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03-01-2011, 05:48 AM
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The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

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03-01-2011, 05:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - My thrill today is to put seven boxes of books on the curb "by 7 am" for a charity to pick up. I've already taken credit here for putting them aside, but when I come home tonight, they will be gone - as in, I will never see them again. So CREDIT moi again just for the joy. I've dug so deep in this sorting affair that I found my 1970 Playbill for the Off Broadway production of Boseman and Lena by Athol Fugard to be reminded that Boseman was played by an unknown actor named . . . James Earl Jones. What a find. Also saw Hair on that same visit to New York. Yay for The Big Apple.

Walked to gym, lunges, new numbers on the dumbbells, CREDIT moi. Watched, with a touch of envy, a guy lifting with the 100 pound dumbbells - beyond my dreams.

onebyone - You are indeed a good friend to help your friends pack when you're stressed with your own packing - and to give them some of your precious boxes is just amazing. One benefit of a junk removal service is that you don't have to touch the stuff you're letting go. It works for me when I sort and load the boxes with the books to save and DW loads the boxes with the books to give away. My hands rebel at the lowering of a book into the give away box.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on another new low, with Kudos for getting there via "lots of exercise and staying on plan."

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for nine miles on your bike; distraction seemed to work as well as a personal trainer.

maryann - Love the notion of staying the course to avoid the insanity. And thanks for the focus, "My best thoughts and hope for all of us JUST FOR TODAY."

ChefJoona - Planning healthy alternatives when you know friends will bring off-plan snacks is just a stellar strategy - Kudos and Double Kudos for doing it while you're struggling with commitment.

pamatga - Yep, March is here, I'm with you - "Let's get this party started." Congrats on a fine scale loss for February despite your un-secret love affair with chocolate.

Jan (jmaf) - Kudos for planning a lunch time walk and them doing it. Keep the faith - thinking about the next meal seems to decrease over time.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

The Beck Diet for Life Program can help you in other ways, too, since I have found that dieters often derive unexpected benefits. For example, you can:
. . .
Free up time and energy to live your life. Many dieters spend an enormous amount of time thinking about food. They fear getting on the scale. They feel bad about their appearance and about themselves. They are afraid other will judge them negatively. They are embarrassed to eat in public. They feel despondent when they gain weight. The Beck Diet for Life Program helps you get in control - so that you will no longer obsess about food or your body, or feel guilty or embarrassed. In doing so, you will have more physical and mental energy. You will feel proud, in control, and optimistic about the future.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 25.

03-01-2011, 07:29 AM
Slowly getting back on track. I stayed mostly on plan yesterday. I said NO CHOICE to night time snacking, and completely avoided the few left over candies.

I thought a lot about the choices I have. It is 100% my choice to continue working towards my goal, or to go back to my old ways. I have made good progress toward my goal weight- more than enough to illustrate that the Beck Skills work, and I have what it takes to implement them. I WILL NOT let a couple rough days derail all my months of effort!

Food is packed for today. Not sure what I'll be making for dinner when I get home, as I am missing an ingredient for the recipe I had in mind (some dried blueberries my mom got for me and I keep forgetting to pick up from her).

Thank you all for the encouragement over these last several days!!

onebyone What perspective you gained from helping your friends! You have the awareness and intention and strategies so your situation will look very different from their's on your moving day!

Headed to work... Wishing you all a great day!

03-01-2011, 07:38 AM
Happy March all! For once I am the first non-coach to post. I doubt whether this will happen very often. I have had about 90 minutes of sleep. My right hip and leg are flaring up and I tossed and turned the past couple of hours. I am waiting for pain meds to kick in.

Credit Moi: for 2/28/11
Staying close to my food plan in spite of eating out my first meal of the day. We went to my favorite Chinese restaurant. I avoided the deep fat foods like crab wontons, egg rolls and such. Instead, I had grilled marinated chicken on skewers (my absolute fav at this place!), lots of green vegetables, sushi (I call them poppers since I just grab one and pop it in my mouth) and fresh fruit and, of course, a fortune cookie!

I came home and had 72 oz of plain water the rest of the day and night to eliminate the added sodium.

Made both phone calls and emails, gave comfort to two people in my life who are going through their own "trials"; my Bible leader who has a double stress fracture in one of her legs and is now on bedrest for undetermined time and my niece who just found out she is pregnant and her first child will be 1 years old this Thursday.

I was physically hungry last night from 7 pm until 3:15 am this morning when I finally fell asleep.

Feeling strong in my reserve. Back on track and feeling good about it.

Have a great day all!

PS BBE Back many many years ago I used to bench press 140 lbs. For free weights I used to routinely lift two 50 lbs barbells. It was thirty years ago but I remember. You can do it if you want to Bill, I know you can.
:congrat: on moving your stuff out to the curb. Out of sight, out of mind.

03-01-2011, 09:56 AM
Hi Coaches

Officially our lease is up March 31st. April Fool's Day has to see me at my new place no ifs, ands, or buts.

I am indeed (thanks Lexxiss for the encouragement) going back to my zone list but I am going to have to be more ambitious and ruthless, aiming to tackle 3+ areas per day to reach my Ideal Moving Weekend which is the 19/20 of March OR during the week following OR have made moving arrangements by then.

This morning I am trying not to beat myself up for two things.
(1) I look around and see so little packing done - how come? yet I know how stuck I was and how stressed out I was.
(2)I weighed in this morning (credit) after chowing down on hickory sticks right before bed last night (bad for many reasons we all know) and saw the scale hop right up to 286. It's my water-retention-go-to weight the last few months.

The goal today is to make progress in the living room zones:
FIRST: clear area in middle of the floor, move open packing boxes to one area, packed sealed boxes to another, get rid of garbage to another space, and donations together. ORGANIZE so I can work efficiently and not lose the tape, the tape gun, the marker...

put some music on and start working on

#19 electronic, cd's and stuff in tv cabinet DONE
#20 stuff along wall beside china cabinet
#21 stuff on/in china cabinet
#12 stuff from fishtank to wall
#11 area between buffet and fishtank (YIKES!! BIG MESS HERE)

This is my whole place. I cannot wait to be done with them room after room after room. I must persist to victory:
living room in progress
dining room
entry & bathrooms
bedroom 1
bedroom 2
bedroom 3
hallways and staircases
basement rec room
basement basement

03-01-2011, 12:24 PM
I met my exercise goal for February! I got to move my ticker down 2 pounds. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but these things are surely helping:
* making my second snack optional
* reducing the serving size of frozen dairy products, especially when eaten out of the house (the one treat that I still allow myself because it's not triggering for me)
* choosing, most days, the lightest of my breakfast options: cereal with yogurt and a fruit

WI: NCkg, Exercise: +50* 1300/1300 minutes for February, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: love your story about your friends packing nightmare. One lesson to draw is the one that you did--don't let that happen to me. A second is, it happens to the best of us and is not something that one should beat oneself up about. We took two years to fully move out of our old house to the new one. Although that sounds like a wonderful luxury, and was in some ways, what it really did was give me two years to beat myself up about stuff.

BillBlueEyes: yay for seven boxes gone for good!

Greetings to everyone else! I'm off to get rid of a few boxes of books myself -- in time for them to be in this year's Greater St. Louis Book Fair. Since they are mostly newer books, they will sell well if I can get them in now.

03-01-2011, 02:40 PM
Hi All,

Yesterday was somewhat of a struggle but I'm doing better today. I had a morning telecon - maybe that's why I was a bit stressed yesterday?? Anyway, it's over and I'm already feeling relief! So, I'm hoping to re-focus. I didn't go off plan yesterday but did feel I was constantly thinking about eating. The telecon ran until after my normal lunch time today and it didn't really bother me, so I'm hoping I'm back on track. Good news is that I'm down 0.5 lbs for this weeks weigh-in. Not stellar, but I'll take it because it gets me to the '10 pounds lost' point!

maryann: I found your post very powerful. I, also, have done some of the same obsessive things you've done regarding food. I think it was ultimately the thought that food and eating were starting to have control over me that really frightened me. The great thing about the Beck principles is that I'm not feeling that 'out of control' feeling - the food/eating is not controlling me anymore, but I'm in control of the way I feel about it. That has been very freeing for me, but I know I'll have to work on it for awhile to be truly free of these issues.

onebyone: Amazing support you provided to your friend! I'm not sure what I would have done under the circumstances - but I think you've at least gained some insight about how to avoid the moving problems you just witnessed.

gardenerjoy: Congrats on meeting your exercise goal for February! Also for the 2 lb loss :)

pamatga: Kudos for avoiding the fried food and choosing healtier alternatives!

ChefJoona: "I said NO CHOICE to night time snacking, and completely avoided the few left over candies." Hooray!! I'm also using NO CHOICE a lot and find it very effective.

BillBE: Seven boxes! That's a great accomplishment!! I got rid of a bunch of books and magazines when we moved about 4 years ago. I must say I have NEVER missed them.

Well, I think I'm going to get outside to take an 'after lunch' walk - because I'm transporting my husband to and fro work, it's doubled my commute time, so I don't really get to do my before-work exercise. So, I'm going to try to get a walk in at lunchtime to try to make up for it.

Have a great day!

- Jan

03-01-2011, 08:06 PM
Thank you all for your condolences on losing Clyde. Yes, BillBE, he was one of the sheep in my old avatar. He was one of the original 3 lambs that I raised the first summer DH and I moved out, so heís been with me since the beginning. He was also my inspiration to start putting coats on sheep and selling wool since he was a wether and would otherwise have been eaten. I suppose, for a wether he couldnít have a better life.

My food plan for shearing went well and Iím grateful for that. I was surprised that the veggie tray was somewhat popular. Obviously the cookies were the biggest hit, but people did take advantage of the veggie tray. Thatís going to be in regular work-day food rotation. Iím glad that I stopped worrying about what the guys would and wouldnít eat and just put something out that I wanted. Dinner last night was not healthy at all, but Iím reminding myself that it was the best I could do when totally exhausted. We didnít get home until after 8 and had some new baby calves to deal with. The calories were within my range, just not that healthy. Oh well, I can get by with those on occasion as long as my normal routine is healthy.

The weather is finally giving us a break. Weíve either had days with highs in the single digits or decent temps with brutal winds. Both have been really hard on our calving and weíre losing more than usual because of it. But itíll be a little breezy this week, but at least itís manageable. That also means Iíll be able to get outside for some exercise and get the dogs out for some exercise. Theyíve been going crazy cooped up in the house.

Beverlyjoy, hugs while you try to figure out whether to have the surgery or take care of your sister. Considering all you have gone through with the surgery, it is a big decision.

Pamatga, great attitude on a disappointing February weight loss. But a loss is a loss, so congrats on the 4.2 lbs that are gone forever! Great job

Gardenerjoy, congrats for a downward weight trend for the year and a new low. Kudos for sitting down and looking at the numbers (that objective information)!

Onebyone, hugs while dealing with weariness. Finding a name for the feeling is the first step in dealing with it. The moving stress is huge. I hope he does find a way to ask for help because youíre right about moving all those dressers by yourself.

Skygirl, I love that a reminder of BillBEís avatar saved the day! He keeps us on track in so many ways! Great job coming back after a bit of a slide.

Gwen, I love the enthusiasm! Itís a boost to the rest of us to have someone so on fire. Yay for realizing that you love hunger. Itís amazing what a change of attitude can do.

CeeJay, hugs while you continue to deal with such a difficult time. Youíve had a lot on your shoulders recently! I can relate to all of those sabotaging thoughts and eventually theyíll come under control, but one step at a time. Great job getting here and posting and hanging in there!

BillBE, Iím inspired by your walk in spite of 6 inches of surprise snow. Thanks for reminding me that outdoor exercise is still possible in winter.

ChefJoona, great job posting while dealing with commitment issues. Just doing it is the best way to get into that habit! Kudos for exercising that NO CHOICE!

Lexiss, great job staying OP while your sister is in town and kudos for planning ahead for Dim Sum.

Jmaf, great job sticking to your plan over the weekend. Itís always to tough to stay OP when your days donít have their usual structure.

Maryann, thanks for the thought, ďIf I am not perfect today, at least I have a plan.Ē That need to be perfect and then giving up completely when Iím (inevitably) not perfect is a constant struggle for me.

Waving to everyone else I missed!

03-01-2011, 10:06 PM

Whew--- I was actually on plan with my eating today. Sorry, no time for personals these days. But I read your posts and cheer for everyone.

So credit today for:

- weighing in (ugg)
- reading advantage and response cards
- riding exercise bike for 30 mins.
- doing weights
- planning tomorrow and packing lunch
- reading a bit of the Pink Book
- checking in with my coaches
- eating healthy and on plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.


03-02-2011, 03:14 AM
Hello Coaches and Buddies--

Now that I can look back over February, I see that my first month hasn't been the success I was planning for it to be! I got too caught up in my work to plan my food properly, and my rotator cuff troubles wrecked the swimming schedule. But since I can't fall any lower, I am going to consider this month MARCH to be the time for a new start, again!
Yesterday I gave a lecture that I was truly proud of (that meditative lyric one), and sort of turned up my ambition to make my food life feel as clear and clean as my good days in my academic life.
I have been reading all your posts and love the way everyone is getting on with their plans. Admiringly, RubyJan

03-02-2011, 05:43 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It did happen; I came home and the seven boxes are gone - a big Woot! Eating on plan with my lentil stew for lunch, CREDIT moi, I don't get tired of that concoction.

My walk (CREDIT moi) was to Radio Shack, a.k.a "The Shack," to get a battery for my pedometer which I haven't been wearing, thinking that if I started using it again I'd increase my motivation to get moving more. I actually started walking toward Whole Foods with the express purpose of "seeing if there was something interesting to sample." Good grief! Walked about 30 seconds in its direction debating that blatant Sabotaging Thought. Then grabbed onto the thought that I had a planned afternoon snack at home and that I needed to be serious about my eating plan. So turned around, skipped WF, and home I went; CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Yep, it's progress and it will always feel like you could have done more. So Kudos for "trying not to beat myself up" because a whirling dervish could have done more. I don't understand "chowing down on hickory sticks."

CeeJay - Yay for an on-plan day.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Honking Kudos for racing to the end of February with long sessions to meet your exercise goal.

Shepherdess - Yep, a good life for Clyde, the weter. Ouch for exhaustion and for the rough calving - yours isn't a life for the squeamish. I'm also surprised that you veggie tray was popular.

ChefJoona - Kudos for keeping the vision, "I WILL NOT let a couple rough days derail all my months of effort!" What dinner recipe calls for dried blueberries?

Ruby (RubyJan) - Yay for a lecture that brings pride! With Kudos for grabbing that as motivation for your eating plan.

pamatga - Ouch for having to fight your physical hunger for such a long stretch. LOL at calling sushi "poppers." Congrats on your early post for March but by-the-by, we're all coaches to each other here - you're one of us. [I'm impressed at your lifting numbers. Thanks for the encouragement.]

Jan (jmaf) - Congrats on your ten pounds milestone. I like telecons when I can do them alone from my office so I can do email or whatever when the long winded have the floor.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference
That's just a taste of why this time is different. It's different because this time, over the coming weeks and months, I'm going to teach you how to overcome the problems that have blocked you from achieving your goal of lasting weight loss. I'll teach you how to do this in small, achievable steps that span five stages.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 25.

03-02-2011, 07:45 AM
Good morning!

I'm feeling great about getting on track! Eating yesterday was on plan! Taking a lot of motivation from all of you :) .

Last night I made an amazing quinoa dish with garbonzo beans, peas, dried blueberries, toasted walnuts and a chive, garlic vinegrette. I adapted it from a recipe I found on Eden Organic Foods website. YUM!

Just a quick check-in... Happy Wednesday to you all!

03-02-2011, 09:28 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was an extremely poor food day here. Everyone (especially DH) tugged me in different directions. I was able to understand (logically) that he is super upset about his friend (we all are), but I did not use my Beck tools to avoid unplanned eating.
*credit* for tracking every bite (a first for me)
*credit* for making a better choice for dinner than my sabateurs were picking.
*credit* for starting today fresh with reflection and rededication

I've got a busy day ahead....I have 2 days of work to catch up on now.

Take care everyone, and I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with positive input and better news on the food front.

03-02-2011, 12:45 PM
Our March is coming in like a lamb, but the weather forecasters aren't promising a smooth ride into spring.

WI: -0.05kg (new low), Exercise: +55* /1600 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-02-2011, 02:21 PM
Hey, all, sorry I am late for the day but I was over at the 100 lbs to Lose Group because I decided to join in on a March daily weigh-in thread. I weigh in every day even though my weight goes up and down like a cork in choppy waves. I will have to share what I was reading over there in case anyone would like to check it out. Careysings, in that same group, started a thread called "What did I have to give up to lose 100 lbs?" I am always wowed over by all of the collective wisdom everyone here at 3FC has. It is one reason why I keep coming back. I can't tell you how much I have learned. I am being very serious when I say that.

The answers to that question are not what you would think. It was very refreshing to say the least because that is the newfound wisdom that I have developed regarding my weight lose journey. Whatever I lost and will ultimately keep off doesn't hang on whether I had 64 oz of water today, had 2-4 c vegetables, etc. I was thin and I live with a thin person. I know what being thin is like. I was for 30 years of my life. Sometimes, it is no more than just applying what works for you or you or you......

It is interesting that on this thread BBE congratulated me on -4.2 lbs lost this past month and yet on another group I belong to (on another site) I sort of got a "passive/aggressive" boot about "Wasn't here to lose weight?" sigh!:(

Well, I don't want to be the Mom who is asked who is my favorite child? You all are;). However, having an unconditional environment is so much more conducive to feeling okay than "BootCamp Betty". I used to be competitive but I decided that my ego created more rifts than anything so I hung it out to dry and never retrieved it.

So, my kudos today goes for BBE, onebyone,Lexxis,gardernerjoy, and everyone else here(I'm still learning all your names so bear with me)

Credit goes to you all for being a great bunch to come home to each

[I]Credit moi for seeing it too!

03-02-2011, 03:19 PM
Iím still working through a mountain of laundry today, but it gives me the chance to check in here. Yesterday was a good OP day. DH wanted to go out for a steak and I was happy to discover that the restaurant recently added a veggie burger. The weather was nice. I was tired, but got out for a walk with the dogs and was happy that I did. Now they need a bath, but you canít have it all.

CeeJay, great job on an OP day and for doing some planning so you can follow it with another OP day.

RubyJan, yay for a lecture that makes you proud! Nothing like a boost of confidence to give your diet the bump it needs. At least February was a learning experience, so itís not a waste.

BillBE, yay for 7 boxes lighter! Great job turning away from Whole Foods and all the tempting samples. Itís pretty cool to hear about someone successfully dealing with a sabotaging thought.

ChefJoona, kudos for getting back on plan and loving it! The quinoa dish sounds amazing. Thanks for the tip on the website.

Lexiss, ouch for being pulled in so many different directions and the effect it had on your eating. Great job recognizing the mistake and tracking your food anyways.

Gardenerjoy, crossing my fingers that your weather stays nice. In any event, I hope you get out and enjoy it while it lasts.

Pamatga, great job recognizing you donít need to be competitive about the weight loss. Slow and steady is more lasting. I think itís helpful to see that scale jump up and down (thatís true for most of us). It helps me to not freak out when I see it jump up or over celebrate when it drops. It just becomes information.

03-02-2011, 06:34 PM
Hi Coaches

I cancelled a meetup with a friend a few days ago that was supposed to be for this morning because I could see I needed to focus on the packing. This friend called, twice, trying to re-schedule, offering to help, wondering what I was doing and how I was feeling. I just passively listened to her leaving me messages.
What was I doing?
I was in bed.
This morning I got up, talked to my sister on the phone, made plans to pack, then made my lunch/dinner so that I wouldn't have to stop later to eat it and instead I ate it all (way way overfull to a sore tummy) at 9:30am and then I was so overfull, embarrassed, defeated, and afraid, that I came back upstairs to bed and went to sleep.
I woke up about an hour ago.
Do I feel refreshed? Not really. Instead today I feel lost and stuck and like it is inevitable that I will end up as my friends ended up with their move. In order to break this spell I have to make some progress so I am going to get fully dressed to the shoes NOW, ready to work. I am pledging to do my two zones today:
#20 stuff along wall beside china cabinet 1/2 done
#21 stuff on/in china cabinet

I think I can also manage this one: #12 stuff from fishtank to wall

and could begin: #11 area between buffet and fishtank

*credit for completing 6/45 zones so far. *credit for not giving in to the feelings but fighting back and especially *credit for posting with honesty as I wasn't going to.

Sorry I am such a downer today.

update: managed to get 1/2 done with zone#20. I spent a lot of time making new boxes and getting the middle of the room organized again. Then I worked on the drawings for my final drawing group meetup tomorrow until after I am moved and it took hours. But I am all caught up so tomorrow I can continue with the zones and maybe it'll be done before I know it and before I head out the door to meet my group. I hadn't expected to do any zone work tomorrow so this would be a bonus.

03-02-2011, 11:58 PM
Coaches/Buddies Back after a long break. Sorry to be gone so long, but I needed it. I've had some new insights as I start some new things afresh and re-engage on others. Good to see some old and new faces around.

I'll get more into that tomorrow--have to get some sleep. Just got back from a business trip, quite stressful and my cell phone was stolen, which was way more painful than it probably should have been. I was forced to use my wits, and they are not what they used to be.


03-03-2011, 03:45 AM
Hello Everyone
Its 7.30 am on 3 March, and I am going to work to keep up my daily plan and my checking in. sadly, I had to move my anteater back to 196 -- the first three pounds I lost and kept off for two month, were back on in only a week....but I have a plan for today and tomorrow, and have written it down, I read my advantages card before sitting down to my delicious porridge, and think that if I can get it together to clean my kitchen over the weekend, that may help as well. onebyone -- I can entirely relate to the fatigue that sets in when too much has to get done. My tiny flat is a complete mess and has been for more weeks that I care to admit. And every day I promise myself to get it sorted out, since I KNOW it will feel great when its done...and...I ignore my commands, and just feel bad. But your moving will take place, and the place will get packed, and this dreadful time will just float away. Shepherdess I love reading your reports from the real America -- while I never did get to Wyoming, I now find myself imagining what its like to go for a walk with some dogs out west.
Best wishes to everyone for their day ahead, Your Urban Dreamer, RubyJan

03-03-2011, 06:42 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I planned to eat mindfully at a potluck last night and to skip the desserts. Did the first, CREDIT moi, but got suckered by a mini cupcake from a local bakery, Ouch. I would have easily skipped a whole cupcake as obviously unnecessary, but the mini slipped in because it was on my list to try one of the new cupcakes that are the rage these days. For what it's worth, it tasted like . . . a cupcake. You know, like at birthdays in the fourth grade, LOL.

Did gym, CREDIT moi, including trying to lift dumbbells that I couldn't. I actually dropped them on my chest which wasn't so cool - could have caused damage. These were the same weights that I had lifted last week. I'm pleased that I'm reaching to do something that's just beyond me, but chagrined that I didn't act safely.

onebyone - Sending packing thoughts as you wrestle your tasks ahead. Kudos for "completing 6/45 zones" - your breaking this down into doable chunks is so clearly a good idea.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Yay for taking a need break; Super Yay for returning. Losing a cell phone is a bummer; hope you can find all the numbers you've stored on it. It's a joy to have you back.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - You guys are certainly having a rough weather winter - you're gonna appreciate Spring this year.

Shepherdess - Ouch for doggie baths - I've never had a dog who liked those, although my kids liked theirs and it was a fun ending to the day. Yay that it's not a violation of state law to serve a veggie burger in Wyoming.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - That's a nice list of credits for a day you rate poorly - Kudos for them.

ChefJoona - Drooling over you quinoa dish - so many ingredients that I love. Kudos for another day on track.

Urban Dreamer (RubyJan) - Ouch for an anteater crawling in the wrong direction, but Kudos for just facing it and charging forward. Anteaters are known for meandering a bit, LOL.

pamatga - My Uber Admiration for, "I decided that my ego created more rifts than anything so I hung it out to dry and never retrieved it." That stage is just barely in my dreams.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 1
To start out, you will learn and practice nine Success Skills adapted from the most successful dieters I've counseled. You will master these skills - such as continually motivating yourself, weighting yourself daily, eating slowly, and overcoming hunger and cravings - before you transition to the Think Think Initial Eating Plan in Stage 2.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 25.

03-03-2011, 07:39 AM
Another on plan day yesterday! My mid-week weigh-in showed a loss of 1lb. I somewhat question that accuracy, but am happy with the downward trend.

Credit for saying NO CHOICE to night time snacking despite a panicked thought "I have to eat now, I won't be eating breakfast for 12 more hours!". I reminded myself that I had eaten a healthy amount for dinner and that the hunger I was feeling was not an emergency.

Credit also for skipping the pot luck part of a social gathering to come home and eat my quinoa leftovers, and then joining the gathering after.

Planning a healthy dinner out at a sushi place with a friend tonight.

I am feeling an ache to get my body moving with exercise, but when it comes time to do something I just can't get myself to do it. :( I know that exercise will help me reach my goal in SO many ways.

onebyone Major credit for turning a rough day around! What a great reminder that it is never too late to shift gears and refocus on your goals.

Wishing you all a great day!

03-03-2011, 10:42 AM
Hi Becksters - I have decided that it's I am making it a little too complicated for myself. I've been needing to concentrate on sodium, soft food, healthy, and not too spicy. My doctor told me to watch my salt - she didn't actually give me a number to aim for. I found that number on the interneet - 1500 mg if you have high blood pressure. My blood pressure is borderline: 130/83. Normally, a person should not eat more than 2300 mgs salt a day. I've decided to aim for about 2000 mgs a salt a day. I think it will be easier to live with for now.

I got on the scale today and it was the same. I am grateful. I have not been using the beck techniques that I know will help me. Today - I woke up with the willingness to do so.

Last week my sister had back surgery - five fusions and 10 steel rods. I was with her last year at this time when she had her first back surgery. She is having complications - many. I have been very worried about her. I may need to go help her again. Will I ever fix my ankle/foot? I need to decide. Please send prayers or positive thoughts to my sister. She is faced with a long, long recooperation.

For today - I plan to journal, read my cards, plan/measure/log my food, lots of water and exercise.

Have your best day, friends.

03-03-2011, 01:55 PM
I seem to have found the ticket to losing weight after it went missing for a couple of months. Persistence pays!

WI: -0.05kg (new low), Exercise: +50* 105/1600 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: thanks for tasting the cupcake! I've been curious about this new trend as well. Should I encounter one I will remember your assessment that it tastes like a cupcake. LOL.

ChefJoona: yay for another on plan day! Any ideas for how to answer your call for getting your body moving? Do you need to think about what would be a better time in your day? Or a different form of exercise to plan?

Beverlyjoy: hugs for you and your sister (but very, very gentle ones for her!). Yay for waking up to willingness. Low sodium gets easier and a gradual approach really works! You lose your taste for salty foods if you gradually move toward less and less.

03-03-2011, 02:05 PM
Hello Coaches

My apologies coaches that my posts are more about me moving and packing than specifically about my food and Beck. Sorry if this is off-topic.

I was awakened by the phone at 9am this morning. My very together friend M called to say she had boxes ready to return to me from my friend's move. I was thrilled to hear that and very surprised. They only finished moving yesterday I heard - 2 days past the due date. They had a monstrous move.*shudder* Anyway she offered me her help and I heard myself say "next week" so apparently I am willing to allow others to help me before this becomes a crisis-a shift in attitude for this perfectionist. I think I will get my helpers to help me create the junk piles I will get the junk people to haul away. I think if I organize my junk piles they will be in and out that much faster. I may ask her to be here with me for moral support on the day of the event if it is a day DH cannot be here. I feel a modicum of embarrassment at picturing the Junkers driving up in some big truck and all the neighbours seeing them toss my crap into it for an hour or so. I already lived this nightmare when we had to do that before we moved here because of an apartment fire. Two guys just cleared out our apartment by throwing our stuff out the front window into a dumpster. Wow. VERY humiliating that was but I got over it and it got done. You'd think I would not need another de-junking so soon? 7 yrs. Wow. Right now that makes me feel bad again. Rollercoaster emotions. Nevermind. It takes what it takes. A Big Beck OH WELL to all of it.

I'll have to warn DH this is happening soon. This may be his last weekend to decide on what stays and goes of his stuff, though he is doing a fantastic job of that.

Progress&plans for the day:
#20 stuff along wall beside china cabinet DONE
#21 stuff on/in china cabinet DONE
#2 entry space DONE
-move cabinet into corner
-set up a holding area for boxes in its place=storage/studio/donate/keep areas
-move coffee table&futon from where it is too
-get magazine boxes to the curb
-get garbage to the curb DONE
-clean out the fridge today for the garbage pickup DONE

Opening up the space will allow me to complete the living room which means:#12 stuff from fishtank to wall & #11 area between buffet and fishtank which leads into space#2 diningroom.

9/45 zones so far. *credit for moving forward *credit for posting *credit for OP breakfast & lunch
************************************************** *******

Beverlyjoy I will keep your sister in my thoughts. I completely see your dilemma re: your foot surgery/your sister's recovery. For me I would sit very quietly to listen to what my heart says is the right thing to do. You could say a little prayer before you go to bed and ask to have the answer in the morning. This has always worked for me. I let my subconscious work on it. Kudos for getting on track with the food and for not allowing Life to derail you. You're awesome. Carry on.

ChefJoona I had to laugh at thisMy mid-week weigh-in showed a loss of 1lb. I somewhat question that accuracy, but am happy with the downward trend. I too question the wisdom of my scale. Good to be skeptical yet accept the information. Nice that it said -1 on it. Exercise-wise I would probably take a piece of paper, set a time limit like 10 min (15 if you are a writer and used to writing) and force myself to write about why I have a block about exercising. For this kind of writing, you do not allow yourself to take a break during the 10minutes. Your pen must be to the paper and moving all the time just writing out your thoughts as you get them, no censoring, just write what is at the top of your brain and let it out through your pen/pencil. You stay on the page and write continuously by hand (important it be by hand) with one topic going to the next going to a bunch of "I don't know why i am doing this it's stupid" sentences if necessary. This stream of consciousness writing will often reveal to you your actual block about the topic at hand. It is very powerful. Only do this if you are serious about removing the block cause once you get the answer you will have to act on it. You may need to do it a few times to get to the root cause but I assure you it becomes fun, but it can be painful too. depends on our own issues and what has brought us to this point in time. Excellent Beck progress btw-kudos.

BillBlueEyes I don't get the cupcake craze. I don't really like the icing so maybe that's the thing with me, though the cakes can be very pretty. (see here ( The cupcakes look good but are way too sweet for me (a rare criticism from me.) Kudos on pushing yourself at the gym. Recklessly, well that's not so good, but the desire to do more is awesome. You'll find the balance you need. Credit on being OP almost all of the time and for posting here. [ps. these are hickory sticks (]

RubyJan Thank you for telling me But your moving will take place, and the place will get packed, and this dreadful time will just float away. I so need to hear that. Don't worry about the anteater. He may have drank from a waterhole and the 3lbs is just that: water. It will be gone again if you stay OP and don't panic which I sense you know... kudos for being honest with your ticker.

AnneWonders:welcome: back! So glad to see your post. I look forward to reading what you've been up to and where you are at. Yay!

Sorry I can't do more personals coaches... time to get back at it.

03-03-2011, 02:20 PM
Sorry - no time for personals but just wanted to check in. Still on track food-wise but not getting the exercise time that I need. My plan is to do that tonight. I'm hoping that by posting here, I'll actually follow through!


03-03-2011, 02:47 PM
Credit for doing weights yesterday while waiting for laundry. I didn't get out for the walk that I had hoped to do. I was just too tired to motivate myself to get out in the wind. It's definitely time for a nap! I succomed to that "food fixes tired" yesterday and started munching chips I didn't need. I pulled it together quickly and am thankful for that. I just read a study that found those who were sleep deprived tended to have a higher BMI, so sleep is a priority for today.

OnebyOne, ouch for feeling overhwelmed by the move, but enlisting the help of friends is a great strategy! It seems overwhelming to get it all done, but you have a good plan--does that sound like Beck or what?

AnneWonders, great to see you back here! It's great that the much needed hiatus brought some new insights. Sorry about the cell phone loss and hope the pain has passed.

RubyJan, great job making a plan after a dissappointing weigh-in. That's the smart response (some of us wind up back on the couch with a bag of cookies). I need to follow your lead and get the kitchen cleaned and organized. It definitely does help!

BillBE, LOL that mini cupcakes taste just like regular cupcakes. I hope the mini limited damage. I would be tempted to keep coming back, because, you know, they're small and don't count. Yikes for the incident with heavier weights. Glad you weren't injured.

Beverlyjoy, hugs for everything you are facing right now and sending healing thoughts to your sister. Your plan for sodium sounds like a sensible comprimise and one you can stick with.

Gardenerjoy, yay for "Persistance Pays!" It's a great reminder to all of us to just keep plugging away even when it seems like we're not getting anywhere.

jmaf, kudos for "still on track!" Here's to posting to keep that willpower strong!

03-03-2011, 03:33 PM
BBE, I have a Master Chef certificate for these kinds of confections. When I was in college I took cake decorating classes as a "destresser". I thought about going into this as a catering business but decided against it. I find it interesing how so many of these chefs are trying to reinvent the wheel. Like someone else said, all this is just another cupcake; albeit with a new marketing spin. [There are secrets they do that we don't at home. Read: major overload of sugar and fat, not the healthy kind either. That's why they taste differently.] Sidenote: my chef "teacher" had us fledgings use Crisco instead of frosting in our pastry bags so we wouldn't be tempted to nibble during class. I kid you not!

So, I opted out of "jumping on the bandwagon" a few years ago. Now, if I buy something it is because I figure that I might like the taste of it. If it has any kind of sugar or fat in it, of course I do! Duh! I play this game with myself on every new thing I see when I go shopping. It is one reason why I send my DH alone many times to do our shopping. I have the stores we go to memorized. I know them better than the clerks. In fact, once I argued with a stocker that concentrated lemon juice should be in the baking aisle and instead was in the juice aisle?? Really? I'm digressing here. Sorry.

Again, the magic two ingredients, overload of sugar and trans fat, are pretty much a new spin on an old favorite! They just dress it up for today's "buyers". It's also another way of charging $2.00 for something when people balk at $15 for a whole cake. We're in a recession, right? (I could make a fortune in marketing) It is all an advertising account executive's dream plan. As long as we play "snobs" and follow the latest "trends" we easily fall victim to these very clever marketing ploys. Having said that, I still love super sweet cupcakes. :D Hey, I ain't perfect but parts of me are excellent!

Speaking of sweets, my DH bought some flavored coffee creamers during the past holidays and I decided to try one today. Wow! The pumplin pie spice taste mighty good with instant coffee and 8 oz skim milk on ice! This might soon become an indulgence I practice frequently. At 17 calories per tsp I can get behind this.

Bevelryjoy, I laid my fingers on my monitor and prayed over your sis. I firmly and resonsantly believe our prayers are heard and answered! Hey, I live in the middle of the Bible belt and it's not as bad as ya'all might think. I have discovered a lot of good people living their faith.

Onebyone, your experience is quickly making me want to never ever leave this apartment, ever! Like I said to my DH, it makes me seriously think about bringing one extra thing in our home. We better need it, whatever it might be!

Credit moi:

Last night I attended the first of four seminars on Diabetes. I discovered last year that my blood glucose was in the diabetic range. I brought it down from 174 mg/dl (diabetic is considered 126 mg/dl fasting) to 104 mg/dl by losing the first 30 lbs, keeping them off and doing what I can for activity. If it is okay with you all, I would like to share what I have learned beyong the basics, since I am assuming you know as much.

There are 3 types of carbohydrates: 1)sugar 2)starch and 3)fiber. The first two raise your blood glucose and the third lowers it. NOW, I finally understand the connection with blood glucose and fiber. I try to average 35-45 grams of fiber a day. Although my initial reason was because I had heard fiber lowers cholesterol (which it does) and it fills you up. Now, I have discovered another added benefit.

Right now, if you read labels (I do!) on food products, starch is not required by law so the FDA omits it but it is still there. NOW, I understand why diabetics need to watch foods like gravies because most are made with cornstarch, as an thickening agent.

I am a nutrition nerd. I like to know the chemistry behind the food I eat even if I eat way off the charts sometimes.

This woman, both an nutritionist and home economist(which she freely admits rarely exists any more), asked us what we wanted to learn in the next three sessions. I want to know why I get so ravenously hungry. I am having a heck of a time trying to stay under 2600 calories a day. I am never going to lose weight until I tame this beast.

Anyone have any ideas they think might work? I am willing to try anything. I am already drinking an average of 80 oz of plain purified water each day. I usually have a protein with each meal, as recommended. I eat lots of fibrous fruits and vegetables. I am nursing a really inflamed calf muscle but I will concede exercising does help but I need to do at least 30-40 minutes to subdue my hunger monster. That helps for about 4-5 hours. As you all know, I stay up until 2:30 am(yes, I am back to doing that). I can't sleep any time before that. I think it is my evening class that ends at 10 pm. Tonight is the last night for class but I still need to study for the finals which could go on for another month or two. I have to take a practicum 3x and pass with 90% each time before allowing to sit for the certification from Microsoft. A lot of hoops to jump through for something I have a half-heart invested in.

Have a great day!

03-03-2011, 10:16 PM
Hi Coaches!

It has been very busy! I am taking a few moments to breathe and check in.

Beverlyjoy, sending supportive thoughts to both you and your sister. :hug:

I have been using my Beck tools during this busy time....two birthdays, sis still here, Whole Foods, Costco, NBA game last night, dinners out....friend still having such a rough go.
~logging my food and making reasonable choices
~making exercise a priority
We went to dinner before the Denver Nuggets game last a sports bar (not my choice). I ordered salmon and when it came the serving was huge!!!! We were with a group of people. I remembered that I could take half of my dinner home (thanks ya'll!). I did, and we'll have leftovers for dinner tonight.

Take care everyone!

03-03-2011, 11:12 PM
Coaches/Buddies Also not as much time as I'd like tonight. Phone has been replaced and I've been updating passwords and such. It is taking longer than I'd like. So I probably won't get as far as I'd planned, and personals will have to wait a couple days, but it is really good to be here with you all again.

I'll attempt to keep the personal drama (all quite mundane except perhaps to me) to a minimum and stick to the Beck stuff as it pertains to weight loss. I've overcome significant personal challenges at work and home in the last few months, am figuring out how to deal with physical issues in the form of migraines and knee problems, and am ready to prioritize weight issues again. My children (almost 3 and 5+) continue to mature and as they improve at the routine things like dressing themselves and independent play, I begin to once again have the physical and emotional resources to stay up later that 6:30 pm.

I've been doing the weight loss/maintenance thing for 8+ years now, with Beck techniques for two of those. That's a long time, and things change. It had been a while since I went back to basics and thought about what I really wanted from this. What trade offs am I willing to make in my life? What will really bring me closer to being fulfilled, content, and happy?

My ARC wasn't working for me anymore. I let it get stale. It had things on it that just weren't relevant any more, like "become a faster runner" when my knees really weren't letting me run effectively (I've been in denial about that for a couple years) and "play with the dog" when the dog has passed on a while back. Lots of stuff on it was, and is, still relevant, but there was enough of my emotional baggage on there, and unfulfilled or historic hopes and dreams. Frankly, reading it was depressing. So I stopped reading. I had enough good habits to get me through, but I quit working it.

Life changes. What works for weight management also can, and often does. This is a secret of long term weight loss maintenance. One I keep learning over and over.

I lost over 100 lbs and kept it off for 8 years, and I might have some tough spots now and then, but going back is not an option. NOT. I live the Beck "no choice" thing every day.


I put some time and thought and emotion into what it is that I want. What is going to make me happy? What makes me feel good? And what conveniences and habits am I willing to change to get there? What am I not willing to do? Compromise is acceptable, and necessary. So I have a new list, which is effectively a new ARC, in my notebook.

The next step for me is to turn that into a plan of action. Break the big steps into small ones, and put CBT techniques in place to get it done. Build the new habits I need, reinforce the good ones I have, and make some changes to the unhelpful ones.

This is a good place for that. I'll be trying to work some of this out over the next bit.


03-04-2011, 06:37 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It was bitter cold when I took my walk (CREDIT moi) but, with warm clothes, I still returned wet from my efforts.

Eating was OP, CREDIT moi, if I adopt the Weight Watchers notion that fruit and healthy veggies have zero points. In real calories, I had double my fruit allocation for my evening snack because I had my orange, then joined DW in attacking some fruit that she had cut up for a meeting. I still need to work on keeping my evening snack from growing.

onebyone - Kudos for struggling forth, with Extra Kudos for getting the attitude in line with "A Big Beck OH WELL to all of it."

Anne (AnneWonders) - Thanks for the thoughts about updating our ARC. Mine, too, is dated. I'm not much motivated by the vision of what I'll be when I lose weight since I'm there. It does help to remember what my painful feelings are when I feel like I'm too big. Methinks it's time for me to make another go at mine.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for "Persistence pays!" I find that easy to forget.

Shepherdess - Ouch for "food fixes tired" - I'm right this moment fighting food fixes a pending deadline.

