home from work early after fainting while getting my annual lupus blood draw -- 14 vials, taken one at a time with much wiggling of the catheter and loud exclamations of confusion by the facility's phlebotomists who'd never seen such a test panel before. I made it home, checked my e-mail, then headed for the bathroom to catch up on my reading. ;) There were a bunch of water company guys down at the end of the road, poking around in a manhole.

A few minutes later, I felt a hot wind on my sensitive areas, and stood up a split second before a fiery explosion blew the commode right off its moorings! I was knocked into the wall, broke the towel rack with my back, got chemical and flame burns on my face, and received a mild concussion.

I eventually roused myself enough to call my husband, who found me down at the bottom of the road, wearing a bag of frozen veggies on my head and screeching at the water company executive who had just arrived on the scene.

We were told that we would be reimbursed for the ER and a night's stay at a motel, and that employees would repair our bathroom and the pipes leading to our fixtures on the next morning. Neither of which actually happened. After spending all day Friday walking down to the Exxon station to use the facilities, I finally drove to the hardware store, bought a new wax seal for the commode, borrowed my friend's plumbing snake, and made enough repairs to hold us for the weekend. We still haven't seen the promised repairmen, and the supervisor isn't returning our calls about the financial issues.

Anyways, it was business as usual at church and chaplaincies on Sunday; I look like a lobster, and I walk funny (I have reinjured an old vertebral fracture from my girly football days), but I'm still getting 'er done. We survived The Great Sewer Explosion of 2011 -- and we weren't the only ones who came home that night to a bathroom in ruins. I'm seriously thinking about making T-shirts for all the neighbors.

And I am probably taking things to an unnecessary extreme -- but I made a point of staying on the WW program during the event and its aftermath, even while the water and cooking gas had been shut off at our end of the road. As we prepared to leave our home for the motel, I put together a basket of healthy foods and my books and calculator. When we got home, we ate microwaved stuff, drank and flushed from my stash of emergency water supplies, for two days until the services were restored.

I hadn't lost a lot of weight in the week before -- I think that my body has adjusted to the program and is no longer willing to give up more than a perfectly acceptable half-pound per week.. But neither did I have to get back on the "horse" after my most excellent adventures. It's easier to stay in the saddle than to mount up again after falling off. I felt comforted by the discipline of taking my scales and measuring tools with me, and tracking my restaurant take-out meals while at the motel.

03-07-2011, 08:07 PM
Aunt Loopy,
There is absolutely nothing I can say about your resolve about staying on WW's through your adventure!!!!!! You are blessed and amazing. i've got to read your post again. Weigh to go.

03-07-2011, 09:28 PM
Aunt Loopy,

Wow. I am glad you are okay because that suitation could have been alot worse. And no words for you staying on the program through this.

Congrats on the loss Lizzie.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Today has been pretty good for me. I still haven't exercised but I am tracking again. So that is a plus. Hmm I am trying to pack for my trip to Tx on Wed trying to put everything in a carryon. I have no interest in paying to check a bag. My friend mentioned if I needed her to get anything from grocery store she would. But I know her and she doesn't have a lot of junk food in her house. So that is a good thing. I am a little nervous about flying. I haven't flown in awhile and never by myself.

Hope everyone has a goodnight.

03-08-2011, 08:14 AM
Aunt Loopy have you thought about writing a book of your adventures??? It sure would be a good read!!

Bandit good luck with your house guest. You must be a great person!!

Judy I have been ++ hungry of late too, whats with that? Trying to drink more water and eat more fruits veggies. You are right about the protein that should help also.

Went to my aquafit last night new session started way too many people in the pool hopefully the instructor scared a few off!!! She ran a real tough class. I would be nice if they added another weeknight class, there is only that one and 2 deepwater classes at night. Oh well!

Have a happy on plan Tuesday gals!

03-08-2011, 09:39 AM
Good morning all and happy Tuesday to you all! They are calling for more rain here starting tonight, a lot of it - ugh, oh well, Spring is on the way and the rain that comes with it is to be expected I guess.

Eating for me over the weekend was terrible, don't know what happened, it just fell apart with the DH b-day celebration, etc... moving on but am sure I will pay at the scales. Still taking the steps here at work and a walk at lunch, will have to work on the weekend though as that is not going to get me where I want to go!

Judy: Love that you get to walk on the boardwalk, sure brings back fond memories for me when we would get to the beach.

Bandit: Yep, you are a gem! Putting up with the ex-hub's is not easy but especially when he is quitting smoking. My DH is trying it again also, put his patch on yesterday, will see who it goes, but for now I will just lay low and stay out of his way :D

Life: I sure hope you have a great trip and a wonderful time seeing your friend!

