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02-21-2011, 09:42 AM
Good morning to you all! Today is Fortune's vet day so I will be going upstairs and showering and such to get ready for the day and get things done. I still have to get Super Target and Fresh Market today and get our darned car washed, vacuumed and the inside all cleaned up. Jack gets it dirty driving it back and forth to work now.

Susan: Those morons next door drive me to distraction with the washer business and throwing stuff over the fence. I found those super hot cheetos on the deck the other day. How sick would that have made Fortune. You know, be peeved at me all your want even though it is all your fault, but don't take it out on an innocent dog. I am thrilled you are up and around and feeling so much better. Sometimes a good long rest is just the ticket to help things along. You got some great deals. We went into Walmart in Indiana because I needed a nicer sweater or top to wear while I was up there and I got a cute purple and white lightweight striped sweater for $5 on clearance. I figure horizontal stripes aren't going to make me look any bigger than I already am so.....:)

Jean: I heard the upper midwest really got slammed by another snowstorm and the wind was causing problems. We had a really windy day here yesterday but it was almost 80. The commissary was a nightmare yesterday. I don't know why everyone was shopping as it wasn't any of the paydays for anyone. We were waiting in line and I told the guy ahead of us I couldn't believe how busy there were and that we always try to go on off paydays. He said he did too and was surprised as how busy they were. Because it was an off weekend, they of course didn't have enough checkouts open so the line was down the block so to speak. Of course my none too patient husband was peeved, but what can you do? I think is is funny that really though a lot of rumors, the truth about JFK and Marilyn Monroe, his brother Bobby too was not really admitted until about 20 years ago. The Chappaquittick thing has always been denied, but everyone knows the truth. Their father was a womanizer big time and they just took up the slack. The generations after that haven't been much better, but not one Kennedy has become president since then. Ted's politics were wayyyy too liberal for the country. He wouldn't have given it away free with his social crap.

Maggie: Jack fixed my machine yesterday morning so I could print off my grocery list and told me he knows what is wrong and fixed it. I hope so because I don't like to send something to print then sit there and nothing comes out. Other times it works like a dream so who knows? I love children around Jackson's age and before school age. They can say some of the funniest things. I hope you enjoyed your lip gloss and coffee! :lol:

We are going to have beef and noodles tonight for supper. Jack and I are one of the few hold outs on the new WW. We are continuing on the old one. Jack likes it, he can figure out the old points even on the new packaging and stuff. We try and eat much more nutrionally when on WW anyway so I don't want to have to rejoin even online and pay all that money when what we have works for us.

You gals have a great day. Faye

02-21-2011, 01:13 PM

It is a cold day this day in the hearland. The temp is 20 and feels like 6 with the NNW wind at 16 MPH. The high this day is expected to be in the 40's. Jacket weather when I go out to WW this evening. I certainly am hoping for a loss for I have not even touched those 49 "extra" points. It hasn't really been a hungry week for me. Since we plan on taking a vacation toward the end of next month, we got out our two way radios and are getting re-aquainted with them and charged up. We like to have them along when we go "out there." I remember the time when we were fishing in the wild and Will was around the bend and on his way back saw some huge mountain lion fresh paw prints in the sand along the river that hadn't been there when he walked by that area before. He radioed me heads up ~ get back to camp. That is all he said and I knew to do just that. There was a lion somewhere out there between he and me. When he cautiously made his way back he saw where the prints headed off into the hills.:o We figured the kitty was just thirsty and came down for a drink. There wasn't even a breeze that day so he didn't smell us on the wind. Fortunate for us. We don't go "out there" without our long guns but why tempt fate. :p We had already caught enough fish that day.:o Anyway these radios are fun to have and work where cell phones won't. It is important to us to be able to be in touch with each other when we are separated out there. Just doing what we can to remain safe. As a kid I learned a lot about hunting and stuff from my dad and his brothers.

DONNA FAYE Thanks for getting us a new place to type. I totally think it is fine if you follow the old WW way of counting points. A gal has to do what works best for her. Wonder what caused all those folks to flock to the commissary. Maybe the food prices going up scared some. Pay checks just don't go as far and things are going to get worse before they get any better. Aren't kids so precious. I get little cut out hand prints from my friends that have moved back east that I put on the fridge. They were able to buy one of those places that folks had to give up for one reason or another. It has a huge amount of acres with it out in PN where they get snow in feet not inches. Paid cash for it since they sold their place here and got cash for it. Life is good. Nice to own your property out right.

JEAN Back to answer your question about why I don't dry onions in my dehydrator. They permiate the house with the smell. I don't like having my whole house smelling like onions. I buy them already in dryed form to use. And that is they why.

Everyone have a safe beginning of a new week. :wave: Type at y'all later.

02-21-2011, 06:54 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a crappy weather day in my neighborhood! The temp is 18 with a wind chill of -1, obviously windy, cloudy, and cold! I went to church this morning to count money; the treasurer got it to balance and went on her merry way. I couldn't get my part to balance so had to have the secretary help me figure it out. Now I know why I didn't like accounting in school! :lol: Then I met friends for lunch and we played cards afterwards for a couple hours. Now I'm home for a bit and off to card club tonight.

"Gma" -- Thanks for starting the new thread today. :cheer: The only real weather warning we've had is for major spring flooding again. It comes down from Fargo, ND, on the west and into the Missouri River, while the eastern part of the state gets it from MN and into the Mississippi River. There are multiple midstate rivers, which flood, that come down from MN also. I'm glad we just have the lake and it has an outlet so never floods. We just get wet basements if the water table gets too high. :( I'm glad Jack was able to fix your printer for you.

Maggie -- Good luck at WW tonight! :crossed: I wouldn't want to share space with a mountain lion! We use walkie talkies (?) when we are at the resort in MN. The guys have used them to get help when their boat motor quit and they couldn't get it started. That was before cell phones, but we like to keep in touch between cabins since we aren't next door to each other. I use dry onion quite a bit because the kids can't always find them in the mix. ;)

Susan -- Are you working or :exercise: :swim: today?