Beverlyjoy - Sending supportive thoughts to you and your sister as she faces complications from surgery. keeping the faith that you'll find a slot for yourself in your life to address your ankle/foot.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Neat to convert a trip to a sports bar into a healthy eating experience.

ChefJoona - Good move there to join the gathering after the potluck; Kudos for flexibility.

pamatga - LOL at Crisco in the pastry bags. Kudos for moving forth with your seminars on diabetes.

Jan (jmaf) - Yep, being on-track with your eating plan will leak a little motivation over into your exercise plan.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 1
Many dieters don't want to wait to start a diet because they want to start losing weight this very moment. I will give you a few minor ways to change your eating at the beginning of Stage 1. But I have found - over and over again - that it is just too overwhelming to stick to a comprehensive eating plan while still learning such essential skills as eating everything slowly, while sitting down and enjoying every bite. Sure, you can lose excess weight without learning these skills. You have undoubtedly done so in the past. But you haven't been able to keep it off.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 25.

03-04-2011, 07:56 AM
This has been a very difficult week at work. I'm very thankful the weekend will arrive in 10.5 hours!

onebyone Thank you for the writing exercise idea! I have been doing a lot of thinking about my challenges with exercise and why I resist and avoid it. Putting it on paper could be the next step. I have never actively journaled, because putting thoughts in writing is a scary thing for me. It makes the thoughts more true than if I just think them- because there is a written record. I can push thoughts away, with no proof they ever existed. Not so with writing. I think I might challenge myself with this!

On plan day until dinner out with a friend. I conciously allowed myself to indulge. I was in control the entire time, and mindful of the choices I made to eat more calories than I had planned. I did not go over board by any means, but it wasn't the way to eat to lose weight. This "mindful indulging" allows me to treat myself without the guilt or shame. I just can't decide to do it often, as that won't help me towards my goals.

beverlyjoyThinking of your sister and you and sending healing thoughts.

Here's to living a Beck inspired life!!

03-04-2011, 10:10 AM
AnneWonders, great to meet you here. Since you have acheived what I hope to in the next 12-18 months, do you have any thing you did that really made a difference for you in losing all the weight that you would like to share here?

Credit moi: for recognizing the need to make thoughtful choices when it comes to my food plan.

Now, that the PMS-induced sweet craving has left and I am back to a "normal" level regarding that, I am turning to another sneaky aspect of my food plan: added sodium and possibly MSG.

My DH and I like to eat out frequently. I have gotten to know the menus of our favorites places quite well but just recently I went online to look up each restaurant's menu nutrition and it was an eye-opener! I spent several hours revising my list of Favorite foods so that moving forward I will know which foods, some amazingly innocous foods have a lot of sodium in them, I should either temper the portion size and/or avoid altogether. For example, I just love black-eyed peas but 1/2 c has 590 mg sodium!

Increased my water consumption to 80 oz per day
Strength exercises front and center.
Finished night class, now to study for finals.
Overuse of caffeine (something unique for this time period and I suspect a part of taking an evening class) is causing problems with sleeping. Here we go again-sigh!

Credit moi: for knowing my limits and not pushing myself to the point of being sick (which I did two weeks ago) and allowing myself to be okay with that.

Really pleased that I am truly living each day without projecting all of my anxieties upon an unknown future. Who says it will be the same or, God forbid, bad? Why don't I just wait and see? Exactly! What am I giving up for Lent? My worrying habit. Chocolate is not an option.:D

Speaking of which, I just learned that when you are feeling stressed, anyone here?, here are some foods that will help you, some which surprised me, nutrition geek that I am; walnuts, asparagus and, of course, dark chocolate. No wonder my DH loves asparagus so much. It is a natural mood lifter. Hmmmm? Who knew?

Have a great day all!

03-04-2011, 10:23 AM
YAY!!! 199 as of yesterday. (That's 11 lbs since Jan 1) Average daily calories since I started counting calories on Feb 26 is 1193 daily. Near the end of the day I try to track calories and decide what to eat for dinner. If not, I keep it very light. Pre-planning days is too much for me as I rely on DH for shopping - so I wing it daily with the calorie counter and meal planner on I pretty much know what I'll eat - old faithfuls.

:DBIG CREDITS - When hunger strikes I'm not certain if it's a craving or actual hunger. So I remember "Hunger is NOT an emergency - I will not die." I am practicing waiting for meals then eating healthfully and slowly ONLY when I am definitely hungry. This was such an enlightenment for me - I was one who went NUTS if I "was hungry" and any type of food wasn't within reach. I'd complain and whine to my DH (or anyone for that matter) "I need to eat - NOW" totally believing that my blood sugar was low and "something bad" would happen to me. Thank you Dr. Beck - in a few short weeks this has changed completely! I feel so free now! Truly amazing and such a blessing.

Losing this excess weight and feeling healthy and proud of myself FAR outweighs any cravings I've had lately. Just keep waiting them out and they DO go away!

During exercise I am pushing as hard as I can - perceived exertion very hard, although only levels 1 - 3 on elliptical.

According to the cc, if I stay on this track I'll weigh 136 in January of 2012. Wouldn't that be wonderful? With the Beck congnitive therapy for weight control, I'm confident I can keep the weight off this time for life!

Billbe: Thank you for always being here!

Cjeffjoona: "I have never actively journaled, because putting thoughts in writing is a scary thing for me." I have always felt the same, ESPECIALLY hate counting calories! But I must admit that the only times I have actively changed anything was through journaling. Thoughts, exercise, food - whatever. It truly does work.

AnneWonders: I also suffer with migraines and bad knee. I was on Topomax for a year and had not one during that time. They came back, but not as often, nor as strong. For my knees and back I had to switch from running to the elliptical - feels like running on air! Yes, "Life changes" that's it's nature... we just have to go with the flow - hard to do at times, but what else is our choice? 100 lbs gone and maintaining! YAY for you! You are strong!!!

Lexxiss: Hooray for staying on plan!!!

Pragmata / Beverlyjoy: "I firmly and resonsantly believe our prayers are heard and answered!" Ditto that. Praying for your sis Bev, and for you. Stay on plan - Reread the portions of Beck that you need to. Log onto the caloriecounter at - it calculates all nutrient intake along with calories (I keep comming up high in sodium and low in potasium - I'm working on it though.)

Sheppardess: Wish I were there! Wyomming sounds incredible.

So sorry if I've missed anyone. Time to go get ready for work. (10 - 7)

03-04-2011, 11:24 AM
Hi chicks... yesterday was healthy.. Look ---> :carrot: I am doing a happy dance. YAY I am so so grateful.

I really needed to have a good day yesterday because today is my birthday and DH & I have planned things for all weekend. Of course, much of it is food. So - I want to face this weekend with a sane food day under my belt... if you know what I mean.

Tonight my mom is coming over. DH is cooking us one of my favorite dinners. It's lamb chops. (hi Shepardess - yes, we always have lamb on special occaisons)

Tomorrow I am going to hang with a good friend... maybe with a little shopping. DH and her husband are going to a gun show at the fairgrounds. (although DH has not held a gun in his hand since being in the army during the Viet Nam era.... long time ago.) Our friend is an avid hunter. In the evening we are going out for dinner to the Olive Garden. I haven't been there in twenty years. My friends have a gift card to use up. Should be fun.

Sunday we are getting together with Mom, Aunt Mackie, and cousins John & Mary Kay for brunch at Bob Evans. It's mom's treat and she has a gift card for BE to use. Mom and I love to go there. It will be fun with everyone. Such great home cookin' foods.

I've checked online and will get the citrus chicken at the Olive Garden.

I like the 'senior breafast' at Bob Evans.. healthy, too.

So - I've planned ahead. I need to willingness to go forward with these healthy plans.

Thank you all so very much for your prayers and positive thoughts for my sister. They mean alot to me. I will let you all know how she is doing as time goes along.

I must go to the grocery to get the lamb. I think I'll have time for personals before DH come home and we go pick up my mom.

I am back from my errands.... and, I do have a pocket of time to do some personals.

garden joy - I am so glad you seem to have gotten your mojo back with weight loss. That feels good. Kudo’s for your food being 100% yesterday.

Onebyone - ya know, sometimes it’s hard to part with stuff… even it’s junk. You’ve gotten a lot done. Such good suggestion… listen to my heart in regards to my sister or me.

Anne -wonders - so glad you see you here again. You have put a lot of time and thought into what you want now and how you might get it. - and even breaking it down. Credit. A plan of action should get you going.

Jmaf/jan - credit for checking in - I think you are right. It does remind us of our goals and plans.

Shepardess - good for you… doing those weights during some down time.. Credit for stopping eating the chips… do you know how major that is?!

Pamatga - thank you for your special prayer. I agree - it’s good to know the chemistry of our food and the approach to our choices with food. I don’t know if your desire for that amount of calories is related to your blood sugar or not. I think you can make it a priority to find out in your class. What helps me is eating every few hours. I have breakfast, am snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and small evening snack. …..I hear you on the sodium. Isn’t it amazing when you start to keep track., how much sodium in in any processed food.

Lexxiss/Debbie - glad you checked in. Credit for using those beck techniques with all those many different challenges. Good for you… taking home half of your salmon. Thanks for the positive thoughts.
I saw the birthday list today at 3fc (first time I ever looked) and see that March 4 is your birthday too. Happy Birthday to you. I am delighted to share a birthday with you.

Billbe- credit for getting in a good walk, despite the cold. Yes, I’ve heard that weight watchers don’t give points to fruit/veg. It’s quite a concept to me. They say it works… carry on.

Chefjoona - you said: Here's to living a Beck inspired life!! I agree!!!!! Thanks for the good thoughts for my sister.

Gwen - I am doing a 199 onederland Happy Dance for you. It’s a milestone. Many kudo’s. Credit for you remembering that FOOD IS NOT AN EMERGENCY. Dr. Beck really taught something important in that. I appreciate your kind prayers for my sister. And the basic reminders… rereard the Beck Book, etc. Thanks.

03-04-2011, 12:42 PM
We're going to see Macbeth tonight! I've been reading the play, so I think I'm prepared to enjoy it. We'll be going out to a fancy dinner before, but it's a place we've been before and they have a spa menu. I love going there knowing that I'll get a good meal that's good for me, too.

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +80* 185/1600 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

pamatga: you asked for suggestions about being hungry. The first one is straight from Beck -- try the hunger experiment. That helped me a lot because it made me realize that when I tell myself "I'm always hungry," it's not in fact true. My hunger ebbs and flows and often can be dealt with by distraction. The hunger experiment really illustrated for me that "Hunger is Not an Emergency" and I pull that thought out frequently.
Another suggestion from Beck and many other places is strategic planned snacking. I rarely go 4 or 5 hours without food except when I'm sleeping. In fact, until recently, I rarely went much more than 3 hours. Now that I've made my second snack optional, I'm more likely to go 3 or 4. Besides eating more often, that also lets me counter hunger with "I have a planned snack for forty-five minutes from now. I can wait forty-five minutes."

AnneWonders: wonderful to see you again! And thank you for sharing your process at this time -- that's very useful to me.

Beverlyjoy: yay for the dancing carrot! And happy birthday! And kudos for having plans to deal with your many happy events this weekend. Sounds like fun!

Hello to everyone else!

03-04-2011, 01:20 PM
Hi Coaches

9:34am here. It's FREEZING today. -22C (with the windchill) with the temperature steadily rising to 0C by 9pm tonight, with snow, again, still, forever snow.

I woke up and shoved the cabinet toward the corner this morning, emptied most of it out. I can call it "done" and move on to bigger things which I think I will. There is still the top of the cabinet and an interior shelf but the stuff in there needs a special place to put it that I don't have yet so it's better for me to keep that stuff inside until I am closer to the move (important papers etc.)

I still have a giant pile in the center of the room. And more piles across the room. I need to seal some boxes today. perhaps I'll make it a point to not officially leave an area until the boxes are closed, labelled and sealed and piled in appropriate areas.

Today I begin the dreaded back wall. A BIG "catch-all" area. I would like to come back here tonight to tell my coaches that it is done and I am on to the diningroom space. That'd be awesome. By the end of the weekend I'd like to be done the kitchen and the small bathroom as well as the main hallway. That is my main floor. It would be so fantastic to have that completed. I think I'll just post my zonework for today:

#12 fishtank to wall DONE
#11 buffet to fishtank DONE
#10a buffet TOP SURFACE
#10b buffet DRAWERS

-clear spaces YES
-fill/seal/label boxes YES
-make specific holding areas YES

Note to self: sort printmaking stuff & fp stuff out!!!!

yikes better go... will check in/update later ;)

update: as of tonight I've done 11/45 zones imperfectly. I think I have a morning's worth of going back over the wall area I did today to truly sort/complete it but I am satisfied that I have bagged what I am about to toss and tossed what I am going to donate into a donate box. It's more placing the keep stuff into the right place.

I am wavering now so I am stopping. I intend to enlist DH's help this weekend at some point so I am hoping to jump a bit ahead this weekend. It's really happening now Beckies. The place is starting to look like we might be moving. :bike2:Finally! Food was good today too. :carrot:

03-04-2011, 04:34 PM
Welcome March. I guess I have still been posting on February. Hmmmm.
Well, today started out with a bang of exercise and resolve and progressed this past hour to attacking a bowl of cookie dough. How did this happen to me? I was planning and making meals. I had a half of a box of Total cereal and decided to make school snacks for my kid. Didn't want to waste anything. Right! It amazes me how I fool myself, how much I want to be healthy enough to make cookie dough. How is it possible I still don't realize that though I am a wonderful person with fabulous characteristics I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MAKE COOKIE DOUGH. Small price for sanity if that is what I give up.

So here is the new part for me. I stopped at half a batch. I am still going to eat my lunch because cookie dough isn't lunch. I will be gentle with myself and try not to slip into morbid self loathing. I will drink lots of water and remind myself that even a half of a batch of c.d. will not cause me to gain the 20 pounds I have lost back. Oh Well. Back on OP. Exercise is done today .
Glad to be checking in
Shepardess: I will join you in the laundry - get my mind off things.
RubyJan: I here the resolve in your post. Goo Luck.
BBE: LOL fruits are free. Boy, do I remember those days. There is no end to my ability to rationalize MORE.
ChefJoona: Great choice to eat before the potluck.
Gardenerjoy: Congrats on a new low.
Pagmata: Interesting about asparagus. I will start my usual overindulging in it as soon as the season hits here.
Annewonders: Nice to meet you. I love your emphasis on the life long aspects of healthy eating. I change and my program must change as well.
Onebyone: Good Luck on the back wall.

I am going to write out my cheat questions. I have been hovering two pounds above ticker and thought it was water. Maybe the denial help send me on a binge. I am open to new awarenesses.

03-04-2011, 10:10 PM
Headache tonight. Very mild one, I think the new meds (a calcium channel blocker whose name escapes me at this instant) are helping in general. But nothing is perfect.

patmaga, I could get into details, but the main thing that made a difference in losing The Big Weight for me was that I really completely believed I was going to change my life. I didn't have a goal weight, I barely had a plan. But I believed in myself, and I made a plan and just did it. No Choice. Unhelpfully, I have absolutely no idea how I achieved that mindset. I suspect we all reach rock bottom in our own fashion. The famous Click.

See you tomorrow.

03-05-2011, 06:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Faced a table of dessert treats at a function and used NO CHOICE; CREDIT moi. Reminded myself that I had a California Navel Orange for evening snack at home and was looking forward to it. I found it odd that I still persisted in taking inventory of everything there; it wasn't sufficient to just bypass the table.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. Again, I failed to lift the heavier dumbbells that I had successfully lifted last Friday, Ouch. Good news is that I didn't drop them on myself, so perhaps I can count that as progress. I'm not discouraged that there's a weight that I can't lift, but puzzled that my memory, and my journal, is clear that I did six reps with that weight.

onebyone - Kudos for all the DONE's and YES's in your list. And extra Kudos for "Food was good" while achieving that the place looks like you're moving.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Appreciating, "But nothing is perfect." Boy do I need to be reminded of that from time to time. I wish I understood "The famous Click." When people ask me how I did it, I'm bored telling them my particular combination of consuming less calories than expended, and unable to give them an explanation of my Click that convinces me. People readily accept my explanation that I faced a family reunion, and that I didn't want to approach retirement overweight, but neither seems sufficient to have stayed the course. When you write a book on The Click, I'll buy the first copy.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats for reading Macbeth before attending. I hope it has a happier ending than the last time I saw it.

Beverlyjoy - Happy Birthday. Neat that you've carefully planned your own responses to a weekend that is food centric. Love seeing your happy dance carrot.

maryann - Yep, March slipped in here. I can smell Spring once March gets here, so I'm psyched. Ouch for the cookie dough, with serious Kudos for stopping; I can believe that that stuff is difficult to stop eating at any volume. [Thanks for the reminder that "free" fruits and veggies is rationalizing after a few.]

ChefJoona - Neat to have defined your style of "mindful indulging." I also like Beck's notion of allocating extra calories for special occasions. If I do this, I remain as you say "mindful" and avoid that eat everything in sight situation.

pamatga - Ouch for the sodium in restaurants and processed foods. I've worked on adding less and less salt to home cooked beans and lentils with the delightful result that I now better like the bean taste itself. I've tried zero salt with beans and that was too low.

Gwen - Congrats on reaching Onderland - may you remain there for the rest of your life. LOL at "I need to eat - NOW" - BTDT.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 1
I find that dieters who try to do too much at once don't master the Success Skills and end up failing sooner or later. I say to dieters who are in too much of a rush, "You have already done the experiment of jumping into dieting. Has it worked for you long term?" Obviously it hasn't, or they wouldn't need my help. This question makes them more motivated to hold off on starting the Think thin Initial eating Plan until they have mastered the skills they need.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 26.

03-05-2011, 11:13 AM
Hi Coaches

Well we've got some rain/freezing rain out there now. I was going to drive across the city to see my mom but not in freezing rain. I'm trying to corral DH to go out for breakfast with me; a rare treat. He's in his man-cave down stairs. Poor guy. He won't have one once we are out of here :(

I'm psyched to keep going in this room. The end is in sight to get this first large space completed. Amazing. Though I grumble about it, I seem to be surprisingly even-tempered, optimistic, and calm about the whole thing. My friends around me are very concerned about me and I have no idea why. I have a plan and am progressing to plan, not running around with my head cut off ie. the way most people I know move. I really do believe that this experience is going to translate into weightloss once I can focus myself there. This "making a plan, sticking to the plan, tweaking the plan" is very Beck-like as is the "Oh Well, get back on plan" mindset plus the giving myself credit for what I have done daily. It's very exciting!


Not me & not until now.


*credit for weighing in: 282 (-3) heading back to be below my 280 again. This is the only goal for April 1st: to be under 280.

Gotta go start my day. Enjoy your weekend!

Carried over from yesterday:
#10a buffet TOP SURFACE
#10b buffet DRAWERS

Today's tasks:
#9A glass desk TOP SURFACE
#9b glass desk UNDERNEATH/AROUND
#9c glass desk - take it apart

11/45 zones completed

03-05-2011, 12:55 PM
A New Day - in many ways. My dance with the cookie dough ended successfully - Credit - . I said No Choice and had a bowl of healthy soup for lunch and dinner and nothing else. Guess what? Down a pound this morning. I feel I am redundant by constantly declaring "Miracle". But a 35 year pattern of chasing a splurge with ten days of binges is not easily forgotten. Nor do I want to forget. I want to remember that insanity is waiting outside but I don't have to LET IT IN. Now and then I can look out at it from the window and peacefully smile that I have served my time.
BBE: I can't believe how many group food events you go to. Do you work for Gourmet magazine? You are my hero for doing as well as you do.
Onebyone: Good to hear your upbeat message. I like your new avatar.
AnneWonders: I do think success starts in the place of "I will be new." For me (who is 47 years old) I decide I would not meet 50 fighting the same fears and battles I had faced my whole life. It was time for new challenges.

Today, I will exercise - Pilates and cardio. Then I will take DS to piano Certificate of Merit adjudication followed by Sashimi with DH and Grandma.

03-05-2011, 01:38 PM
Hi Beckfolks/coaches/friends - Yesterday was a nice day. I stayed mostly with my plan. My dear little neighbhors came over yesterday with birthday gifts of Spring Bulbs, a handmade card, and a plate of chocolate chip cookies. I stayed away from those cookies untill after dinner. DH had some, I had some and put dish soap on the rest and into the trash. It is so hard for me to stay away from sweets or chocolate if it's around. I need to use the Beck techniques - they have helped well in the past.

Credits for yesterday:
stretches/strengthening/recumbent bike
planned/measured/logged food
lots of water

It's a start.

Tonight we are going out for dinner. I've got it planned out.

I hope you all have a great day.

03-05-2011, 02:29 PM
HAPPY DANCE for 198 today! I was so afraid the scale would keep bouncing around. :carrot:

Can someone tell me how to change my ticker, please?

Beverlyjoy: :bday2you: and BIG CREDITS!!! Great job staying on plan!

Maryann - and anyone suffering from food addition: I have found that the only way for me to stop uncontrolled eating of "NO CHOICE" food is total abstenance. I think that someday I'll be able to "have just one", but all experiments in that philosophy have failed. Throwing out the offending food is one way to help also, if I find I'm tempted it goes into the trash. "Better in the trash than on my hips!" is my motto at those times. I bring up memories of standing in front of the mirror naked at my most heaviest weight - OR - I strip down and stand in front of the recently hung full length mirror at the entrance to the kitchen. (EWWWW) It's an easy choice after that!

OnebyOne: "WHO KNEW THAT MODERATION COULD BE SO FREAKING AWESOME?" I agree! So proud of you for all your hard work, not only in staying on plan with food, but with your packing efforts, and for helping your friends pack. (Love your avatar!)

Billbe: "puzzled that my memory, and my journal, is clear that I did six reps with that weight." Perhaps you had extra protein that day and therefore your muscles were pumped? (if that's how it works.) Or, muscles were still in recovery mode and unable to repeat the performance? It WILL happen again!!!

Pragmata: As Gardenerjoy said, "hunger ebbs and flows and often can be dealt with by distraction. The hunger experiment really illustrated for me that "Hunger is Not an Emergency" and I pull that thought out frequently". Do the hunger experiment at least once a week until you can face hunger in the face and laugh at it! It was such a revelation for me that I can go until my next planned meal time without dying, fainting, eating everything within reach. YOU CAN DO IT! :cheer:

Gotta go now. We bought a bike FOR ME - yay! Have to buy a helmet today and we'll be on the trails tomorrow!

03-05-2011, 02:31 PM
Gwenand Gardenerjoy: thank you for responding to my question. I do understand the principles of not jumping too quickly on feeding the hunger monster.

Part of this is my sleep patterns again. I am going to bed at 3-4 am, sleep until 12 pm and I not hungry until 2 pm. I have multiple late night committments that won't end for another 4-6 weeks. I come home mentally stimulated from the discussions or material I am covering and I can't sleep even with sleeping aids, which I've used for almost 11 years. Like one's
seemingly unending "moving" (I'm getting tired along with you and I am thousands of miles away-you poor thing), I know that this is something I am just going to have to struggle through.

Also, my DH and I are eating out because of both of our schedules. We had one sit down meal at home this past week! I think that is telling too.

Credit moi:reaching out for answers (thanks for responding)
prioritizing good sleep(I am getting 9-10 hours of good sleep)
Water is #1 priority!
Determination to get through this rough patch.
My immediate goal to weigh less this coming Monday than I did last Monday....lots of water this weekend and try to eat at home all meals, if possible.

My problem with hunger is the opposite. I get busy and I forget for very long periods of time. I do think I might be setting myself for overeating and/or the wrong foods when I do eat.
CW(conventional wisdom) says eat 5-6 meals spaced out but I find that none of them are enough calories to satisfy me so I end up combining two meals, etc.

My blood glucose levels are actually quite good so I don't think this hunger is driven by that. I don't think... I will find out more this coming Wednesday.

I am patient enough to just wade through this sludge until I come out on the other end. Revelations will come... I know that!

thanks all for your encouragement.:hug:

Beverlyjoy-will continue to pray for your loved one

03-05-2011, 04:07 PM
Macbeth was fun for a play that, as BBE noted, is not exactly known for its happy ending. It helps to go in knowing that Macbeth is a cross between a political intrigue plot and a horror movie. There was a contemporary minimalist set and some other modernist touches that amused me, but the words were all Shakespeare's.

My spa menu choice was a greens salad with dried cranberries and quinoa followed by goat curry with basmati rice and naan. They served the curry in half of a coconut shell!

Today I seem to be struggling a bit. A great night last night, followed by an unexpectedly not so great event this morning, and I'd really like to eat all day. I'm glad I came here instead.

WI: +0.15kg, Exercise: +35* 220/1600 minutes for March, Food: 85%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: yay for moderation being freaking awesome! And thanks for the reminder. I needed that today.

maryann: so glad that you are seeing a miracle, while not forgetting the past. This is also important to me today: "remember that insanity is waiting outside but I don't have to LET IT IN"

Beverlyjoy: enjoy your Spring Bulbs! Good job planning!

Gwen: to change your ticker, click on UserCP in the blue menu bar near the top of the screen. Click Edit Signature. Scroll down to the editing window. It will look like code, but just look for 201 and replace it with 198. Then click down some more to click on Save Signature. And congratulations!

pamatga: yay for getting plenty of sleep with your schedule!

AnneWonders: I was thinking that I was like BBE and don't really know what my Click was, but I do. It was gaining 40 pounds in a year. 40 pounds that I had lost in the previous 2 years. It was suddenly crystal clear that the only way I was going to get on top of my weight problem was to do it and keep doing it for the rest of my life. It helped a lot that fairly quickly after the Click I found CBT, the tool that was really going to work for me. But, I'm pretty sure I would have figured something else out -- as maryblu says, most of the successful maintainers have figured out the Beck principles on their own.

BillBlueEyes: congrats on perusing the dessert table but not partaking! I don't know enough about weight lifting to understand your situation, but I'm looking forward to what comes next in this saga.

Hello to everyone else!

03-05-2011, 04:34 PM
Hi Coaches

I really do believe that this experience is going to translate into weightloss once I can focus myself there. This "making a plan, sticking to the plan, tweaking the plan" is very Beck-like as is the "Oh Well, get back on plan" mindset plus the giving myself credit for what I have done daily. It's very exciting!


Not me & not until now.


Very profound...I was just here for a quick check in but I always read posts. I said Wow, too.

Hi Coaches! I'm in the back seat of my own car, bikes on back...sis is driving. Another BD dinner last night...would have been just fine, but I went back for more cake. Glad I made it and it was made with OP ingredients (WW/no white sugar). This morning; back on track and grateful. I really got into a bind trying to track my meal last night caloriewise, especially when it's difficult to get online. I decided this AM to journal what I ate, and rebuild it at a later date. The most important thing is today...and I'm still learning.
OP so far
Rode stationary bike 10 m, and am headed to Denver to ride the "real" bike.

It seems I'm always saying, it will be nice to get back to my routine. I'm thinking my routine is just not routine. Oh, well.

Take care everyone!

Oh! Beverlyjoy, how nice that we share birthdays! A happy belated one to you!

03-06-2011, 03:59 AM
Believe it or not, spring also has a definite feeling in SoCal. Yes, we're spoiled, but when you're accustomed to the temperate weather, there's a big difference between cold and rainy 48 degrees and a brilliantly sunny 75. I smell spring on my skin, I hear the mockingbirds, the buds are already emerging -- and best, I step out the door to throw the trash tonight, and I smell the night-blooming flowers, jasmines and the like.

I have been out of touch for about a week, but mainly because I was immersed in writing and meeting this conference paper deadline. Which I did! Several days late, but I produced many more pages that I anticipated -- once I pushed through the shoot-me-in-the-head portion of the writing, this essay blossomed into a chapter. It seems possible. So, when I return to the academic work on Monday, blossoming the chapter will be do-able. Yay!

Credits for this week:
* Intense exercise 3 times

* Walking the four flights of stairs in the library, particularly when frustrated or stuck; doing some skip-a-step climbing, too

* Knowing that I needed to return to the library to do the intense writing; more and more I'm seeing that the most important element of writing this dissertation is knowing what I need and when I need it

* Eating mostly OP, and resisting celebration food when I completed the essay. Basically demanded the DGkids come over this weekend, so I could get my celebration that way.

* Planning healthy and substantial snacks for the intense writing (brain food)

* Getting back on track. For example, tonight I did some kitchen grazing while putting away leftovers. I was feeling "I don't care," because instead of working out today I took a nap (resulting in missing my "4-6 intense work outs a week" goal). Much needed, I think, but I've been priding myself on just pushing through these moments of fatigue. I even served myself very belated 'seconds' of dinner. I was alone, and doing my food-sneaking thing. But then my DP's daughters came home, so I wasn't alone and it snapped me out of my mood. I looked at the bowl and thought, "You don't have to eat this. You'll feel better if you don't." So I threw it away. And came here to catch up on the posts.

I've caught up on all the posts, but too tired for personals. You're ALL amazing. Thanks for being here.

03-06-2011, 07:16 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Passed through a crowd on the Boston Common last night, catching that distinct whiff of rock concert, lots of bongs for sale, irreverent t-shirts, gaudy colors, tattoos, piercings, wild jewelery, drumming, . . . a lovely scene. Never figured out what concert was happening to justify such a gathering.

Eating was high end OP, CREDIT moi, at a large social function with multiple stations of food, walking appetizers, and massive dessert tables. I ate more than planned but much, much less than I would have before my journey. And I didn't feel that compulsive draw to the food that I remember from the old days. More boxes of stuff attacked, CREDIT moi; more work to separate joyful old memories from the physical items that I no longer need.

onebyone - Kudos for "11/45 zones completed." You're like a general - you come alive when the enemy is charging.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - LOL at "Macbeth is a cross between a political intrigue plot and a horror movie." It is difficult to use "fun" to describe viewing a tragedy. Your spa choice sounds worth going out for; I've never been served curry in a coconut shell.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for endearing little darlings; Ouch for Sabotaging endearing little darlings. Kudos for the dish soap solution.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - LOL at "my routine is just not routine" - that does give challenge. What is our Internet connection when you're posting from the back seat of your car?

MaryContrary - My heart pumps hearing your description of California Spring - gives me assurance that ours will come. Big Kudos for your persistence with your writing. Good choice to use your DGkids instead of food to celebrate.

maryann - Love the clarity of "I don't have to LET IT IN."

pamatga - Sounds realistic, "to just wade through this sludge until I come out on the other end." Some places on the path are just muddy.

Gwen - Congrats on the affirmation that you remain, indeed, in Onederland. Kudos for "a bike FOR ME" - a serious step to joyful exercise.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 1
I also give them the following analogy: Trying to change what you eat without first learning these dieting skills is like trying to drive a car on a busy street after only learning one lesson in a parking lot. You may be able to drive out of the lot, but as soon as you get into traffic on a busy street, you're in trouble. You don't know how to safely change lanes or use your mirrors to avoid blind sports. You don't yet have the judgment to know how closely you can drive next to other cars. You get scared or fed up. You think, [I]I can't do this ... It's too hard, and you're ready to give up driving altogether.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 26.

03-06-2011, 07:21 AM
Morning all!

Mary you beat me to first post this morning. Usually I am up at the time you posted. Last night, I was able to get to bed by 1:15 am. I kept waking up(trying to unload that sodium for Monday's weigh in) but I am up briefly before I plan to return to bed. It's raining and my favorite thing to do is sleep on a rainy morning. I don't want to miss out.

I have to do my niece's taxes today so I understand the need for "brain" food.

BBE I hope you have a spotter. I used to seriously lift weights and after a certain weight, it is a must! Good form is crucial as is safety. One "perfect" lift is better than 10 sloppy ones, which don't get the job done and can seriously injure you. I seriously injured the muscle that supports my heart by pushing a 200 lb armoire from one room to another. Don't ask me why I didn't ask for help! I was impatient and "was in a hurry". Famous last words. It was a dumb thing to do and it gave me a minor heart attack which was scary in of itself.

Bev how is your relation doing health wise?

Credit moi:
For reaching out and saying, "I am hurting but I'm okay". I just hate feeling miserable, which I was yesterday, and realizing that was an appropriate feeling for the day and what I am dealing with.

Not even coming close to commiserating over my "blues" with food. Instead, I got quiet, meditated and prayed for others. I have"discovered" that when you lift up others for them to be blessed you are blessed in the process.

Food plan was very good yesterday. My DH (and so endearingly sweet) went to two different stores looking for one of my "favorites": chocolate coverred almonds. He called me three times just to let me know that he couldn't find them. I told him I didn't need them "that bad" but just the fact he was willing to go to so much trouble for something I really don't need and that I have a tendency to "eat the whole thing" made me feel like I had already indulged in them. He made the suggestion to add them to our grocery list although I knew they are "trouble" for me. Instead, when he got home, I "nibbled" on him. He is sweeter than honey, not as sticky and certainly "no cal". What a doll!:hug:

This too shall pass.

Have a blessed day all!:hug:

03-06-2011, 08:58 AM
Hi Coaches!

I'm so glad to be checking in. I missed yeterday, because I wanted to avoid posting some not great choices. I'm feeling really tempted by treats lately, and went to a party last night and had more than I wanted to eat. Credit for bringing fruit to share (which ended up being the only low-cal option) and which I did reach for a lot over the other options. Credit also for avoiding all the alcohol that was there. As I have said it the past drinking alcohol sends my cravings through the roof and resolve out the window. Despite these credits, I did eat more sweets than I wanted to. Friday wasn't a great day either.

I am scared to step on the scale for my Sunday morning weigh-in. Will look at it as information gathering and a reminder about what I need to do to keep losing. I have more I need to lose, and the last week or so has not been supporting that goal!

Gwen I found myself getting especially motivated from your posts! I appreciate your enthusiasm and the celebration of the loss you are seeing!!

onebyone I am also drawing a lot of strength from the progress you are sharing about the packing and organizing! Tough goals can be tackled!

Happy Birthday Lexxiss and Beverlyjoy!!!!!

MaryContrary Your description of Spring made my heart ache! I am SO ready for all of those signs of warmer weather. Sadly, we have months to go here in the Green Mountains! We currently have a Winter Weather Warning for more snow tonight.

Hello to everyone else! I have to get ready to go see a wedding venue, so no time for other personals. Do know I appreciate and gain perspective and motivation from each one of you!!!

03-06-2011, 11:52 AM
Stayed on plan yesterday even while experiencing physical and emotional hunger. Hunger is not an emergency. Doing better today now that I have a plan for tackling the things I was fretting over.

WI: -0.3kg, Exercise: +0* 220/1600 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-06-2011, 12:53 PM
Stressful days. I just want to say that I am still here, still reading, still working. :)

Focusing on the positive, here are some of my credits:

I have put up sticky notes various places to remind myself of what I am doing, why, and that it is possible.
I also got some poster board and supplies to make a project space on the wall to put up goals, advantages, pictures, charts, calendars, anything that can help me stay connected to my purpose and the methods I am trying to learn and develop into habits.
I have done some research into finding the backup diet Beck suggests we have. I've been looking at things that are more automated and time savers, where you purchase meals, because the simplicity of that does have a certain appeal. I'd been thinking about Ideal Protien, because of it's emphasis on higher protein and lower carb. I haven't been able to find out exactly where to purchase the products, or if you can even do that without going to a special location, so I am working on that.
I have been thinking about cooking a few times a week and putting single meals into individual containers so that I would be simplifying things and making a more automated process even if I decided to stick to my original diet plan of whole foods, higher protein, healthy fats, lower carb, lower glycemic index.
I have been doing hour long cardio workouts three times a week.

My goals are:

To post more regularly, hopefully daily.
To exercise more regularly, hopefully daily.
To make it through an entire week of on plan eating.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. :) Thanks everyone for your patience while I try to figure all of this out and get some forward momentum. :hug:

03-06-2011, 01:32 PM
Well done, me! I lost another 1.5 pounds this week :D and for me, more importantly, I did spontaneous exercise twice and planned exercise three times this week. This jock-like me is very unusual--even noting that most of this exercise was walking relatively short distances. Five minutes is better than none, JD says, so I am taking her up on it. I hate her facts: that people who don't exercise do not keep weight off. Did I really need to know that?

On my diet there is an intense phase 1 for two weeks (which I just finished, having lost 4.9 pounds during the time) followed by adding foods slowly and backing off if weight loss stops. This has been very hard for me in the past--I tend to let all the barriers down and dive in, unlike what is advised: to slowly, slowly add stuff. I really am committed this time to make this healthy diet a whole way of living and therefore am going to be very careful what and how much I add when. This week I am going to add a small piece of lower-glycemic fruit a day and see what happens without going any further than that, no matter how much I would like to eat a whole loaf of bread!

I also want to say "out loud" with witnesses that for the long haul I am not interested in losing more than one pound a week, if that, slow and steady is my motto--thank you for being there, witnesses.

On, on...


03-06-2011, 04:29 PM
Hi Coaches

I woke up to a winter wonderland.:shocksn: So much snow out there, and without any wind, the tree limbs are still bending under the weight of the snow. Shocking really. We went out for breakfast and the waitress said there should have been a WARNING label on the weather network. I thought I would have liked a WARNING label across my window this morning. Oy. So much snow. Like January in March. People here are all messed up too. They're just leaving their car....anywhere. Like they just stop on the unplowed road or parking lot and just give up. Yesterday's record rainfall had us all thinking "Spring" that when they said snow for today I am sure we all thought sure, whatever, it's going melt anyway.

Uh. no.:nono:

I visited my mom yesterday. We had a great day but today she remembers none of it. She is happy today though which is what she gets from going out and having fun. I get the memories for the two of us. But I had to choose between doing my zones or seeing my mom and my mom won out. No real choice there. I did make an attempt to pack when I got home but gave up when DH said he had some tv for us to watch. Now it's a day later and almost 3pm. No packing done today except for what he's going to bring back with him to the new place tonight--and even that is only 1/3 done. :( I did get some info about a couple of guys to help us load our truck in two weeks. The sequence of things is coming clear and making sense. I do feel a bit of panic that I am behind from the weekend. Two zones worth behind. I just have to get that much more focused and work that much faster or longer to get it all done. I need the main floor to be completed by mid week/the upstairs in another week max./and then the rest of the time spent in the dreaded basement: 3 days for sure down there. I've got to get back to the laundry piles too. I sort of stopped with that a few weeks ago.

Food choices are not the greatest but I am not constantly eating (credit) and I am weighing in daily (286 today +4 -- sodium bump up for sure). I am planning ahead and about 70% of the time I am sticking to my plan. (credits)

Billblueeyes I :D when I read your observation about me as a General. You are exactly right friend. When faced with a real challenge I take it as a personal affront. Thanks for the vote of confidence. KUDOS on your decluttering as well. I sense a bit of the General in you as well.

jicarilla KUDOS for the exercise and the weightloss and the clear decision to focus on the long term weightloss and not the quick fix which comes and goes very quickly indeed. Your intention for slow steady weightloss has been noted.

skygirlI have been thinking about cooking a few times a week and putting single meals into individual containers so that I would be simplifying things and making a more automated process even if I decided to stick to my original diet plan of whole foods, higher protein, healthy fats, lower carb, lower glycemic index. I think this intention of yours is so very very important. I just wanted to echo it back to you. KUDOS for all your great planning and for your awesome cardio workouts!

gardenerjoy KUDOS for tackling the things that were causing you to fret. Awesome that you were OP in the face of hunger. Hunger is normal and nothing to freak out over as, for once, it is a problem we know the answer to.
persist in victory toward your goal gardenerjoy...;)

ChefJoona KUDOS for writing about your fear of facing the scale and facing us. MONSTER KUDOS for posting anyway. Oh Well as Dr. Beck says-we move on. We have to! The scale is just information and it can be wacky. It's the overall trend of a month, a season, a year that matters. One day or two days out of 365 do not a disaster make, unless it becomes one day or two days OP out of 365. Now that is something else.

pamatga KUDOS for nibbling on your DH as appreciation for his efforts to help you feel better. Methinks this is an excellent strategy for getting a DH's support with a foodplan. KUDOS for not turning to food to soothe yourself when you felt blue. Awesome.

Sorry have to run.

Lexxiss and Beverlyjoy :bday2you: you two young chicks!

03-06-2011, 07:14 PM
Just a quick check in this evening. Food was a real challenge the past few days, with some battles won and some lost. Luckily, things were much easier yesterday and today. Sleep clearly has something to do with it. I've been getting out for walks with the dogs, adding a few jogging stretches. The weather has been nice and I'd like to get out for a run, but Fletcher is too young to handle much. So we're sticking to walking and yoga. Puppies grow quick and he'll be outrunning me in no time.

Waving to everyone! Will try to do some personals later this week.

03-06-2011, 07:22 PM
Coaches/Buddies We had quite the evening last night with an unclean room issue and DD. An epic unclean room issue. Suffice it to say both parents lost it. After she went to bed (at 4 pm), and DS was taken care of, I elected to have a couple glasses of wine instead of posting. Someday I will laugh about this. But not today. This is my life.

I'm sneaking in a quick post before dinner today. I made a new ARC, and put together the beginnings of a plan. I went for a walk with DD, who is otherwise grounded, and did some basic strength training exercises.

It is good to be reconnecting with the things I want for myself. I'll try to hit a bit more later, and also personals.


