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02-24-2011, 10:17 PM
ok so a while back I posted that I went to the doctor...first time in my adult life, and was terrified but survived. Now I got my tests back and while most of it is shockingly fine some stuff is off and I have to go back and I'm freaking out...like panic attack freaking out - doctors are a huge source of anxiety for me which is why I avoid them and I'm sure I'm overreacting but I had to share it somewhere so I wouldn't send my self into stroke mode with my blood pressure spiking cause of my anxiety.

So the good news...everything in my basic profile - sodium, potassium, glucose etc - all that good stuff - is perfectly fine. I'm in the middle of the normal range for everything - huge shock and relief with my weight situation. My triglycerides were just a bit high - but I hadn't fasted and my doctor notated that she wasn't worried that it was just from not fasting.

The bad news.... I had 4 lines on my liver panel that are high - not off the charts high, but high and she wants me to go back and be tesetd for hepatitis B & C - now of course I'm webmd'ing which I know since I'm a panicer I shouldn't do but I can't help it - I don't have any symptoms but it says most people don't so that tells me nothing. I don't meet the general risk factors for hep C - no tattoos, no drugs, no transfusions before 92 - but hep b can be sexually transmitted so since I've had sex during my 30 years of life I'm worried now... even though I know it's treatable and manageable I'm still just freaking out that something might be wrong.

Has anyone had results like this - should I be freaking out, any words of advice to calm me down? I know I'm probably overreacting and this will turn out to be nothing and I know I should be happy about my other tests but I can't help but worry.

02-24-2011, 10:31 PM
I have no words to comfort you because I would be worried too. Easier said than done but try your best on thinking positive and hoping for the best?? :hug: :hug:

02-24-2011, 10:46 PM
Don't feed your panic/anxiety by researching information. When you start to feel anxious, divert your thoughts to something positive, happy and calming. There is no reason to worry until your doctor says there's reason to worry. Your results haven't shown anything conclusive yet. Stay positive and wait for all your tests to come back. The doctor is being cautious, which is a good thing. Like you said, you don't have the general risk factors. It may turn out to be something really benign.

02-25-2011, 02:49 AM
Dr.s like to give you the worst case scenario when they tell you something..They are covering all the basis from worst to best..So..instead of jumping to conclusions and coming up with ideas that will just freak you out, just calm down ,relax and rest in the knowledge that you have been safe in terms of not getting tattoos and you havent done intervenous drugs and yes, you might have been sexually active but thats not the leading cause of hep b and c.. so just breathe.

02-25-2011, 08:10 AM
thanks ladies. I know I'm overreacting and I shouldn't be - I'm generally not someone who freaks out about things - but where anything medical related is concerned it's just a major source of anxiety - I also know that I've avoided it for so many year and haven't taken the best care of my body and I made the decision that enough was enough and now it's time to face the music and deal with things so if there is a problem, I can be treated and move forward in a healthy way - but it's still hard work to not panic. I'm trying to take as much comfort knowing that with my weight my general results by all means were incredibly good and should have been much worse, At my weight i'm lucky I'm not having signes of diabetis and high colesterol etc.

02-25-2011, 09:32 AM
Do you drink alcohol? Did you have any drinks the day before your test? Do you take any meds that might skew the test?

I know it's impossible to not worry but please keep in mind the internet usually shows the most horrific scenarios possible and you can't diagnose any underlying issues with the vague descriptions online. Let your doc do the tests and wait to talk to them about the results. My many health issues over the years has taught me to take googling stuff with a grain of salt. I have found relief for some things over the net but I have also found some serious misinformation too.

02-25-2011, 10:41 AM
I was a fairly heavy drinker throughout my 20s - really from college where it started until I started to feel old and slowed down about a year ago. I don't drink as much as before - I can't remember if I had anything to drink the day before the test - if anything I may have had a glass of wine in the evening (that's all I really ever have these days)... having never been to a primary in my adult life I wasn't really thinking about what to do/not do before I went. I'm not on any medications regularly other than daily multivitamins - but I did have a fall in early january and hurt my back and ankle and was taking a good amount of IB Profen during january and february which is not the norm for me. Also - in general - I have a pretty hefty commute to a downtown area where I spend most of my life - god only knows what toxins my body is exposed to in the city using public transit that my poor liver has to filter out.

For now I'm on a strict no alcohol and no medication until this is figured out so if I did cause a false positive I can correct that. It's water and clean food for me.