Terri: I like Aquafit too, have not been in a while but need to get started going to the gym again soon.

Lizzie: Congrats! That is just awesome!

Loopy: Wow... Wow... not sure what else to say really. So very happy that you were not seriously hurt and best wishes for a speedy recovery on the injuries that you did sustain. Writing a book is not a bad idea at all... maybe like Erma Bombeck style would be great!

03-08-2011, 03:09 PM
Happy Tuesday Turtles! Made it to my Mom's last night - plane was delayed for a bit -so it was good to get here.

Loopy - sorry about ur plumbing troubles - you really should write a book - from your wonderful posts - you could be the new Erma Bombeck!

Life - I made it here with one carryon! it is crazy that not even one bag cannot be checked for free! I always follow the rule of deciding what I am going to pack & leave 1/2 of it behind! Also - remember you can check in online & print your boarding passes/pick seats etc - saves time at airport! & don't forget your liquids in the carryon have to be in the quart plastic bag & easy on/off shoes for security!

Terri - great job on the aqua fit - I wish my gym had a pool!

Bandit - it's refreshing how you treat your ex! He is blessed to have you!

Judy - getting in the right foods always helps me.

Princess - just put the weekend behind you - today is a new day!

Have a great day everyone!


03-08-2011, 03:20 PM
Forgot a couple of things from my meeting yesterday that I wanted to share!

Our leader talked about using WP - she said it is best to incorporate some (if not all) into the week. She said that the points are there for a reason & also are really important as we get closer to goal! So "treat yourself some"

The other cool thing was a "quote" from another member -

"remember that when you think the plan or goal is impossible - that

I'm possible!"


03-08-2011, 03:37 PM
Hi turtles! I just wanted to jump in and say so far everyone is off to a steady start.
Aunt Loopy you do make us all chuckle, I think everyone needs to laugh more it is great exercise---wonder if I can earn points for that?
I am having a challenging month it started actually in Feb I had a lower tooth pulled on a Wed by Saturday I had developed a sinus infection. Needless to say pain meds and antibiotics for next week. But then the pain in my jaw was not going away I could barely open my mouth and could not put my front teeth together to bite. Went back to the dentist he told me that the disk between the jaw and skull has slipped forward and every time I try to open my mouth to eat or talk I am pinching it. So he tried me on 600mg iburprofen for a week and there was some minor relief but still can not bite...I even tried to put a puffy cheeto in my mouth last night and it was too big.

Anyway to make a long story shorter..I am now starting on a regime of muscle relaxer and tranq to try and get the muscle to relax so the disk will slide back.

my challenge is finding foods I can eat with minimal chewing and still stay on plan....unless the veggies are real soft they are out, the only fruit I have been able to do is a cut up bannana and a strawberry smoothie. protien is down to beans one at a time....any suggestions?

03-09-2011, 01:15 AM
All or your posts were encouraging and fun to read. Things have been so up in the air that i just about have given up on any kind of a plan. Despite it all i have not really gained any weight and am basically holding at the same number.

Hi to all. Thanks for those you have asked about me. The kids are all sick again and i am doing my best just to keep moving forward.

03-09-2011, 08:23 AM
Happy Hump Day (Wednesday) Turtles!

Week is going fast haven't had time to think at work very busy! Makes the day pass quickly.

Lizzie/Princess the pool is great to have! A lot of people belong to fancy gyms around here but the good ol YMCA has everything, ours is brand new just built 2 years ago (the old one was built probably around 1900!) so its great! Tons of classes for all levels and for members most of the classes you can drop in and try, if it doesn't work for you, than you try something else.

Loopy- Hope you are healing! and that your home has been repaired nothing worse than construction mess!

Bandit Hope your house guest is behaving- we are in for a messy day today lots of snow and then rain!!!!

Nancy It is an awful way to lose weight but I bet you have! Hope your mouth is better soon.

Life- you are off on your trip today, don't be nervous you'll be fine!! Hope you got everything into the carryon!

Weigh in tonight trying to think thin!!!!


03-09-2011, 10:11 AM
:welcome3: to Nancy. That is horrible about your tooth/jaw, etc. Are you able to spoon yogurt? Cottage cheese? How about putting eggbeaters or any pasteurized egg in milk with vanilla and making a shake? I'll try to think of some more foods that might work. :goodvibes: for fast healing.

Terri, good luck on you WI today. Thinking thin is a good way to think.:goodscale:

Cherry, I think it is wonderful that you have maintained the weight you've lost. Keep thinking WW's and chime in whenever you can. :goodvibes:

Aunt Loopy, how are you feeling? I'm so sorry you were hurt. What a horrible experience. Your sense of humor overcame the real pain and disruption, but you know we're all worried about you, right? :bravo: for your fine attitude.