03-07-2011, 05:53 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Four bins of recyclables to go to the curb this morning; CREDIT moi that more stuff is leaving - tempered by embarrassment that it existed for so long. Excess stuff has that embarrassment factor in common with excess weight; experiencing that feeling makes it easy for me to see how it also makes it harder to lose.

Good walks, CREDIT moi, with snow banks receding and the sun shining. Eating was too much, Ouch, at a fancy restaurant. It's "restaurant week" around here with three course, prix fixe, menus for the special price of $33.11. Naturally, I had all three courses even though I almost never order dessert at a restaurant. Restraint was made difficult because we were a table of six family members who shared samples of all dishes. So I had tiny portions of some dozen dishes in all. At least I'm not suffering from that awful feeling of wasting my calories on something that wasn't worth it.

onebyone - Kudos for, "but I am not constantly eating" as you continue to confront the volume of your life. I appreciate your awareness that your mom absorbs the experience that she had a happy day even though you have to store it's memory for the two of you.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Ouch for the tornadoes that the developing DD ego can throw into the family, with Kudos for your mommy part who took her for a walk afterward.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for a plan. I read your, "Hunger is not an emergency" and thought, prix fixe is not an emergency either.

Shepherdess - Yay for nice weather to get out with Fletcher.

ChefJoona - Yep, parties can challenge, but Kudos just for that awareness and for honest accounting. Neat that wedding planning marches forth.

pamatga - Love the story of nibbling on DH instead of chocolate covered almonds. [Ouch for your "200 lb armoire" event; I appreciate the warning that over doing weights can cause physical harm.]

skygirl - My take is that it's useful to suffer through the long choice making for your eating plan. And expect to suffer through re-evaluating it in the future as your tastes and circumstances change. Kudos for working it out.

Sharon (jicarilla) - Congrats on that 1.5 pounds for the week, with Special Kudos for being aware that it's a good rate. LOL at, "no matter how much I would like to eat a whole loaf of bread!"

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 1
If you are like most people when they start a diet, you take a similar approach. You try to go from 0 to 60 within seconds. You even manage to lose a few pounds before you start to encounter obstacles. The flat tires, rainstorms, potholes, and detours of dieting come in the form of social gatherings, restaurant meals, strong negative emotions, cravings, hunger, and more. If you don't learn the skills you need to follow your diet no matter which obstacles you face - before you encounter them - you will eventually lose your way, mentally wave a white towel in the air in defeat, and walk away from the diet. Worse, you are likely to emerge from the experience disappointed and less confident than when you started, making it that much harder to try again.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 26.

03-07-2011, 09:42 AM
Hi beckfriends and coaches - the Girl Scout Cookies have left the buidling! DH took them and put them in his trunk. I must concentrate on the importance of having a 'friendly' food environment at home. I think it should be the one place where is isn't hard with many many tempations. I find if there is chocolate in the house - it's way to hard for me. Needlesstosay, I did have some Thin Mint cookies and I am glad they are GONE away.

We went for brunch yesterday and stayed with a healthy meal - Credit. It was a good day until our precious little neighbors brought over those GS Cookiies. We can't change the past - only go forward for today. Yes... plan ahead... but, take it one day at a time.

I have already done some of my journal work this morning. I found my arc/rc. I had feared that I threw them away during a cleaning spirt around the house. I am glad to have found them. They are read - credit.

Good news... My sister is home from the hospital. Most of her many complications from her back surgery have been addressed. She has a very long recouperation. I thank you all again for your postive thoughts and prayers. It means a great deal to me.

I will be back later to catch up.

Thanks for always being here and truly understanding what it's all about.

03-07-2011, 09:47 AM
Coaches/Buddies Survived the evening. I think we all have managed to get on each other's last nerve.

BBE I always like your approach to eating at events. It reminds me to think first and eat second. When memory is working. Very impressed the orange deterred you from dessert. How does that work?

ChefJoona Hope this week at work is better than last. Good to notice how alcohol effects you. For me, even a single drink, while not especially caloric in and of itself, really increases the chances I'm going to make some not-so-hot food choices. I try to plan it well.

patmaga I never worried much about sodium myself, but it is a big deal for a lot of people. If memory serves, maryblu was an advocate, and she is very wise. Glad you are finding out all the places it hides.

Gwen Welcome to onderland! A huge deal!

Beverlyjoy Hope you had a great birthday. Glad to hear about your sister. And that the GS cookies are gone. Little pushers.

gardnerjoy Spa dinner and Macbeth. Sounds like a great evening.

onebyone I am impressed with your persistence. I had an absolute meltdown over my DD's stuff. It is hard to get organized. And your weather reports are making me cold!

maryann Sorry about the cookie dough incident. It is good to recognize your issues though. After all this time, there are still foods I don't keep in the house, and cooking I generally don't do. We only make cookies around here for Santa Claus.

Hi Lexxiss! Happy belated birthday to you too.

MaryContrary Glad spring is here. Woodpecker is banging on our chimney, a sure sign. Trees will bloom soon, then cacti.

skygirl Wishing you less stress. Wishing us all less stress.

jicarilla/Sharon Congrats on the weight loss. And good job taking a long term, slow view of it. That's what makes it permanent.

Shepherdess Wishing you sleep, and success in the battles.


03-07-2011, 09:57 AM
:devil: Yesterday I fought the food monster all day. Starting with breakfast, where I just HAD to add 1/2 cup cottage cheese to my usual brocolli & egg white omlet. "So, just an extra 50 calories... no big deal!" he told me. Then, ALL DAY I fought cravings... it was awful. Just a bite of Caitlins chicken tender - oh so crispy good I had another bite. Glass of wine - used 1/2 to cook with. Then the big one - Dove chocolate ice cream bar. Fought over that for an hour! "Just a few bites" No - that may lead to eating two bars! "You've been good all week" Yes - so keep it up! "I'm sure you can resist eating more than 1/2 a bar" REALLY. "You want it so bad" Think about the goal - weight loss! This craving will pass - maybe I should go to bed now? If it doesn't pass I can have one tomorrow.

Finally, I realized that the craving had indeed passed! The monster went away without my noticing. YAY ME!!! I am so very proud of myself. (And, thanks to Pamatga for images of the food monster!) This morning my reward for winning the battle was to see 196 on the scale! I don't expect that to be there tomorrow, darned bouncing scale (DBS?)

Bill: Little bites of wonderfully prepared dishes. YUM. Is it so bad to enjoy, with restraint, after you've reached goal? KUDOS for keeping them small bites! I think that's great!

AnneWonders: Kudos for stopping a 2 glasses and not falling into a chocolate cake! At 4pm I can't even imagine.

Sheppardess: I'm so glad the challenge has become easier. We'll keep saying "NO!" to that food monster and eventually he'll just leave us alone!

Onebyone: Is there a laundramat near that will handle the laundry for you? Some have on onsite staff - you just drop off, then magically at the end of the day, pick up your neatly folded, completely clean clothes! One chore checked off your list!

Jicarilla: Great job staying on plan! You can do this!

Skygirl: Kudos for planining food and getting in exercise - it WILL become easier, and exercise will become a craving!

Gardenerjoy: YAY! It's not an emergency... such a great mantra.

Chefjoona: "I have more I need to lose, and the last week or so has not been supporting that goal!" There's your response to that darn food monster! Yell it at him if needed. (For the next party, instead of bringing fruit, maybe try a vegetable platter with non-fat yogurt based dip? The sugar in fruit might cause cravings for sugar in general?)

:wave: I'm so glad I found you all! Being here is keeping me grounded and on track with my goals. Thank you!!!! :hug:

03-07-2011, 10:11 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I waved bye-bye to DH a few minutes ago. He didn't get on the road last night opting to stay and sleep here. He emailed work and will be in late, probably around 1pm today. I never know how he's really doing these days. He's just tired. His face looked 10 years older when he arrived this weekend. This moving business is tough. He needs his stable homelife back. Oh well. How many more weekends in March? That's the max# of times he has to do the (438km one way) drive. I sent him off with 5 big shopping bags worth of precious objects this time and my submission to the jury for the local art studio tour in the fall. He filled the car with his precious things too. Probably our most special things are in that car right now... Caesar cat not included...or me ;)

I am filled with :eek: panic this morning as I realize I didn't get done what was on my list this weekend. Yikes. 2 days behind. Scary. The moving truck is coming a week from Saturday. I have got to be ready. To be ready I have got to be moving on from this main floor area! I'm going along but I am not doing a thorough job. This morning that is worrying me :( But I am also pretty exhausted this morning.

There's no way out of this but through it. I have to do the work.

And with that, I'd better get started on it.

Zones for the week: 12/45 DONE
#10a buffet TOP SURFACE done.
#10b buffet DRAWERS done.
#9A glass desk TOP SURFACE
#9b glass desk UNDERNEATH/AROUND done.
#9c glass desk - take it apart

#6 microwave cart + top of fridge + cupboard way above the fridge
#7 kitchen table top and below
#8 small kitchen appliances wiped/packed
#4 kitchen counters
#5 kitchen cupboards
#5a kitchen cupboards-FOOD/PANTRY cupboards
#5b kitchen cupboards-DISHES/TUPPERWARE-Y THINGS
#5c kitchen cupboards-DRAWERS/STOVE DRAWER

#3 powder room - counter and cupboard
#1 entry closet - another cleaning out if accessible...

#22 stuff in main hallway
#23 stuff on stairs
#24 linen closet

#25 sm bedrm closet
#26 sm bdrm floor
#27 sm bdrm shelves

#31 upstairs bathroom
#33 both dressers

03-07-2011, 10:20 AM
Good morning!

Like onebyone I am also in a winter wonderland :snowglo: ! We have had record snow fall these last 24 hours! Even the State did not require non-essential work personnel to come in (My fiance is a state employee). I'll get some exercise later clearning off his car and maybe some snow shoeing when the winds calm down? I am also thinking of dusting off some yoga DVDs I have. When I did them in the past they helped me develop some great muscle tone.

Yesterday was on plan! I find when I have an abundance of fruits :cb: and veggies :carrot: available I do really well. I have been really into spinach, red pepper and avocado salads lately. I sprinkle some cashews on top and it reminds me of a favorite salad from a restaurant in town.

BillBE Friends of mine from the Boston area have raved about restaurant week! We have something similar up here, but I have never done it. Thank you for today's quote. It is especially relevant for me.

I only have the two Pink books, but think I might order the Green book today. I really like the quotes from it.

Beverlyjoy Wonderful news that your sister is home!

Hope everyone has a great start to the week!

03-07-2011, 12:27 PM
I've been experiencing some insomnia recently and last night was the worst in a while. I wrote "Eating will not fix tired" at the top of my to do list and food plan today. I hit a new low this morning, partially, I think, because being awake burns more calories than being asleep. But 100% on plan and some exercise help, too.

WI: -0.4kg (new low), Exercise: +45* 265/1600 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-07-2011, 12:30 PM
It looks like I am the last one to post for this morning. I stopped off to weigh in at the 100 lbs group, post on the depression group and listen in on the surgery group. Eventually, I make my way down to this spot.

Well, it has been an extremely tasking week I had last week and from the sounds of it as well for some of you here. My heart goes out to you gardenerjoy.

I feel emotionally overdrawn and although I literally spent the entire day yesterday sleeping it only mildly refreshed me. I fell asleep about 40 minutes before BBE first post of the day. I awoke around 9:45 am but I am wore out. I might even do the unthinkable --take a nap!

Credit moi: for listening and then listening some more.

I'd like to share something that one of the people on the weight lose surgery site posted earlier today. She has lost over 200 lbs already according to her posted stats. She reminded all of us that "this" is more about what goes on in our heads than what we put into our mouths. One other person mentioned that a psychologist said that most obese people do not pay enough attention to themselves; how they feel in their body, how they relate to meeting their needs, etc. etc.

Again, it goes without saying "Fat heads make for fat bodies".

When I effectively tame my emotional reaction to stress in my life, I will be naturally thin and stay there. I have no doubt in my mind. I buckled this past month because I had some added stresses put on me besides the already existing ones and it was just too much.

I listened to my sister as she spewed out all of her troubles over several days. I know she needed to vent but after some point I was finding it too dark and disturbed to not be pulled into it all. Obviously, it has had a negative impact on her but more importantly it has on me. She needs professional help but she won't seek it. I can't do anything for her but listen but it has taken a serious toll on my health this past week so now I am wore out and exhausted from "being there" for someone who can't even receive comfort from that. It is a poisonous situation that I had to move 986 miles away from to heal from and to be periodically pulled back into it is just too much for me especially given my own trials I have been dealing with the past 18 months.

My husband has a deadline of coming up with $700 by this coming Friday. If we can't get it elsewhere it will come out of our own pockets at a time when we really can't afford it. He is depending on my former expertise in fundraising but I am tapped as well. I'm stressing about that too.

Today is weigh in day, down from the middle of the week but up from last Monday. I over ate raw walnuts yesterday. It added 1000 calories, healthy fat, no sodium (TG) to my food plan. Had I not had that I would have had a good day food wise.

Yes, you can overeat healthy foods. I do it often.

Today is a clean slate and I am going to do all I can to take care of myself.I hope that you will as well. Onebyone-as your name says, that is how it done.

03-07-2011, 04:32 PM
Good Morning- After I have been gone a weekend catching up on personals always seems daunting. I think I'll check in and do personals tom.
Like BBE: I was faced with lots of meals out. I have learned these last six months that 1 meal out a day is my limit. I pack the rest. Well, didn't work out. Life, as happens with family, is often unpredictable. Credit _ I followed a plan, I was moderate to the extreme and gained about a pound - so 2 pounds from ticker- AGAIN. But, I know some is sodium. Credit for peace with the situation and enjoying the family - not obesssing on food.
So this morning thinking "Am I going to stay in the 140s or boomerang in and out. My answer is - It is none of my business. All I can do is stay OP, keep progressing and let the numbers take care of themselves. Sounds strangely out of control for me but maybe that is the way it is supposed to be.
Telling the truth, today. It is not always pretty. I'm reading a book by Marianne Williamson on the spiritual solution for food addiction. I'll let you know if I like it.

03-07-2011, 07:34 PM
Hi Coaches!

Whew! I drove to Denver in fog and snow to drop my sis at the airport at 6am, then drove around Denver for several hours after, looking for some items requested for my friend who is still in ICU back East. I'm hoping to be back into the swing of things tomorrow regarding my posting here.

BBE, you asked about internet in the back of the is with my laptop connect, which is why I'm having the issue in my little mtn town. It needs a cell phone type connection and the local cell tower gets jammed. I live an hour from 10 ski resorts and the tower just doesn't accomodate all the travelers. Once we start driving towards Denver there are more towers and better service.

I've actually been doing quite well-really using my Beck tools to get through these days making good choices and avoiding unplanned eating.
~unplanned, but successful hunger experiment, as I drove around Denver getting errands done. I wanted to wait for my planned healthy lunch.
~staying OP, and tracking all food and exercise
~picked up a stray choc. raisin off the counter today and put it back in hubbys stash :fr:

Take care everyone!

03-07-2011, 09:59 PM
Hey guys, sorry for my absence lately. Life has been nuts. I fell off the Beck wagon for a few days but I'm climbing back on. CREDIT!!!! Hope everyone is well and I'll check back in later when I have more time.


03-08-2011, 06:50 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Last night was the fourth day in a row with away from home eating challenges in the evening and I fared poorly on the whole stretch; Ouch. Over eating does seem to lead to over eating. I did stand down the urge to have some tree nuts before I went out, CREDIT moi, as well as on-plan until evening - all four days - which is worth acknowledging to remind myself that it was the specific events, not days of disaster. I'm looking forward to the next stretch of days when all food will come from my kitchen.

Did gym, CREDIT moi. Decided to only press the dumbbells I've been successful with for a spell to get my arms in shape for the heavier ones that were too difficult for me last week.

onebyone - Good reminder for all of us for most obstacles, "There's no way out of this but through it." Kudos for the packing done, despite the panic feelings for that that hasn't been done yet.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Kudos for recovering from the earlier meltdown with your DD. My theory is that kids need to cause those periodically just to feel out the hard boundaries to feel safe - but I also believe that I made up that theory to justify my red faced urge to toss them out the window. [Yep, I deterred myself from dessert with thoughts of my orange once recently; I'll make up a theory on how it works when I'm further from the glop I've eaten on the other nights, LOL.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Hope sound sleep returns; seems sane to have reminded yourself, "Eating will not fix tired."

Beverlyjoy - Yay for your sister's exit from the hospital; may she have a successful recovery. Yep, Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies are baked by the devil.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for your "unplanned, but successful hunger experiment" - useful encouragement for me. [Thanks for the reminder that cell phones can link laptops - I never think of that.]

maryann - Thanks for the reminder, "All I can do is stay OP, keep progressing and let the numbers take care of themselves."

ChefJoona - Wow, the news is reporting that you've had serious snow; hope you're safe and warm. Sounds yummy, your "spinach, red pepper and avocado salads."

Andrea (masondixonmama) - "I'm climbing back on" is definitely the way to go - Kudos.

pamatga - Yay for naps; they're not just for little kids anymore, LOL. Sending supportive thoughts for the abundance of stress stacking up at once.

Gwen - Congrats, again, that your scale shows you firmly in Onederland, again. Yep, I'm currently an expert on minor stretching of the eating plan leading to more stretching, LOL. Love the strong strategy, "If it doesn't pass I can have one tomorrow."

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 1
Once you learn and practice the Success Skills, you will have a much easier time standing firm in the face of dieting challenges. you will know what to do when you feel hungry but it's not time to eat. You will know what to say to yourself to resist the treats coworkers bring to office meetings. You will know how to ride out a craving and how to prioritize dieting no matter how busy your life becomes. When your family members try to cajole you into taking second helpings at a holiday meal or undermine your progress, you will know what to tell them.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 26.

03-08-2011, 07:40 AM
Well, the snow has stopped. I'll be venturing out soon for work and will see then how the roads are. I was hearing last night that a lot of places still had not been plowed. It look my DF and me 45 minutes just to dig out his car yesterday. That was my exercise! It felt good to be active, though I realized how weak my muscles are.

Yesterday was on-plan, which is good because I was around the house all day. I'm feeling my committment coming back!

Out into the wonderland....

03-08-2011, 09:04 AM
I was subscribed to two threads, but decided to stick with just one--this one. I met my goal for the two-week intensive phase 1 on my diet, but seemed to have gained a pound since Sunday when I went to Phase 2. The post on not trusting the scale makes sense, tho. And good for me for sticking to a rather rigorous regimen for two weeks. Where the does phrase "Credit moi" come from? I don't remember it from JB's first book.

I was pet-sitting a dog for three days and did a long walk each day--it felt so good, but I haven't done it for three days. The weather hasn't been good either, but there is the gym and the pool. JB and the research is clear: people who don't exercise gain weight back. My goal today is to walk at least two miles or go to the gym. Staying on the food plan isn't the problem--it's keeping moving.

Sharon, the Couch Potato

03-08-2011, 09:44 AM
Coaches/Buddies Celebrated Lundi Gras with the kids last night because Tuesdays just don't work for me--DD's gymnastics night will dominate. We planned pancakes, and not wishing to spend good calories on bad food, I made the good cakes. Loved planned indulgences.

Had what may have been the single most productive day of my career yesterday. It is good when things come together.

Then, of course, headache. Post-success, post-fun normal these days. No sign of it this morning, which I still think I owe to my new meds. It was headache with four day headache-hangover before this.

Gotta run, but quickies to gardnerjoy, thanks for "Eating will not fix tired" and reminder to BBE that you made it through several events before succumbing and that is worth a big "Credit moi," yes?


03-08-2011, 10:33 AM
Hi Coaches

My friend T is supposed to come by this morning to help me pack. He was 1/2 of the couple with the horrible packing/moving experience at the end of last month. They are both still traumatized and *worried* about me. I finally just said "come tomorrow". I expect him in about an hour. He was supposed to be here a half hour ago. His life is like that and I know it.

I have only the top of my glass desk to do and to take it apart. The taking apart is not so critical. It's more the cleaning it off.

I'm counting on getting the kitchen done today--well as done as you can do a kitchen when you are still living in a place. Tricky. I already started sorting a while back but it was just a dent. After that just the hallway (lined with artwork and art projects in various stages plus show display stuff) the small bathroom and a go again in the entry closet if I can get there. If not, it waits.

It is SO IMPORTANT to get these areas done before I have to leave the house on Thursday. I have to move on.

“I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time.”-- Charles Dickens

Update: My friend T did arrive. We did the bulk of the kitchen. I could continue with the counters and the drawers. The rest is food stuff to be donated/used/tossed out but probably the night before the move as I am using things since I am eating things. My kitchen table is now gone and a stack of packed, labelled and sealed boxes are in its place. T will be back Thursday morning and we'll get at something awful again: I think the small bedroom I have never been able to tame. I am ready to turn the corner now, literally and figuratively, and work my way down the hall and upstairs. It'll be good to have the bottom floor 85% complete. Some areas need tweaking but if what I left undone had to go, I could live with that. CREDIT for a positive attitude and staying calm

*CREDIT weighed this morning: 284 - felt I was 10lbs heavier "for sure". I was wrong.

Zones for the week: 16/45 DONE

#3 powder room - counter and cupboard

#22 stuff in main hallway
#23 stuff on stairs

and I am UPSTAIRS!!!!
#24 linen closet

#25 sm bedrm closet
#26 sm bdrm floor
#27 sm bdrm shelves
#31 upstairs bathroom
#33 both dressers

#9 glass desk done.
#6 microwave cart + top of fridge + cupboard way above the fridge done.
#7 kitchen table top and below done.
#8 small kitchen appliances wiped/packed done.
#5 kitchen cupboards: done for now--still in use.
#5b kitchen cupboards-TUPPERWARE-Y THINGS done.
#5c kitchen cupboards-STOVE DRAWER done.
note to self: kitchen is not 100% and won't be until we are really leaving... move on.

03-08-2011, 11:54 AM
We're going out tonight. It will be a new restaurant, probably Thai, so I think I should be able to make a good choice there.

WI: +0.35kgs, Exercise: +45* 310/1600 minutes for March, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-08-2011, 02:50 PM
BBE First of all, I wanted to let you know that I will not be posting tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. After my weekend meltdown, I decided for sure that I needed to start out Lent, my time of soul review and renewal, on the right foot. So I signed DH and I to go to an Ignatius retreat center for a "Day of Reflection". My food plan for the day will be controled by the retreat staff and it will be sparse compared to what I would do at home for fasting. Fasting is difficult for me because of my blood glucose getting too low but I am packing my glucose tablets along with a water bottle. No 5 "meals" tomorrow. 1 regular meal and two light "snacks". This retreat center is in the midst of a beautiful serene woods so there will be plenty of time to be "at one" with God's paradise He gave us to keep over.

Onebyone it finally sounds like you have the worst behind you. I swear I feel like you've been in labor forever. When will this "child" see the light of day? I hope soon.

Although this is traditionally the night to eat up all fats in the cupboard, my Mardi Gras is going to be getting back and staying on track. I had a dismal February food wise and even the first week of March seemed to bode the same as well. However, after sleeping nearly 36 hours between two days(nights?) I feel rested enough to resume my former regimen. I drank over 100 oz to flush more sodium out of my body. It worked. I am now back where I was a week ago. OY! Even saying that is painful. Pride and perfectionism are going to die if it's the last thing I do.

Lent is one of the most spiritually demanding times for me but I come out a better person for it. As I said before, I began a consecration on February 20th which will end on March 25th. I am also doing a 54 day Rosary Novena, among other daily spiritual exercises. I began joining my husband, who is a professed lay Carmelite, in contemplative prayer a few years ago and it suits me.

On a side note, I found out (thanks to one of my fellow Bible study members and his blackberry) that St. Servatus is the patron saint of rheumatism, legs, feet, mice, rats and success. Yes, in that order! I wonder if this includes mice or rats with rhematism. Pray that they run ....quickly and successfully? The engraved lithograph of this saint is one of a bishop with his staff and his foot firmly in a dragon's mouth with the key to the city. My guess, he is the saint to Belgium that St. Pat's is to Ireland and his driving out the snakes in Ireland. Well, rats were a big problem in the 17th century. I am sure that if Servatus got rid of them he was a local "hero".

Speaking of which, my DH who is 100% Irish, and I will be attending our annual St. Pat's dinner and dance this coming weekend. No problem with the food, I think Irish food is soooooo bland. Pass the salt, please. Well, maybe, only a sprinkling. Although the Irish coffee should go down nice.;)

Have a blessed day, all. You will be in my prayers tomorrow. One, Anne, garderner,bev, BBE, you are all a cherished blessing to me now. I hope I can only return the "favor" in my time.:hug:

03-08-2011, 04:29 PM
Welcome Fat Tuesday. I am not celebrating with food, no last supper. Today is OP except to mini candy bars I will compensate for later at evening snack. I am grateful for work because it keeps my focus on others and off the kitchen.

Lexxiss: Victory comes in small, chocolate raisin packages.
Masondixonmama: Welcome back.
BBE: Thanks for "Not Days of Disaster"
Chefjoona- Congrats on OP
JICarilla - Congrats on op. Walking is the BEST exercise. It is the one people keep up with.
Onebyone: congrats on positive attitude.
Hi to everyone else. I'll be joining Pagmata in Ash Wednesday observance.

03-08-2011, 06:14 PM
Hi All,

Haven't had time to reply lately, but I've been reading all the posts to help keep me on-track.

Down 2 lbs for weigh-in this morning. Yay! Still doing well with eating but need to work on being consistent with exercise. I went all-out on Sunday and have been sore since - I have to remember 'moderation' even when it comes to exercise. :)

I haven't been reading the book lately and I want to get back to that. It seems to help me to remember the principles and not get complacent. Tomorrow is dinner out with friends - we don't know where we're going yet, but I'm hoping it's someplace with an online menu so that I can plan ahead.


03-08-2011, 08:14 PM
Hi Coaches - yesterday was on plan until the evening. I am feeling stressed about many things.. many decisions to make.

It's been one year since I had to stop working because of my ankle/foot problem. Three times I planned my surgery and three times it was cancelled for legitimate reasons. I am feeling down... it should be all over by now. I should be healed. Not fair... Oh well.

I am still not performing and am turning down jobs. I've been doing very little walking this year. My foot/ankle doesn't hurt as much as last year. I think it's because I am not doing much. Every month I get it padded and a soft cast - all this along with my ankle brace. This is how I've managed. I'll discuss with my sister if she needs me to come and help her after her big surgery. Yes, alot to think about.

Today has gone well with my food. I am going to read my arc/rc to try and get my through the evening.

Credits for yesterday (Monday)
planned/measured/ logged - until bedtime
read arc/ar
slowed down my food
ate seated only
a few twirls when I didn't lick the spoon while cooking

Hope all is well with you. As always, I appreicate you all.

03-08-2011, 08:35 PM
Hi Coaches!

I was thinking today might slow down, but there was a shout out for some items for our friend in ICU and I spent a good part of the day from start to send off. We're going to travel to our other house for a few days. It will be nice to have a break.
~food planned and OP
~didn't want to exercise; used Dr. Beck's 10 minute NO CHOICE
~tracked my food

I'm finding myself amazingly strong right now when encountering food I need to say NO CHOICE to. I know it's part the result of my persisting, but I am always cautious knowing that "stuff" pops up when I least expect it.

Good evening everyone!

03-09-2011, 02:05 AM
Hello everyone. I have been absent from here for about 4 months now. I had gotten off to a decent start and then the holidays hit, I kept telling myself I would get back on track tomorrow and we all know that tomorrow never comes.

Anyway, I have been reading, "Overcoming Overeating" which is a book that talks about intuitive eating (eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full). The basic premise is that diets don't work and any kind of food limiting activity is only going to make a person go into rebellion and eat more. The problem is that if I knew how to eat when I was hungry and stop when I was full, I wouldn't even be considering a new way of life when it comes to eating/dieting, etc.

I am smart enough to know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I'm sure that intuitive eating has worked wonders for lots of people, and I wish I was one of those people, but I know that I use it as an excuse to eat everything in sight and I don't see that the urge to do so would wear off eventually.

The main draw for me is that intuitive eating promises that it will stop the food obsessions. I want to be in control of food, I don't want to be controlled by food anymore. So, I'm wondering, for those of you who have been doing Beck for a while, have you found that it stops your obsessive thoughts about food? Do you feel like you're more in control of your nutrition/diet?

I don't know if this makes sense, but I don't want to switch a food obsession for a diet obsession. I don't want to spend so much mental energy thinking about what I'm eating.

If you made it to the end of this post, congratulations. I look forward to your insight and wisdom.

03-09-2011, 06:43 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was a day of on-plan eating from my kitchen; CREDIT moi for the simple, the obvious, and the necessary. I did have an urge for some nuts for a second afternoon snack, but it NO CHOICE'd away nicely.

onebyone - Absolutely Kudos for "for a positive attitude and staying calm" - you're picking up steam.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Yay for Lundi Gras pancakes - especially the good kind. Monster Congrats for the best day of your career - may there be many more of it's ilk. [Tks: CREDIT moi for the events that I mastered.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) - What a nice place to be - planning a new restaurant with assurance.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for the sad one year anniversary. I hope this current schedule for your foot/ankle surgery remains in place.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Inspiring statement, "amazingly strong right now when encountering food I need to say NO CHOICE to."

maryann - Yay for "not celebrating with food" - it's startling to be reminded how often our culture does just that.

MinniePaul - My attempts at Intuitive Eating were the same as yours - my intuition seems to be broken there, or worse, replace by an intuition to eat everything in sight. I don't know if "obsessive thoughts about food" have stopped, but rather they now just pass quickly since I don't entertain or encourage them.

ChefJoona - Digging out a car works a whole body's worth of muscles - good stuff.

pamatga - Sending positive vibes through the ether since you're on your "Day of Reflection" and are Internet free.

Jan (jmaf) - Yep, " 'moderation' even when it comes to exercise."

Sharon (jicarilla) - Kudos for exercise by walking a dog - there is no better exercise IMO. <sigh> . . . when it came time for me to give myself credit in my first post on this forum, I just couldn't do it, so "CREDIT moi" was what my fingers typed as the best that I could do. A rather un-mystical origin of the phrase.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 1
You will always be faced with tempting foods that you have to limit. Wouldn't it be wonderful to find it easy to resist? If so, you have to learn and practice the Success Skills over and over again. These skills are so important that you will not only use them during Stage 1, but also you will continue to practice and brush up on them in every subsequent stage - and to use some of them for the rest of your life.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 26.

03-09-2011, 07:47 AM
Another on plan day yesterday. I have been very overwhelmed during the work week, and with wedding planning and feeling a bit down. I am someone who tends to not over eat when I am having a hard time. I let my eating go when I'm happy and feeling carefree. These last couple nights I haven't even been able to finish my dinner.

MinniePaul The greatest thing that the Beck program has done for me is interupt some obsessive thoughts about food. One big example is "hunger is not an emergency". With this new way of thinking, if I notice I am feeling hungry but it is not near a meal or snack time or at a time when I have already eaten, I can feel confident to stop eating or not eat because I know nothing bad will happen to me if I don't eat, and I know I have another planned eating time within a couple hours. Beck has given me clear ways to talk to and back to my damaging thoughts about food. I am able to have brief conversations with myself, and then get back to the rest of life.

onebyone Keep up the great work with packing!!!

Happy Wednesday all!

03-09-2011, 10:28 AM
... I have been reading, "Overcoming Overeating" which is a book that talks about intuitive eating (eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full)...

... The problem is that if I knew how to eat when I was hungry and stop when I was full, I wouldn't even be considering a new way of life when it comes to eating/dieting, etc.

.... I want to be in control of food, I don't want to be controlled by food anymore.

.... I don't want to spend so much mental energy thinking about what I'm eating...

Mini, you've found your motivating responses here! Work with them!

I felt the same as Bill and probably everyone who has ever tried "intuitive eating": "my intuition seems to be broken, or worse, replaced by an intuition to eat everything in sight. (After reading Beck) I don't know if "obsessive thoughts about food" have stopped, but rather they now just pass quickly since I don't entertain or encourage them."

Following The Beck Solution has indeed changed my thinking. Using the tools learned from Dr. Beck has enabled me to control eating in a way I never have. THIS is intuitive eating - with the full knowledge that calories in/out count - I am in control of food - FINALLY.

Here's what I've done to motivate myself:

Read Dr. Peeke - Body for life for Women
Read Dr. Beck - The Diet Solution How to think like a thin person
Hung a full length mirror at the entrance to my kitchen and go to it whenever an urge to eat strikes - drop my pants, pick up my shirt and stand sideways... kills the urge every time!
Hung a full length mirror in my bathroom. SCARY - but it's working.
Keeping track of every bite at - since my husband does most of the shopping and running out to buy lunch, I track all day, then eat only the calories left for dinner.
Work out a little longer if needed to stay in balance with my total calorie plan.

YOU CAN DO IT MINI!!! :cheer3:

03-09-2011, 12:17 PM

Quick check-in. I am off to lunch with a friend and will come back to face the music and get packing. I wanted to pack this morning but another friend called. Everyone is checking in with me before I move away. It's very nice.

Bye for now.

Zones for the week: 16/45 DONE

#3 powder room - counter and cupboard

#22 stuff in main hallway
#23 stuff on stairs

and I am UPSTAIRS!!!!
#24 linen closet

#25 sm bedrm closet
#26 sm bdrm floor
#27 sm bdrm shelves
#31 upstairs bathroom
#33 both dressers
#32 bedrm closet + bookcase
#29 studio shelf wall
#30 oppos wall in studio
#28 studio closet

03-09-2011, 12:43 PM
Hi folks, friends, coaches - I am here and posting. I got up today and ate too much for breakfast - but, so far, I’ve drawn that line in the sand. My plan is to forget about that part of the day and plan the rest of the day healthfully. I have written in my journal and intend to read the postings at the forum.

I am going to see the counselor I saw before when I had all the health stuff come up that ended with me having to cancel the surgeries. Every time I think of calling the surgeon, I start breathing heavy, feel very anxious and my stomach starts to hurt. I think I am feeling very very anxious about it. Like something is going to happen that will result in another delay. I need to talk to someone that help me figure it out. I just keeping thinking something will go wrong.

My sister sounds so much better. She sounds hopeful and even a bit cheerful - even being on major pain medicine. She has the help that she needs, so far - so, I will don't think I'll need to go to California. Thanks again for all your prayers and positive thoughts.

Gwen - I liked reading your list of things that you are doing. A mirror near the kitchen… that’s a brave thing to do. But, looks like it is very helpful. Carry on!

Chefjoona - so glad to hear about your on plan day. Good reminder, always, hunger is not an emergency.

Billbe - credit for saying and using No Choice as you faced the extra nuts! The excerpt for Dr. Beck’s book today is so, so true…’ You will always be faced with tempting foods that you have to limit. Wouldn't it be wonderful to find it easy to resist? If so, you have to learn and practice the Success Skills over and over again. It’s nice for you to be back home in your food comfort zone.

Minnie pearl - so nice to see you again. I have read Overcoming Overeating too. I have tried intuitive eating. I tried it for several weeks. I really think that part of me is broken. Yes, planning makes much better sense, for me. I think planning and writing down a food plan is a very freeing way to approach food. Once it is written down, it is decided - for me there aren’t the thoughts of what ‘will I eat next’ spinning around in my brain. It is helpful.

Lexxiss/Debbie - Major credit for the willingness to use the Beck tools and techniques to help you get through this hospital time. I know all this is hard - I am sorry you are going through it.

Jmaf - hooray for two pounds down! Yes, I like the restaurants with the online menu’s too. Glad you are going to read your Beck book… it helps me too, when I am willing to do so.

Maryann - credit for having a plan for Fat Tuesday. No last supper is commendable. I think it’s hard not to say ‘this is my chance to eat something I won’t have for a while.: Credit~!

Pamatga - your retreat with DH sounds so nice. I am glad that you are back where you were a week ago. However, it’s hard to remember that we can’t change the past only the future. You said> Pride and perfectionism are going to die if it's the last thing I do. We all work on that in some respect. Also, where is the surgery discussion here at 3fc?

Gardener/joy - glad the Thai restaurant has foods within your plan! I am always impressed that you read your arc/rc so consistently. - Credit!

Onebyone - I am so glad you will have help with your packing. Yes - staying calm during all this is a major credit!!!

Anne wonders - congrats on your most productive day at work. That’s wonderful. Yes, the planned indulgences are the very best!

Jicarilla - extra nice that the dog sitting included those extra walks! - credit. Credit also for staying on your plan. You don’t look like a couch potato to me!

Masondixonmama - sometimes it happens - we fall off of our plan. Just hop right back on your plan, forgive yourself and move forward.

Have a great day folks.

03-09-2011, 01:02 PM
I discovered a secret to eating smaller servings at restaurants -- order really spicy food! I went for "Medium" spicy at the Thai restaurant last night and I couldn't eat more than half of what I was served. Tasty, but good grief it was hot. And I get to have that small serving experience again for lunch! I didn't weigh myself this morning because I have a feeling there was a lot of salt lurking under all that hot pepper, so I'm going to give it a day or two to clear out.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +60* 370/1600 minutes for March, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

MinniePaul: I'm another one who believes my intuition around food is broken. My current theory is intuitive eating may work for people who have a small amount of weight to lose, but those of us who need to lose significant amounts of weight are going to need a different approach.
My worst form of food obsession was cravings for junk food. Between Beck and David Kessler's The End of Overeating, I was able to stop the junk food cold turkey. I quit having cravings for most of it after a couple of weeks. The donut craving, for some reason, showed up off and on for months. But, with Beck techniques, I never gave in and I haven't had a craving for several months. Now I'm highly motivated to stay away from them because who wants to go through that a second time?
As far as moving from food obsession to diet obsession, I have done a little of that, but in ways that are rewarding to me. I don't think Beck helped me do this directly, but kind of opened up the space for it. I decided to go with mostly natural foods and so I get to enjoy shopping at farmers markets, growing my own vegetables, and participating in a CSA and then working with all of those ingredients in my own kitchen. I have also made a hobby out of reading healthy cookbooks and diet and nutrition books.
As for the rebellion aspect, I worried about that a lot, but I eventually realized that my inner rebel was more help than hindrance in this journey. What it takes to lose weight in our environment is to check out of the Modern American Diet (because it's crazy MAD) in some fairly significant ways and that is the kind of subversive project that my inner rebel likes. My inner rebel likes thumbing her nose at Hardee's billboards and pizza commercials because I make better and, often, faster food at home.
I also can echo Beverlyjoy's experience: "I think planning and writing down a food plan is a very freeing way to approach food. Once it is written down, it is decided - for me there arenít the thoughts of what Ďwill I eat nextí spinning around in my brain. It is helpful."

Beverlyjoy: I think working with a counselor that helped you before is a very wise move. Hugs!

03-09-2011, 08:04 PM
Hi Coaches!

I've just sat down to catch up on things. We travelled today and I'm back in the land of fast internet. :cp: I have started working on personals and it will probably take a day for me to catch up.
~ food OP
~used the Beck NO CHOICE and got on my bike for 11 minutes. I have a meeting at 6 and that's about all I could fit in but IT WORKS!

I didn't eat lunch and it wasn't an emergency. I have a veggie/bean stew simmering and a freshly made salad in the fridge. I'm glad to be back to my pool and will bounce around with my friends in the sunshine at water aerobics at 9am tomorrow. Temp 51 here...I may actually get to ride my bike to the pool for the first time in 2011. Yay!

03-10-2011, 01:00 AM
Hi everyone:

Just reading through a few posts for the first time in awhile. I miss being here.

Utter lunacy= my life. I am finally admitting this needs to stop and am taking control. I delegated most of one of my jobs to another coworker this week. He will be overloaded for awhile but not nearly as badly as I have been and for not nearly as long. I just can't do it anymore.

The cost of all this has been a complete derailment of working on my health. I eat under stress and that is all I do these days- eat and work, work and eat. I am craving sugar often. I am eating too much salt, too much take out, too many snacks. I have not exercised since last week. I have not been posting here or reading cards. I have not been tracking food or weighing myself or making lunches or planning meals. I feel like crap. I am so tired. I know I am gaining weight.

I am off on holidays for the last 2 weeks of March and need to push like crazy so that I can take the time off and come back to one job. Just gotta hang on.

I am sorry I am so in need of support and so lousy at giving it these days. Just nothing left at the end of the day. Thank you for letting me rant.

:hug: to you all

03-10-2011, 03:15 AM
Hello Everybody:
Just read your post CeeJay, and its given me the kick to get back online and OP. These Eat and Work weeks have been my Private Horror this week. 9 hours a day at work, and over the weekend, a sense of a mountain about to collapse on my head, while in fact a mountain has been rising on my body!! My house is insanely messy, etc. But after tomorrow, amazingly, I will have the weekend more or less off....And that's when I am going to clean the place, and set myself up again for the Beck Experience. Do I hate myself for this lousy start to a better life? Well, I would if I weren't giving myself credit for turning Cee-Jay's rant into a reason to both commiserate and try to start again. I hope you can feel my support coming over cyber-space to you!
Sinking in London, RubyJan

03-10-2011, 06:48 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Just another day on-plan with no external food; CREDIT moi. I even skipped my afternoon snack because dinner was early.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. I'm continuing to go slow with the dumbbells so that I don't scare myself away. De-cluttering had two minor setbacks from the boxes of Free stuff we've put out on our curb: 1) I picked up two small items and put them in my pocket, and 2) Someone added something of theirs to our stack, LOL.

onebyone - Yay for moving upstairs - making progress.

