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02-24-2011, 08:13 AM
I'm using Diet To Go, but this week they messed up one of my lunches, and the location I pick up my food was out of power for hours(which means my food was not refrigerated).

I called and am getting refund for the pick-up. In addition, the lady told me not to eat the food to avoid possible sickness. That throws my week off. I was already trying to get my bearings after the stress i've been going through. I haven't been eating healthy.

I'm thinking about cancelling and counting calories. I really need to lose this weight for my health. Most of you here have lost counting calories right? What has contributed to the success so far on your journey?

I need to lose 105 lbs.


02-24-2011, 10:00 AM
awwwwwwww that sux big time!!! I just hate it whey you psych yourself up for stuff, and through circumstances beyond your control, stuff gets all screwed up!!!

If there's anything I've learned along the way, is that I can't control the outside world. I can't stop chocolate from existing LOL All I have care & control of is myself, and once I worked on that and beat my inner spoiled brat into submission, things got a whole lot easier LOL ;)

Whatever WORKS for you is what WORKS for you, if that makes sense! What worked for me might not work for some, and vice versa. If it's something you can live with day after day after day, that's all that matters. Even if things aren't as speedy as you want, I honestly truly believe that being able to stick with it super long term is more important.

Calorie counting was easy for me, because I hate the idea of anyone saying I CAN'T have something -- with counting, it made me accountable for what I want. Just like an expensive pair of shoes when living on a budget... I might really WANT them, but I know I can't have them. Or rather, I'd prefer 4 OTHER things instead of that ONE thing, if you get my meaning! You can have what you like as long as you 'pay' for it!

Best of luck, and don't get discouraged - these little blips in life are sent to try us!

02-24-2011, 10:22 AM
I'd say persistence and honesty are the 2 most important things when it comes to counting calories. You really do have to track EVERYTHING you put in your mouth. So far, my weight loss is low, but I am working on it. I still have a lot to lose. But I think, when you count calories, you learn how to manage your weight FOR LIFE.

At least, these are the things I have learned in my short journey!

DixC Chix
02-24-2011, 10:39 AM
Oy! What a let down! But maybe...Divine intervention??

I do Weight Watchers online. It is similar to counting calories in that you are restricted to a daily limit with allowances for weekly overages. It encourages fruits, vegetables and lean meat but I can have whatever if I am willing to 'spend' the points on that food choice. I occasionally run my food through a calorie counter just to see where I'm at numbers-wise. (right around 1500) Calorie counting is free!!

I have tried the regimented menu/food item type diets and I was never successful on them. I was always focused on what I couldn't have and it just drove me crazy to think I could never have "X" again. I couldn't see it work for the rest of my life. If its my choice, its a whole different mindset, you know?

Success? Hmm,..besides WW, Exercise, 3FC, Blogging? The one thing, the one rule I made for myself is fruits and veggies at every meal for a colorful plate.

Good Luck with whatever you decide.

02-24-2011, 10:40 AM
I've been combining South Beach Diet with calorie counting - the results are solid, but it's slow going.

I think that's the main thing I've learned - even if I do everything "right" my body will not always do what I want. Letting go of the anger and worry and persevering - if that makes sense.

02-24-2011, 10:41 AM
I call myself 'calorie aware' in that I have a pretty good idea in regards to the calories of the food I eat. My main method was basically cleaning up my diet, going to a more whole foods approach.

02-24-2011, 04:20 PM
Thanks guys for the advice. I've done weight watchers before and did well for a while. I'm going to do the calorie counting. The only thing that gets me is running out of ideas for foods. But maybe, I'm siking myself out. I gotta get with something, buckle down, and put the work in. Guys I need a lot of support, and am happy to come here to blow off steam and get advice.

I'll prob do another week of Diet to go, meanwhile this weekend planning meals.

It's only me and my 17yr old son. I end up wasting a lot of food. That's another thing i'm concerned about.