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02-11-2001, 10:53 PM
Hi all!! Guess everyone is sleeping in today!! Looks like everyone is doing well here. I went to PA yesterday to spend the night with DH while he was at drill. Took the dog and it was a little adventure. I was a little nervous about taking her to a hotel, but they were cool and she was very well behaved. She didn't like the sound of the doors opening and closing at all times of the night though!! She was polite after we told her to be quite a few times and barked under her breath!!

Hope everyone is having a super Sunday!!

02-13-2001, 12:13 AM
Happy Monday everyone... :rolleyes:

Well, it snowed all day yesterday and we have about 5 inches on the ground. I know it's not much - but I've got to drive in this Wednesday... MELT SNOW, MELT!!!!

KarenK - I love that little under their breath bark! My Staffy used to do that... like a little "muuHuff"... So cute!

Rabbit - I'd rather you have an excellent weigh in next week than get blown to smithereens... http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//nervous.gif

Buffy - Excellent attitude about the small gain! I also buy clothes a little small so that it'll fit "in a little while". I have a pale butter yellow summer dress with a sheer jacket that I'm dying to shrink into!

I drank so much water yesterday that I thought I was going to float away. I've been filling up a container that I know fits 8 8oz cups and drinking ALL OF IT... The results? Down 2.5 this week!! Woooo Hoooo!!! I check back in with WW tomarrow night (I'm going once a month) and my total since January 16th is 10.5!!! Ooooh, such a happy camper... My profile shows my highest weight ever - to now...

Stay warm everyone!


-14.0 total

02-13-2001, 12:48 AM
Hi all! I'm going to join our new rec ctr. here and I am SO EXCITED!! At first, I thought we would just do a pay as you go thing until I went today on a free pass. I loved it. And I workout everyday anyway so I know I will use it. It surely helps that I have workout/walking partners. That way I know I will go. :)

Buffy, Oh, Buffy you are being so sensible! I had not thought of that. Glad I didn't stay too!

Punkin - You are right also and I sure hope I do have a good weigh in this week. Hooray for your 2.5 pound loss!! You are doing awesome!!!

Have a great week all! I feeling so energized from my morning workout!


02-13-2001, 04:37 AM
Hi all!! Hope everyone is doing well this oh so chilly day!! (at least in Jersey!!) So far today, I'm OP and I've done my exercise. I walked the dog around the block!! (It's a big block, takes 20 minutes and I was walking fast!!) She did so absolutely wonderful!!! :p It's been a while since I took her out and made her work on heel. She's such a good girl.

I had a long talk with DH and told him I needed his help with this weight loss thing. He has agreed and says that he will support me and that he will follow the plan at home. I hope this approach helps. I avoidid some pitfalls at work by absenting myself, but I can't do that all the time. If I can just do good through this week then maybe I can do better. I haven't made it through a week since I strayed from the path.

Yesterday I fell down the basement steps :o. I went down in my socks which I know better than to do. Zoom, right down on my back. I am so lucky 'cause I only have a few bruises and a dented ego!!

Rabbit: I too am glad that you didn't blow up at WW. That would have been SO counter-productive!!! That's cool about the rec center. I have a membership to a local health club, but I don't go. I need a partner for encouragement, but my friend who used to go with me is on a totally different work schedule.

OK, I'm sitting here typing so much 'cause I'm starving and if I get up I know I'll head right for the kitchen.

Hope everyone has a super wonderful evening!!

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02-13-2001, 04:51 AM
Hello all!!
Just checking in~~
The Mardi Gras ball was wonderful..we danced and danced and had fun without kids!!!(I love them but it is fun without them!! :D :D)
Been fighting a sinus infection for 6 weeks now and about to scream!!!It is really wearing me down..with the fever and nosebleeds!!!!

Terri-Yeah on the water and loss!!!!!

:DEveryone else who excercised!!! :D :D

Punkin- 1 lb!!!!
Jul-Yeah on the loss!!!
Lauren- 1 lb!!!

Take care!!!

02-13-2001, 09:29 AM
Happy Monday!!!
Okay good news I am off tomorrow!! YEAH...but I have to take BJ to two appts. So I am going to grab my book and start reading it.

