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12-10-2002, 10:52 AM
Hey everyone! :wave:

Just thought I would start a new thread as the old one is getting a bit long.

Soozie-how are your holiday plans going? Did you get all your shopping done for your daughter yet?

12-10-2002, 11:38 AM
Hi Mauvais,
Thanks for making the new thread. I saw Amy's post...I hope she drops in. Amy if you are reading this tell me how old your daughter is. Ours is five, but she'll be six in March and is in Kindergarten this year.

I'm looking at summer camp programs for her for this summer. Wow! The day camp that we're looking at will cost close to $400. per week. So, could I just give her a card that says...Merry Christmas, Santa is sending you to camp this summer? Just kidding. We already bought her an American Girl doll dog. If you don't know what American Girl dolls are consider yourself blessed. Or check out the website at

She only had two things on her Christmas list; a disco ball and a "real" guitar.
I bought her a 1/2 size Santa Rosa steel string guitar on Ebay. The guy who sold it to me was really nice and put nylon strings on so she could learn with those since they're much easier on the fingers. When she gets going we can switch to steel.

I'm really excited about that! Even though she probably won't let me teach her anything. I've tried to teach her Hot Cross Buns or Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano. I know she could learn a simple song like that. But, she just looks at me with disgust and says...."Mom". With an intonation that reminds me of an annoyed fifteen year old!!! (like, Oh Mom, you're so dumb!!!)

So, she pounds away composing her own melodies...that's okay with me and she'll most likely do the same with the guitar unless I hire someone else to teach her which I'll do eventually.

OH, I'm rambling.
Talk to you later

12-10-2002, 05:20 PM
Soozie - are you looking at camp websites?

Could you let me know the URLs?

DD and I want to attend a Mother-Daughter camp week somewhere next summer......maybe Maine or someplace like that!

That is if it can fit into the budget !


12-10-2002, 05:35 PM
That's cool Soozie!! She's composing!! My guys started out that way and now #1 plays some piano and electric guitar and #2 plays viola. I think if you push them too much when they're little they lose interest. #1 started out with a junky acoustic guitar, and just picked songs out. Now he is pretty darn good on his electric guitar!!!

12-10-2002, 06:37 PM
Ok so when is the first Alternachicks kid concert???? :)

12-11-2002, 12:38 PM
Squeak- There is NOTHING worse than beginning viola or violin. EXCEPT beginning electric guitar (with amp on high!!) I LOVE music and didn't want to discourage the kiddies, so imagine me gritting my teeth, pretending the tears running down my face were tears of joy, while saying, "That was LOVELY dear!!!" FINALLY they are getting to be pretty good (viola player) and REALLY good (electric guitar helps that we like the same type of music too!!!):D

12-12-2002, 03:42 AM
We use a little tape recorder to record my DD's songs because they are so funny and sweet sometimes! Yeah, Den, I don't want to push her or start lessons before she is ready. Don't want to turn her off or get her frustrated. What age did you give your son his first guitar lessons?

I've heard six years old for keyboard or piano?

I'm not looking a camp websites online...just hadn't thought of that believe it or not but now I will! and I'll let you know. A mother daughter program sounds so nice! Do you think they'd let two Mommies come for the price of one? :lol:

I haven't been eating too well...last two days...gotta get on track...didn't go to gym Tues or Wed. Hopefully will have time to get there this morning. Have DD's school conference and then working this afternoon and evening.

talk to you later.

12-12-2002, 09:25 AM
When the kids were about 6 and 9 my MIL started giving them piano lessons. The younger one gave it up afterless than a year. The older one kept it up until about a year ago when he decided he wanted to devote entirely to the guitar. He has been taking guitar lessons for a year and a half. DH used to help him pick out songs, but I have NO clue when it comes to string instruments ( I played the flute.) I think what age you start them at depends on the kid. I think #1 would have been ready at 6, #2 wasn't!! NOW, however, he is really into his viola lessons!!

I think it is great that you record her songs Soozie!! DH used to record conversations with the kids when they were little. Get them talking about different topics. It is so great to hear those "baby voices" again!! #1's voice is starting to change, so it is REALLY different then it used to be! (He is getting a fuzzy little mustache too!! Clichéd or not, I can't believe how fast they are growing up!!!)

12-13-2002, 03:48 PM
My kids Christmas concert is on Monday night at 7pm. Should be cute. Both son and daughter are playing the recorder in it, plus singing their hearts out.

12-13-2002, 04:07 PM
Phew.....I just got done wrapping xmas gifts! It took about an hour and a half! But at least I'm all caught up on the gift wrapping.

I'm expecting a busy night at the restaurant tonight. And it's my shift, so I hope all goes well. Not to mention that I hope I make good tips too! LOL

They are calling for freezing rain here tonight. I'd rather drive in 10 feet of snow than have to drive in freezing rain.

How are the rest of the ladies here doing today? Out doing some xmas shopping?

My daughter is having her 9th bday party on the 21st of this month. I pretty have that in order except for the cake. Which I'm going to order tomorrow. She wants an icecream cake. I guess that's like killing two birds with one stone! LOL

Well, I'm off to watch Dr. Phil. Hope everyone is having a great day.

Oh and by the way, not sure who mentioned these on the thread before, I think it was Lidian, but I went out and bought sone Brandy Beans today. MMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMM

Talk with you all soon.

12-13-2002, 07:43 PM
Kelly, drive carefully tonight sweetie!!
Got to run and get ready for Christmas party number two. darn.

love and hugs to all...

12-14-2002, 06:52 AM
Well it's 5:45 in the morning and as it looks, I don't see that we got any freezing rain. But let me tell you, I am soooo tired and it's only going to get worse until tomorrow night.

I worked last night at my full time waitressing job until 12:30, got home unwinded and was in bed by 1:20. Alaram went off this morning at 5:30 so I can get up and get ready for my part time job at 7 a.m. I work there until 2 p.m. Then I'm rushing back to watch my son play hockey at 3. Then I'm back at my full time job at 5 till oh.....10 or 11 tonight. Then I'm back at my part time job at 8 a.m. till 2 p.m. Then to my full time job at 4 till 9ish. So by tomorrow tonight I should be totally and completely exhausted!

I hope all you gals are doing great and trying to get you xmas shopping done this weekend.

Well I'm off to hop in the shower. If I have any time between jobs today I'll drop by and check out the thread. If not, talk to you all tomorrow morning!


12-14-2002, 07:14 AM
Take it easy hun! Don't burn yourself out! Still 10 more days till the big day and you need to reserve your energy. Sending you good vibes! Take care!

12-14-2002, 08:11 AM
only 10 more days!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh!!! The decoration boxes are still in the living room!
My gosh... I can just imagine. After Xmas it'll be, "Well, isn't THIS convenient! Here are the boxes for the decorations! All ready for us!"

12-15-2002, 12:44 AM
We spent the night at my parents' last night to celebrate my Mom's birthday. We had WAY too much to eat, even though i tried to watch it. We went to an Indian Buffet for lunch, and I couldn't even TASTE everything!!! Just too much choice, and not enough stomach room. (And BELIEVE me, I can eat a lot!!) Sure was tasty!!!

12-15-2002, 08:57 AM
Den, I'm glad you had fun with your family!
Oooooh... Indian buffet... yum yum.. :D

12-15-2002, 08:13 PM
YUP!! And a huge fruit tart the night before in lieu of a birthday cake!!!

12-16-2002, 08:35 AM
Oh... you sly fox, you. VERY classy. You decided NOT to opt for the white lard icing with "Mother" written on top in red toothpaste? :D

12-16-2002, 10:34 AM
NAH!! Only have tri-color toothpaste right now and it just isn't the same.

12-16-2002, 11:36 AM
Tri-colour would be just fine on Marmite icing, however.

12-16-2002, 11:51 AM
oh lordy... that's enough to make me toss my breakfast...

12-16-2002, 04:05 PM
OH YUM!!!!!

12-17-2002, 02:23 AM
Hey Girls,Sorry that I've been out of touch. So busy with the holiday frenzy and work etc.
I went to the gym the last two days. Signed up for a challenge at the gym called the 12 days of fitness. Have to go everyday for twelve days except for the 21st and Christmas eve and Christmas day. the Chanllenge ends on Jan 31st. I'm planning to do it.

My eating is another story entirely. Ugh! I ate well all day today then got home very late from work...almost 11pm and then I ate a nice veggie sandwich...,not too bad, a piece of veggie soy bacon and lots of lettuce and tomato on a small roll, then a homemade cookie my friends dropped off a tray, had to try one,
then caramel covered popcorn,
then a hand full of fritos,
now I feel so so so sick!!!!
just too much sugar and fat.
So, I hope that I'll work that off tomorrow at the gym and hope that my eating gets under control again!!
Love, Soozie
ps, my weight is up a was 188.5 this morning....
Oh NO!!!!

12-17-2002, 09:07 AM
Hey Soozie, girl!
I hear ya... I ate well until I got into the kid's granola bars. The ones with chocolate chips and marshmallows in them. Ate eight of them yesterday. :(

12-17-2002, 10:44 AM
Hi Ladies :wave:
I'm so out of what has been going on. I have a ton of reading to do just to get caught up.

Any of you all with some snow want to send it my way. Now that i'm home all the time it would be nice to be able to take DD out and play in it (besides i wouldn't have to drive in it). We've had a little but not enough to really get out and have any fun in. Yes i know i'm sick i LOVE snow. I'm hoping for a white Christmas but not going to hold my breath it's been a while.

As for my eating........ well i'm actually doing better than i figured I would be. I try to only eat at meal time and to eat my veggies some days are better than others but i'm trying. I have been making my WW meetings a priority even if that means i have to take DD with me.

Any one know of any engineering related jobs in your area my family and i are willing to relocate :D

I better go do some more catching up.

12-17-2002, 11:40 AM
A truck load of snow is on the way Mrs M.

Sorry I don't know of any engineering jobs. They are cutting jobs here too. Mine is safe for now. Too much going on right now. But after that who knows. There is talk of relocating the dept. to another state over the next few years anyway. I am not relocating.Anyone need a Peoplesoft developer? :)

Good luck with the exercise Soozie! I am very impressed.