Bob should be home shortly so guess I will check out the fridge. Since I ate lunch out, and we divided a wonderful brownie, ice cream, whipped cream, with a cherry on top of each section dessert, I'm not the least bit hungry. It was not a WW friendly lunch but oh, so delicious! :o :T

Enjoy your evening! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

02-22-2011, 09:17 AM
Good morning to everybody. It is cooler this morning, in the 40's but not particularly cold. I am going to turn off the ceiling fan though. That makes it a bit chilly in here.

Boy, howdy, the landlord for next door was mad as a wet hen when she called me yesterday morning. They are about ready to bounce the tenants next door. The man showed up at the condo about 15 minutes after I talked to his wife on the phone then called in a plumber. We saw him leave when we got back from taking the dog to the vet and a while later she called. She said from now on if we had one smidge of trouble to call her directly and immediately. She even gave me her personal cell phone number in case the office was closed. This couple owns dozens of condos and homes they rent out and they don't put up with nonsense like what is going next door. Part of the problem is that the woman on the lease is only home on Sat and Sun. I guess her grown kids live there and that is who has been letting the washing machine act up. Anyway, hopefully it is now fixed. They did offer to replace the flooring, but I told her honestly that the linoleum was old and the whole thing had to go so replacing just the bathroom wouldn't do much good. I appreciated them willing to do it though.

Fortune did famously at his dr appt. He lets them poke and prod him without so much as a whimper. Doc trimmed his nails for me too and I found out they have approved the heartworm shot now so no more of those chewy things. He gets a shot once every 6 months now, so I don't have to remember to give him the med now, which is fine by me. I have enough stuff to keep track of. The vet said he was in amazing shape for 11 years old. He told him, "you are a solid little thing." He said he had really good muscle tone and strength and a good strong heart so he doesn't need any heart meds. I did talk to him about the fact that over the last year, he sticks his tongue out farther, which I assumed helped him breathe better, but the doctor said there is no indication he is struggling for breath that his lungs sound good too. So, he now is free until May when he has to get his flu shot for the year then in August another heartworm shot. I do have to troll and find another groomer though. I really like Wesley but he isn't firm with Fortune and so doesn't do a very good job with him. When Fortune sits down, Wesley says he doesn't like to stress him out by making him stand up, but you just have to be firm with him sometimes. Paula always was, but she now has her grooming where she lives and that is way out by the commissary. So, I will start hunting up someplace else to get him groomed, I guess. It is convenient at the vets, which is just 2 blocks down the street, but at $40 a pop I want him trimmed well.

Jean: Sorry you are back in the freezing weather again. We are going to be cooler, but not cold by any means. We had planned on getting the car cleaned and just as we left home it started to rain. :lol: So, it still is filthy. We may go out this afternoon after dinner or just wait until the weekend. Glad everything balanced at church. It used to drive me bonkers when I couldn't get stuff to do right and I was alone in the office with no help and no way to get help. I don't miss it, that's for sure. Have you tried the new WW brownies? I am not too impressed as they aren't really moist, but if you need a chocolate fix they will do the trick. I bought a box of the Twinkie equivalents, but haven't tried them yet.

Maggie: I know that in the last 15 years or so the Hollywood Hills and that area are having more and more problems with mountain lions coming into living areas. We have encroached into animals territory so much they are finding less and less space to live in. I got tickled yesterday watching, "House Hunters" I think is what it was. They were buying a house in FLorida, in the Miami Beach area and they were all thrilled having found a house that backed up on a preserve so no building could take place behind them. She then whined about 'gators. I mean, come on, you want to live in south Florida near an area of wildlife and yet you think there won't be alligators? Pretty stupid thinking IMO. When you choose to live in an area where there is wildlife you have to respect it. I have become superstitious and decided not to post losses for awhile. Seems when I get going then I relapse so I am going to just check it out once a week, but not post losses for awhile. Hope your ww meeting comes out good for you.

Boy, I have work to get done this week. I haven't accomplished a whole lot yet, but I sure hope I can quit spinning my wheels. I did get laundry done yesterday and am deciding whether I want to go ahead and shampoo the dining room today and then start cleaning tomorrow or go ahead and clean. I want to wait to do the living area as we have to move furniture and rearrange to get get the loveseat in here when it comes.

Everyone have a grand day. Faye

02-22-2011, 10:16 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is trying hard to peek through the cloud cover, still cold with a 0 wind chill. At least we didn't get anything except a few snow flurries last night. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon and need to vacuum the dust and fur bunnies before I leave.

"Gma" -- I"m glad the landlord (hopefully) is doing something about the neighbors. Does the washer belong to the renter or owner? It was nice of her to offer to replace your floor. For all the times it has happened you should have taken her up on the offer. ;) Are the WW brownies new? I see new products advertised on tv or in magazines, and we don't get them until months later. I don't think I would want to live in alligator country! :no:

I need to get dressed and get busy. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy your day! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

02-22-2011, 12:48 PM
Good morning, ladies. Yesterday it was 72 degrees and right now it is 33 degrees - springtime in VA keeps us guessing.

I went to the Y and then headed into work yesterday. I traded with another girl so I could go to River Country Quilters tonight. There is a speaker (quilter of course) from New Zealand who will be there tonight and I don't want to miss her.

Faye, it was nice of the landlord to offer to replace your bathroom floor. Those people living there are just not caring of others property. I hope she has a good security deposit from them she can keep. I'm glad Fortune is in such good shape - better than the rest of us and he's 77 in doggie years. You just do WW the way it works best for you. I like the new plan because it is more the way I eat anyway. I try to limit carbs to no more than 3 servings a day so my snacks are fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Since I have more points, I'm not using the ff cheese, reduced calorie bread, etc. I decided I'd have the real stuff because it tastes so much better and a little is satisfying. I can spend 3 points for 2 slices of reduced calorie double fiber wheat bread or 3 points for 2 slices of real whole grain wheat bread.

Jean, did you find the 15-beans? That soup recipe Maggie gave us is really good. I'm having some for dinner tonight with a salad.

Maggie, the 2-way radios are a great idea when you are wandering in the wilderness. Where are you going on your vacation?

I need to get back to work so have a good day!