Life4evr, have a good trip! :balloons:

Lizzie, that water exercise sounds good. I should stop being so lazy and investigate it here in NY. MY day is filled with so many activities and right now the boardwalk walking with my dh gives me time with him and exercise, so that's a good thing.

Bandit and Princess, both ex and hubby giving up cigarettes! Whew! Here's a :grouphug: to get you through. My dh gave up smoking a very long time ago. His and my biggest problem remains eating too much, but we're working on it.

I've got my WI at WW's this morning, and I'm hoping for a loss. My home scale is good, so I've got my fingers crossed.
Everybody, have a great day. be well and happy.
234.6/191.4/180's and thinner :cool:

03-09-2011, 10:42 AM
Hi everyone - we are suppose to get some more nasty weather up here, but
am hoping most of it will miss us.

Week going good, hubby is behaving and resting lots, so thats a good thing.
Not nice he has to go through this again next month, but won't worry about that til the time comes.

My eating has been better this week but haven't been getting in any exercise,
so hopefully by the weekend I will have more time to get back at it.

Terri - good luck at your weigh in tonight!

All - sending "skinny vibes" for your upcoming weigh ins.

Stay warm

03-09-2011, 12:14 PM
Hi all and happy Wednesday to everyone! Very gloomy here, lots of rain and cold temps... I have my knitting class tonight but will keep an eye to the sky just incase the rain picks up speed, then I will stay home because we flood at the drop of a hat so would want to be there to shut down power, make sure the dogs are ok, etc.

Welcome to Nancy! Glad to have you with us and best wishes for a speedy recovery on your dental work.

Bandit: Good luck at W/I tomorrow night - I have got in lots of stairs this weekend and a walk with D-DIL and the baby last evening, but nothing major, food was terrible over the weekend but back on plan as of Monday-ish. How did your elections go? Did you get voted in to a position? With your success I am sure they are eager to get you into a leadership position...

Judy: Yep, there are so many vices and crutches out there that we all seemed to get hooked on, food, tabacco, etc. Your DH and you are doing great though and make a good team!

Lizzie: The leaders that I have listened to have always said that about the WP also, they are there for a reason. Have a great week!

Terri: I love our Y here, it is just too expensive, crazy - I know, but our LA Fitness is way cheaper and has much better classes, equipment, etc. I need to get in there for a couple of Aquafit classes, much better for my knee then the stairs are.

Cherry: Glad to hear from you, no gain is good, a loss would be great so hop back on the wagon as soon as you can!

Loopy: How are you doing? Things calmed down there for you at all?

Life: Are you ready for your trip? Do you have plans for where you are going or is just a relaxation vacation?

Have to run but have a great day all!

03-09-2011, 02:18 PM
Hi All,
Just back from my WI. I was down 1.2# this week which puts me 43.8# down from my start so many years ago.
I'll take it. I'm only .3# away from being in the 180's, so I have high hopes for this week. You know, I've got the "want to do it now" cheering me on, so it's up to me to make good decisions to get this weight off.

Good luck to all of us! Keep on keepin' on and drink that water (sound like Bandit? It's supposed to.)
234.6/190.2/180's and thinner!!!!! :cool:

03-10-2011, 08:05 AM
Hey All we got hit with awful weather just cold enough to ice the roads then put snow on top, huge pile at the end of the lane way! My drive home that usually takes 7 minutes was about a 20 min white knuckle one. Anyway no school buses today even in the city that doesn't happen too often. Didn't go out to WW but will go after work Friday.

Judy I'm so happy you are almost under the 180!! That is so great I know you will be there next week!

Life Hope the weather was good south of the border and you made it to your destination!

Princess now we are getting the rain for the next few days so we will be battling the water too! Too bad your Y is expensive ours you pay monthly so it is very managable, they even have funding for families that can't pay very much, based on your income. Between WW and The Y it adds up but I am worth it!!!! and we have a family membership at the Y so everyone can go for about $90 a month!

Bandit How's the weather up the 115? Snow or rain? Thinking happy thoughts for you! Hope your week is going well.

Thinking Thin!!!! Hoping you are all doing the same!


03-10-2011, 11:05 AM
Hi turtles

Terri - my drive home last night was terrible, very slippery for most of the way. This a.m. was just wet but foggy in a few places. I am about 20 min
west of the 115 and go to work usually on #7. Now we will get lots of
rain for the next few days.

Had chicken lasagna last night for dinner & it was delicious. It was P/C
and for 1/4 of tray (which is nice size) it was 370 calories which wasn't bad
considering it had lots of meat/veggies/sauce. Also had a salad with that.