Pumkinseed. Our stats are so close. Check out mine at the bottom. Oh and pumpkinseeds are my fav. snack. A small bag at the drugstore by work is 2pts.

Stayed OP and offered to run some papers to our other office. So I had to walk there and back. Gotta sneak that excerise in.

Karen-Hang in there. There have been plenty of times I have stuck my butt to the chair so I would not get up and eat.


02-14-2001, 01:24 AM
Hi All,

How is everyone this week? I have been busy lately! We got possession of the apartment Friday, so we were busy trying to clean and move some things in. Sunday they had my shower for me!! They almost had me too!! If I wasn't soo darn nosey, and my mom wasn't so bad at being inconspicuous (sp?), it would've worked!!

Mom tried to sneak her camera into my car, since I was driving to church, and it would've worked, if Jim hadn't tried to shove it under the seat w/o me seeing him, when we were getting back into the car! Then mom asked me 2x why I didn't have any makeup on, so I put makeup on when we got back to my house, and then she didn't even say, oh, I see you put your face on, or anything! We were supposed to be packing up mom's loveseat and old end tables to bring to the apartment, then take mom to Cracker Barrel for lunch. At this point, once i saw the camera, I knew we weren't going to CB! We had to go to the firehouse to drop off my car and p/u the XTerra...JIm had his old P/U...so of course I figured out that it was at the firehouse! Jim's not very good at keeping things from me, he's a bad liar!! We had a great time though! Got lots of nice things, but Linens N Things are a bunch of idiots...they didn't mark off the can opener, so we got 3 of them!! AND, they decided that since we registered for the cute little dolphin candle holder...like for the bathroom, they would just stick the other dolphin accessories on there too! They didn't mark it as "want" or "needed", but just stuck it there, like a suggestion!! :mad: I was wondering why my friend got us the back scrubber, soap dish and liquid soap holder in that dolphin design, but we didn't get the candle holder that we originally registered for!! I mean, the stuff she got was really cute, and we like it, but still... :rolleyes: So I went into Fortunoff and LNT's online last night and took off everything except what we don't have!

I'm going to make Jim and Valentine's dinner tomorrow night in the apartment. I was looking for a nice romantic menu, but everything that's considered romantic food, I don't like...seafood, lamb, etc... So I'm making him a heart shaped meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans, and I'm going to make a chocolate cake, or brownies, have not decided, in a 9x13 and use a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut out shapes. Then sprinkle the bare cake with rasberries and cool whip! I hope it turns out as good as it looks in my head!! :)

It's comfort food, but we'll both enjoy it, and it'll be dressed up a bit. http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//love.gif

Karen- Glad the pup is behaving! :D Glad to hear DH is going to be OP with you, I'm sure that'll be a huge help! OUCH...hope you're feeling better soon! Remember, take that ibuprofen every 4 hrs...for it to work right!

Terri- I love the way you describe things!! It's like, yeah, that's how you spell that!! http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//lol.gif Niki was great for that, in her younger days, when she could still hear every little thing!
Congrats on all that lost weight!!

RR- Glad you had fun at the ball! When is Mardi Gras? 6 wks hon?? Think it's time for some stronger drugs??!

OK, free time's over, gotta do some work!!

Lauren http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//dizzy.gif
Dam, forgot to WI...

02-14-2001, 03:02 AM
Hi all. I'm glad the guy at the health club showed us how to use all of the machines and did a chart for us - but my, my am I sore today!! Tomorrow we will do those machines again so I hope my arms are up to it! :)

Karen - How nice that dh is onboard with you!! Hope your back is ok after your fall.

RR - Glad to hear the ball was so much fun!!

Buffy - Good idea to sneak that exercise in wherever possible!!

Lauren - Well, it sounds like a nice shower. :D

Have a good one. Rabbit

02-14-2001, 03:03 AM
Hi all. I'm glad the guy at the health club showed us how to use all of the machines and did a chart for us - but my, my am I sore today!! Tomorrow we will do those machines again so I hope my arms are up to it! :)

Karen - How nice that dh is onboard with you!! Hope your back is ok after your fall.

RR - Glad to hear the ball was so much fun!!

Buffy - Good idea to sneak that exercise in wherever possible!!

