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03-01-2011, 07:21 AM
Happy March! This is the month when winter really puts up a fight in my part of the world but I know we'll win.

BGL has been pretty steady since I smartened up on eating. Weight is a bit up still - my pea soup has ham in it. I have stopped fretting about it though - water weight does go.

Since the power was out yesterday, I did not get to the gym and could not use my treadmill either. Today I will do some "treading" and plan to gym it tomorrow. I am so craving being able to walk down for the mail but the roads are still way too icy.

03-01-2011, 08:03 AM
Hello everyone!
I've been MIA for a week or so. I visited with my CDE last week and have been taking my blood glucose in the morning and before dinner. What a new experience for me. I start diabetes education classes on the 17th and hubby is coming along with me.

I really STILL don't know how to eat properly to keep this blood sugar from going out of control. I am on Metformin for about two weeks now. I wish the classes were sooner.

What type of diet are you on? Are you able to lose weight, too??

03-01-2011, 01:53 PM
I've been having problems all of a sudden with my FBG and later readings going too high. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong. I just went to another site and was reading things they were saying on their diabetic thread. Amazing how 1 little thing you do that you think is healthy and okay, but can throw off the whole works.

I take Metformin. What I didn't know is that you CANNOT HAVE GRAPEFRUIT or GRAPEFRUIT juice with Metformin. It keeps the Metformin from working properly. I've been making myself lemon water with liquid Stevia that has grapefruit base. I also had eaten 1/2 a grapefruit when this started. Since it has something to do with the acid from what I read on line, I'm even wondering about the lemon water.

Needless to say, I've been totally frustrated. I couldn't figure out what in the world I had done wrong as I was doing everything right and things were going so good and the wham things started going wrong.

They really need to put a warning on the meds concerning this.

03-01-2011, 02:13 PM
Thanks for the info Trish.

I haven't had anything grapefruit for years as I was taking Lipitor.

The doctor took me off it last time I was in to see him - says it does not help with cholesterol lowering in women past menopause. I had been thinking I would try some grapefruit juice but now I won't as I take Metformin too.

Freezing cold here -36 with the wind chill - I'm ready for spring.

Have a great day.

03-01-2011, 03:06 PM
Lindyloo It would be good to look up Metformin for weight loss online. I've learned that low carb works better for weight loss with Metformin. There are certain foods we should not use and I was surprised by some of the foods I thought we could and couldn't eat were not as I thought. I hope I can find the info so I can make copies of them.

Have a good day.

03-01-2011, 07:21 PM
Hi everyone. I went to doctor yesterday. It was not a good experience. My A1c 11, blood pressure 160/100. I was giving a choice I could either do byetta or I had no choice but to do insulin. So I tearfully choose the pen. I'm not mad at anyone but myself and this diabetes. I already knew it was high but I also have not been doing what I needed to do. I though I could just ignore it but it just want ignore me. So today I have official gotten back on track and will have to stay one track. I can't want until the day I can buy an outfit that doesn't have the number 2 in it and I don't have to take a bunch of pills. One think I am glad of is that I'm still alive, so I quess I can't complain.

03-01-2011, 11:34 PM
:welcome: MRSBUNNIE ~ glad you joined us over here; just take one day at a time. It can be scary, but you can make progress; many of us have done well. Even with the odd mistake; just keep going and your health will improve in time. :hug:

TRISH ~ didn't know that about the acidy foods causing problems with Metformin; but I do remember that whenever I tried a lemon or lime homemade drink like yours, I felt odd, so I didn't have it again. Maybe it's just a coincidence about that though; but then again, maybe not.

MAMADUCK ~ I'm on the simple Portion Plan (called THE NO-DIET DIET). Here's a link to a post that outlines the basics ...


I had an off day yesterday; so I just had a very, very light dinner and that sorted things out for me. Trying to nix those crunchy, salty, carby snacks; it was small & lighter, but still ... lesson learned. Am back on track today; and following my meal plan well. :D

You know, I have my meal plan set out for about a week ahead; so I just have to resist the temptations at the store (even the baked ones). I can do it; done it before; can do it again; so I'm glad at least, that I am getting better & better as time goes on -- the mistakes are getting fewer and farther in between ... yeah!:)

We have had a kind of blizzard going on here since dinnertime; lots of ***** and strong winds with it. Can hear it down the furnace vent pipes even. Everyone is staying indoors tonight to keep safe & warm ... :brr:

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow2:

03-01-2011, 11:51 PM
MrsMBunnieXI :welcome2: to this thread. There those here who can really help you. I know this is scary and it is nerve racking. Don't beat yourself up for feeling like it would go away if you ignored it. I understand that everybody goes through that. I know I did. If I hadn't gotten sick with the shingles and my DH got ill with clots, I probably would never have gone to the doctor to see what all was going on with me back in May or June and found out that the diabetes had returned. I had had it about 15 yrs ago and lost weight and no longer had the problem. Then I gained the weight and the diabetes came back. I got it under control and was losing weight within a few months doing Atkins. When the holidays came up, I knew I wouldn't make it and went off Atkins onto Weight Watchers. If you have read my recent posts, my BS started going up again and I couldn't get back down. Thank God, I found out today that everything I was eating was keeping my medicine, Metformin, from working.

So I would tell you to research any meds you are taking. I always read the paperwork that comes with a new medicine, but they didn't tell me not to eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice. So now I am really doing a lot of research so maybe I can prevent these things from happening that I'm experiencing right now. I read somewhere in all my search that you work with your doctor and whoever else is involved... nutritionist etc, but you manage your diabetic treatment yourself.

Come here and ask questions. Write down any questions you have for your doctor and ask him/her when you go in to see him/her. I've got to where I do that. Tell them how you feel. Sometimes they have answers and sometimes they don't, but my doctor is very good about saying that he doesn't know. I don't know anything about taking insulin, but there are those who do. I wish you good success on your journey.

There is one book that I would recommend getting written by Gretchen Becker titled The First Year Type 2 Diabetes. It is a guide for the newly diagnosed diabetic. She tells how she became a T2 diabetic and shares what you feel and go through. She also helps do away with some of our feelings of guilt for being diabetic. I don't know if you're into reading, but I think you would find it helpful.

Just don't beat yourself up for the past mistakes. Just pick yourself up and move forward and do what you can to get healthy. That is what I'm doing. We will do it together.

03-02-2011, 07:53 AM
HI everyone. Welcome to the newbies, we are glad to have you on board.
I am fascinated to hear about the grapefruit and metformin. You may remember that I have a citrus allergy, (not sure if its lemons or all citrus, but citric acid causes problems, so I avoid it all) so I have not had grapefruit, which is a favourite of mine, for years. BUT, grapefruit is something that reacts with a lot of drugs. Blood pressure meds for sure. More than other citrus, there is something in grapefruit that causes the drugs to absord differently, usually too fast, and the drug can't reach full effect as a result. Worth checking out, especially with your pharmacist. It could be you can't have it for breakfast, but as a morning snack away from certain meds.
Had another busy run, and didn't get any sleep on Monday night, so wound up sleeping during the afternoon yesterday, got up for supper, and back to bed until 6 am today!.
However, one reason I didn't sleep before being called to work in the night was that DD and I had another big argument, and I was crying in bed with DH. We are all gonna talk tonight, we didn't talk about it last night, as we were all sleep deprived.
Oh, the emotional rollercoaster of teenaged girls, she is gonna be 19 in less than 3 weeks, and is acting like 9 about half the time, then is really grown up and lovely the other half. I am SOOOO ready for her to leave home, September can't come fast enough.
Have not been sticking to atkins plan, but have been doing a suzanne somers variation, higher carb (and high fibre) with no fat, or a meal with few carbs and lots of fat. But have gained a bit this way, so hope to be able to return to atkins today.
bs have been stable, in spite of the stress.
hoping for a good day today.

03-02-2011, 11:32 AM
fatmad Interesting about the citrus. You know I probably should never have eat grapefruit any way. I'm on BP meds, but there was no warning about it either. People in my Daddy's family never could eat citrus fruit as they would breakout with rashes. And for many years I couldn't either, but until this happened with my FBS I hadn't had any problems. When I started WW, I ate lots of citrus fruit. I remember last time DH went to the doctor that the nurse asked me how the diet was going as she knew I had switched to WW. I told her I wasn't sure as my BS was suddenly all over the place.

Here are some other interesting things I read last night while researching and reading what other diabetics experiences are that take Metformin. I think y'all might find interesting too if you haven't heard it.

Remember what I experienced with the lightheadedness and dizziness almost like a hypoglycemic situation? Well, I read that when diabetics are in the process of getting their BS to come back down to normal that this can happen. It's like what happened to me yesterday. My FBS had been around 147 for a few days and as I was transfering Feb numbers to a sheet to turn in to the doctor in April, I even had a few 152 readings. Now I don't know what was happening with the 152 reading could have been citrus fruit or even white flour or potatoes not sure. Any way using yesterday as an example. I started back on Atkins Induction yesterday because my FBS was 147 which is higher than it was when I was diagnose last summer. By last evening my BS had dropped to 110 and at BT it was 109. I am so thankful my FBS was 109 this morning. However, they say such a fast drop from a high reading to a lower reading can cause those reactions. They say it can happen again when you get it below 100. So that explains all these wierd feelings I've been having because on WW I was having such wide spread readings. Another thing I read was that one woman said that she could not lose weight until she got on low carb and got her FBS consistently below 100. Which brings me to the interesting thing I learned about Metformin online. I don't remember her saying she was on Atkins, but I suspect she is because she said she cannot eat more than 20 carbs or she doesn't lose weight. She just called her diet VLC.

Metformin is a drug used for some people to lose weight not just for diabetes. It is often used for people who are prediabetic to lose weight so they never have diabetes. But the interesting thing is that low carb dieting works better with Metformin. It seems that if you eat white stuff even white potatoes and rice it can keep Metformin from working like it should for weight loss. I do remember my doctor telling me that Metformin would help me lose weight, but I didn't find it helping me very much. Now I know why. Also I have difficulty doing vigorous exercise right now. The article I read also said that light to moderate exercise works well with Metformin. I can do it. Also read another article and not sure of this one because there was some discussions on it, but it said that they think that Metformin and the sulf??? drugs and insulin may prevent many cancers. I thought that was interesting to know. I read that Metformin is good for a lot of other health problems which they said was good to know. However, I'm thinking that could be because diabetes causes so many problems and correcting the diabetes could be the reason for that.

So needless to say with all the good things I learned about low carb and Metformin this girl will be doing low carb. I will do more like or similar to Atkins because I want to learn what my limit is of carbs so I can get my numbers back down so that I can lose weight.

