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02-16-2011, 10:50 AM
So either I loose weight or I shut up and be happy fat...I am sorry I have not posted in months. Probably almost a yearish. Anyway, it is because I feel guilty for gaining weight, for yo yo dieting and for letting myself down yet again. After 33 years you would think I would accept the fact that there is no easy solution and that I need to eat well and exercise.

I joined Weight watchers about 8 weeks ago and I have lost the same 10 pounds. I am not sure why except that there are to many choices. I can not control my urges to not eat chocolate and chips. I stay within my points but I do not loose because I only choose a few healthy options. So at my weigh in last night I had gained 2.4 pounds, and what did I do I went home and ate cheese puffs with my 3 year old. Makes sense huh? When I want to feel better I eat. Chocolate is my go too, but obviously anything will do in a pinch.

So 2 years ago on Feb 26th I joined LAWL I lost 52 pounds in 6 months. I kept most of it off for a year, but I still crept up slowly now that I am up 20 pounds. I do not know how I let it happen again but I did. So I am going back on the rapid results plan. I am still going to go to WW to weigh in for my accountability and because my mom already paid for 9 weeks more.

So suggestions, tips and encouragment are necessary for my success as well as 3fc because you all made all the difference to me the first time around.

Hope you all remember me..Because I have thought of you all often...

Amy M is back again...

02-16-2011, 11:31 AM
I'd get rid of the junk, once it's gone stop buying it. That's the problem with WW's for some people- they use up their points with stuff they probably shouldn't be eating lol.

Maybe you'd benefit from points plus? I hear it's harder to do that with points plus.

02-16-2011, 11:42 AM
When I quit smoking, I knew i was going to struggle...a LOT. After all, breaking a promise to myself is pretty easy. But when my 6 year old daughter asked me to promise her I would quit...that's what got me through the cravings. If I break a promise to myself, I am only letting me down, but I never want my kids to look at me with dissapointment!!!

So, if I were you, I would throw those cheese puffs out, and promise your daughter (even if she's not old enough to understand) that you're going to teach her how to live healthy, by example, so she doesn't end up with weight problems in her future. You need to be the one to teach her where food belongs in her life, as a source of fuel, not as a source of comfort. She will learn all that by your example. I know that is what keeps me struggling through anyway!

02-16-2011, 12:05 PM
I was doing the points plus and if you are creative enough you can eat just about anything. I think a big part of it is I need to find what works for me. starches have always seemed to hold me back and I can not eat nuts to save my life, love them but every single time I try to incorporate almonds or walnuts in to my diet I gain. Also I am lactose intolerant so the low fat cheeses,yogurts ect. are also out.

I do need to be a better example for my children. I have 6 boys an not one of them has weight issues and 2 of them are now on high calorie diets to gain weight for football. my husband is also of no help he eats what he wants. I have been way to forgiving with the snacks so that is my first goal, second is I am going to get some chocolate meal replacement bars such as the luna or special k to help with hunger and satisfy my sugar cravings then my third goal is to start walking again.

02-16-2011, 12:28 PM
Amy- Its so awesome to see you back at the site. Of course I remember you! Well if it's any consolation, I started this journey at 176 and I think i got down to 152 and as of today, I am at 172. I have gained and lost. Last night I was having a " I need to lose weight day". I went to Costco and only bought chicken, fish, fruit and veggies. I bought dried fruit to snack on and lots of nuts. I am hoping that when I have an urge to snack at night, I will grab a handful of nuts. The advantage that I have is that my husband and son love eating healthy so cooking for them won't be a problem. My daughter who is 15 loves junkfood and won't be so excited about the menus for this week but I will keep a pack of hot dogs in the fridge for the nights we have fish!!!
I think it's about not giving up even when we fall back on our ways. I am putting myself on a 6 week program right now to eat healthy and exercise without putting a number of pounds on the scale that I want to lose. I feel like I am at the age where I need to look after my body better. I am 44 years old and I want to feel fantastic when I am 50. I don't want to be overweight and not be able to keep up with my kids anymore.
I am keeping a daily record of everything I eat and what exericse I do on my fridge so everybody can look at it. I think it will keep me accountable.
Anyways, enough rambling. Its good to see you back here Amy! Have a wonderful day!


02-16-2011, 01:42 PM
hey amy! good to hear from you! come on over to the daily thread and post anytime! :)

02-16-2011, 06:07 PM
Amy, At least you managed to keep off some weight, which is more than most do. I would not decide that WW is all bad after one bad weigh in. Not to say it is the program for you, but it is unrealistic to expect every week to be a good week. Weight loss doesn't seem to work that way.

I find that I can't manage on WW if I eat junk. I get too hungry. I also find that I can't eat all my bonus points and see the scale move down either. Drat! I loved those bonus points. I am thinking I can just eat my activity points over the 29 points plus I get a day, which that's only around 1100 calories, not counting the fruits and veggies, so you can bet your bippy that I'm getting my fruit in and my veggies.

I guess for me it is important to make my peace with the cheese puffs and chocolate cake that exists out in the world. LAWL just made it all forbidden, which I don't think forbidden foods work for me long term... sure for a short time I can give up just about anything but eventually I'm going to want a christmas cookie or a birthday cake, and then if I haven't had it in along time, I don't do a good job of moderating my intake. I guess for me it is important that there isn't this stuff I can't have. I can have whatever I want, but I chose to have what is going to make me successful, most days anyway...