Lauren - Well, it sounds like a nice shower. :D

Have a good one. Rabbit

02-14-2001, 03:07 AM
Hello Everyone,

Been really busy, I need a break big time, but none are coming soon. :( Went to talk to the seamstress about bridesmaids dresses on Saturday. Eloping is looking better and better.... :) Then my MOH (maid-of-honor) and I went to look at the dresses I'd picked out, and the one I liked in person I don't like from photos so now I'm confused :confused: (if you want to see they're at http://www.eskimo.com/~dms/dress.html )

Karen - You're dog sounds cute. I'm not looking forward to walking mine at heel again after so long a break. Hope you're feeling better after you're fall. Ow!!

Terri - 2.5#s :eek: Congratulations.

Rabbit - too bad about the WI. Joining the rec center sounds great. Hope it works out.

RR - the Mardi Gras ball sounds like fun. I'd like to go to NO sometime for Mardi Gras, but K doesn't like crowds....

Buffy - Congrats on staying OP. Gotta sneak that exercise in where it doesn't feel like exercise.

LBH - Sounds like a fun Valentine's Day. Sometimes the simpler things are the best.

Well, gotta go get a new wheel for my car. I hit a pot hole and put a huge dent in the rim and now the tire doesn't hold air. :mad:

WI is tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed its a good one. :)

- Tech http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//dizzy.gif

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02-14-2001, 03:44 AM
Tech- Can't get into that link...file not found...dead...etc...

Nevermind, went to www.eskimo.com (http://www.eskimo.com) and user pages and typed scrolled down to find dms...gotcha! :D I like the first one! :D

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02-14-2001, 04:22 AM
Hi all!! Sounds like most of us are well. I've done pretty well so far today with eating. I'm at about 13 or 14 points. Not too bad, considering I had a chicken sandwhich for lunch. I don't know how I'm going to handle tomorrow yet. I better come up with a plan hmm!! :eek:

For those with dogs: I found out that Eukanuba is actually based on a mink chow. I bought Nikki mink chow and the pet store owner swears we will see an improved coat (with less dandruff :)) in a week. Sure hope so. Maybe she will shed a little less too. It's certainly worth a try!!

Rabbit: How's the gym? And the sore muscles?

Lauren: Yeah on the shower. Linens and Things must have wanted to furnish your house the way THEY wanted, not the way YOU wanted!! :p

OK, gotta go see to walking the dog. Hope ya'll have a great evening.

02-14-2001, 11:45 PM
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//love.gif

Tech - OK, so that's what MOH is. I was spacing.

Karen - the gym is great! :D We did the machines again today and so far, so good. I was very sore yesterday, but feel better today. I also had bad cramps yesterday and thought, man I am a mess! Thank God for tylenol menstrual relief. We also walked over 2 miles first today. Tomorrow is walking and a little biking.

Tomorrow night is weigh in. I hope I will still have a loss with my increased weight machine work. But we will see. I know I'm doing this right.

Enjoy your day all!

Rabbit http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//love.gif

02-15-2001, 12:38 AM
Tech--I like the first one also!!..Don't tell us which one U picked and we can see if we picked the one U liked!!!
Mardi Gras is not the place to be if U don't like crowds!!!!I ride on the float..felt kind of guilty spending about $600 this close to a wedding..but U only live once!!!

Karen--I only give my babies Eukanuba!!It is good for the bladders and makes the coats shiny!!!

Lauren--I laughed about the registry.I registered my chinastone stuff..exactly what I wanted..and then saw the registry online for $200/platter, $85/gravy boat etc etc..I deleted that garbage..just wanted the plates, saucers, bowls and coffee cups!!It is funny how the stores "assume" and put whatever on them!!!
My house is getting really weird..must all of the non necessites are moved..I have no kitchen but my bedroom is exactly the same..Even the attic is empty..We will only have the bedroom to move after the honeymoon soo it should be easy!!
I went to the doctor..U ready for this:
I got a celestone shot(cortisone) and he put me on a cortisone pack(yuck)
I have Nasalcort spray at night..Panmist twice a day, Augmentin twice a day for 30 days, Allegra daily, Valtrex daily for fever blisters, Flonase in the mornings,Pancough at night..etc etc
Refman thinks I am the "snottiest"woman he knows!!!*L*
I need sinus surgery..but too scared to be a patient!!!! :D :D

Buffy--perfect way to get in excercise!!!