CeeJay - Congrats for taking care of yourself by shedding an impossible load at work.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - I'll have to try you tip to "order really spicy food" -bet it'd work for me since I'm a wimp with the hot stuff.

Beverlyjoy - Such good news that you sister is feeling better and that a trip to California isn't going to set back your surgery schedule.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for enough Spring to get to ride your bike to the pool.

ChefJoona - Wedding planning can be overwhelming; sending supportive thoughts. And two notions: 1) It will end, and 2) Your wedding is the one occasion in your life where everyone in the room wants it to succeed and for you to look good.

Ruby (RubyJan) - Yep, Kudos indeed for letting a post here get into your brain and encourage you to mush forward.

Gwen - Monster Kudos for the courage to hang a full length mirror in your bathroom.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 2
Once you master the Success Skills, you're ready to start the Think Think Initial Eating Plan. This is a nutritious diet that provides the basis for the Think Thin Lifetime Eating Plan, which, as the name implies, you can use for life. You will stick with the plan because:

You will enjoy real food, not "diet" food. The Think Thin Initial Eating Plan includes an assortment of meal options that are rich in fiber, lean protein, and other important nutrients. These options also include real foods that real people like to eat - such as pizza, soups, steak, lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, and more. These are foods you can feel good about feeding yourself and your family. It's simple food, too. You won't have to spend lost of time and energy learning new recipes or cooking techniques - unless you really want to. And it's convenient. I've even included healthful no-cook options.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 27.

03-10-2011, 07:46 AM
Surpise on the scale this morning for my mid-week weigh-in. I'm -4 lbs from my last time on the scale on Sunday. I know I have been eating on plan and as I shared yesterday not always eating my full dinner, but yesterday I felt that I ate a lot. Interesting... Sunday morning was after a party where I ate lots of salty food, so perhaps my weight showed as higher on Sunday that it really actually was. I'm noticing its really hard for me to accept when I have a weight loss. I guess I still don't believe I have the skills to actually do it.

No time for personals this morning... preparing for a snowy drive into work!

Thinking of you all as I have read your posts this morning!

03-10-2011, 09:35 AM
"Utter lunacy= my life...The cost of all this has been a complete derailment of working on my health. I eat under stress and that is all I do these days- eat and work, work and eat. I am craving sugar often. I am eating too much salt, too much take out, too many snacks. I have not exercised since last week. I have not been posting here or reading cards. I have not been tracking food or weighing myself or making lunches or planning meals. I feel like crap. I am so tired. I know I am gaining weight."

CeeJay: :hug: I feel your pain, and I have been there! From personal experience I know that utter lunacy will weave in and out of our lives until the day we die. We can work with it and get through feeling strong and proud, or we can wollow in it and come out tired, depressed and generally feeling like crap. It's our choice. I know it sucks, we don't have time to deal with it and all that. "Why doesn't _____ see what this is doing to me? Why do they keep dumping on me? When is this going to end!? etc... etc..."

Wallow for a day if needed, then take action. SOMEONE has to care about what we're going through, and most of the time the only someone is just ourself. Eating healthfully through the lunacy is one step in the right direction, and it can refocus some of the negative thoughts into positive action. You'll feel good about that!

I learned this exercise about a year ago and it's always amazing how well it works to calm me down and refocus my energy:

During the lunacy remember to BREATHE - deep and slow - breathe in think positive thoughts such as "I am strong, I am patient, I am calm, I am ....fill in the blank with whatever it is that you need at the moment." Breathe out slowly and visualize the bad thoughts and feelings you've been having exit your body and float off into space - you can even give them an extra puff of air to get them going.

I'll share one of my recent breathing exercises:

In - "I am patient, I am kind, I am sweet and loving"

Out - "goodbye hatred, meaness and hostility, I don't want you in my life!"

Repeat with useful terms and deep slow breaths in and out until you have a smile on your face! Sometimes you'll have to do this many times a day. That's ok.

So proud of you for sharing some work with a co-worker, and YAY vacation!!!

03-10-2011, 12:46 PM
I think I'll get to eat all of my meals from my own kitchen today, which will help get things back on track nicely. I haven't done too badly the last couple of days, but more sodium and more fat than normal and it makes a difference.

WI: +0.75kgs, Exercise: +75* 445/1600 minutes for March, Food: 75%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-10-2011, 04:19 PM
Two words from yesterday's "Day of Reflection" : Patient Trust.

I could write a book here about how that relates to my excess weight but I will include what has worked for me and what I will be also doing "moving forward":

1) track every calorie I eat every day no matter what.
2) drink at least 64 oz plain purified water per day with the goal of 100 oz.
3) no "trigger" foods allowed in my home. No exceptions! When a new food item becomes a "trigger" food, it gets added to the list. Last week it was a gift of raw almonds where I overate one day. NO MORE!
4)prioritizing what is important. The past five days it is sleep. My chronic pain and insomnia has flared up again and I am falling asleep when BBE is posting for the first time!
5)weight lose is happening again--slowly.
6)now, for the new things that I am adding: Patient Trust. I have decided that I am no longer going to obsess about how much I lose each day, week, month or year. I am going to do the "footwork" each day and leave the results up to my body and God.
7) I am going to accept each day as a blessing, which it is, and trust that I am exactly where I need to be, including my weight.
8) Worry/anxiety and perfectionism is what I am giving up period until it no longer exists in my soul, my mind, my life.

Love to you all-weight lose surgery group in under the general support groups but there are other threads about surgery in general under forum. I need two if not three joint replacement surgeries asap just waiting for health insurance and/or the lottery.:D

03-10-2011, 05:51 PM
Hello Coaches,

Back on track today, but yesterday's experience at the restaurant with friends did not work out the way I planned. I checked out the menu beforehand and decided on the one item I felt would work out, but when I got to the restaurant, they were out of that meal. So I had to regroup. The waiter/owner made a suggestion that sounded good - it was *very* good, but not from a healthy standpoint! To make matters worse, I was only going to eat half but ended up eating the whole portion. :( It made me realize that I still have a lot to work on, particularly when it comes to eating out. For what it's worth, I felt awful during the night trying to sleep - after eating fairly healthfully the past few weeks and then having to deal with a high fat/high calorie meal was not good for my system. I am going to try to remember that feeling the next time I'm faced with those types of choices.

There are a lot of stresses at work and in my environment lately. But I'm not going to let these be excuses to overeat (and add one more stress!). Still working on trying to get the exercise in - that's another one of my issues. But, on a whole, I think I'm making progress. It sounds like a lot of you are going through similarly stressful times.


03-10-2011, 07:56 PM
Hi Becksters..... quick hello. Today is going well.... it's getting through the evening that has been my challenge. I am getting out my arc/rc etc. and move forward in being healthy with food tonight.

Internet was out for a patch of time today. Ugh!

Hope you have all had a good day.

03-10-2011, 08:49 PM
Hi Coaches!

My internet was out for quite awhile today, too. That wasn't supposed to happen over I'm checking in quickly while dinner is in the oven. Food had a possibility for a big nosedive today. Looking back, I recognized that my plan for today did not account for the increased energy output.
~riding my bike to the pool (under 30 degrees into a headwind) for water aerobics
~getting right back on track after deviating from my plan.

My unplanned eating consisted of on plan foods. I logged them immediately, said NO CHOICE to more then analyzed where I was with calories. OK, not extreme but the day was saved.

Identified: Tired...took a short nap before heading back to work.

I still have to log my food for tonight....Goodnight all.

03-10-2011, 10:56 PM
Hi Coaches

I ended up not doing any packing at all yesterday.

I tried. I have canvases and artwork and flat things lining the main hallway. I pawed at them like a kitten and just let them fall back against the wall. I couldn't deal with them. Nor with the staircase or the powder room. Nothing.

I did go for lunch with my friend D and that was good. Food was good, but I overate. Then I ate very little at dinner.

Then woke up this morning feeling hopeless and dismal and thinking this isn't going to work... I can't get be ready for next weekend... I'll never get through all this stuff...*crash* Luckily, my friend T was coming over and I planned for him to be by my side as we packed/tossed/sorted the room that was never tamed aka the small bedroom which never held a bed just boxes of stuff. When we moved in I fancied it a library and bought wall to wall cheap shelves. I brought my books upstairs and then...just let them sit in their boxes. Then put some up. Then stopped. I never let myself have that space. Then I cluttered it as if to completely obscure the dream.

It took 4 hours of hard work, credit, at times i needed him to stop and just sit beside me as I sorted one-small-box. The emotional burden of that sapce was really heavy. It wasn't even the stuff. I can toss and sort, it was just that room and the Ideal I set for it and how far I missed it.

My friend took my garbage out to the curb as it is garbage night. 28 garbage bags left my house. credit

After we were done with it and he had to go, we went out for breakfast for lunch and then I kept my promise and walked over to my other friend's place for a visit. I am trying to make sure I get to see everyone who means something to me before I go. Sometimes this means my packing gets interrupted but I would rather see my friends than worry about those boxes downstairs. Stuff is not my friend. It's just stuff.

I am very clearly seeing a very ingrained pattern in me. It runs thorugh my whole life. It goes like this:a) successfully meet a goal/do a task
b) the success puts me forward/closer to my goal - like a bump forward
c) the next day I stop progressing. I just stop or go backwards (eat offplan for instance)
d) feel depressed/hopeless/need to re-gain ground when had I not done (c) I would have been gaining forward momentum. I seem to stop this energy flow as it starts.

conclusion: this is how I sabotage myself. I am more comfortable "coming from behind" or ensuring that I do not move forward too fast, if at all. Part of me wants to stay stuck

I don't think this is news to me. It doesn't have the shock value of a new insight-more of an "Oh yeah. I remember this" kind of feeling. But this pattern is SO CRYSTAL CLEAR with the packing it's ridiculous. I'm too old to stand in my way. I need to move as far as I can as fast as I can with as much strength and energy as I can get. I have stuff to do. I don't want to keep worrying the same old ground over and over. This has got to change.
Hopefully I can toss the behaviour out with my boxes and bags.

Zones for the week-aiming for 22/45: 17/45 DONE

#26 sm bdrm floor done took 4 hours

#3 powder room - counter and cupboard

#22 stuff in main hallway
#23 stuff on stairs

#24 linen closet

#25 sm bedrm closet
#27 sm bdrm shelves
#31 upstairs bathroom
#33 both dressers
#32 bedrm closet + bookcase
#29 studio shelf wall
#30 oppos wall in studio
#28 studio closet

03-10-2011, 11:29 PM
Good Evening -I can certainly Identify with everyone talking about crazy schedules. I still have one more meeting at 8 p.m. Credit for the last few days when I have been depleted and yet didn't overindulge. My solution last night was to eat dinner early. It worked out perfectly because I had plenty of energy to take me thru till bed. Today I ate a snack combined with lunch and was able to teach 150 first graders plus other things plus this meeting and still not dive into candy ( a few nibbles but no dive). So - my new realization is that when I am overstretched I need to be flexible with eating ti mes as long as I am eating what I have written down. Works for today.
Credit Pilates although I was beat. Credit Skiing this weekend for more exercise although part of me wants to stay in bed with the covers over my head. Credit slowly finding my way along this new path of not overeating.

03-11-2011, 05:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Simple day; CREDIT moi. Walk, CREDIT moi, was to buy some bulbs for the dinning room light fixture. Seemed to be getting dimmer and dimmer until I looked up and saw that only two of the five little bulbs were lit ... DUH!

Today's the day to increment my monthly ticker; CREDIT moi for another month on my journey.

onebyone - Twenty-eight Kudos for "28 garbage bags left my house" - some serious progress. And Kudos for recognizing that you advance in onebyone style - that's the way you advance. I know about books in boxes - <blush>.

Shepherdess - My scale instantly records restaurant sodium - and lets it go within 2 days.

Beverlyjoy - Waving back; Yep, evenings can be a challenge.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Good Grief - "riding my bike to the pool (under 30 degrees into a headwind)" - that's heroic in my book.

maryann - Congrats for surviving 150 first graders, much more for teaching them. Neat to figure out that your eating times have to respond to being overstretched.

ChefJoona - One of the skills you're learning is to BELIEVE that you've got the skills; patience, it's coming. Can only imagine you've got a snowy ride to work with your 24" of unexpected snowfall.

pamatga - Kudos for bringing back "Patient Trust" from your retreat. Powerful words, those.

Gwen - Thanks for the breathing exercises; gotta try those myself.

Jan (jmaf) - Ouch for the stresses stacking up, with Kudos for recognizing them so you can choose your responses.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 2
You will stick with the plan because:
. . .
You won't make any food off-limits. I don't believe in forbidden foods for two main reasons: First, I think you should be able to enjoy any food in moderation. Second, putting foods on a "never eat" list puts you at risk of going way overboard whenever you invariable end up eating them anyway.

There's a better way - one that is much more delicious and satisfying. On the Think Thin Initial Eating Plan, you will gain confidence and control by allowing yourself a reasonable portion of any desired treat as often as once a day. Every day you will have 150 or 200 Bonus Calories to spend on any food or beverage that you wish, such as chips, pretzels, sweets, desserts, or alcohol. You can't eat whichever food or beverage you want in whatever quantity you want, whenever you want it. If you did, you would, of course, gain weight. But you can plan to eat limited amounts of your favorites every day.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 27.

03-11-2011, 07:23 AM
Ok, my attempt to ease back into the swing of things. I'm heading to the store as soon as they open this AM to stock up on healthy veggies. I find if I go after biking and swimming that I'm not motivated to make such a healthy lunch (time/hunger factor) If I do it early my lunch will be waiting when I get home.

BillBlueEyes, I must be thinking Spring...the only bulbs I could think of walking for you would put in the ground! Yay! for "simple days".

onebyone, it seems you are having great success having a little help with your job. When we moved the girl who was going to live in our house helped me lots. It was more fun with two. I hate my own stuff but never mind helping anyone else.

Beverlyjoy, great that you checked in later since you know evenings are challenging times.

gardenerjoy, Yay! for eating at home! It seems that the further along this path I am...the happier I am putting my own healthful ingredients into food.

maryann, great job coming up with a solution (eating early) after days which drain your energy.

ChefJoona, keep working on believing you have the skills to lose weight!....perhaps a card to remind you.

pamtanga, "Patient Trust"….Thanks for sharing what is working for you as you add this new item to your list.

Gwen, thanks for the breathing exercise! My yoga teacher guides us through something similar during our meditation.

Jan(jmaf), ouch when they're out of what you've planned for. I don't have a problem calling ahead and checking. For me, certain restaurants require that I do know ahead because so many choices are extremely high cal. Great that you are not letting work stresses become an excuse to overeat.

03-11-2011, 07:49 AM
Went out with two good pals last night to a teribble restaurant (as in terribly unhealthy). I made the decision to mindfully indulge. I limited the portions, but it was not on plan and definitely calorie and sodium laden (to our suprise the restaurant now posts the calories of each dish on the menu so I was able to see exactly what I was consuming). I stepped on the scale this morning for a +3lbs jump from yesterday morning. I definitely did not eat 3lbs worth of calories, so it must be the sodium. I just remind myself the scale= information.

I'm looking forward to an un-busy weekend, which hopefully include lots of time with my baby niece! I had wanted to be meeting with photographers and caterers for the wedding, but have been taking the process of contacting them slow.

Day light savings time is this weekend! That means I'll now get home from work with enough day light to enjoy an evening walk! Last fall my fiance and I were getting out for a walk 3 times a week. At this point that's a lot more exercise that I have been doing!


03-11-2011, 09:21 AM
... I'm too old to stand in my way. I need to move as far as I can, as fast as I can, with as much strength and energy as I can get. I have stuff to do. I don't want to keep worrying the same old ground over and over. This has got to change.

Yes, OnebyOne, I'm right there with you! How often I have reverted to old patterns simply through neglecting my goals and sliding into the same old routine. You are SO right - I also need to "move as far as I can, as fast as I can, with as much strength and energy as I can! I HAVE STUFF TO DO!

I'm going to post that on my wall! Thank you for the inspiration.

And CONGRATULTIONS on the 28 bags!! :bravo:

Pamatga: Worry/anxiety and perfectionism is what I am giving up period until it no longer exists in my soul, my mind, my life. Thank you for this inspiration (and another post for my wall.)

03-11-2011, 12:05 PM
Grateful for Facebook this morning that let me know a friend and a cousin, both living in Japan, are fine. Cousin was barely affected even though she lives in Northern Japan where some of the worst tsunami damage was. The friend fared worse, stuck in Tokyo with no trains running and so far hasn't been able to speak with his wife or son.

Closer to home, I'm going to try to finish preparing taxes for the accountant today because I'm sick of having that hanging overhead.

WI: +0.15kgs, Exercise: +60* 505/1600 minutes for March, Food: 75%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-11-2011, 12:09 PM
Onebyone-if I had the money to come there I would help you. I think we need to throw you a cyber party when this is all over, don't you think?;)
jmaf- as you probably know by now I like to eat out a lot and I do. It takes practice but you can do it. Since I don't see not eating out in my future life plan, I have decided to take the tougher road and learn how to make "better" choices when eating out. I am fortunate that there are plenty of organic, vegetarian and ethnic restaurants in my area to choose from. I frequently go to buffet restaurants as well. If you wish I can share with you some of the tips that have helped me.
Gwen and BBE---awwww shucks! I'm speechless.
bev-you sound tired, all okay?

Well, moving forward, Patient Trust! Period! I'll post the entire poem I found on Wednesday on here if you want. Otherwise, suffice to say, it was what I needed to hear at this time.

Credit moi: Working on getting sleep back to normal. Last night was better than the nights before although my left hip and knee wanted me to know they were there. Okay, now go to sleep with the rest of my body please!
Saving the high sodium vegetables for another meal since I knew the pork and rice were high enough (boy were they ever!)
Passed one test and four more to go.
Not thinking farther ahead than midnight of each day.
Upping B vitamins to circumvent past stress. It helps. Reallly!

Love to all.:hug:

03-11-2011, 05:33 PM
Coaches/Buddies I've been just mentally and emotionally exhausted the last few days and am trying to get my act together to continue on with this journey. Nothing major is going on; I'm overwhelmed with the minutiae in my own life. Unfortunately there is a lot of minutiae, some of it quite loud.

After some reflection, I've decided that I'm having an abundance of what Dr Beck describes as unhelpful thoughts. I'm in the process of trying to identify them and create responses, and perhaps Response Cards for them. Unfortunately one of my most common unhelpful thoughts is something along the lines of "I know what I'm doing; I don't need to do that." I've got to somehow get myself over that first hump to get the reinforcement going.

ChefJoona I think the scale = information realization is so so important. I must try to remember that.


03-11-2011, 06:23 PM
Hi Beckfolks - I am so happy to say that yesterday was a healthy day with quite a few credits. I am always grateful for that.

Planned/measured/logged food
Ate much slower - enjoying the food
Exercises - stretches/strengthening/recumbent bike
Said - Not fair…Oh well
No second helpings
Lots of water
Kept track of my sodium
weighed - lost one pound and got to change my ticker and my mini goal too.

Saturday we are getting together with family out of town for the March birthday’s. There are quite a few of us. Weather permitting we’ll go over night. I requested no Chinese food this time.

I am still having an ‘anxiety attack’ thinking about calling the surgeon. I also get this feeling of dread. I am working on it. Dh and I can talk about in the car driving out of town.

Anne wonders - I think sometimes we go into our Beck tasks ‘kicking and screaming’ - we think WE know the best way. But, alas, it often turns out that the Beck techniques are so good if we have the willingness to utilize them. I do the same thing.

Pamatga - you are very intuitive. I am kind of tired.. But, really more down as I must face doing this surgery that should be long over and recuperated by now. Thanks. Sorry to hear that your ‘parts’ are bothering you at night. Credit for switching around your high sodium foods to fit in a healthier manner in your plan.
I really love all you wrote about Patient Trust. Thanks.

Gardener/joy - yes, I find Facebook such a wonderful way to keep in contact with friends and family. I totally understand how good it feels to get to cook in your own kitchen… a ‘food comfort zone’.

Gwen - I agree with you and onebyone - you said: How often I have reverted to old patterns simply through neglecting my goals and sliding into the same old routine. You are SO right - I also need to "move as far as I can, as fast as I can, with as much strength and energy as I can! I HAVE STUFF TO DO! - yes, I agree and I am with you both. Also - thanks for reminding us to BREATHE.

Chefjoona - yes, sodium can make the scale jump right up. Good for you remembering - the scale is information. Credit.

Lexxiss/Debbie - I know it feels good to be back home - good thought on getting those veggies. You’ll get back into your routine bit by bit.

Billbe - CREDIT for another month… that is awesome. Nice you got to walk to get the light bulbs.

Maryann - yes, it is a major credit to stay on track when you are tired! Wonderful accumulation of exercise. Credit for being flexible when you needed and not letting it throw you off.

Onebyone - I am so, so glad you have help with the packing. 28 bags to the curb is major! Change doesn’t always come easily - but, we have to keep trying. Because it will come, maybe in spurts and then.. Maybe much more often.

As always, thanks for being here.

03-11-2011, 07:24 PM
Hi Coaches

So far I've paced 2 boxes in the small bedroom *credit* but a far cry (what an interesting phrase that is...) from writing here that I am done in that room.

DH completely knocked me off my game by asking me in email to "look into getting a truck that we can drive one way and drop off. Call Budget and ask them." YOU call Budget and ask them I thought:mad:I'm up to -->here<-- with the packing even though you think none of this stuff is "yours". Is it? Isn't it? I don't even know anymore. A little voice says "it's mostly yours" and so I find the path to calm once more.
breathe in
breathe out
None of my thoughts change the fact that I still have the staircase, the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the basement to get through by next Saturday, if I stay to that schedule and not switch it for the end of the month.

I haven't arranged any helpers to load the truck. Not yet. Not the ones I have to hire I mean. I think I want to hire 2 guys.

I did start to change the addresses on my cards and ID and such. *credit*.

And as I was feeling reallymeh( ( I checked my email and found out that I have won one of the limited tickets to see the last ever before-they-retire shuttle launch on April 19th in Florida! It's a random draw done by the Kennedy Space Center for viewing tickets. They only have a specific limited space near the KSC for official viewing and you are allowed to enter your email address only once per launch. I have been trying for a year to win one of these spaces and I did it! I can also have Dinner with a Astronaut if I want to. The astronaut I'd love to have dinner with probably won't be there.
However all astronauts fascinate me... AND SO I emailed DH right away and he called me back right away and it looks like he can take that week off.

Becksters, I may actually get a vacation mid April and meet an astronaut and see a historic launch and this also means a visit to my sister in key west.


And a long car ride as we'll probably drive.

yay! I've been wanting to do that too for about a thousand years.

So it picked my spirits up.
But I still have to pack.

I'll post an update because I intend to have one.:yes:
update: #26 small bedroom shelves done
18/45 zones done

03-12-2011, 06:28 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, including sardines with my Man Salad for lunch. My thanks to the Maine fishermen who catch those little guys.

I had something in my hand that needed to go to the basement, so I just walked it down there. My head wants me to leave it by the door and take it down the next time I go. Old thinking dies hard. Did my gym, CREDIT moi, again without trying to stretch to the dumbbells that I dropped last week.

onebyone - Just boggled that you're getting VIP passes to watch a NASA Shuttle launch - along with U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords watching DH Astronaut Mark Kelly lift off. Great inspiration for your astronaut paintings, including the one that was your Avatar for a spell. Nice head break from your packing.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Ouch for exhausted; Ouch for minutia; Double Ouch for Loud Minutia, particularly if it has two legs and a sharp tongue. I easily fall for "I don't need to do that."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ugh for taxes - good luck getting them off your back.

Beverlyjoy - Sending supportive thoughts for making that call to your surgeon. You're clearly ready to move forward.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Neat strategy to alter your schedule so that a healthy lunch happens.

ChefJoona - Yep, that old restaurant sodium holds its water. Mindful choice to pace yourself on your wedding planning - enough bridezilla stories to be worthy of being wary.

pamatga - Hope you can find your way to a full night's sleep - all parts of you.

Gwen - Gotta agree, "sliding into the same old routine" can bring on the same old behaviors.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 2
You will stick with the plan because:
. . .
You will know what to do when you reach a plateau. You will select from one of five balanced, calorie-controlled plans, based on your current activity level, gender, age, height, and weight. As you lose excess weight, you will step down from a higher-calorie plan to a lower-calorie one, cutting no more than 200 daily calories at a time to prevent a decrease in your metabolism. You will lose weight in a sustainable way. And each time you plateau, you will decide whether it's worth it to lower you calorie level again.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 27.

03-12-2011, 08:02 AM
Hi Coaches!

Life is getting a bit more "routine" since we've arrived at the summer house. Actually life isn't more routine, it's actually very hectic, but I've found my groove in it. Last night some major stress popped in...I did cave and deviate from my plan, but with a half portion of chips, instead of 5x the amount-measured and logged, and within my calorie range. My journal recorded the deviation as emotional eating. *credit* Exercise great, as always, here.

BillBlueEyes, yay for another on plan day celebrating yet another month logged in successful maintenance. I have to tell you-last night my menu was for brn rice, dal and salad. RuthXXX has a recipe posted where the rice is baked in the oven. I decided to try the lentils the same way. When I opened my pans after an hour, the lentils had transformed into dal-kind of like a chemistry project. I was very excited and DH thought it was the best dinner ever.

ChefJoona, *credit* as you have taken the information from your scale without emotion. Another day or two should balance the numbers out.

Gwen, Yay! for finding inspiration for your wall from your coaches here!

gardenerjoy, great that you have heard from your friends.

pamatga, great that you have identified that you like eating out and are learning to make better choices. Your restaurant choices sound fantastic!

AnneWonders, I haven't gotten to wave hi yet! :wave: Unhelpful thoughts...sounds familiar. Yay for putting both feet into the process of trying to identify them.

Beverlyjoy, looking at your checklist, you said "Not fair...oh well." Yep, lots of stuff is just not fair and I do find that the acceptance of that does help. Enjoy your Saturday trip!

onebyone, yay for a vacation to look forward to after the insanity of your move has passed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that DH might have a lightbulb moment regarding this move and the intensity of the stress it is causing you.

03-12-2011, 09:07 AM
Exhausted for some reason!

I just woke up from a 12 hour sleep last night. I feel asleep on the couch at 7:30, despite D-Fiance's attempts to keep me awake for the new TV show we are watching, and just woke up at 7:30am. I had some trouble sleeping this week, so perhaps I had a sleep deficit to make up for.

On plan day yesterday. I did switch my normal afternoon greek yogurt for a mini candy bar. But had a super healthy spinach, red pepper and avocado salad for dinner! I was feeling urges for night time snacking, but falling asleep so early helped me to avoid that!

onebyone I am SO excited for you that you won that ticket! It sounds like this connects to a real passion you have. What an opportunity!!!

We have been having mild temperatures and rain the last several days, and it is taking all of our snow with it. This is good, as it has been blocking the side walks I like to walk on.

Happy weekend!

03-12-2011, 09:22 AM
Hi Coaches

8:00am here. I can't pack much today. I have another drawing group meeting that I postponed from earlier this week. I have a whole series of quick drawings to do for my group so I have to get going but wanted to check in. *credit I weighed in:285. I had a "mixed shawarma platter" yesterday from a favorite place and it was so yummy but it was REALLY REALLY salty. Not surprised to greet that number on the scale this morning.

I told DH last night that I was going to extend my packing the extra week and try to sell the Bob Newhart tickets we have for Saturday March 26th. My plan was always to take the extra week if I had to. I've bogged right down again. Surprisingly, he really wants to go and has agreed to figure out the logistics of managing to get that short trip in plus keep me on track with the packing. I just can't figure anything out except what zones are not done, what else I need to do and when/who can I get to come over and help out. I am hoping I can move now on the 28th or the 29th instead of the 20th. I was trying to be ready for a week from today but I just can't see that happening now. I'm going to need this week for the upstairs and next week for the basement. I think that's more realistic.

Billblueeyes I didn't actually win passes to the launch. I won the right to purchase viewing tickets. You have to be allowed to even buy a ticket to see the launch but if you win this right then you have a choice of two areas you can be in and one of them is twice as close as the other. If you wanted to just buy a viewing ticket you can't. It's only by lottery. I was surprised and yes, I forgot about the representative being there. It will be a big deal on many levels. I've changed my avatar for another of my astronauts called "one small step".

Zones today | completed so far 18/45
#23 stuff on stairs
#24 linen closet

03-12-2011, 12:28 PM
BBE :congrat: on your additional month of weight maintenance. I have stepped into this stream and I wasn't sure if you were maintaining or losing. I kind of thought you might be maintaining. Great to hear!
Onebyone That is way cool!
Beverlyjoy-what are your concerns about surgery? Did you have a bad experience with surgery before? What are the pros and cons? I have had surgery in the past. Perhaps, we can talk about it one on one and I can answer any of your questions. In general, when I needed surgery I needed surgery. I need surgery for both my knees and possibly my right hip. I would have it tomorrow if I had the health insurance. Living with pain and reduced mobility for over seven years has tried my patience, my ability to withstand pain that is not entirely erased, impacting my social life not to mention my ability to get back in physical shape that I once was. The only cons that I can think of for me is that I could die and if I do, well, I'm good with God so even that isn't a con.

Credit moi:
Forgiving myself over and over for being human. I also extend that gesture to all of you that are struggling with feeling you are less than you wish to be.

Love yourself where you are this moment, this day.

03-12-2011, 01:10 PM
For everyone dealing with the need to lose stuff along with the need to lose weight, I bought a book yesterday called Organize Now by Jennifer Berry. It's a week by week plan for organizing over the period of a year. I'm a sucker for those types of books, but I'm really hoping that it will do the same thing that Beck did for me -- provide a structure that encourages both patience and persistence. I'm starting to think that I can do anything if I find the right structure and the willingness to be both patient and persistent.

WI: -0.75kgs, Exercise: +60* 565/1600 minutes for March, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: so cool about the shuttle launch! Something fun to look forward to! I like your new astronaut avatar.

03-12-2011, 01:36 PM
Hi ... yesterday was another healthy day... I am so grateful. I accomplished many of my goals:
no seconds
taste and enjoy the food
read helpful info

We are going to gather with family tonight for a celebration of all the March birthdays (many) - we are going to a restaurant and will be out of town. I don't know which one yet. I don't want Chinese tonight... other than that I am open.

I hope you all have a great day.

Pamatga - we are leaving now... but, I will respond to your conversation when I get back in town. Thanks!!
Gotta scoot.

03-13-2011, 04:58 AM
I'm coming here instead of walking out to the kitchen and grabbing the bag of tortilla chips and the container of guacamole. I'm coming here to try and get rid of the bratty teenage feelings. It seems that living with teenagers tends to trigger a teenage response in me, when I'm faced with the drama of this blended family. Grrrr.

I've been reading your posts and mentally responding but, to be honest, I'm not quite sure why I haven't been writing here or making a FP. I've been feeling a bit out of control with eating or, to be more precise, with my feelings around eating. I haven't really gone out of control, just feel myself and my feelings slipping down the rabbit hole. Plus, the scale isn't moving and I'm not sure if it's a normal sort of pause (which I think *is* a pattern to my weight loss). I take it as the opportunity to get back on track with my planning, knowing that always leads to a tighter form of awareness.

Tonight, forcing myself to work out, I suddenly felt safe, remembering that I could come here, that I could return to my Beck notebooks, my A&R cards. That getting back on track, in other words, was entirely possible. And possible BEFORE fully derailing. That was a good feeling.

SO, I've made my food plan for tomorrow, and come here. I'm going to go to sleep before I indulge in any cravings. Sending all strong thoughts and hugs your way. :grouphug:

03-13-2011, 07:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - On plan with food, CREDIT moi, until the naan appeared at the Indian restaurant at dinner. It's just white bread - but seductive stuff. Didn't eat so much, but it topped a full meal with friends with funny stories. Across the room was a young couple with an infant. After they ordered, the kid started wailing, mom took him outside, dad waited, and waited, and finally had their meal bagged up and left. Reminded me of all the joys and tribulations of parenting.

Not much exercise - Ouch. But a good day of filling up a large recycle container of papers - including a whole shoebox sized container of old receipts that had to be sorted through in order to save the few that mattered. CREDIT moi for continuing.

onebyone - Nice avatar, your "one small step." Your zones are moving forward. I do know about the overwhelming feelings when facing old stuff.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - LOL at "I'm a sucker for those types of books." I've been so pleased with the book called Stuff by Gail Steketee and Randy Frost that I decided to buy their workbook. Then read that people with stuff problems tend to have a shelf of books about organizing. So, I looked through mine. And found their book right there! Now I'm reading it.

Beverlyjoy - Happy Birthday to all your March family members.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Neat that your summer house is a place where "Exercise great, as always, here."

MaryContrary - Kudos for allowing yourself to remember that getting back on the path is safe, including "BEFORE fully derailing." LOL, with empathy, for sharing a house with teenagers.

ChefJoona - Twelve hours is one honking sleep deficit - glad you caught up. Like the sound of "super healthy spinach, red pepper and avocado salad for dinner."

pamatga - Kudos for remembering to forgive yourself for being human - that's easy to forget.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 2
You will stick with the plan because:
. . .
You won't feel as hungry as you have on other diets. The Think Thin plan satisfies hunger because, at every eating opportunity, you will consume a mixture of the following three nutrients.
Lean Protein: I've found time and time again that whenever dieters skimp on protein, they're ravenous between meals. Research clearly shows that consuming more protein can minimize hunger. ... You will choose from a wide variety of protein-rich foods, including beef, poultry, pork, fish, shellfish, beans, dairy products, and tofu.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 27-28.

03-13-2011, 09:45 AM
Hi Coaches

I *dragged* myself out of bed this morning super-early even, all to discover when I turned the computer on that, oh yeah, it's not so early after all. Daylight Savings Time kicked in last night. So, already, we are pushing 9am here. Wow. I wanted to get out inthe car this morning, go see my mom, just unwind with a drive, and make sure I get back by 2pm. DH has to be on the road around 5 at the latest. we can't have a repeat of last week.

I ate very poorly yesterday. I'm not eating inbetween meals but my meal choices are the pits. I'll be taking my mom to the grocery store today so I'm going to make sure to get some good fresh food for the week. Last week I lived on cheese sandwiches - nice seedy rye bread though - but cheese sandwiches nonetheless. I'm just plain eating weird.

Better go.
I've not made any clean up plans for the day. Just going to send DH back with some more precious things-maybe some art stuff this time.

Have a good Sunday.

03-13-2011, 10:50 AM
Good morning,

Pretty good eating day yesterday. We went out to dinner to an Irish style pub with my parents. I started with a side salad and only ate half my entree (and completely avoided the huge mound of mashed potatoes on the plate). I was very focused on eating mindfully and being aware of how much I consumed. Split a small dessert with D-Fiance.

Sunday morning weigh-in showed -1lb from last Sunday. Up 3lbs from the really low weight on Thursday.

Going to my parents house for Sunday dinner today. I have not seen my baby neice all week and she'll be there! She warms my heart!

MaryContrary I can totally relate to your description of where you are with eating "I've been feeling a bit out of control with eating or, to be more precise, with my feelings around eating. I haven't really gone out of control, just feel myself and my feelings slipping down the rabbit hole". That's exactly where I've been these last couple weeks. Trying SO hard to stay on board, but feeling more challenged than I have in awhile. I have been trying to continue to check in here regularly and give myself credit for the skills I am still managing to use. It has helped me to maintain this connection and level of accountability, even though I'm far from on the top of my game. I have hope that it is just a low point and remind myself that nothing about this is easy- it is hard work that takes effort and focus (oftens times I am very resistant to that). BIG CREDIT for your awareness of what's going on for you and for checking in here!!! Here's a cheer for you :cheer3: !!

03-13-2011, 12:24 PM
Yesterday was a pretty good Beck day. I lacked exercise, other than carrying the big dog in and out, which the chiro said is what tweaked my left rib out of place. Good news is that my back is better and we've already been down to the Colorado river for a walk with the pups today. We were extremely productive at home (I was granted permission to sort, reorganize and rehome items in the man cave). I noticed myself licking the spoons in the kitchen before dinner. Harmless, by way of calories, but I'll be more mindful today.

BillBlueEyes, much of my exercise, too, was moving "stuff". I am always envious of the great ethnic restaurants you have near home.

ChefJoona, yay for mindful food choices at the Irish style pub, especially for being aware of how much you had consumed. Have a great time at your parents house as you get to greet your nice for the first time in a week.

onebyone, great that you have some extra time for packing. Hoping you can stuff the car with precious items while DH can help and that you have a nice visit with your mom.

pamatga, wondering if you're going to post the poem? *credit* for self forgiveness.

gardenerjoy, the new book sounds great! I'm wondering if you're going to review it on your blog. I'm thinking it would be a great compliment to BeckÖ.I almost went and looked for it today.

Beverlyjoy, yay for another healthy day. Nice that you were able to read helpful info. Hope your family birthday was enjoyable.

MaryContrary, yay for coming here instead of to the kitchen for guacomole. Yum, a healthy food, but only in moderationÖ.a skill I don't always have. Great that your pause with the scale has given you the opportunity to get back on track with your planning.

03-13-2011, 01:08 PM
Hi Beck folks - our overnight trip was a lot of fun. My whole day was within my plan - I am grateful. For dinner I ate grilled salmon, grilled asparagus, green beans and a rolls. Credit. It was a healthy meal. We went back to my step mom’s where there was cake and brownies. I had a teeny taste of both and it was enough.

Some credits for yesterday:
Stayed on my food plan
Logged all my food
Read arc/rc
Ate very slowly, enjoying each bite.

Lexxiss/Debbie - I am glad your back is feeling a bit better. Yes - it’s those licks when cooking that add up. When I avoid tasting while cooking and do a twirl. It feels so good.

Chefjoona - major credit for eating half an entrťe and avoiding the mashed taters! Have a nice visit with your niece.

Onebyone - credit for not eating in between meals! Perhaps, you could make sure you have all the healthy stuff around for meal. I know…easier said than done. You’ve got so much to do. Enjoy your time with your mom.

Billbe - credit for a healthy meal… oops for the bread. I know what you mean… that white bread is so, so tempting. But, it’s over - carry on!! ............we saw nine hawks (Coopers and Red Tail) and one owl in our travels this weekend.

Mary contrary - I am so, so glad you are posting and reading…while you are having a struggle. I always say “Don’t run away” when having a hard time. We have all been in those times. We certainly don’t have judgment with folks struggling. I can identify with the ‘teenage feelings’. Sometimes I just want to rant about living with food in a sane manner. Good idea to start with a food plan!

Gardener/joy - I think patience and persistence can still over into so many parts of our lives. Your book sounds good.

Pamatga - my surgery is a tendon transfer (cutting off one tendon and sewing it onto another one close by - foot ankle area) will help me with my mobility which isn’t too great at this time. I have the normal surgery nerves that comes with a surgery like this - pain/non weight bearing for 12 weeks/’a long long recovery. I have scheduled this surgery three times last year. There's alot of 'stuff' I had to get to be ready to be ready. The first time it was cancelled because of a skin infection and toxic reaction to medicine. It took a long time to heal. I scheduled it again and a week before the surgery I twisted/hurt my ankle on my good foot. I need a good foot…so it was cancelled again. I had get my ankle strong. I scheduled again in December and came down with the stomach/intestinal flu for a week the day before. So it was cancelled again. It takes lot to mentally prepare for this tough surgery. I did three times and three times it didn’t happen. So, I am a little ‘gun shy’ of scheduling again for fear something will ‘happen’ to cancel it again. I start to have an anxiety attack, kind of, when I think about scheduling. I am working through it. I’ve talked to a therapist last week about and I’ll do it soon. Thanks for your concern.

Everyone…have a great day.

03-13-2011, 01:33 PM
I went to the winter farmers market yesterday with a friend and came home with Napa cabbage, a variety of spinach with red stems and veins (pretty!), a spicy salad mix, a chicken, farm fresh eggs, and a local goat cheese.

WI: NCkgs, Exercise: +65* 630/1600 minutes for March, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: Great job with your healthy but celebratory meal.

MaryContrary: I have had some success redirecting my inner teenager's energy in the direction of making food choices that are greener and more socially responsible, which also turn out to be healthier choices, too. My favorite books for this are Mark Bittman's Food Matters, Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food, and The Gorgeously Green Diet by Sophie Uliano.
The experience you had of suddenly feeling safe, confident that you knew how to get back on track, is one of the most important things I got from Beck. Before, when I was eating poorly I couldn't imagine how to get back to eating well, even if I was doing it a week ago. Now, I always have in the back of my mind exactly how I will get back on track and that keeps me from getting too far off and gets me back their relatively quickly.

BillBlueEyes: I find naan seductive, too. Maybe it's the illusion of being rare and, therefore, special. But, next time, I'm going to remember your observation that it's just white bread. Good job with the paper recycling!
Love the story about finding the organizing book you were about to buy on your organizing bookshelf! I could see myself doing that!

onebyone: I'm right there with you on resenting that lost hour. I know we get it back in the fall, but that's too far away to do me any good now, isn't it?

ChefJoona: Great job at the Irish pub. That can be a difficult environment but you handled it masterfully.