02-22-2011, 02:28 PM

It is a chilly 35 degree day as I type that feels like 26 because of the wind chill. We were planning on going to our favorite meat market to get jerky today but changed our minds. I want to get some meat and make my own like I used to and my mother used to and my grandmother used to. But I have a dehydrator to make mine in and have a good mix to marinate the meat in that they used but I tweeked:p. 2 pounds of meat will make 1/2 pound of jerky and 2 1/2 ounces equals 2 points +. I have a good little booklet by Jay & Shirley Bills on "Home Food Dehydrating" which I depend on when using my dehydrator. BTW I showed a maintain. :p I sure hope I show a loss next week. I'll try to not use the extra points again this week. I think I will do some dehydrating tomorrow. Drying things take long hours and I want to get an early start. I am thinking of doing apples and they take 12 to 15 hours.

DONNA FAYE Did you ever think what the floor looks like under your linolium? It may have water damage like mold and mildew which happens anytime you get water on the sub floor and you may have to replace some of that which could cost some do re me. I know I would have taken the land lord up on the replacement and have it done professionally but that is just what I would do. ;) I certainly do hope you won't run into any surprises when you go to replace it. Fortune has had such good "parents" that take good care of his needs so well so he is in such good shape. I commend you for that.:D

JEAN I certainly do hope they appreciate all that work you do at your church. You are a very valuable volunteer for sure. Heinz does a good job on making good tasting WW products for the most part. I also like Lean Q's for they have lots of good ones also. They both are introducing new products that help us down this road at trying to reduce our size.

SUSAN We are planning to visit New Mexico and explore that state some. We haven't been back there in years and there are places we want to explore. Have fun at your quilting meeting and I hope you learn some valuable things from the lady from New Zealand that came to speak to the group. I imagine "they" are always coming up with new things to do with quilting and you keep on top of everyting.

GAIL And what are you doing this day to keep yourself busy?

It is noon thirty and time for me to get something to eat. :wave: Type at y'all leter.

02-22-2011, 03:22 PM
I am really bummed and very upset. As you know, several years ago, my cat Butterscotch died of kidney failure. It was very hard on me so much so in fact that Jack had to have him put to sleep because I couldn't. Well, I thought we had done really well yesterday with Fortune, but it looks like he has developed kidney disease and though they will medicate him, it will only get progressively worse. I couldn't believe it when she called this morning. Dogs BUN count should be around 24 and Fortune's is 61! He will start on medication tomorrow morning when I feed him and according to all the websites we should switch him to a certain kind of food to help his kidneys function up to their potential. Back when Fortune had that scare a few weeks ago, I questioned the vet tech about whether or not Fortune could have diabetes because he drank so much and urinated a lot more than he used to. She said dogs with diabetes didn't eat and Fortune eats great except he no longer will eat dry dog food. Now I now why. I guess I am sort of a coward because I don't want to face this. I know it isn't, but since Butterscotch died of the same issues, I feel like maybe I have done something wrong with them. Thanks for letting me just unload about this. I just needed to talk about it because I am just really upset. F

02-22-2011, 04:42 PM

DONNA FAYE :hug: I am so sorry to hear that about Fortune. And believe me it is NOT your fault so please don't compound things and blame yourself. There are no fingers being pointed you way. Gracious sakes I would trust any of my pets with you 100%. Just get him medicated & fed as instructed and go from there. He is your baby and I know you will give him the best of care. :hug: I truly do know that. :soap: And I will be praying for you in this trying time.

02-22-2011, 10:21 PM
Susan -- I'm sure you are enjoying your evening with the quilting speaker. It was nice of your coworker to trade nights with you. :yes: The bean soup package I found doesn't say 15 bean, it's called "Mega Bean" -- I didn't buy it nor read the instructions because I was in a hurry. I will check at the other store the next time I am in there.

Maggie -- :congrat: on the maintain. You are doing it the right way and that is what is important. Our gas dropped 10 cents to $3.05 yesterday and today it is back up to $3.09. I noticed several things in the grocery store have gone up by quite a bit.

"Gma" -- I understand how you are feeling about Fortune. :cry: Pets are so a part of the family. I hope that the meds and perhaps food that the vet would recommend will help him to be comfortable. :hug: Two of our previous threesome had tumors so I started giving Ernie filtered water, but I don't know that that had anything to do with their health.

02-23-2011, 09:42 AM
Good morning gals. I am better this morning and over the panic feeling. Jack talked at length to the vet tech yesterday and she said they caught it early so they are hoping the meds will help him. One thing is getting him to drink water. I see him drink water, I fill his bowl and feed him exclusively so I know he drinks water and eats. Nothing about this matches up to symptoms and such except the numbers. I am hoping when we take him back in a month his numbers have improved greatly and maybe it was a mistake or a fluke or whatever. I am not putting my head in the sand, I am realistic about the seriousness of it, but he absolutely has none of the symptoms. Dogs tend to not drink and eat enough so don't put out urine and such, but Fortune does all that. Anyhow, I do feel better than I did last night after reading all the articles online. I am trying to find something to put in his water to make him drink more so if you have any suggestions, let 'er rip. The vet tech said to do it to make him drink more. I tried mixing peanut butter, chicken stock, and honey. Nothing has made him drink more, but he is drinking so who knows?

Jean: I guess the brownies and the twinkie things are new, I don't know. I have never bought them before or seen them. I had to giggle thinking "mega bean" means mega gas! :lol: I love ham and navy bean soup, but Jack will not eat it so I never get it. I think I just overreacted with Fortune because of Butterscotch. I have always felt so guilty over him dying and I could do nothing. I always felt it was my fault, I did something wrong or something so of course when she called yesterday I just freaked.

Maggie: Thank you for making me feel better. I was much better after talking to Jack when he got home with Fortune's meds last night. He put me more at ease about it. Actually, I have pulled up the linoleum in the bathroom because I was concerned about the water underneath causing mold. Everytime it happens I pull it back, dry it up and then spray bleach compound to kill any mold. The flooring underneath it seems to be unneffected, thank goodness. We have decided to tile it by early next year and get rid of all of that. I just have to hang in there and do the best I can until we can replace the floors. Jack with his knees now just cannot install them himself, period so I have to have the extra money to have them installed. Jack and I rethought it all and decided instead of trying to save up the money to do all the downstairs floor, concentrate on getting the linoleum in the kitchen, laundry and bath ripped up and done first then work on getting money for the two rooms of carpet. We will keep an eye out for a sale and sometimes you can get free install if you watch Lowes and Home Depot.