Ellis - those damn granola bars are addictive. I stopped buying them. But I don't have kids so I can do that :)

12-17-2002, 11:38 PM
I forgot to ask - What kind of engineering Mrs M? (I always think the Devine Miss M when I type that ;))

12-17-2002, 11:53 PM




12-17-2002, 11:58 PM
Hi Den!!

12-18-2002, 12:01 AM
Hi Den! :wave:

How is your DS & the possible peanut allergy? I hope he is ok. (Ok so I don't think that is in this thread, but I am getting them all confused anyway) :p

12-18-2002, 01:09 PM
I love those granola bars too Ellis. I sometimes have been known to pick the chocolate chips and mini marshmallows out of them but I can't do it around the girls, they find this quite awful and hilarious! I have been known to eat several of them at once too!:)

MrsM, you can have our snow too! Shipment is on its way!

I can relate, Soozie - this is a tough time of year for goodies. I was stuck in the car with Hershey's kisses and mini Reese's for hours past dinnertime (on our lovely, relaxing road trip to display ourselves to my family!:lol: ) and oh well, you know...those kisses were jumping into my mouth somehow. But today is a clean slate, provided I can forget that the rest of the bag is in the kitchen!


12-18-2002, 02:59 PM
Am I not worthy a special hello! Hmmm! Just kidding, love to tease, and some people say I am really good at it. Hope everyone is not too stressed, I am having a much better week now since I have made my decision to leave work and start a new job, and I have mostly all the shopping done, except S Stuffers. Hate those things, and they cost so damn much money too.

12-18-2002, 03:47 PM
See, Den... we aren't the only ones who occasionally feel left out. YOU FORGOT VIRGINIA, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!! And gawd knows who else!! :lol:
Den... how is that little DS #2?

Virginia, so happy for you re: your job decision. Stocking stuffers? Don't you have a Dollerama nearby? I know what you mean, though. You put one little diamond ring in the stocking, and the whole budget is blown. :D

Hey Lidian! Welome back. How was your visit? I was just thinking about you... I made a fairly decent dinner last night. Nothing gourmet, but it involved cooking chicken breasts and (fresh) broccoli, and stirring in two cans of soup (heh heh), a can of corn, and then making a bisquick topping. It was very yummy. I even set the table before DH got home.
But then there's tonight! I was just thinking, "My gosh, I made dinner LAST night! You mean I have to make it AGAIN!?" :lol:

And what about those "puff" cookies? I peel the chocolate off the marshmallow, eat that first, then peel the marshmallow off with my teeth. Then eat the bottom of the cookie. It's a ritual. But no, the kids don't like it. heh heh.

Hey Squeak, MrsM and Soozie. And everyone else. :wave:

12-18-2002, 03:57 PM
Hi Virginia! Of course you get a special hello!:) Those stocking stuffers sure are expensive - it takes a lot of little things to fill up that big old stocking (or two, or three...) I still have some of that to do too. Congrats on your job decision - good for you I say!

Ellis, those were my favourite cookies when I was a kid - I never ate them that way but I used to eat my sandwiches in layers (I know I'm weird!) and I don't dare bring marshamllow puffs in the house cuz I am going to eat them all! I also liked those Sunshine raisin biscuits that they used to sell in the US - in Britain they are called Garibaldis. And Chuckles, back in the 1960s.

Does anyone else remember chocolate Life Savers, about 1969? They weren't in the stores for long but I swear I remember them!

Ellis, I gave them frozen pancakes and canned soup last night. You are a true superhero to make such a nice dinner!:lol: I always think that too - oh NO, I have to actually do that AGAIN! That cooking thing. Well, tonight they are getting something frozen too, and they are lucky I am going to make the effort to get it out of the freezer and heat it up!!:lol:

Hi Den, Soozie, Squeak, MrsM, & Ruth - how's it going?


12-18-2002, 06:04 PM
HI VIRGINIA!!!! Sorry about the oversight. No disrespect or slight intended. (You'll KNOW when I'm being disrespectful!!!)

The lab results for DS will be back tomorrow at the earliest. He probably ISN'T allergic, but i wanted to play it safe. He came home sick today, and was traumatized by a movie about a terminally ill 5 year old yesterday, so life here has been FUN FUN FUN!!!!! (WHY would a science teacher show a movie like that?)

We blew so much money on the kids this year that we cheated a bit on the stockings. The are getting the usual candy, and a pair of rolled up flannel pajama bottoms!!! THAT should fill the stocking up!! Boring yet practical. But they'll LOVE the other gifts!!

12-19-2002, 02:27 AM
Hi girls, I'm up because my sweet DD has a tummy virus. now she is in my bed with DP and I'm taking a break and writing to you. The kid is such a trooper. She is so brave. I do feel bad that she is sick...yuck! We had to do the whole strip the bed thing and clean the mattress etc. So, we're all sleeping in our bed tonight. Then of course you know the rest...we'll all have the virus. I keep hoping that it is some one time virus that I've already had and am immune to...yeah, keep dreaming sooze.

But, its possible right? I did share her food today of course, thinking,she doesn't have anything...ummm,oops! I'm a MUCH bigger baby than she is if I get a throw up virus...good thing DP is in the picture. She was really good tonight.

Anyway, on another note, those were my favorite cookies too...can't really say I'm in the mood to discuss that now and hope I haven't disgusted all of you but then, maybe it will be good for your diets!

Den, I like your stocking stuffer idea, put something big in there to fill up space and then do Ellis' dollar store idea for little extras, arts and crafts stuff like glue sticks, pencils, and markers are good ones too. Everyone always needs a new box of crayons...thats my theory.

Well better go try and get some rest and check on my girls.
ps,Squeak, thanks for the exercise encouragement...I went to the gym Sat, Sun, and Mon but missed Tue and today...hopefully I'll get there tomorrow but now with DD sick it may be difficult. The nice and exciting thing is I'm seeing results because over time if you stick with it, it happens, you get toned and muscle starts growing...I haven't lost any more weight but I'm starting to like my body better and like how it looks. This is incredible because I remember a time when I didn't like any part of my body...

12-19-2002, 07:45 AM
Hey Soozie, girl!
I'm up, too. Up at 5:00 with little DS. He's got a hacking cough, and came into our bed. I just can't sleep with three of us in there, so he's snuggled up to DH.
He threw up yesterday, but I think it was just cough/phlegm related.
I hope your DD gets better soon. And that you and DP don't catch the bug! And, ummm, this is a new bug, hon. You've probably never had it before. :D
We're surrounded by people with the flu. I just KNOW we're all going to have it on Christmas day.

Had to cancel my appointment with my psychologist on Friday... I'm pretty sure I'll have to keep DS home from school. And besides, I don't happen to have 130 bucks handy at this time of year to pay for the session. :rolleyes:

Chocolate Lifesavers, Lidian? Nope... that was WAY before MY time! :lol:
It's funny... when I make something like frozen perogies for dinner, my DH will often say sarcastically, "This was a lot of work, wasn't it?" Well, it WAS!! I had to boil the water, get out the tubs of margerine and sour cream, call the kids, ... my gosh... what the heck is he looking for?!

Den, that's HORRIBLE about that movie!! That would really tramatize me! (not to MENTION my kids!) You're a little bit stressed right now, huh hon? It's almost over. A week and you'll be sitting around belching and making diet plans for the new year. Hang in there... hugs...

My face is breaking out. More than usual. Is this part of peri-menopause? I'd better look damned good when this is all over, that's all I can say!

12-19-2002, 03:42 PM
Hi Soozie and Ellis!

Hope your DD and DS are feeling much better today and that no one else gets the virus. Last week when my DD was sick she was throwing up from the upper bunk and while we were dealing with this, younger DD is complaining from the lower bunk about the noise etc! Apologies for disturbing her royal highness :lol: !

Yup, Ellis, you young whippersnapper you! Why I remember rotary dial phones, and black and white TV that you had to get UP to change channels on!;)

I remember when the Monkees were on TV every Saturday morning too - and the Beatles cartoon (this is about 1967-68). I love sixties stuff, as you can see!:)

I don't think those chocolate Life Savers were around for more than a week or two - maybe I just dreamed them!

And Ellis, it IS a lot of work! Taking all the stuff out, and pots, and boiling water and who knows what else - I always feel exhausted after I assemble dinner. My mom did too. When I was in 2nd grade (in 1969! - the sixties strike again!) the teacher asked us to each get up and tell what our dear mommies made for dinner. I was the ONLY one who said my mommy makes TV dinners. And I am exactly the same!

I told my mom I said this and she was utterly humiliated, how could I, etc etc. Well, my girls can tell the whole world if they like! I'm proud to open those freezer boxes and little tins (the cats will confirm that THAT is a tough job! they are in awe of me!).

We chicks have better things to do!


12-20-2002, 12:30 AM
Soozie-YUCK!! That virus is supposed to be a nasty one. I am sorry that your DD is sick, and I hope that you and DP don't get sick too.

Ellis-The zits are probably from sugar. I'm getting more than usual too.

Lidian-I'm older than you are by a few years!!! (or more!) I loved the Beatle cartoons and watched the monkees too!! My Mom was the only person I knew who made LUMPY instant mashed potatoes!!! But my sister and I were really proud of the fact that she worked.

12-20-2002, 08:58 AM
I'm not THAT young, Lidian! :lol: I think you're just a couple of years older than me. As for that Dentrassi, she's positively ANCIENT!! :D
Yesterday our daughter wanted to know what a "record" is. :rolleyes: I'll have to show her the box in the basement... full of goodies.

My mom worked, too. She went back to work when I was about seven... in order to put my dad through teacher's college. I HATED coming home to a babysitter! She stayed home again for awhile after that, but later went back to work. She NEEDED to get out the house, and by that time we were okay with it.

Sugar zits, huh? You're probably right. I used one of my daughter's nose strips last night. Fascinating little things.

This really irritated me... the other day my six year old son came home from school with one of those stupid "letters from Santa". Their teacher must have had them write to the post office with their list of desires, and they all received a reply. The letter said something to the effect of, "I hope you like the special gift I've got for you this year."
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! My son goes to a wonderful culturally diverse school. Most of the kids don't even celebrate Christmas. And some of them are very poor. Why the heck would their teacher do something so stupid!? :mad:

sorry... just venting...