I had not told anyone, but last week I had gained back up to 218 lbs, yesterday I was very low carb as I didn't even hit 15 carbs, but I did eat plenty of protein and fat so I'm sure I got plenty of calories, but didn't overdo anything. Since I lean more to Intuitive Eating, I only ate when I thought I was really hungry and I ate only as much as I needed to feel satisfied. I've eaten by the clock and by diets that say you need to so much of this and this that I have a really hard time sometimes knowing if I'm hungry and when I'm satisfied or what I really want. I'm trying to learn what low carb foods I really love and enjoy and will learn to eat around those foods. Once last night I really wanted an ice cream (only eat diet), but it was 15 carbs and I'm on Atkins Induction. I didn't eat it. I think I finally had a cheese stick.

Didn't make BSF this morning as I seem to get off balance right now and have almost fell a few times. I think when things get back to normal and stay there that I'll be okay. Have had a headache and sight is a little off. At least I don't have Atkins flu so far. So I'm staying in until things get better.

Y'all have a great Wednesday.

03-02-2011, 05:30 PM
Thanks to all of you for all the lively discussion and information about Metformin and how you are reacting to it and the carbs. It's given me lots of questions to mull over and take back to my doctor in May. I know my weight drops nicely when I have a low carb dinner. Damn the temptations along the way!

03-02-2011, 06:07 PM
YES, TRISH ~ that information is very interesting, esp about the Metformin and certain types of foods; also about the simple carbs (potatoes & rice) blocking the WL effects of MET. Nobody told us about all that; here, I was eating them with the MET all along. Once I was eating really well on the Portion Plan, I found that the MET just made me feel like I was starving and sometimes dizzy, light-headed, and nauseated. :shrug:

That happened to me when they dipped down to the 4.5 (or 70's) levels. I'm off the MET right now, but on occasion, I still get those whoozy sensations in the middle of the night; I had one last week when I couldn't sleep (the dawn effect syndrome). At least, that is what I think caused it; and not all doctors seem to know much about these things either.

Gee, you must watch those spells you are having; check to make sure your BSL' s are not dropping too fast and/or too low (maybe those are Atkins flu symptoms). Maybe MADELEINE would know more about that than me.

Do any of you find that you get REALLY HUNGRY about an hour before you usually have meals, esp lunch or dinner. This happens a lot to me at 11 AM and 5 PM (we usually eat around 12-12:30; and 6 PM). I often feel so hungry that it makes me feel nauseated. Yesterday, I had a half an orange at 11 AM and that seemed to help; I also had a small snack at 5 PM to offset the same thing, ie a 1/2 cup applesauce.

:wave: HI ~ PAMPGAL ~:welcome:

Well, that storm passed through and we have had lovely :sunny: all day; time to check on my chicken stew dinner (I put the leftover chicken and some veggies in my crockpot) and it smells very ready.;)

Have a great day tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow2:

03-02-2011, 08:32 PM
PampGal I know those temptations are what got me to go off the low carb and try to count calories and then WW. I knew I would never make it through the holidays otherwise. What I didn't know was that I was doing a bad thing for me as my system loves low carb. So now I'm learning to love it too.

Rosebud I have noticed lately that I do get hungry for just a little something to hold me over until lunch and dinner. I do great in the morning. I'm getting back to the way I was when I was a kid. I don't really get that hungry for breakfast, but do eat just a little more like a small brunch. I hadn't thought about having Atkin's flu because while it is uncomfortable it isn't anything like I used to experience. I mean I never got through the more than 10 days, but now I think I could do this for the 2 weeks or more.

I don't think the doctors know a whole lot. I just read an article I got from Diabetic Living or something like that and the ADA says they haven't had an official diet for diabetics for 15 yrs. They are now saying everyone should tweak their own diet low to moderate carbs, high carb vegan and the plate visual thing. So no wonder the doctor's don't know what to tell us. There are just so much to learn. It will be interesting to see if my doctor knew about the Met and grapefruit and I really want to know if he knew about the low carb and Met. My next appt. is the first week in April I think. You even have dieticians who will not admit that low carb is good for so many diabetics. That is why we have to depend on other diabetics on sites like this who share their experiences.

I am so thankful for each one of you.

03-02-2011, 10:55 PM
Hi gang, yes there does seem to be a phenomenon that quick drops in BS can cause symptoms of hypoglycemia even if the actual BS seems within normal range. Atkins "flu" is more like feeling yucky for hours at a time, and seems to happen while people get used not having their blood sugars get high anymore. When testing, I had very stable blood sugars. They didn't go down below 5 and didn't go above 7. But I felt like I had low sugar all day.

I am so interested in all of this. Have been doing Atkins for quite a while, but am deciding that I want to try calorie counting for a while. I miss a few things, and want to add them back to my diet. It seems crazy to be "cheating" by eating steel cut oatmeal, unsweetened soy milk, and peanut butter on high fibre bread. But this is going to be difficult. For one thing, Atkins is fairly high in fat, and I have to lower my fat intake to some degree with the switch. I also don't want to overdo the carbs and have my sugars go crazy.

The hard part for me is homemade food, which would be my choice most of the time. So figuring out calorie counts for my steel cut oats cooked in soymilk is tricky. And figuring out where to put my fats will be a challenge.
well, better find a site to figure out my calorie counts. and go buy some more strips, I will have to test more while doing all this.

03-02-2011, 11:57 PM
Madeliene maybe you could still do a low fat but count it by units the way nutritions sometimes teach it. Tony's DD did that when she was pregnant and had diabetes. I'm sure you already know how to do that... one carb unit is 15 grams. I hope I can do that eventually. It may be maintenance before I can do it, but I do miss my oatmeal and my fiber bread too. Hopefully you have been on the Atkins very low carb long enough that you can make the transition with a little more with no problem and your system will co-operate.:)

03-03-2011, 06:58 AM
So much to think about!

I did eat more carbs than usual last night because I was afraid of a very low FBGL today. I go for bloodwork at 8:15 and am really craving coffee right now. :( I hid the coffee pot last night so I wouldn't go onto auto pilot and make some this morning. I'm sipping hot water and keeping very warm so my blood will be nice and "runny" for Nurse Dracula. I think she needs seven vials this morning as Dr Jack wants to repeat the tests he did before I started Victoza.

Breakfast is going to taste really, really good today!

03-03-2011, 07:27 AM
Oh Ruth, hope all goes well with the blood tests, and that your blood indeed flows nice and easy, for your sake. And have a great breakfast. I know what you mean about auto pilot, I sometimes make and start drinking tea, and completely forget I was going to do a fbs.
Well, I am having oatmeal for breakfast. Must be sure to measure it!
Thanks for the suggestions on calorie counting friends. WW does points, of about 50 cals. Hard part for me is measuring out the food into servings. DOn't have to do that on atkins in general, especially once I got used to carb servings. Will have to relearn a few things.
Having oatmeal for breakfast, making a red cabbage (with walnuts and blue cheese) slaw salad for potluck today.
Have a good day everyone.

03-03-2011, 08:09 AM
I just want to pop in here and thank you all! I have learned SO much from your posts after being dx two weeks ago. I've ordered the book you suggested, Trish (The First Year Type Two Diabetes) and the book Diabetes for Dummies. I am truly a dummie about this disease. Also Rosebud thank you for the link for the NO DIET! This is all totally new to me! Thank you.

The week has gone so fast for me. It's bittersweet. I love the weekends but don't want my life to rush away from me. Bracing for yet another snowstorm in South Dakota over the weekend...

Have a great day everyone!

03-03-2011, 02:49 PM
Ruth I hope the blood work turns out really good for you and the blood flows nicely too.

Madeleine Would South Beach work for you since you can have some of steele cut oats and some of the other things you want. Depending on how things go with the Atkins which I totally am enjoying right now, I am remembering that there is always South Beach if I want to change later or need too.

Mamaduck I felt the same way you do when I started all this and at one point felt completely overwhelmed and confused. I am so thankful for all the books and websites like 3fc where we can get answers from other diabetics. My doctor gave me 3 different diets I could try when I was diagnosed. Years ago when I went through this, the doctor I had then gave me a diet and told me "I can't tell you what to eat. You will find your own way". That is what I've come to realize is that we have to find our own way of controlling this. I like the phrase "I'm learning to manage my own health".

Day 3 on AI and not really hungry. Got up early for DH to go have blood drawn and then ran by Walmart for a prescription refill he needed. I told the girl in pharmacy about what I had learned about the Metformin and grapefruit. I told her they need to tell people. Couldn't tell if she knew that or not. She seemed embarrassed when I told her that they need to tell people about it.

Well, I think I'm going to take a nap.

Lindyloo, Rosebud, Pampgirl, MrsMBunnieXI and others reading this:wave:

Hope everybody had a great day.

03-03-2011, 05:42 PM
Whew! Darlene aka Dracula managed to hit a vein first time and filled all her vials. Boy breakfast tasted good afterward, especially the coffee part.

Tonight's supper will be a major veggie stir-fry with a chicken breast plus the last of my shiritaki noodles. I'm not sure if I'll order them again - they are expensive and I think ww pasta is much better.

I hope your day is going well.

03-04-2011, 07:48 AM
OMGoodness!!It's finally FRIDAY!! :carrot:

03-04-2011, 09:24 AM
Happens every week, Mamaduck. Try not to get too excited. :rofl:

Today is going to be a stress-free day which will segue into a stress-free weekend as I want to be calm, cool and collected for my Monday a.m. appointment with Dr Jack. I also want to ditch some water weight so I can move my frassing ticker before then. Food will be low salt the next three days which means none of those frozen commercial dinners or my own pea and bean soups.

We are still way too icy and dangerous for walking but rain and warmer temps are expected over the weekend so there's hope.

03-04-2011, 10:04 PM
Mammaduck Sounds like you need a relaxing weekend. Hope you get it.

Ruthie You are so funny :lol: Hope you have a good docs appt with Dr. Jack.

This is D4 on my low carb. I'm not sure I can call it Atkins Induction but I am sticking to the 20 g carbs at least for a while. I am thrilled to say that I've dropped 6.5 of the 11 lbs I had gained which I know was water but I don't think it would have come off anyway other than low carb. That is the main thing I always liked about low carb. I'm also happy to report that my FBS has 109 for 3 days now and actually hit an 84 before my main meal today. I don't remember if I've shared this or not, but I always loved Intuitive Eating ideas and I'm using it with low carb. I am learning to learn what I really love to eat on low carb and making my plan around it mainly because IE teaches to eat what when you are hungry... eat what you love... eat until your satisfied and then stop eating. And I have to say that low carb makes it really easy to do this. So I'm pleased to say that I believe I have finally learned what works for me.

Rosebud, Madeleine, and all others reading Hi:wave:

Y'all have a great weekend.