Susan: I am doing more of a calorie counting program than WW. I pretty much follow what I would eat on WW, but I have a free Ap program that keeps track of weight loss, exercise and I can input food and it converts the calories, fat and such. It has a huge data base in it of brand stuff so pretty much anything I put in it comes up. One of my exercise problems is my bp med causes water retention/swelling the diuretic doesn't seem to handle and it can make it hard to walk and such. I have pretty much gone through every combo for bp meds there are so my dr felt what I am on is the best right now and we just watch the swelling and stuff. I sure hope your speaker is not from the area that had the earthquake, but it seemed to have happened around the larger city if I understood it correctly.

Well gals, I need to get myself some breakfast and get to work. Have a great day all! Faye

02-23-2011, 11:20 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's a few degrees warmer this morning. I thought I might be getting the flu last evening; my stomach didn't feel quite right so ate crackers and 7Up for supper. I was freezing all evening so wore my robe and socks to bed which is really rare for me. I slept all night and feel fine this morning. Weird though, and I know the flu is going around. I'm going to sort through my shoes today; it's time to get rid of the too short, squishes toes, and don't like from when I had toe surgery several years ago. Sometimes I'll buy shoes on a whim and then wonder why. Dumb! :dizzy:

"Gma" -- I'm glad you are feeling better today. Many years ago when our very first cat was diagnosed with kidney crystals, the vet recommended a different brand of food. The cat had been on the same brand from the day we got her and wasn't too enthused about switching but she finally did. I think kidney failure is the main health problem for cats. The vet always says that our animals have had a good life with lots of TLC and love. You just have to do what is best for them :hug: I have no clue how you make an animal drink more water. As long as Fortune is drinking, he probably is getting as much as he needs. I think the WW items are way too expensive, but then everything else has gone up too. :(

I'm really lazy this morning. Bob won't be home for lunch as he is going with his farmer friend to pick up the semi trailer in another town. The farmer doesn't have his license yet so Bob gets to drive. :D

Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy your day! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-23-2011, 01:47 PM

It is a sunny 43 degree day here in the Heartland. All is well and quiet in this little berg. I have been looking at my jerky recipes and deciding which one I want to use first. I need to make a decision and buy the meat which I will prepare which needs to marinate for 24 hours in the fridge before drying. So we will have some home made jerky next week. In the meantime I am preparing some apples to dry tomorrow. We checked at the plant place and they will have some berry bushes in soon. We want another blackberry plant. We planted two and one didn't survive. They will give us a new one for we took the one that didn't survive back per their policy. It is nice for they are spendy. Their policy is any plant you buy which doesn't survive ~ take it back. That is why we like to buy certain plants there. Our weeping willow tree that we planted has grown by leaps and bounds. The dwarf apple looks good also. The old apple tree is just that ~ old and on it's last leg. Mostly the birds are being fed by it. We got some netting to protect the tree and will see if we get any good apples this year. It will make terrific smoking wood.:o Apple wood is great to use with pork and chicken. We give our trees and bushes plant food spikes and hope for the best. I am ready for Spring.

DONNA FAYE So glad you are feeling better. Just do what you can with your little guy and he will get the best care possible. If he is drinking water perhaps he is getting enough. I can't think of a thing you could put in his water to tempt him to drink more. That is good that you checked the flooring so you won't have any surprises when you do tile it. Hopefully you won't have any more flooding.

JEAN Nice that Bob can do the driving for his farmer friend. I am so glad for you that your little bout last night went away during the night.:o Good idea to get rid of the shoes you don't wear. I remember when I had to get rid of a bunch of neat shoes when I could no longer wear them with this brace. I had lots of shoes. Now I have only about 7 pair but wear the black SAS ones I have on most of the time because they work best for me. Mostly wear my other ones on Sunday or other special times for they are dressier. I am always on a lookout for shoes that will work for me.:p

GAIL & SUSAN Hope you are having a lovely day this humpday. ;)

All y'all be safe. :wave: Type at y'all later.

02-23-2011, 05:25 PM

Just thought I would share a recipe with you. Will really likes it and it tastes just like a spread a place here that serves great sandwiches. Good on beef or chicken or pork. I made up the mix and call it:

YIELD: 1 Cup
8 Servings ~ 1T = 1 P+
Mix all in a jar
Refrigerate 1 hour

1 cup ketchup
4 tsp dry mustard (hot if you like)
1 tsp garlic powder
3 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

Prot. 1; Carb. 10.2; Fat 0.7; Fib 0.6

02-23-2011, 06:55 PM
gma...just passing thru and had to give your our answer. We put ice cubes in our dog's water and he drinks twice as much. Hope it helps....karen3

02-23-2011, 10:58 PM
Maggie -- You are lucky that the plant store will exchange a new plant for your dead one. Does it make any difference how long you've had it? A long time ago we planted a tree that promptly died and they did replace it, but I think there was a time limit. Thanks for sharing the recipe -- sounds good. :T Question of the day . . . . does prepared mustard have a stronger taste than dry mustard when used in a recipe? I've interchanged the two and could never tell any difference. :o

Karen -- Welcome! You are invited to join our small, but chatty, group! We would love to have you. :D

02-24-2011, 10:52 AM
Good morning to you all. It rained here a great deal last evening and much cooler, but it is supposed to get up to around 70 today so back to warm temps. I am certainly ready for spring to get here.

Maggie: I am afraid that store would change their policy if they had me as a customer. I would be returning tons of dead plants. :lol: I am more of a black thumb than a green one. It isn't that I don't like them, it is more I just stink at growing anything. Thanks for the sandwich sauce recipe. I actually like dried fruit, especially prunes. I haven't ever tried dried pineapple. I like regular pineapple so much I imagine I would really like it. I bet it makes it taste really sweet when pineapple is dried.

Jean: I personally don't like dried mustard at all. I know most baked mac and cheese recipes call for it, but I leave it out as I don't like the taste. I do, however really like different prepared mustards, except for honey varieties, which I just can't abide. Kelly brought us back some mustard from one of her trips and they are pretty darn good. Glad you are feeling better. Since I am still having hormonal issues I get the chills and such like that and then wake up baked like a chicken and strip everything off! :lol: I have a couple issues with my meds one being that one of them causes cold hands and feet and the other causes edema in the legs and feet. So they always seem to be cold and or swollen. I wear mens' socks in the house to keep my feet warm even in summer.