12-20-2002, 01:27 PM
Oh Ellis, even a couple of years is a lot to me!:lol: My eldest DD vaguely remembers when we had records but the 6 yr old is strictly a CD girl - and finds the idea of the pre-computerized world (no CD-ROMS! no Magic School Bus CD-ROMs!!) horrifying.

Ellis, that Santa letter thing sounds ridiculous & annoying. I don't know why they do that - they wrote TO Santa in younger DD's class but at least they didn't send them; she no longer believes in Santa anyway so she just did it to be polite. (She asked for some book that we already have!:lol: That'll be easy!)

Den, I'm glad I'm not the only one who watched the Beatles cartoon and the Monkees (I still like them, I admit it!) - I particularly remember them playing, in the cartoon "And Your Bird Can Sing" - made a great impression on me for some reason. My DDs love the Beatles too but they can't understand the Monkees thing, so I keep a low profile on that!:)

My mom was at home all day, but she still made the TV dinners! She did make my clothes though, and beautiful quilts. Which last longer than a piece of meatloaf, dontcha know! When she did cook, once in awhile, she was really good. Wish I'd told her that...My DDs DO tell me, but usually it's when I make mac & cheese from a box & they say "Wow Mom you're such a great cook!" & they MEAN it...go figure! Sweet though...

Cheers, Lidian:)

12-20-2002, 08:14 PM
All of this reminds me of the big difference between my 12 yr old daughter's life and mine growing up, with respect to meals anyway.

I was the oldest of 5 kids - we *never* ate out at restaurants - occasionally my grandparents might take one of us with them - but that was it. My parents had a very limited repertoire - retro white trash fare :) (and no this is not criticism, just reality)

My cousins moved to Texas in the 70s and came back for a visit - they showed us how to make tacos! my sister and I thought tacos were the most exotic food we had ever seen.....well, next to fried shrimp in a basket, lol.

We would save our allowance for McDonalds and wait for the chance to go there

Now in our house, both of us work long hours, so most weeknights consist of canned soups, crockpot meals, leftovers or some kind of takeout.

When I actually make a meal from scratch - maybe once every week or so - my DD gets all excited and thanks me for days! LOL

Sometimes on a weekend morning - she will ask if I might please actually cook something! if I say yes - she looks forward to it all day! poor deprived kid........


12-21-2002, 10:15 AM
My mom made our clothes; too, Lidian. I'd forgotten. She used to make herself the most fabulous Christmas outfits to wear to my dad's staff parties. Once it was a shimmering green mini-dress with a scoop neck. And she dyed a pair of white, very high-heeled, pointy-toed shoes green to match the dress. What a babe.

Terri, we didn't eat out often as kids, either. Coming home from the cottage, my sister and I would notice our parents whispering to one another in the front seat, which usually meant we'd stop at Burger King on the way home. That was a BIG treat!! Oh... Ponderosa... anybody remember Ponderosa? That was a very big treat! Steak that you could cut with a fork. Stupid metal plates sliding around on a plastic, fake-wooden base. Unlimited refills on pop. Salad bar. (scary things) And a lot of screaming kids.

12-21-2002, 10:37 AM
The Ponderosa! Now I'll be singing "welcome to the Ponderosa" all morning! I'm off to decorate the Church (with one hand) and will check in later with food and clothes memories.

12-21-2002, 03:19 PM
YES!! We used to go to the Ponderosa too!! THAT was a BIG treat!!! Or the Top Hat; one of those 10 burgers for 4 dollars kind of places......OH! the cheap meat memories!!! (DH calls 'em RATBURGERS, but I still miss 'em!!)

12-21-2002, 08:12 PM
We never went to Ponderosa but we did go to Howard Johnson's. I thought that was the greatest - ripple chips and pickle slices with your sandwich (wow!) and the great cone-shaped scoops of ice cream (this was before Baskin-Robbins, so HJ's had the monopoly on exotic flavors). And boxes of square-shaped pastel candies at the cashier desk, and little toys (proto beanies). Utterly fab!:)


12-21-2002, 08:29 PM
...and fried clams!!!!

12-21-2002, 09:38 PM
Oh yeah, how could I have forgotten the fried clams?! They were great!:) I think there was also fried shrimp. I could go for some right now. I am hungry! But I think we are gonna get some samosas tonight, and that will be good...


12-22-2002, 10:53 AM
MMMmmmmm samosas!!! I will be right there!

12-22-2002, 11:11 AM
Oh dear, I ate too many samosas! I feel like a big ole stuffed samosa myself. Back to the lovely grapefruit this morning. Lovely lovely grapefruit.

Ugh...the hugeness of the samosas and the fullness (& hugeness!) of the stomach!

Next weekend takeout must be vegetable sushi!

Lidian (stuffed to the gills)

(oh yeah, I also had chocolate! could be why I am stuffed too!)

12-22-2002, 01:34 PM
writing in my notebook: "another reason I love Alternachicks: the retro memories!"

but I have to ask: what are samosas? are they indian pastries? sorry, I'm just not sure.

my kid food memories: McDonald's hamburgers and fries, homemade mashed potatoes, likem-sticks, sweetarts, sugar babies, Mary Janes, and yes HoJos too - if we were travelling on an interstate - my grandmother would take me there for clam rolls and sherbert. She was a foodie so she had a foodie friend in me! She's the one who first took me for Chinese food - the place was about 50 miles from our house - I was puzzled about egg rolls....hmm, they're pastry covered and fried - why aren't they sweet? LOL

I didn't go to a Ponderosa until I was a teenager, but I remember thinking it was a big deal. My first high school boyfriend used take me there on dates!


clothes: my parents had me when they were teenagers so I grew up watching them go out on weekend nights - but New Years was the big one - my mother with her updo - my dad with his slicked back Vitalis look!

Ok, Lidian one for you: what toys did you have? Hi Heidi the Pocketbook doll? Chrissy with the auburn hair that pulled down? Baby Alive? HA HA remember Baby Alive? My sister had that doll and beloved Mrs. Beasley doll too! what was the name of those little dolls that were dressed like flowers and they were drenched in perfume?

One Christmas, my parents gave me one of those K-Tel albums. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. My cousins came over and we put it on the hi-fi then put on our fishnet stockings and go go boots and danced around the living room. We thought we were hot!


12-22-2002, 01:48 PM
Terri, we will forgive you for not knowing what samosas are because we know that you led a very sheltered childhood. :D
Yup! Indian. Vegetarian, beef or chicken. They've got potatoes, peas, sometimes green beans... what else? Spices, of course.
They're best deep fried and served with chutney of some sort. But you CAN get them baked. My DH makes them occasionally. They're wicked. He used to make Indian food regularly for our guests. They loved it. Except once... my girlfriend ate too much, and confessed she had to stop on the way home to be sick at the side of the road. heh heh.

Oh... Mrs. Beasley! And Baby Alive. I always wanted one of those. And I LOVED those little dolls in the glass bubbles! The smelled good enough to eat!
And I would have died for one of those K-Tel albums. Everytime I saw a tv commercial for one, I would PINE for it!

I wish we had all that stuff now. It'd be worth a fortune!

12-22-2002, 01:52 PM
I meant "plastic bubbles".

Did anyone have a Tami doll? It was like a barbie, but a little heftier. I've still got the case...

12-22-2002, 02:57 PM
Wow! You modern chicks!

We got things like Tinker Toys, baby dolls with china heads and cloth bodies, fake movie machines (a pack of paper cartoons that flipped over fast), always books, doll's tea china sets, Chinese checker games and those days-of-the-week panties. Also a thingie called a ViewMaster, I think, with discs that clicked around and showed you Niagara Falls and stuff. As I got older I used to get Tangee lipstick in "Natural".

Of course all I really wanted was a puppy and that only happened once. Betsy was my Uncle's idea and my Mother was none too pleased. She was NOT a dog person and I was only 4. Betsy was with us until Spring and then went to live on a Farm - she really did go to live on a farm, it wasn't just a story although I did not believe my Dad for many years over that one! I think I survived the trauma!

12-22-2002, 03:20 PM
Oh, we had a viewmaster! In fact, the kids have one. They're ridiculously expensive now.

Tangee lipstick... I know THAT!

DH got me a puppy for my 24th birthday. Shortly after we had our DD. Then I had a nervous breakdown, and it was either the dog or the baby. :D
We sent him to a farm, where he lived happily ever after.

12-22-2002, 04:38 PM
I hope the baby enjoyed rural life. Oh, "sent him"! Sorry! I didn't think your DD looked much like a Farmerette!

12-22-2002, 07:42 PM
I loved the viewmaster ! how else would I have learned about the Las Vegas strip and Cyprus Gardens, Florida ! :lol:

you know... the wonders of acrobatic water skiing, southern belles in hoop skirts? and Weeki Watchi where the mermaids swim! it was all a big world back then!

oh I remember the name of the other doll - Chatty Cathy!

Ruth - my dad was born in 1937- his fondest Christmas memory was getting something called an erector set!

and Ellis - you're right - if we'd kept it all - we could have sold it on Ebay and collected a small fortune


12-22-2002, 08:34 PM
My dad had one of those, too!
Sounds a bit rude, doesn't it?

12-22-2002, 09:40 PM
Childhood toys - let's see. I liked dolls a lot. When I was 3 I had Baby Boo (made only in 1965 I think) and my mom used to buy me Mme Alexanders but I didn't like them that much...never had a Barbie (alas!) but DDs have some (we had to hide them though because our cats love them and carry them around in their mouths and maul them if we don't!). I had a lot of Peanuts stuff - Snoopy dolls, rubber figures, sleeping bag. A few games like Lucy's Tea Party (Peanuts again) and Yahtzee but as an only child it was hard to actually use them...a purple beanbag frog with orange polkadots; Raggedy Ann; and a child's sewing machine that I just found at my dad's that I have NO memory of (must've loved that one!).