03-04-2011, 10:16 PM
:wave: HI ~ we have been having a lovely week full of :sunny: and very mild temps today (0 C or 32 F). A bit of ***** did fall during the night -- but it wasn't that much really. DH is starting to whine about all the snow; but I don't mind it. I just keep telling him that we only have about 3 weeks before it all starts to melt; and that isn't that long really ... ;)

My left knee is really starting to feel better; still taking it easy as I want it to heal up well so I can walk better outside by spring. I want to enjoy the summer when we go up to our camping lot, where the ground isn't that level, so I need stronger legs by then.

I stayed home this week (after getting a few groceries on Monday); and DH did all the errands which he enjoys anyways (gives him something else to do). We had baked fish & chips (I had a few sweet potato fries) with coleslaw and sliced tomatoes for a quick & easy dinner tonight. Had a good week too ...

Hope you all have a wonderfull weekend and lots of good numbers ... Rosebud :flow2:

03-05-2011, 07:43 AM
Nice relaxing day yesterday doing just what I wanted to do. Food was fine and I even enjoyed making and eating my chicken and veggie stir-fry for dinner. I indulged in some wine since I found a bottle when I finally cleaned out my fridge. Weight is NOT up from Chinese sauce (I used Hoisin) but FBGL was a tad low this morning. I forgot that shirataki noodles are not really a carb.

It's supposed to rain all day today which will lower the snow levels. Mother Nature is going to top us up with more snow tomorrow though! I'm hoping to get the ice off my decks before that happens. That'll be my exercise today - wearing rain gear.

Happy weekend! :coffee:

03-05-2011, 02:44 PM
Thanks everyone for the kind words of encouragement. I really needed that. I know now that this is something I can not take a vacation from. I have started monitoring my sugar like I'm suppose to. Since starting on Tuesday trying to live a healthier life I have went from 278 pounds to 268. I know it's mostly water but hey its better than nothing. I look forward to the day I can buy an item of clothing that doesn't have the number 2 in it. With the help of the Good Lord and encouragement from everyone I think I can still in it for the long haul. Thanks and have a Blessed Day.

03-05-2011, 03:49 PM
RUTH ~ I agree with TRISH; I luv your sense of humor -- and I know that MUMMYDUCK knows that you are just teasing her. Of course, that's just one of the reasons I look forward to your posts, but no pressure there ... :lol:

We are being blessed with another :sunny: day and temps have come up to -1 C -- not bad for March really. Just doing laundry today so I can come in here to play at the same time; I have lots of these timing-saving strategies to get more things done at once. I bake a lot of one-pot oven meals and like using my crockpot to save on dishes and work. I did enuff cooking for a large family, and working as a short-order cook as well (but I did cook some fine-dining type meals in two places I worked in also).

TRISH ~ glad you are having success with your new personal plan: Atkins Induction and IE (Intuitive Eating) working together. Nice to see good numbers and weight-loss at the same time!

MRS.BUNNY ~ congrats to you too; that's a great start anyways! Yes, sooner or later, we all have to come to the realization that this is a life-time journey back to good health! :)

Have a great weekend ladies (and any lurking GENTS) ... Rosebud :flow2:

03-05-2011, 05:15 PM
Well, now I have to find another allergy med because the one I take causes my FBG to go up. The combination of allergy med and little to no sleep, my FBG was 149 mg/dl this morning. I had to go to get my hair done and to the store and got back home about 4 hrs later and checked BG and it was 85 mg/dl. So I'm sure the way I'm eating is working and I'm equally sure the allergy med is the problem. I think I'll check online to see what I can find out.

Have a good day.

03-06-2011, 12:13 AM
hi all. Have been MIA for a bit. I think I will try south beach for a while. I do want some healthy carbs, but a good plan is needed or I will be eating too many carbs in no time. I have the book so will get groceries this weekend and start Monday.
On the good side, DD and I had a good talk and are working on things will. There were heartfelt apologies on both sides. This felt really good, as I felt I could not go forward without apologies on her part. I now feel like I can let go of a lot of anger. I was trying not to hold on to it, but I couldn't let go of it completely. Gives me a picture of how hard it is for people when the person you are in conflict with dies. (I am thinking of parents or siblings of course, I would be devasted if anything happened to DD.)
One thing is, we had the conversation with out DH in the room. One thing we got from counselling is that she and I take turns as bad guy and victim, with DH being the rescuer. SO we left him out of most of our discussion today. Worked well!
We are going to try new counsellors, since none of us loved the previous ones, which is why we didn't go back after Christmas holidays.
What does all this have to do with blood sugars and diet? I expect a lot.
I have been working really hard not to engage in emotional eating, and for the most part, have had success. Sometimes I do succumb, but I don't wallow, and get back to plan.
Well, a good vent.
I am happy to read everyone's news, and hope we all have a good weekend.

03-06-2011, 12:18 AM
Well, now I have to find another allergy med because the one I take causes my FBG to go up. The combination of allergy med and little to no sleep, my FBG was 149 mg/dl this morning. I had to go to get my hair done and to the store and got back home about 4 hrs later and checked BG and it was 85 mg/dl. So I'm sure the way I'm eating is working and I'm equally sure the allergy med is the problem. I think I'll check online to see what I can find out.

Have a good day.

What have you been taking Trish? decongestants have a lot of side effects, including affecting blood sugar. (also might cause urinary retention, and therefore UTI's!) Plain reactine or claritin, (not the ones with added decongestants) are good. I am using nasonex right now, quite happily. works great, but need a prescription. its a steroid you spray into the nose, but is locally acting only.
hope you find something that works for you and your sugars

03-06-2011, 08:55 AM
Our bodies are a major mystery. Yesterday I weighed 191 and today I weigh 193 after a good eating day with no wine. I even suffered through a salt-free meatloaf with green beans for dinner. :shrug: Today will be a mostly water and fruits and veggie day starting with a grapefruit for breakfast. Oy!

03-06-2011, 11:27 PM
Madeleine So glad you and your DD were able to work things out. That probably has been a factor in with blood sugar because it has been a real stress on you. Hopefully things will get better. Good luck with the south beach diet. I've really thought about that myself, but will continue doing what I'm doing for now. The 2 pluses for SB is 1) you don't have to count the carbs and 2) you get a limited amount of carbs and 3) I realize that it would work well with IE. So I have to admit that it is really tempting to switch and I may if I find it too difficult to stay within the carbs of Atkins. I've lost the cravings so sweets so I've switched to OWL and eating between 30 and 40 carbs. However, I want to give Atkins a good chance before I decide about SB. Thank you for the info on the allergy meds. I take Clairtin D and have to sign for it. Maybe I need to switch to the plain clairtin. DH has some Nasonex samples he got when he was going to the ENT his DD works for. I will try that and if it works, I will get a prescription from my doctor when I go to him in April.

Ruth Boy did you hit it on the nail about our bodies being a mystery. My FBS was 149 yesterday morning because of taking the decongestant the night before. Didn't take it last night and FBS was 112. This is such difficult thing as I learn what works and what doesn't. I know how you feel when you are doing everything right that you know to do and the number doesn't show it. Hope things will be better tomorrow.

Rosebud, Mammaduck and MrsMBunnie :wave:

Hope everyone has had a really good weekend.

03-07-2011, 07:16 AM
Off to the doc this morning for my blood results. I'll report later. The mysterious two pounds melted away overnight. I wish the snow would do the same.

03-07-2011, 03:35 PM
Back from the doc who gave me a hug. I have lost 12 pounds in five weeks and my cholesterol/triglyceride readings are now "fantastic". The BGL is still 6.5 but that's measured over a three month period and will probably come down when I get re-tested in three months. so ... this may be my magic bullet. Now I need to deal with getting more fibre and water AND get back to the gym.

03-07-2011, 08:09 PM
W:)W!! Congratulations! You're doing great, Ruth. What an inspiration you are to me! :hug:

03-07-2011, 09:59 PM
Great news Ruthie I am so thrilled for you.

Everything is going well here. Hope everyone has a great week.

03-08-2011, 09:03 AM
RUTH, great news, just look, the ticker is finally moving again.
I need that. I am still not following any plan, plan to get back on the wagon this week. If I set a goal to be down to 160 for the summer, that is reasonable and doable and good. I realize that I haven't lost any weight since August. Good news is that maintenance is doable.
I looking at SB and atkins (phase 1 vs induction) it seems that there is a lot less fat with SB, and I worry about that! Without the fat to keep me full, don't know how it will go. It seems that phase 1 is low fat and low carb, and tho it is short term, I worry about the effects of that diet. Will keep researching for the time being.
have a good day chickies.

03-08-2011, 06:21 PM
Madeleine I looked at SB and while I worry about me eating too much fat on Atkin, I also worry about SB being too low for the same reason you do. So, I'm staying with the Atkins ideas.

I recently read a book by a Rob Stevens called Overfed Head. Rather than calling his woe Intuitive Eating, he calls it Thintuition. It pretty much teaches you to eat the way I ate when I was growing up. You eat when you are hungry, eat what you really want (of course I work around low carb foods) and eat until you are not hungry any more and stop eating. This is how I ate until I went to live with or around people who insisted you eat by the clock, meal time etc. I'm trying to do this with my low carb menu and I'm amazed at how well I feel. My FBS was up a little this morning, but I'm sure that was because I did eat some carbs yesterday with DH something he wanted rather than what I had planned and I overdid the carbs. I expect tomorrows FBS to be better since my eating has been more low carbs today.

I know how you feel Mad as I feel the same way you do sometimes. We will find what will work for us as long as we don't give up.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

03-09-2011, 07:46 AM
We will find what will work for us as long as we don't give up.
and when one examines the alternatives...... I know several people who HAVE just given up and they are slowly heading for early death. Unfortunately several of them were at the Pancake Supper last night and sure did not hold back on food!

"How many pancakes may I serve you, sir?"

"Six for now and I'll come back. I'll take another plate for my sausages and baked beans."

By the time I'd finished serving, I was nauseous and very glad to get home to my salad and chicken breast.

I'm still working on eating properly but have very little appetite. I was planning to give up wine for Lent but may get back to a single glass with dinner as it does seem to help my appetite. I'm trying for 1/1/1 for protein, fat and carbs and definitely need to increase fiber and water. TMI I know but ...

Have a good day and keep on fighting. We are winning!

03-09-2011, 02:06 PM
Ruthie When I was a teenager and was learning to cook, I would cook a meal for my family and when I was through I didn't want to eat. Just being around all that food seemed to turn me off rather than make me want it. I worked 2 weeks cooking at DQ between jobs one time. It affected me the same way. Being around all that food cooking made me sick of food and never felt tempted to eat any of it. So I know how you feel. Wish I could feel that way about food now and who knows maybe I will.