Gail and Susan: Hope this day finds you well and happy!

I am heading upstairs to clean in a few minutes. I have got a ton of work to accomplish today so I need to get started on it. I have been a bit spooked with the Fortune thing so like an idiot sat and watched him all day yesterday even though he hasn't changed his behavior or anything. He has always been a quiet dog, wanting to just sit on your lap all the time. So now, I am way behind and need to get stuff done so we can shampoo carpets this weekend.

Have a good one girls. Faye

02-24-2011, 10:53 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another gloomy, windy, cold day in my neighborhood. I have picked up the kitchen and should make a grocery list. WW is over the noon hour so maybe I'll head for the store afterwards.

I need to get dressed and make my grocery list. Prices have gone up so much I hate to even go to the store. Our water bill is going up 9%, and the city council wants to raise it an additional 9% for each year for the next 5. GRRR! People are of the opinion the packing plants should pick up the lead, but the city always gives them a "deal." It's because of them that our town is going to he**, the school tax is sky high, and we have to have such a large police force. What's wrong with that picture? Enough griping . . . I'm off!

Have a terrific day and enjoy! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

02-24-2011, 01:51 PM

It is a chilly 27 degree morning which is cloudy and a wind blowing from NE at 23 MPH making it feel like 12 degrees. Burrr. Beanie is out back and Ragg Mopp is asleep on the sofa in the front room. Will is down at the court house and all is quiet here except the hum of the food dehydrator. I put the apple slices in the machine too late yesterday and before we went to bed I just shut it off and then turned it back on this morning. I wouldn't do that with meat but with those apple slices it will be OK. I rotate the shelves every two hours. The book says apple slices take 12 to 15 hours to dry.:D I need to get what ever it is I want to dry in the machine earlier from now on I do believe. I learned an interesting thing about the kings in a deck of cards: Spades ~ King David; Hearts ~Charlemage; Clubs ~ Alexander the Great; Diamonds ~ Julious Ceaser. I don't know what I will ever do with that knowledge but I had never known that before.:p Now you know it and what will you do with it?

DONNA FAYE I think we are all ready for Spring to get here also. What month is it that those red buds bloom? I remember that whole highway edged with them and how gorgeous they were. On our CB we asked a trucker what those beautiful purple flowers were and he said RED BUDS and we will never forget that. Come to think of it ~ it does make sense for the buds are red and when they open up the flowers are purple. But, you see we had never seen them in bud, just in bloom. You got the rain and we got the cold temps.

JEAN I think dried mustard is just mustard with the moisture removed. I am not really sure what the method of making it is. Maybe it is mustard before the moisture is put in. Just may be ground up mustard plant. If I don't want any added moisture in a recipe I use the dried kind and use the regular kind we use on sandwiches and in salads where I desire the moisture. Like in meatloaf I use what we call the regular kind. (Not the dried.) Make any sense? Pretty soon we will all just be able to buy the absolutely needful things I imagine. Or maybe not even some of those. Our buying power has been diminished. My allowance doesn't go as far as it used to. Needful things. We have a plan for when things get really, really, bad do you? It is good to have plans.:o It is going to get worse before it ever gets better. That is what the talking heads are saying. Are the people listening? :soap:

SUSAN & GAIL Howdy to you. :wave: Hope all is going well in your corner of the world.

Time to go let Beanie in. :wave: Type at y'all later.

02-24-2011, 11:13 PM
"Gma" -- I see that you and I posted just a minute apart this morning. ;) I hope your rain doesn't turn to snow as it sounds like another storm is coming through. I have an online friend who lives in the middle of NE and they got 12" dumped between 1 and 4 this afternoon. I hate going to bed cold and have worn my robe a couple of nights.

Maggie -- Does your house have an apple scent after drying the apples? :T I didn't know about the Kings in a deck of cards. Where do you find tidbits like that? I also think there is something to do with eyes but can't remember if it is Js, Qs, or Ks. I should go check. My only plan is to limit my spending! I try to consolidate trips into town and have quit buying expensive junk food that neither of us need. Our tiny house in Sioux City had a bomb shelter that was ready to go with all the necessities; we thought it was kind of silly at the time. Bob used it for his office to do his studying.

Susan -- Was today a two job day for you? :spin:

02-25-2011, 01:43 AM

It is night time at just about 11:30. Thought I would check in before beddy bye. ;) Stir fry for dinner turned out great again I must say. The dogs are in for the night. It snowed an inch and little Beanie loves to frolic in it. He comes in with snow all over his face. He is asleep at my feet right now. He will go to bed when I do which will be soon.

JEAN Nope the house didn't take on the apple smell at all. Every thing I have ever dried didn't permeate the house. I was warned about not drying onions by a friend that dried some and it was so bad she and her husband had to spend the night in a motel. :p That told me to never dry onions or garlic. :o I think I will only dry the things that you can't easly find to buy dried. Like I probably won't dry any more apples. I just did them now because we had quite a few and I wanted to see if the dryer still worked. I do want to make some jerky before I put it away till our garden produces some things I want to dry.

Everyone sleep well this night. :wave: Wake up to a beautiful day. Type at y'all later.

02-25-2011, 09:10 AM
Good morning to you all. It is :brr: here this morning with the wind really going at it. We had a huge storm with multi tornados and such move through last night. Poor Jack had to work several hours extra last night because something about one of the pumps not working. I don't know what that would have to do with him as that is mechanics area not control techs, but there must be some kind of plc or something that needed checking.He was so tired he was gray around the face. Anyway, he was exhausted and I had waited dinner but didn't want to wait for me to cook so I just ran out to McDonalds for him and I ate Lean Cuisine. Well, I was in line, stuck because of people in front and behind me and a big curb on each side and the tornado sirens went off! :fr: I couldn't move so just prayed it wasn't on top of us. The sirens cover several square miles in each direction. I had also paid so I wasn't about to walk away from the food. I got it finally and got out of there and quickly headed home, which was only a couple miles. We stayed in and hunkered down and a bit later Fortune wanted out. I told him he couldn't go out as it was driving rain, but he insisted until I opened the door then he just kept backing up! :lol: He should listen to his mommy!