I had a View Master too - the height of technical wizardry then!:lol: And one of those four-nails-in a tube thingies you made long knitted tubes from (can't recall the name but you can still get them).

Ellis, I used to pine over TV commercials too - for dolls, and in the late 1960s for some scented pens called "Love Markers" (I was always too shy to say I wanted something, but I guess I was hoping that the hangdog expression on my face would speak volumes). I have nothing to add to your samosa description except that I was lucky not to be on the road, like your girlfriend, last night! I ate too many samosas (etc!!) myself and though not dramatically sick, my stomach was very unhappily full. I ought to know better but apparently not!:lol:

The scented flower dolls and Baby Alive I probably saw on TV and pined for. The name Baby Alive rings a bell, definitely but I never had one.

I had a little record player too. My first record was Sgt Pepper in the summer of '69. I have loved the Beatles ever since. My parents did not get it for me, someone gave them Sgt Pepper and I inherited it (they were exactly the sort of adults who didn't like anything about the Beatles! a very bad idea for a present - nice of the to give it to me though! they didn't realize that it would set off a love of the Beatles that lasts to this day and that I have gladly shared with DDs!)

As for clothes, they were mostly made by my mother - little dresses, well above the knees, and knee socks falling down, and Hush Puppies. And one of those thick ropy ribbons in my hair - they don't make them anymore but they were exactly like yarn for giants. My favorite outfit was a bought set of navy bellbottoms and navy and white top, slightly nautical. Yo ho ho!


12-22-2002, 10:44 PM
Barbies. And Hot Wheels. I joined the "Hot Wheels Club" and i was MAD when they sent me a letter starting, "Dear little boy...."

12-22-2002, 10:56 PM
OH!!! Ellis, I DEFINITELY want to come visit if your sweetie-pie can make shwarmas AND Indian food!!! Talk about having a hubby who is a keeper!!!

I had an erector set too. WITH A MOTOR!!! it was great.

12-23-2002, 12:35 AM
What about a Spirograph, now there was a gift!!!

12-23-2002, 08:00 AM
Den, my sister and I had a Hot Wheels set, too! That was one thing about my dad. He still refuses to show me how to use the chain saw ("I don't want you to HURT yourself! I'll cut the wood at the cottage myself!" 77 year old man. :rolleyes: ), but he firmly believed that his daughters were capable of anything that a boy was.

Always wanted a spirograph. Actually, I've had to live vicariously through my children. They've had a spirograph, a "Lite Brite" set, and bunk beds... :D

I have something called "Magnetic Mary Lou". It's a paper doll with magnets. :D I'm sure it's worth a fortune, and I refuse to get rid of it. Besides, I kind of like it.

Lidian... those dresses were SHORT!! I have a picture of me in kindergarten. I'm wearing this gorgeous red corderoy dress that my mom made me with flowers embroidered on the front that my dad had drawn. I've got my arm raised above my head, and you can see my underwear!!

I remember in kindergarten... my teacher was tall and thin and beautiful, and she used to wear matching panties under her mini shirts. :) We loved her.

Hush Puppies... I LOVED mine!! And my North Star running shoes. They were the coolest.

I remember those ropy ribbons. They used to get sort of fuzzy after a while. Disgusting things. And those big "bobbles" that looked like coloured glass. My sister was wearing red ones once when we were sitting around a camp fire. I thought she was on fire, and started beating her frantically around the head. Poor kid. I think that was also the trip when I accidentally shut her fingers in the car door. With the door locked.

12-23-2002, 11:02 AM
1971 - 6th grade - klick-klacks!

I got kicked out of school for a day because I brought mine on the bus!

yes, the spirograph was way cool - and I loved Battleship - I beat my brother every time - grrrls rule LOL

my brother got me back though - he decapitated my Barbie and dad tried to reattach her head by soldering it to the body.

It kept breaking :(

12-23-2002, 11:15 AM
Oh yes, I had a spirograph too - loved it. I always wanted a Lite Brite. I think I had an Easy Bake oven - I know, you're supposed to remember about these things but my memory is very dim here!:) Those cakes you could make were mighty thin - like a cookie really!

Klick klacks - what are those Terri? They sound very 70s which I like! Like flip flops, which my mom and I wore at the beach...

When I was a teenager buying makeup I remember the lovely gooey orange lip gloss and brick-red eyeshadow (and slime green eyeshadow) I used to think was so sophisticated! And an "L" on a chain around my neck, so groovy!

Later on, the earrings I wore in the 80s - when I look at them now I can't beleive I ever wore anything so heavy. They were like little purple boulders and entire chandeliers. No wonder I can only stand wearing stud earrings now!:lol:


12-23-2002, 11:52 AM
Klick klacks!! Those were so cool!! Two balls on a string. Like a perpectual motion thingy.

Remember the ball games we'd play against the wall at school? You'd have one of those super bouce balls. You'd have to go through all kinds of steps with it. Between both legs, one leg up, turn around and clap your hands...

And buck-buck!!

And skipping!!

12-23-2002, 11:56 AM
Oh yeah - now I remember klick klacks! Thanks Ellis!

I loved playing jacks too. But when I tried to teach my girls how, I had forgotten how to. And doing all the tricks with the pink rubber Spalding ball. And jump rope - double Dutch! I think I did that too. The girls were impressed but I don't think they believe me!


12-23-2002, 12:23 PM
I LOVED Spirograph!

Ellis-YES!! Hot Wheels were great!! I'm not much into cars in real life, but those things were so cool. I recently saw a VIPER, and it looks like a Hot Wheels car!!!! I wouldn't buy one even if I had the money, but it sure brought back some great memories!!

Make-up....I wore black nail polish on my toe nails in 7th grade!!!

12-23-2002, 12:33 PM
I want a spirograph! I had one too. I loved my litebright. Boys definately don't like them. Or mine didn't when I got them one. :) I loved colorforms too. I love fuzzy posters that you color too. I never got into barbies when I was young, but I have one now. She isn't a barbie but a new generation doll with the coolest hair and bongo drums!!!! I loved my easy bake oven. Things were so much easier then!

12-23-2002, 01:18 PM
oh colorforms!! I loved colorforms! they were great for bringing in the car on long trips hehe - this is fun, isn't it?

When I was a preteen, I used to hang out with two girl cousins, who were my age. We would save our money for:

Partridge Family albums
David Cassidy posters
Love's Baby Soft Musky Jasmine cologne
Bonne Belle Lipsmackers
little pots of lip gloss (was that Mary Quant? cool Brittania?)
skirts that had zip off hems to make them into miniskirts
Young Miss magazine
Seventeen magazine
Tigerbeat magazine ( I used to enter all those contests! never won a damn thing! I so wanted a date with Sean Cassidy!)
platform sandals

oh I just remembered something about those perfume dolls - you could also get them on necklaces or as pins? right?

Terri - thanks for the memories or as DH says: "thanks for the mammaries" he can be bad sometimes

12-23-2002, 03:56 PM
girls, babysitting for my nephew so writing with one finger. he won't let me put him down will write more later

12-23-2002, 04:52 PM
Oh! I just caught the tail end of time to go back and read it all, as much as I want to!!

I LOVED COLORFORMS! I had forgotten about them til someone just mentioned them! And Barbies! Except I didn't have the cool one with the pony tail, I had the won with the short brown bubble head 'do. (That was where friends with lot o' barbies came in handy..."let's TRADE today!") ;) But I did have a Tressy...the doll whose hair grew when you pushed the button on her belly! I definitely lived vicariously through my daughter with all the Barbies that I bought her!

What about Operation? and Mouse Trap? and Clue? oh yeah and the Magic 8 ball?

My arms were SO bruised from those klick klacks! Who remembers Footsie? Some people called it Skip-it...

Boy, I could go on and on...this is fun! Must get back to house work...grrr...

12-23-2002, 04:54 PM
My friend had Tiger Beat magazine, and 16 magazine - I remember the Bay City Rollers were in there a lot! And my older cousin had Partridge Family paperbacks. And other cousins had all the Monkees LPs (so I imbibed the pop culture through them you see - my mother would've never let me have all that cool stuff!!)

In the 80s I liked purple glitter polish and purple streaks that washed out, in my hair. (I had my rebellion a little late, ha ha;) )

I used to stay up to see Monty Python at 10:30 at night, when I was about 12. I guess my parents thought it was OK cuz it was British! Then the next morning my friend and I would compare notes on the Python we thought was the cutest - she liked Eric Idle, I liked Michael Palin (still think he's cute!):)


12-23-2002, 04:57 PM
I loved the game LIFE too, although we never had it.

NEWS: DS#2 is NOT allergic to peanuts, which makes us BOTH very happy!!!
The test came back negative. Maybe next time he smells peanut butter he won't stress out and freak out the teacher!!! He spent a week thinking he'd never be able to eat Thai or Chinese food again, PLUS had blood drawn!!!
(He thought he could be allergic to peanut butter but not peanuts!!!)

12-23-2002, 06:16 PM
Woo Hoo! That is excellent news Den! :)

Let's see. I was a little kid in the 80s. We had Colorforms, a LightBrite (Actually the boy was going to get me a Lightbrite Cube for Xmas this year, but couldn't find one), Rubik Cubes, Care Bears (Which I did get from the boy this year), an ET doll, She-Ra, Star Wars toys, and my favorite game - Hungry Hungry Hippos.
I never did get into the whole Barbie thing. My sisters had them, but I never owned one.

My first concert was the Monkees, but it was the 20th anniversary tour (1987). :lol:

12-23-2002, 07:18 PM
Gee, my sister and I played with our barbies until we were about 16! :lol: Actually, we used to build fantastic houses for them out in the barn. (our teacher-parents had a hobby farm. damned cow.) I think that's the only reason we enjoyed it. We never actually PLAYED barbies, we were simply their architects. :D
I only had one "real" barbie. So naturally my daughter had approximately 40.

We just threw out the game Life. It was falling apart. Careers is good, too.

That's great news about DS, Den!! That was SCARY!! :cb:

Yes, some of my perfume dolls were on necklaces.

Yeah... that foot thing... Footsie, Kat? The bell thing on a rope with a thingy that you put around your ankle? That was fun.