Lexxiss: Way to go nipping in the bud that behavior of licking spoons in the kitchen! That's always an early warning signal for me that I need to pay more attention.
Great idea to review the organizing book on my blog and relate it to Beck. I think I'll give it a few weeks first to see if it looks like it's going to work for me.

03-13-2011, 03:00 PM
Here is the poem "Patient Trust" I came upon Wednesday. It sums up everything for me at this time in my life:

Patient Trust

Above all, trust in the slow work of God
We are quite naturally impatient in everything
to reach the end without delay.
We should like to skip the intermediate stages.
We are impatient of being on the way to something
unknown, something new.
And yet it is the law of all progress
that it is made by passing through
some stages of instability----
and that it may take a very long time.

And so I think it is with you.
Your ideas mature gradually---let them grow,
let them shape themselves, without undue haste.
Don't try to force them on,
as though you could be today what time
(that is to say, grace and circumstances
acting on your own good will)
will make of you tomorrow.

Only God could say what this new spirit
gradually forming within you will be.
Give God the benefit of believing
that his hand is leading you,
and accept the anxiety of feeling yourself
in suspense and incomplete.

-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ

For me, I can apply these words to my weight lose journey as well as other "things" in my life right now.

03-13-2011, 10:16 PM

I had a terrible day. My stress level is through-the-roof.

Right before I got out the door this morning MIL was on the phone trying to talk me into letting her buy me/us a new bed because a) we need one b) it's on sale this weekend only at sears and she can use her card (and get the points-unsaid) c) she will have given us our xmas gift for the next 5yrs by doing that.

I got off the phone, woke DH up, consulted with DH, decided no thanks, called her back, planned to lie to her that "DH already found us a bed, thanks anyway" but told the truth " thanks for the generous offer but we need to lie down on a bed to choose it and we have to compromise on the bed as it is and we don't want a bed that's uncomfortable cause we'll have it a long time. You must know what it's like to sleep on an uncomfortable bed right?"

Oh Coaches. That I had to even EXPLAIN any of that was painful and tiring. But she had to agree with me.

And I had to spend extra mental energy trying to pin DH down about the details of the move. Geez louise he's slippery with that. All day long I carried that and was stressed over it. Added to that, my mom was not in good shape today. She looked tired. And kind of "soft" around the edges. Not sure how to describe that. She was very repetitive today, but my being stressed did not make me the best companion and I found myself wanting to just drop her off at her place asap. I didn't. Things got better. Things got worse. I couldn't share anything about the move or packing or anything with her today. She couldn't deal with stuff today at all. I came home completely frazzled. And while I was out, I had a minor panic attack as well. A huge wave of perspiration swept over me at one point. "What is this now?" I thought. "A heart attack?" I was reminded of what the lady who gave me the free boxes said "Moving is as stressful as a heart attack," she said. "Be careful." Be careful. Hello? Just enough information there to stress you out that little bit more.

Anyway, I am paranoid at letting go of the big truck for the coming weekend (what if we can't get one the next weekend??) and thereby relying on one big move the final weekend of March so we're going to move in two stages. All the furniture and big things at the end of this week, with the big truck as planned. Then, the leftovers from the basement and wherever else, if I'm not done, will go the following weekend in a panel van. I booked the van just to be sure I have a van for the ned of the month. Maybe even that's when Caesar will go. I am going to try and sell my Bob Newhart tickets - or give them away to friends if I can. Bob is definitely out.

Tomorrow I'm going to post to freecycle to see if I can give away the stuff, mostly shelves, that we don't want.

Tonight I am wishing I could burst into tears and relieve this stress but it's not happening. I'm too freaked out truth be told. I'm really moving away. It's really true. Holy cow. It's March break this week so all my friends are juggling their kids this week so it will be tough to get their help. I'm going to need to put in real full work days this week. No choice. And I need to take this stress down a few notches.

I'm so very tired.

I'm off to bed now. Send me good thoughts gang. I need your best wishes right now.

03-14-2011, 03:15 AM
I think these are the best. I'd run out of creamer for my coffee, which gave me an excuse to hit my favorite coffee shop and enjoy my americanos and the rarity of a butter croissant. In the sun, with a good book. Haven't had that sort of treat in a while, even if the croissant was off plan.

The rest of my day was within plan, just in a different order. Daylight savings always makes me want to be outside. Exercise was sheer fun: I and the DGS (10 yrs old) walked our three dogs to starbucks. This is a five-mile walk, roundtrip, with a rest in the middle at the starbucks patio. I packed healthy, low-sug granola bars and water. Not super rigorous, but it *is* a challenge to keep the dogs in check and walk at a steady pace. DGS and I put our sunglasses on the pups and tried to get them to stay still for photos. Too much fun!

When we got home, we gave the dogs a bath in the front yard, while they were (relatively) calm. Resulted in some soapy grass and two soaked humans. But the pups are clean and relaxed.

For dinner, I had my taste of guacamole and tortilla chips. Not planned, but I made the conscious substitution, as dinner ingredients weren't around.

I've recorded my food and made my plan for tomorrow. Thanks to you all for the supportive comments.

BBE: We go to a place that makes Naan with fresh crushed garlic. A-ddict-ive!

onebyone: I am so feeling you and your moving stress. In the beginning of my relationship with my DP, we moved THREE times in one year, each move involving a combination of households. In the last move we did, one of my partner's daughters was very ill with lupus (just diagnosed). We had to figure out how to take care of her during the move. I was so stressed out at one point -- and then the tape dispenser broke! DP ran to Home Depot, but they were out!!! She ended up convincing an employee to give her one of their industrial strength tape guns *for free.* I still treasure the sucker, and have a good laugh every time I pull it out. One day, you'll be there. I promise. Until then, I am sending very supportive thoughts and energy your way.

ChefJoona: Thanks so much for your kind words, and the adorable cheer-smiley! That's why I come here. It is so comforting to know that what we're feeling is totally normal. I know we can do this! Following the Beck Plan, as well as writing a dissertation, has taught me that life (all of it!) is just a cycling of challenges. Btw, I am amazed that you avoided the mashed potatoes on your plate!!! Major credit! :cheer2:

Lexxiss: Oh, spoon-licking is so easy to let slip in. Keep resisting! I'm glad I said no to the guac and chips last night, because I was feeling anything BUT moderate. Today, the emotions were better for having such a tempting food.

beverlyjoy: I am envious of what sounds like a wonderful dinner. Isn't it amazing when a "teensy taste" is enough? Kudos!

gardenerjoy: Thanks for the book recommendations, and for validating my feelings about the safety to be found in Beck skills. It's just amazing to know that getting back on track is possible, and to see exactly how to do it. Really, it almost generates in me a responsibility to get back on track. I can't make any more excuses. I love that. Major envy over your farmer's market plunder!

pamatga: Thank you for the poem!

Have a wonderful start to your week!

03-14-2011, 05:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A stressful day; made some attempts to reduce tension with . . . food. It still doesn't work. My joyful task this morning is two extra containers of papers to be put out for recycling; CREDIT moi for continuing that effort. Made a room-by-room plan with my DW sorta like onebyone's zones. Feels like a looming task.

onebyone - Sending supportive thoughts as you continue. But must LOL at your friends "Be careful." Reminds me of driving down the highway at 70 MPH seeing signs Beware Falling Rocks. Just how was I supposed to"Beware" - make a will? Kudos for taking the time to visit your mom during your crisis.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Uber jealous of your winter farmer's market. Does the red-veined spinach taste different?

Beverlyjoy - Neat to have a fun trip and good eating. [Jealous of your nine hawks - we get plenty of Red Tails along the highway and at every major intersection, but Coopers less often.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Good grief - allowing a woman access to the man cave makes me shudder, LOL.

MaryContrary - What a fun adventure with your 10 year old DGS. When you're feeling silly enough to try to photograph your pups wearing sunglasses, it's a good day.

ChefJoona - Eating mindfully at an Irish style pub is Kudos worthy; it's corned beef and cabbage time and that stuff just goes down easy.

pamatga - Powerful Pierre Teilhard de Chardin poem - especially "accept the anxiety of feeling yourself in suspense and incomplete." Thanks for sharing.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 2
You will stick with the plan because:
. . .
You won't feel as hungry as you have on other diets. The Think Thin plan satisfies hunger because, at every eating opportunity, you will consume a mixture of the following three nutrients.
Quality Carbohydrates: You will consume high-quality carbohydrates from whole grains, legumes, nuts, vegetables, an druits. These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, plant nutrients, and fiber - all of which are important for total body health. Fiber, in particular, makes weight loss easier. Like protein, it reduces hunger and increases satisfaction.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 27-28.

03-14-2011, 09:19 AM
Yikes! Major indulgence with Ben and Jerry's (ice cream) at my parent's house yesterday!

My mom prepared a boiled corned beef cabbage carrot and potato dinner and I brought some whole wheat soda bread (I have to note that my family isn't even Irish, I guess we just like to eat like we are!). I did really well during dinner time with portions. Filled up my plate with cabbage and carrots, one small slice of soda bread and a small slice of beef. I was feeling good!
Then my sister brought out the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream- there is no tastier ice cream than B&Js... because they don't whip air into it its just pure cream, sugar, milk fat, chunks and swirls. I definitely doubled up my portions and was not mindful about it! Yikes! Felt really guilty after it. We ate this meal in the afternoon, so I compensated by not having much the rest of the day. I didn't even feel hungry.

Today is a new day!

pamatga Thank you for sharing that poem. It is applicable to different things in my life, including weight loss.

MaryContrary Your "simple sunday" sounds wonderful!

Billbe A stressful day; made some attempts to reduce tension with . . . food. It still doesn't work. Good information to be reminded of!

I'm off to a dentist appointment. I'm hoping after to motivate myself for an outdoor walk, or some time on the treadmill in our condo complex mini-gym. Its a resource DFiance and I often forget about.

03-14-2011, 10:12 AM
Quick check in... planning to get back on track this week.

Thanks and I look forward to catching up with all of your posts.

03-14-2011, 10:21 AM
Coaches/Buddies I didn't eat especially moderately but yesterday, but it was completely mindful and I enjoyed every bite. I'll take my credit for that.

Great weekend, starting with a 32 mile road bike ride on Friday with a good friend and 5K with the family on Saturday morning where my DD ran/walked the whole thing with her father and my two-year-old DS ran the last quarter mile around the track with me. Got enough chores done to feel productive but not so many the weekend was lost. Yesterday we met some friends at the park, and just had a great time. The kids were well behaved and fun. And then a major potty training success last night.

Today I read my new ARC, my RC card about being overwhelmed and some of my Memory cards. Doing better about talking back to my unhelpful thoughts, but still haven't managed to make RCs for them.


PS I keep seeing phainopeplas (a black crested bird) around. I am fond of them. Have you seen one, BBE?

03-14-2011, 11:24 AM
:wave: Hi coaches! I didn't take time yesterday to visit here, or to log my food in. I wanted to take a day off and "fly by the seat of my pants" so to speak. After my first bike ride in years on Saturday, I felt a bit stiff and sore, so exercise was not an option. BUT, I did play at the park with my grandchilren, lots of walking, pushing swings, pushing little butts up the playground climbing equipment. So much fun they are - stored up lots of joy yesterday. I ate fairly well, considering, and since the scale registered a loss, I'm thrilled! Back to logging in today though, and tonight I hit the gym.

OnebyOne, Please remember to BREATHE. Whenever it all seems overwelming do that exercise. You are only one - and you are doing so much.

Pamatga, thank you for posting the poem.

You have all inspired me this morning, but I don't have time to post to each, I'm so sorry. Woke up so late, and to a very messy kitchen... Had too much fun this weekend and have to make up for it now.

:grouphug: Thank you all for being here and sharing!

03-14-2011, 12:25 PM
Onebyone -what precipitated your move and where are you moving to? You probably have said, I just don't remember. The reason why I asked is because since both my DH and I lost our jobs; he returned to being self-employed and I am getting a new "skill set"(that's the lingo these days), DH and I periodically discuss about how much longer do we want to do what we are doing?

Nine years ago, we began the discussion of DH returning to the work he does full time after doing it part time (because of how the market was in the Midwest). After batting the idea back and forth for about a year, we decided to fly down here to Atlanta, GA and check out the area. We "knew" we were going to move here on the flight home. Then, we made the decision and we had 7 months to "prepare" for the move. We hired professional movers but we still had to box our stuff.($4000) We had 400 boxes. I injured my lower back and it has never been the same since.

We drove both our cars down believing our "stuff" was in good hands. However, the professional moving company felt that the apartment complex that we lived in (full of rolling hills on 10 acres) was going to be difficult to navigate so they told us at the 11th hour they were subcontracting our "stuff" to a local moving company. 10 of our boxes were a "no show" including one of two professional wedding albums ($400), some original art work and clothes, CDs, etc. We arrived at our apartment complex with no belongings and didn't receive them for a week later. All of that added another $1000 to our expenses; we ate out every meal for 7 days! Then, I watched in "horror" as the local moving company brought our "stuff" in and proceeded to break two pieces of furniture(one a beautiful console table my parents had given us for our wedding) with no apologies extended. I did get a "settlement" for the lost and broken stuff but nothing replaces wedding photos(luckily we had a second one with less photos I had personally put in the car I was driving).

Well, now with the economy hitting Atlanta extremely hard for the past couple of years, we are once again wondering if it is time to consider relocating. Relocation is a difficult decision. I usually bring it up about 3-4 times a year. There were certain objectives my DH wanted to acheive while he was here and he has now met those. Also, it has been a blessing that we have been able to continue to make the kind of money we have but in the process we have given up benefits (health insurance) and face an uncertain future. His former employer has said that he would like to "rehire" DH but that is as far as the conversation has gone. I ask probing questions to see what DH wants to do with this information. He told me last night that he would like to give the economy 2 more years and if he isn't offered his old position back (and I hope a pay raise for his patience in waiting) then he would be willing to move. His reaction last night was that he was "physically ill" even thinking about the prospect.

So, although it is hard to imagine living somewhere else (again) since we really have grown fond of this climate/people/geographic area, we also realize that we will both probably have to work until we are 70 and this latest economic slowdown has really impacted our present and our future, if we allow that to happen. There is no right or wrong answer. I hate those kinds of choices. So ambiguous.

We are thinking of Boston, MA since that is another city we had considered 8 years ago. So, now we need to do some pre-moving "research" on the area and see if both of us can find suitable work. Ideally, we would like to drive up there (my adult son lives in Philly) and "get a feel" for the Boston area.

]Side Note:[/B] I professionally prepare taxes. If you are moving for a job, your moving expenses are tax deductible.

Keep the faith. This too shall pass.

Sodium was/is still a big issue this month. My DH is 100% Irish so we went to our first of two St. Pat's celebration this past Saturday night. The food actually was quite good. I have made the traditional corned beef n cabbage meal before at home but this didn't need any added seasoning (there was plenty of sodium!). Finished the meal off with some Irish coffee and ale. I was hung over yesterday until I had some oj. I am such a "lightweight".:^:

Sleep is better. Today I resume working out after a two week lapse. I credit myself with just plain not giving up. I'm moving forward even if it looks like I am standing still.:dizzy:

03-14-2011, 12:39 PM
We woke up to snow on the ground this morning and still falling! Winter weather was predicted, but it was supposed to be too warm to stick. Apparently not.

WI: +0.25kgs, Exercise: +60* 690/1600 minutes for March, Food: %op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: sending warm and strengthening thoughts to you.

03-14-2011, 02:19 PM
Well, we're still at calving. Things came to a grinding halt with calving, which was a little annoying, but they are picking back up again with two calves born last night. But right now, I just want to be back in my own home. I suppose the slow week wasn't entirely bad, since I was having some serious frustrations with my job. I'm still in training, but wasn't sure I was going to continue. I think things are working themselves out; we'll see.

So through all that, I was able to stay pretty well OP. Good enough anyways. I got a chance to weigh-in yesterday after a long absence (I don't have my scale at the house where we're calving). I was right on track, which was reassuring, though I don't want to make too much of the number since a single-day weigh in can be deceptive.

The weather has been really nice and I've been getting out for lots of walks with the dogs. Also doing lots of yoga, which is good for my mental state.

I've finally caught up on everyone's posts, but not time for personals.

Hugs to CeeJay while you push through a stressful work week to get to a much needed vacation.

Hugs to AnneWonders while feeling overwhelmed by the minutia of her life. I can relate! Glad you had such a great weekend!

Hugs to OnebyOne while in the middle of boxes and packing.

BillBE, reading your story of the couple with the infant in the restaraunt reminds me of all the good times I have to look forward to!

03-14-2011, 04:28 PM
The beginning of the week AT LAST marks the end of last week. Every minute last week seemed full, important and dependent on me being "Available" "Top Form" "Compassionate" "Wise" etc... At least that was the pressure I put on myself. I look back now and realize I did a great job. Helped lots of people - students, peers, family, recovering alcoholics, etc... but inside I was often terrified and drained. I am the kind of person who needs large breaks from people. I recharge by myself, always have. If I don't have large breaks of alone time and nothing I begin to panic. Credit for not panicking. Credit for fulfilling my obligation. Credit for not telling myself I should be doing more. I was enough everyday last week even if I didn't feel it and there were many days I stayed OP despite the pressure.
Today (as always it seems after a weekend away) I have gained 3 pounds despite mostly OP. And once again I will wait to see what drops off in the next few days. I am suspecting that this plateau of 149 might be the "good" weight for me that Beck talks about even though I want to be 145. I am comfortable in all my size 8 clothes (first time ever) . I am 47 which means I don't need to be teenager slim. I am healthy. My husband thinks I am a babe. Nonetheless, I am continuing to eat OP, read my cards, write about slips, exercise. Maybe it is just a plateau.

More will be revealed.

03-14-2011, 06:33 PM
Hi follks... usually I write my post in wordt perfect and repost here. Today it was to be short. But, it got long and then I lost it...phooey.

I'll try and get back later.

03-14-2011, 07:22 PM
Hi Coaches!

After I posted yesterday, I found out we would have company this evening (including my mom). Yesterday was a good Beck day, yesterday is ho hum. I am being mindful that I'm a bit stressed and pressured...I am cooking up a storm right now. My guests wanted gooey Mexican food and *credit* I decided to cook and "know" my ingredients. I'll be mindful of my choices at dinner tonight. It's ok, tomorrow will be easier.

See ya'll tomorrow.

03-14-2011, 11:11 PM
Hugs to everyone out there- those of you who are struggling and those of you who are feeling good about your progress. :hug:

I am in my final week before holidays. My only goals for this week are to work normal hours with no overtime and to go to bed at a reasonable hour. If I can do those 2 things I can start my holidays in a much better frame of mind.

I am planning on sitting down tomorrow night and writing out my goals and what steps I am going to take. Since ditching one of my jobs I have begun to feel like I am surfacing from a deep well- coming up for a breath. I don't know how I let things go on for so long- well, I do know how- but wish I had taken action earlier. So I am going to use my 2 weeks off as a get back to a healthy, balanced exercise, sleeping, and eating routine. Take long walks, read books, do some meditating, have some fun...

Take care everyone!!!


03-15-2011, 04:53 AM

So yesterday at 9am I was online, in the virtual waiting room for the space shuttle tickets. You are unable to get tickets until it randomly allows you in. the screen refreshes every 30 sec and you just wait. Then it suddenly opens and you one minute to fill the information for that page in, then you have 4 min for the next page, and 2 min for the next. The site only allows you on it once with the password sent in email = only one chance to get the tickets you want. So during my time on the ticket site, when I was desperately trying to get it done, DH called to remind me to get the tickets, and my friend T called about coming over to help me pack, and I was frazzled, and so I got rid of them and kept going, got to the end of the site, got the last page, the confirmation page, heaved a sigh of relief and then I saw it.... in my address I put the number 4, instead of the number 41. My street address is wrong. The site matches what I put in for my address with my credit card billing address and no match = no tickets. I tried to go back in the site to change the number, but the login only works the once. So I tried to email the space center to tell them what I did and the email bounced back-you have to call. I called and was on hold 30+ minutes. Finally I talked to someone who wrote it down and said someone would call and all day I waited and no call--but yesterday was the only day to get the tickets and I am sure I am not the only one who flubbed it. I did call the credit card company who said the charge was trying to "come in" onto the card and she said in a case where all the information matches but the one thing well then security calls to verify and she wrote a note in my file about this charge. She was hopeful it would work out. I'll try again in the morning to straighten it out.

I was DEVASTATED to think I would have flubbed my chance to get the tickets to the very last shuttle launch ever. I'm better now of course but wow.

My friend and I completed the small bedroom and started the "studio" bedroom closet and we almost finished it. *credit*

DH and I have decided to go forward with the big truck and the move on Saturday as planned. I am leaving the basement packing for now. We'll move the furniture and the boxes that I have ready this weekend. Then next weekend we have a panel van booked in case I have that much more stuff to move. And if I don't, then we just fill the car and use that.

It's happening and I'm not eating my way through it. *credit.

03-15-2011, 07:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Lived my day, CREDIT moi, remembering This, too, shall pass. My lunch included a packaged Indian bean dish over broccoli slaw. Really yummy with modest calories. But enough salt to note on the scale for a few days, LOL.

Had a lovely walk after work to do an errand. It's nice to be out and about after work while it's still light.

onebyone - Monster Ouch for your Shuttle ticket story; keeping my fingers crossed that it works out. We did four shelves of books last night; most kept because it was the bookcase for poetry and art books and I'm a sucker for keeping all of those. I did let go of some books of photographs - there are so many good pictures.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Rather amazing day to even include a potty training success - presumably with DS. My DD just trained herself and moved on, like learning to walk. [Jealous of your Phainopepla - haven't seen one yet. Sibley pictures their striking crest and markings to remind me of a Cedar Waxwing. But their range in only in your part of the US and in Mexico.]

FutureFitChick - Waving back toward the depths of graduate school.

CeeJay - You can hang in for a week; lovely thoughts about using your two weeks off.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - It's too late for snow. Spring is coming - didn't you get the memo?

Shepherdess - Ouch for the frustrations of midwifery - hope all works out for you. Kudos for doing yoga for two - you should get a limber baby for your efforts.

Beverlyjoy - OK. Short response then, LOL.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Might just have to drop by for that "gooey Mexican food" - all low calorie of course.

maryann - Kudos for surviving a high stress week with your soul intact.

ChefJoona - Whenever you eat Ben and Jerry's, you can take credit that you're supporting local Vermont cows, LOL. Hope you survive the dentist.

pamatga - Well, ever since our little incident with the tea in Boston Harbor, we've been paying taxes around here, so you're likely to be able to get work. And our local Irish population goes unstable around St. Pats day.

Gwen - Yay for a bike ride and Yay for the joy of grand-kids on a play structure.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 2
You will stick with the plan because:
. . .
You won't feel as hungry as you have on other diets. The Think Thin plan satisfies hunger because, at every eating opportunity, you will consume a mixture of the following three nutrients.
Fat: The Think Thin plan includes modest amounts of fatty foods, which help fill you up, make food taste good, and add to your satisfaction. Some fatty foods - such as olives, nuts, avocado, and certain kinds of oil - contain a specific type of fat, called monounsaturated fat, that is thought to help improve health.
. . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 29.

03-15-2011, 07:41 AM
Good morning,

I'm wondering where BillBE is! When I am up this early he has usually posted!

On plan day yesterday for most of the day. Grabbed dinner at a Vietnamese place with friends. I ordered a veggie and tofu based dish with rice noodles. It tasted pretty oily, so it was probably more calorie laden than expected.

Had an active day yesterday, but no real exercise. They have finally cleared the side walks in our neighborhood, so some outdoor walking is more realistic.

onebyone Hope all works out with the tickets!

Waving to everyone else!

03-15-2011, 07:42 AM
I guess we were posting at the same time!

03-15-2011, 08:42 AM
I see a reoccurant theme this morning: dealing with stress, food and social eatings we have limited control over. I used to avoid social eatings a few years ago because I felt so much stress from "the unknown". I decided to make peace with the situation and now I eat a little of everything and call it quits. The problem is that usually I come home and end up making a sandwich or something because then I undereat; like Saturday night.

The food actually tasted good (done to my liking) but the server were giving 1/2 cup portion sizes. My white plate underneath was visible between the food items. I had undereaten earlier in the day so I could eat with enjoyment instead of anxiety. However, it didn't quite pan out that way. You know what stopped me? I told my DH later that had I gone back for seconds I would have felt that "people" would think, "Oh, yeah, we know why she has a weight issue" but when I watched thin, "normal-size" people snarf down huge portions with abandonment I thought no one would either think that or even notice. It's both self-discrimination and incrimination. Now, I understand why some overweight people become closet eaters and why we are also people-pleasers. This is an attitude I have been aware of for decades. I can't change society but I can change how I view social eating.

Side note: when I was thin (up until age 30) I would have never even had these thoughts. This is the part of my "fat head" that I have been working on in the past 25 years or so.

Back during the Civil War, women of "delicacy" (read: refinement) would lightly snack before a ball so the courters would think these women could control this "base desire": to eat with enjoyment (read: abandonment). Sometimes, I eat like a lumberjack but I also sometimes feel self-conscious of it. It is a struggle that I don't quite feel is "natural". I know that there is a lot of ongoing debate on how we eat as much as what we eat. I am a veteran dieter (close to 30 years under my belt). I know the "drill" but that doesn't make it any less palatable. The jury is out on this one for me. I'm still chewing on it.

03-15-2011, 10:28 AM
Hi - well, I don't need to go to my sister's in LA to help after her surgery. She has help. I was having 'anxiety attacks' thinking of calling my surgeon. (for new folks - three times my scheduled surgery was cancelled for legitimate reasons). I know I have to have another examination. If/when we schedule the foot/ankle surgery, I will not get emotionally attached to the date.
I did overeat. I have to say that it was the only way I could 'get through it'. Good grief. Oh well. My doctor appointment is on April 11.

On a light note… two friends came over for tea yesterday. We shared our stories of our latest travels. Sally - Peace Corp in Rwanda, me at Disney World and Joyce to Israel/Palestine with her church. Fun.

Today I have planned for a healthy day.

03-15-2011, 01:09 PM
I picked up a melorange at the grocery store yesterday. Have you heard of it? It's a winter melon. Supposed to be very sweet. I'll let you know what we think.

WI: -0.65kgs, Exercise: +60* 750/1600 minutes for March, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-15-2011, 03:09 PM
Hi Coaches

It's a nice sunny day here today. I'm liking that!

So I called the Space Center this morning about my tickets. The woman on the phone said the woman yesterday should have dealt with it while I was on the phone. Well she didn't. She asked me the woman's name from yesterday. well I didn't have it. After a long pause she took my information down, asked me what happened, and said she would look into it and call back. No call yet. I didn't write her name down either I realized after I hung up. I think I'll call the credit card company and see what happened on that end.

Surely some Human Being will correct an address typo?

My friend T just left. I am now 3/4 done the bedroom/studio space. OMG it was so *painful* to dump 3 large drawers full of craft paint into the trash. PAIN-FULL. Terrible. The toughest thing I have had to do yet. And I have so many canvases. They'll be coming so whatever about how many I have. Let it go I tell myself. Let it go.

I called and arranged for two movers for Saturday to help load the truck. They'll be here at noon. My place is so chaotic right now. I'll need to re/create clear walkways for the movers.

I am *so fighting the urge* to order pizza or chinese food or to walk to the indian lunch buffet. I'm not doing any of that. I'm right here, defrosting a turkey in the sink, wondering what to eat to help use up my food stores. I haven't ordered because I a) don't want to spend any $ and b) I really do want to eat my own food and c) I just can't be bothered to call out or to go out.

My goal today is to complete the studio/bedroom and do the upstairs bathroom too. Very doable. It sure made a difference to have the longer day yesterday :D I felt like continuing to work longer than before.

*credit for hiring the movers for Saturday. 2 guys 2 hours plus my DH and my friend T to take care of 2 floors of stuff. Should be enough manpower. I am hoping 2 hrs takes care of it. I need to be prepared for the whirlwind of activity.

Anyway. Better go. Have a great day.

update: the tickets are okay! I can go to the launch! we find out tomorrow if DH gets the go ahead from his other boss for the vacation time.

03-15-2011, 04:51 PM
OnebyOne: Your name should be on an attendee list, so, even without the physical tickets you should be allowed in! Also, you could go to the space center website and contact them online. Just a thought.

03-15-2011, 11:31 PM

I am trying to get back into the swing of things:

Credit today for:

-doing weights
-checking in here
-planning for what I am going to do to get back to a sane sleeping, eating and exercise schedule over my vacation-at-home

Doesn't look like much but it is three things more than nothing!!!


03-16-2011, 03:49 AM
Hello Everyone:
I have just read through all the posts I missed while on the lam from living a responsible life for my body. The semester is almost over, and we are on strike one day next week to defend our pension scheme, which they (all the UK universities)are threatening to close down, and it won't be very long until I can get back to research for my book during the easter holiday and that is always good for my soul and my eating plan. But this weekend is a depressing birthday for me --59 years old! How could this have happened while I wasn't paying attention?!?! If I want to live long enough to write three more books, I had better face the music. So, I am going spend the fateful day reading Beck, getting some exercise (time to return to the gym), and then having a glass of champagne with a friend. My goal -- to get my weight down by 30 pounds by my 60th!! As my mother would have said, 'Knock on Wood" -- so I am knocking on my wooden brain, and trying to get through the door to 59 without major damage to my self-esteem! I loved reading all the news, and I feel as anxious about the Shuttle launch as you one by one!
Off to the dentist, as a relief from counting my age. RubyJan

03-16-2011, 06:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had the thought of additional snacks in the afternoon, but didn't, CREDIT moi. Went through two very, very, old boxes of books and papers last night, keeping most of the books and half of the papers. Still don't understand why it's so painful. Included a bunch of books about using my Nikormat camera - an absolutely terrific analog camera that is suddenly obsolete.

Walked out at lunch to run an errand. It was brisk, but sunny and clearly past being hard-core winter. Saw students in shorts which encourages me, even though I was wearing gloves, LOL. Did the usual gym, CREDIT moi, trying a dumbbell that I couldn't lift, but without chagrin - I'll get there or I won't.

onebyone - Joy for your tickets to the Shuttle launch. And Kudos both for moving forth with packing and avoiding the comfort foods. I so relate to your "PAIN-FULL."

CeeJay - Yep, Kudos for "three things more than nothing," LOL. Neat to be planning your stay-cation.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - googled melorange - sure looks like a cantaloupe. Look forward to hearing how super sweet goes with a winter squash.

Beverlyjoy - Ahhh ... the next great thing about travel is telling the stories.

Ruby (RubyJan) - Good grief - a dentist visit as a relief, LOL. Welcome to 59, it's easy to still think of that as the LATE 40's.

pamatga - Love the history lesson that women of "delicacy" ... could control this "base desire." Good work identifying your "fat head" thinking.

Gwen - Yep, there he was, LOL. Love the notion that even "a veggie and tofu based dish" might not be healthy because of all the oil. Glad Vermont is coming out from under its unexpected late snow.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 2
You will stick with the plan because:
. . .
You will continue to eat this way for a lifetime. You don't go on this diet and then go off of it. You go on it, adapt it until it's comfortable and easy, and you stay on it - breaking the cycle of yo-yo dieting and achieving permanent weight loss. That's yet another way this eating plan is different. You won't stick exclusively to the limited options in Stage 2 for long. And in Stage 4, I'll teach you how to modify the plan to include your personal recipes. I'll also teach you how and when to make flexible rules for eating, so that you will continue to benefit from the diet forever, without regaining the weight you lose. In short, I'll provide you with the eating plan that you can stick with for life.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 29.

03-16-2011, 07:08 AM
OnebyOne all of this about the launch sounds interesting. How did you ever decide to do something like that? I may have come in late on how this interest manifested itself in your life.
RubyJanwhat kind of books do you write? Are these for your profession like a disseration?
Beverlyjoy Again, I stepped into your discussion about your surgery at the tail end. Did you try other non-surgical steps before deciding on surgery? Did you tear your tendon and it didn't heal properly? Did you get a second opinion?
BBE How long have you been lifting? What is your end goal on this?
Gwen and CeeJay Sounds like a plan, and a good one at that!
JoyIsn't it neat to try weird and exotic fruits? I don't like fresh mango but I do like mango peach frozen yogurt. It's probably the added sugar, right? sigh

I am posting this early because I haven't been able to fall asleep on just one dosage of pain meds. I tossed and turned for over two hours before getting up. My rheumatism flares up when the temps drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. It rained yesterday and that cooled things off. I do best when it is over 60 with low humidity.

I have stinkin thinkin right now. I credit myself for recognizing that in spite of my best intentions I am spinning my wheels. Cracking open BDS and starting back at square one.

I need to do a checklist of what I could/should be doing and what I am not. Thank you BBE for pointing out my "fat head" thinking. Fat heds make for fat bodies, right?;)

03-16-2011, 07:41 AM
One plan day yesterday. I was out of the office and in meetings a lot, so I wasn't thinking much about eating or food. I made my new favorite Quinoa Salad for dinner, and have left overs for several days for lunch or dinner.

Going to a "St. Patty's Day" dinner at a friend's house tonight. Will stick to mostly veggies and a taste of the corned beef and bread. I'm not a Guiness fan, so that won't be a problem!

03-16-2011, 09:58 AM
Hi Coaches!

My company lingers on and I have so much to do. *credit* for recognizing I need to come here first. The most frustrating thing for me now is that I'm in such a vortex of activity that I haven't been able to fathom tracking my food in the way I was getting so used to. *credit* for making mindful choices and *credit* for speaking up last night when the visitors announced that they wanted steak and potatoes. When asked, I quietly mentioned that it sounded delicious but I was following a vegetarian lifestyle and that there would be plenty for me to enjoy even if I did not partake in the ribeye dinner.

BillBlueEyes, *credit* for employing NO CHOICE to the sabotaging thought of additional afternoon snacks. Geez, I don't know WHY it's so hard to let go of things sometimesÖ.I often set that box aside until a later date and the revisiting sometimes helps.

onebyone, great that you have made an appointment for Saturday. Keep forging ahead and keep your end vision in sight.

CeeJay, your credits look like a lot! One step, two step...keep moving forward!

gardenerjoy, looking forward to the report on a melorange.

Beverlyjoy, glad you were able to enjoy your tea yesterday even as you made your emotionally charged Dr. appt.

Ruby(RubyJan), planning ahead for your birthday with activities that put you on the path of living a responsible life for your body is "living a responsible life." *credit*Ö.and Happy Birthday a few days early!

pamatga, *credit* for coming here and recommitting to reading BDS when you find yourself with stinkin thinkin resulting from pain and lack of sleep.

ChefJoona, great that your meetings left you not thinking of food. *credit* for preplanning your St Patty's Day dinner.

Gwen, I perused your blog this morning. That sure looks like a lot of work, but what a learning experience for you as you are on this journey.

03-16-2011, 12:26 PM
Eating was sloppy yesterday. A combination of being home alone and doing kitchen chores. Which is actually a good combination for me, but I need to find a way to not eat my way throught it.

On the credit side, I hit the halfway point of my exercise on the Ides of March!

WI: +0.5kgs, Exercise: +50* 800/1600 minutes for March, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-16-2011, 01:00 PM
Still reading posts daily but not getting time to post :(. I'm also still eating on my plan. Exercise is so-so. I'm trying to get outside more to walk, but it's sporadic.

Waves to everyone!


03-16-2011, 01:35 PM
Good Morning,
At work today. OP yesterday despite busy day. 2 pounds down from what I now call my " weekend weight". I am going to meditate and write about why weekends are so tough. Maybe the answer is get 3 pounds below goal and just roll with it. In any case. I am content and grateful for moderate eating.

Ruby Jan: Can you tell me anything about the Farleigh Dickinson Creative Writing MFA program that meets in Wroxton England for its winter semester. I was just accepted and have to chose between there or Goddard.

Teacher found a nine inch knife on one of our students today. I was a little freaked then I thought, If I wasn't here who would help protect all my kids.

03-16-2011, 01:49 PM
Hi Coaches

I should be up an a 'em. You'd think I'd be panic-stricken but I am not.

I haven't done a thing and in fact slept in then lolled in bed listening to the news on the radio, feeling myself trying to grasp nuclear plant meltdowns, radiation poisoning, clouds carrying stuff that could contaminate the earth and the sea and :soap: why aren't we as a world farther ahead on leaving fossil fuel and nuclear energy behind? :mad: I was listening to a BBC podcast about the rise of China and in one part the interviewer was talking to the head of a Chinese engineering or construction firm. He said they had TEN THOUSAND engineers working on solving their construction or building problems so they could move rapidly ahead to get the job done fast and right. Ten thousand people harnessed to solve a specific problem. Surely we could manage to do that to move forward in a quest for safe non-polluting/less polluting energy? :soap:

All this contemplation is much preferrable to dealing wiht the table that has many drawings made in school strewn across it. Or the two mystery boxes that are shoved to the wall under the table. Or my self-portrait life size clay head that I made of myself with the mohawk hairstyle made of black feathers and the removable black plastic beak I made in first year sculpture class... keep or toss? Yesterday I thought: toss. Today I find msyelf wondering if it could fit in a box. This sculpture also has a two part plaster cast with rubber mask insert that came off the plaster model I made (which is on the floor of the living room and definitely will be kept). The plaster model was made from the rubber mask which was cast from the clay head=the original sculpture. Itwas a three part exercise: model your head in clay, take a cast of it in rubber, then cast another head from the rubber model we made. Like I'll ever do that again? Maybe on a small scale.

details details. I'm lost in details today.

Today I can't imagine how any of this stuff will actually physically leave my townhouse and get on a truck. Will the truck be empty I wonder. Have I done this right or did I mess up somewhere? I guess I'll find out soon enough.

And I can't believe I missed the Ides of March. It was yesterday. I need my normal life back:dizzy:

2 bathrooms + 1.3 bedrooms + 1 closet + 1 hallway (and a walkabout in the rooms already packed to pack up the loose stuff) until I reach my Saturday morning goal... and some re-arranging of stuff to make the move go smoothly.

I'll check in with an update later.
*credit weighed in at 286 today. Was 288:eek:

03-16-2011, 02:46 PM
Exhausted, but reminding myself that food doesn't fix tired. Only a few more things to do then I can take a nap. We still have 19 heifers left to calve, but these girls are a long way off. DH got a second opinion from an old rancher, who agreed that at the earliest, we've got a week and a half until the next calf is born. They were supposed to be synchronized, but apparently there was a bit of mismarketing. The good news is that we'll move back home on Sunday. Can't wait to sleep in my own bed and cook in a normal kitchen. After that, we'll keep an eye on them when we feed them every AM and when they look close, we'll have a ranch hand look after them. DH and I have to get ready for lambing.

The dogs have been getting me out on plenty of walk/runs and I'm keeping up on yoga. I don't know if I'll get outside today since there are some wicked winds, but I did my yoga this AM when I still had energy.

03-16-2011, 04:15 PM
Just a quick check-in. Want to get in a workout before I drive to LAX at the beginning of evening rush hour (yes, that's right, "evening" rush hour starts at about 2-3 pm!).

Today I weighed in at a new low: 172! I'm at the bottom of what I've come to think of as my "monthly spiral": dropping a few pounds and reaching a new low, and then gaining 3-5 back during my hormonal cycle. I like that I can recognize this pattern. As long as I keep spiraling down, however slowly, I can deal with these fluctuations.

I did intense exercise six times last week, and I think I'm seeing it on the scale this week. Gives me momentum to keep up with the planning and the exercise.

CREDIT for all these things, for checking in here, and for giving myself an early birthday treat yesterday: a solo trip into LA to see the new Jane Eyre at the best theater in the world (the Arclight), and stopping by my favorite cafe, which makes the best cappuccino in SoCal. Both my movie ticket and cappuccino were FREE (which is why I always hoard my 'rewards' cards and punch cards). The best part: the slow cruise down Sunset Blvd., enjoying my music and the evening breeze, the sights and sounds of where I used to live.

Hope all is well in your parts of the world! Sending much support and positive energy to you and yours!

03-16-2011, 11:23 PM
Coaches/Buddies I'm sick. Strep test came back negative at least. I don't do sick well. Catch you all on the flip side of this.


03-17-2011, 07:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, including an evening meeting with NO FOOD involved - which seems rare in my life these days as all my functions seem to be food centric. Not to mention that I'm going out to lunch with friends today. Several boxes of stuff tackled, CREDIT moi, including some old electronics I've clutched for years in denial that once obsolete, it's all over.

onebyone - Yay for your calm side coming into control to finish the battle. I felt encouraged by the thought of your efforts as I worked some boxes yesterday. Giving up a sculpture is difficult - perhaps one more set of pictures would help since it might have more future value in a portfolio than on display.

Anne (AnneWonders) - I understand that, I "don't do sick well" either. Sending chicken soup.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for meeting your Ides of March goal, and Kudos for your consistency in setting and pursuing your monthly exercise goal. Maybe opening a bottle of bleach while doing chores in the kitchen would ward off the thought of food - I can't eat when I smell bleach.

Shepherdess - Ouch, going right from calving to lambing; you midwives don't get much of a break. Yay for running/walking with your dogs; I am jealous of all the range you have for your outings.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for speaking up for yourself. Beck should have referred to our speaking-up muscle that needs strengthening. [Yep, same here, sometimes I have to fondle something two or three times over weeks before I can let it go.]