DH and I don't always want the same thing to eat. So I've got to where I fix his meal and feed him and then I fix what I want especially since I read the book on listening to what your body wants. I have eaten that way before and hopefully I will get it back. I was sharing with someone at church about the book and remembered that when I dieted before that I would allow myself the freedom to eat whatever I wanted when I would go to Ryans which is my favorite place to eat mainly because I love carrot cake and fried chicken and that was when I would give myself permission to have it. Well, one day we went to Ryans and I walked in and looked to see what they had that day on the buffet and realized that absolutely nothing jumped out at me. I ended eating smaller amounts of a few things, but only because the meal was already paid for. I hope with practice I can get back to that.

Went to BSF this morning. Need to go to pick up meds at Walmart but will do that tomorrow when DH goes to dentist. The rest of my day is going to be lazy and a "me" time day.

Y'all have a good one.

03-09-2011, 07:02 PM
and when one examines the alternatives...... I know several people who HAVE just given up and they are slowly heading for early death. Unfortunately several of them were at the Pancake Supper last night and sure did not hold back on food!

"How many pancakes may I serve you, sir?"

"Six for now and I'll come back. I'll take another plate for my sausages and baked beans."

By the time I'd finished serving, I was nauseous and very glad to get home to my salad and chicken breast.

I'm still working on eating properly but have very little appetite. I was planning to give up wine for Lent but may get back to a single glass with dinner as it does seem to help my appetite. I'm trying for 1/1/1 for protein, fat and carbs and definitely need to increase fiber and water. TMI I know but ...

Have a good day and keep on fighting. We are winning!

The other problem is, we celebrate Pancake Tuesday/ Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday etc. but we do not usually observe Lent, and the way of eating that traditionally entailed. LIke Ramadan, Lent was a long fast, with very little food served, and virtually no fat.
There are few Christians who do that now. Observant Muslims follow Ramadan fasts, not sure about other cultures/religions.
I would be fine to have a big feast if we followed that with significantly less food for a while. It would help if the whole community was on the fast too, so tempations would be low.

Go for the fibre Ruth, I always feel that I stall if I am not regular.....

03-09-2011, 07:10 PM
Have been on plan today, except a small treat, a hot cocoa with splenda to sweeten. Used half and half cream instead of milk tho. Funny how that is a good thing on this way of eating. I am doing atkins, at least for now.
Am having guests for supper this weekend and can make a nice roast lamb, and stay on plan easily. I "might" have some wine tho.
It is a rain/snow day, and the driving wasn't great, so finished home visits early and hope the babies stay quiet tonight.
Hope things are good where you are.
Ruth and Rosebud, hope there hasn't been a lot of freezing rain for you. Brr, and crummy driving. Stay safe everyone.

03-09-2011, 09:32 PM
Madeleine Please tell me how to buy and cook lamb. My now deceased MIL and I were on a diet one time where it called for lamb chops. I cooked one for her and one for me for our lunch and it stunk something awful and ended up sending then DH to get us pork chops. Liked to never got that smell out of my house. Someone told me I must have gotten mutton instead of lamb, but I was never brave enough to try cooking it again. Years later I attended a passover dinner at my Daddy's church and they had lamb (cooked professionally) and it was delicious. I would love to try it again if I knew how and what to pick and then how to cook it. Thanks.

I think I love eating Atkins which I haven't done a good job of today. I love doing it with IE, but didn't do well with that today because I felt because of the diabetes that I needed to eat before I left for BSF although I was not hungry. Then when I got home, I didn't follow Atkins or low carb at all. I'm going to have to figure something else out next week. It is easy when doing this at home, just afraid I'll get hungry before I come home and get the shakes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I just want to get away from eating by the clock or because a diet says I should eat. I think that is why diets haven't worked well for me. I don't like eating when I'm not hungry. Right back on Atkins plan tomorrow. I really think I could do AI for more than 2 weeks doing it this way. What do you think about beef jerky that I could carry in my purse on Wednesday morning? It does have some carbs so I haven't tried using them. Thanks y'all for suggestions.

03-10-2011, 07:05 PM
Hey Trish: Lamb is often quite fatty, (so great for atkins) but as a result the fatty spritzing can raise a stink. I usually cook my lamb out on the grill. Chops are easy, I marinate them with a bit of olive oil, some rosemary, and garlic if you like. Then have the grill up high and do about 5 minutes each side. I definitely prefer them on the rare side.
For roasting, I do it on the grill on a lower heat, over a drip pan filled with apple juice.
Shanks are best braised or stewed slowly as that is a tougher cut. SO the fat isn't spitting and burning, so fine in a pot or over pot roast. I like any excuse to have roast veggies (parsnip, carrot, squash, turnip, etc) with it too.
Had a delivery in the night, so am a bit tired today, but am now off until Monday am, so planning some yoga and housestuff, as well as the possible dinner party. And LOTS of rest and sleep.
ttfn everyone.

03-10-2011, 08:25 PM
DH had a dental appt this afternoon which took way longer than we thought. I took the book Life Without Bread by Christian B. Allan, PH.D. and Wolfgang Lutz, M.D. We were there for so long I read most of it. I read a lot of info about why l.ow carb is so much healthier and can save your life, but skipped the parts that didn't apply to me or that I already knew from other sources. It was interesting because I had gon on another site last night and read what some of the Atkins, LC and VLC people eat which turned out to be really good for me to have read before reading this book. It does talk about eating carbs in bread units (BU) of 12 and says we should not eat more than 72 g if we want to lose weight. I remember reading Dana Carpandar's book years ago and how she had special times when she had planned occasions to eat carbs. I tell you reading this book makes so much sense to me. I don't want to switch to BU thoughts so will keep my gram counts, but I can see that if we have a carby meal once in a while that it doesn't have to be a disaster or cause one of those "I blew" days.

I did find something to carry in my purse for Wednesday morning when I don't want to eat breakfast so early. It's called Beef bites like those canned beef jerkys, but is in a reclosable package. Things start at 9:05 and then we go to class. Around 10 or so we leave and go back to sanctuary. If I'm hungry at that time, I could take one or two out and eat them on the way to the sanctuary. Or if I'm not hungry until after and not coming straight home but going to the store after, I can eat a serving on the way to store.
So that has worked out good for me.

Thanks Madeleine for the lamb info. Don't know if I'll try that or not. Will have to see.

Everybody have a nice evening.

03-11-2011, 07:40 AM
Yummy! Lamb is one of my favourite meats but I only like it fresh. Kebabs are best for me but my BBQ is loaded with snow right now so ... I do make a yummy lamb, grain and mushroom pilaf though. I may do that this weekend.

I still have very little appetite but have solved the TMI problem with Fibre1 and flax meal. ;) FBGL is acceptable although still running a tad low - 3.2 this morning. My glyburide pills are very small but I may experiment with cutting them in half - I have a pill cutting gadget somewhere.

Today I will have a sturdy breakfast before I drive to Kingston to pick up a large fabric donation. I will be in a Super Store and may check out lamb. I will avoid those darn PC Hot Cross buns with "twice the raisins" although I'm sure they'd tempt my finicky appetite.

TGIF! Let's try for "me time" this weekend!

03-11-2011, 09:38 PM
Well, I've decided to give up processed foods except for cheese. I think they are causing me problems. And think I have to stick to the lower carbs of Atkins Induction for a while.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

03-12-2011, 07:13 AM
Weight is still stuck at 190 - I swear there are walls in weightloss every ten pounds. It took me months to get below 200!

I enjoyed my Kingston trip yesterday and the shopping in the SuperStore. I was not even tempted to go to the Chinese Buffet but bought myself a vegetarian spring roll from the sushi bar and some lovely blueberries for lunch. I also treated myself to a lobster tail for dinner last night but was a bit disappointed. Frozen is just not the same as fresh!

If enough snow melts off the BBQ today, I may grill a marinated pork tenderloin tonight. I think I'm getting my enthusiasm for cooking back - I've missed it!

03-12-2011, 12:02 PM
Ruthie Great accomplishment yesterday not being tempted by the Chinese Buffet. Looks like you finally got things working for you again. Good for you. You got me wanting to cook up some protein foods for my Atkin's Induction. Going to beauty shop and then to store to stock up on some roasts and pork etc and then cook them.

I'm off to a good start with AI and going to get me some veggies I can use as what I call finger salads. I've got my motivation back for this now to just keep it.

Have a great Saturday everybody.

03-13-2011, 07:31 AM
Time change and weight change. I'm finally in the 180's.

03-13-2011, 11:02 AM
Time change and weight change. I'm finally in the 180's.

You inspire me, if you can do it, I can do it. Thanks Ruth.
Trish, I will join you on induction. Had an induction breakfast. Don't forget the flax meal "muffin in a minute" which is suitable for induction, if you need some toast. You can smear it with cream cheese!

Tonight the neighbours are coming for supper. I will do the lamb chops on the grill, and am making celeriac soup, and roast veggies. Hmm, dessert, cheesecake or something else?
Am also going to try a muffin recipe, made with ground almonds, no flour and carob. Had a couple last night at a house concert we went to. Was nice to be able to enjoy a baked good for a change. They were sweetened with agave nectar, and were quite nice. Would be even better with chocolate.

Have been off this weekend, lots of sleeping, some time with DH. Some painting done, went to yoga etc. So a good weekend all round.
Have a great Sunday friends.

03-13-2011, 02:53 PM
Time change and weight change. I'm finally in the 180's.

:bravo::cp: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very happy for you Ruthie!!!

03-13-2011, 03:17 PM
Sorry Madeleine I haven't been successful doing Atkins Induction yet. Ended up just trying to stay within 30 carbs, but went over a bit. 30 grams is what Dr. Bernstein recommends and for now I'm working to stay around that number. Will see. I seem to be hungry and not sure why.

I read that Metformin is supposed to suppress the appetite, so I've decided to up it to 1500 mg. When I asked the doc during DH last appt, he said I could go up as high as 2000 mg as long as I could handle it. So I took some of my 1000 mg and split them so I can see if the added 500 mg a day helps me. I have read some people say that they had to go to 2000 mg per day. If I have to do that, I will. I also read that Metformin works better with low carb so I really don't want the doc to take me off of it.

In the latest book I read "Life Without Bread" he recommends not going over 72 g of carbs to lose weight and says that will get your bs down to an average of 127 mg/dl. Well, I want better than 127 mg/dl. Also read that a woman said that until she got her FBS under 100, she wasn't able to lose weight. The book also talks about all the benefits of low carb dieting. So I know that 1) I need to low carb to get my FBS below 100 and 2) the Metformin will work better with the low carb eating. So goal for now is to keep carbs between 20 -30 grams daily.