Soozie, for goodness sakes... put the darned kid DOWN!!! :lol:
Is he cute?

How about Fuzzy Felts? I had a ballet one, the circus, ...

I was just thinking... you could probably KILL someone with those Klick Klacks. Swing them around your head a few times and let them go. Whang!

12-23-2002, 10:15 PM
Yeah, they took click-clacks off of the market because the original ones were made of glass I think and they could shatter. apparently it was a "put that down you could put your eye out with that thing" that came true.

I loved barbies. I had a few between me and my sisters. We shared. But, we never had all of the fancy clothing or other gear. We built their homes out of blocks and whatever we could scavenge around the house.

I remember Chrissy with the button on her back that made her hair grow. But, I never had her. I had alot of Dawn dolls too. They were like miniature barbies...anyone remember them? Or Flatsy Patsy? Or little kiddles?

I loved the Monkees, and the Partridge Family, and Love American Style, and the show about the brothers who lived in Seattle? Does anyone remember what that was called..." the bluest skies you've ever seen in Seattle. And the air is fresh and clean in a beautiful child, growing up free and wild...etc."

The hot guys were Bobby Sherman, Davey Jones, and David Cassidy.
My mom made my clothes too. I always wanted "store bought" dresses. But, mostly had to settle for stuff mom cordoroy jumpers that were really short...I remember in kindergarten or first grade I would line up my dresses in my closet and pick the shortest one to wear each day. Short was in baby!
The mini skirt was groovy, far out, cool, and well...very groovy baybee.


When I was in first grade they changed the rules and girls were able to wear pants to school. But, if you wore a skirt that looked too short you had to go to the principal's office and raise your arms. If your underwear showed you had to go home and change. Also sometimes they said your skirt had to be as long as your finger tips if you held your arms down to your sides...

We had Life, and Careers, and Monopoly. And who could forget Twister.
We bought chocolate bars at the neighborhood drug store for ten cents...then fifteen...then a quarter.

I loved the Beatles. And war wasn't good for plants, children, and other living things...or something like that. And peace signs were really groovy.

Peace still is a pretty groovy, Peace girls.
I'm a bit off program with my eating...up a pound today.
Yuck. Haven't been to the gym since last Monday....
uh oh!
Love, Susan

12-23-2002, 10:28 PM
Wow!! I HATED the Partridge Family. I thought they were fake rock. I liked Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker. (AND the Beatles of course!!!) and Steppenwolf and The Guess Who. I thought I was a revolutionary/hippy chick!!! I wore the minis and pants (bell bottoms!!) to school, along with a leather headband that had fringe hanging down the sides of my face, and also an over-sized long dress!!

12-23-2002, 10:40 PM
I LOVE Joe Cocker. He is so cool.

Yeah, I wore a headband, too.

In grade three I had these cool orange plaid bell bottoms with cuffs. I used to love picking the lint out of the cuffs. Weird.

I was the first one in my high school to narrow my pants. I used to take all my jeans in. Punk was coming in. And I used to wear my dad's ties to school.

Every Friday night my family used to watch All in the Family and Tommy Hunter. My dad used to buy a bag of "broken bars" for the evening. Bulk chocolate bars.

12-24-2002, 01:03 AM
Hey! I had that Chrissy doll when I was a kid...I think my mom bought it for me just because it was one of the few dolls on the market with red hair :lol:

We used to play Payday, Trouble, Sorry! Scrabble, Yahtzee etc.

Ellis- I was one of the first kids in my middle school to wear "drainpipe" jeans when everyone was still wearing flares! I also wore black and purple a lot and people kept coming up to me and asking me if I was a punk rocker as apparently wearing those two colors together made you one :lol: I was one of the first people in my high school to have my ears double pierced-a big deal back then.

Ah high school in the 80's! Big hair, metal studded arm bands, putting you hair up with soap, static and a lot of hairspray, streaking it with food coloring :lol: bleaching your jeans, listening to the Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Iggy Pop, Duran Duran, Bauhaus, the Clash (alas Joe Strummer died last night :cry: ), B-52's, Devo, etc.
I got to see the Clash live :)

David Bowie was hot! Robert Smith had the coolest hair! Devo were nerd cool, Billy Idol was sneeringly cool-looked good in leather;) Nina Hagen was scary yet fascinating, ah the memories...

12-24-2002, 03:44 AM
Mauv, I think we would have probably hung out together in high school. I graduated in 1989 and was quite the rebel... back when there still was such a thing. The 80's were so bad how could I NOT have been a rebel? I remember wearing vintage clothes (few people did back then) and all black and combat boots with skirts and dying my hair bright red and shaving it and having multiple ear piercings (six total... way over the top back then) and listening to all the same music you listed. What about New Order, early U2, Depeche Mode, Psychadelic Furs, Violent Femmes, Butthole Surfers, Sex Pistols, and of course The Smiths. I still love all of that music. We would hang out at the local Big Boy and drink pots of really bad coffee and smoke cigarettes and discuss politics and religion and society and everything wrong with the world and Ronald Reagan until the wee hours of the night. Ah... those good old days that produced us members of the cynical and jaded Generation X.

12-24-2002, 12:38 PM
That show was "Here Come the Brides," Soozie...I LOVED Bobby Sherman!!! But the Beatles and Bob Dylan were my favorites...and the Rolling Stones. I did love the Monkees too, the show more than the music, actually...I know soozie and any other baby boomers out there must have read Archie comics...with Jughead and Betty and Veronica...what about watching them on Saturday morning cartoons? and Josey and the Pussycats? oh yeah! Did you ever see the movie, "Now and Then?" Those kids were the exact age I was, about 13 in 1971...another good one is "Stand by Me"...a trip down memory lane!

I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday...have fun, relax, stay healthy, count your blessings...


12-24-2002, 01:10 PM
Hey Soozie, I remember when we were first allowed to wear pants to school - I was in 3rd grade (1970-71) and I got a pair of hip huggers with flares (very high low riders they would be today) & I was extremely proud of them! My very first pair of jeans.

In high school I really wanted pinstriped Osh Kosh overalls but my dad wouldn't let me wear overalls (I finally got some when I was 38 - ha ha! - haven't quite finished the teenage rebellion you see! When you are a very good girl in your teens, the rebellion never ends! Always unfinished business...always thinking oh gawd, why was I such a little patsy!:lol: )

David Bowie, Mauvais! Oh yes - loved his music (still do) and what a cute guy (ageing well too I think! not bald or anything, that's good!). In the 80s also: the Police, Steely Dan, Brian Eno ("King's Lead Hat" etc), the Clash, Devo, Elton John, Depeche Mode. Lots of others too.

Weak coffee and strong Jakartas. Really long heavy earrings, black T shirts, black anything (this in college - rebellion rumbling as best it could!). Sunglasses at parties (I remember being so pleased when the Corey Hart song came out - hey, I do that!:) )
Big jugs of cheap white wine. Yum yum. Staying up all night.

Now I'm lucky to stay up til eleven!:lol:

Kat, I did read Archie comics and I think I saw those cartoons too - Saturday morning was about the only time they had kids stuff on TV (or at any rate that is what I was led to believe!). But I only got comics when I was sick in bed! Sort of like Junket and St.Joseph's aspirin...


12-24-2002, 01:56 PM
YES!! I had forgotten Lidian, but I had a pair of overalls that I wore ALL the time!!! Anyone else remember Gary Glitter, Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, The New York Dolls (Junior High)......and Richard **** and the Voidoids, B52s, Talking Heads, Sex Pistols, Ramones (college)....did anyone else smoke clove cigarettes?

12-24-2002, 02:00 PM
I still love the small of clove cigarettes! The still sell them! But since they are so much worse on the lungs than any other kind of smoking materials, I will pass! I am still looking for a good clove insence so I can smell it any ol time!

12-24-2002, 02:03 PM
YUP!! The things i did to myself back then.......FOOD is now the drug of choice!!!!

12-24-2002, 04:42 PM
Yeah, they are too strong for me too - anyhow I gave up smoking awhile back though I still miss it (I also liked light menthols). I always thought they put something funny in the unfiltered cloves...Clove incense sounds great - let me know if you find any, Flower! I can find cinnamon though.

I love the B52s - my friend said they played at her grad dance in college, how cool is that?! We just had some ole band from the college we were supposed to get excited about.

I liked Richard ****'s ex, Patti Smyth (I can't quite believe she is married to John McEnroe now, seems such a weird match!) & also Tom Petty ("Refugee"), Yes ("I'll be the round-about...") and Queen. My fave was Steely Dan though.

Den, when I think of some of the things I did back then I collapse in a mixture of helpless giggles and pure horror! Now I am a sedate fortyish chick all it takes for me to walk on the wild side is a second glass of wine and/or a box of Anton Berg chocolate liqueurs! Tee hee...


12-26-2002, 01:01 PM
Good Morning all,
I hope all are having a wonderfull holiday season. We had a beautiful white Christmas. DD is enjoying all of her new toys.

I'm still on the hunt for a new job but enjoying my time off with DD.

Well have to cut this short before DD deletes it for my.

12-26-2002, 01:55 PM
Went to art school...of course they were smoking clove cigarettes...hated the smell of, I only smoked the real thing...parliment lights!!! and lived on wonder I didn't have a weight problem then.

Yeah, thanks Kat, it was Here Come the totally un alternachickish, that would never fly today...or would it?

My wardrobe in college and then for years afterwards was black, black, black, more black and sometimes a small white item for an accent. Like a white t shirt under a black jacket with a black skirt or jeans. My boss at one job once asked me if I had anything with a color on it in my closet! I hadn't realized I had become so one demensional until she said that.

I loved wearing my favorite bleached out purple and blue demin was long and full with my heavy black combat boots, my black top that fastened up the front with hooks and eyes...that was my favorite cool alternachicky outfit.

oh yeah, and you were right Ellis, I got the nasty virus. still recovering.
In fact writing this had exhausted me. Gotta go rest up now.
Wish I was joking. Good news. Lost six pounds in two days...anyone want me to breathe on a tissue and mail you the germs...oh, sorry for the sick humor. We all know this kind of weight loss is very temporary and remember this is a Healthy Weight Loss!!!!!!! Forum.
Love, Soozie

12-27-2002, 10:16 AM
We used to smoke Turkish cigarettes from a specialty smoke shop.
They were long, black and thin with silver colored paper at the filter. They looked cool and I supposed we thought we looked cool smoking them at the local cafe over a cup of java while reding Nietze, Kurt Vonnegut or a book of poetry:lol:

I actually had an antique silver and ebony cigarette holder and a silver cigarette case that I used to use.