MaryContrary - Yay for Jane Eyre and cappuccino; Yay for FREE. With Kudos for taking care of yourself. Happy Birthday!!! No doubt I'll get to see the movie since DW is a Charlotte BrontŽ fan.

maryann - Lovely thought, "I am content and grateful for moderate eating."

ChefJoona - Yay for meetings that keep you from thinking about food - must be useful meetings, because the boring ones make me hungry, LOL.

pamatga - Sending sleep through the ether - agreeing that you need your rest to function. [Lifting only since my journey - about 5.5 years. Goal is merely to retain muscle and to be able to pull myself out of a jam.]

Jan (jmaf) - Hope you can make a slot in your day for your walking; stuff is appearing out of the ground as if the plants anticipate Spring.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 3

Many people blame our epidemic of obesity on the rise in highly caloric, highly palatable convenience foods. They point out that restaurant portions have grown by up to 60 percent in the past two decades, in step with rising numbers of overweight and obese adults.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 29.

03-17-2011, 07:53 AM
Ok day yesterday. I munched on a few pretzles during a meeting... credit for avoiding the cookies that were also up for grabs. Did ok at the St. Patty's Day dinner, but not great. This mornings weigh-in showed up .2lbs from Sunday.

I woke up feeling really resistent to posting. I'm feeling down today. I have been struggling to sleep through the night- I wake up tossing and turning from stressful thoughts. I feel at odds with my body in several ways too. Credit for fighting my urge and making the choice to post.

On the plus side I have been starting to do a little strength training at home. Just some squats and modified push ups. I'm frustrated that my muscles feel weak and I want to find some way to start moving.

Food is planned and packed for today.

03-17-2011, 09:00 AM
Reread first chapter of BDS. I know this stuff like the back of my hand but I am inconsistent in putting it into practice. Therein, lies the "rub". I'm smarter than this, much smarter.

Excited after going to my second class on diabetes. Last night was about reading food labels. I consider myself to be one who does since I log everything I eat every day without fail but again I am an honest "dolt" not subversive. I write down things for public and private view that most wouldn't bring to the light of the day. I am still trying to figure out the psychology in that "move". Hmm?

Some pointers she shared:

Use the plate method for portion control. The three compartments paper/plastic plates are the "gold standard" (9"). Where most of us put the meat or protein in (the biggest section) we "should" (ideally) be putting our non-starchy vegetables. Then, the protein should go in one of the two smaller sections along with a starch in the other. Sounds like the "Sonoma Diet" to me.

All food labels are based on a daily 2000 calorie intake. The percentages shown are for that. If you want to know how many calories you should have of each food group then use the percentage number against how many calories you are either trying to eat or plan to eat. Fortunately, the food log I use online does the calculating for me but at least I know how to do it "by long hand" if need to.

I have relied on using artificial sweetners for over two decades. She did not recommend this. Instead she recommended limited use of foods with sugar in them. She emphasized portion control and eating all foods in moderation. Having a piece of cake;ie, to celebrate special occasions. I like this in theory but I facililate between doing well with this and doing not so well with this.

Next week is counting carbs. She recommends 45-60 grams of carbs per meal. I counted carbs for two years (2008-2010) while following the South Beach Diet. I will credit it with 1) curbing my cravings for sweets 2) cleaning up some poor food choices. I've since expanded to counting all macronutrients each day and trying to average my recommended amounts weekly.

I had lots of questions. I'm not sure if I annoyed her or not. One person brought her chocolate chip cookies from Souplantation. I thought, "what?" No points for kissing up.:p

I am proud that my blood glucose is and has been under control for nine months. I am so glad I found out early on and made some simple but important changes. I just want to tweak my knowledge and then apply it.

Knees hurting since resuming walking on treadmill. Sleep lightly all night but I was sleeping.

I need to give myself more pep talks. :yay: Like Dorothy all I have to do is click my heels together and teleport myself to "Onederland". It awaits......

03-17-2011, 09:38 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday I went over my calories by about 100. It was mixed; I got some exercise but not enough, my meals were a bit higher in calories as I improvised with leftovers, I had my evening snack-but measured and moderate. I had some feelings of unfairness as I made DH a cheesy leftover for both lunch and dinner but stuck to my plan. I said no choice and stuck with my healthier choice. Today will be better. I will exercise more and will be mindful of my choices.

BillBlueEyes, yay for meetings without food! It sure makes it easier to stick to the original plan. *credit* for continual decluttering.

gardenerjoy, you reminded me to catch up on my exercise tally. It really helps. Funny how a certain combination (home alone and kitchen chores) can generate sloppy food habits one day and good ones on another. A good reason to always remain vigilant!

Jan(jmaf), great that you are still eating on your plan. Thanks for checking in with us and sharing your continuing success!

maryann, great that you keep analyzing your weekend weight. Kudos for feeling content and grateful.

onebyone, hoping you've found some clarity in the details you were "lost in" yesterday. :hug:

Shepherdess, yay for getting back home so you can get ready for lambing. It sounds like you have pulled through this season taking care of your own needs, too.

MaryContrary, congrats! for a new low, and for recognizing the positive steps that you have taken to participate in the process. An early Happy Birthday to you!

AnneWonders, take care! I've been trying to get a bug, too.

ChefJoona, *credit* for avoiding cookies and especially for posting when feeling resistant!

pamatga,you said, "I am proud that my blood glucose is and has been under control for nine months. I am so glad I found out early on and made some simple but important changes. I just want to tweak my knowledge and then apply it." *credit* Such a big step in the big picture!

03-17-2011, 01:46 PM
Good Morning. I don't have to work until 1:30 so I am enjoying puttering. Chilly here for California with unseasonable bouts of rain. Right now, though, sunny. I am thru my second cup of coffee and as a result I feel myself unwind. The last of the weekend weight is gone. No plans to go anywhere for another week so I feel I can really settle into a clean, few days of eating. It is funny that I am more excited about an "easy eating weekend" then traveling to any exciting vacation area.
onebyone: I was thinking about the nuke question last night, as well. How afraid the Japanese must be - worrying about their children and if they would wake up tomorrow to a different world. I'll give my boy a big kiss today.
Shepardess: Credit for remaining peaceful when you are not home. Home is very important to me as well.
MaryContrary: Congrats on your new low.
BBE: I regret my boxes of electronic junk as well. It seems such a waste to throw things like that out. Credit for your work.
ChefJoona: Credit for checking in when you don't want to. It is those types of actions that really make a change in your life over time.
Pagmata: Interesting reading you diabetes notes. Carbs are the key factor to control for me. I have had to lower my carbs per meal to 36grams in order to stop feeling hungry.
Lexxiss: It is never easy to cook for others who do not share the same issue. Quite a balancing act in a family. Credit for your plans,

03-17-2011, 01:47 PM
Somehow I stayed with the closed thread and didn't think that of course I needed to find the March one. I want to tell everyone how much it helps me to see peoples encouragement and atta girls/boys to people who post on this thread. It doesn't even have to be aimed at me. I am also so encouraged by so much weight loss on this thread.

I went from a phase 1 to a phase 2 on my diet and have been doing everything that Beck suggests (except serious exercise--I have been walking some, tho). Still when I added just a piece of fruit a day, I stopped losing weight and have even gained a little. I do say ah, well and try to figure what went wrong, but I do feel somewhat discouraged. I do believe if I stick with it I will lose. I lost 5 pounds on the first phase (two weeks) of my diet and I am grateful for that. So, I am glad to be "evesdropping".


03-17-2011, 04:05 PM
Just in from my walk :). Even if I haven't been doing my hard-core exercises, at least I'm getting something in (credit). Food has been good, but I ate a bit more yesterday compared to my normal amount - going away lunch for someone at work. Dinner was on-track, though.

I have a corned beef brisket in the slow cooker for tonight and will have it with some roast cabbage and carrots. Oh, and maybe half a Guiness...! Then on to watching basketball :D.

jicarilla: welcome to the March thread! Are you on South Beach? When I went to phase 2 (did SB a few years ago), it took me a couple of weeks for things to stabilize. I think most weight lost during the first 2 weeks is water weight, and adding carbs back in (no matter how little) will cause your body to stablilize it's water amounts.

maryann: Hear you! I'm the same with looking forward to an 'easy eating weekend' compared to going out and doing more.

Lexxiss: I know the feelings of 'unfairness' - most of the time I tell myself that my DH really shouldn't be eating that kind of stuff anyway (he's a cheese fanatic!) even if he's not worried about his weight. Congrats to sticking with your healthier choices!

pamatga: someone brought the instructor a cookie?? In a class on diabetes?!?! REALLY?!?! That's pretty interesting! About your questions - you should ask as many as you like, even if she's annoyed! Who knows, you may never see her again after the class, but the information from your answered questions will go far. Congrats on keeping your blood levels under control!

ChefJoona: I'm also having problems sleeping - I think it's the time change for me. Stick with the squats and push ups. Soon you will be stronger.

BBE: All meetings should involve no food!! I agree on how things are really becoming food-centric. Congrats on getting rid of old electronics - wish I could convince my DH to do that.

Anne: Hope you get better soon. Chicken soup and rest are the only things that help me.

MaryContrary: Sounds like your solo trip was fun! Congrats on the 'new low'!

Shepherdess: Good luck on the lambing and calving. Sounds like you are exceptionally busy this time of year!

onebyone: all the news re: Japan is really scary to me, too. I'm finding myself checking the news sites often. Good luck with the packing. I'm in the midst of trying to clean out my studio at home. I ran across a bunch of paintings I did when I was just starting to paint and I decided that they were bringing me down rather than making me happy. I ended up tossing the lot. I don't need extra baggage. I'm sure I'll never miss them!

Sorry if I missed anyone!


03-17-2011, 04:59 PM
Hi Beckfolks - Happpy to say that yesterday was a healthy day. I am always grateful for that! I planned/logged/journaled, had lots of water, had no seconds & kept my sodium under 1500 mg. I had to take my mom to a doctor's appointment. I used that time to read my arc/rc. Some credits there.

I have been very 'sloppy' about licking the spoon and tasting when cooking. I think I'll keep track of it with a chart or such and write down if I lick the spoon or eat standing for my contact with eating & cooking.

I hope you are all having a good day.

03-17-2011, 11:16 PM
Hello everyone!!!

So excited to report that I ate healthy today. Funny how it makes you feel so much better in every way!!

Today I ate cereal and an orange for breakfast, salad and sandwich for lunch, apple for snack, and a bit of homemade pea soup, chicken and roast veggies for dinner. Snack will be yogurt and pumpkin.

I also did my weights. I went grocery shopping and bought many fruits and veggies. I have a plan for tomorrow.


Wishing everyone a happy Friday

03-18-2011, 12:49 AM

I've got the window open and am enjoying a nice refreshing breeze. 46F here my computer tells me. I just pulled three large heavy bags of garbage out to the garbage bin while wearing just a t-shirt and jeans, Nice. My friend T was by again today and he took out two carloads of garbage again; approximately 14 bags went today = 42 in two weeks. We've been working hard.

I made some decisions about lots of paintings and "found" canvases. I slashed them and they went to the garbage pile. I said to my friend "I thought artists were supposed to slash their canvases in a rage? I just don't want anyone to take them." I find that thought creepy. It was fun to destroy them. I enjoyed it, unlike tossing all those paints yesterday. I'm still licking my wounds over that.

Two of the three bedrooms are done now, as well as one of the two bathrooms. The freezer is happily, easily, defrosting in the basement. I just took out a lot of freezer food to the garbage bin. That was tough. And I feel bad I didn't offer the food to Zahara two doors down :( By the time I thought of it the stuff was unthawed. Today I am wondering if I should take the three cheap wooden shelves instead of leaving them as planned. I may take them. I can get rid of them if I need to on the other end, but would be thrilled to have them if I need them. I think I'll take them. It'll give us 6 bookcases total.


DH comes home tomorrow night. We pack the truck Saturday afternoon, drive it to Toronto Saturday, unload it Sunday 9am. Leave the car here. Then we drive back to Ottawa on Sunday with the truck and then DH drives the car back to Toronto Sunday. Next Friday he drives a panel van from Toronto to Ottawa. We pack the panel van, take Caesar cat and the fish with us to Toronto on Saturday. I take the car back to Ottawa on my own and keep it for the week. Then I drive back mid-week or earlier, whenever I am done here: painting three walls, getting cleaners to spruce the place up (I have a coupon), getting our medical files from the dr. packing the car with whatever is left to pack up.

And then it's done.

Except for the unpacking :eek:

Foodwise I cooked the turkey from the freezer last night. I had dinner at 11:30pm. It was good. I weighed in this morning at 282. I should reach my goal of 280 or less by March 31st. I'll try for it anyway.

Time for bed. I have a really full and busy day tomorrow.

Bye for now.

03-18-2011, 02:13 AM
Something about being on the Beck plan, planning and tracking my food, my weight, my exercise has me noticing cycles all over the place. The spiral that I envision as my weight loss, the way I feel every spring, the five-year anniversary my DP and I will celebrate next month (so little time, but this has been my longest relationship). My 33rd birthday next week. So much seems to be both beginning and ending right now, not just for me, but for my friends and loved ones, for the world (Japan, Egypt, Libya, etc.)

One cycle has been looming over me this week, it seems ridiculous, but I'm seeing that it has such a huge effect on my life. I've been feeling myself approaching the beginning of the monthly hormone festival. I have this mounting anxiety, which is rapidly becoming one of my major 'symptoms' (I don't like this word, but how else to describe them?). I'm trying to just face this feeling. I appreciate that I can see the cycle, because that means I can address it. But the anxiety has a freezing effect on my writing. ::sigh:: Always this battle. And, let's face it: I'm likely depressed and anxious and dread-ful because a chapter deadline I've set is marked on the infamous wall calendar for tomorrow, and I'm not even close to being done. ::sigh again::

I think I'm going to claim some work time for myself this weekend.

Yesterday involved some unplanned emotional eating. Very yummy at the time, but the rest of the night I had major cravings for more carbs, and I felt heavy and yucky. Noted the feeling in my journal.

No exercise today. I did treat myself to my ritual of Thai food lunch after a stressful round of bill-paying. Was very careful about measuring my food at dinner. Still enjoying this feeling of being able to get back on track. It's a great skill, when right now my emotions are all over the place.

Thanks for listening, friends. Sending positive vibes to all!

03-18-2011, 05:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - This morning I will move some dozen boxes to a staging area near the door to be ready to go to the front porch for a Saturday pickup. CREDIT moi for continuing the saga.

I'm away from my speedy Internet connection for the weekend; will post again Monday. Looking forward to a whole web-free weekend.

onebyone - Lots of progress there in the home stretch. Keeping bookshelves just in case sounds smart. You've got a lot of back and forth to Toronto in your future.

CeeJay - What a stellar day - with homemade pea soup even!

Beverlyjoy - Keeping sodium under 1500 mg can be a challenge; Kudos. Wish I'd take the effort to track my sodium. I believe in the 1500 mg goal, but don't know what I get from processed foods.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Always admire a NO CHOICE.

MaryContrary - Interesting to note all the cycles of our lives. Can't wait to congratulate you for 5 years with your DP - even with teenagers around, LOL. Bill paying makes me crazy - I'll have to see if Thai food resolves that.

maryann - Yep, an "easy eating weekend" sounds good to me, too.

ChefJoona - Beginning is the hardest part for an exercise program; Kudos for starting.

pamatga - Gotta assume that a student who brings the teacher cookies at a class on diabetes is missing the point or doesn't need to be in that class, LOL.

Jan (jmaf) - Yay for walking - it's always there.

Sharon (jicarilla) - Glad you found us again. Even though it can feel discouraging when the weight drop slows, your body knows you're on plan; it'll keep track and post the results later.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 3

The truth of the matter is that highly processed foods and large restaurant portions are not going to disappear. Neither are fast-food joints, all-you-can-eat buffets, or cafeterias. To lose excess weight and keep it off, you will learn how to stay in control in any eating situation, including at restaurants, parties, and extended family dinners. You will learn how to stay in control when you are stressed, sick, busy, or traveling. these challenging situations simply require a set of dieting skills - skills that will build on what you will already have learned during Stage 1.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 29-30.

03-18-2011, 08:04 AM
Yes- TGIF!

Still not sleeping great. Looking forward to the weekend- maybe not having the work week stress will help sleep. I remember last Friday night I slept from 7:30pm-7:30am after having a disrupted sleep week that week too.

I forgot my planned food in the fridge yesterday. Luckily I keep some healthy staples in my desk and work next to a health food store with a yummy salad bar (I try to limit going there for $ reasons). I cut down on my dinner portion to fit in a bit of ice cream. I was mindful to stickc to the serving size- a 1/2 a cup doesn't feel like enough ice cream as I measure it, but it satisfied my craving and I didn't feel guilty.

We are dog sitting for a couple days and the weather is feeling like spring. DFiance came out for a walk with me and the dog last night. I think we'll go for a longer one tonight.

MaryContrary I'm right there with you with the whole "cycle" thing... joys of being a woman.

Onebyone Keep up the great work and progress!

BillBE Enjoy the internet free weekend! Sounds great to me!

maryann Let me know if you have anymore questions about VT as you make your decision regarding Goddard!

Waving to everyone else!

03-18-2011, 08:31 AM
Hi folks - another healthy day yesterday.. I am grateful. That's three...I am aiming for another today. I planned/logged/measured, no seconds, tried to eat more slowly, lots of water, shopped for healthy foods, ate low sodium, and left a bite at each meal.

This morning I've done my stretches & strengthening. It's March Madness. DH loves this and I have fun watching with him (although, not quite as enthused as him) I love hanging out with him. We are going out to lunch Saturday with family. We are going to the Chinese Restaurant with the steamed Hong Kong fish.

Ceejay - I agree that being on plan just makes everything seem better in different parts of our lives. Kudoís for planning ahead at grocery and meals.

Onebyone - you are making such good progress in your packing - excellent. Kudoís for cooking that turkey - such a good thing to have around to eat. Your weight goal sounds good.,

Mary contrary - yes, being observant of food plan cycles can spill into parts of our lives. Darn carbs - they can getcha. Making a note of it in your journal makes it more real.

Billbe - have a great weekend. Kudoís on your continued decluttering. You would be utterly shocked to see how much sodium is in processed food. Itís very eye-opening.

I dearly appreciate all your folks for your time, input and support in this journey. I will try to get back to do more personals. Shout out to everyone.

03-18-2011, 09:06 AM
[Keeping sodium under 1500 mg can be a challenge; Kudos. Wish I'd take the effort to track my sodium. I believe in the 1500 mg goal, but don't know what I get from processed foods.]

This is the new standard that the instructor (from the diabetes class) also mentioned! I was floored to say the least. I feel fortunate when I stay below 3000 mg each day, which my Biggest Loser food plan allows. If I am understanding the last part of your comment, BBE, do you mean you don't know what the sodium is from processed foods? If that is what you meant then I would recommend reading labels. All frozen foods have a lot of sodium because it is a food preservative. As does any food prepared in restaurants.

When I go below 2000 mg of sodium per day, I get light-headed and my B/P drops down to 95/54. I average a 102/64 B/P. I think the reason why BL encourages a higher sodium is because part of that plan is a lot of exercise and, therefore, you are sweating most of it off. Bev, what would be an average food plan for you that you are able to get under 1500 mg sodium?

I haven't slept yet. I was awake all through the night. I was cold. I was hungry (having eaten the last food around 7 pm). And, my knees and front of my thigh muscles hurt in spite of pain meds. I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes the last two days.

You know, I guess I never thought that was odd he gave her those cookies because she had said her policy is "eat in moderation, including desserts". She does not believe in using sugar free products including diet sodas. Something which I do. (there was a recent study about a link between heart attacks and strokes and drinking diet sodas--I am still trying to figure out how and why?)

It is a myth that diabetics can't have sugar. It is all about carb counting and portioning those out throughout the day so you don't have any sudden spikes in blood sugar. Until I knew exactly how certain foods affected my blood glucose levels, I tested 7 times a day. I had a couple of really sore fingertips too. I feel really fortunate that I discovered this when it responded so easily to diet, losing weight and exercising. I also got a very comprehensive book on the disease. That was my primary reason for going to this 4 part series. I told her that I knew there are a lot of "fallacies" and I wanted to walk away with the facts so I could make informed decisions. As she stressed, it is healthy eating in moderation so, yes, cookies are a part of that. I like that because I think any kind of food plan that restricts or eliminates certain food groups is going to do more psychological damage than good. It's not about being at war with ourselves but learning to be at peace.

I followed the South Beach Diet, with the group that posts on 3FC, from 2008-2010. It is a really low carb food plan although I did adapt to it. I just felt I needed more variety. The food plan promoted for diabetes is mostly non-starchy vegetables, smaller portions of protein and starch along with milk and fruit. I also have the book for the Sonoma Diet which also uses the plate method that she discussed on Wednesday but I just get tired of eating so many vegetables. I average 2 cups a day. I feel that is doable for me.

I am tweaking my food plan all the time. It is definitely a work in progress. I do know that I eat much healthier than I did in 2007. I have slips but overall I do quite well. It is really about arming yourself with knowledge and then applying it, which to me seems very "Beck".

03-18-2011, 10:37 AM
The scale is stuck at 196... it simply won't budge! And to top that off, I had to go and take bikini photos of myself in front of that stupid full length mirror... front, back, side. Uuuuugh. How depressing, humiliating, mortifying.... I'm just not feeling Beckish right now. However;

NOT going to eat, this is good
Don't feel like working out.
Don't feel like counting calories.
Bought a new book on cognitive thinking for weight loss, but it's nowhere near as good as Beck. It did come with a hypnosis cd. Listened to that, not very motivating though.
Pulled out my old hypnosis program and that was a good thing.
Just want to vegetate and mourn my long lost skinny self.

Is there a crying river of tears smiley somewhere?

PLEASE motivate me!!!

03-18-2011, 11:28 AM
Hi Coaches!

I got up bright and early….to no power. I went back to bed. We had some heavy Spring snow. Yesterday was a good Beck day. I planned, logged , exercised and stayed within my calorie goal. I actually had a bit of an emotional fallout last night...too much happening. I actually cried for a bit and identified sadness that I was saying NO CHOICE to unplanned eating. I wanted to very badly. I didn't and like the book says, the feeling passed.

BillBlueEyes, major decluttering *credit*. Enjoy your web free weekend. You deserve it! Thanks, as always, for your dedication to our group!

jicarilla, sticking with your plan even when the scale isn't moving is a great Beck tool. *credit*

maryann, *credit* that you find yourself excited about an easy eating weekend . I feel that, too.

Jan(jmaf), *credit* for getting some exercise even when it isn't hard core. Dr Beck teaches us that consistency in exercise is important even if it's 10 minutes.

CeeJay,*credit* for a healthy day and recognition of how good it feels.

onebyone, *credit* for slashing old canvases as a way of letting go. You are on the home stretch!

MaryContrary, being mindful of your "cycles" in all facets of your life is a great strategy. *credit* Thanks for sending positive vibes!

ChefJoona, enjoy your dog sitting weekend! Great strategy having some emergency food on hand at work for days when you forget...or just don't have time. *credit*

Beverlyjoy, great *credits* yesterday...and exercise already this morning!

pamatga, *credit* for constantly striving to learn more about foods and about yourself as you are "arming yourself with knowledge and then applying it".

Gwen, reading from the Beck books has really helped put things into perspective for me when it comes to the point that I base the level of my self esteem on the scale. Dr. Beck gives some excellent pointers regarding positive steps you can take when the scale isn't moving. I don't have my book handy to quote specific pages. *credit* for listing steps you can take. Following SBD, I was resistant to counting calories but I've learned lots about "what" I eat since starting. I don’t plan on doing it forever, but at the moment it's really helping.

03-18-2011, 12:48 PM
Hi Coaches

26/35 zones completed as of 11:36am today *credit
weighed in: 283 *credit for weighing in
cooking from scratch *credit

I'm just taking a break. I emptied our dressers into garbage bags. Done. Check. Now I am wokring on packing up my side of the bedroom. Not as fast but fairly pleasant with the tv and the kitty keeping me company. My BIG JOB today is to get the bedroom done. Mostly this means to keep pushing forward with the stuff on my side (I'm 1/2 done). I found yet another box of magazines. Wow. I just have to count them before they go. And I am saving all the cooking magazines. Oh Well. Cooking and Variety and Rolling Stone. Funny. I'm just letting myself do what feels right. Obviously I am ready to get back to an "us" and a daily routine and all that. DH is eager to have this all overwith and this time tomorrow we'll be driving the truck here to load it up. OMG that will be fantastic. I will be THRILLED to see the majority of all our stuff get on that darn truck.

Besides the bedroom, which is my main focus, I have to go back around the place and pack/finish packing some areas. I'm a little concerned about some of the spots I've left undone and I'm overly concerned with making sure there are clear unobstructed pathways for the movers o move stuff out of here. This means I have to tackle another area, the downstairs landing. I'm not planning on packing or sorting it but I do have to move it out of the way.

Wow. Many more hours of work. I'd better go finish something.

bye for now coaches. tgif.

update:1:29pm finished my side of the bedroom CREDIT

update: 5:30pm
-cleaning under the bed DONE
-cleaning DH's bedside area DONE
-clearing off small bookcase *later if at all*
-clean out linen closet DONE

DECIDING TO.... leave the bedroom closet for now so I can:

-finish small shelves in dining area
-stuff on top of glass desk
-move stuff off of downstairs landing
-wipe down freezer
-wipe up/gather up wet stuff on floor around freezer
-make a path for removal of the freezer from the basement
-clear entry way and hallway one more time (this is endless!!!! :mad:)
-box up electronics &/or ready boxes for electronics
-clear off kitchen counters
-box up crockpot/microwave inner plate/ring thingy
-separate DONATION boxes from what's going
-put all important papers in one place/box/bag

03-18-2011, 02:02 PM
Fighting the "food fixes tired" sabotaging thought. I lost one battle (I did give into a cookie), but am winning the war. My new job is finally taking off, which is good, but I am trying to adjust to the schedule. I'm teaching about 3 hours in the middle of the night a few days a week and just haven't gotten my sleep schedule adjusted to it yet. It's just like everything else in life; I need to come up with a good plan.

I was tired yesterday and it was windy, but the dogs desperately needed some exercise. I talked myself into taking them for a walk/run. I'm glad I did and I was able to get to bed early. No teaching last night, so I feel better.

Onebyone, yay for moving day! It looks like your plan to get stuff packed is working for you. Having it finally done will bring a huge relief.

Lexxiss, yikes for a spring storm that brings a power outage. We were supposed to get one, but am thankful it didn't happen. . .yet. Great job staying in your calorie range, but hugs for feeling emotionally overwhelmed. You've had a lot going on! Hope you get some time to recharge.

Gwen, ouch for the bikini photos that put you in a very un-Beck mood, but great job showing up here and posting anyways! No better way to combat the lack of motivation than to "just do it."

Pamatga, yay for eating healthier now than 2007! It's great to take those steps to success. I think continually tweaking your food plan can be a good thing. There are lots of good diets out there, but each one of us is unique so it's worth experimenting and finding what works for you.

Beverlyjoy, kudos on a healthy day! I'm so impressed that you continue to monitor your sodium so closely. Great job thinking ahead and planning for a healthy meal out with your family.

Chefjoona, yay for dogs who get you out for a walk. Mine are a constant motivation to exercise even when I don't feel like it. Great job making healthy swaps when your planned healthy food was left at home. Wishing you sweet dreams for the weekend.

BillBE, yay for a web-free weekend. It can be so great to be unplugged!

MaryContrary, sending supportive thoughts while you face stress of your upcoming deadline. Ouch for the off-plan eating, but great job using it to learn something!

Ceejay, kudos on a healthy day! Yay that being OP makes you feel so much better about the rest of your life!

Jmaf, great job getting out and getting exercise! Your St. Patty's day meal sounds fun and healthy.

Jicarilla, glad you found us here in March! Hugs while feeling discouraged with your diet, but yay for the confidence that you be successful. Congrats on 5 lbs gone forever.

Maryann, yay for a leisurly morning to yourself and yay that the weekend weight is gone. I understand the appeal of an easy weekend to get stuff done around the house.

Annewonders, hope you are feeling better soon!

03-18-2011, 04:48 PM
Still not an OP day. Not "down the rabbit hole" as Mary Contrary says but not clean and I yearn for Clean. I admire Beverleyjoy's three days and hope to jump in with my own Op day today - no matter what. It helps to read everyone's struggles. They remind me where I have been and/or where I will mostly struggle again.
School day off and I love hanging out with my son. I made him Mac and cheese (my downfall) and will go into the kitchen after this and throw the extra away.
JMAF: Thanks for eating corned beef for me. Maybe I'll pick some up on sale this week.
Shepardess: Credit on job taking off. Night work is a tough adjustment.
Lexxiss: I am borrowing a little of your "No Choice" today.
Gwen: I am stuck too. I finally admitted this morning that I have been 151 for two months, give or take a little up or down. I am asking for a little Divine intervention on this plateau. I have a sneaking suspicion I am going to have to eat less and I don't want to see that. Maybe a miracle will happen.
Pagmata: There is lots of pain I am finding in constantly tweeking my food plan to what sounds good.
ChefJoona: I never cease to be amazed how small 1/2 cup of ice cream is.
Ceejay: Credit for you good day.
BBE: Have a great weekend. You're getting lighter by the day.

03-18-2011, 07:18 PM
Pamatga - eating low sodium is a challenge. My blood pressure has been borderline high the past few times I’ve gone to the doctor. It, however, it may have to do with stress. My doctor said to watch my sodium. Daily, via government standards, recommendation is about 2300. I aim for 1500 - 2000 mg. When I started to keep track, I was eating way, way too much sodium. Some days my sodium is below 1500mg and sometimes it's a little more than 1500mg. I don't want to start obsessing about it... but, be conscience of salt in foods and make good choices.

Processed food has a lot of sodium. I was shocked when I started keeping track. I try to find the no salt added or low sodium varieties. The foods with the least sodium are vegetables and fruits. (although I’ve learned that spinach, carrots, celery & beets have the most salt.) Some low salt or no salt added processed foods I use are: ketchup, canned beans (garbonzo, white etc), canned vegetables, cheese (I use low fat, it has lower about of salt), ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese, broth with no salt added, etc. I was surprised to learn that sweet potatoes have alot more sodium than white potatoes.

Since you asked to see -Here are a few days of menus:

Breakfast - egg white scramble with ketchup, pnb toast
Snack - smoothie - cucumber and tangerine
Lunch - red pepper & white bean hummus ( I made with no salt added), carrot sticks, crackers, half banana
Snack - strawberries, rice cake
Dinner - turkey burger & cheese, ketchup, pumpkin with margerine & sf maple syrup.
Snack - lite hot cocoa, fruit,
Sodium - 1250

Breakfast - pnb spoon, pumpkin with sf syrup, margerine, cinn.
Snack - smoothie with cuke, tangerine, flax
Lunch - hummus, parsnips, crackers, Ĺ banana
Snack - fiber one cereal, milk, raisins, crackers
Dinner - crock pot chicken with potato, onions, carrots - cooked in no salt added broth
Snack - cocoa, cheese, rice cake
Sodium - 1725

Breakfast - pumpkin/margerine/sf maple syrup/, ricotta cheese
Snack - apple
Lunch - pasta with sauce made of: ricotta cheese, asparagus, evoo, onions, leftover chicken broth from last night, oregano, parm. Cheese
Snack - half banana, pnb
Dinner - turkey polish sausage (high sodium), crackers, parsnips
Snack - cocoa, cheese
Sodium - 1820

My food plan is exchanges via Richard Simmons old program with the food mover. It is based on the old food pyramid. I don’t however, use the plastic doo-hickey foodmover to keep track. I write it in my journal.

03-19-2011, 12:40 AM

2 days of healthy eating!!!

Breakfast- egg whites and cheese
Snack- plain yogurt and strawberries
Lunch- salad and ham sandwich (whole wheat, no butter, mustard)
Snack- apple and small yogurt with berries
Dinner- was in the city. Resisted many thoughts about pizza, chinese, Mcdonalds, donuts, etc and went to Subway for a whole wheat turkey sub- no cheese.
Planning on a bit of soup for snack.

So happy- it was starting to feel like I was never going to get back on track. But I am not getting cocky. One minute at a time.

:hug: to you all

03-19-2011, 06:27 AM
Hi Beckfolks/coaches/friends - yesterday was a healthy day. I am grateful. I planned/measured/logged my food and sodium, lots of water, left a bite, no seconds, exercised, improved on eating standing, enjoyed each bite and journaled. Today I will commit to also reading my rc/arc and some of the Beck book. DH and I will watch some basketball today and I can do both.

We will have lunch with family at the Chinese Restaurant for lunch. I’ve got it planned out.

Cee-jay - two days are AWESOME. I know that feels good. I think once you get those couple days on plan, it can set you on a path of better eating and sanity with food.

Maryann - you WILL have a clean eating day. For me - it is - just keep planning, try and use the Beck techniques and take it one day/one meal at a time. Forgive yourself for any off plan eating. We can’t change the past. Moving forward is the best direction. Yes, we all have struggles.

Shepardess - I must mention that DH fixed lamb chops on the grill for my birthday a few weeks ago. I think of you now when ever I have my favorite dinner with lamb. I forget, when is the baby due? You said: I'm teaching about 3 hours in the middle of the night a few days a week and just haven't gotten my sleep schedule adjusted to it yet. What are you teaching in the middle of the night? Credit for getting in your exercise in.

Onebyone - credit for all your packing and getting it done. I think it’s a huge credit for cooking from scratch when life is so busy and hectic and it would be a lot easier to eat take out for every meal.

Lexxiss/Debbie - credit for you consistent use of No Choice. Yes - it does strengthen that resistance muscle every time you use it. Sometimes a good cry is so cathartic. I am sorry there is so much happening. Take care now.

Gwen: darn that scale! It’s hard when it won’t budge. Dr. Beck wants us to look at that number as ‘just information’ for that moment. Often, I think it’s easier said than done. However, I do know folks who can do this. I think your CD sounds like it can be helpful. These have been helpful to me in the past. Take it one day at a time… first thing, make a plan.

Pamatga - sorry about not sleeping is an issue now along with the pain in your pieces and parts. . I go through spurts of these too. Credit for tweeking your food plan to work for you and any health concerns you face. Sounds like you are learning a great deal from your class.

Chefjoona - I hope you can catch up on your sleep this weekend! Kudo’s for finding a healthful alternate when you left your lunch at work! Walking the dog surely counts as exercise!

Billbe - enjoy your trip to the speedway! Talk to you on Monday.

I hope you all have a great day!

03-19-2011, 07:13 AM
Beverlyjoy covered everything that I would have said regarding Ceejay and MaryAnn posts so reread her post and congratulate yourself on making strides on your own food plan. So I say ditto to ya'all! Good job!

Thanks Bev for posting your food plan. If I ate like that I would be losing 4-5 lbs each week. To me, that seems more like snacking than real meals but if you can do it more power to you. My sleep patterns are such that I end up missing at least 1 meal and 1 snack time each day. I am only posting this now because I awoke to pee every hour from 1-4 am so I finally got up to take more pain meds. I'm going back to bed after I write this. Such is my life these days.

Again, the best way I stay "on plan" as you all here like to call it, is simply to have a "clean" kitchen. There are no offending foods so the only way that I can eat poorly is if I either eat it out or bring it home via non-grocery trips. In fact, what is interesting is that I have a dozen sealed candy canes from Christmas up in my cupboard that were on my tree this year. I will probably end up throwing them out. They just don't interest me except I might put them back on the tree this coming Christmas.

My DH is going to his "Inspiration Dinner" tonight before his 13.1K tomorrow am. He has to be in downtown Atlanta at Centenntial Park (where the 1996 Olympics were held) by 5:15 am tomorrow. He is walking to raise monies for cancer research via Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My mom died of complications from cancer surgery in 2008. God willing, I might be able to join him next year or the year after that. I am praying daily for health insurance.

My adult son is a vegan (also worked at Whole Foods while he was a college student)and I was telling him that I was eating my soy burgers during Lent and he told me that Morningstar Farms is owned by Monsanto which now has gotten the nod from the current administration in Washington to be allowed to make their products with GM foods. Guess I won't be buying that brand anymore. I do like their pizza burgers. Really good!

The more that I learn about our food sources the more it feels like walking through a landmine. So, as not to make myself crazy, I do the best that I can and accept what I can't. Speaking of crazy, Gwen, if weighing does a number on your head here is a suggestion that OA gave me: weigh on the 1st of the month. I used to do that but I have a tendency to lie to myself and rationalize what and how much I eat so in order to keep myself real with myself I weigh every morning.

I "detach" and look at the number as just one piece of information regarding my weight lose efforts. In other words, I don't have any extra helping because I lost 1 lb or walk around feeling virtuous because I lost 2 lbs. I always remind myself "pride goeth before the fall". I am grateful for whatever presents itself. I'm eating for life. In fact, there is another person, twinmom(I don't think she would mind me sharing this) on the 100 lbs support group here on 3FC that has lost 145 lbs. I asked her how long it took and she said 2 years. 90 lbs the first year and 45 the second and she began running 5-10K during the second. One of the biggest mental obstacles I had to get over was a "quick fix". I have finally decided that if I lose 1 lb per week, it might take me 3 years but then I also will have had those 3 years to learn to live at each stage as I go down the scales. Again, Patient Trust.

So many factors are at play during weighing.I drink lots of water, I eat fiber, I eat whole fresh foods as often as I can, I exercise as my body allows. All of that counts for something so don't discount those choices you make in those areas.

03-19-2011, 07:27 AM
Yesterday was a good Beck day. I'm finding the ease of planning/tracking on the livestrong website makes it fun and the bonus seems to be that I really stick to my plan better. I'll need to make a solid plan for exercise today, other than that a stay at home day.

onebyone, have a safe trip today!

Shepherdess, glad to hear your new job is working out...but in the middle of the night. Good to keep battling the food fixes tired thought.

maryann, yay for tossed mac and cheese. It's definitely a food I don't need around.

Beverlyjoy, thanks for the sodium info! I've been watching it, too. I hadn't gotten as far as finding govt. standards, but I seem to be staying in range.

pamatga, yay for clean kitchens! I sincerely hope you will be able to walk with your DH next year or the year after. One step at a time, eh?

03-19-2011, 10:19 AM
Happy to have had a restful sleep last night!

I slipped on my eating a bit yesterday. A co-worker put out some candy in the office and I had some that wasn't planned. I really had to work hard to remind myself about that sugar intake, as I was craving left over Ben and Jerry's after dinner. I had a small taste and then opted for a more healthy frozen treat (a banana I had put in the freezer). I am going to throw out the leftover ice cream today. It will either go to waste in my body or down the drain! Down the drain is better! And I have a lot of healthy foods in my house that bring my just as much joy as eating ice cream! :carrot:

It has been fun having a dog around to get me out more. I would adopt one in a heart beat if we lived in a better place for one. We live in a condo complex and don't have a yard or open space for a dog to run. Today we're going to meet up with my sister and her dog for a long walk!

I'm feeling overwhelmed by doing personals this morning. I've read all your posts and feel such appreciation for the support that is here. I'll try for some tomorrow.

03-19-2011, 10:23 AM
OnebyOne -:angel: Sending you good wishes and praying for guardian angels to surround you on moving day! :angel: You've been doing such an amazing job of packing. Have a safe and event free move! :angel:

Thank you to everyone who responded to my plea for help. I'm feeling better today. DARN that mirror! :mad: I know the weight will come off eventually. I've done this so many times in the past... yo-yo me. Every time I gain weight back I'm left with just a few more pounds.

This is the LAST time. I'm living Beck for life! And no more bikini shots until I'm at goal! Then, I'm going to post those photos on my fridge for lifelong motivation to eat clean.

03-19-2011, 10:43 AM
Gwen, I really know how you feel being stuck. But Beck's advice is the only way to go: look to see if you have been doing anything wrong (and if you have change it), or just say ah, well, and move on. I was stuck for five months because I didn't care to admit I was doing no exercise and because of that had such a low need for calories I was eating too much (altho not a lot at all). When I started doing just a little exercise--walking a mile a day--I lost some more. And sometimes we just need to wait until our bodies are ready to surrender another pound. It's like the Serenity Prayer: courage to change the things we can, serenity to accept what we can't and the wisdom (and honesty) to know the difference. I really feel for you since I am having exactly the same struggle and struggling even with looking at what I am doing wrong. Judith also says if you really, really get stuck you can change your diet entirely to another diet entirely. I have so much "brand loyalty" I would hate to do that, but I am thinking about it. Wish I could give you a hug.

03-19-2011, 11:26 AM

We're almost off to pick up the moving truck.

DH says the stuff I am bringing will fill the apt and we will have to bring stuff back!! I reserve judgement.

OMG can we really be going? In 2 hours things should be in full swing.

Gotta run. Thanks for bearing with me and all the good will you've thrown my way. Have a great day... enjoy tonight's Supermoon too!


03-19-2011, 12:35 PM
I quit posting and my eating gets sloppy. Easy fix!

I want to get on my game and stay there for the rest of the month. Early in April, I have an appointment with my doctor and I'm going to attempt to talk him into going off of my blood pressure medication. I'll be more convincing if I know I'm doing my best!

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +45 910/1600 minutes for March, Food: 50%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: hope you have a lovely unwired weekend!

ChefJoona: Glad you got a good night's sleep last night!