Madeleine I have made those muffins with half flaxseed and half almond flour and they were good. Never used the agave nectar. Saw it the last time I was at the Health Food store. Do you use more or less than other sweetners and how does it affect the BS. I use Stevia since it is supposed to be good for lowering BS as well. I heard of someone who said she raised it and when she walked out the door that she would grab a leaf and chew it. Enjoy your company.

Saw lamb in the grocery store yesterday and almost took a chance and buy some, but chickened out.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

03-14-2011, 09:43 AM
Well, I need to pay more attention. I had a stomach bug yesterday and did not eat much for supper - a slice of rye bread with Laughing Cow and two sliced olives is pretty sparse. Should have cut the glyburide at bedtime but didn't. My BGL was 2.7 this morning, way too low. USA 48.8. It's strange but I felt just fine.

I really must get a handle on this food thing. I really have no appetite and am going to have to "force feed" myself. The only thing that seems feasible is to do the frozen dinner thing as I just cannot work up enthusiasm for real cooking. Today I am going to force myself to make (and eat) a chicken noodle/veggie soup and will prep some raw veggies and dip to add to my evening meal. I need a cook - or my mother!

This too shall pass - I hope!

03-14-2011, 12:57 PM
Ruth Yes you do need a cook. If we lived closer, maybe I could learn to cook again. You do get out of the habit. I'm trying to learn to cook from scratch again.

I put a beef roast on to cook this morning. Finally got one to cook the way DH and I like it. Strange for years I tried to learn to cook it like deceased hubby's Mother (you could slice hers for a sandwich), but never was able to cook one that way until I married Tony. Tony likes his cooked like I do where it just falls apart. Finally today I got this one cooked the way. Will have that and finger salad or raw asparagus, celery and radishes. We have to go to get prescriptions today at Walmart. I may pick up a pork roast to cook as well.

I think I'm going to skip Atkins Induction and go on to OWL because I never make it through AI. It is about getting the FBG down to normal. I am going to try to keep the carbs around 30 grams.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

03-14-2011, 09:39 PM
:congrat: RUTH ~ congrats on getting into the 180's -- you have battled away and are being rewarded for it; seems the meds have helped a bit warding off hunger too and that is nice too.

My PC has been giving me such a hard time that I was only able to get one post done before it froze up or jammed on me. Will make this quick before anything happens. We have had lots of :sunny: here and the snow is melting (the roads in front are clear right now too); what a blessing for above 0 C temps here this month. One days got up to at least 50 F.

Have been resting my legs and am starting to feel better; three days in a row with no pain. So we got lots done here today; laundry, changed & washed the bed linens; cut DH's hair; did my hair along with shower, etc (I was able to lean on my Geri-chair to take weight off my knees and had no pain getting in and out of the shower today). I had been washing my hair in the sink and doing sponge baths for a while. Gee, when you have injuries you sure miss the basics like getting in and out of a tub/shower.

Have been eating really well too; made steak and veggie-mushroom medley for dinner tonight (have leftovers for tomorrow too). I am really seeing a difference by staying away from the salty snacks. Have been doing a lot of reading in the evenings, but enjoying that too.

Hope you all are well; have a wonderful week ladies ... Rosebud :flow2:

03-15-2011, 12:07 AM
Rosebud So glad you are feeling better. Glad your temp is getting warmer where you are. Sounds like you have things together in eating department. Sorry about the PC. Terrible when one doesn't work right.

I think I've not been drinking enough water. I've had more water today and only ate 2 meals. Awfully tired today though. Didn't sleep really good night before last with the time change. Also uping my Metformin may be helping with my appetite. Had 30 g carbs today.

03-15-2011, 07:57 AM
Hello everyone!
I've been reading your posts and am encouraged by you. I don't really have a lot to report on myself though. I am having my diabetes education class on Thursday. Something to look forward to. My mind has been occupied with thoughts of my son who is a Marine in Okinawa. I'm concerned of the radiation there now, but I am thankful to God that he is safe. Tsunami did hit his island, but everyone is safe. Hope you all have a great day today.

03-15-2011, 08:59 AM
Good Morning Ladies and gentlemen if there are any lurking.

Things are finally getting back to somewhat normal here. Sorry I have been MIA but just too much happening and no time to post or even read.

I was going to start on South Beach, but think I will try to do Atkins with 30 grams carbs after reading all the posts. I forgot about the one minute muffins. They have really helped me previously especially in the mornings, and that will help me alot sticking to plan.

Congrats Ruth with the weight loss.
Rosebud I'm glad your starting to feel better.
Madeline, happy for you that things may be getting better with DD.
Mamaduck, prayers for you DS and good luck at your class.

Weather is getting better here. Might make it up to 50 today so that should melt some of this snow. I haven't been able to make it to the composter at all this winter, the snow drifts have covered it.

Have a great day everyone :carrot:

03-15-2011, 02:18 PM
The geese are flying north today so there is a hope of spring! Some snowdrops have poked up through the ice and snow and are looking just great in the sunshine. My composter is still under a snowbank too, Lindyloo. We're going to 9C/48F today so more melting will happen.

BGL was a tad low again this morning despite carbs last night. It may be time to cut the glyburide. I seem to be getting a bit of appetite back. The Good Food Box today had lovely green beans and mushrooms so I am planning lamb chops to have with them. I had a salad of thinly sliced celery dressed with lemon and sesame oil with my salmon sandwich just now so I am eating better. Now to increase the water!

03-15-2011, 05:33 PM
mamaduck Glad your son and those on the island where he is are all okay. Will keep him in my prayers. I hope you have good diabetic class and will share anything that stands out to you.

Lindyloo Glad you are back. Glad the weather is better for you and Ruth. I love snow, but don't think I would like or enjoy as much of it as you guys do. I am doing really well with the 30 g carbs. Gives me just enough carbs. I try to never go over 40 as some days I do get a little bit more than the 30 however, usually just around 32 g. Any way it works for me. I do like the 1 minute muffin for when I want bread.

Ruth So glad you are getting your appetite back. You are making me want to try the lamb. Local store has fresh and my beautician says they have good lamb that is marinated which she tried. So I may try to brave it one day soon.

I am learning to cook again. I made scampi recently that DH dearly loved so I took butter, garlic and onion and a little juice from half a lemon and simmered it until flakey and I have to admit that it was very tastey. I've been looking for a way to cook fish since we don't batter it any more. Looks like the 30ish grams of carbs daily and the added 500 mg Metformin is working. My FBG was back down to 103 mg/dl this morning. Sure hope I can get it down below 100 mg/dl soon.

Y'all have a great day!!!

03-15-2011, 09:28 PM
Well, I need to pay more attention. I had a stomach bug yesterday and did not eat much for supper - a slice of rye bread with Laughing Cow and two sliced olives is pretty sparse. Should have cut the glyburide at bedtime but didn't. My BGL was 2.7 this morning, way too low. USA 48.8. It's strange but I felt just fine.

I really must get a handle on this food thing. I really have no appetite and am going to have to "force feed" myself. The only thing that seems feasible is to do the frozen dinner thing as I just cannot work up enthusiasm for real cooking. Today I am going to force myself to make (and eat) a chicken noodle/veggie soup and will prep some raw veggies and dip to add to my evening meal. I need a cook - or my mother!

This too shall pass - I hope!

Ruth: given that your doc gave you the ok to go off the glyburide, why not stop it for a week or two. Keep track of your sugars, and see if its reasonable to stay off now that you are on the victoza. All these lows are gonna put you back, since you need to correct them.
I used to get low sugars quite a lot when I ate more carbs, but haven't had one in a while, and I don't miss them at all.

03-16-2011, 12:04 AM
Hi all i was dx with Gestational Diabetes a few weeks ago. i am managing my sugar with diet. i am not giving up carbs, but i am backing down on them.

my sugars stay in the low 100s pretty much all day for my 2h, although i did see a 1/4 c light icecream raised my 1 hr to 168--that is telling.

but, i go to bed with my b/s 92 and wake up with it 99. I am pretty sure it is the dawn effect, because it is very common in pregnancy. screwy hormones.

I do NOT want the dr. to put me on insulin or metformin, though i am not against using GOAT'S RUE--the natural form of metformin, so i am really trying to figure this out!

since i am getting ready to graduate as an RN i know alot about this, but NOT how it pertains to me. Which is frustrating in and of itself.

are any of you also just watching your diet to control?

03-16-2011, 08:06 AM
Hi, Jen. Nice to have you join us. I am taking Metformin, Glyburide and Victoza AND using my diet to stay in the controlled range for a diabetic so "just watching my diet" is not my path but then I don't have GD either.

Mad, you are right. I am going to cut the G tablets in half for a while. I have forgotten to take my Victoza for two mornings now and will ease back up to the full dose today. I was experimenting a bit to see if my appetite came back - and it did with a vengeance!

Patty, I thoroughly enjoyed both cooking and eating the lamb chops last night and even made a crockpot of chili overnight. The scale is up a tad this morning but I can handle that.

03-16-2011, 08:16 PM
OK well, i can stop being stressed about my sugars. My dr. said today that he wants my fasting under 105 and my 2H under 135. So far so good. He took a look at them today. Plus, i h ad a non-stress test and that looked good too.

03-17-2011, 08:21 AM
Well ... no ultra-low reading this morning. I had popcorn last night while watching AI. What a waste of time and calories although 10 grams of fiber should be good! Corned beef tonight so I plan to stay off the scale tomorrow. .

03-17-2011, 06:18 PM
i want corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, the Donohue in me is screaming for it, i'm just too tired to do anything about it!

03-17-2011, 11:24 PM
i want corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, the Donohue in me is screaming for it, i'm just too tired to do anything about it!

just go low on the potatoes, fill up on the corned beef and cabbage! yum.

When I have been looking at metformin, as far as I know it is still not recommended in pregnancy, is it? My clients with pcos stay on it until they are pregnant, then go off. If the get GD during pregnancy and can't control it with diet, they go on insulin. Are there some new studies?

Most of my clients with GD can manage with diet. Some can't follow the diet, but some can't control sugars in spite of following their diet. A few will choose to go lower carb rather than go on insulin, (no negative health effects noted) but most dietitians still just recommend carb counting and still getting about 150g grams carbs, and don't recommend lower carb counts.
hope things are going well, and glad baby is healthy.

03-17-2011, 11:28 PM
Hey everyone, didn't mean to be MIA, today is what we are jokingly calling St. Peggy's day, the day my mother died last year. Went to spend the day with my father, he will be 80 next month. We had a nice afternoon, and a nice lunch together. Before I left to come home he told me he has started seeing a lady he met online. She lives in his town, and sounds very nice. I am glad for him to have a companion, I have been worried about him being lonely.
Three meals out today, stuck fairly close to plan, in spite of temptations. Back to basics for the weekend.