I usually wore black and most of my clothes were vintage bought from secondhand shops or the Salvation Army stores. I still have a few of my dresses in storage and I have a small collection of velvet pillbox hats that I can't seem to part with. I have a black feather skullcap too, it looks like something out of a film from the 40's.

12-27-2002, 02:27 PM
Lidian - I can so relate! Maybe we're long lost twins! LOL

The only thing is that I have never smoked a cigarette ever in my life. For some reason......?

Soozie - hope you feel better soon !

Mauvais - one cool chiquita :)


12-27-2002, 05:30 PM
Hey Mauvais!! I have some of those hats too!! And a glove collection. Salmon leather gloves, various dress gloves (to mid forearm and elbow length) Stuff my Mom used to wear. And a carved bone cigarette holder that i used to use!!! I still wear a lot of black. I'm trying to get off it a bit as a matter of fact!!

12-27-2002, 08:08 PM
Mauvais, I remember those Turkish cigarettes but I saw them in all different colours, not just black. I had one once and liked it. But usually I stuck to Jakartas and Kreteks (those had cool tins!). Your vintage stuff sounds cool - I love vintage anything. I wish I still had my dress up box from when I was a kid, it was filled with my mom's high-fashion clothes from the 40s and 50s. Still have some of her long chiffon scarves though, and a few New Look suits with impossibly tiny waists...

Den, I love the sound of that cigarette holder! I had a little Japanese one that looked like a tiny pipe, I THINK it was a cigarette holder, but I don't know where it is. I do have my mom's leather ciggie case from Italy circa 1953 but have never used it.

I love black clothes. Love them! My mother used to say I looked all sad and droopy (she used to love the word droopy to describe my bohemian look!) and say stuff like "Are you going out looking like that?" -- what IS one supposed to say? Well, yes, actually! I am! But I think black is very good. I just bought some black capris that are excellent. But I still feel like my mother is there perched on my shoulder in the store going "How about something beige? Beige is nice. And get your hair out of your face! Are you really going out looking like that?"

But Ma, I'm already out!

And that's that...:lol:


And Terri...having a twin would be cool!:)

12-28-2002, 01:53 AM
I used to have a pair of houndstooth blue and white elephant bells that I wore with a blue and white tie dyed t-shirt, I also had a great pair of denim bells that had roses embroidered down the legs, and I wore a cool t shirt with those too. I was a hippie wannabe. I would watch the hippies when they would walk down the street and my ultra conservative father (think Hitler only more conservative) would complain about them, calling them names, and me sitting there wishing I was old enough to dress like that. I also had a pair of baby hot pants in pink with a halter top that was pink and white, with a pair of white go-go boots. My mother wouldn't allow me to wear the outfit saying I was too young (I was too young, only 5) so my father kept it at his house. I think one of his very young girlfriends bought me the outfit. I was born in 1968 so I remember the day of the hippie fairly well. I remember being one of the first people in my area to be over bell bottoms, and I always made my parents buy me the punk peg legs, and the shirts in the punk, and new wave styles. My mom would always shake her head and say what happened to the bells you used to love? I would always try to explain to her the way you do to parents, and the feeble minded that they were over, and punk was in. LOL! :lol: I was waaaaay to liberal, and arty for my family, but my Mom being the black sheep of the family always encouraged me to be different, and be proud of my uniqueness.

I had a mad crush on Peter Tork from The Monkees (funny, he is the only true hippy from the group, and one of the only two real musicians)when I was little, and I adored The Monkees, I never thought about whether they were a real rock group til I was older, but they did sing, and did manage to convince their producers to let them play their own instruments after the second album. I liked The Partridge Family but I knew they weren't a real rock group. I was about five years old when I bought my first real rock single from the bargain bin at K-Mart, and it was Love The One You're With By Stephen Stills, and he actually looks a lot like Peter Tork too. Hmmmm. Anyway I went on to love The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Who, David Bowie, The Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop, The Ramones, The Clash (RIP Joe Strummer), Elvis Costello, And then when I was a teenager I loved all of the New Wave stuff. Duran Duran, The Thompson Twins, The Eurythmics, Culture Club, and oh... too many to list. I also loved the consience rock of the 80s being from a depressed town I could relate to songs by people like Springsteen, and Melloncamp, and I loved Billy Joel's song Allentown.

I was only 3 years old when All In The Family started but I loved it, even if I didn't understand all of the jokes. I remember being about 5 years old and I would fight my Mom to watch it, and I also loved Maude, and The Mary Tyler Moore show, and The Bob Newhart Show. When I was 7 this really cool comedy show came on Saturday nights after the news, and when I was at my Dad's house I could watch it because he went to bed at 11:30, and when I was at my Grandma's or she was at our house I got to watch it then too, because my Grandma would make my Mom let me watch it. Can anyone say spoiled rotten? LOL! But I always liked the shows that were smart, and funny, not just the candy assed shows like The Brady Bunch.

I also love movies that celebrate difference. When I was about 10 my Mom made me watch this movie about a lady who takes her nephew in after his father dies, and I loved it, because I had no idea people like her existed before the 60s, and I thought Mame was sooo cool! If you watch closely at the party scene at the beginning of the movie you see all sorts of interesting people, and I'm the one who had to point the lesbians out to my Mom. LOL! You all know my favorite movies from my intro post so I won't bore you, but I love anything that is new or different.

I still love the weird, subversive shows, and I still like to dress in cool hippy/goth/bohemian/punk stuff when I can find it in my size. I love to wear black, and yeah I get asked if I'm depressed a lot. I also love to wear aubergine colored clothes, and crimson. So anyway sorry this is so long but the way the thread was going I was just compelled to tell you my piece.

12-28-2002, 01:17 PM
Velvet, I had the greatest crush on Peter Tork fact he became my standard for what I found attractive in guys (I usually ended up going for guys who looked just like him!) He is ageing very well too don't you think?:) I also quite liked Mike Nesmith but he would be a difficult sort...I never saw the appeal of Davy Jones!

I loved all those TV shows too! Watched them all.

And aside from black (and navy) my fave color is all shades of purple and lavender.

Steven Stills and Peter T. were/are great friends apparently. Did you ever see the special on the Monkees (not the Behind the Music one, an earlier one done in 1996) and PT said he and SS were in a group together in the early 60s. (I taped this show and the Monkees episode they did in '96, to the horror of my family!:lol: )

Hope you are having a good weekend and talk to you soon,


12-28-2002, 07:18 PM
Ah yeah, Lidian, when The Monkees had their 20th Anniversery Reunion tour in 1986 I was in the worst part of my depression, and the only thing that made me feel better, and kept the thoughts of wanting to die away was watching the episodes of The Monkees on MTV. I still had the crush on Peter (still do actually, love that dimple!), and so I became the fan I couldn't be in the early 70s when I was 4 and my Grandma would turn them on for me much to the chagrin of my Mother who never wanted to watch them. I have since read a lot about The Monkees, and Peter says Stephen tried out first but the producers said he was going bald, and his teeth were crooked, and asked if he knew of anyone with the same look, but with better teeth, and hair. I guess they had been mistaken for each other a lot because they looked so much alike. Stephen and Peter had been friends in New York when they were folk singers, and Stephen let him know about the audition. Yes Mike is a genius, and I love his music, but he has major issues about The Monkees, and fame in general, and can be quite a ****. He just dropped out of the 1996 tour with no explaination after the UK portion of the tour. I have met Davy and he is quite cute, but I'll tell you that guy is loaded with charm, and charisma. He is so funny and tells the best stories. But as far as crushes go I prefer Peter. Micky is just a big weird funny looking guy with a flat profile who does bad Jimmy Cagney impressions, but I like him.

Anyway, my depression became more manageble when I got involved in The Monkees fandom, and I met a really great friend who I still have 15 years later. I no longer belong to the fan club because she shut it down (Maggie please come back!) but I had fun, and have even cocidered going to Cali so I can see Tork in concert there. He is always playing somewhere wih his band The Shoe Suede Blues band. I am glad to know a fellow fan thanks for the response Lidian. BTW, have you ever seen their movie Head? It's great, I love it. If you haven't seen it I highly reccomend it.

12-28-2002, 09:54 PM
Yes I have seen Head - some bits I like a lot but I find it hard to watch all the way through. Haven't seen it in some time though...

I remember watching TM on Saturday mornings in the late 60s. That was the only time I was allowed to watch TV then!


12-29-2002, 08:28 AM
Velvet and Lidian, are you all alone out here in cyberspace? :D

Changing the subject (slightly, heh heh), I am in the process of changing around my entire house. Despite being desperately ill and completely disoriented with a congested chest, I decided yesterday that it was time to get that (poor, dead) fat tree outta my house!
I single handedly defrocked it, and dragged it screaming out onto the verandah.
Then it was time to put my dining room back in the living room and vice versa.
Not content with putting things back as they were, I decided to change the whole damn look of the two rooms, and I am now up to my eyebrows in some sort of "Changing Rooms" episode.

I don't know if I've told you, but I've decided to dispense with the guest room (which is directly behind the kitchen) and convert it into some sort of grand, walk-in pantry. (my kitchen is a galley, and has virtually NO storage space!)

So the hoosier cabinet from the living room will be going in there. And I've moved my favourite little couch (I HATE having couches in the living room, but this one is a single seater, and the ends go down to make a chaise longue or a little "bed") into the living room from the TV room. And my sister's cool green sofa/bed that she gave me is going into the TV room. It's not particularly comfortable as a bed, which means that any guests who sleep over will NOT be staying for long!

Of course, the kitchen is partially torn apart waiting to be renovated (hopefully this year), and I'm anxious to build the fake fireplace with built-in bookshelves in the living room.