All - hope everyone is doing well & staying dry!

03-10-2011, 12:00 PM
Morning all and happy Thursday! Another gloomy day here and colder - Summer will be here soon!

W/I and meeting tonight at TOPS - not expecting a loss, TOM showed up last night, no stopping mother nature. Will take whatever it is and keep moving forward.

Safe travel and happy weigh ins to everyone!

Judy: Congrats!

03-10-2011, 03:34 PM
Hi all!

Sorry for the delay in getting back online. It's been a crazy week, with no end in sight. My chaplain trainee serving at another nursing home caught the flu, so I've been doing double shifts. We have a revival at church this weekend, so I'm preparing multiple sermons and I do all of our dessert baking, LOL! (You can bet that they don't expect male ministers to sew their own vestments plus paraments for the altar, either!)

Made it briefly to WW yesterday, down another 2.2 pounds for a total of 16.0. Not too surprised, given that I've been doing the home repairs as well as all the other stuff. The place is 100% back to normal; I just finished repainting the bathroom. I still have two black eyes, but the skin rash is gone. My back is so-so; but I'm made of sturdy stuff.

Anyways, I won't be around from today till at least Monday. It's gonna be a long weekend; the revival meetings are part of a regional conference, and we're the host city this year. Yikes!

See you all again soon...

03-10-2011, 05:36 PM
Hi All! :hug:
Thank you so much for the welcome and encourging words about my jaw. Between that and the sinus infection you would think I would really have lost my appitite..but it is comming back with a bang LOL. I am feeling a bit more movement with my jaw now that he has me on a muscle relaxer and tranq but I donlt want to force movement that only pinches the nerve more.

Aunt Loppy glad things are flowing a bit better even though you have a busy week ahead of you make sure you slow down enough to take of yourself

brandit chicken lasagna sounds so good right now, you will have to forward me your recipe

Itryharder congrasts you are soooo close

Everyone else stay in and stay dry and warm! I am so glad winter is giving one last kick our way then I hope it does not come back until next november

03-11-2011, 12:36 AM
Too tired to comment to everyone individually. Hope everyone is doing well.

I made it here safely. I managed to get everything into my carryon. I may have to do laundry while i am here. I missed my last connecting flight. The plane left late and had to travel across a huge airport. So i got on a flight that was like 2 hours later and that one had the nerve to be late. I made a trip to see my bestfriend, her oldest, and the new baby I made the blanket for. So not quite as relaxing. I try to help her with the little one. My eating has been so so. But I am still a little hungry. She doesn't keep a whole lot of snacks around so that is good. That's about it. Will try to check in later.

03-11-2011, 08:09 AM
TGIF Turtles! So glad it is Friday!

Must weigh in today! Don't want to not sure how that is going to go! Lazy the last 2 days, I'm tired, haven't slept well. Eating has been pretty good. I Need to drink more water.

Glad everyone is having a pretty good week. Not much going on here just rain!!!


03-11-2011, 11:58 AM
Aunt Loopy, another fabulous :goodscale: :bravo: :dancer: :dance: :carrot: what with good eating and all that exercise you are ripping through these numbers. WEigh to go! I am so happy for you that you decided to give WW's a chance. You're doing great!!!!!

Terri, we all have those feelings. This has been a particularly tough winter and the blahs keep on catching me. Good luck at your WI!

Life4evr, sorry your trip was so tough. I really dislike flying and avoid it as much as I can. I even drive to NC from NY to see my sisters. Crazy, but the airline connections take an entire day, too. Glad you got everything into your carryon. Have a wonderful visit with your friend. I bet they love the baby blanket you made.

Princess, keep on keepin' on! You're the best. Here's :dancer: for fun!

Bandit, I nominate you for ex-wife of the world. What a trooper you are! It's nice to see such kindness. Here's :goodvibes: to keep you on track with your eating.

Cherry, I'm ready to do baby steps again. Want to join in?

Nancy, how is you jaw coming along? :grouphug:

I had a dopey day yesterday, but today is a new day! A bit of unsettlement in my dh's family is causing stress, but I know I can get through it. Everybody have a good weekend. I'm making corned beef and cabbage for our St. Patty's day party tomorrow. It should be fun! I'm looking forward to some laughs. Gotta run-----but congrats to all the weight losses here and :cheer: to keep us all going!
234.6/190.2/so close to 180's and thinner :cool:

03-11-2011, 01:42 PM
Hi all and Happy Friday! Very happy that it is the end of the week!

Went to W/I last night and like I thought I was way up! 2.8 lb gain! UGH! I knew that food was bad last weekend and it caught up to me and then some due to TOM. Oh well, moving on!