03-18-2011, 08:19 AM
Well, I indulged in scalloped potatoes last night and expected a high reading this morning but it's 3.5 - go figure! :shrug: Scale is back to 190 but I know that's water weight from the corned beef and the potatoes - a mix, I hate to admit! Healthy eating and lots of water is on the plan today.

When I was in town yesterday, I did a minor produce shop and got some lovely strawberries and a small watermelon. My head appetite is back although my stomach is still not keen and eager.

How nice for your Dad, Mad. I'm sure you all miss your mother but am glad your Dad has found some relief from his loneliness.

03-19-2011, 10:51 AM
We are having sun and warmth again this am. Have been feeling springy this week! Tomorrow is youngest DD birthday, the first day of spring. Another dinner out! TOO much fun in my life. Started today off with some fibre cereal, so I don't have to complain about things that are TMI.
Also, found that astro makes a greek yogurt with high (10%) fat content, it is excellent, all the good things about yogurt, and right for atkins. yum.
have a great saturday friends. off to work

03-19-2011, 12:01 PM
I haven't been around much either. It is beautiful here and spring like. Low 80's last 2 days and 78 today. Will be in hi 60's tomorrow but can handle that. Went and got nails done yesterday fills and color change or fake nails and a pedicure. Doing that pedicure pretty regular to take care of feet since dx diabetic. Came home got DH and made him go with me to get him out of the house. We really enjoyed shopping, goint out to eat... now that I'm doing more of a Carbohydrate Addict's Diet type woe eating out is more of a pleasure. Saturday mornings are always busy. My regular day of going to beauty shop and then store to grab a few things and then hit Zaxby's and Burger King to get Hubby's favorite foods... Buffalo Fingerz from Zaxby's and fries from BK. I'm going to have a couple of the Fingerz and have cole slaw I'll pick up at the store.

BS is crazy at times so it has more to do with things other than food I think especially the FBG. BS was 116 when I went to bed and was 138 when I got up. But then I only had about 5 hrs sleep and that always makes it a little higher.

Mad So glad you Dad has someone to fill the loneliness of his life. Makes things so much easier especially if she makes him happy. I know you miss your Mother and that will never change. I have experienced all of that and it Mama has been gone so long that her memory is almost like a dream, but the missing her is very real.

Ruthie Isn't it strange how things affect or don't affect our BG and sometimes our scale like we think it will? I took measurements this morning and going to see how that goes. I haven't been keeping up with that, but think it is time to do that. Could be as wackie as the scales and BG though. Who knows?:dizzy:

jendiet I have a DD who had GD while pregnant with her 1st child and has never had it again. DH has a DD who has had it with everyone of her 4 children, but doesn't have it after they are born. She follows the food plan they give her as close as she can while pregnant and has no weight problem at all. So hopefully this will be something that you won't have to deal with once your little one gets here.

Rosebud, Lindyloo and others reading. :wave:

Y'all have a great weekend.

03-20-2011, 01:28 PM
Just popping in to day, Happy First Day of Spring! I know March will have some surprises for us but we're over the hump. It's just above freezing but I have my windows open and am "air-cleaning" the house!

03-21-2011, 08:57 AM
Monday reality check: If you indulge in chocolate covered oatmeal cookies mid-afternoon, you will not eat a proper supper and your BGL will crash in the night. Smarten up!

See! My appetite wasn't gone; it was just lurking ready to pounce on a day when I forgot my Victoza!

03-21-2011, 05:06 PM
Hi Everyone,

Changing to CAD/CALP woe is working great for me. I've been glancing through my CAD book and read how the plan is to help get my metabolism working correctly so decided to start with the 2 week Plan A. Started that yesterday although I had been on CAD for several days. As expected the weight and the FBG increased, but now is steadily coming back down. This is a way of eating that I can live with becaue it fits my lifestyle. So I am happy with how things are going. I'm eating low carb (CAD approved foods)for breakfast and dinner. My starchy carb (Reward Meal) is eaten around 2 to 3 in the afternoon.

Weather has been so beautiful and my woe is giving me more energy so that I feel like doing more. Not doing much today except trying to get my BSF lesson finished. I have to go to dentist to get a tooth filled and will be glad to get that done and behind me.

Hope everyone is doing well today. Have a good evening.

03-21-2011, 08:35 PM
HI everyone, managed to stick to plan today, and even did well with yesterday, even though we had supper out for DD birthday. Am tired, have been busy with work a lot these last few days, and am looking forward to a 3 day weekend off coming up Thursday evening.
Just feel generally tired, I am not able to have my cpap on all night, and I think overall I am not getting enough quality sleep. Am trying to get back to the sleep clinic to see if I need an adjustment after losing weight.
I want to lose another 10 pounds for the summer, and that is going to take some work. Got to yoga on Saturday anyhow, but otherwise the days have been too long and busy to get out much. We will see what tomorrow brings!
Keep up the good work, I won't comment on everyone's posts, but I sure enjoy reading the updates.

03-22-2011, 08:12 AM
Hi everyone!
I had my diabetes class on Thursday. So overwhelming! It's been a month since my diagnosis and I'm still in the "are you sure/are you kidding/good grief" stage. Now I'm trying to learn how to count carbs. I'm seriously getting headaches from all this reading.

My blood sugars are all over the place. I am taking metformin (500 mg) in the morning only. I wake up with high sugars (120's), during the day my sugars get down to 64 sometimes. My sugar was 64 last night before dinner and I made the HORRIBLE mistake of going to a Chinese Buffet. I had been SO good for a month and just wanted to PLLLEEEEESSSEEEE have something FRIED, like an egg roll and I woke up with a BS of 122. AND 3 extra pounds!

Sometimes it's just not even worth getting out of bed...somebody PLEASE pinch me and get me out of this nightmare!!!

03-23-2011, 08:30 AM
Well, Mamaduck, we are all in the same boat. You just have to accept this and, believe me, it will come. As my DH used to say "When you examine the alternatives ..." Diabetes is no longer the death sentence it once was and we can live long and healthy lives these days.

My BGL has been pretty good these days so something is working. I realize I'll probably never be "normal" but will have to be content with being "well controlled". I did not take my Victoza for a few days and now know that it definitely was inhibiting my appetite. I found myself thinking of buying gummy bears yesterday and drooling over the Cadbury mini eggs! I did a Chinese-type meal last night so my ticker is lying by two pounds this morning. Today will be a big day for water and veggies.

After over six weeks, my sore back seems to have left me so some gentle treadmill is on today's schedule. Maybe I'll get back to the gym next week. I need to get the old body limbered up for gardening.

Keep in keepin' on, chickies.

03-23-2011, 09:23 AM
Mamaduck, you know you didn't overeat so much as to gain 3 pounds, but chinese food is a notorious one for adding back water weight, and it will go off with clean eating for a bit.
I have a snow day, have cancelled clinic, so hoping not to get called out unless the roads are cleared and safe. But it does mean I might get skiing this weekend! GOnna stay home in my jammies for now, and maybe DD and I will do a yoga class online later. Also, there is snow shovelling and playing with the dog in the snow. I haven't had a snow day in a while, and thinking of the fun is better than grumbling about the fact that it doesn't look like spring out there, there is 3 inches of snow with more coming!
No excuses not to eat well today, so here I go!
Ruth, you get cracking on the treadmill, and stay controlled on those sugars.
Mine are doing beautifully these days, though my weight is pretty stagnant.

03-25-2011, 01:23 AM
Well, I haven't been here in a while. Been reading a lot of diabetic threads on other sites. My eating has pretty much settled now. I'm doing my own version of combining some low carb Atkins like with the CAD/CALP and my FBG was 110 this morning. 2 hrs after breakfast of just a 1 Minute Muffin with 2 T Polermar (sp) apricot jam on it my BS was only 113 mg/dl. 2 hrs after the RM where I do eat starchy carbs my BS was 122. Took it 2 hrs after a Craving-Reducing Meal and it was 110. I'm learning that the CM and snacks have to be protein and low carb veggies and the Reward Meal has to be salad, protein and the starchy carbs. So I'm having 4 or 5 small/mini meals rather than larger meals to make this BS come down and stay level. I decided to settle with the CAD/CALP idea because when I told doc that I couldn't eat all those carbs, he said "eat them earlier in the day". I eat them at my main meal between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. I take my 1000 mg Met then. Since he told me that I could take up to 2000 mg if I could handle it, I'm halfing a pill and taking it with my last snack of the day. Started that yesterday. As long as it works, I can learn to live with it

Mamaduck - I know this gets frustrating at times. Your numbers are really pretty good i they are staying 122 or less. My doc told me that my numbers were good for being on Metformin since it doesn't work like most diabetic meds. Just keep working at finding what works for you. I really don't want to come off of Metformin because it doesn't cause the lows other do and it also is supposed to help a person lose weight and I read that it works better with low carb.

Ruthie - Glad your appetite is back. I love those little peeps made with marshmellows. Saw them in the store the other day and actually thought of getting some and then thought "made with pure sugar" and came to myself and walked away. Feels so good to resist those things doesn't it?

Mad - So glad you are getting some much deserved time off.

Jendiet, Rosebud and Everybody else Hope you are doing well.

03-25-2011, 08:12 AM
Well, I have been attacked by those darned Cadbury Eggs! Once again I forgot my Victoza and my evil spirit bought the eggs rationalizing that they were only 190 calories. I am a sugar addict because I was tempted later to get some more but did resist. Gotta get a grip!

Today I will do the meds and treadmill before I start anything else for the day. My health has to be my priority. FBGL was 6.2 this morning, too high for me.

03-25-2011, 10:27 AM
Trish, glad you are finding a good balance. Sticking to it sounds possibile, and the small meals are helpful. I have trouble with that, I don't calorie count well, and wind up having five regular meals. My body isn't happy having small ones, keeps asking for more. We are all different with different needs and different things work. Stuck to plan nicely yesterday, and was rewarded with a 1/2 pound loss, so almost true to ticker again. Going for the loss in the next few weeks, so I am donw 10 pounds for summer. Giving myself until my trip in June.
Ruth: stay away from the eggs! I too am a sugar-holic and choco-holic, so I am totally with you. I am gonna try a recipe for some almond-chocolate muffins that are low carb, so if they turn out nicely, I will let you know, and you could make some for Easter if you like.
Mamaduck:how are your sugars? are you doing ok?
Happy Friday friends, I am going cross-country skiing in a bit. Weekend off!

03-25-2011, 02:18 PM
:carrot::carrot::carrot:F R I D A Y:carrot::carrot::carrot:
Hey everyone!
I guess you know I'm glad it's Friday. LOL I was SO depressed earlier this week because of my sugars being wacky, but MAD!, thanks for asking, the last three days have been pretty controlled. Morning 90's and evening 90's.