Oh, and also I'll be reupholstering my favourite couch, plus my four living room chairs.

Looks to be a busy year. :rolleyes:

12-29-2002, 07:44 PM
Ellis, those all sound like fabulous changes to make! I love pantries and yours sounds like it will be brilliant! And I love built-in are you reupholstering? Are you sewing or buying?

I have just committed myself to learning how to make plush octopuses. My youngest loves them but big ones are very expensive & hard to find. I bought some large aqua velveteen pants and am going to try with them...I mean, an octopus - a head and eight legs, a fairly simple shape. I hope! Well, I will try anyhow. Octopus are very cute I think - we have all the Ty beanie ones and they are adorable...

I would love to make slipcovers for our revolting couches and armchair but am just learning to sew a little and I am possibly out of my depth already with the toy thing, see above...Even my mom, who made my clothes and hers, did not slipcover on her own...

I am full of toast and diet vanilla Coke. Am off to clean up the rubble. Ellis, I wish we could get OUR tree out of here - it takes up half the downstairs! :lol:

Hi Velvet, how're you doing? And hi everyone else!


12-29-2002, 07:51 PM

Ellis-Seems like we are thinking along the same lines again!!! I have all KINDS of plans for rearranging the house.....Only problem is that SOME of the plans are mutually exclusive!!!!! Just got through shredding some paperwork from a bank account that hasn't even EXISTED for 2 years!!! Flylady is great, but it is ALSO making me face up to how bad I have been at all this stuff!!! One cool thing, I just made DS #2 go in his room and throw away 27 items. He didn't mind that so much, and we are slightly closer to getting his new presents in there!! (Next step....getting him to give up some of his OLD toys!!):lol:

12-29-2002, 08:07 PM
Hey darlings...
Den... figures we're doing the same thing. :lol: It would be a real snap if we only had some money, honey.
Listen, I'm really losin' it. I'm actually painting... RIGHT NOW... a wall in the living room! A couple of months ago I painted a dining room wall dark red because the new prints that I'd bought didn't show up well enough on the green. :rolleyes: So I'm extending the red into the living room, because now that I've moved my hoosier cabinet out of the corner, it looks like heck in there.
I do love my red and green.

Lidian, I'm reupholstering myself. It's not that difficult. If I can do it, anyone can. I've done two couches... this'll be my third. I think I may have to slip-cover this one. Which involves a lot of sewing, damnit. My second couch was a French Provincial style (long gone... not my style anymore), and it mostly required the use of a staple gun. :D
The octopus sounds so cute!!!

Den, I just deleted about 40 flylady messages. :lol: I'll start again tomorrow...
Hey... good one getting DS to get rid of stuff!!
This is OUR YEAR!!

12-29-2002, 08:31 PM

12-29-2002, 11:17 PM
Sojo- We definitely would have hung out together in high school :)
I als had a crazy rockabilly type hairdo that would have made the Stray Cats jealous :lol: that combined with black mini skirts and pointy toe buckle boots -scary!

Velvet-that movie that you watched with your mom is called Auntie Mame- I have it on VHS-it is one of my favorite movies-I watched it as a kid and thought Mame was the coolest woman ever! I loved her apartment and all the funky people at her cocktail party!

Lidian-we were new wave girls and would only smoke the black cigarettes or Gitanes :rolleyes: what were we thinking :lol:

Den-your dress up trunk sounds cool! I used to go out to clubs in the 80's wearing a 1950's black sleeveless cocktail dress, elbow length black gloves, a pillbox hat with a veil, vintage evening bag and silver cigarette holder-tres Breakfast at Tiffany's! :lol: That is definitely one part of the 80's I miss, it was fun to dress up and go out and be see and be seen and go dancing people don't seem to do that anymore.

Ellis: your ideas sound great! I watched the Trading Spaces marathon for most of the day on Christmas day-now I want to redecorate :lol:

12-29-2002, 11:43 PM
Hey girlie-girls,
Nice to see you! Did you all say that the Monkees did a tv special? A TV movie or something around the time of their reunion tour? Does somebody have that on tape. I would love to see it.

Velvet, where and when did you meet Davy? As a kid I thought that he was adorable. He had the classic feminine non-threatening to young girls boyish looks. Or I'm a lesbian...or both.

I thought Peter was cute too. Did you know that Mike's mom invented white-out?

Well girls. Gotta run. So much to do. Ellis, you go girl. I didn't even think of taking that big fat needle dropping monster out of my house yet. All those friggin ornaments to repack into that plastic bin in such a way that they won't break and so that the bin will seal and be air tight so I can put it in the shed and not worry about bugs infesting stuff. Ugh. My house is pretty tidy though. Cleaned up the kids toys yesterday. have to pack alot more up for giving away to others. My kid just has too much stuff!! Even she says so.

Lets all remember why we're here. I'm doing okay with my food. Haven't been to the gym. Hope to get there tomorrow. Did some exercising and walking this weekend. Still haven't made plans for New Year's Eve. Obviously we won't be going out unless Ruth and Harry want to come down and babysit. (and the pups of course) otherwise we'll be with the child. Last year the three of us went out to our favorite restaurant. Maybe we'll do the same thing.

Goodnight Chickies.
Love, Soozie

12-30-2002, 02:56 AM
Hi Lidian I'm good,how are you?

Mauvais- I like the version of Mame with Rosalind Russell, I really dislike the one with Lucille Ball, I love Lucy, but that movie was terrible, and she was so miscast. I can never remember the title of the one with Rosalind, it's Auntie Mame (tries to commit this information to memory). All I ever remember is that she is Mame. Love that movie! It's my favorite along side Blade Runner. Love it!

Hey Soozie, wow, yeah there were a lot of Monkees specials on in and around 86, but Head was a theatrical release made in 1968, and it is a bizarre movie made up of a bunch of strange viniettes, and it was written by the producers of The Monkee's series, The Monkees themselves, and Jack Nicholson, yea that Jack Nicholson. It has Annette Funicello, Victor Mature, Sonny Liston, and Teri Garr in one of her first movie roles. It is about tearing down their manufactured image, and trying to be taken seriously as musicians. Funny one of the magazines that ripped The Monkees the most (and still does) was Rolling Stone, but the way they get on their knees for N Sync, and BSB is kind of funny, if not incredibly hypocritical. I did know that about Mike's mom. I just wish my Mom would have thought enough if me to invent something worth millions of dollars. LOL! :lol:

I met Davy in Chicago in 1987. He was signing his auto-biography at the Marshall Fields and a bunch of us went to get our copies signed. I remember standing in line and he was there looking oh so Davy, and I thought well, I may never get another chance so when it was my turn I asked him for a hug. I was so dissapointed when his very big body guard put his arm up and said no hugs! Davy just shot him a dirty look and reached over his arm and gave me this really big hug. So sweet, and he smelled really good. It was kind of spicy, I don't know what it was though. It was in December too so all of the departments stores had their windows dressed up for Christmas. It was a very nice experience. Then The next summer I went back to Chicago for a Monkees Convention. It was so much fun, and definately a cherished memory.

12-30-2002, 08:32 AM
Who's Mike? And Davy? Either I'm in a time warp, or my brain is fried from too many PC appetizers, Velvet. :lol: That's such a very sweet story about Davy. :yes:

Mauvais, until you're ready to redecorate your place, come over and help me reupholster this darned couch. :D I'm not sure how I'm going to do it... I HATE slipcovers, but with the "drop-down arms", I'm not sure what kind of success I'll have otherwise.
Ruth? You're good at that sort of thing! Never mind your limp wrists... get down here and I'll rev up the ol' sewing machine!

My new red wall looks great!! And the fabric I've got for the couch is perfect.
I've been trying to find my two wooden lounge chairs on the Internet. So far, no luck. Anyone know of any good sites for furniture design from the 1920's/30's/40's? I can't find ANYTHING like them! They must be enormously valuable. :D

Soozie, we're supposed to go out on New Year's, but DS just got out of bed and puked. Hmmm. And DH is going to see the doctor again today because he's still a little dizzy. DD is pretty much better, but she's got a residual dry hacking cough. And there's something in my chest. But I refuse to cough, and just keep using my puffer and applying Vicks.

12-30-2002, 11:58 AM
OH MAN ELLIS!!!! Sorry to hear DS is vomiting, and that your whole family is still sick.

I was going to buy throws for the couch, since we have a big comfy sectional and it is impossible to find anyything fitted. Now I can't find throws I like!!!

Mauvais-I LOVE 'playing dress-up" and used to do it a LOT more. I also had a dress that looked llike the one Cyndi Lauper wore in the "Girls just Want to Have Fun" video. They HATED me at Lord and Taylor, because i used to wear stuff like that to work. Since I've gained all the weight I don't do it so much any more. I feel like when i dress funky NOW people just look at me like I'm nuts. Used to be I was "young and eccentric." Now i'm just nuts!!!

12-30-2002, 07:07 PM
Well, I didn't mean I HATE throws... I just meant I'd rather it was upholstered because then it doesn't get all jiggly when people sit on it. Although it IS nice to be able to throw them in the wash!
Den, I got a catalogue from the states via the Internet... I forget the name, but the slipcovers were really nice and they were quite reasonable. Around 100 bucks. ?
I got my upholstery fabric for 2 bucks a metre (store close-out), which is right in my price limit. :D

Have you read that book, "When I am an old woman I will wear purple"? I should dig it out and type out the poem. I love it.

12-30-2002, 09:42 PM
The slipcovers are always for couches and love seats, and we have a couch that is L shaped. I know the catalog you mean, but they don't have any to fit our couch. If i bought 2 slipcovers there would be wasted material (bulky 'cause of the "missing arms") I know what you mean about throws, so i was thinking of getting 'em BIG and using those furniture pins to lock the fabric in place more. We made the mistake of choosing a velvety material, which is COMFORTABLE, but the cushions are mushing down already!! Should have gotten something stiffer. On the other hand, it is a WONDERFUL "napping" couch!!! After his hernia surgery, DH and I both slept on it!

Also...those slipcovers look kinda strange around the arms!! But the velvety material is also kind of HOT in the summer. Still going round and round on this one!!!

