General Diet Plans and Questions - For people who have cheat meals how much calories is it usually?

02-26-2011, 12:12 PM
Ok well I have 1 exception meal (thats what I call it cuz its an exception from my general rules) a week. I have an exception meal or an item not a whole day. I only know the cals of one of my cheat meals when its available to me but do you guys generally know how many calories are in one of your cheat meals.

02-26-2011, 12:48 PM
um..when i do..which isnt very often.. i make my dinner and dessert..a whole cheat..i eat whatever i want..but usually.. what that i eat a healthy low calorie breakfast and i usually end up only starting out with about 300-400 calories before i eat my big cheat dinner and dessert.. i then proceed to eat whatever i want..but usually my calorie count goes no higher than what my body can maintain my weight at..For example: my body can burn 3000 something calories just living a sedentary lifestyle..but if i want to lose weight i have to eat below in my cheat meal.. i wont allow my total for the day to go above 3000 cause i at least want to maintain my weight..if not.lose.. and i have never gained from eating a cheat meal..granted i dont do it very often..maybe once a month if that..

02-26-2011, 12:54 PM
Ok thankyou. It takes my body about 1900cals to maintain my weight at a sedentary lifestyle. I normally eat 1200-1300cals plus working out. Once a week I eat average 500-1500cals over that (Ive never eaten 1500cals over yet but I know if I went to a restraunt that could easily happen which I very rarely go out to eat so generally 500-1000cals over that so like 1700-2200cals plus I workout an hr 5x a week so I dont gain from it. Its sometimes subsituting the place of another meal too.