Beverlyjoy: yay for putting healthy days together in a row and a plan for the Chinese restaurant. Your on plan eating is similar to mine. Probably because I use Richard Simmons, too! I do use the doo-hickey most days because it amuses me.

pamatga: I easily keep my sodium under 1500 mg most days, but I cook almost everything (including bread -- whole wheat commercial bread has a lot of sodium) from scratch. I do it because my blood pressure goes high if I don't. Since your bp is low, I don't know that I'd bother paying much attention to it. As you eat more veggies and fruits, your sodium level will go down anyway.

Gwen: stick with it. I had plateaus about every 15-20 pounds on the way down. And one that lasted a particularly long time right about 196. My longest plateaus lasted 6 to 8 weeks. There is advice out there to maintain at your plateaus for at least six months (a way to let your body's metabolism readjust). I never did that, but knowing that it was a reasonable option helped me wait it out and calmed me so that I eventually worked my way around to any change that needed to be made to get it moving again.

Lexxiss: I've also been struggling this week with a kind of grief over my Golden Age when I could eat anything I wanted, anytime I wanted. One thing that is helping is improving memory -- I never had that Golden Age. Even when I was overeating, I wasn't doing it every day or all the time! It helps me to paint a more realistic picture.
I'm so glad the livestrong site is working for you. I may try that, especially if these sloppy phases keep coming as quickly as they have been.

onebyone: look at all that progress! sending you good moving vibes today!

Shepherdess: a middle of the night teaching job would take anyone time to adjust. Sending you warm and comforting thoughts to sleep when you can!

jicarilla: cool that you saw results by throwing in some exercise

maryann: yay for being aware of the yearning for Clean.

CeeJay: yay for 2 days in a row!

03-19-2011, 02:45 PM
Great Morning. I feel really good this morning about being OP. Loved the message from Beverleyjoy. I have been OP for 19 hours now and have solid plans for the rest of the day. I have been considering Pagmata's discussion on carbs and realized the meals in the months when I lost compared to these meals the last weeks contained many more veggies, far fewer carbs. I just wasn't hungry. Lately, I have not been willing to see that I have started chasing the carb high again - subtlety. With 19 hours under my belt and no unhealthy carbs I have no hunger. I have made my favorite Oriental Green Beans recipe. I can have so much of that for lunch. I have made lunches for the week with lots of healthy veggies. I am trying out "mock mashed potatoes" with cauliflower tom. for dinner with the boys. Intellectually I know there is no more painful place to be than on the edge of this program. I want to be solidly "in". Like Gwen says "a Beck Life."
Yeah for our team. Going to exercise in 15 mins.
Gardenerjoy: I always like when you share. I feel a kinshiop in that we are facing the last few dreaded pounds.
Lexxiss: I am going to check out LiveStrong.
ChefJoona: That is my favorite phrase "wasted on my body or wasted in the trash."
Juancarilla: You are right on about opening your eyes and willing to see what you are actually doing. Facing the truth about behaviors is the cornerstone of this program.
Onebyone: congrats on the big moving day.

03-19-2011, 10:43 PM
Hi there Fellow Becksters:

If I make it to bedtime- and I will- I will have 3 days of healthy eating under my belt. So grateful. I need to make the next 2 weeks about my health and I am off to a good start.

Today I ate:

breakfast- egg white omelet with veggies
lunch- salad and chicken
dinner- steak, quinoa and brown rice with mushrooms, roasted veggies, and squash
Snack will be plain yogurt, pumpkin, almonds with a shot of no sugar syrup.

I also went for a walk today and did weights. I weighed in (ugh) and read a bit of the Pink Book.

Take care.


03-20-2011, 08:52 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday took a twist when DH decided he'd like to go to a concert supporting some of our youth from church. I was tired and sabotaging food thoughts came across the screen...a comfort meal out would make me feel better. I said NO CHOICE, enjoyed the concert and figured out how we could have a treat meal at home which was OP and stayed within my allotted calories. Mission accomplished, although I did have one bite of the cherry filling from the pie he bought. *credit* for not touching the many cookies which were provided post concert. Exercise-just the 10 minute NO CHOICE-*credit*.

ChefJoona, you said, "And I have a lot of healthy foods in my house that bring my just as much joy as eating ice cream!" How true, and great when you can steer yourself in the right direction.

onebyone, thinking of you this morning, I went out and checked on the Supermoon...still there!

gardenerjoy, great news, "I want to get on my game and stay there for the rest of the month."

maryann, great that you have been able to go back and analyze your food choices for months when you were losing vs months you were not. Yes, sometimes some of the changes we make are very subtle...but create effects either one way or the other.

CeeJay, yay! for healthy eating...and a walk...and weights...and reading from the Pink book.

03-20-2011, 09:11 AM
Hello to all Beckites:
well, the birthday celebrations are over - -the dinner out last night at HIX, an Oyster and Chop House in Farringdon, one of the oldest parts of London with the greatest names for streets, like 'Cowcross Street' and 'Greenhill Rents", the dinner reminded me that a bit of meat is an incredibly efficient cravings-stopper. Had a glass of champagne and let my friends continue on with three or four more, but I just felt how lucky I am to be feeling okay with one!
So, I re-read my Beck workbook and am back now to doing Week II over again. This time, though, I think I am going to make my diet choice be one that really does help cut carb cravings -- but lets me have enough fruit and vegetables to be healthy. What is it called? The 'RUBYJAN" plan, and I trying to use all the lessons good and bad I have learned over the last 30 years or so to create a plan for myself using the Beck Solution and this thread as my coaches and buddies. Hope everyone has had a good weekend, and I will catch up on personals as possible. But like everyone else, I can't skip telling onebyone that I rooting for you on the Great Trek to Toronto, and hope that you get there safely. RubyJan

03-20-2011, 09:48 AM

I'm sitting in my new dining room, wondering where the heck the upright freezer's going. There is an obvious spot but this place seems littered with floor vents. Probably not a good idea to put a freezer over a floor vent.

So it may back onto the dining room. I'll have to take a look at what the back of a freezer looks like. I think it's pretty benign.

I heard the parrot-type bird downstairs. I woke up to it's great sounds. Caesar will go insane with that. Actually I hear quite a few bird sounds around here.

DH has gone out and I am waiting for the movers. What's annoying and fasinating around here is all the jockeying for parking space. Our space is way back, behind the house, in 1/3 of the yard. There is someone behind us. Another person parks in the driveway proper. The neighbour has three cars beside us in an adjoining parking space and someone still has to park on the street. Our oving truck is on the street and we need to kindly ask the upstairs neighbour to ove their car so we can unload our truck.

Once the unloading is done we head back to Ottawa. I stay put and DH is back on the road again.

He's back.
Time to go...

back later.

all is well:D

03-20-2011, 10:16 AM
Hello everyone!

I would like to join your friendly thread and get some coaching. Not sure how it works, but I'll try watching you and sometimes joining in your conversations.

Today, I would like to share my fear during yesterdays evening snack. I was eating an apple when I felt an urge to overeat until stomach is overfull. And then fear struck me. 'Dark in the eyes' kind of fear. Or maybe it was a panic attack?
Anyway, I was scared that I will lose control and overeat again. Luckily, I told myself, "I will not overeat and no more considerations."
I was surprised how easily I moved on and how little effort it took.

Today is my 7-th day with Dr. Beck, so there is a long way to go.

Best wishes to your nice support team

03-20-2011, 10:47 AM
Pretty good day yesterday. A friend came over last night to hangout and brought some cookies with her. I had a small piece, and practiced some major resistence not to eat the whole thing. Credit for stopping at the one piece!

I think I may be at a plateau. I've lost close to 20 lbs in the past 4 months and the scale is really slowing down to a halt lately. I can really relate to jicarilla's words to Gwen. I think its where I am and what I need to do. I think I am at a good place with my eating, and need to really begin to get serious about exercise- for my weightloss and over all health. I have been out walking the last several days, with the dog I am watching. It feels great- and the fact that the sun has been shining helps. My DFiance has said he will commit to walking with me after work several times a week. We did this for a while in the fall and had a great time. I have several pals who like to walk in the nice weather too.

I have to reflect on a little trip I took the the 30 Somethings section of 3FC yesterday. I have just recently entered that age category and thought I would see what people are focusing on over there. I was shocked! Posters were talking about the most unhealthy weightloss techniques- drugs to drop 20lbs a month, obsessive exercise.... I felt such appreciation for the healthy and realistic techniques we are learning from Dr. Beck. This is the program for life long sustainable healthy weight loss! (I don't want to be totally disparaging about the 30-somethings... I did see one thread between several people that seemed very healthy and supportive).

onebyone Wonderful to get an update from you! Hope things continue to go well during the move!
Lexxiss Credit for resistance at the concert!
Ceejay I am intrigued by the inclusion of lots of pumpkin in your meal planning. I might give it a try.
RubyJan Great job at stopping at one drink and still enjoying the celebration. I know for me drinking more than a bit completely destroys my resistance muscle!
Maryann I too was recently reflecting on how helpful it is to load up on veggies. I feel much more satisfied when I do because its an easy way to get a lot of bulk with out the calories.
gardnerjoyCredit for recommitting to posting and seeing the benefit!
gwen and jicarilla Thank you for the thoughts that have encouraged my reflection on my current plateau.

:welcome3: RunningFree!!!! I found this to be a very welcoming and easy forum to join, when I began posting in January!

03-20-2011, 01:14 PM
Frustrated this morning. I said yesterday that I was getting back on track. And I did all day. Then, right after supper, I ate more. That seems to be a very difficult pattern for me to break, partly because I'm loathe to even admit that I do it. So, there it is, immediately after supper, before I've had any time at all to decide if I've had enough to eat, I often eat something. Dessert-like if I have it, but I've pretty well designed my kitchen to not have that sort of thing so, usually, it's bread.

I also did no exercise yesterday after several days of low exercise, so I'm behind on my minutes.

And, I'm feeling icky in general. As a friend of mine says, I'm allergic to tree sex and the trees are having sex all over the place right now. Yay for the first day of spring!

But, to end on a positive and encouraging note, I'm going to get fruit juice popsicles at the grocery today to take care of the first problem. I will exercise today--I'm planning 2 or 3 sessions of different exercise. And the nice thing about my particular form of allergy reaction is that, if I accept it, it's rather calming and gives me a great excuse for reading and watching old BBC television shows on Netflix.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +0* 910/1600 minutes for March, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: thanks for your observation about chasing the carb high -- that helped me figure out what's going on with me.

CeeJay: yay for another good day!

Lexxiss: What a creative approach to come up with an OP treat meal at home!

RubyJan: Love the RUBYJAN plan!

onebyone: thanks for the update! Sounds like real progress!

RunningFree: Welcome! And congratulations for recognizing the power of NO CHOICE to take away fear!

ChefJoona: Thanks for your report from the 30-somethings foray. I had better luck in the 40-somethings thread for awhile, but they are less focused than this thread, which really seems to work for me in its mix of chattiness and focus, not to mention the healthy approach we take here both physically and mentally.

03-20-2011, 03:35 PM
Onebyone: So happy to hear about the new place! "lots of birds" they are noisy creatures, you may have to buy earplugs for that. Keep music playing in the background. Do you have assigned parking? It doesn't seem fair that someone with 3 cars can park all three up front!

Chefjoona: :cheer: YAY for just tasting a cookie!!! That is simply impossible for me... the whole plate, plus some other items, disappear if I pretend I can "have just one." 1/2 a box of ice cream nuggets and 8 cookies disappeared the other night! Thought I should up calories for a bit to try and break through the plateau... yeah right! Back to veggies for me!

Gardenerjoy: 15 lbs gone for me since January - stuck for 6-8 weeks??? OK - I can deal with it. Just keep on the right track and eventually it will fall off. (will it drop 5 lbs at once?) About the bread - I taped "NO!" signs on the cabinet that holds snacks, and on the freezer handle. It stops me from opening those doors during a moment of weakness, at least it slows me down and makes me think.

Ceejay: :cheer: YAY for 3 days down! Your eating looks similar to mine (sans the yogurt). But then I suppose we all eat about the same... healthy healthy healthy! I had a salad with mandarin oranges, cranberries, pecans, brocolli & carrots and lots of spinach, with balsamic dressing... it was SO yummy. (so much better than those cookies & ice cream - repeat as needed.)

Everyone: I have been relying on processed food too much, really need to cut that out in order to cut out sodium. And, I'll push up the exercize by another 10-15 minutes. Calories are already at 1200 - 1300, and subtracting for exercise, I'm falling below 1,000 most days. Is this too low and stavation mode kicked in? Maybe I should try raising calories by 200 with ONLY clean foods? What do you suggest?

RuningFree: :welcome: You are going to love Beck!!

03-20-2011, 07:30 PM
Hi folks - yesterday was a healthy day - I am always grateful for that!

I planned/measured/logged my food, did well with my sodium, had lots of water, worked on no eating while cooking/standing (got several twirls in), left a bite, enjoyed my food, and planned ahead for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

I asked the restaurant to leave the soy sauce off of my Hong Hong Sea Bass. When it arrived I pulled out a teeny tiny container with 1 tsp. of low sodium soy sauce. It was perfect. I am grateful for the willingness to do this. It made the sodium doable for that meal.

RunnyFree - WELCOME!! - so glad you posted. Dr. Beck's techniques and strategies are very helpful. It's like a bluepirnt to living with food.

See you all tomorrow.

03-20-2011, 10:07 PM
Hi to all my fellow travellers on the road to health. :hug:

Day 4 Done. I am definetely on a roll.

Credit today for:

:D weighing myself
:D walking 30 mins with mom
:D reading response and advantage cards
:D checking in with my coaches
:D eating healthy and on plan- steel cut oats and strawberries for breakfast, a homemade low cal "pizza" on mountain bread for lunch, yogurt, pumpkin and almonds for snack, and whole wheat tortillas with veggies and a bit of steak for dinner. Bedtime snack will be a whole wheat banana muffin. If the recipe turns out will post it.


03-21-2011, 01:04 AM
Hi Coaches!

I had a great Beck day today. I had only strawberries at church although there were far more tempting treats. Tonight's dinner was a total wing it and I committed to make the best choice I could. We were taken out by my DH's favorite cousin from Alaska. I chose steamed mussels and a yummy salad with dressing on the side. When the salad came, the vinegarette wasn't on the side and I chose to eat it exactly as it was since it was a healthy local restaurant. I didn't feel like sending it back. (I usually do). No dessert, although I felt like chunking off a piece of cherry pie when I got home and family was gone. I have resisted, so far. It helps that I have recorded all my food and don't have calories to spare tonight.

RunningFree, :welcome2: Great that you were able to say no choice to your urges to overeat and that you found your way here.

RubyJan, I love it! "The RubyJanPlan". Great that you have really noticed that certain foods cut carb cravings. I stay away from the whites-sugar/flour/rice and my physical cravings are pretty non existent.

onebyone, glad you have finished one part of your journey.

ChefJoona, yay for limiting your cookies, which were so kindly brought over by your friend. Great that your DF is committed to walking with you!

gardenerjoy, great that you have come up with fruit juice popsicles to counter your after dinner bread munchies.

Gwen, great that you are making a commitment to eat less processed food. I'm amazed at the sodium! Sorry, I'm not a good one to ask about raising and lowering calories...I've just started experimenting myself.

Beverlyjoy, I love when you twirl! I think taking a little something to the restaurant that makes a meal doable is such a great technique.

CeeJay, just another "fellow traveller on the road to health" saying right on girl! I really want to encourage you to keep using your strategies because I believe it really does get easier! Your meals sound healthy and enjoyable...a real recipe for success.

03-21-2011, 03:46 AM
Happy "first day of spring"! And so glad, onebyone, to hear the first phase of the move has gone off rather successfully! We knew you could do it!!!

I've been reading your posts and trying to respond for the past few hours, but I'm baking these really tiny peanut butter flower shaped cookies (whole wheat flour, 1/2 the sugar), so the time between batches is miniscule. I also baked a loaf of Butter Bran Banana Bread, a thin slice of which is my healthy evening snack most nights of the week.

I'm feeling the effects of having sampled too much of the dough and the delectable, bite-size cookies. PB cookies aren't even my favorite, but more than once I found myself just "popping" one into my mouth as I transferred them onto the cooling racks. *ouch* And *oh well*. Certainly better than my previous experiences with cookie dough! BUT -- I wasn't really thinking, and I don't like that feeling. I'm going to watch out for that.

I'm baking these cookies for my DP's daughter, who gave me a cookie press for Christmas, which I used for the first time tonight! I really liked it, except that I cannot, for the life of me, get the bottom ring to twist off! I have somehow tightened it too much and it won't budge, which means I can't change the cookie disc for different shapes. :( Any suggestions from y'all? I've already tried oil; washing it; and using my grippy thing. I'm hoping I'm stronger in the morning.

Other than my baking saga, my weekend has gone pretty well. I've exercised both days; and although I was operating without a set plan, I was doing a lot of mental planning, measuring my portions, falling back on healthy snacks and leftovers. The work I hoped to get done fell by the wayside as the ridiculous pile of laundry needed attention, as well as the dust and the dog-hairy carpet. I did, however, refresh my list of things to do, and re-did, yet again, my dissertation schedule of deadlines. Picture me, with bunny ears on my head, a glass of wine, and dry-erase markers. Credit moi for planning in the wine.

I'm doing some major traveling this summer, so I am aiming to have drafts of all of my chapters done by the end of June. Eeeeek! I continue to push myself and hope not to fall flat on my face.

I think I faced, and conquered, a personal hurdle yesterday, a big one: one of my issues is that when there is food I like in the house, food that feels like a "treat," I feel the need / desire to eat it as soon as possible because a) I want it, but more b) I'm afraid someone will get to it before me. I have been slowly working on letting go of my possessive feelings surrounding these foods. We have a fridge in the room, which helps me not to feel so pressured to eat the food immediately, or to eat all of it at once. Also, when I put food into the main fridge, that serves as a literal "letting go" gesture.

Anyway, yesterday we had two tempting treats in the house: one, some leftover Chinese noodles that I really like and only had a taste of at the restuarant (because, credit, I was portioning!); and, two, the guacamole and tortilla chips. Several times, yesterday, the thought of these foods passed through my mind, especially as I was alone in the house (which has been known to prompt some splurge eating from me). And each of these times, my mind immediately answered these thoughts in resistant ways. I've done this before, but this time I didn't have to think about resisting. I just did it. I thought of the noodles, and then thought, "But they weren't as good as the noodles at the downtown location. You don't have to eat them." I thought of the guac and chips, and then, "But that's too much to eat before working out; and too little to eat just for dinner, after an intense work out. Save it for another day, when you've planned for it."

Because I was alone, when I amazed myself with the ease of these resistance habits, I did a little dance with the dogs. :dizzy:

SO, in other words, I know I can build up this same automatic resistance to cookie dough!

Thanks for listening, and sending much supportive energy to your little corners of the world.

03-21-2011, 05:28 AM
:welcome: RunningFree :welcome:

And, for your first post on 3 Fat Chicks, :wel3fc:

How did you hear about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this forum of 3FC?

03-21-2011, 05:31 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I had a lovely weekend with friends - good talking, good thinking, good comraderie. Worthy of a CREDIT moi for a good life experience and for the walking. But worthy of a dozen OUCH'es for snacks that got out of hand. Feels good to be home with determination to get back on track.

onebyone - Waving toward your new dining room even though you're home by now. I know about those air vents in the floor - clearly stuck in random places by someone with no concept that furniture has to go in a room. Honking Congratulations for getting to the half way point. Neat that you had Internet connection in your place already - how did you pull that off?

CeeJay - Four on-plan days is a great start to a two week goal; Kudos. What is "mountain bread?"

Joy (gardenerjoy) - You cracked me up with "the trees are having sex all over the place right now." Hope your attempt to reduce your BP meds works out.

Shepherdess - Good news that you're working it out with your new job; it takes courage to sign up for a middle of the night job - even if it's from home.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for March Madness. It's good to have the whole basketball season just to get to this month.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Major Kudos for standing down the tempting treats at church and having strawberries. Steamed muscles has the neat feature that there's so much movement between small bites.

MaryContrary - Ouch for bite sized cookies that pop in so easily. Kudos for your responses to the tempting foods in the house. I don't have any useful suggestions for getting that cookie press unscrewed; my own tendency is to head toward a vice and a BIG wrench - which might not do well on the soft metal of kitchen gadget.

maryann - Kudos for arriving at that carbs insight. This weekend I faced a HUGE biscuit and had to pull out the carbs/lard thoughts to fend it off. Carbs are seductive.

ChefJoona - Yep, a half cup of ice cream looks like just a taste; Kudos for serving yourself a mindful portion and finding the satisfaction in it.

Ruby (RubyJan) - Yep, getting to the "RUBYJAN plan" is the way; it'll be all yours. Gotta love place names in London.

pamatga - Kudos for "tweaking my food plan all the time" - I like being reminded that no plan lasts forever and that sanity lies in making the changes that allow us to stay the path.

Gwen - Quickly emailing a bucket of motivation as requested, LOL. The great thing about digital photo's is the ease of erasing them. Kudos for facing your feelings so you can allow your other feelings to enter, also.

Sharon (jicarilla) - LOL at "brand loyalty" to your diet. Kudos for facing the amount of exercising. I surprise myself at how easily I'm willing to ignore reality.

RunningFree - Terrific demonstration of the Beck strategies by countering your "'Dark in the eyes' kind of fear" with a healthy response; Kudos for that.

Feel free to join right in. We serve as Diet Coaches (or Diet Buddies) to each other. Each of us has our own style and welcome you to experiment and find your own. The most important thing is to post - daily when possible - to make yourself accountable. After a while, you might want to respond to specific posts - but don't feel pressured to jump into that immediately; it takes a while to get to know the individuals and their saga's. Glad you're here.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 4

By the time you enter this stage, you will have fully strengthened your resistance muscle. You will be able to quickly get back on track whenever you make a mistake. You will no longer fear hunger or cravings. You will have transformed a feeling of deprivation into a sense of triumph and a feeling of unfairness about dieting into a sense that everything you need to do to lose weight - no matter how challenging - is worth it. You will know how to consistently make time for dieting, and you will know how to continually motivate yourself, too.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 30.

03-21-2011, 08:06 AM
:welcome: RunningFree to our group!

:congrat: on everyone else who sound like they are having "beautiful" Beck days! I feel the "good" happening here!


Reducing daily calories down to 1500-1700 to allow for less aerobics (joints)
Switching to pilates/yoga & continuing with strength training/muscle building
Uping H2O from 64-80 oz per day (100 oz as end goal)
One serving (per label or established guidelines) portions
3-6 "meals" per day
E-sticky on pc as a reminder of these changes
Rereading BDS "taking what I need and leaving the rest" (OA saying)

03-21-2011, 09:59 AM
I had a bad day yesterday--I ate three pieces of home-made (albeit entirely whole-wheat) bread on a low-carb diet. Totally unplanned--a craving just overtook me and won. Ah well. Since this kind of bread is allowed in SMALL amounts on my diet, I am putting the rest of the bread in the freezer (out of sight, out of mind) in individual slices. But I am thinking I may remove bread from my list of allowable foods. It may be easier for me to just not eat bread at all than fight with it like this. I am disappointed in myself, but trying to put this in the past and move on.

Today I have written down my food (excluding bread for today), and I have an exercise plan to go for a walk with a borrowed dog.

I have to do something today that I kind of dread, but which will not take long. I am not going to use this as an excuse to sedate myself with food.

Doing the best I can, and actually not too bad at all. :smug:

Thinking of you Gwen--we are in this together.


03-21-2011, 10:23 AM
Happy Spring! :flow:

Here in the Green Mountains we are greeting Spring with 3-5 inches of snow. :( I'm going to try and get out for a walk before it starts coming down this morning. We had two days of sun this weekend, which brightened my mood and really motivated me to get out and active. I slept really well over the last several days, and didn't sucumb to anxieties I usually feel either. I've decided to really work on committing myself to exercising. I will start at a managable level so I don't get discouraged. I am going to make a point to be as honest with my exercise as I am about my eating when I post. :dancer:

Yesterday was a good day for the most part. Friends came over for an impromtu pot luck. Things got a little messy, though I did practice a lot of resistance- including completly foregoing some pizza- a real challenge.

jicarilla Credit for making a plan for the left over bread that will help you stay on plan!

BillBE Welcome back after a weekend away! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

MaryContrary Way to go with the resistance, and really thinking through and planning strategies for conquering the hurdles!!

Lexxiss Credit for choosing fruit over other tempting treats!

Ceejay Yay for a row of days on plan!

Beverlyjoy Thank you for serving as a role model for asking restaurants to make changes to a dish. I find this hard to do, though I know its a skill Beck teaches us to embrace without embarassment.

Gwen Clean way is definitely the way to go, I think. That way you know all the ingredients that go into it.

gardnerjoy credit for coming up with the popsicle idea! Those promiscuous trees bother me too! They still havent' started getting busy around here, but I know its going to start soon.

I probably won't get to personals until next weekend, but will be posting about my eating and activity during the week. :hug: to you all!

03-21-2011, 10:32 AM
:mad: The scale must be broken... it went UP 2 lbs!! Actually 4 from my ticker, because I refused to move the ticker when it went up last week. I thought that eating a few more calories might be the way to get it moving DOWN again. HA! Back to starvation!!! Really, I wasn't starving at 1200, just thought that with exercising causing a negative 1000 calorie day, that my body thought so. I need to figure this out.

03-21-2011, 11:55 AM
Something Lexxiss said reminded me that I have few, if any, cravings for particular foods anymore. This is a huge relief, and one I want to remember to savor as I move forward.

I do still have "cravings" for certain kinds of food-based activities. Lately, it's been a craving for that over-full feeling. I'm not entirely sure what I get from that. Security, comfort, anesthesia. Something in that family of emotions. I get the same thing from a hot bath and a good book, so that's my fall back plan.

WI: -0.65kgs, Exercise: +105* 1015/1600 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Gwen: good luck working things out. After a lot of reading on this board, I've become skeptical of the starvation mode concept. The books I've been reading lately suggest 1200 calories as the lowest level because it's hard to get the nutrients needed for the day in less. To me, that says you don't need to worry about exercise causing a problem; you've got the nutrients and exercise won't be taking them away!

ChefJoona: snow would not be my favorite way to greet spring. I'm looking forward to reading about your exercise adventures!

Beverlyjoy: Yay for another good day! And for No Choice in response to sugar!

jicarilla: good job thinking your way through how to deal with bread.

pamatga: Yay for working through changes that will work for you!

BillBlueEyes: glad that you had a great weekend and came home with renewed determination.

MaryContrary: congrats on finding resistance rising as fast as the thought that you want to resist. Good trick, that!

Lexxiss: Yay for a successful Sunday

CeeJay: Hail fellow well met! Yay for being on a roll!

03-21-2011, 12:27 PM
Hi Beckfolks/coaches/friends - yesterday was day five of healthy eating. I am so, so grateful. I accomplished many of my healthy living tasks yesterday:

planned/measured/logged food
lots of water
stretches and strengthening moves
always left a bite
ate standing only one time!
no seconds
good sodium number
said no choice - red light
not fair - oh well
read a couple of response cards

Yesterday DH brought home some Easter malted malt balls - I told my self - "No Choice". I realized that starting on sugar is a slippery slope for me. I am giving myself credit!

Taking mom to the doctor today. She doesn't feel well alot of the time. She is nearly 88. She has all her smarts - very sharp minded. However, her body is full of arthritis and her tummy feels bad alot of the time. She is a 20 year colon cancer survivor! However - she still gets lots of stomach ailments.

Gotta run...

03-21-2011, 05:20 PM
Thank you all for your warm welcome.

BillBlueEyes, I was looking for psychological approach to binge eating disorder and was scanning through books on eating disorders and cognitive behavioral therapy, when Dr. Beck’s name came up. I don’t remember which book it was, but there was a long article on Dr. Beck’s approach.
3FC forum I found while searching for diet coach through Google.

gardenerjoy, I can relate to your craving of overfull feeling, thou I have no cravings for particular foods as well.

I have trouble with eating slowly. I hate food. I just want to destroy food and quickly reach that feeling of fullness and calmness. Next time I’ll just have to try harder on slowing down.
But basically I was a good girl: went for a run in the morning and stayed on my eating plan.

03-21-2011, 06:03 PM
RunningFree what else is happening in your life that might want you to feel over-full? If there is an emotional component to our eating than we will never feel full enough.

I have heard others here in this group mention about learning to live with the sensation of physical hunger.

Starting today, I am reducing my calorie intake (although not as low as Gwen's) to compensate for the fact that I am going to be switching my activity program from walking on the treadmill to yoga and pilates. I expect to be plenty empty by 7 pm and I don't usually go to bed until 2-3 am. What I am also doing is upping my water to 80-100 oz of purified water per day. I have already hit 80 oz and it is 5 pm EST so I don't think it will be difficult--after all, it is spring in Georgia and already getting warm enough.

Gwen I read somewhere and I wish I could remember where that actually you need to be eating something every 3-4 hours so your body is constantly burning calories. It is the same priniciple as putting another log on a fire. You don't remove logs if you want to stoke the flames for a fire so you don't want to remove the food to stoke your body to burn.

I am not at your place exactly since I am farther away from my goal than you are but I guess if it were me I would reduce the carbs, drink significantly more water, watch the sodium like Bev is doing, switch the types of exercise you do (I have heard kick boxing is a real killer for calorie burning) but I have also been told to not drop below 1400 calories if you are moderately to very active.

Keep us posted on what works for you because I am sure we will need it as we go down the scales ourselves.;)

03-21-2011, 07:55 PM

pamatga- nice list of credits!!

RunningFree- welcome aboard!!

Beverlyjoy- big honking credit for resisting the Easter malt balls. Thanks for posting some of your menus. I love reading what other people are eating.

gardernerjoy- I liked what you said about seeking "security, comfort, anesthesia". That pretty much sums up my relationship with food.

Gwen- sorry about the scale going up and wish you luck in finding something that breaks your plateau- without starving.

ChefJoona- happy spring to you too!! Credit for practicing pizza resistance.

jicarilla- sorry for your bad day. Good job getting back on track.

onebyone- waving hello to you in your new home.

RubyJan- credit for having one glass of champagne and only one!

maryann- hope all is well with being OP today too.

Shepherdess- hope you and the baby are happy and well.

BillBlueEyes- yay for a nice weekend with friends. Mountain Bread is a flat wrap I found at Costco with 70 calories each. You can use it as a wrap or as a base for low cal pizza.

MaryContrary- nice to read your comments about resisting tempting treats.

Lexxiss- "a great Beck day"- what a wonderful thing that really is. Imagine things as they were in the past and it really shows how many changes have been made.

Be back later to check in with how I got through day 5. (On plan so far!!)


03-21-2011, 10:37 PM
Hi Coaches!

I kept running into the cherry pie every time I opened the fridge. My resistance muscle felt strong so I didn't pitch it. Instead, every time DH would come to sit in the living room I would pull it out and set a plate and fork near it. He ate the remaining half of the pie-IT'S GONE! *credit* for mindful strategy-I also looked up calories, 608 for 1/5 of the pie...that helped too. It's just about dinner time here...I'll catch up with you all tomorrow morning.

pamatga and MaryContrary, nice to "see you" today!

BillBlueEyes, kudos to a fun weekend and a Monday filled with determination to get back on track.

03-22-2011, 12:13 AM
For me- so far so good. I am thrilled I am on my staycation.

Credit today for:

:twirly: weighing in
:twirly: doing weights
:twirly: walking 30 mins with mom
:twirly: checking in with my coaches today
:twirly: reading response and advantage cards
:twirly: planning tomorrow
:twirly: eating healthy and on plan.

Today I ate: egg whites and cheese for breakfast, salad and homemade oriental chicken soup for lunch, and a whole wheat muffin for snack (I put the recipe up on the recipe thread- highly recommend them). We went to the neighbours for dinner. They are eating healthy so that was easy. We had pasta with veggies and spinach salad. No resistance necessary. For dessert we had homemade frozen yogurt with blueberries. Yum. Don't need a snack tonight but if I start fixating on food I am going to have some more homemade soup.

Take care

03-22-2011, 06:52 AM
Morning in London:
Today my union is on strike -- we are trying to preserve our pension -- and I have a slot on the picket-rota. So on the RJPlan I have had a breakfast of egg frittata and a cup of coffee -- energy and protein to keep me cravings free till the afternoon, I hope.
Then its the afternoon in the BL -- reading an 18th century pamphlet about a bookseller who was carted off to the Insane Asylum for some entirely other reason - sedition? WIll find out.
Hope you all are feeling Spring in your step. Ruby.

03-22-2011, 07:11 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - We had some snow on the first day of Spring. It turned to rain and quickly washed itself away. Eating was OP; I bought myself a small salmon steak to grill for dinner, CREDIT moi, instead of going out. Couldn't remember what spices to put on it so cooked and ate it as-is - Yummy. DW came home with some left over pizza which she offered me; "No thank you," said I, surprising us both, LOL.

Did gym, CREDIT moi, walking there in the cool rain. Felt good to be back in the saddle for the day.

CeeJay - Wish I had neighbors who served "homemade frozen yogurt with blueberries." What a joy to go visiting and know that the food will be sane.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Gotta remember to bring it into my head that I can just go pick up a good book when the food cravings come knocking. It helps me that I like to read on the second floor and the food lives on the first floor.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos indeed for avoiding "Easter malted malt balls" - I used to gobble those by the bag. And Kudos also for making your sodium goals. I just read again that salt immediately causes a temporary hardening of the arteries that adds a strain to the pumping; it's not just after your blood pressure is too high that salt is an issue.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for avoiding that cherry pie. I had the chance to buy a said-to-be yummy blueberry pie this weekend and didn't. Then made the mistake of telling that to my DW who really, really wanted one piece of it - but admitted that she'd have been annoyed if I had brought a whole one home.

ChefJoona - Yep, big deal "completely foregoing some pizza," Kudos.

pamatga - Hear Hear for "taking what I need and leaving the rest."

Gwen - Ouch for scale jiggle, but your body knows what you're eating and is keeping track. I'm not a fan of the notion of starvation mode anytime shy of actually starving, but I'm aware that others are strong believers that sometimes we need to eat more to lose.

Sharon (jicarilla) - Thanks for the demo, "I am not going to use this as an excuse to sedate myself with food." I need to be reminded that I can think of this in advance and not get caught by surprise that I want food to ease tension.

RunningFree - Kudos for a morning run to clear the brain for the day. Yep, eating slooooooooooly is one of the Beck strategies that's a challenge to incorporate. Some folks do the old put-down-the-fork stick, others count between bites. It has helped me to think about the flavors in each bite.

And Yay for google for helping you find your way here.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 4

You will also be ready to start a transition into rest-of-your-life eating, starting with greater flexibility. You will experiment with skipping snacks and adding that food to meals or occasionally banking snack calories to splurge for a special dinner or larger-than-usual dessert. If you love a highly processed food (such as a lower-protein cereal or less-nutritious white bread) and you miss eating it, you will experiment with occasionally replacing healthier choices with these foods to see how they affect your hunger, cravings, and energy level. You will learn to use a basic formula to plan you meals and how to adapt you favorite recipes. You will customize the Think Thin Lifetime Eating Plan and make it your own.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 30.

03-22-2011, 07:46 AM
Good morning,

Got right out for a walk after I posted yesterday morning! It wasn't super long, as it started to snow more heavily as I walked. I will have to clock the distance in my car soon. It took between 20-30 minutes. A good start. I spent the whole walk thinking about things to write on an ARC and RC. I came home and recorded them. While out and about during the day I also purchased a set of 5lb free weights to assist with some toning exercises. I also cut out a "core strengthening" exercise list from a magazine. I slouch so much- I need to strengthen my middle! I plan to go out for a walk after work.

I did pretty well with food yesterday. I made myself a whole wheat pita pizza for dinner, while DFiance enjoyed his left over greasy pizza. Food is planned and packed for today.

Tuesday-Friday are tough days. I value the opportunity to only work 4 days a week, but it makes for loooong, packed in days. I'm hoping the work week stress doesn't leave me sleepless as it has the last several weeks.

Ceejay Enjoy your staycation!!!

03-22-2011, 08:51 AM
Hi Coaches!

The cousins from Alaska brought us Squaw Candy (smoked red salmon in beautiful long strips). It is tucked away for after my blood test tomorrow. (It's very salty). Food and exercise are planned. I've been really consistent about planning/logging and *credit* to moi AND Dr. Beck-it really helps.

BillBlueEyes, *credit* for unseasoned heart healthy salmon and resistance of artery-clogging pizza.

MaryContrary, *credit* for your major hurdle; resisting foods which formerly triggered possessive feelings and letting go to dance about it!

pamatga, I feel the "good" happening here, too! Great that you are tweaking your calories to reflect a different type of exercise and noting it on your computer.

jicarilla, good strategy, leaving your bread in the freezer. It's where mine lives and when it's frozen it seems to call out to me less. You might try that first. I hope you got through your dreaded task ok. That is a great line that you coined, "I am not going to use this as an excuse to sedate myself with food."

ChefJoona, ahh, I heard about your snow. *credit* for getting out for a walk beforehand. Great insight about your exercise plan, too.

Gwen, I change my battery out when I'm getting strange readings. Great that you have made a special note about not letting a plateau hold you back from your goal.

gardenerjoy, yes, not craving particular foods, and knowing which ones trigger that craving is a very powerful motivator not to eat them.

Beverlyjoy, what an superb day when you can accomplish so many of your healthy living tasks...and say NO CHOICE to sugar!

RunningFree, eating slowly seems so odd at first, but if you keep practicing, as Dr Beck suggests it will become second nature.

CeeJay, yay for another healthy day! Isn't it nice to go to the neighbours for dinner when they eat healthy! BTW-I'll check your recipe today. Thx.

RubyJan, kudos for another day OP (RJPlan).

03-22-2011, 09:21 AM
:( Up 4 yesterday and afraid to step on the scale today. I'm going to try to fast today. Really binged last night and am very disappointed in myself. Very upset that my husband keeps bringing garbage food into the house. WHY????? Because HE can stop at just one, and then the remainder sits there... and sits there... taunting me until I cave in and demolish the whole thing. This sends me on a rampage through kitchen until every last morsel of junk has been consummed. Damn :devil: Will I ever get control of this?

It started with the bikini shot from the rear... ugh. I've been spiraling toward oblivion since that. Someone kick me into next week please, maybe even next month... I need to get through this. I've been here before and it's so maddening that I'm here again.

:hun: :jeno: eat me :m:eat me :chockiss:eat me :cheese:eat me :corn: eat me:rollpin: :frypan:

I will remember that I can NOT eat "just one"!

03-22-2011, 09:40 AM
Hi Coaches

I just heard an art review of an acquaintance of mine. His show opened last week. I would have gone to the opening. He works very similarly to me using newspaper images, drawing them, making prints, talking about news and news culture. I need to go see this exhibit.

I need to start making things again.

Meanwhile, it's a good distraction nto think about the art work instead of the housework. I just want to throw everything in garbage bags and be done with it. Apparently, I still have to make up some boxes, pack them, and seal and label them.:p blecch. Luckily I have my best "taskmaster" friend coming over. Thank goodness I saved her for the end. I really need her now. I think even my friend T will be by again and I got an email from a friend who moved to Ireland about 5 years ago. She's in town for her sister's wedding and will be here until April 7th. Her timing is fantastic.

Anyway this is what's on my plate today:
Phonecalls!!! to: the vet, the car dealership, the cleaners, the Dr. to get our files, the junk guys to give me an estimate, and my firend to return the mannekin I borrowed last July. yep, that's July.

Better get cracking. My last full week here Becksters. I drive back in the car next Monday to get the last bits done, but really, the bulk of it is done by Saturday.

Wow. I sure don't want to do anything.

Guess I still have to.

Talk later.

03-22-2011, 10:01 AM
Someone kick me into next week please, maybe even next month... I need to get through this. I've been here before and it's so maddening that I'm here again.

Gwen, I won't kick you but I'd suggest using your Beck tools and Get Back on Track NOW. It is much easier, the sooner you do that. I'd also suggest getting back into your Beck book and finding some suggestions for things you can do now to turn this thing around. I'd also suggest changing the batteries in your scale or finding a different one to weigh in on. If you binged last night, it might not be really helpful to weigh at this moment, anyway, as you will probably have alot of water retention.

03-22-2011, 11:40 AM
Hi folks - yesterday was another healthy day... I am so grateful.

Last night was our annual Dancing With the Stars season kickoff party. Our fifth year LOL - fun with two neighbor girls and their mom. (I am not quite sure how this all started years ago.) The teenage girl came this year - said, she had 'nothing else to do'. Grateful I said No Choice to eating the GS cookies, cheese puffs, and carmel corn they brought over. I put out and ate some preztels and strawberries. (I scraped off the salt from the preztels)

I accomplished many of my goals:
lots of water
some stretches
no seconds
only once did I take a taste while cooking/cleaning/etc
left a bite
tried to slow down
sodium in good range
Thought more about taste

I took my mom to the doctor yesterday and while she was in with the doctor, I did my jouraling & reading.

I am giving myself credit for NOT eating as I face a health concern. (again). My worst year for health, ever. It's not fair - Oh well.

Onebyone - credit for your continued work in getting ready to move. I can see how you are exhausted. Yes, you WILL be doing your art again after the move. I know it will make you feel good.