Thank you for asking. Next week, is my final diabetes education class. I'm learning more and more about the choices I make. But I must say, I am NOT losing weight on metformin. I don't want everyone thinking it's some magical weight loss pill. It is helping me keep my sugars under control and I thank GOD for that! My first and foremost priority is my sugars. The weight loss will come with time.

P.S. Eeeeeekkkk! That's what I get for bragging. My pre-dinner BS was 66. Ugh.

Anyway, hey it's FRIDAY!!!! :carrot:

03-25-2011, 09:35 PM
A quick one here. My FBG was 108 this morning down a tad more. Highest BS reading so far has been 138 which I'm very pleased. I am very pleased with how things are going.

Mad Thanks. You know it has taken me 10 mos trying to find what will work for me and help me get my BG under control. They have been all over the place as Mamaduck says whacky. That is why I've gone back to testing 2 -3 hrs after every meal and snack again to find out how my body reponds to certain foods. I have learned that just because a food is considered "diabetic friendly" does not mean it is "Trish friendly". This is how my step-sister's DH learned to control his diabetes and still has it under control after all these 8 or 9 years. BTW CONGRATS on the 1/2 lb loss. My weight loss seems to be slow these days and every lb, 1/2 or whatever is a blessing.

Mamaduck No the Metformin pill is NOT a magical weight loss pill although it is used for weight loss or people without diabetes. It has to be used with diet and exercise or it doesn't work. And I'm not sure it works or everybody. I'm thankul that it does seem to curb my appetite. Actually you are doing all the things needed to get things working for you and that is educating yourself. That is the only way I think we can actually get control of diabetes for ourself. I still do a lot of research in order to stay on top of it.

Ruthie We must do our best to stay away from those eggs and peeps. WE CAN DO IT!!! I don't think I can stay our of the store until after Easter so I'll just have to make that isle OFF LIMITS!!! LOL

Y'all have a nice weekend.

03-25-2011, 09:54 PM
Well, I used the snow day of Wednesday to good effect today. Went for what is likely my last cross-country ski of the winter. I went 15 km! Thats about 5 more than my usual "big" ski. Took me 2 1/2 hours. I am exhausted. I was really hungry afterward, and went out with DH for supper. I did eat the bread and potatoes that came with the meal, and we still hungry afterward. But we left without ordering dessert. Had a little custard when I got home. Now am fighting the evening hungries, but may manage just by falling asleep!
Had a hot jacuzzi when we got home, I am sore and stiff all over, on the same day. I will plan to drag myself to hot yoga tomorrow to work off the stiffness.
Lets hope all the exercise will be reflected in my sugars tomorrow.
Mamaduck and Trish, that frequent testing is the best way to tweak your diets, at least thats what I found too. Interestingly, I am not so sensitive to carbs these days, but I don't lose weight unless I lower them, but have been maintaining at 40g carbs/day. Have even had a few times where I really cheated and had chocolate bars/desserts etc and have not had significant spikes the way I used to. So the metformin and weight loss have been working. I am still overweight though and want to get to a lower and healthier weight to keep the diabetes at bay for as long as possible. You are on the right track to get yours under control!

03-26-2011, 09:07 AM
Quick check-in. BGL is fine but ticker is still lying. Of course, toasted hot cross buns do not help.

I need to get more exercise and have been using a sore back as an excuse. Since I live in a small village, there is no reason to use my car as much for short runs. Walking down and back for the mail would be less than 30 minutes - unless I meet someone and talk! This week I'll get back to doing that. And then there's the gym. My membership expires in April and I need to decide whether to renew or not.

Keep on truckin', Chickies.

03-26-2011, 10:12 AM
Fasting of 5.7 today. My fastings have not been below 5.5 the whole time on metformin, I seem stable but not sure if they should be lower. Anyhow, that is in spite of having a peanut butter and jam sandwich before bed. I couldn't stop being hungry even after a good supper. Have to work on this, can't lose weight if I can't stick to plan!
Ruth: the gym membership thing is hard for me too. I gave mine up when we moved to the countryside, but we have to make sure we are still getting exercise. It doesn't make a lot of sense to drive to workout, although thats what I do with yoga now. But instead of a membership, I got a pass for 50 classes so its much cheaper per class, but if I miss a while (like at Christmas, when I was resting my heel and I didn't go for 2 weeks) I don't feel badly. I started with buying a couple of 10 class passes, and then bought the 50 (best deal) but they also have monthly passess which is the best deal for those who can come daily. Mine doesn't expire which was a big plus.
Is there something at the gym where you can plan to go when in town a couple of times a week? If you don't go, are there things you can and WILL do at home?
I am not good with doing stuff at home, other than going out for walks, which is not enough to keep me in complete shape. I have to admit, when I lived in town, I got a curves membership for a while, and it was that where I got into really regular (at least every two days) exercise. I NEVER went less than 3 times a week. I liked it better than a gym, but I did have a gym membership for a while because I got tired of the "circuit" . I managed to get my money's worth, but didn't enjoy it as much.
I am surprised I don't feel more stiff and creaky today after how sore I was last night.
Well, off to yoga friends, have a nice weekend.

03-26-2011, 10:21 AM
Mad, yes it seems silly to drive to the gym but it's a ten minute drive so would not be walkable. I don't do classes for many reasons - one is that I hate competitiveness - shades of high school gym class! I am thinking back to how good I felt going to the gym three times a week last spring and may just do it! Maybe a three month membership?

I need to get back into a routine. Once again I have forgotten my morning meds and will go and do them right now! I need a keeper. You'd think the dogs could remind me instead of just sleeping on the couch.

03-26-2011, 12:04 PM
A quick one here as I have to head out to beauty shop in a few minutes to get beautified. haha My FBG this morning was 101 mg/dl and weight is down 3 lbs this morning. A great start with new woe.

Mad & Ruthie I need to get to some exercising myself. Since I don't do well with that at the moment, I am trying to get out more and walk around stores, etc.

Have a good one.

03-26-2011, 12:46 PM
Hi Mad, Trish, and Ruthie!
You are up early this morning! Thanks for the encouragement and advice. This morning my FBS was 128. Last night, before dinner it was 66. So....when my FBS is 128, do I eat?? I'm hungry. So I do and feel dizzy as ever. I know I've only been diagnosed a month, but this really is the pits. I have my books to read to find out how to live my life again. Nothing will ever be the same. The more I learn, the more I'll be willing to accept the changes. So many years of being one way, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. :dizzy:

Had snow last night. About 2 inches. Good grief! I've got laundry to do today and cut and bath the dog. Have a great day!!

Hello to everyone who comes later...

03-26-2011, 10:19 PM
Mamaduck I don't know what we are supposed to do. I go ahead and eat if I'm hungry. I'd like to know what others say and think/do. I've read that you should eat within 1 hr after getting up. I don't think I do that as I'm a routine person. I think I read in Dr. Bernstein's book that some people are going to have a higher morning reading any way so I'm thinking he recommends eating.Mad and Ruthie have been at this longer than I so they can probably answer this better. I'm glad you asked because I've always wondered the same thing. I read of another woman who said her doctor said the the numbers later in the day are more important than the morning.

I've read of so many ideas of how high glucose can safely be after a meal, but I don't want mine that high. When I check glucose after eating and it is more than 130, I won't eat it any more. Just me.

03-27-2011, 10:41 AM
Hi Mad, Trish, and Ruthie!
You are up early this morning! Thanks for the encouragement and advice. This morning my FBS was 128. Last night, before dinner it was 66. So....when my FBS is 128, do I eat?? I'm hungry. So I do and feel dizzy as ever. I know I've only been diagnosed a month, but this really is the pits. I have my books to read to find out how to live my life again. Nothing will ever be the same. The more I learn, the more I'll be willing to accept the changes. So many years of being one way, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. :dizzy:

Had snow last night. About 2 inches. Good grief! I've got laundry to do today and cut and bath the dog. Have a great day!!

Hello to everyone who comes later...
Definitely eat a good healthy breakfast, no matter how high. Your blood sugar can be high for a number of reasons, but the goal is to have nice even sugars. You can't do that if you are hungry and don't eat regularly and well. If you don't do that you are also more likely to binge out on not so good food.
This is also not so high that you should worry, most of us start out with higher fasting sugars and come down over time. What meds do you take again? I was thinking you are not on meds yet, your doc wanted to see what diet would do. If this is so, your doc may recommend certain meds to help with the fastings (like metformin in the evenings).
GOod for you for working to accept this challenge. I am really pleased with how a little over a year from being diagnosed "pre-diabetic" I am healthier, and weigh less, and am more fit. It also seems I have become better able to manage carbs in this time.
Ultimate goals: stay healthy and fit and avoid the ugly consequences of uncontrolled diabetes, like foot ulcers, poor circulation, heart disease, vision loss.......
Whether you are pre-diabetic, or diabetic of any type, these are worthy goals for us. YOu are on the way back to health and preventing problems. GOod for you.

03-27-2011, 10:47 AM
Trish, I agree that if 2 hours after a meal, if the bs is above 130 (thats over 7 mmol to me) that I either ate too many carbs, or ate too much period. The latter seldom is an issue with Atkins, I can eat a LOT of low carb foods. THe too many carbs can also be the wrong kind of carbs. I still spike from bread and cereal, more than any other carb. Seems I can have lots of carby veggies, like potatoes, carrots, peas, turnip, parsnips, onions etc. and have little effect. In theory the fiber is protective, but I only ever eat whole grain cereals and breads, lots of fibre, but they seem to be more difficult for me to handle., Not as bad as last year, but still worse than with veggies.

03-27-2011, 11:02 AM
So I cheated last night again. I really can't say I am doing atkins if I keep cheating. We went to a movie and I didn't have time to eat a good supper before, and was starving while there so had a slice of pizza. Between the carbs and salt am up to 173 this am! Hope its mostly water. Will have to get on plan and be committed to it damn it. ENough whining. Get over it woman.
OK, Started off with a good breakfast, have a plan for lunch and supper today. GOing to yoga again, plan to keep up with regular exercise in place. here we go girls.

03-27-2011, 11:55 AM
Good morning. Yes, carbs can screw around with BGL. I was 7.2 this morning, quite high for me. I realized I'd been nibbling on dried figs last night. Duh! Just looked them up and 1 fig is 30 calories with 8 carbs and only 1 measly gram of fiber. There I was thinking I was doing my gut a favour with lots of extra fibre.

My ticker is two pounds off. If it doesn't change a bit overnight I'll adjust it and quit kidding myself.

