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02-16-2011, 02:26 PM
Feb 15th - Day 1

Weight as of Feb 13 161.4

I started my high protein diet. I will do my best to follow this diet for 6 weeks 6 days each week. This was designed for me by my professional trainer to help me get to my goal.

Breakfast- was 3 egg white 1 yellow
I had 2 tablespoons salsa on top.

mid morning -was 3/4 cup low fat cottage cheese

Lunch -3 oz chicken breast (man that was small) seasoned with Mrs. Dash Caribbean seasoning it was a nice flavor
2 cups romaine,with cherry tomatoes with a drizzle Kraft fat free Italian dressing
I found myself eating 1/2 the crust my little boy left behind of his pb &j (bad habit)

mid afternoon- medium apple
1 slice deli turkey

before workout-
10 raw unsalted almonds

dinner- salad from Subway because I was not able to go home after boot camp but had to wait on my daughter for 45 minutes at play practice.
Salad consisted of romaine and spinach with tomatoes and cucumbers, black pepper and 5 oz. roasted chicken and 1 packet kraft fat free dressing .

Late snack- protein drink with fat free milk. UPS delivered it yesterday the Matrix 5.0 chocolate one someone recommended . It is AWESOME!!! I was shocked!

Here's how it went and how I felt. Around lunch and afternoon time I felt hungry and kept thinking of food. I kept having to remind myself of the plan (which is posted on the front of the fridge) and make myself leave the kitchen area. The night time was hectic and I had workout so I was too busy to notice. The protein shake really helped me feel like I had a dessert and I enjoyed it alot. I only drank water all day and felt alittle tired all day long but I had a great workout last night. I kept telling myself this will be tough at first just like calorie counting was at one time. So far I feel hopeful this will do what I need.

I was able to get up at 4 am for morning workout after going to bed at 11pm and my leg muscles were not as sore as I feared from last nights hard work out. Possibly the added protein helped that. I hope!