I finished upstairs except for rug shampooing this weekend and I am going to strip the bed completely and do the comforter, skirt and such along with sheets so everything will be nice and fresh. We are doing the downstairs living room tomorrow and when I get done here I am going to go in and do the dining room rug to get it finished then do some of the downstairs cleaning. I am going to leave the living room until tomorrow to dust and such as we have to move furniture anyway so might as well just wait and give everything a thorough dusting. I am also going to clear out some of the knick knacks and get rid of them. They are a pain to dust all the time (I have a sort of beach themed living room and about 8-10 snuff boxes or trinket boxes that are all lighthouses around the country. They are cute, but man they are a pain to dust. I also have to move the wall decor on the side the tv will be as we have to raise the tv with the new loveseat coming so we can see it with the footrest up so it will block the wall decor. I am going to move it behind the couch I think.

I hear the washer is finished with the first load of towels and undies and such so will have to get up and get those in the dryer. I did all the throw rugs yesterday so they are all cleaned now too.

Maggie: I had never heard of the card thing either, but I always saw the spade as something dark so I think David should have been the King of Hearts and Caesar the King of Spade! :lol: Hope your fruit drying and jerky is coming along. I tell Jack all the time, you have to be content where you are so it you come on hard times you can take it and if you come on good times you are thankful. Jack and I have to save to do things like vacations and such and I am plugging away at getting things paid off before retirement, but it is slow going. Many things won't quite be paid off, but I am making headway. I talked to him last night about if the worst happened and he would pass what I would have to live on if, a) he died before he retired from the city,I would only have his two life insurance policies, what is in his city pension and eventually his SS, or b) if he died after he retired which means I would have the insurance 70% of his city pension, only one of his insurance policies, the military one, and his SS. I lose his Navy pension the minute he breathes his last breath though I retain all benefits. His life insurance from the city goes away when he retires as it is a benefit. Now when he retires we will have his Navy Pension, City Pension, and his SS along with mine eventually, but we hope to hold out on it as long as possible to get the most out of it. Between having to take on the huge Medicare expense and losing income, we will probably come out about $1000 less a month, but considering what some people have to live on, we will be great.

Jean: I imagine you now have all that snow from the storm moving through. I know when I looked on the SBT this morning, there are closures and such in South Bend so they got hit with it last night. We are just chilly today after heavy rains and dropping temps from the upper 70's at 7 pm last night to low 40's this morning and really windy. I have tons of shoes, but don't want to get rid of them because one of these days they will fit me ok! It isn't they don't fit it is that at my current size they aren't comfortable. I have a lot of really adorable sandals I can't wear at the moment.

Well, I guess I need to get going and start the shampooing. Jack is going to come home early if he can and take comp time from last night if the plant is running ok today. I expect him to be home around 11:30 if he can come home so want to get it done and surprise him as he is usually the rug shampooer in our house, though I do a more thorough job than he does I think. Have a grand weekend all. Oh, my new loveseat will be delivered a week from tomorrow so I am all excited. They called yesterday and could deliver it tomorrow, wed, thur, or next Sat and I opted for next Saturday so we have plenty of time to get stuff moved around and the old recliner junked. Too bad they don't take the old stuff like they do appliances and such, but no such luck. Faye

02-25-2011, 10:25 AM
Good morning, ladies. 63 degrees and pouring rain.

Wednesday I helped hang quilts for the big Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival - I have 3 entered - and yesterday was both jobs. I'm going to the Y for my weight lifting and treadmill this morning, then run to MAQF for a few hours before I go to work at 4. The quilts are really beautiful this year.

Faye, I hope Fortune is okay when you take him back to the vet. You are always cleaning house. I need to get a bit more time so I can clean rugs, too. It takes me forever because I get short of breath pushing the steamer around so can only do a little at a time.

Maggie, my plan is the same as always. Trust God to provide what I need, keep my wants small, and hang on. The economy around here has picked up considerable and we have new businesses opening and more new homes being built. The unemployment figures are going down. Hopefully it will continue in that vein.

Jean, hang in there - Spring is just around the corner. We change the clocks ahead March 13. Our pansies have revived and are blooming and I have bulbs putting up green.

Time to head out. Have a great day!

02-25-2011, 02:49 PM

It is rather chilly here in the Heartland. The 12 degrees feels like minus 1 because of the ENE wind at 10 MPH ~ and of all things the humidity is 81%. The little bit of snow that fell is not going to melt with this temp. I sure go through the boxes of tissues. I don't have a cold but this weather sure makes my nose want to sneeze and run. :o I am not bad enough to be medicated though. This is a day to make a good stew I do believe. And it is time once more to make a loaf of bread. I don't eat much bread at all but Will does like it so when I make it. Found out that bananas don't do well being kept in the fruit and veggie keeper. They turned to mush inside :mad: and looked all pretty and yellow on the outsude. The keeper kept the peel nice but did a number on the innards.:p I had never put bananas in there before. Guess I won't put them in there again.:o It sure does the trick keeping other things so fresh though. Beanie is 4 months old now and I don't think he will get much bigger than he is now. He is about the size that Ragg Mopps mother was. Half his size. Both of them get lots of good exercise with their romping around together in the yard. Ragg Mopp has really been a nice help with training Beanie ~ When I saw Beanie looking around like he wanted to find a place to pee I would alert Beanie to go outside. Now when Ragg Mopp sees Beanie do that behavior he goes over there and herds Beanie toward the back door. Beanie still hasn't gotten it through his head to go to the back door on his own except when he wants just to go "out there." The vet and groomer both said that this type of dog is one of the hardest to train that way. Ragg Mopp was the exception for he was so easy when I attached that bell to the door. He never ever went in the house. This house isn't set up to do that sadly enough. We even bought some of those pads that are supposed to attrect dogs to use but not Beanie. We will win this war.:p

DONNA FAYE You make me tired with all that cleaning. ;) Girlfriend you are the clean-e-est person I know. We have a clean house but we don't go at it like you do. To each his own on that one. Working long hours can sure tire out a person. Poor Jack having to "be there." I am just saying get ready for some hard times. If things don't get hard then you are that much ahead of it all. If SS takes a dump we could make it on my disability retirement. I don't get SS. But what they are saying about SS is that folks that get it now will get to keep gettiing it but those that are due to retire in a few years will have to work a little longer than they thought. Folks are living longer then when it was first put in place so they are pushing up the age of eligibility. They were talking about it going broke way back in the 70's when I was able to opt out of paying into SS. I paid into wat is called "safety retirement." Looks what they were talking about back then is now coming closer around the bend. My dad didn't pay into SS and my mother gets his full retirement. Good thing you don't have to rely totally on SS. My whole thing is just be prepared as best you can.:p