Well off to do some more packing!!My dad is comming to move my hopeless chest(hehehehe), kitchen hutch and seat box thingee today soo I must empty these places of hidden junk!!!!!

Have a great day all!!

02-15-2001, 02:11 AM
Happy Valentine's Day http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//love.gif

Went to WW last night and I lost 3.8 lbs. I GOT MY RIBBON :D. I am so happy :D. At least something has gone well this week. Sunday night I ran out of gas, Monday started with changing a flat and ended with a pelvic exam, and work has just been one thing after another, so the good news was well GOOD.

RR - Sounds like you had fun, but I'm confused I thought Mardi Gras was the week before Ash Wednesday which isn't for two more weeks :confused:. I don't envy you all those medications. :eek:

Karen - K's dog eats Eukanuba, it doesn't seem to help the shedding (of course it's a golden retrevier LOTS of hair)

Rabbit - Glad you like the gym. Sounds like you're having fun. :) Good luck at WI tomorrow.

Well, gotta get back to work.

Have a great day everyone.

- Tech http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//dizzy.gif

02-15-2001, 04:20 AM
Hi all!! I'm not doing well today. Planned for tonight by having soup for lunch then one of the girls had made a cheesecake pie and if anyone said that they didn't want any she got big tears in her eyes. It's a rough time for her 'cause she and BF of five years just broke up. I had the tinniest piece I could, but still :(. DH sent me flowers which were wonderful. They came packed in a box with a vase that made them so much easier to bring home.

RR: I thought you just had cats? I haven't seen Eukanuba for cats. Then again, one of mine is allergic to a lot of stuff so I tend to pay attention to the contents and not the lable of the bag I'm reading!! The dog LOVES the mink food, the cats are pretty indifferent to it. I was hoping the older one would like it 'cause she has a huge bald spot on her backend/tail from an old allergic reaction. The hair never grew back in. I know, I was hoping for miracles. The poor thing looks so funny!!

Rabbit: Fingers crossed for you on weigh-in!! Just remember that muscles weigh a lot!! And you have been building them up!!

Tech: I figured I was also harboring vain hopes for the shedding!! Sometimes it's like living with a huge old hair tumbleweed! Especially the bedroom cause it's a hardwood floor!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful night!!!

02-15-2001, 08:41 AM
Hi everyone!

I have been so busy and have not had time to check in.

Wanted to wish everyone a happy valentines day!

I stayed the same last week at WW. I am ok with that. Hoping to see a loss tomorrow. I have still been on track.

Vick, Please add 9 miles for me.

I will have to catch up with everyone later. DH is going to Korea for 2 weeks and I have to take him to the airport, he is one of these ppl who wants to be there 2 hours early so he is pacing!


02-15-2001, 10:41 PM
Is it Friday yet???? :rolleyes:
What a loooooong week it's been....

Tuesday I had my WW meeting (I'm going once a month) and my total is officially 11 pounds since January 16th. I'm very, very happy...
My orthodontist put off taking impressions for my retainers yesterday - I'm having a bit of an "issue" with my bottom teeth. I want these things off so bad my head's about to spin. Well, still I know it's coming soon... He's going to recheck in 2 weeks.

On a good note (ok, great note), I got my taxes done yesterday and was really actually planning on having to pay taxes because of the spousal support I got last year... Much to my surprise I'm getting more than $600 back! Whew... sigh of relief...

KarenK - Mink chow??? Really?? I've always fed my furry babies Iams - very sucessfully. But I'll check out Eukanuba when I get my next dog. After loosing both my dogs in my divorce I'm just now even contemplating another dog. Ouch, fresh wounds - it took awhile to heal...

LBH - LnT sounds a lot like Target. When my best friend got married in October I printed out her registry list and showed it to her when I got to CA - she was amazed at the garbage THEY added... Oh well, they'd be the ones to have to accept the returns!

RR - Ok, now we know who to go to when we need drugs! Wow!!! :eek:

TechAlum - Congratulations on the loss!!!! WOW!!! :D

Well, back to work. I'm tired, have been for a few days. I need a vacation desparately (coming up in April).