03-27-2011, 04:27 PM
Thank Mad. I knew you would have answer.

My FBG was 119 mg/dl this morning which was no surprise since I was hungry and ate rather late for me. Was legal low carb, but I don't do well with that and then I only slept 6 hrs. Strange how those 2 hrs shows up on my glucose meter. I only had a 1 Minute Muffin with some Polaner sugar free jam and green tea for breakfast. 2 hrs later checked my BS and it was 96. That was a real surprise since I expected it to be about 3 pts higher.

I may be doing too much carb when I eat it once a day. Today is very cold and rainy so I got in the mood for chicken and dumplin. May have to start counting carbs at my Reward Meal and limit it to about 15 to 20g. It comes back down good and by night time it is around 108 - 110. I just don't like the way it make me feel. I'll have to see.

Ruthie, Mamaduck and others :wave:

Have a great Sunday.

03-27-2011, 05:12 PM
What meds do you take again? I was thinking you are not on meds yet, your doc wanted to see what diet would do. If this is so, your doc may recommend certain meds to help with the fastings (like metformin in the evenings).

I'm taking 500 mg metformin in the mornings. I did do some more reading last night and saw that if I had a high fat meal in the evening, I will show a high FBG the next morning. I looked back on my log and I had a steak dinner the night before the big one. So I'm assuming that may be the culprit, so I'm going to monitor my evening meals and do some experimenting. I do seem to get lows in the afternoon though before dinner. Kind of scary. I start slurring my words when I have a high and a low, so I have to make sure what's going on so I know what to do.

BUTTER! You poor thing! :hug: I'm glad to see you posting on here. I've read some of your past posts and was wondering where you were. I'm new around here, was diagnosed on 2/14/11 with type 2. Glad to see you're okay now. Love your profile pix.

And where is Rosebud??

Hello to everyone! Hope your Sunday is rested and blessed!

03-27-2011, 07:26 PM
well, i had a sick day, and get why they tell diabetics they should take their insulin still..my b/s was up all day. everything i ate made me feel ill.

todays fasting was 92 though.

03-27-2011, 08:01 PM
I'm glad you're feeling better. I've always wondered why when I was sick, it put me out so bad. Now that I've been diagnosed (on 2/14), I finally get it. Now I avoid sick people like the plague. Seriously! I'm totally obnoxious like that. :yes:

03-27-2011, 09:47 PM
MAMADUCK ~ I'm here ... my PC has been really acting up over the last week or so; I'd come in, maybe get one post in, if that; then it was jamming up on me (freezing). It is my oldest machine; and while I am waiting for my newer one to arrive, I have to put up with it's idiosyncrasies, annoying as they are ... ;)

Well, decided to try again tonight; and wow, I'm on my 3rd reply so I'm typing as fast as I can so I can get it posted quickly. I'm a bit behind on the reading too; so will have to catch that up. That was another problem I had; sometimes, I couldn't even get from one forum to another; so would have to close it down. :dizzy:

:welcome: to JENDIET ~ congrats on your pregnancy! I try to avoid sick people too. I even wash my hands as soon as I get home from any kind of outing, esp grocery shopping. It may seem fanatical, but I read this on the net and in our local paper in an article from our local health unit telling people to WASH, WASH, WASH YOUR HANDS! So I do ... all the time! :lol:

I have only had one cold/type flu this winter; and it has been pretty light for us. DH seems to have more congestion than me; I mostly had a bit of a fever & the odd mild headache (both gone now) and the sniffles, which lasted the longest. I am very grateful; so all the handwashing may have helped after all ... :D

I have been eating very well this month; so happy about that. Only had one slip of popcorn for a snack one day, but ate less snacks & carbs for the rest of that day to lessen the damage; and it worked. It was one of those reaction to emotion things again, but I am getting better ...

Our landlord sold our building so the young folks thought it would be a good idea to celebrate by having a party until 5-6 AM in the morning on Friday night; man, we were tired on Saturday, but at least they were quieter for the rest of the weekend. We are trying really hard to be fair neighbours; and not be "stickinthemud old-fogies", ya know?

We do remember being young, but always tried to keep our music down so as not to bother others. We are hoping these youngins' learn to be more respectful too, but it may take some time. We are looking forward to going out to our lot this year; hopefully we will be able to stay there the odd Friday night too.

Hope you all have a wonderful week coming up with lots of good numbers too ... Rosebud :flow2:

03-28-2011, 07:43 AM
Yay! My ticker is no longer lying. BGL was good this morning too. I had a few "slippages" last week but have finally recovered. One more pound and I'll meet my March goal of another five pounds off.

Another day of focusing on veggies, limited fruit and water. I am definitely NOT drinking enough water although I do have green tea daily. I just can't get "into" water when it's so darned cold! Any suggestions?

03-28-2011, 01:25 PM
Ladies! Hello! I have not been on for a long time. :/ I see there are some new people, hello all!
My sugars have been out of control and I am working on getting them back on track. I see my doctor soon to discuss med magt. I'm really looking forward to keeping up with you ladies again. :) Happy monday everyone

03-28-2011, 08:28 PM
I'm very pleased with how CALP worked with my blood surgar today. It was 118 mg/dl when I got up this morning. 2 hrs after breakfast it was 116 mg/dl. 3 hrs after RM (was busy and missed 2 hr stick) was 118 mg/dl. Excellent, since it is the first time I have had it stabilized for the day. Big accomplishment. :carrot: This is what I ate today CMBreakfast - 2 eggs topped w/shredded Pavalone cheese, 2 sl bacon, celery and decaf coffee w/1/2 t Stevia and 1 t h&h
RM Dinner - salad w/ mayo and balanced plate of 1/3 pork roast, 1/3 cabbage, 1/3 of starchy carbs were crackers, corn and pears drank tea w/Stevia
CM Supper - tuna salad As you can see, I'm eating a lot of low carb foods and very little starchy carbs. Well, as long as it works.

Moni - :welcome3: Back. I think I'm new here since you were here so I look forward to getting to know you.

Ruthie Glad the ticker & BG straightened out for you. I have the same problem with water when it is so cold.

Rosebud - Good to hear from you again. Will be glad when you get your new pc so we can hear from you more often. Sorry to hear about the young folks and their noisy partying. Young kids just don't think.

Mad, Jendiet, Mamaduck and others - :wave:

03-28-2011, 08:50 PM
um, that milkshake put me up to 174 an hour after i ate it. should i wait if i know i'm going to have a sweet snack like that? i started dinner, and then finished 45 minutes later with a milkshake. any advice? should i just start from the time i ate the sweet snack?

03-30-2011, 06:25 AM
:wave: Way too busy lately. BGL is fine and weight is stuck but the ticker is being truthful.

Jen, I'm not sure I understand the question. Wait to test?

03-30-2011, 08:04 AM
Hi Jen!
My question is...was the milkshake your dessert or a snack later. If you are taking a post-dinner reading and it was your dessert, you would time your reading an hour later.

I guess the bottom line is to be truthful with yourself. I've been playing the numbers game way too long and it's a losing game.

03-30-2011, 12:00 PM
So, sorry for the unpleasant topic, but does anyone have a suggestion for a fiber suppliment that is ok for diabetes? I really need one and I am concerned about raising blood sugar. It is just really hard to get fiber on a low carb diet

03-30-2011, 11:38 PM
Riemontana: I use psyllium husks in capsule form or other fibre pills, with LOTS of water. Metamucil and the no name brands also have sugar free versions, but they are flavoured with citrus stuff here, and I am allergic. They even have the grit free version. I didn't realize the "plain" also has sugar. I have lots of have used jars of various types in the cupboard, hubby says he will use them, but no sign of that happening.
I know its TMI, but I had problems for quite a while even with lots of fibre and lots of veggies, when doing atkins. My only problem with atkins actually.
good luck

03-31-2011, 07:00 AM
Riemontana, I'm a Metamucil fan too but I also sprinkle a tablespoon of ground flax seed on things. I'm not sure how many carbs you are allowing yourself but a Tablespoon of ground flax seed has 3 carbs of which 2 are fiber which means a net carb of 1.

Not sure what's happening with my FBGL but it's running a bit high at 8.2 and I've not changed my meds. To increase my fibre intake, I have been eating three figs (dried but soaked) each night and that may be doing it. I'll do without tonight. The ticker is telling the truth though. I was hoping for 187 at the end of the month but do have another day. Miracles happen, right? ;)

03-31-2011, 08:41 AM
fasting up to 5.8 for some reason today, but was nice and normal 5.2 yesterday. Did have a SF jello mousse dessert at 930 for bedtime snack. hmmm. I have a colleague off sick and one of vacation, which leaves 2 of us to do the work of (almost) 4. Had 3 deliveries since Monday am as well as lots of clinic visits, so have been working long hours. Have stuck to plan in spite of this, so am pleased. (after all, if I can't stick to it when I am busy, and I am busy about 1/2 the time I'm not on holidays, then how will I ever manage real life?) I also got to yoga last evening for a nice class. I didn't push myself as hard as usual, There was a new teacher and I was generally bagged for work. My intention was to re-energize through the class, so I took it easy and worked hardest on the stretching and opening poses, and less on the balancing and back bends and strength poses. Seems to have worked. Not too stiff and slept well and have good energy this am.
There was one scary thing at this class though. I saw my first truly anorexic woman, and I had trouble not worrying about her all through class. (warning, long winded .....)
She is not slim, as many are in yoga, they are slim and have little body fat, but are muscular and healthy looking, just kinda skinny, and thats ok. (There are also some of us who are overweight, thank goodness not just me!)
This woman's body looked like a skeleton with skin. There was no muscle, no muscle definition, no anything. I don't know why she wore a sports bra. She could do all the poses, and didn't seem to wear out, but she also only had 2 sips of water through a 90 minute hot yoga class (most people drink a litre or more of water) and didn't sweat. Most of us have soaked a towel during the class. The temperature is about 35 degrees, and we work hard, its quite an aerobic workout. So I was worried about electrolyte imbalances causing this woman to to pass out or worse, and I was reviewing the CPR protocols in my head, which is very distracting during my workout.
It looks very different from a skinny person, and I wondered if someone might look like this after a bad bout with cancer and chemo etc. but I am doubting it.
What a sad state of affairs. I cannot say how upsetting it was, and I hope I don't see too much of her, because it definitely affects me. We are supposed to be in moving meditation, and thinking about this takes away from my meditation and workout, but was too distracting for me, when I can usually leave the world behind when I am there.

ok, long winded rant is done.

04-01-2011, 02:45 AM
I eat the 1 Minute Muffin which is made with flaxseed and it seems to have enough fiber to help me. It has actually become what I call my Glucose Reducing Breakfast. Not only does itkeep me regular it also lowers my blood sugar.