SUSAN I imagine that quilt show is a real happening. I would love to be there and go through it. Are any of the quilts for sale there? I love to hear what exercises you are doing. I do mine inside here in my own gym. :p Got my walking route, heavy hands and lots of other exercise do dads and DVD's that keep me with a nice variety. By the time I reach goal I may just be in good shape also. :p Does your church have a food pantry? We do here and believe more and more folks are calling that need help around this area. Most of the churches in this area give the folks our number for they know we will help by giving out bags of food and personal items. Since your area is not as depressed you probably don't get that many folks that need help. Will had to go out twice last night to help some folks one couple needed a room and another needed gas for his vehicle to get home. Will volunteers at the place that gets the calls and screens them through the police. The police transports the folks to the motel and Will meets them there and gives them a bag of food items and pays the bill. The calls from that are picking up. Since we have our finger on the pulse of what is happening around here we know more than most folks here of what is going on with the needy. Lots of folks are just trying to "get back home."

All y'all have a lovely afternoon. :wave: The weekend is just around the corner.

02-25-2011, 04:08 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Yesterday I called about getting a perm and asked for a first morning appt. thinking I would have to wait a week or so. She called back last night and I could go today so off I went. I drove in snow "sprinkles" that has now quit and didn't amount to anything. It is 10 degrees, cloudy, windy, and -4 wind chill as I'm typing. I need to make a grocery run to pick up what I forgot on my last trip to the store. You all know how much I love grocery shopping. . . .NOT! :fr:

"Gma" -- I would really be spooked to have a tornado siren go off while I was in the car. I did have to :lol: at you not leaving McDs until you got your food. We haven't gotten any measureable snow for several days and most of the yard is clear again. Ernie meows at the back door until I open it wide enough for him to stick his nose through to check the temperature. There were a couple warm afternoons last week that I could leave it open and he sat there for hours. This morning it didn't take him long to sniff and back up inside. I'm sorry Jack had to work later last night. You will enjoy your new loveseat and your squeaky clean livingroom! You are definitely the Queen of Clean! :cheer:

Susan -- I would love to go to a quilt show with you and have you explain the different patterns and styles of quilting to me. I always think of you when I see anything quilted or the quilt store ads in the paper. I'm sure you enjoyed your exercise today. You are so faithful about that! :yes: At this point I would love to see anything green outside -- even a dandelion. ;)

Maggie -- It sounds like we are in a similar weather pattern. :spin: We have a community food pantry but people still come to our church. We give vouchers to the cheaper local grocery store and they are only allowed to buy necessities. We will also only help 2 months in a row with bills; the churches keep track of who we help to determine if there is a pattern. Once a month there is a Friendship collection, taken during church, for things like motel room, gas, meds, clothing, etc. Sometimes there is quite a bit given and other times not so much. :dunno:

I need to put another load of laundry in the washer and head for the store. Enjoy the rest of your day! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

02-26-2011, 12:12 PM

It is a very foggy chilly 19 degrees this day so far. It is even chilly in my office. I must be losing weight.:D I put on a sweater. Not much except cleaning planned for this day. Folding some washed clothing and that's about it with the plans. Beanie has started getting on the bed in the early hours of the morning. He is behaving himself though for he has calmed down and not in my face all wiggley waking me up. He doesn't dare get in Ragg Mopps way though or off the bed he goes. So when the little one gets on the bed he comes up closer to the head of the bed between us. I really don't have much ambition yet this day. :?: Maybe it is because I just woke up not to long ago. I don't know what happened but frist off my bread machine beeped when it was through mixing up my dough and when I opened the lid it was like I had just put the pan in with the flour and other ingredients just sitting there not disturbed. I lifted the pan and reinserted it and it worked fine. Perhaps the first go round I didn't properly insert the pan otherwise I don't know what happened. It was so stickey that I had to kneed some flour into it which has never happened before. Usually on dough setting it comes out nice and round and looking just like it should. Anyway that loaf when cooked turned out big and round and about 3 inches tall. Usually the loaf is about 8 inches in diameter and 5 inches tall. I just really don't know what was going on. It tastes good and was such a pretty loaf. Will had toast out of it this morning and said it is excelent tasting. If I had known it was going to turn out so flat I would have flattened the dough to begin with and put some toppings on it before baking and had a loaf of sour dough Focaccia. But that was an after thought however, if that ever happens again that is what I will do.

JEAN Yeppers we are kinda in the same weather pattern but you have been getting more snow I do think. Do you have fog today? Hope your perm turned out like you like it this time. How nice that she gave you a "quick" appointment. She probably had a cancellation and to do a perm takes a bigger block of time then a wash and set. It is sure nice to be able to help the less fortunate and it sounds like your church is up to speed on that.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias. :wave: I need to get a move on and get my "saturday" work done.

02-26-2011, 12:28 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I have a pot of chili on the stove and a load of laundry in the washer so am ahead for a change. :cp: It is still snowing big huge flakes, and enough that Bob shoveled the deck in order to feed the squirrels and birds. It's 3 degrees and -13 wind chill. No sunshine or melting predicted for today. :(

Maggie -- You are up and at 'em early this morning! ;) I would have no clue what happened to your bread. :no: My first thought would be old yeast, but that's just a thought. If it tastes good that's what counts! There's no fog today, that I can see anyhow. I can't see across the lake but assume it is because of the snow. I'll know better when Bob gets home from running some errands. My hairdresser had left yesterday pretty open because her family is getting ready to leave for the Ozarks for spring break. I usually have to wait at least a week to get in.