Later gators,

02-16-2001, 02:21 AM
Hi all. Weigh in is tonight - wish me well! I should have a loss, even with the weights - I hope. http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//nervous.gif

RR - Wow! Sure sounds like an awful lot of medicine. Hope you're feeling better.

Tech - Yeah for your loss and congrats on getting your ribbon!!

Karen - Sorry you had a bad day, but I'm sure those flowers brightened things up!

Nanci - good luck at your weigh in this week.

Punkin - 11 pounds is SO awesome!!! You are http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//smoking.gif . Congrats on the tax refund.

Better go. Rabbit

02-16-2001, 04:42 AM
Hello all!!!
Feel much better but kind of dippy!!!!

Tech--The balls are 2 weeks before MG and the parades started last week!!!Fat Tues is actually the 27TH!!!!

WEll..must run..it is nap time!!!

02-16-2001, 05:30 AM
Hi all. Just a quick note, I'm running out of time tonight. We have to go to my FIL's birthday dinner tonight. Shouldn't be too bad, we're having turkey.

Terri: Congrats on the 11 pounds. That is wonderful news!! Sorry about the braces though. Maybe you should treat yourself to a makeover when they finally do come off!!

OK, gotta run. Everyone have a super duper evening!!


02-17-2001, 12:04 AM
Hi guys. :) I lost 1.5 pounds last night at weigh in. :D That puts me at 8 pounds lost since the start of the year and I'm quite pleased with that.

I did the weight machines again today. Ever since the 2nd time I did them, I haven't really been sore. I'm glad I started tracking my measurements again once/month - this should really help.

RR - Glad you are feeling better - but I bet you are feeling kinda dippy!

Have a great weekend all - I'll post my mileage tomorrow sometime.


02-17-2001, 01:13 AM

This has been a really loooooong week guys. It sure has been quiet around here though. Went to Yoga again last night after skipping last week and am a little stiff today. :(

Well, didn't do to well eating for Valentine's day. We had an apt. and went out after, and I just didn't care what I ate :o. I've got a baby shower to go to on Sunday and I'm kind of worried about that, because the person throwing it has them at really nice resterants with gooooood food.

Nanci - your husband sounds like my dad who has to be there way early. Of course last winter when we went to Reno they listened to me and we missed our flite because of long lines (none of us had ever traveled during college spring break before or will again).

Terri - Congrats on the 11 lbs :eek:. and the tax return, I'm nervous about doing mine I owed big last year.

Rabbit - Congrats on the 1.5 lbs. You are doing great. :D

RR - Ah now I understand... http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//lol.gif Hope you feel better soon. Please add 5 more miles for me, a total of 12 (I feel like a slug but since last year at this time I was doing no exercise/activity...)

Well gotta get some work done.

Have a great weekend all!!!

- Tech http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//dizzy.gif

02-17-2001, 01:45 AM
Happy Friday everyone!

Well we got snow and lots of it so I am working from home today. I know all of you have been dealing with the snow all winter long so I am probably not going to get a lot of sympathy :)

Rabbit, Congrats on the 1.5 You are doing awesome!

Tech, Oh man I bet your family was mad when you missed the flight! I am with you on the taxes, trying to avoid them.

Terri, Congrats on the refund that is AWESOME.

Karen, Oh man I would have had trouble with the cheesecake pie, even without tears.

Vick, All the mardi gras celebrations sound like a lot of fun. I want to go to a ball.

Lauren, The big day is coming up!

Buffy & Dani, Where are you?

I have been reading Make the Connection. It is a pretty good book. They really emphasise exercising in the morning. I am struggling with that one! I consider it a success to get out of a warm bed into the shower :(

Take care everyone.

02-18-2001, 05:07 AM
HI. I drug dh to the rec center this morning so we could walk. He liked it also. He couldn't do the machines though because they were having an instructional class for teenagers. I'm happy that I got my 2 miles in. :D

RR - Please put me at 102.8 miles. Thank you!

Tech - Good luck at the baby shower on Sunday!

Nanci - I saw on the news that you all were blasted with snow. It is just very cold here in the midwest. I've never read that book - why do they emphasize exercising in the mornings? I like it best myself, but I'm just wondering what they had to say about it.

Have a great weekend.

Rabbit http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//spinning.gif

02-19-2001, 01:24 AM
See ya on the new thread!!!!!