I have to fly, super busy today but wanted to pop in quick and say hello!

03-12-2011, 12:05 AM
Happy Friday to everyone too.

Did not make some great food choices yesterday or today but will be back on track tomorow. Well almost, taking my mother out to an italian resturant for her 77th birthday...you go mom!

So if I have a gain this week I am ok with it.

The jaw is showing slight improvement I actually bit into a piece of cucumber this afternoon...of course my front teeth did not even come close to touching but I manage to bite off a piece of food....that is a big deal right now

will check in later

03-12-2011, 01:13 PM
Hi turtles - lots of rainey weather but at least the tempertures are rising.

I "turtled" this week at my meeting, so was happy not to be up any since
I didn't get in my exercise. So next week my goal is get back to my walking
and just do abit better with my food choices than I have been.
My ex is now back at his place so he is doing well & gets the staples out
next Wed & they should know when his next surgery will be - probably in a few weeks. Good to get that over with.

So tonight am going out with my girlfriends first to Swiss Chalet then onto
our favorite dance, so should be fun.

Princess - too bad about your gain this week but am sure TOM had lots to do with that. It is amazing how quick that darn scale can go up. With me if I have too much salty things & bread I gain very quickly.

All - good luck this week. We change the clocks tonight so will have more
daylight which is nice.

03-14-2011, 08:11 AM
Hey All Happy Monday! The Sun is suppose to shine!

Bandit I turtled also, (I think I was really down about .5 lbs but with the rounding up and down business you know!) I haven't got in too much exercise either. Hope you had fun at your dance!

Will be doing lots of walking over the next 2 days. The boys and I are going to Toronto. We are taking the train so +++ walking. Staying at a hotel attatched to the Eaton Centre, will go to the Art Gallery, maybe museum, not sure about the CN tower oldest son is afraid of heights!! So it will be fun!! Will have to be very disciplined ! I am going to plan for a few treats!

Hope you all stay well for the next few days! Will check in when I get back.


03-14-2011, 09:42 AM
Good morning all and happy Monday! Sleepy today, it takes me at least a few days to get used to the time change - I loved when I first moved to Indiana -the fact that they did not change their clocks with daylight savings, then someone got it into their head that we should so a few years ago they changed it so now we do and we go with the Eastern time zone which makes it hard, we are too far west and should have been put with the Central time zone but they didn't and now during the summer months it is daylight till approx 10:00 PM which is just nuts. Oh well!

Busy weekend for me, food was ok but could have been better, went with D-DIL to a baby shower and did not make the best choices but there was very little to pick from and I was hungry which is totally my mistake. I did get in some yard work but no real exercise so will keep working on that.

DH and I are going to do a spring crop of vegetables this year, never have done it before so it will be an experience.

Bandit: A turtle is not bad at all.... glad you have your home back to yourself again, good luck this week!

Good luck everyone and hope you all have a wonderful week!

03-14-2011, 10:54 AM
Morning turtles:

It is a nice sunny day up here but it is cool. I am all physed up for this week,
and am going to have a few "extra light" eating days & get back to my walking & hot yoga as well. I feel I need to really buckle down since the last few weeks I have definately been overdoing it & if I don't get things back
to a regular routine it will be too hard to stay on programme.

Terri - have fun in Toronto, that is a fun place with soooooo much to do.

Princess - I think they should just leave the times alone as well. Always something to slow us down & zap our energy.

All - lets everyone have a great week!

03-14-2011, 11:30 AM
Morning everyone. I am weighed in yesterday I was up 1.3#. So not bad but not exactly great. Will check in later I am scheduled to go home in like two more days. I am feeling really bloated for some strange reason. Not a good feeling at all. Hope everyone has a good day.

03-14-2011, 12:09 PM
Hi Turtles,
I really appreciate the Turtles. These last few days have been ridiculous for me. I've been bingeing for days now. Today I am going to stay on track. I'll be visiting my nephew in ICU today. I know that's part of the stress. It just seems like lots of things got rocky, so I'm going to take my own advice and take it one baby step at a time.

:bravo: to all who are doing well by losing weight and/or trying hard.
We're a great group of women and can do this!
234.6/?/180's and thinner :cool:

03-14-2011, 05:40 PM
Had an interesting experience at our church potluck yesterday. It had been years since the last time that I had a carbonated drink. It used to always upset my stomach. (I used to be severely lactose-intolerant, too, but I've noticed that when I'm eating right, I can get away with store-bought yogurt, for instance. I still use Lactaid milk, but it's nice to be able to get cheap yogurt from the grocery instead of having to go direct to the dairy.)

Anyways, there was Diet 7up sitting there. And usually I'd be running away from it as fast as possible. But this time, I just had the feeling that I ought to drink it. It was delicious! And I had no after-effects at all.