Gwen - please forgive yourself for overeating. It happens. Fasting doesn’t always work (for me) and can set off a binge. I try to deal with DH who sometimes brings in goodies. Dr. Beck suggests asking for his help. She says to say…. “Would you be willing to help me by….. (not keeping junk in the house, etc). “ This helps me - then after a while DH starts bringing in goodies again and I have to ask him again.

Lexxis/Debbie - you squaw candy sounds good. A nice healthy (but a sit salty) treat. Credit for figuring the best way to get it into your plan. Kudos for your consistent use of No Choice and planning! Glad you had a strategy for the cherry pie and it worked.

Chefjoona - credit for your walk in the snow and setting yourself up for exercise getting those weights. Credit for making yourself a healthy pizza while DF ate the greasy version!

Billbe - I am glad you had a good trip. Sorry to hear the snack gremlins entered your mind. Happy to hear that you had a healthy day yesterday. And… major credit for passing up pizza!!

Ruby - good luck in the strike. I hope it goes well for your union. Good breakfast!

Ceejay - so many credits. It’s nice to have a staycation! So nice you could do your walk with your mom. How wonderful to have a healthy meal at your friends. Awesome! Maybe we could do a thread where folks can write down there daily menus.

Pamatga - yes, indeed - It’s good that you are trying to figure out a calorie number that fits your lifestyle. I have a range of 1200 - 1560. I got that from Sparkpeople. It seems to work at my weight. It’s nice having a range - everyday isn’t always the same. Isn’t this low sodium an eye opening thing? It’s amazing, really.

running free - I have trouble eating slowly too. I’ve always said that many of us spent a good portion of the day thinking of food and then take only five minutes to actually enjoy it! Something that I do to help me slow down and be more conscious of how fast I eat. I’ll take one or two days and actually make myself wait 30 seconds between bites. It’s really a telling exercise - it’s been helpful to me.

Gardenner/joy -it’s wonderful to realize you don’t have as many cravings as in the past. Also - being able to identify those ‘food craving situations’. It’s amazing to me how I have used food to deal with all emotions and situations in the ]past. Being aware of this is such a positive step.

Sharon - it is a credit to be able to identify those foods that are too hard to have around. Great idea to use a friends dog to get exercise!

Have a good day everyone. Always treat yourself as well as you would treat a good friend.

03-22-2011, 02:37 PM
Believe it or not but I have been on this site for 5 hours! I decided to get up to give DH last minute "instructions" and to wait for the maintenance to show up. We need freeon for our central a/c unit. Spring is definitely here in Atlanta with all the beautiful flowering trees; magnolia blossoms are gorgeous, white blossoms pear trees and some kind of trees that have fuchsia and deep lavender blossoms. I told my DH that if we ever buy a home here I want some of those trees in our yard.

Doing the twelfth step of the 12 step "service" while here on 3FC. When I see that someone might benefit from BDS I tell them about our group here and tell them to check us out. PS I get 10% off the top of any "good vibes" comin our way!;)

drank 96 oz purified plain water yesterday. It makes a HUGE difference. Down 6 lbs. Lots of peeing but well worth the jogs to the bathroom. Goal is 100 oz each day.

Did muscle building and strengthening yesterday. I think I need to move up to Advanced. My back is already stronger and I am standing a lot straighter.
I've got some biceps from "before" that I am hoping don't get any bigger. :o

BBE, Not sure where you shop but now the local stores here offer single serving slices of pies and cheesecakes. This is what I did for the past holidays this year. I love pie of all kinds but DH could care less.

MaryContrary, well, you have acheived what I haven't been able to do. For me, the best way to resist trigger foods is to not have them in my home. It seems I can even make something good, like almonds, a new trigger food.

jicarilla, I find that the denser the bread I eat the less I feel like binging on it. I pick those that are high fiber, no sugar (or very low sugar), no enriched flour only stone ground whole wheat. Nature's Own is one of my favorites. You might be reacting to the higher carb content in some breads. This is one area where not all are created equal.

ChefJoona, I envy the walks even before snow. Someday.....

Gwen, I could write the book about plateaus this past month. And, I agreed to join a daily weigh in thread. What was I thinking? I feel like I am standing on Main Street in my underwear. This too shall pass.

gardenerjoy, I could also write a book about cravings too. Again, the saying "Know Thyself" is so true. The more I know about myself, the more control I have over what is good or not so good for me.

Beverlyjoy, like your list of healthy food choices. It starts and ends there.

RunningFree, it is funny (not ha ha funny) that I am one of the few fat people who actually eats like a snail. All the time I have restaurant managers(Yes, managers!) come to our table and ask me if my food is okay because I eat so slow. I have never had warm eggs for example. I will not eat hot (as in heat) food. I have to allow it to cool down. By frequently certain restaurants they have learned to just allow me my time. I always ask to be seated at a window, if even to watch the traffic. My Dad is an even slower eater than I am. I was meant to live in Europe where a meal can last for hours. When I worked outside the home I never could finish the lunch I packed in the short amount of time they allow you. My Dad said the same thing. I am such a slow eater that at times I try to hurry myself up and end up choking on the food. I guess I am too busy to talking to eat. One Beck task down and many more to go!

CeeJay, nice to have neighbors that share your passion for a healthier lifestyle. My adult son has been a vegetarian for 18 years and he was always so patient with my food trials. I must have really offended him at times but he never said anything.

RubyJan, here's to what works for us and no one else!


03-22-2011, 02:54 PM
I usually see a drop in weight when I manage 100% OP eating. Oh well.

Spontaneous exercise yesterday was hauling books home from the storage unit, sorting them, and then hauling most to the book fair drop off, a few to their new homes in our house. Credit!

WI: NC in kgs, Exercise: +65* 1080/1600 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

RunningFree: eating slowly is a tough one, and one I've yet to master. My best strategy, actually, has been to choose foods that I can't eat fast. Incorporating a great big salad into my lunch slowed that meal considerably.

pamatga: good job strategizing around your exercise activity and I'm glad that you're finding 3FC so rewarding.

Lexxiss: great job on dealing with the unwanted cherry pie. The salmon strips sound like a wonderful treat, especially planned appropriately as you did.

CeeJay: your staycation sounds wonderful and healthy!

RubyJan: I have a friend attending protests in Minneapolis today to keep benefits for people working in education. A lot of that going around. Sounds like you have a good plan for today.

BillBlueEyes: your salmon steak sounds delicious!

ChefJoona: yay for getting your walk in despite the weather!

Gwen: hugs! Keep reading and posting. You'll figure it out with persistence and experimentation. I'm with BeverlyJoy that fasting is not effective for me. However, the hunger experiment that Beck recommends was very helpful.

onebyone: Sounds like you have a good plan for today. It will be soon that you get to start making things again!

BeverlyJoy: glad your kickoff party was fun and that your plan for it worked!

03-22-2011, 06:46 PM
pamatga, you are right, there are emotional components to my sick relationship with food, which are boredom, loneliness, desire not to think about some issues and desire to feel something. Thank you for idea about learning to live with the sensation of physical hunger. And good job you are doing there with switching activity program. Hope you'll enjoy yoga and pilates.
Gwen, I know how hard it is. Few months ago I moved back in to live with my parents and they are doing just like your husband. Today I was looking at all the cookies and candies and thinking how much they can take away from me.
Beverlyjoy, I'll try with those 30 seconds. Sounds like it might work for me.

Day 9 on BDS.
My exercise plan:
Running 3-4 times a week.
Gym 2-3 times a week.

I am taking a challenge: 10 days without binging. Award: bracelet to remind me, that I can.
Five days have passed without binging.
My fear that I might slip is maddening. Will I complete the challenge? What will I do next? Take another challenge? Or I will feel free to binge again? I hope I will not.

And thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences. I am starting to love this thread.

03-22-2011, 11:14 PM
Hello everyone:

RubyJan- hope your strike does not last too long.

BillBlueEyes- credit for saying no to pizza.

ChefJoona- lots of credits for you yesterday.

Lexxiss-yum= smoked salmon. Credit for saving it until after your blood test.

Gwen-sorry you are having a rough go. I also have a husband who can stop at one. Damn them anyway. :D:D:D

onebyone- hope you had a good day packing with your friend.

Beverlyjoy- yay for eating healthy-- even scraping the salt off the pretzels!! Speaking of salt- I am going to dinner with friends at the Olive Garden tomorrow. I googled the calories- that was bad enough, but the salt in the food blew my mind. I mean, I know restaurant food is salty but some of those dinners have up to 3000 mg of salt. The Tour of Italy, which was my go-to meal has 1450 calories and 3830 mg of salt!!! I am so not eating that. Thanks for reminding us of the importance of watching out for this.

I like your idea of a thread for daily menus- posting what I eat helps keep me accountable. Plus I really love getting ideas from what the rest of you are eating.

pamatga-loved your description of spring. It will eventually make it's way north- can't wait!!

gardenerjoy- sorry for no drop in weight- glad you are saying oh well.

RunningFree- kuddos for 5 binge-free days. That is fantastic!!

For me, credit today for:

:dizzy: weighing in
:dizzy: walking 30 mins with mom
:dizzy: eating healthy and on plan. I did eat an extra WW muffin this afternoon and had a very big run of sabotaging thoughts- but was able to remember that this is exactly how I start in on uncontrolled eating and that the consequence of eating more was going to be very very bad. So I did not.
:dizzy: planning tomorrow
:dizzy: checking in with my coaches
:dizzy: reading response and advantage cards

Tomorrow I am headed for the city. I am bringing my lunch to eat between shopping stops. Dinner is going to be the Olive Garden so I have looked at their website and am going to eat only half of one of the less calorie and fat laden entrees and bring the rest home to the hubby.

Take care

03-23-2011, 12:10 AM
Coaches/Buddies Still not 100% but getting there. I did do a bike scavenger hunt/adventure race event on Sunday. Was really too sick to, but had signed up with a partner so gave it a shot.

I have passed up work food (donuts, ice cream) two days in a row, and feel good about that. I reminded myself today that I felt great yesterday, and that made today easier. I'm also focusing on the things that make me feel good in the long run (my ARC) and less on the immediate gratification. Had a great on-plan day today.

Work continues to be busy but good. I am packed up for a quickie mountain bike ride tomorrow before work. Still sick, but close enough if I take it easy. Clothes are laid out, lunch is packed, and I have my act together generally. Uncommon, but I'll take it.

Thanks all for being here. I read even when I'm too cranky to post. The ship is turning.


03-23-2011, 07:27 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Good enough for eating on plan, CREDIT moi, despite a double snack in order to make some tension go away. It didn't make tension go away, just annoyed me that I'd fallen for such an old Sabotaging Thought.

Walking was my exercise, CREDIT moi - still cool around here.

onebyone - Yay for the endgame - packing with the phone to your ear. Hope it continues to come together.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Yay for work that "continues to be busy but good." Here's hoping that your robust healthy self re-emerges.

CeeJay - Kudos for carefully planning your trip to Olive Garden - they do server pasta with a heavy hand.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Oh Yes, Double Kudos - one for reducing the books in storage and another for getting them to new owners via the book fair.

Beverlyjoy - I just love hearing that the kids next door come over to your place for a "Dancing with the Stars party." Kudos for avoiding the Girl Scout cookies.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Absolutely drooling over your "Squaw Candy." Kudos for consistency.

ChefJoona - Yay for walking in the snow - in Spring! When you figure out how to beat slouching, let me know.

Ruby (RubyJan) - Yay for the British Library for allowing you to read 18th Century pamphlets. Would think it difficult sticking to the RJPlan if you had to look over your shoulder worrying about being carted off to the Insane Asylum.

pamatga - Lovely visual of all the flowering trees of Spring in Atlanta. LOL at your 10% commission.

Gwen - Ouch for the junk food quick sand. Would seem that that stuff has to be blocked at the front door if it's a trigger for you. Or immediately moved to the trunk of your DH's car. Yep, you'll "get control of this" because you'll think of which strategy gets the stuff out of your reach before the time of temptation. Sending supportive thoughts to your thinking process on this one.

RunningFree - Kudos for doing the reward bracelet thing - great visual and tactile reminder.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 5

As you near maintenance, the initial thrill of dieting usually wears off. You don't see a drop in weight every week or maybe even every other week. You stay in the same clothing size for much longer. You start taking the many amazing benefits of weight loss for granted, and your motivation goes down.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 30.

03-23-2011, 07:48 AM
On plan eating day yesterday, aside from a slice of Birthday cake from a local bakery at the office.... I guess I can't call that an on plan day. I went for a small slice, but felt it all day- a slight stomach ache from the concentrated fat and sugar. Suffice it to say I didn't need an afternoon snack. Dinner was healthy. I had a few jelly beans after dinner, but really did not need the extra sugar.

DF and I went out for a walk, and I did my free weights. CREDIT!!!! I don't think I'll be walking after work today, as we have social plans, but that's ok. I am allowing myself to start off slow with exercise and fit it in where it fits in to develop a good habit.

Today is one of those days where I'm out of the office at meetings from 11am-2:3pm, which makes packing a lunch really hard. I know of a couple sandwhich places where I can get something healthy for lunch while I am out and about.

Gwen My stick skinny fiance lives on junk food, so it is always in the house. Things that he brings in that don't go in the freezer go right into his man cave room. For the most part I do well with out of sight, out of mind. Putting it somewhere- someone else mentioned the trunk of the car- might be even more helpful so its not even in the house. I talk a lot about my diet plan with my DF, as it was an adjustment for him to not have me eat the same food as him. He is slowly turning into a great coach. Keep up the persistence and you will figure out what works for you. I do believe the general consensus from professionals- including Beck- is that starvation or fasting is not an effective tool for sustainable weight loss, though it may feel like it helps to kick start things. Its so frustrating when our bodies just don't do what we want to to dispite our efforts!

03-23-2011, 10:54 AM
Beverlyjoy I was listening to BBC last night and heard them asking for wedding photos and wedding stories. I really encourage you to send them a photo and send them your hilarious wedding story--I am really hoping it's your story and not gardenerjoy's... well whichever one of us Becksters who has the wedding story with the husband being taken out for a drink by the guy in the bar and the snowstorm and the wrong cake and all that... send your story to the BBC. I think they would love it! Here's the link for the broadcast that includes the description of the project:

And here's their direct facebook link to the project: (

03-23-2011, 11:03 AM
Hi Coaches!

My plan took a twist when I found out there was a neat lecture in Snowmass by the curator of the Denver museum about the Ice Age excavation. I packed up a picnic dinner for us (Aspen food is expensive), and stuck with my plan. I had calories left over and enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal when returning home. I don't include it any other time, because it triggers carb cravings for me. Before bed it was enjoyable and I woke up feeling fine. We're packing the car to head over the divide. I hate to leave, but my back is tired of carrying the old pup up and down the stairs.

BillBlueEyes, drat for falling for an old sabotaging thought but *credit* for getting out for a cool walk.

ChefJoona, *credit* for not partaking in your afternoon snack after the cake. Great for starting out slow with exercise but "doing it".

AnneWonders, yay for passing up work food AND reminding yourself that you feel so much better when you do.

CeeJay, great that you have researched your restaurant before going there!

RunningFree, great that you have picked a goal to work on and that you are using your Beck tools to help you through.

gardenerjoy, yay for spontaneous exercise, decluttering and recycling good books all in one fell swoop.

pamatga, your description of Spring sounds just heavenly. As I write, our dear friend, who is still paralyzed is on a lear jet enroute to Shepard Center. His wife will live on campus and she will be comforted by the flowers. Great that you are already stronger and standing straighter as you step up your program.

Beverlyjoy, great that you accomplished so many of your goals, even as you enjoyed your kickoff party. Major credit for Not eating as you face your health concerns again.

onebyone, I hope you enjoyed your friend's art exhibit yesterday as you tackle the last leg of your journey, I'd imagine, quite burnt out. :hug:Yes, I agree, Beverlyjoy's wedding story would certainly qualify!

03-23-2011, 12:39 PM
Well, Iím back home after calving, which is great. Itís good to be back home and in my own bed, though I donít spend quite as much time in my bed as I would like. The hours Iím working are pretty tough to get used to. Yes, Iím teaching in the middle of the night. Iím teaching 4 1 to 3 AM classes a week, 2 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM classes and one evening class. Iím teaching English in S. Korea, so Iím teaching on their time. Itís hard getting used to this schedule. Iím trying to sleep during the day, but having a hard time with it. Since Iím new, I get the bottom of the barrel pick of hours. But I took all these hours just to get some experience and hopefully some seniority so that after the baby comes, Iíll get a better pick of hours.

I have been keeping up exercise with the lack of sleep. My dogs still need to get out and move. Luckily, weíve been having amazing weather, though rather windy. Iím still working on a food plan that accommodates this new schedule. Itís strange to realize how much my eating is tied to a specific schedule and Iím at a bit of a loss when that schedule changes. So far Iíve made good choices and am beginning to get this all figured out.

Lexiss, great job being flexible enough to stay healthy when you plan changed! The lecture sounds so interesting!

ChefJoona, ouch for the small piece of cake that made you feel lousy for the rest of the day, but great job skipping a planned snack to make up for it. And if that was your only food offence, it was a good day. Kudos for getting out and exercising.

BillBE, great job on a good enough day. Funny how eating never makes the tension go away, no matter how many times we try it. I wish I didnít need those reminders that food doesnít fix stress, but canít seem to remember that one.

AnneWonders, Iíve wanted to try one of those scavenger races. They look like fun. Sorry you were still under the weather for yours. Yay for ďthe ship is turning!Ē

CeeJay, great job stopping yourself after a single off-plan muffin. Iím so impressed that you were able to talk back to yourself and remember your long term goals. That is a huge victory!

Welcome RunningFree! Itís great to have another runner on the forum. Great job on 5 days binge free. Once you make it to your goal, you can set another goal. After achieving a string of goals, you can prove to yourself that you can do it! And if you slip, you can always set a new goal.

Waving to everyone else!

03-23-2011, 01:38 PM
Hi Coaches

Well my friend M came by this morning wiht her daughter and now *credit* my kitchen cupboards are done. She took two big boxes of food to the foodbank and a donation box to drop off of books. We packed a box of dishes up and now she's gone for a half an hour to drop her daughter off at school. he daughter entertained Caesar and watched videos while we worked so that was great.

I can say, I don't much care how much I get done here now. I just really want to close my eyes and make it all go away. I talked to my mom this morning. She went on an outing, her first with the Villa where she lives (senior's residence), so both my sister and called to encourage her to go out. They went to the sugar bush yesterday. Today when I asked her about it she only recalled being on the school bus, which she totally enjoyed. What she kept saying today was, "I don't know what to get you for a wedding present."
"Mum, I'm not getting married."
"You're not? Why not? You can just walk into a church."
"No, mum, I'm not getting married."
"Well I don't know what kind of wedding present to get you but I'll get you something." This was the alzheimer's loop of the day for me today. It's always something and almost always different. I prefer this one to the "They're all dead. My mother's dead, my father's dead, my sister's dead, my brother's dead. I'm the only one left. I'm the head of the household. I can't believe I am the head of the household." See? the "get married" loop is better.

Foodwise I am not doing very well. Lots of impromptu food craving attacks. I give in and I don't gi ve in. I am not very self-disciplined. I did weigh-in this morning: 287 but I ate chicken wings late last night right before bed and am living with the TOM stuff so... a few factors there to be considered. Scale # as information only today.

Better go. This friend is all business! No nonsense! Get the work done! She told me to get my shoes packed up into this box (already had some shoes in it) before she gets back. So I'd better do it. It's good she's on my case as I more than likely would have done the bare minimum today and completely freaked tomorrow. Friends, as we all know here, are worth their weight in gold... in which case being overweight would be an asset! ha!

Bye Beckies.

03-23-2011, 02:49 PM
Yesterday was mostly healthy. That being said, it was a day of struggle to stay with my plan, so I am not surprised that when our sweet little neighbor's brought homemade chocolate chip cookies over it was a huge challenge. They wanted to share. Ugh - I stayed away from them for a couple of hours - then I caved in and had a couple. :dizzy: It's not the end of the world - I got up today and planned for a healthy day.

Good happy news... I have lost five pounds in the last few weeks. :):) I finally did change my ticker down. I am grateful for the willingness to keep trying again and again.

It/this really is a life long struggle for me. (certainly, you all, too) Some days go fine and easier... other days, not so easy - of course. It is overwhelming to me sometimes that I have to 'deal' with food the rest of my life. It is what it is... and I will move forward.

I will credit myself for many things before the chocolate cookies. Going off plan doesnít negate all the healthy things I did before that - during the day:

Lots of water
No seconds
Left a bite
Wrote in my journal

Shepardess - goodness, credit to you for living well with your unusual schedule. Itís a good idea to get time in now before the baby comes, yes. So glad you are home. Itís good you have the dogs who remind you to get out and walk.

Lexxiss/Debbie - many kudoís packing your supper and including your oatmeal at a time that shouldnít trigger overeating. Safe travel to you.

Onebyone - I checked out the link about the stories and wedding stories. We certainly have a heck of a story!!! I would have to find the photos. They were the best part of the wedding! - wonderful. Thanks!!!

Chefjoona - the fact that you did not overeat the rest of the day after eating the unplanned birthday cake is a major credit!! Good job planning ahead for exercise and scoping out a place for lunch that has healthy food.

Billbe - you said: despite a double snack in order to make some tension go away. It didn't make tension go away. Donít you wish we could tatoo this on our brains!! Glad you got your walk inÖ credit.

Anne wonders - so glad you were well enough to do the bike scavenger hunt. I am doing a happy dance as I read you passed up ice cream and donuts!

Ceejay - major credit for addressing your sabotaging thought after eating the extra muffin. Credit for planning ahead for your time in the city! Maybe Iíll put a thread out for menus. Folks donít seem to want to post much outside of this monthly thread. We could try it out.

Pamatga - I agree - I think when we help others here at Beck or even talk about Beck at other forums - we are reinforcing what we need to be doing as well as sharing. Credit for you wonderful water input! Six pounds is awesome!!!! Glad your workouts are making you feel stronger.

Gardender/joy - phooey when the scale doesnít show our staying on plan! Dr. Beck says it only one moment in timeÖ hard to live this, however. Yes!.. Hauling books in great spontaneous exercise.

running free - kudoís on five binge free days!!!! It is a major accomplishment. Try not to worry about whether or not you will binge again after your challenge. I think Iíve learned that itís good to plan for the future, but definitely take living with food -one day at a time.

03-23-2011, 03:18 PM
We got an immersion blender. I made a smoothie which was good and a great quick way to get in a dairy serving (I struggle with that some days) and potato-garlic soup which was a bit less successful. Neither one of us particularly like soup, but I like the idea of soup, so I keep trying!

WI: -0.1kgs, Exercise: +40* 1120/1600 minutes for March, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

RunningFree: good luck with your 10 day challenge. It might be helpful to record the moments that you want to binge during this time. With that, you could do some detective work to figure out ways you might be able to change your environment to help make it easier -- things like taking a walk at a time of day that you find it particularly difficult to stay away from things you don't want to eat.

CeeJay: yay for all of your credits and your excellent plan for being in the city!

AnneWonders: glad you're feeling better and yay for the great on-plan day!

BillBlueEyes: yay for staying on plan and recognizing the Sabotaging Thought that bit you

ChefJoona: good job planning a rest day when it would be difficult to exercise anyway and thinking through a difficult lunch time.

onebyone: Glad you have a friend helping you out today.

Lexxiss: great idea to plan an impromptu picnic!

Shepherdess: lovely to "see" you -- I've been missing your reports. I can see that it would be difficult to plan food appropriately around that schedule. I'm glad that you're getting it worked out.

Beverlyjoy: Yep to this: "Some days go fine and easier... other days, not so easy." That fact still takes me by surprise nearly every day, both the easy days and the difficult days.

03-23-2011, 03:47 PM
Good Morning, and I welcome myself back after a few days absence. I have credits and struggles as always. I did better this weekend than I have done in many weeks. I bought vegies and found new recipes. I cut back carbs and felt no hunger. Then Monday came - my easy day- and I scoured the halls of my school for chocolate. Tuesday, I jumped totally down the rabbit hole on sugar. It is no secret to anyone close to me that I am struggling in my job. I have a twenty year service pin at my school district and I feel I can't do it anymore. I am on "overwhelm" all the time. It is not the kids, the correcting, my administration or the emotional demands. It is the state regulations that don't care if I am developing spirits - that only count a test number and it is parents abandoning their children expecting me to parent their kid. It is sad and frustrating and I can't meet everyone's expectations. Being a people pleaser, that is a tough situation to be in. I have been trying to make changes but they are slow and complicated - to the point of I am beginning to wonder if God wants me to stay.
I am uncomfortable and I am eating, not sleeping - sad. We are at war in this society and I have served my time on the front line. I think it is time to request a transfer to something out of the line of fire. But I feel guilty. Who will help the kids when I am gone? Still, the two things I know are "There is a God" and "I am not it!" So I will stay OP today. I have 12 hours under my belt and I will wait for further direction from this great universe of ours.

Thanks everyone for listening. I'll catch up with all this week. I changed my ticker because I have stayed 2 pounds up for basically a month and the one thing I know that works always in my life is honesty.

03-23-2011, 04:34 PM
I will say more tomorrow (I hope) -"same old same old" about sleep, knees and messing with what I want to be a "normal" schedule, which I don't have. Who or what is leading here? :?: It doesn't feel like me right now. I am going with the flow but it sure feels like waiting for the raft to hit the rapids (if anyone here has gone whitewater rafting). Waiting to exhale.

03-23-2011, 06:22 PM
Today I stayed OP.
Practiced taking 30 seconds between bites. At dinner I put into my plate 3 chicken drumsticks, but with enough time to think between bites, decided that after 2 drumsticks I am no longer hungry and gave up the third.

03-24-2011, 03:44 AM
Hello Everyone --

We have our second strike day today -- but it all has been very token-like -- and I expect after losing two day's pay, we will all go back to work a bit poorer and with little done to save the pensions of those who are now under 45 or so...well, the will still have a pension plan, but it will be a worse one than the one we had, and that has been preserved for everyone who is over 55 now.

I have been on the RJP for three days now, and I feel GREAT! Just cutting out the big sugar foods has raised my level of energy. I am hoping that on day 7, my weight loss will register on the scale.

MaryANN -- Gosh, I know how utterly frustrating it is to be in the midst of this global, brutal attack on education. And the exhaustion and frustrations that go with it. I sometimes feel, myself, that I should just give up...but then I also know that no body is going to support me if I decide to become a 'free-lance' scholar. But its the teaching that is the thing about an academic life that justifies the rest -- trying to help young people figure out how to figure out how to be a person in the world.

My plan for lunch today is grilled eel and salad; dinner -- beans and a chicken breast and lots and lots of water....

My best wishes to all.... Ruby

03-24-2011, 06:11 AM
Ruby and Mary I really feel for you regarding the choices that you have to make. It sure seems to be quite a year so far all around the world. It just makes a person wonder where it is all leading us to.

Early check-in. Feeling very mentally wore out. I hope April is better. That is all I can say.

03-24-2011, 06:27 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Spent mucho hours reloading software onto DW's computer recovering from its hard disk issue. CREDIT moi for doing what's required in life. Fortunately, I have all the original disks and serial numbers - it's all legal software. I once bought an old computer for $25 loaded with software that could never be re-loaded - sorta a use once situation, LOL. Alas, that computer was so obsolete that it wasn't used much; just added to the clutter of computers that I recently had to get rid of.

Good gym session; CREDIT moi. At dinner I had a very small serving of brown rice, CREDIT moi. It's good to have developed a mindset that a small serving of rice is just the right size.

onebyone - Yay for a friend who "is all business" and is determined to get you out of there. And Yay for food pantries that accept donations. Sending supportive thoughts as you deal with "Alzheimer's loop of the day."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - I love soup - with all its obvious benefits. Except for, of course, the LARGE loaf of crusty bread I'm capable of eating with even a small bowl, LOL.

Shepherdess - I recognize "at a bit of a loss when that schedule changes." It doesn't bother me that my eating plan works with my schedule - makes my brain happy. But, like you, I have to scramble when struck by the changes. Are you on camera while teaching? Just wondering if kiddo will be able to nurse during class. Our DS wasn't very patient after he decided, by his own internal schedule, that it was time for a drink.

Beverlyjoy - Congrats on the five pounds gone. I have fallen for the homemade goodies from delightful young neighbors - wish their mom would teach them to make baked sweet potatoes, LOL.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for living in a state with a town named Snowmass. Kudos for beating Aspen out of its high food prices.

maryann - Ouch for being on the front line against the trend to equate education with scores on standardized tests. Veggies and new recipes sound like a good way to fight the absurd.

ChefJoona - Sounds so sane, "start off slow with exercise and fit it in where it fits in to develop a good habit" - like you're setting yourself up for life; Kudos for that.

Ruby (RubyJan) - Ouch for having to picket instead of teaching. Hope your efforts make some difference. Don't recall that I've ever eating eel.

pamatga - Ouch for the feeling of the "flow" - with Kudos for going with it til a direction becomes more clear.

RunningFree - Super Kudos for using time to evaluate the number of chicken drumsticks for your dinner. Yay for eating slowly.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference

Here's a brief preview of the important dieting skills you will learn in each stage.
Stage 5

In this stage, you will learn how to keep yourself motivated for life. With a Daily motivation Plan, a Re-Motivation Plan, and a Get-Back-on-Track Plan, you will learn what to do if all of your efforts to lose weight and keep it off just don't seem worth it at the moment. Most important, you will learn what to do if you relapse, as well as how to prevent a relapse.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 30-31.

03-24-2011, 07:49 AM
I finally ordered the "Green Book" on Monday, and it arrived in the mail yesterday (Amazon/ the USPS are amazing!) I'm looking forward to having time to read it and see how it is different from the "Pink Books".

Iffy day yesterday... I ended up only having time to grab a bagel and PB for lunch while I was out. Credit for whole wheat and the protein in PB, but I ate the whole thing and it was probably too many calories.

Practiced some resistance skills at the second round of a birthday celebration in the office. Also did pretty well at a potluck with friends in the evening. Not great, but much different choices than if this was before I started the Beck program... so that's progress to be recognized!

Had no time for planned exercise, but made a few choices for spontaneous exercise (taking the stairs, not the elevator). I'm planning to walk after work today.

Down a bit over a pound for today's mid-week weigh-in. The scale has been slow to move the last couple weeks, so I feel good about this. Maybe its getting exercise that's making it move?

Shepherdess Always nice to hear updates from you! Wishing you luck with figuring out a plan for eating with your new schedule! Its so interesting to think about using a computer to teach to students on the otherside of the world! 20 years ago that would have been thought of as a crazy idea!

Maryann I too work within a system that just doesn't always do the best to support the people who its designed to serve. Its so disheartening and difficult to figure out what our place is in such a system, when we are asked to do things we don't agree with. The children are lucky that you have committed so much to them! And, it is wonderful that you are aware that your personal limits are being pushed.

Best to everyone else today!!!

03-24-2011, 08:47 AM
Hi Coaches!

We travelled yesterday and I'm working back into my new routine which includes sporadic internet. My food plan was just "off" routine. Nothing drastic, but I snacked after dinner and went to bed as soon as I acknowledged the pattern. *credit* for getting my exercise in, though.

03-24-2011, 11:34 AM
Had another very long night last night. I am planning to go back to bed here very soon. Food was OP yesterday and Iím grateful for that. The weather continues to be beautiful, which is unusual for spring. Iím not complaining and I was able to get out for walk/run with the dogs.

Onebyone, best of luck getting everything done. Yay for friends who are all business and help you to get motivated when things get overwhelming. Ouch for the stress thatís causing you to eat. I guess the best defense is to pull out the ďfood doesnít fix stressĒ card.

Beverlyjoy, congrats on 5 lbs down! Give yourself credit for all the resisting you did before you gave in to some cookies. It would be hard to keep staring them down and that resistance muscle can get worn out. Great job on saying ďOh wellĒ and moving on.

Gardenerjoy, I love my immersion blender! I never use my regular blender because Iím too lazy to take it apart and clean it, but the immersion blender is so easy! Kudos for continuing to give soup a try.

Maryann, yay for doing better over the weekend. Ouch for such a tough week. I totally understand your job frustration and you owe it to yourself to get out. You certainly have done your time. Your MFA program can be your light at the end of the tunnel (or light at the end of the rainbow, as a friend of mine says).

Pamatga, hugs while youíre struggling. You are dealing with a lot right now. Hoping you get that paddle and navigate the rapids!

RunningFree, great job taking your time eating. Itís pretty tough to do, but itís great that it helps you decide when youíve had enough. Thatís a huge step towards getting control of food!

RubyJan, yay for your new diet making you feel great! Itís those rewards that make the struggle so worth it. Sending my best wishes for those of you on the picket lines. Itís so hard to see those benefits cut.

BillBE, kudos for being a good husband and taking care of your DWís computer troubles. Great job getting to the gym and eating OP on the same day. Yes, taking care of the baby and teaching are going to be a huge challenge! I will have several months off after the baby is born to figure things out. The plan right now is to only schedule classes when DH can take care of the baby. Iím hoping we can make this work. At least weíll give it a try.

ChefJoona, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on green vs. pink book. Iíve been using the green book and like it, but I sometimes wonder if it would be worth it to read the pink book too. I need all the help I can get!

ChefJoona, congrats on the drop on the scale! It always helps the motivation. Great job on making progress at social eating events. You donít have to get it perfect, just keep doing a little better.

Lexiss, ouch for the change in routine causing your eating to be ďoff.Ē I can relate to that! Great job recognizing it and stopping it before it got out of control.

03-24-2011, 12:11 PM
Still feeling the effects of tree pollens and it's effecting my exercise. We're due for a week or so of gloomy, cool, wintery weather. I'm rather hoping that it will magically make me feel better!

WI: +0.5kgs, Exercise: +20* 1140/1600 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: thank you! for all that you have done with our future citizens. I hope you find a way to transition happily into your next phase, whatever it is.

pamatga: hold on for your wild ride! One thing we can be sure of is that life is going to give us both rapids and calms.

RunningFree: wow! great first experience with eating slowly!

RubyJan: congrats for your 3rd sucessful day on RJP in the midst of our troubled times.

BillBlueEyes: good job bringing a computer back from the brink of death. And yay for small servings of brown rice -- that's one point I haven't reached yet were a small serving of rice seems like the right size. I have to measure that one to get it right and it still seems too small. Oh well. One of these days I may get there.

ChefJoona: have fun with the green book! That's the one I started with and the only one I actually finished. I keep trying to work through the pink book, but get stuck. Something about the weekly format apparently worked better for me.

Lexxiss: Waving to you through sporadic internet. Good save on going to bed when you realized that the evening was turning snacky.

Shepherdess: yay for an OP day as you are adjusting to sleep changes and spring exercise.

03-24-2011, 04:58 PM
Hi Coaches

I'm not sure how I am feeling. My two friends showed up and they STRONGLY encouraged me to go through the stuff in the basement. I just wanted to walk away from it. THEY really wanted me to go through it. i was tired and exhausted and just went along with it. We did get rid of tons of stuff. They did bring all the stuff out of the basement and either put it in the "to take" pile or the garbage bin at the end of the parking lot. So, now, as a result of thios work, I have MORE boxes to bring to Toronto. Whether we have room for it in the panel van is another story. I'm annoyed by this. I foresee MORE decluttering at the other end; like now I'm goin to HAVE TO because our little place won't be able to contain all the stuff in the back spare room. It's going to spill out into the living room now. *sigh*

On the other hand, I did face my stuff. I still have the stack of super-old boxes to deal with, the massive piles of laundry, the bedroom closet and small bookcase and the upstairs bathroom. THEN, after all that, I m done.

Anyway, my friend M who is "all business" is meeting me at a swish Italian restaurant for dinner tonight. I have a groupon coupon to it so it'll be fun.
My bonus is that the vet is on the way to this place so I can pick up Caesar's "valium" for the trip this weekend, and on top of that, it'll be exercise as I'll be on the bus then walking to the vet and the restaurant.

It's all good.

I CANNOT WAIT for this to be over. In one week, it will be for sure. I just *know* this is going to the bitter end.

03-24-2011, 08:40 PM
RubyJan, I am happy for your raised levels of energy. Credit for staying on your plan.

pamatga, I hope it is not too restrictive diet and overexercising, that is working on your mood past few days?

BillBlueEyes, credit for having developed the right mindset about portion sizes.

ChefJoona, credit for remembering to practice resistance skills in tempting situation and credit for spontaneous exercises. Even a little step is still a step forward.

Lexxiss, credit for acknowledging the pattern and for exercising.

Shepherdess, credit for staying on plan and exercising with dogs.

gardenerjoy, ouch for those evil tree pollens. It is nice thou, that you are staying on plan with eating and reading ARC.

onebyone, wish you strength with all the packing.

As for me, I stayed on my eating plan, had a good time at the gym (I love it). My heart is breaking for having to skip it on Saturday and next Tuesday, but I plan on making Saturday my rest day (instead of Sunday) and on Tuesday I plan on running instead of gym.
I’ll rate my hunger tomorrow. Felt lazy today, but I am determined to complete this task.
And Saturday is marked as my lunch skipping day (for practice purposes).

Please, explain to non-english speaker what ‘kudos’ mean? Is it something like congratulations? I might want to use it more often.

03-24-2011, 10:35 PM
Evening to All. Thanks everyone for your warm thoughts on my struggles with my job. Very comforting. I was at my side "gig" today where I teach music to 150 first graders. No standards, no bubbles, just joy, pure joy. The kids come running up to me, dragging their parents and proudly proclaiming , "This is my music teacher." I would love to get a full time position doing this but music has been cut from our district. :( In any case, it is a welcome respite and reminds me it is not hard work that matters to me, it is a quality product.
Better food today, OP and I can go to bed in two hours. (Lexxiss and I are of the same thought. Just go to bed!)
I made mashed cauliflower for dinner - pretty good. I will make a few adjustments next time but not bad. DS ate most of his :)
Runningfree: Welcome. If I am not mistaken, I think Kudos were originally small gifts brought to a king as tribute.
onebyone: congrats on perservering. You are nearly at the finish line.
Shepardess: Good news with the weather. How are you feeling?
ChefJoona: Congrats on the weight loss and the stairway. I remember a summer class I took and I spent the twenty mins for lunch going up and down the stairs and then I ate my lunch in the afternoon lecture.
BBE: The adjective small is unnaturally paired with rice in my history. I still have to stay clear because I can't trust my self with even a little.
Pagmatga: Thanks for the encouragement.

03-25-2011, 07:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It happens occasionally: for lunch I had the lentil stew with spinach and tomatoes that I made a while back, and thawed for this week, over broccoli slaw; for dinner DW made lentil soup with low-salt blue corn chips. So it was lentil day for me; CREDIT moi for my occasional vegetarian day.

onebyone - Kudos for facing the basement that you didn't want to face - I've got one of those and could only work it in 60 minute doses.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for lingering winter. We had a dusting of snow yesterday. Had to brush it off the car, but felt good knowing that it wasn't going to hang around for months.

Shepherdess - A good weather Spring is worth joy everywhere. A friend just returned from a week in Jamaica where the temperature is always about 82F - not sure that I wouldn't tire of that.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay that bed is safe from snacking.

maryann - Love reading that your kids drag their parents over with joy; all teaching should be like that. [LOL at, "small is unnaturally paired with rice."]

ChefJoona - Progress at a pot luck is a stellar Beck-like achievement; Kudos. Prior to my journey, I always overate at a potluck or buffet of any kind.

RunningFree - It's terrific to be at a place where you hate missing your gym.

I have chosen to use 'Kudos' when offering praise for an achievement that's part of the Beck plan. Yep, it means about the same as congratulations. It's not a commonly used word in the United States in my experience. I have chosen to use 'Congrats' for achievements not on the Beck plan or not under our control, like weight loss or a kid graduating from college. Just my choice to use the two similar words that way. By the by, there are some folks on this board whose English is stellar; mine is idiosyncratic, much like my punctuation, and not the best choice to imitate, LOL. I'm surprised to read that you're not a native English speaker - I hadn't detected a trace.

Readers - chapter 2
Experience the Difference
I hope you are now convinced that this approach is different. The work you put in at the beginning of this program will truly pay off in the end - and the payoff never ends. This time, you can go on to a lifetime of weight maintenance. You won't lose the weight just to regain it again, then go on yet another diet, and lose weight again. This time you will get thinner, stay thinner, feel good about yourself, have more self-confidence, and enjoy better health - for the rest of your life.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 31.

03-25-2011, 07:53 AM

This work week has gone so fast. Its been extremely busy. I am happy I slept well pretty much every night. Was awake for a little while in the middle of the night with work stress thoughts, but I was able to fall back to sleep fairly easily.

Eating yesterday was ok. I don't think I got enough calories during the day though, so I was really hungry after dinner. I reached for low calorie snack.

CREDIT and KUDOS to me for getting out and walking and doing my free weights last night, even though I was feeling resistant to it. I felt unsupported by DFiance because he refused to go out walking with me as he was tired after work. I said NO CHOICE and went without him. Perhaps he'll join me tonight.

This weekend looks like a busy and active one.

onebyone You're in the home stretch with all of this!!!! Way to go!!

Happy Friday everyone! I'll personals this weekend.