"Gma" and Susan -- What are you up to today? :twirly:

I have two mysteries to solve. When I got home yesterday from getting a perm, I changed my sweatshirt because it was damp around the neckline. I just hung it on the doorknob and was going to put it in the wash this morning. I picked it up and there are black smeary spots on the right shoulder/chest and upper right arm -- nothing on my coat lining. I called the cosmetologist to see if there was a possibility that it might be hair dye from inside the cape and a suggestion for getting it out. She checked the cape to be sure, and since she uses different capes for coloring and perms, there were no marks. The spots even have a different smell to them. Second mystery is a burned black substance on the fireplace glass. It was on the outside and smeared in a half circle. Bob cleaned it off with a razor and it held together like a piece of plastic. We rarely use the fireplace and the way the window is it would be awkward to get anything on it unless a person (?) would sit in front of it and touch it, or lean something against the glass. I think Ernie did both!

I need to check my chili and change laundry loads. Have an enjoyable day and remember to smile! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

02-27-2011, 04:04 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's very unusual that no one has visited here by this time of the day! :dunno: I hope all is well with all of you! We've been to church and it was announced there is a new pastor coming in July. He sounds promising -- just hope he realizes what he is getting into w/o an associate. :spin: I am a happy camper! Whatever spots were on my sweatshirt came out! I used a Tide pen on red so thought maybe I might have white spots afterwards. Have laundry going and have read the paper. Bob offered to go get chicken dinners from a local restaurant so I didn't have a kitchen to clean up . . . my idea of cooking! :T :lol:

It's another cloudy, breezy, gloomy day in my neighborhood. I have been cold since church and have my heater turned on with a hot cup of tea beside me. I need to check the dryer before the clothes get too dry. Enjoy the rest of the day! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

02-27-2011, 04:32 PM

34 degrees as I type and cloudy. Just got back from going out to eat after services and I had grilled shrimp which was very yummy with a green salad and rice. There were 6 of us and we had a great time yacking for sure. I am now sipping on a sf ff latte and just know I have good sence. Life is good. The snow is slowly melting around here which is nice. They sure made a mess of the church lawn when they put in those underground lines. Looks like Will will be doing some more landscaping come spring. They promised to bring him some good dirt to help repair the mess. When they filled the hole they put all the good dirt down first and what is on top is full of too much clay. Anyway it will all be fixed up in good time. They dug two holes, one out back and one in the front. This whole side of town is getting fiber optics put in underground.

JEAN What a nice thing for your hubby to go pick up a restarurant meal of chicken and the fixins and you don't have to go out for it. Don't your preachers get to choose where they go and then go for a "try out" to places they might want to move to? If they do then he would know about your situation there. I am glad for you that Tide pen worked out so nicely on that shirt and got those mystery spots out. Ever solved the mystery how they got there?

DONNA FAY I hope all is well with you and yours. It just isn't like you to not post "first." Makes me wonder.

Have a lovely afternoon Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later.

02-27-2011, 06:20 PM
Maggie -- In December the pastors fill out a form stating they want to move on, they want to stay, or they don't care. Our senior pastor is retiring. The Associate Pastor asked to move because she felt her husband (she is white and he is half Puerto Rican and half something else nonwhite, but born and raised in Chicago) was not welcomed here with open arms. I personally like the guy but don't think he has had a job since they moved here 3 years ago. She wanted to start a Spanish speaking service and has met with some member resistance to that. Our budget for 2011 is such that we either had to eliminate the assoc. position or the director of education; the Staff Parish Committee decided to eliminate the assoc. position because they receive full benefits where the director does not. Many of the larger Methodist Churches throughout the state have done the same and then hire a part time retired pastor or a lay person trained in the ministry to pick up some of the duties. Our SP Committee meets with the district superintendent and tells him what they are looking for in a new pastor. He goes to the Conference and selects a candidate who comes here to see the church, parsonages, town, etc. The Committee interviews him, then he leaves the meeting and they discuss whether or not they want him as our next pastor if he agrees to accept the position. Most of them stay in one place around 5 years. Usually they stay within one state or they have to change conferences. He has been in Wyoming and Indiana as well as a few other Iowa churches. His first career was working with the aerospace program and he just finished his doctorate degree.

02-27-2011, 07:05 PM
HOWDY :wave:

JEAN Wow, that was a lot of information and I appreciate it. Now I know. How was you dinner that your dear husband was so kind to pick up? It is sure nice when you don't have to cook isn't it. I love to cook but I also love to eat out.:p Or have it deliverd and eat in. Wonder where the other Magnolias are this day and I sure hope they are well and happy with what they are doing. Just you and me chatting here alone.:o I think our resident rabbits must have multiplied because I see more of them in the yard than I did last year. The dogs delight in chasing them but never can catch them and they can scoot under the tool shed very quickly. Those rabbits are cute but I certainly don't want them in my garden. Got to put up a fence like chicken wire around it I guess. We don't want those dogs frolicking in it either. When I was a kid we had a dog that dug up carrots but only the ones he wanted to eat.:carrot: He would eat the carrot and leave the top on the ground. My dad asked us kids if we were doing that and we said, "No, it was Skippy." He laughed and then one day he saw Skippy in action. We liked to blame things on the dog you see.

All Y'all have a lovely afternoon. :wave: Yak at y'all later.

02-27-2011, 07:28 PM
Good evening, ladies! A nice 60 degrees today.

The quilt show is now over for another year. I only bought 2 pair of sissors, 2 packs of needles and a set of straps that attach to the quilt hoop to keep it off the floor. You would probably laugh at my collection of sissors - I get small thin blades about 3 inches long for my applique. I have one pair that is 18K gold that never leaves the house. Everything I looked at seemed like something I already had so I didn't see the need to buy more. I wanted some light beige and tan batik fabric for quilt backgrounds but it is very hard to find and despite their being over 200 vendors, none had anything like what I was looking for. There were several booths selling yarn. It was so beautiful, Faye would have had a field day.

I'm kind of worried about Faye not being here for 2 days. I hope everything is okay and Fortune hasn't gotten worse or she or Jack are ill.

Maggie, our priests are moved at least every 5 years and they have no say in where they will be assigned. You talking about your sour dough bread brought an old memory to mind. My grandma used to make sour dough as "every day" bread and we had light bread (made with yeast) for special occasions.

My friend Sandy and I stopped at Boston Market for supper. I had a quarter white chicken (rotissarie), creamed garlic spinach, a medley of carrots, broccoli and green beans, and a piece of corn bread. It sure tasted good.

Have a good evening!

02-28-2011, 08:29 AM
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