12-30-2002, 09:52 PM
I just love you all so much - I never get to talk about the groovy retro 80s stuff we used to wear, or the Monkees, or ciggies, or anything fun except here! I met a friend of DH years ago and HE loved all that stuff too, and we had a blast talking together for like a whole weekend, but alas he lives in Europe...

Ellis, I'm so sorry you are all still sick at your house! How miserable for you...DH and I are a little off-colour, not sure whether viral stuff is a-comin, but DD has recovered and the girls are their usual giddy selves as we feebly ask them to kick it down a notch...:lol: Tomorrow night we are probably just going to do the usual: the drinking of the champagne and the watching of the TV! Ellis, do you like Arts & Crafts furniture/houses? Early 20th century I think, a bit earlier than your 30s-50s (which I like a lot too). I dream of a nice Arts&Crafts style 20s bungalow with tons of space...someday!

Velvet, I actually have the video of Head somewhere and I used to show it to the girls (fast forwarding the Vietnam stuff etc) but they didn't really like it. They love all the Beatles movies though, even Magical Mystery Tour, which is uneven. And Yellow Submarine, which I had never seen until a couple of years ago.

Den, I would have loved that you dressed like Cyndi Lauper at Lord & Taylor - I think that's brilliant!:) I love that video too. I think she used to work in a vintage store in Greenwich Village - called Screaming Mimi's I think. I have a pair of purple crystal earrings purchased in Greenwich Village circa 1983 - they weigh about 3 lbs each! :lol:

The poem about the old woman wearing purple is one of my faves too Ellis - I am planning on being just like her! Jenny somebody wrote it - an English woman. (Vague but well-meaning, as usual!)

When I put throws over the old horrid couches someone either tosses them off, falls over them & then at least one heavily molting cat sits on them and covers them in a layer of grey furballs (which does sort of go with the blue couches, I guess!)

And Soozie, you are right! Sometimes we should really talk about fitness stuff too!:lol: I am hanging on until January trying to maintain...

Cheers, my dears,


12-30-2002, 11:43 PM
Hey, interestingly enough today is Davy Jones's, and Mike Nesmith's birthdays! Davy is 57, and Mike is 60 today. Happy B-day guys. LOL! :balloons: :gift: :jig: :jig: :hb: :hat:

12-30-2002, 11:54 PM
Velvet- I own the version of "Auntie Mame" starring Rosalind Russell, I didn't know there was a version with Lucille Ball! I have to say that I can't picture anyone but Rosalind as Mame though and she won an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe Award for that role.

Ellis- that's funny, my living room and dining room are red too :chin:

Den-I love it! Cindy Lauper style at Lord & Taylor :lol: I had one outfit that was a black and white pouffy mini skirt with a fitted black cotton/lycra off the shoulder tank topped by a bolero hat-I can't believe I went out dressed like that :lol: I haven't worn a mini since 1994!

Lidian- I have a couple of pairs of chandelier type earrings leftover from the 80's too, I can't seem to part with them :shrug:

Oh, yeah...we are talking about fitness and diet stuff too, really we are! :o There are new water log, food journal and 2003 goal threads so we are getting back on track :D (really, I swear
:^: ) Why, I am just leaving now to start the first weigh in thread of 2003 :yes:

12-31-2002, 12:07 AM
About those slip covers... Ellis maybe you are thinking of Sure Fit slip covers? Go to

12-31-2002, 05:21 AM
Mauvais- Yep Lucille Ball played in a made for TV version, that was actually taken from the Broadway musical version (starring Angela Landsbury) which in turn was made from the theatrical version starring Rosalind Russell. Whew!!! Did you get all that? LOL! I've heard people who knew Rosalind in real life say that if you want to know what she was like watch Auntie Mame, she was just like that. That makes me feel so good to know there are actually people in the world like that! Of course all of the women here are like that, and that's why I love you all so much! :love:

Den- I would have totally made a bee-line for you if I had walked in Lord and Taylor and you were working dressed like Cyndi. I love that look! Of course I would not likely go to L& T but what the ****. I LOVE the 80s. I was a teen then and I have many good memories of that time. I think that's one reason I love cyberpunk it was invented in the 80s, and is the epitome of the 80s attitude. Well, take heart loves the retro 80s thing will be rolling around in no time. It is something I look forward to. Now I just have to get in shape enough to wear the Flash Dance clothes! :p

12-31-2002, 01:25 PM
I already see tidbits of 80's retro in fashion magazines... I don't think I could do it again! I might have to sit out that fashion replay. The last thing I want to do is relive those dreadful teenage years and the perils of high school. So much for the "good old days" or "the best years of your life". Oh the angst!!!

12-31-2002, 07:24 PM
Uh huh... retro. It was scary when my daughter went through the "70's" thing. She dressed exactly like me when I was her age! Polyester. Loud. Low pants with wide bottoms. shudder.
Surely we're not going to go through the 80's now, Velvet!? :lol:

Sojo, I think that IS the catalogue! They look pretty good actually. Except for the bottom front skirt thingy. It needs a line of piping running across it to stop it from looking like a slipcover.
Hmmm, you're right, Den. Those arms look a bit odd. What's all that bunchy stuff?

L-shaped, huh, Den? We used to have one of those. They ARE comfortable. Ours was grey velvet, and VERY cozy for napping. We had to get rid of it when we bought our first house. We had 3 tiny ajoining rooms to use as a "living room", and the largest of those was about 10 by 10! Needless to say, the couch did NOT fit!!

I just love it when someone like Lidian says, "I just love you all so much!" :)
Arts and Crafts? I like it, but I couldn't live with it. It's a bit "dark" for my taste. The houses were quite well designed; though, and the rooms were a good size. I studied architecture and design for four years, and I tend to go through phases with styles. Now I'm at the "eclectic mixed" stage. I've got antique, modern, and contemporary all mixed together, and it looks damned good if I do say so myself. :D
Our house is 100 years old, but it actually had a few "conversions" done in the 40's, so we've got a little bit of A & C mixed in. I love it... it's HUGE, and we don't even use most of the second floor... it's a separate apartment that we rented to my sister for a few years. Each of the three floors was converted to a large 2 bedroom apartment before we bought it, so we've got scads of space. If we used the entire house... as well as the 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living, dining rooms, etc... we'd have 8 bedrooms PLUS a craftroom, tv room, guestroom, and partially finished basement. It's great. :D I DO need servants, though.

Mauvais, you want to talk about losing weight, huh? Crazy! :D

Where oh where is our lesi-girl, Soozie?

01-01-2003, 01:19 AM
Well, now you see why they didn't like me at Lord and Taylor!!! I worked in the boys' dept. and then in shoes (and a BRIEF stint in stock) for a total of 3 years. I HATED it and had a huge chip on my shoulder. Shoes was cool though. I got the sale price PLUS 20% off, and got some FANTASTIC deals. After 2 kids and all the weight my feet have really spread though!! I also used to wear my Birkenstocks. WITH NYLONS!! (required.) I found ways to get around all their rules and they just hated me. The feeling was mutual.

01-01-2003, 03:45 AM
Hey Velvet, Wow that is pretty neat. Or while we're talking about the Monkees I guess I should say...Wow, Groovy! I have to rent that movie Head. I may have seen it if it was ever on TV way back when??? But I know that I didn't see it in the movie theater. Thanks for letting me know about it. Sounds interesting. Again, I have a vague thought that I may have seen it but that would have been like thirty years ago and I probably didn't really understand what I was seeing when I saw it...actually, now I'm remembering that I think that I did see it...yeah, I think so cause I'm remembering a seen of them being interviewed by someone for a tv show or something...hmmmm....but, I'll try to rent it.

Well, girls. I feel like I gained ten pounds in the past two days. Got over my stomach virus and made up for lost time. Ugh! Haven't been to the gym but so so so ready to get back there. A few days ago I was feeling like my body was really starting to look better and more in shape but today I felt like a big poofed up thing. May be PMS setting in I'll have to consult the calendar and see where I'm at.

So, lets start the New Year right...starting tomorrow I'm back to being healthy girl!
Love you all and Happy New Year Chickies
Love, Soozie

01-01-2003, 03:50 AM
:hat: :joker: :hat: :cb: :hat: :joker: :hat:

:hat:Happy New Year!:hat:

01-01-2003, 04:07 AM
okay, I know its tacky to post three times in a row but...
I missed all of page 8 when I wrote that last post...
Hello Soozie,
anyone home???
hate when I do that...miss out and then have to go back and read...
So, slip covers...yeah, they always slip don't they...well the throw kind anyway...they evoke the obssessive compulsive in me...i'd have to be pulling and tucking constantly. A unique weight loss alternative...obssess on fixing the covers on your furniture instead of eating...nah, that would make me really crazy.

So,here is the big lezzie herself Ellis. Life has gotten in my way of getting online as much as I'd like too :lol:

But, since it is now 3am I should really go to sleep! But, just want to add...Cyndi Lauper look at Lord and Taylors is one thing but Birkenstocks and nylons...Den you are a totaly radical...absolutely outrageous...I'm sure you drove them mad!!
I love it you wacky woman!
Love, Soozie
ps the site looks really sharp doesn't it?

01-01-2003, 10:32 AM
You know why Den worked in the boys department? That's where she bought her shoes for her teeny tiny feet. And her socks.

01-01-2003, 10:52 AM
By the way, where the heck is Lois? Lois? Are you there?

01-01-2003, 02:19 PM
Happy New Year All! :hat:

Velvet, I hope you're right about the 80s. If that happens, I won't have to update my wardrobe!:lol:

I still have all my Alexis and Crystal Carrington dresses with the padded shoulders! Now I'll just have to find a place to wear them:lol:

I did make the mistake recently of getting rid of my skinny neckties and super wide elastic belts with sea shell clasps:lol:

Now if I am going back to the Flash Dance look, I'm definitely going to have to do something about these...umm rounded shoulders!

I read in the paper this morning that peasant blouses are now officially "out" - that's just great - I finally decide to buy one, only to find now that they're "out". Of course, I was born "out" so.........maybe that's a good thing! LOL

Den - I have the same effect on my employers :lol:

Have a great day all, Love, Ter