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not Ms. Natural. I eat lots of "diet foods" that aren't perfect -- stuff with too much salt or artificial sweeteners, for example. But compared to what I used to eat, things are definitely better.

03-14-2011, 06:36 PM
Happy Monday turtles!

Rained all weekend here so that was kinda a downer but it is ok.

Well weigh in for me was a shock up 3# this week, part in due to a few bad choices but I think the biggest is the dr. has put me on steriods for a sinus infection and that will make you bloat up...almost done with those drugs thank goodness but still working on the jaw. There is some imporvement but I am far from actually using my front teeth to bite or open wide enough to put a bite of sandwitch in.

bandit2 sounds like you had a blast
terrod99 what fun! wish I could get away like that LOL
Princess1122 you will love growing your own veggies...I grow peppers, tomatios and fresh herbs on my balcony each spring and summer
life4evr I was up too it will go away...repeat...it will go away
AuntLoopy I know what you mean about carbonated drinks I avoid them too but every now an then (maybe 2 a year) I have a small amount...and to think at one point in my life I was a 2L a day diet coke drinker..

03-15-2011, 09:31 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday to you all! A very rainy and cold day here today but they are calling for warmer temps to head our way at the end of the week so I am thrilled about that!

Busy week for me with knitting, TOPS and my book group is starting up again so I have something every evening this week. I was asked to lead the discussion/lesson at TOPS this week which I really was not ready to do but since no one else is stepping up I will just do the best that I can and move on.

Judy: I hear you and I feel your pain! Just take a step at a time and shake it off, forget about those binge days - they don't matter anymore... today is what matters, then tomorrow, then the next day... one step at a time, one day at a time. We are all here with you! I hope that your family member is on the mend quickly... stress from a loved one with an illness is hard, just take care of yourself thru this whole thing.

Bandit: Sounds like you are busy and active... that is wonderful. I had the chance to try a hot yoga class for free but they day that it was offered I had a conflict so will try and go here soon to try one even if there is a charge.

Nancy: DH and I do a warm/hot weather veggie garden every year and have a huge amount of harvest from it - enough to share with friends and neighbors. This is the first year that we are doing a cold/cool weather crop though, things like peas, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, etc. It is a tricky process, things need to go into the ground at just the right time or they will die so we are working on figuring it all out, small window of opportunity though. Glad you are feeling a bit better!

Loopy: I don't drink soda pop hardly at all, I am more of a water and iced tea drinker but totally understand what you are saying about things that used to bother you no longer having the same effect... funny how that works!

Life: Not a bad gain at all... especially when you are away from home! Safe travels to you!

Terri: Turtles are not bad at all most of the time... LOL - better than a gain. Have a great time with your children and enjoy your vacation time!

03-15-2011, 10:09 AM
Hi Turtles,
Princess, thanks for the pep talk. I was able to rein in the eating yesterday. Some of the weight gain was salt, but some I'll have to chip away at again. You are right! I've got today to work with and I can do this today. I've got a good soup made and now I'm heading to the kitchen to make breakfast. Then later this morning I'll go to my writing workshop and have a great time.

All the Turtles: be well and happy and keep on keepin' on!
234.5/?/180's and thinner :cool:

03-15-2011, 11:05 AM
Good morning turtles!
it proimises to be a blustery day here but hopefully the last of the storms are moving out of the area and we will start to dry out.
I went over my points by 8 yesterday just was making bad choices but this morning I am starting out right. Just finished a nice juicy orange and now am going to "induldge" in some egg beaters and veggie sasuage in a cup....Lunch a turkey wrap with ffcream cheese, onion on 100 cal tortilla..snack another piece of fruit and dinner some baked cod and brocolli yummy!

I do so much better if I can plan my meals out at least a day in advance

03-15-2011, 11:21 AM
Morning, turtles:

Nice to see everyone chiming in and keeping on track.

I had a great day yesterday, totally OP and got in a mile walk at lunch & another 3 miles last night at the centre. So felt good about that.

Tonight is hot yoga which I missed last week, so looking forward to that.

All - lets all journal faithfully this week & get in our water. All those little extras that we kind of forget about, add up quickly.

Have a great OP day!

03-16-2011, 08:41 AM
Hey All Back To Reality!!!

Had a great 2 days with the boys.Ate too much, ate the wrong things! Walked a million miles, should have worn a pedometer probably wouldn't feel so guilty about the food I ate if I knew how far we walked! We did swim in the pool too!
My feet are killing me I went for fashion instead of comfort and wore boots!

So hoping for a turtle this week at the scale think I will wait until Saturday to weigh in! Get rid of the salt first! Husband is away until Friday so won't need to make big meals for son and I which is good will keep it simple, low cal, low fat = low point!!!

Bandit A hot yoga studio is opening 2 doors down from the Weight Watchers office, they are having a free week so I am going to try it!!!

Sounds like everyone is having an OK week so far. Ups and downs are the reality of life. We must remember that as Judy says ---- We are a great group of women and together we can do this!!!! It will be slow and steady! With a few set backs here and there but we will succeed!!!!

Mini Goals!
1. Water +++++++
2. Exercise- Y at least 2 x before Sat.
3. No Junk food!!!!!!
4. Tell myself everyday I can do this!!!!!

Have a great Wednesday Turtles!


03-16-2011, 09:42 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday to you all. The sun is supposed to come out this afternoon so that will make a nice change! Warmer temps are on the way too! Food has been ok for me this week but I have been very hungry in between meals, I have tried to bulk up my lunches with raw veggies and that has helped some but not much. Will just keep at it and try and make up some veggie soup this weekend to have on hand for next week. Exercise has been limited to taking the steps a few times a day and quick walks on my lunch... I need to step that up!

Went to book club last night, for our first book we are going to read "The 19th Wife" by David Ebershoff - should be interesting if nothing else... LOL. Hoping this book club takes off better than the last one!

Bandit: Sounds like you have it together and are on plan! Awesome! Are you going to do any veggies or flowers in your garden this year?

Judy: Sounds like you got back on track quickly... wonderful! How about you... are you going to do any veggies in your garden this year?

Terri: Welcome home! Sounds like you had a great time! I am sure it will be a turtle at the scales with all of the walking that you did!

Nancy: Your menu sounds great! I love the lunch wrap idea!

Lizzy: How are you doing? Have you been taking lots of trips to the dog park lately with the nicer weather moving in?

Loopy: Hope you are having a good week! Anything new in your neck of the woods?

Life: Hope you made it home safe and sound... how was your trip?

Have to run everyone, have a great on-plan day!

03-16-2011, 10:54 AM
Morning, turtles:

Terri - I am sure you will enjoy the yoga, for the first time the instructor
said to just try & stay in room for the whole class & just do what you can.
So don't get discouraged if you can't do what everyone else is doing, just keep thinking how great you will feel afterwards. Heads up on some of the
breathing noises some people make getting warmed up & cooled down. I still find it strange. Anyway, enjoy!
Glad you had a great trip in Toronto - I go up to visit my dd often & by the end of the day my feet are done, I cannot believe how much walking we do.

Princess - My girlfriend planted lots of flowers last year that come up each year but I have never planted veggies, I know some people even do tomatoes
in planters. Maybe I'll ask her about the veggies - I know she usually plants
things at her trailer. Also, adding some protein with all your meals should
keep you feeling full longer.

So walked another mile yesterday at lunch, then did hot yoga last night and
still completely on track for this week. BUT, tomorrow night the ladies are
going out for St. Patricks day & that could be challenging. On the upside,
I have my weigh in before going out.

Judy - having soup on hand is such a good idea.

All - hump day, lets have a OP one.

03-16-2011, 12:27 PM
Weighed in this morning at 234.2 down from 237.6 I think that is down 3.4 pounds. :carrot: Thanks to sinus sickness and not eating in the evening since moving. I hope i can keep up with the new habits.

03-16-2011, 01:38 PM
Hi Turtles,
I am back from my WW WI. I considered not weighing in, but just attending the meeting. Then I decided to bite the bullet. I was up 4.6# and wasn't surprised. I am back on track and I'm ready to track again. Have to get my exercise back into routine too.

Bandit, you've got a great exercise routine for yourself right now. Weigh to go! :strong: Glad your ex is back at his home. It is wonderful that you're OP and you're walking and doing hot yoga.

Loopy, what an interesting idea :idea: about the Diet 7-Up. I still drink Diet Coke. I have an idea that I need the caffeine around noon, but I'm sure that's an idea I have to find another solution for. Right now I'm going to put a glass by the sink and drink water more often. Thanks for the head's up about soda. Interesting that it didn't affect you this time.

Nancy----tell me about steroids. I'm sorry you gained 3#, but steroids do that. I've had to take prednisone several times-----not only does it make it harder to lose weight, it also makes you hungry. Not a combination that helps anything. However, if you need it for your jaw, etc. you need it. You can deal with the weight gain once you're off the meds. Good luck! :goodvibes: I like that you're making good choices and planning ahead. That's huge for me too.

Princess, how did your leading the discussion for the TOPS group work out? I bet it's helping keep you on track. Hey, I read the 19th Wife and thought it was terrific. Right now I'm reading Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah. I'll let you know what I think. My dh and I are planting a garden this year. Ours is small: tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. But they taste fabulous once we harvest them. I just ordered a knockout rose bush. I've read good things about them, so I decided to try one. I've got all sorts of perennials in my garden and I love seeing them come into bloom. So wonderful. Right now my leaves are covering up my crocus, so I've got to get out there pronto.

Life, how was your trip?

Terri, yeah----ups and downs are yearlong. Sometimes we think it's just the holidays---or for some people the summer----that's tough. I am lucky to have plenty of people around me and plenty of birthdays to celebrate, so the social challenges and the eating challenges are quite consistent throughout the year. The good thing about WW's is that it teaches you to tackle each day at a time-----to plan for the party----and to eat healthfully.

Cherry, I'm so glad to see you're doing well. Keep on chiming in. Sorry you were ill, but grab onto that weight loss and keep on keepin' on.\

Good vibes and good luck to us all!
I hope I remembered everyone.
234.6/194.8/180's and thinner :cool:

03-16-2011, 07:05 PM
Hi all! Back from W/I and bleh! Gained 0.4 pounds. It's the first week that I didn't lose weight on the Weight Watchers program. I expected to be more upset when this eventually happened. I think that I'm staying calm because I know that I followed the program rigorously every day. I've just started a totally unexpected TOM for the first time in nearly a year. Had to rush out to the drugstore during my break at work today. So who knows what is going on inside my body right now? That's my excuse for not losing anything this week. Hopefully next week will be back on track.

I don't know if I mentioned it here, but I've been buying used clerical vestments on eBay. I believe in reusing and recycling (especially since the old folks tend to excrete on my work clothes), and I'm finally wearing a standard size preaching robe thanks to WW.

So I've been picking them up for a few dollars each. There's one robe which I love because it has some frills and girly stuff, but it's is too short for me to wear a skirt underneath (I'm not talking about a minidress here, it's four inches below the knee, but all of my skirts are mid-calf to ankle-length), so I had to buy pantyhose for the first time in 20 years. I was so tickled because not only is it not "queen-sized", but I'm not even the largest regular size! When I cheerfully put on a size "D", I was thoroughly boggled even though the package had indicated that it would fit me. So today I was dancing around in the dayroom in my vestments, and singing about pantyhose!

Seeing a middle-aged minister in full regalia doing the Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers shimmy dance probably gave the ladies a whole new reason to anticipate the arrival of the medicine cart, actually...

03-17-2011, 08:34 AM
Hey All

Once you get lazy it is hard to turn it around! didnot go to Y last night. Need to get off my butt! I am going to put my clothes in the car and try to go after work, on my way home. Once I get home I have not wanted to go back out.

Eating pretty good yesterday, must start tracking again I have fallen off with that. It is so important! So today baby steps!!! track, water, exercise!


03-17-2011, 12:02 PM
Morning, turtles

Getting warmer up here which is nice, foggy ride to work but now is sunny.

Cherry - Congrats on your big weight loss this week, that is great. Keep up the good work.

Judy - sorry to hear about your gain, but am proud of you for going to your
meeting & getting on the scale. As I said before, when we don't want to
go to meetings & face the scale is definately when we need it the most.
So good for you & heres to getting back on track & moving forward.

Loopy - You will knock off that little gain in no time.

Terri - I hear you about getting lazy, so easy to do. I also got side-tracked
the last couple of weeks but once I got my butt in gear, this week have
felt so much better. So since you have your stuff really make an effort
to get to the Y. Too bad we couldn't programme our cars into going where
we know we should.

Princess - you hanging in there?

All - have my weigh in tonight then off to celebrate with the ladies.

Have a good OP day, everyone!

03-17-2011, 01:33 PM
Happy Thursday everyone and may the luck of the Irish be with you all!

Busy, super busy here today at work and yesterday too! Dont' have much time but wanted to say hello.

I have W/I and my meeting tonight and I have to lead the lesson this week, will do the best I can... too busy to really worry about it.

I will post more tomorrow but a huge congrats to those that lost and to those that gained just keep at it... Spring is a few days away and things are looking up for all of us!

03-17-2011, 03:35 PM
Hi. Everyone the trip was good. I made it home safe and sound. I had to check my luggage in the middle of me flying back because the overhead bins were full. But they didn't loose it. So I am good with that.

My eating has been horrible. I was doing okay. Till I stopped at Bojangles. I am trying to get back in the swing of things with everything. I am very sleepy. I don't know what time my body is on besides its on.

Hope everyone had a good day.

03-17-2011, 05:37 PM
We've gotten very long. See you all at #252 Bale of Turtles Enjoying Spring!